Just another manic Monday

Yesterday we were given the phrase ” Season of Shame “

It was a former Celt who coined the phrase , ironically for a rag of shame , but its apt nonetheless. Kris Commons isnt known for his smarts but he has hit the nail on the head with his latest rambling .

You will of course know by now that the fans songs are by this stage getting the blame for people getting sent off.
2 weeks ago we seen our Captain found guilty of selling the nuclear codes to Russia or something equally horrific ,, well he was actually accused of being behind the “ Old Firms “ ills. Which one is worse is questionable.
Sunday seen the Dons boss claim he was sent off for reacting to a song !
At least Scott can sleep a bit easier not getting dragged into it .
The obvious question is you’re supposed to be focused on the field , why is a song getting to you so much ?
He did furnish some answers in the rag as to what happened but as usual whenever you attempt to break down many in the domestic games’s answers they dont actually tend to make sense ! Pearls of wisdom are not freely scattered around from his gob as you will read.

“ I got sent off because I reacted to the Celtic support . I was wrong with my reaction , I’ll take my punishment. “
As if its a choice and all , bloody nice of him eh. And focus on your team ffs.

“ It’ll be interested to see if everybody gets punished for it but I accept my part “
Opens with a sleekit what about them ! Again that’s bloody nice of him to hold his hands up ,, after being caught on camera by the nation and the diaspora .

“I was wrong to react , Im in a position where I cant react . “
OK yes you were wrong , and you have accepted an employment position that entails you must not react and be focused on the field of play as you state , yet your answer is to react and announce I shouldn’t have reacted !
Genius that man , where did I leave Mensa’s number ?

“ And thats why I was sent off , maybe the 4th official could give me a warning – who knows ?
But he’s obviously deemed it serious enough to bring the referee over and send me off , so I’ll accept that and I’ll apologise for it “
Thats the 3rd time he’s “ accepted “ it already and the interview has just begun !
He might have warned me but it was worse than that in their eyes is the jist of the rest ,, again tie him down to a book deal ffs !

“ Any punishment coming my way Ill take it on the chin . Ive heard that song a hundred times and never reacted to it , maybe its frustration . “
The old Mowbray special “ take it on the Chin “ gets a roll out ,, always brings back bad memories.
And then the classic Ive never done it before !
“ Your Honour I had walked past a bank almost every day of my life and never robbed one ! “
“ But I paid for goods from this shop every other time I was in here ! “
“ Paid for every other taxi but this one I swear ! “
Etc Etc
This guy and Dave King would have put me in an early grave with split sides syndrome so thanks for being so concomitant that time Deek !

“ It will be up to the delegate to do their bit as its in the report which is pleasing and refreshing because it doesn’t always get in there when you hear sectarian singing .
It certainly wasn’t in the Cup final the last time we were here . That’s not my battle or my fight . Its for others to condemn .”
His good point that its often not reported is lost in his petiness to point at past instances.
And many things arent your fight and battle yet arent drawn attention to .
Me thinks your were trying to put undue pressure out there Deek ! Naughty Naughty !

Well if he wants the can of worms that is sectarian singing opened up and brought out into the public Im sure many would welcome that and I hope that goes for us all on here.
However Level 5 wont see their paymasters get hammered under their watch without the mother of all fights played out across media pages and airwaves.
They have the most to lose in this scrap ( their wages and club of choice ) I think most rational people would agree and thats why the media will be told not to make it a songs debate .
Expect a squirrel or two thrown up this week to deflect , but definitely do not expect a serious songs debate.
Kris Boyds “ blistering “ attack on Hampden stating they cant control what goes on in their own house is indicative of media strategy , pressure on upper hierarchy to resign which would suit them down to the ground . More obfuscation with eventually your man or your mark !
Easy peasy.

A spokesperson from our own Club of choice did hit back a little in their brief statement pointing out that our fans also were the victim of songs also.
For me anyway the easiest way to look at it is this ,, if if had been another two teams would we be seeing this hissyfit from the Hampden suits to clamp down on the songbooks ?
Or the media ? Or even Deek ?

Theres your answer. This isnt genuine , its get Timmy !
Allied with the fact ( well Dave Kings fact ) that der Hun is about to become the preeminent force in the land and all in all it was a great day for the press , the authorities , and those who wish for people to look anywhere but at them .
Another day like Sunday would have killed them , Monday had to be better!

As we are in Easter week we would ask all lurkers to think about joining the forum as its our way of knowing we are doing something right. We are aiming to increase the number of regular posters and all views will be given due respect .
If you like to write we are more than glad to publish and a day off is always nice.

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Well said Mahe.
Every time the best wee country utters they sound even more desperate and petty.
One would think they have something to hide?
Goebbels gobblers will be sharpening their crayons furiously as demeaning a potential treble treble is now a priority.
The unpalatable will cause many sleepless nights and especially if it’s achieved by that snarling fenian bassa Lennon.


For all the greetin cheaters in the the best wee country.

Twists n turns

“Punish the clubs” is being reeled out again. Sectarian singing ? Punish the clubs.

A week past Saturday I was heading along to the town centre in Whitburn. Or so I thought. 11am.

Signs up. Closed until 4-45pm.


An orange walk. Nearly 6 fkn hours of bowlegged, bowler hatted imbeciles strutting their stuff on the Main Street and having the streets closed to the taxpayers. Police support to boot. Cost? Whose paying that? In April? How long is the ‘marching season’these days?

Oh you can still get there. Just take the diversion signs and park some distance away, then walk to the shops, and be regaled with their choice of music whilst ye shop.

Punish the clubs because song choices might offend yet allow their offensive garbage umpteen times a year? Organise it for them? Street closures?

My arse.

The Gombeen Man

In the Press Conference after the game McInnes was asked by a hack about the loss of his temper and his dismissal.
He was asked if it was a reaction to the ‘sectarian singing?’

That was his lifeline and so we have been led down a path of illusion and deflection.

Scotland has a deeply entrenched problem. It is in denial of it’s racist and anti-Irish culture.

Politicians, judges, police officers, media are all parts of the old fear based system of thinking..

Until there is a genuine acceptance of the problem denial and finger pointing will prevail.

Scottish football is a shambles. The SFA are not fit for purpose. The cover ups continue, trumped up charges and deflecting can’t conceal their flaws.

No matter what Stevie G and McInnes say. They both tried to beat Celtic by playing thugball. They failed. They can give it out but they can’t take it.

Strict Liability will be another stick that’ll be dreamed up with one purpose in mind.

Strict Liability will be a stick to keep Paddy in his place.

It’ll fail.


bada bing1

The day that orange walks are banned from the streets will be the day that scotland starts to heal and not before.
Everything else is just a giant squirrel.

I have to disagree with the season of shame tag, it’s another squirrel, this season is no worse than any other, as has been said it’s the only stick they have left, it’s so transparent yet so many are taking the bait, even you 😉


“The Season of Shame” has come about because the police have refused to act when clear criminality has occurred,and because the football authorities and officials have allowed repeated rule beaches to take place,even overturning on-field decisions when their favoured team(s) have needed a leg up.

Human nature has shown that if you remove the threat of sanction,people do whatever they like. If they know they can get away with it,they will just do it.

Strict liability isn’t the answer to this problem. The answer is bloody obvious-that those in charge do their highly-paid jobs properly.

The Gombeen Man

Every trick in the book has been thrown at Celtic this season to derail the Treble Treble.

King tried and failed = Deflection

Gerrard tried and failed = Deflection

McInnes tried and failed = Deflection

The media tried and failed = Deflection.

The SFA/Referees tried and failed = Deflection

The label of shame only belongs with those who cheat, lie and deceive the public.

Until all parties involved in Scottish football accept the farce that it is and approach it’s problems with honesty we will be going round in circles.

It’ll take a new approach where deflection and denial aren’t rolled out to conceal failure.

As TET says this season is no worse than any other but the difference is the desperation of the entitled is becoming more acutely felt.


Awe Naw

I agree ten years without a safety certificate at Ibrox and the Celtic Park crush in September last year and they are moaning about blow up dolls, sad orange bastards and flares and have the cheek to mention safety .. away and fuck off anyone running with their agenda. You are a moron that isn´t helping


That was some post towards the bottom of yesterday’s replies. You and Joan have certainly gone through the wringer. Stronger together as a result,but obviously with your sadness and regret.

Best wishes to your brother. He’s the same age as me,but like me,might well act like he’s thirty years younger! Get him back on his feet and along to the hoot on 23 Sept.

bada bing1


I think this guy has a chance of manager’s job

bada bing1

BILLY MCNEILL is to receive a prestigious award from Athletic Bilbao in recognition of spending his entire career at Celtic.

The Hoops legend will be awarded with the ‘One Club Man Award’ after an 18-year spell with his boyhood heroes.

McNeill has been honoured for his commitment to CelticKENNY RAMSAY – THE SUN GLASGOW
McNeill has been honoured for his commitment to Celtic
A special ceremony will take place in Glasgow with legendary Bilbao goalkeeper Jose Angel Iribar presenting the award.

Barcelona icon Carles Puyol, Italian legend Paolo Maldini and Southampton favourite Matt Le Tissier have all received the award since it was introduced four years ago.

Speaking on the award, Celtic chairman Ian Bankier said: “This award is a fantastic recognition for Billy and recognises the phenomenal contribution he made to Celtic over so many years.

“A towering figure in the history of our great Club, Billy’s achievements at Celtic form a legacy which we will always be so thankful for.


I disagree with you-as you know-that ibrox doesn’t have a safety certificate. It would herald immense difficulties in insuring the premises and occasions when in use.

Where I do agree with you is on the likelihood that it has been signed off on a somewhat less rigorous inspection,and should a negative event occur,the cover-up will make Res12 look like a warm up for the main event.

Awe Naw


smoke and mirrors … after Hillsborough … you couldn´t blow their neck with a torch and Celtic PLC acting daft … while selling tickets … and pleading meekness and ignorance if they ever get caught (if anyone dies) It is no excuse apart to those of a rigid belief system that believe that Peter Lawwell sits at the right hand of the father

Awe Naw


The cover up already happened with the internal inquiry. The reason so many Celtic fans were crushed was because King was allowed to ban away fans. The reason for the increased violence at the last Old Firm game was the circumstances that involved 800 Rangers fans attending Celtic Park.


There are those who think it’s the other way round!

I’m not sure that Celtic are in any position to query the safety certificate at another ground. I honestly don’t think there is anything they can do if the huns can provide one. And I’m sure they can.

Would it pass an independent inspection? Probably not. But independent inspectors are not responsible for issuing the licence.

In a nutshell,we can only cross our fingers every time we play there. Which is shite,but there you go.


Agreed re the crushing but the real reason was operational on the day. The cops gave those 800 huns around 30% of the approach areas and closed it off to Celtic fans.

12% more Celtic supporters were funnelled through an area which had been vastly reduced as a result.

Lucky there weren’t manslaughter charges or worse. Brushed under the carpet because there were no fatalities. We might not always be that lucky.

Awe Naw


nonsense they can refuse to take tickets stating they don’t trust the authorities. Too scared and too greedy not to do so.

Awe Naw, I agree we should not take tickets for Ibrox. But it was pressure from Celtic away fans who made the call. I have a friend who was in PL’s company last year. He asked the company ‘do you think we should take the tickets?’ He stated that he would prefer not to take up the allocation. Regardless of the replies he received, he said they were being overwhelmed with requests for us to take the allocation.

I’m no fan of PL and you could argue that he could have put his foot down. But on this occasion he was in a no win situation. He caved in. As far as I know an Ibrox safety certificate never came into the discussion.

I think we should revert to the old arrangements or else home fans only at Ibrox and Parkhead. The new situation is the most dangerous in my opinion.


AweNaw,,,the Csa should state that unless we see a valid safety cert we aren’t going.
But that would suit thems, plus then the head of the Csa , would have civil war on his hands from those who want to go and risk it.
It would need a vote tbh and even then some people will ignore what the masses want and just go.
It needs to be accepted there’s a big section just want to beat the hun whether the rest agree or not.
We need outta this place,,,if they die again we must try really hard to get out.
Buy a championship club or something but get out.

Tet,, I disagree its the worst I can remember and getting worse. The next two years will be intensely fascinating, though probably dangerous for a lot. Can’t see us being allowed to hit ten,,can’t see the fans standing for that either.
Perfect storm really. Scottish football is about to face a huge test.

Big Packy,,I missed your news but hope you and Joan get some good news. Take care pal

Hail Hail

Big Packy, Please come on soon and let us know how things stand. I miss you on here. 🙂

Awe Naw

Celtic plc taking a tiny minority of the away support into consideration. The banned song singers, the flare throwers, the minute silence breakers. Whatta guy.. Shame about resolution 12 eh maybe if we get the Ibrox affeciandos to present Res 12 he’d fire the silver bullet Yep pish and you know it. All about protecting the Old Firm brand and avoiding any squabbles


“Inundated with requests” could mean highly likely to sell the allocated 800 or trying to ballot it down from ten or twenty times that. When we had The Broomloan Stand,there were never enough to go round.

I agree,PL had to offer the tickets. There was a market. I think he should have argued more vociferously for the status quo,but sometimes you need to pick your battles.

Awe Naw

Our safety is paramount but not to them and some of you it seems.


If some fans want to take a huge risk going there despite all that’s known then I’m not stressing over it.

If you were to feed into an artificial intelligence computer the parameters of a/ Europe – untold riches, but not guaranteed. and b/ ‘Old Firm’ – moderate riches, guaranteed. The soulless computer would come out in favour of a/.

That’s how PL & DD think.

In fact I’d go further, I agree with you that Celtic turn a blind eye to lots of stuff to keep the evil side of the rivalry alive.

Awe Naw

You weren’t in the September crush or knew anyone who was. Maybe the Ibrox disaster?
My point is they are holding their customers to higher standards than themselves. No surprises they can get away with it. We haven’t learned anything from Hillsborough. Shame

Twists n turns

Is there an MP anywhere in Scotland with the appetite to come out in favour of banning marches?

I very much doubt it

Not when they depend upon the popular vote to keep their seat

For that reason, Scotland will remain firmly stuck in the 17th century. It will be forever so.

Awe Naw

I heard your retired and living the life of Riley. Mad parties every night and chauffeurs etc. Very jealous

Awe Naw

The SMP for Govan isn’t too concerned about the safety certificate hand shake organised by her predecessor for the most used and famous building in her constituency.


AweNaw, ,,
Fan safety is probably the most important thing we discuss on here.
It’s clear you feel that Ibrox isn’t safe. We are all aware of this.
However the facts are they have a valid safety cert ( haven’t seen it but as TeT says they need one to get insured ) and will get Celtic fans attending as they want to watch their pain at being humped even if we all preferred they stay away and stop legitimizing the O F.
I fail to see what any of us can do here to affect this currently.
As such I am not going to get upset over it.
Yes it sucks but most of the domestic game does. Another brick in the wall.
Hail Hail

I lived in Cumbernauld for a wee while in the early eighties. I was friendly with a Labour lady on the New Town Corporation. She told me – I wish I had listened more to the detail – that right from the beginning there were to be no orange walks or anything similar. Cumbernauld was being populated with Glasgow ‘overspill’ and they didn’t want that side of things to come along with them. Bravo.

There should be local referendums on this subject of orange walks. A simple majority. Takes it out of the hands of politicians (cowards mostly) and into the hands of the people. For good or for bad.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw

Ah wiz

Noo am no

Turned oot my Leo Sayer albums weren’t sought after as much as I expected. The clever money had moved to Gilbert O’Sullivan.

I had 8 months off bud. Squeezed a few holidays in with the kids and grandkids ( I’m in Puerto Rico at present) but I was persuaded out of the easy life to set up a company in Scotland.

I did resist for a bit but was offered ownership so I decided to do it. New factory opens on May 1st so I’ll be hard at it on my return.

How’s life in Germany assuming you’re still there?

Hope all is well with you and yours. You must miss Whitburn? Some big street carnival thing on last week. Lots of bands, fancy dress, funny walks….. and quality music . Must be tempting to come back eh?


TWISTSNTURNS will never retire. Why do you think he’s in Whitburn?


Wow,I’ve only met one Leo Sayer fan before-she was in my class at school.

Really nice girl who married my second cousin.

Maybe he was a closet Leo fan too!

Btw,Gilbert O’Sullivan is a Swindon lad.

Awe Naw

Yes as you point out the uncontested decision by our plc to let Dave King become a fit and proper person to become defacto chairman of Rangers when he abstained from voting on that committee, along with other bricks in the wall like deciding to accept and sell tickets for Old Firm games To protect the Old Firm experience for arm chair viewers and to help Rangers financially by enabling them to sell more STs without it impacting on their financial abilities we can’t do anything about on here. Not just Ibrox that decision and their incompetence was a direct factor in the crush in September.

My second main point was I find it beyond moronic when this is all happening in front of our eyes and yet there is more wailing and crying on Sentinelcelts about sad orange Bastard songs and flares than there is about our own safety. I look very much forward to not having to read that on here. We as a support as a community need to get our priorities right.

Third point. By doing so we are all too willingly dragged down to their level.

I will refrain from making these points in the future until I hear complaints on here about relatively harmless activities in comparison.

Is that fair enough?

Awe Naw

Puerto Rico…. Or Whitburn mmmmhhhhh….

Glad to hear you are still making millions expanding your empire.
Haven’t been in Whitburn in 17 years. No reason to go back there except for the Walks.
Hope your new venture is a roaring success.

Still in Germany. Both brothers arrive in two week for a month of partying. Looking forward to seeing them and directing the German end of the Treble Treble celebrations

Awe Naw

Leo sayer is advertising on telly here about 20 times a day

Awe Naw, Had two good friends in Whitburn Neil Ward, Danny Mullen. Both now sadly passed away.

Awe Naw

I effectively left Whitburn in 1982. I can remember a Danny Cullen your friends don’t ring a bell. Maybe Mags knew of them


Maybe if the away support in particular would stop providing the sticks for the rest of Scotland to beat us with,we might be able to take our eyes off the squirrels and concentrate on matters in hand.

But we end up firefighting our own conflagrations. You and I,and everyone else on here,knows what the real issues are. But we are distracted by trying to deal with the minutiae while ignoring the big picture.

If people grow up,stop the flares and the daft songs then,aye,we will probably get attacked for something else-I agree with you there.

But stop giving them ammunition. I’m hardly PL’s biggest fan,but if we stop providing him with squirrels to “defend” then he might have time to go on the attack.

No,me neither. But he will have run out of excuses for it-like he cares.

Mike in Toronto

JtT @ 2:27 …. far too sensible for Scottish football ….

Mahe… re: getting out of this place…. even if they could, Celtic aren’t going anywhere without their best pals at Ibrox… like Martin and Lewis, they are … best buds forever

I haven’t been reading back … can I ask what happened to Big Packy?

Awe Naw

I disagree due to the difference in the gravity of the offences committed. We need to set our own agenda not dance to an agenda which it’s main purpose is making money. If they genuinely cared about our safety. If our safety was paramount to them they would fight for it. They do not because it transgresses their only agenda. Profit. Flip side of the coin is willing exploitation. Not for this Tim


Bottom of page one on previous article,time 721pm.

Tough read.

Mike in Toronto

BMCUWP .. thanks. I’ll have a read back.

Awe Naw

We all await an update from Big Packy. It is not surprising that he may be busy with more pressing matter just now . He knows he is loved and highly respected on this site and will inform us in due course about his brother I am sure. We all fight the good fight and he knows it. One of us and he’ll be back on for sure.

Awe Naw

….. And unlike you bassas he agrees with me mostly ??