The Teddy Bears Picnic


Not much happening of note down The Glasgow Celtic Way,but plenty of fun to be had over at the crumbledome. Firstly we had the ludicrous sight of Dave King casting himself as Tom Cruise as he shouted “Show Me The Money!!!” to his ever-credulous follow followers.

I mean,it’s not even Easter yet and he’s demanding cash up front to cover the club’s costs from now till about August when the football actually starts. What he’ll use then is anyone’s guess but I’m betting that it won’t involve any ill-gotten South African Rands.

Naturally,his statement was full of big words from the Fat Jabba Compendium of Words I Used At The Herald. But not concomitant this time,it seems that is actually posh slang for wanker. Anyway,your humble correspondent cut through the crap and this is what King actually said:-

“Haw lads and lasses,gonna stump up the cash pdq cos wur back so we ur and one more push will do it.”

Good one,son. He could always ask Club 1872 for more cash but short of raising the subscription fee by renaming it Club 2012,they cannot help. Rumours persist,of course,that a goodly proportion of those subscriptions are from questionable sources who will definitely want something,erm,tangible to show for their investments. Something like Share Certificates,perhaps.

Of course,they could easily purchase those shares from the Easdales. That would make sense,wouldn’t it? After all,the principle behind Club 1872 was to raise capital to finance a fan shareholding in the club. Wasn’t it?

We know now though that it is being used to purchase shares FROM the club in order to directly finance the loss making operation. Shares which couldn’t even be issued until the amendment passed recently in order to get King out of a hole with The Takeover Panel.

Ach,they deserve each other-but I’m sure The Takeover Panel haven’t gone away!

Another one who hasn’t gone away is Mike Ashley. Nor is he likely to. Clearly fed up with being thwarted in the Scottish masonic court system,he took them to The High Court in London yesterday. I think Ashley will be looking for a few quid from Sevco as he had a bad time recently at the Debenhams sale. As it looks a cut-and -dried case,he looks like he is onto a winner. Sevco promised,following earlier court action,to permit Sports Direct to sell their brand exclusively-then entered into partnership with a rival retailer to sell the duff in direct competition! King will need more than smoke and mirrors and a few big words to wriggle out of this one.

One court case which didn’t involve King should still have him biting his fingernails though. Sevco5088 went to court against Sevco Scotland over original ownership of the post-liquidation entity. Honestly,you’d have to be Perry Mason to keep up with all of this,but I think that Craig Whyte sold his interests in the holding company which he originally used to buy the huns from Murray. That company-which may or may not have Whyte as a shareholder-took Charles Green’s company to court for an action thought to be at least £5m,and could ultimately decide who legally owns the current company based at Ibrox.

Which should worry King,because Charles Green’s company is the one that King currently owns!

I think,it all gets very confusing…

The one person in this entire scam who has legged it clear of the resultant omnishambles-which is rather ironic!-is Teflon David Murray. Except that the EBT bills are currently thudding onto the doormats,a wee Easter bunny from Hector. And his bill is anywhere from £3-6 million,depending on the penalties. And the huns love penalties,don’t they? These ones,maybe not so much.

So as you can see,it’s all about the money with the huns,and anyone who has any will soon have quite a bit less. Almost restores my faith in human nature,that does.


The one piece of news yesterday from Celtic Park was one which I suggested on Monday might be the case,but which I was dreading nevertheless. Ryan Christie will need reconstructive facial surgery after being assaulted on Sunday. I suggested then that he would need a plastic surgeon,might I suggest now that he consider a lawyer too?


Another Christie had slightly better news yesterday as he looks to be on the mend after a heart attack. Get Well Soon,Kevin Christie.


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Brought over from previous article as it was posted just as I put this one up:-

Twists n turns
Morning all

Last day of my hols sadly. Hey ho

Big Packy

Pleased to read your brother is on the mend. Send him my best wishes

A thing of beauty- re the marches :

Yes I’m certain you’re correct on the reasons which would be offered for their existence- celebration of culture.

I think their argument would suddenly die on its arse though if there were to be Republican marches organised on the same scale and frequency across towns and cities of Scotland.

Maybe that would be the way forward. Start applying for permission for republican marches every other Saturday. I’d love to hear the reasons for the inevitable refusal!

For clarity, it’s not something I’d welcome, simply putting it out there that celebrating Republican ‘ culture ‘ would not be seen as acceptable. Not in Scotland.

April 17, 2019 7:01 am

big packy

morning everyone ,good article as ever bobby, yes hope ryan gets better soon, and thanks once again to everyone for their kind thoughts.hh.

big packy

twists n turns, thank you very much, hope you enjoy the last day of your holiday. hh.

Morning Packy. Bobby, good article as usual. I’ve got an idea for an article, I think it’s a good one but it’s all bits and pieces and probably lacks depth. If I send it in will you or Mahe help?

The Gombeen Man


Thanks Bobby, I really enjoyed reading that.

Things in Sevcoland are so complicated that we’ll eventually need a flow chart every day to follow the skullduggery.You have made a good job of the latest shenanigans.

Good to see Packy back on and fair play to Jimthetim53 for the article too. Jim’s writing is always great to read and I have enjoyed his posts over the last couple of days.

Living in the ROI we don’t really see Orange Walks. My kids have never seen one. Prior to Independence they were pretty common but when the Union with Britain ended people just gave up on them.

There are a few lodges near the border and a couple more but nothing that causes any concern. Kind of a like the Flat Earth Society.

It amazes me that they don’t get that the OO is another deflection. It was started about 100 years after the Battle of the Boyne to try and get Presbyterians onside. Many of them fought with the United Irishmen in 1798.

Presbyterians were very badly treated by the establishment here after 1690.



If you send it to my addy rather than the SC one,I’ll offer my suggestions. I can’t access the SC mail from this phone.


About time you got back to work!

Good luck with the new venture.



All the best to your bro. Can’t wait to see what he chooses as a moniker!


They might be stuck 330 years in the past but they refuse to listen when we try to teach them any history-even their own!

I must try to get a hold of a copy of Year of the French,been a while since I read it.

Btw,CLOGHERCELT took my Dad and me to the site of The Battle of the Boyle. Lovely place,and so serene. Hard to believe the blood that has been spilt because of it since.

One of the problems for me in writing my articles is that I do them freestyle. I tend to figure out what I’m gonna write about when I’m at work overnight,and armed with a subject list in my mind,take it from there.

When MAHE phoned me last night at 4am,I still had nothing! And when I finally came up with something-there’s nowt re Celtic,find another subject-I forgot the only reason to mention us-apart from Ryan,of course.

Does anyone think that the press in any other country would have let McInnes have a free pop at his opponents and try to shift the blame?

Does anyone think that the same press would have focused on that-rather than as a source of ridicule-and shifted the narrative against the victims?

As an aside,does anyone think that the winning manager would have been so reticent about the events that day as ours was? I know Neil has to stay out of the firing line,but the likes of Pep,Klopp,Wenger,Fergie etc would have been incandescent.

Celtic’s statement was welcome. Of course. But it wasn’t timely. By the time truth had put its boots on,the narrative was set,and embedded in the public consciousness.

Here’s how I would expect the English press,who tend to be journalists rather than arseholes wi laptops to deal with such a case…

“So,Derek. Your team lost the game,and it looked like they lost their discipline too. Right from the start,in fact.”

“Naw,but aye,but naw,we felt threatened by the songs their fans were singing”

“Derek,the song situation needs looked at and dealt with,but it was from both sides. It never bothered you as a player,so why should it bother you now? Or your players,come to that? But I asked about your indiscipline,your players were hardly playing football out there,and many of the challenges were scandalous. There can surely be no place for that in the game,wouldn’t you agree?”

“Aye,but they called me names.”

“They hadn’t called you names before the game when you were setting out the tactics of injuring your opponents. How do you answer that?”

“Naw,but aye but naw,I knew they would but”

“But isn’t this just deflection tactics from a dreadful display by your team,a litany of brutality on the day,and a disgraceful tactical decision by yourself? A squirrel,in modern parlance?”

“Naw,thae fenian basturts are only there to get booted aff the park. The ref and the gaffer telt me it was the only way to beat them. What else could I do?”

“Than you,Derek. You have managed to move the narrative on from your team’s display to another subject entirely”

“Cheers,lads. I knew you’d get it in the end.”

In short,the press would have ripped the pish right outa him,his board would probably have put him on a final warning and the FA would have him up on a disrepute charge. Here,he’s the victim

Go figure.

Bobby, great post, you should have kept that for an article. Would have given you a day off! 🙂


Thanks,mucker! I actually considered that-realising I’d forgotten to mention it,I thought,mibbe Friday?

But I’m sure I’d forget about it again by then!

Btw,I was at a funeral earlier,a good lad from Port Glasgow. I first met him 18 years ago when I came down here. I was a stripling of 38,he was well into his fifties. We got on like a house on fire.

He was a diver in the Royal Navy,then later on the rigs. Decent innings,71,but he’ll be missed.

His widow,Angie,told me that he was partial to mentioning my reaction to his career when he told me about it. Apparently he had told me that in the RN,he was a diver on The Ark-that’s The Ark Royal,obviously-and I’d replied…

Fuck me,Ray? The Ark? How old are you?

Guess you had to be there,but that cheered us up a tad.

The Gombeen Man


I’ve been there too. It doesn’t have the same feeling to it as Glencoe or Culloden. Fair play for making the trip.

I think NFL is doing everything he can to keep out of the spotlight at the moment.

Jimthetim53 is right. You’ve published two articles today.

Ryan Christie’s injury looks horrific. Can you imagine Broonie or any other Celtic player had done that to an opponent?

Best thing we can do is secure the title as quickly as possible and leave them to distract themselves with their squirrels.

I watched the press conference after the game. It was a journalist (ahem) that mentioned the singing in a question.

McInnes saw the opportunity to mitigate his transgressions and that was it.

These guys are living in a corrupted mindset and anything is permissable in their effort to conceal the truth….It’s just too painful for them.

Margaret McGill

If you go down to Ibrox today youre in for a big surprise
If you go down to Ibrox today you’ll never believe your eyes
Coz Uncle Davy has no cash
Nowhere left to sing the Sash
today’s the day the Teddy Bears get their pitch nicked.


Great stuff Bobby.
The boyne eh,,a field and no more.

I seen Twists saying yesterday the marches should be banned. They are still going on in the North yet the place has come on a hundred times from the bad old days so there’s proof it’s not the marches .
The marches are okayed by the commission who basically don’t okay it it’s controversial.
So the result is parades in your own area. Celebrate away,,just do it where you live is the message. This has stopped a lot of the sideshow and hangers on, who are there for trouble as there will be none. And the OO could teach footie a lot when it come to collecting unwanted miscreants.
Thus the older gents who actually do parade are dying out,,the young ones don’t go as its boring now.
Result is slow death.

After called you watched the Ajax game. My disappointment at Cr7 not going on to lift another cup with another team is tempered by the fact we have a new kid on the block who has serious skills and is already a double giant killer.
I hope the entire blog are behind Ajax even though their fans are scum.
Now it Cmon you Spurs tonight!!!

Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

I hear Theresa May has contracted Ronaldo on how to get out of Europe.

Margaret McGill

On the positive side marching season reminds me of one of my favourite ditties. I would miss it if there were no orange walks.

You’ve got Billy tattooed on your neck,
And a Union Jack above your bed,
You’ve got nothing intelligent to say,
And no-one’s listening, to you, anyway.
‘Cause you’re a big, fat, bigoted arsehole

Margaret McGill

I see based on the Ajax result Celtic quick view continues to bury BR by comparing his European record to WGS’s.
oh our Irish contingent are no gonny like that. I thought comparing wee proddy Scottish dogs European record to MON and NFL was taboo since his record is better.

The Gombeen Man


It’s water of a duck’s back.

Weren’t a couple of years wasted telling us how much better Brendan Rodgers was than MoN?

My da’s bigger than your day stuff.

Twists n turns

I’ll be back at work imminently Bobby.
I’m hoping Celtic can wrap up this title with at least 3 games to spare, allowing Neil to rest key players with the cup final in mind.

We will lose at least 2 through injury at Ibrox. Absolute cert.

Tell em to shove their tickets. Don’t accept any. Play the reserves. Our second 11 would possibly beat them anyway. Imagine the humiliation?

Dave King. Where do you begin with that shite? Dominant force? Tangible? Dearie me. Is he a compulsive liar or a pathological liar? Rare that liars are both but I’d say he fits both categories.

He has a massive advantage of course in that his audience are undoubtedly some of the most stupid people you’ll ever encounter.

Long live the King.


Personally I would like Celtic to ban all journalists from paradise, no more freebys for them. If they want to see the game they can pay for it like everybody else. We could give all media interviews to Celtic TV. Really fucks me off how Celtic let those bastard’s say or print what they want without any reprisals. Hail x2


Personally I would gather evidence of same situation different reporting,,get then in and say cameras are on explain yourselves.
Then ask the fan base to help kill them off by not buying , right in public. That would help
Hail Hail

bada bing1

Mahe- been saying for years,put press conferences live on our YouTube channel, let’s see who are asking the questions, and who they work for

big packy

hi bhoys and ghirls just logging on how is everyone good I hope, the wild goose, agree we should ban the media apart from celtic tv of course, all they do is say and print anything that sees us in a bad light.hh

big packy

jimthetim you ok, hope you have that post ready for bobby, ill be scrutinising it is that the right spelling ?

big packy

just found this little clip courtesy of old tim on the other channel worth a watch.


Good call bada bing and Mahe, I’d definitely be up for some a that???

A thing of beauty

BMCUWP I enjoyed your post about the press and mcinnes. Very clever . I read the lead article also but as you know I have always told you damn all will happen to them and I’ve yet to be proved wrong.
I agree with twists about republican marches. If they took place every Saturday from April to October there would be outrage. There would be no room given for people saying they are celebrating their culture. An orange walk is essentially a hate march, nothing else and it’s time it was viewed as such.
I caught a bit of Ajax last night. Wow, they were amazing. A joy to watch. I also noticed juve’s right back was absolutely appalling. Just shows, a good agent and right place, right time can take you a long way. Maybe I’m being harsh but he was clueless in my book.
Right, off to watch Man City spurs for an hour before baw baw. If I’m no in my bed for 915 I get awfy grumpy and bmcuwp will tell you that’s not a good thing!!

big packy

my god this site is so quiet I might throw in a cracker from 1969/70, I was only 1 year old then that’s just a joke to my mate jimthetim ,so here we go scroll by if your a member of the orange lodge or the boys brigade, my best friend billy Hendry is going to sunday school best suit on collar and tie, now ive no idea about sunday school being brought up a roman catholic sunday school was alien to me, next thing our chapel our lady and st josephs gets condemned because of mining irregularities under the chapel, hence we had to move to the parochiall hall where father o hare and the parish priest father murray took mass, so lets cut to the quick, its sunday morning we all get to the parochiall hall and we are greeted with the words fuck the pope 1690 on the shutters, well me and john Cassidy and brian mcilroy was of the opinion rightly or wrongly an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, we moved swiftly to the carrick park where the protestants played their football, we demolished both crossbars and then to something ill regret till my dying day, I threw a brick at the local church of Scotland glenboig parish church, and broke one of the stained glass windows ,two years ago I tried to contact the local minister of the church to offer to pay for the damages but unfortunately glenboig parish church was in the presbetry of muirhead and Chryston, so I was unable to contact the minister if by chance the reverend king is looking down upon us im truly sorry.

bada bing1

Son misses first leg of semi final,ridiculous, bookings should get wiped out at SF stage,the more games you play the more chance of getting a card ffs

bada bing1

Bottom line- epic fail from Pep v Spurs reserves

Margaret McGill

in that order

Margaret McGill

Ajax – aesthetic reasons
Liverpool – cultural reasons
Spurs – I hate all London clubs
Barcelona – UEFA corrupt as fuck bettered only by Real Madrid Cnuts!

Margaret McGill
Margaret McGill
Margaret McGill

New Article Posted!