The Games the Winner

We seen a big winner of the last few days . Football .
At last attacking football is dominating the upper echelons again , after you know who lead the way . What we seen over the last couple nights was again the triumph of pure beautiful attacking inventive football.
Im thinking we all probably thought we knew who was going to be contesting the upcoming semi finals of Europe , or at least the main cast .
The game actually did show a bit of beauty over the last few nights and was anything but predictable. We should all be delighted when this happens , and that the big boys play thing teams are dumped out on their arse at the same time just makes it even sweeter.

So the final four,,

One would give anything to win the league never mind this cup , but could infact go down in immortality by doing both . An ex Celt the cornerstone and an ex season ticket holder wingback.

Another has done an incredible double this year , not trophies though. The have two main distinctions , the first of being the only team in Europe’s top leagues to not bring in a single player in the summer ,, and they also opened the best stadium in Europe by all accounts. These are clearly linked.

The third of this list is playing probably the best football in Europe right now but already show signs that this is a breaking up hurrah with a couple already promised to others next term,, a perennial problem of theirs but that has not deterred them from a famous double giant killing already.

And finally our fourth team are the most famous of our quartet though rely heavily on three or four ageing players but they possess the experience and the competitions remaining jewel in the crown .

In both semi finals a former Hoop will be present with Victor getting a surprise yet calculated starting berth last night to help double anchor midfield in what was the game of the quarters by a mile. It had it all , and we were given a glimpse of the future when Var correctly ( how can it be otherwise ) had a goal chalked off that would have got Pep off the hook bigtime.
Last night Var officially received my backing and not just because the team I wanted went through but because the game won and the bad decision was corrected .
Any footie fan should be delighted its coming as far as Im concerned .
It was the difference maker.

Speaking of difference makers there were a few on show in the quarters and they have been whittled down again.
My boy CR7 was brought to Juve solely for one thing , to make the difference and convert the finals they get to into silverware as he has the Midas touch of doing .
It failed , and although I like him again we should be happy you cant just buy the difference like that.
Virgil was selected by the Pool as the man to cure their defensive woes long term and tbh he has exceeded all expectations . The mainstream media simply gush praise all over him and last week seen the stat he has not been dribbled past in Liverpool’s colours which speaks for itself. He has been , and is , and will continue to be a real difference maker.
I also wouldn’t put it past a wee sneaky winners clause couple quid winging its way up north if he does lift the big Cup.

However clearly the smartest cookie in the room ( you can bet he thinks he is and for good reason ) is probably Daniel Levy the Spurs Ceo this morning.
He has one of the hottest management properties around on a long term deal ( and he will be in the frame now for the biggest jobs have no doubt ) ,, a stadium that’s the envy of the game ,, a young team that’s challenging for the biggest honours in the game,, and he didn’t spend a penny.
I tip my hat Sir , I truly do.
I wish them well and thought their play was fantastic. They certainly didn’t care about reputation and thats very necessary at that level. That they will be without their Korean Song is a big bitter blow but I wouldn’t write them off.

All football fans can rejoice in the fact that we are not just witnessing the usual suspects go out not to get beat but we should witness attacking feasts judging by what has been on show.
The Egyptian Messi will come up against the real Messi in the pick of the two games.
With Barca strolling the league and able to rest Leo while the Pool give every single inch for the cause and wanting a league title more the Catalans will be favourites having also been there before a few times. Surely Leo will fancy this one.
Spurs will miss their strikers terribly but have the man with the plan , and will play with cajones as they never seen themselves there anyways.
Likewise their opponents would never have envisaged going soo deep in the competition ,, and will more than likely target their home game as the one to get the advantage to bring to London , and away is for the counter attack to kill them off. I would be crapping it playing them ,, an unknown quantity that has nothing to lose and everything to gain is not to be trifled with !

Some notables ,, I clearly spotted an Israel flag amongst the Spurs fans and thought to myself I know you have reasons for flying that but I wonder if its allowed and will they get a wee fine for it?
Another thought that sprung to mind was the horrible Amsterdam police will have the English media gaze on them and at the same time many boisterous Londoners.
I wonder how they will handle the upcoming home tie and will everything go accordingly.
And finally Pep.
Pep,,, I will say right now I never have liked him and probably never will . It wasn’t even 90 seconds on the clock last night and the camera showed him complaining ffs. He looks stressed so no wonder his team is out. He was brought in for one specific reason ,, the same reason Bayern brought him in . Its not to win leagues, both were already doing that .
Its quite simply to win the big cup that the Qataris think would put City on the map.
Im effing delighted its failed ( just like Bayern ) and we all should be.
Hopefully the big lesson that you cant ultimately buy success at the top level isnt lost on some.
I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show. It should be good.


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big packy

MAHE, brilliant article once again, now how am I gonna say this without you thinking im only jealous,,jealous your darn tootin I am ,look at the millions of pounds thrown at these so called European giants, compared to the pittance we get, as you know joans family are all Liverpool fans I could go with one of them to watch a European game at anfield, truth be told I would not watch them if they were playing in my back garden, if by some miracle we get out of the spl or some trillionaire throws a couple of billion pounds at us, and once again the famous Glasgow celtic become kings of Europe ill start watching European football.hh.

Mornong Packy, Gombeen Man and everyone.

Mahe, you should have been a journalist. 🙂


bada bing1

I thought the big cop fae Allo Allo had signed on…..?

It’s Holy Thursday. How am I going to pay tribute to The Lord and get football into it? Here we go.

These next few days are the saddest and happiest days in the calendar. I will never forget that photo of Notre Dame with the surviving cross and altar amongst the ruins. The cross is a cross not a crucifix, there is no body on the cross. Instead, below, He is lying on his mother’s lap. Her heart is broken. It’s almost like in the midst of all the destruction they are still there, with the hope and message of our salvation.

He descended into hell. That’s what he did after he died. I often wonder what that meant. Here is an interpretation.

Our Blessed Lord went down to the underworld to rescue the sinners. Now amongst these were Rangers fans, Orange folk and masons. Some judges and policemen. He brought them up to heaven. Such is His forgiveness.

In My Fathers Kingdom there are many mansions.

In one of the mansions lives me, Packy and the Gombeen Man. Next door is Bobby, Mahe and Mike. And the there are many mansions full of tims. Celtic flags flying from them in abundance.

When Our Lord passes by my mansion he gives a smile. When He passes Bobby’s, a giggle. The rest he laughs out loud and shouts COYBIG!

Anyways. The Lord convenes a committee to deal with the toe rags. The committee is Packy, The Gombeen Man, Tommy Burns, Jinky and me.

They all form a huge Q and genuflect in front of The Lord, make the sign of the Cross and bow towards us. Then they repeat the words 3 times – I’m sorry I was wrong, forgive me!
Then we all live happily ever after.


The Gombeen Man

Morning Lads,

Thanks for the mention Jim.

Great work Mahe, I enjoyed reading that.

The CL holds no interest to me. I’d rather watch black and white episodes of late night Open University than the CL.

If Ronaldo called to the front door he be tactfully but forcefully dismissed in a similar way to Jehovah’s Witness doing the rounds.

Last night I got a few texts telling me “Some game.” I’d no idea who was playing. When I got home my wife asked me if I “want to watch the highlights?”

The answer is honesty “No”.

Same with the EPL. I rather watch repeats of Stars on Sunday than MotD. Sky went years ago. Infact we don’t have BBC or ITV.

Life’s far better without the junk of the CL or the EPL. Or the BBC/Rte. I haven’t bought a newspaper for 5 years. Very rarely would I watch any form of TV or listen to radio news.

I’m very careful with the junk or trash I let into my life. It’s simply better without the manipulated tripe that’s fired at us 24×7.

Celtic are my team for a variety of reasons. I don’t like the board and the hangers on but that’s life

Yesterday on the other channel was a case in point. Very poor stuff. Sevco like in it’s attempt at distortion and manipulation. On cue those carrying the deep wounds about Brendan walked straight into the trap.

I’ll enjoy the good times and won’t expect anything from the suits.

Whoever remains in the CL good luck to them but it holds as much interest as the NFL or Baseball for that matter. ?



A very enjoyable read Mahe.

What is happening this year largely supports the prediction in Soccernomics that the game will see the ascendancy of capital city clubs with large populations and the descendency of what Soccernomics described as “port” clubs like Liverpool and Celtic.

Liverpool being the exception to the rule/prediction because of TV money.

Tottenham could now become the dominant club in London with a stadium that takes them there. Time will tell.

Celtic unfortunately are proof of the Soccernomics pudding largely because of their exclusion from the TV wealth the other clubs enjoy.

The failure of Man City and PSG, both walking the edge of UEFA FFP, can perhaps be rooted in what lifts good players into being great players ie character and heart.

Perhaps the very wages that attract them to oil fueled money soften them in a way and at same time harden the resolve of their opponents?

Karma as always wins on the park.

Ask Malmo and Maribor. ?

The Gombeen Man


Great weather forecast for the weekend. There’ll be good craic on here and elsewhere

Keep posting away your giving us all a lift with your stories…Packie too

Remember everything passes.

I’m more interested in the TT and 10 than taking stuff too seriously.

You help loads of folk with your posts.


Hope your bro is doing ok.
I can’t agree that football is the winner, when upstarts like Ajax are getting to a semi final things will be done to try and make sure it doesn’t happen again, imo obviously.
As for the CL, aye it’s a good money maker for the club if we get to the groups, but the competition is a joke, only one league winner in this years semis, I went out on tuesday to watch the Barca v manure game, first time I have ventured out this season to see a football match, low and behold, not a bar in the village was showing it, they have all done away with paying the TV cos the obscene charges bars are charged.

The Gombeen Man

“CELTIC could be guaranteed a Champions League Group Stage place every year under new proposals that would grant wild card entries for clubs with ‘great historical importance to football.’

The current format for Europe’s top club competition is set to change and a variety of new formats have been proposed.

But reports in Holland have suggested a new format has been proposed by Europe’s elite clubs which will see four Champions League groups of eight clubs each, meaning extra revenue for every club.”

IF this comes to pass what about the same club, Sevco…”historical importance”.

Of course everyone will have an eye on themselves and what happens if they hit the wall?

‘The Miracle of Ibrox.’

54 Titles in the year of foundation.

Celtic could be guaranteed a Champions League group stage place every year under new proposals that would grant wild card entries for clubs with ‘great historical importance to football.’

Athletic Club honour Billy McNeill for his devotion to Celtic

The Celtic experience that will stay with Timothy Weah for the rest of his career.


We are going for the treble treble. Something I thought was impossible.

But, wait, sevco are about to ruin our dominance. Oh dear.

bada bing1

McLeish bagged

“McLeish bagged”

No, Celtic. Just NO!!!

The Gombeen Man

Looking at Brendan Rodger’s transfers while at Liverpool it would be far better if folk looked at the Net spend.

Also when you figure in the income from Philippe Coutinho (£8.5m from Inter Milan) later sold to Barca for around £120m and the unknown quantity…the Transfer Committee it presents a completely different picture.

I found this very interesting, BR talking about the transfer committee at Lpool and how any player is better than no player, the transfer talk is 9 mins in.
It’s remarkably similar to what happens at Celtic as our CEO explains in this podcast, I also wonder what happened to change BR’s mind, according to Pedro BR has never been happier, ach well, interesting and well worth the listen all the same.

Moyes and McLeish, the dream duo, go on Pedro, you know you want to 😉


Sent my two cents in on the game and the VAR decision to Sentinel Towers this morning.

As for whether it could be applied in Scotland? Right at this moment, immaterial. The Scottish Football Association couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. Even if we were to wake up to a brand new day where football in Scotland starts to take a bit of pride in itself and act more professionally, I’d pray that VAR isn’t touched with a bargepole. Ruins the visceral nature of the game. Fans in this country have long memories, more dedication and an acute internal bullshit detector. Who could ever feel any real bliss from a win over your rivals knowing you’ve only got the result because some guy in a room saw something on a screen?

Nah, keep this push for the removal of human error away from Scottish football.

The Gombeen Man

Welcome Mattybhoy,

First time I’ve seen you on.

I look forward to reading your article. Is VAR a step too far for a game run by frightened wee men who make their decisions in secret and are scared to ‘rake over coals?’

Maybe it’s just too expensive? Make the refs will strike?


I’ll have a listen to that podcast later, thanks for posting. Amazing that no Spanish pubs had the Barca game on the other night.

10,000 apparently on a waiting list for Celtic Park is remarkable, especially given the fact that a great number of the league games aren’t particularly memorable.



I haven’t listened to the chat with PL yet but note in intro it looks into the future.

So unlikely Res12 covered or am I wrong?

I live close to a very small rural village, there wouldn’t be much money around here, so the bars have to make the decision if they can afford it or not, the bars have decided not, the Spanish version of sky football is way less than in britland so I assume more and more will take this up or stream illegally.
Correct, nothing about Res 12.


TeT,, 3 outta 4 in the semis weren’t expected there,,and all remaining teams traditionally play attacking football.
I think it’s a win win and surprised you dont.
The rules are getting tightened to make the Champs league more a closed shop for the biggest only. This should leave those top clubs not invited plus many second and third rate teams very upset and increases the chances of major reform to incorporate the outliers and former giants ie superleague or something.
Tweaking the Champs league isn’t gonna cut it long term.
The winds of change seem to be picking up speed. I reckon Var could help Scottish football big time .
Hail Hail


I see it is suggested on another blog that Scottish football should join the FA, presumably the English one.

Hold that thought. As I watched the semi on Sunday, I realised that Celtic would never improve in European terms as long as the team has to play in that type of match. Aberdeen are better than they showed on Sunday but for whatever reason(wink, wink!) they elected to play the man rather than the ball.

We have seen that approach many times, together with the use of massed defences. This is not the way that moderate teams from Europe play so Celtic do not get tested against the type of tactics likely to be experienced in the CL/Europa.

The only way that Celtic will improve is if they get out of Scottish football. Now, every so often, a European league is floated but is that the answer? To attract better players and coaches, the European league would need to be the mainstay of our season and not just an add-on to Scottish competitions. Only then would it be attractive to better players. Somehow, I do not see that happening. Leagues have come and gone in other sports, leaving clubs to either go under or rely on the charitable actions of traditional leagues to be re-admitted. Too high risk for this Celtic Board, methinks.

The alternative is join the English system but at a level outside the EPL. Here we encounter the adage: “What you want, is not necessarily what we want.”

Is joining the English system even an option now? Innovation required.


At the very least wee could give VAR a season’s trial and see what we think?

With respect, anything that takes away the slightest bit of bias from the referees in scotland has to be a good thing and VAR gives us this, I imagine you will be in the minority among the Celtic support on this issue.
Welcome btw.

Margaret McGill

Hopefully Ajax win it
I’m rooting for VAR ..definitely reduces cheating and incompetent refs for critical decisions.
Can only be good for Celtic.
I’m looking down the EBT list to see which hun in financial straits needs bailed out via the SFA hun pension plan to be the next Scotland manager…..
I am guessing
Alex Rae
Mikael Arteta
or \
Is John Greig deed yet?
Barry Ferguson
maybe even Advocaat
dunno but definitely from that list


Rebus it’s great to see you on. Missed your contributions.
Hope all is well in Newfie and Hail Hail

I didn’t come across very well with what I mean in that post, the footballing aspect, I agree it’s a win win, teams that actually want to play attacking football has to be a good thing, but as you say two at least are prob not meant to be there, this is where I think the powers will take action, and are taking action, they will lose money with the likes of no Real, no Juve, no Manure, no Bayern, even no PSG, the Italian,German and French interest has taken a battering, Lpool and Spurs are a poor mans manure for viewing figures, these are the teams that uefa are relying on to swell their coffers.

Margaret McGill

“swell their coffers”
There could be kids reading this you know.

Margaret McGill

Celtic in EPL??
in CL?
Our infatuation of fucking huns over has doomed us to EL2


Out of the four Champions League semi finalists only Barca are current league champions. Of the two English teams Liverpool last celebrated a Championship title in 1990 and Spurs last league title was 58 years ago in 1961. ‘Champions’ league ?


Its semantics picking on the name . No matter what way you cut it it is the top club tournament. I know it’s not for everybody but we should be at least seeing what the current top level is,,and how the game is going in general. It’s in disarray and the latest sop , fixed champs league, is a sticking plaster.
For those who want free website footie the bigger the game the easier to get.
Should be proud there’s 2 Celts and one at heart there no ?
As for that article sitting on the Eca must get you something , anything. Hopefully it’s only us though if a move transpires.
Hail Hail


Mahe No dispute that the CL it is the top club tournament however semantics can be important and the use of the word ‘Champions’ is a total misnomer. Hh

Jonny Hayes today

bada bing1

Scott Brown’s Scottish FA disciplinary hearing has been brought forward to Friday 26th April at the request of Celtic.

A potential two-match would see him miss both games before the final Old Firm of the season, leaving him free to face Rangers.


I can’t access the SC mail account until I get my iPad back in ten days

Can you post MATTYBHOY’s article tonight (your time,early morning here) please?


bada bing1

NEIL Lennon has told Celtic TV in an exclusive interview that Ryan Christie won’t play again this season.

The Celtic midfielder suffered multiple facial fractures following a challenge by Aberdeen defender, Dominic Ball during last weekend’s Scottish Cup semi-final at Hampden. The Hoops player was stretchered off, while Ball was dismissed after receiving a second yellow card

big packy

BADA we should demand Aberdeen pay us damages for putting our player out the game bassas.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, thanks he is getting stronger, I was just about to put a post on asking if you were allright, as I had not seen you on recently, then saw your post from earlier hope you and yours and the dugs are ok.hh.

big packy

mattybhoy welcome aboard.hh.

Congratulations to SCANIEL et famille for winning Borders TV charity competition.

I posted a link to it on here at the time,so well done also to everyone who took the time to vote.



I said in yesterday’s article that Ryan should consult a lawyer.

Pain and suffering plus loss of earnings (bonuses)

big packy

bobby im delighted for scaniel, of course I voted for him like probably all on the other channel, don’t know the man but he seems a real good ghuy.hh.

Delighted to hear that.
Great news about Scaniel.

Mike in Toronto

Did someone say someone needs a lawyer??

big packy

MIKE, how much do you charge.?

Mike in Toronto


For my SC friends, it is twice my normal rate!?

Margaret McGill

You know how most Irish support some EPL shite but Celtic are their “2nd team”?
Some misguided misconception that Celtic are Irish.
All I can say is well done Eintracht Frankfurt.from your Scottish contingent.:)