An Easter Bummer


I really don’t know where to start with this match report. We never got going and rarely looked like scoring. Yet,for a goalless draw,it was actually a decent enough game.

From a neutral point of view,that is. From mine,it was garbage for almost all of the 90+ minutes I had to endure. I’m sure most of you felt the same. The only highlight of the day for me was that I was sitting next to a couple of Hibs fans of my acquaintance who continually bad-mouthed Neil Lennon.

Apparently,he lay down to Celtic when he was their manager. I pointed out that while giving them back their long-lost league credibility,he had won two,lost two,drawn two against us. And undefeated against us at home.

“But what about the cup?”,asked one. “Fuxake,he wisnae even yer manager then!”

Educating pork,fun for all the family. Shows you how widespread and vicious the unreasoned hatred of Neil Lennon is.

To the game,then. We started appallingly badly,allowing Hibs four good chances early on. We couldn’t quite get into our stride,and the first half saw few proper chances created by us. Ollie had a decent shot well saved,but he did little else of note,bar passing the ball to the opposition.

As Scott Brown was guilty of pretty much the same,it was left to Callum McGregor to put out the fires. I doubt that was his intended role,the way the side was set up,with Jonny Hayes and James Forrest playing wide,was crying out for Callum in a more forward position. It didn’t work out that way!

Some of the Hibs players were a tad over-enthusiastic in their tackling,and the referee-who was otherwise doing well-could have been a bit more timely with his cards. The first didn’t arrive until nearly half-time,for another off-the-ball go at our captain. Scott had clearly had enough of being kicked by Omuenga,and caught him hard but fair on the touch line. Kambieri showed his disapproval-and courage-with a hard push in the back.

Four other Hibs players were to follow him into the book as the agricultural approach much beloved by all of our opponents continued.

Fifteen minutes into the second half saw the introduction of Tom Rogic for the woeful Ntcham. I don’t know what it is with him,he has all the attributes but has been bloody awful this season. If he doesn’t improve dramatically next season,he can forget about the big clubs calling.

Tom gave us a better option up front,with Callum moving back alongside Scott Brown,whose game suddenly took a turn for the better. Callum still managed a screamer on target a few minutes later,but Hibs full-back Gray got his head in the way of it. The effects finally percolated through to his brain about fifteen minutes later,and he was led off with suspected concussion!

With Scott Sinclair then coming on for Hayes-who had been one of our better players,I thought-we tried to up the tempo,but Hibs were still hitting us on the break,and only a fine stop from Scott Bain kept us level. Having said that,his opposite number,Marciano,was landing some knockout blows of his own,with top saves from Eddie twice,Forrest and Kris Ajer leading to the spoils being shared.

Once again,we had flattered to deceive for most of the match,and once again,we had pinned our hopes on a late flurry. Once again,it was in vain,as we had to settle for a third goalless draw in our last six league matches. I don’t know what the answer is to our malaise in front of goal,but it appears that Neil Lennon doesn’t either. That has to be a cause for concern.

Overall though,we have to take the positive,which is a nine point cushion with only four games left. Yes,it is difficult to watch-and bloody difficult to write about!-but that’s the way it goes. Grind out the title and hope for better days.

They can’t come soon enough!


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that game took my mind off my arthritis,sam izzy and sinky took my mind off football, wheres our next goal coming from????


Always good to hear from you,oul’ mucker!

What’s this about arthritis? You’ve given worse than that a kicking in your time,get it sorted!!!

Seriously though,I hope it eases,I’m told it is not a very pleasant affliction at all.

I think turmeric and ginger are recommended for sufferers,but not too much of the former as even a hardy lad like your good self might turn yellow. And ginger isnae a bottle of Irn-Bru…

Welcome to the site,btw. Got any articles churning inside that febrile mind?

Quite amusing article about getting the basics wrong. Celtic fans will probably be most interested in Table One and the comment about Chelsea in Table Eight.

Noel Skytrot

NtCham and Sinclair are empty jerseys in my opinion, you wonder if they’ve got futures at Celtic. Looks like we’re staggering across the winning line.


I don’t think Sinky will have the option on his contract taken up,PL will happily cut that expense from the wage bill.

Shame,as he is a terrific player. But on his displays for this season,it’s time for him to try his luck elsewhere.

Ollie is different. He’s a great player. But he needs to get back to his first season form. His performances this season have been a disgrace. He needs to get some professional pride.

Noel Skytrot

I remember reading an article that Rodgers did and he stated he was a “confidence” player, it might well be the same with Ollie, both fine players but they’re just not burning it for us.

I’m sure I read a while back that Scott Sinclair is one of our highest earners. I think £30k per week was mentioned. Ntcham will be on decent money too. Perhaps our wage structure should be weighted more towards ‘performance related’, so that when ‘confidence’ players are out of sorts they get paid accordingly.


Can’t be much worse for someone’s confidence than getting a shite wage despite all your efforts.

How do you objectively measure performance? Is a Harry Hood goal when it’s the only thing he’s done all day worth more than David Hay taking on all-comers in the midfield?

Is the fact that we noticeably improved after Sincy came on worthy of a performance bonus,despite the fact that he contributed little?

I’d love them both to stay,but only if we can be sure that they are back to their best. I think Sincy has no chance,not with Shved arriving and Arzani and Morgan coming back.

And not on those wages either.

Shame,but that’s life.


I think we should keep Ollie just for being a mainstay in our invincible season,despite being in Genoa at the time!

An assertion made in Ollie’s defence and left unchallenged on CQN.

And they have the cheek to slag off MSM for getting their facts wrong.

big packy

MORNING BOBBY AND EVERYONE, good summary of the game, if I was a neutral as you say I would have enjoyed it, but im not and I didn’t ,no shape players out of position, ntcham showed nothing, calmac tried but all in all an average performance at best, what has happened to Sinclair he just cant beat an opponent anymore.hh.

KPIs are not that unusual for highly paid employees. Maybe we should employ ‘Celtic By Numbers’! Seriously though, I was thinking more in terms of appearance money. If we finally get a manager who doesn’t have favourites, he would rest players who are out of form.

Maybe not the best comparison but cuts to wages are not alien to long term sick people. After a while they go on to half wages then to nil. (Other than statutory sick pay.) This causes distress to sick people. So I’m sorry but my sympathy for footballers on massive wages, getting dropped and getting a wage/ bonus cut, is non existent.

Cosy corner bhoy

Absolute torture watching that yesterday. The management team got it wrong to start with IMO and why NFL et co took so long to sub Ollie defies any logic! To say he did nothing would be over praising him. As always the only thing to say about our corners is it gives the opposition a breather! Bloody mince. So many 0-0 games make me feel like I am watching Cardigan teams!!
Get it sorted ,and right away.
Another thing,the soup taker cannae coont. Are we sure he went to a kafflik school?
Almost losing my happy clapper characteristics here……..


Maybe moving to the “happyshafter” stance?

Watching a game like that with ATHINGOFBEAUTY will do that.

Phone you in a mo!

The Gombeen Man

Morning All,

Two quick thoughts.

1) Brendan Rodgers made mistakes. He was expensive. He hurt a lot of people by the timing and manner of his exit.

That said, he operated at a different level than we have become accustomed to. Posters are talking about the wages players earn but that’s true for the coach too.

I’ve read so often ” it was RD’s team” etc. Rodgers improved players and planned for games differently. He brought his own people and was able avoid the snares set by the media.

2) We have totally messed up a number of Transfer Windows. I suspect this fact is part of the reason for Rodger’s departure.

Either he ballsed up or somebody else did?

That fact has came home to roost over the last year or so.

Perhaps Rodger’s legacy will be that he introduced a bit of quality to the coaching part of the game that we hadn’t been accustomed to.

That’s maybe the reason why the Lawwell Loyal are so aggressive and spiteful in their ramblings?

The Gombeen Man

Welcome to charliebhoy and Tallybhoy.



I had a discussion yesterday about it being an RD team. My mate said that BR had signed about thirty players and had made an arse of it.

I asked him if it was likely that he would demand a player and not play him.

The only signings BR regularly played were Sincy,Ollie,Eddie,Moussa and maybe at a push,Jonny Hayes when fit.

Yesterday,only JH SS ON OE were on the pitch and not all at the same time. Again suggesting that most of the signings were not at the instigation of BR. Yet he still sees his reputation trashed because of “his” failures in signing policy,and is traduced for commenting obliquely on it while a full-on onslaught against him by PL via an eager hun journalist ear is overlooked.

It still rankles,that he left when he did. But I certainly don’t think the blame lay entirely with him,far from it.

The Gombeen Man


I agree.

We killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

Our recruitment policy largely retained all the hallmarks of the previous years while was saw a marked improvement in the likes of Forrest and Calmac.

The understandable sale of talent wasn’t backfilled by quality.

The January Transfer Window felt pretty similar to the Tonev, Berget & Walasko Window during RD’s time.

I’ve read that Rodger’s refused to take part in Planning Meetings. Wouldn’t you if you honestly believed that the plan is moving in the wrong direction?

A qualified forgiveness is sometimes a signal of a party wanting to move on

The problem is it doesn’t work that way.

Good article again,

Till Later All.

bada bing1

Neil must know he’s failing the audition ,given his state of mind,and the way he left Hibs,assistant manager at Celtic could be as good a job as it gets,if we bring in a foreigner, i want a Celtic man in there beside him,NL could be that man.

The Gombeen Man


I speculated a role like ‘Tommy’s’ might be a fit.

Tommy was very special and his influence is still felt today through the Academy. Don’t know if Neil has the same personality but it might work.

I read James Forrest’s article just now and it seems to confirm some of the concerns we have. There again I’m very sorry cautious about anything I read online.



Unfortunately my internet worked for most of yesterday!

Wasn’t exactly an earth shattering vision to see 0-0.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the match report bmcuwp. Difficult to find anything of note to write about. We know we’ve got problems when CCB who has been happy clapping for 76 years is getting cheesed off. We are not putting together any decent football, never mind creating good chances. I said last week that I thought till Aberdeen lost a man we were as clueless as we have been in most of the games this season. It took a great strike from James Forrest to open the scoring, as it did in the cup game against hibs. I realise we were playing quicker against the dons last week but we still weren’t creating. I’m just not sure what we do about it. I’m assuming that is the last we will see of ntcham. I actually do not understand modern football. How do you go from being pish against st mirren to not playing at all for 3 weeks to turning up as a starter at Easter Road. If I’m wrong and he did play in any of the games in between I must have missed it. I doubt it though because he is either brilliant or shit and you tend to remember both!! I also think Eddie needs a partner if he’s playing through the middle. Our wide men don’t link up with him and whoever happens to be playing at the point of the midfield three is too far away. I don’t really know why we are in this position. We are going for 8 titles on the spin but I am so underwhelmed by what I’m watching. I had a bad feeling about yesterday and it never subsided. We never looked like scoring or winning and that is not good enough. I’m sure some would rather we just ignored how shit we’ve been all season in the hope it magically improves next season. I don’t see it that way. We should be discussing what is needed for next season and possible candidates for the job. That includes Neil for some but as every week passes they will be less in number. In my opinion we need a left sided centre half, plus another centre half, a right back, a left back, a defensive midfielder and a striker. That is a lot so let’s hope there has been some ground work laid down. Oh and btw that is first team players, not squad fillers. We’ve got plenty of them.

Awe Naw

If we advertise that we are continuing to play the BR way and we are. Then we cannot be surprised when teams setup to counteract it. With only one striker and two combative midfielders in the entire sqaud it’s hardly Neil Lennons fault. So teams play the high press or 11 men behind the ball to nullify us while not providing much hope for themselves except the chance of a draw. Three non score draws will tell you all you need to know.

What is highly interesting and almost unnoticed by the support. Is the highly increased physical approach by the opposition to stop us versus helping Sevco. While this is nothing new the severity of it is. Livingston, Aberdeen twice, Rangers and Hibs have been seriously above the average. The hun game and the semi final historically so. 4 red cards and how many bookings in the semi. 5 yellow cards versus NONE yesterday… And that seems to be an issue… Why not even one fir us yet 5 for Hibs. Too many players not wanting to get hurt. See Christie. Too many players not wanting to get injured due to squad imbalance. I. E upon coaching instruction. Too many players worried about their health status along with coping with a new manager in the close season.
The malaise can be laid completely at the door of the last three transfer windows


Now is the winter of our discontent.

Naw it iznae ( but ah hope summer will arrive soon.) about sums up post pub reaction at end of yesterdays game and although I’ve won 20 euros on two 0 0 draws Id rather be poorer.

As I have said in the past goals change everything and the lack needs remedying.

On the ol Res12 front an interesting article by James Forrest. A couple of breaks in it but the message is a strong one.

One of many to be found in the Archive.

big packy

HI BHOYS, ok im thinking about this all day I love and admire neil lennon, and I know he loves the club, but reluctantly I don’t think he is the man to move us forward, I give you 1 name who might slavisa jokanovic.hh.

Lenny, love the man to bits, what he has done for the club is up there, what he has had to put up with because he is what he is I would wish on no man, while he is our manager he will get my backing 100%, that said if he is auditioning for the job he is doing himself no favours whatsoever.
I just can’t understand the bollix of playing the BR way, for much of the season it’s no been great, I accept since the start of the year it’s been better and we haven’t lost, but……..he is now in charge, exert your authority or let another manager exert theirs FFS.
The football is brutal, it’s enough to make a glass eye weep, thing is, Lenny is not Brendan, if things were not going to plan Brendan usually managed to change things, a tweak here and there turned boring 0-0 games into wins, Lenny just can’t seem to replicate this, not a slight on the man, just the way it is imo.
This is what we have to look forward to.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, greetings to you and yours yes we both love lenny but just don’t think he will move us forward, as you say the football is brutal at times, but I think you and i know peter maybe thinking of his next new car or an indoor swimming pool at his house, so maybe we wil have to make do with lenny any thoughts.hh.

Big Packy, Had a look at Slavisa’s history there. Not the worst CV and I’d guess he would be affordable. I don’t know anything about him. I notice he didn’t leave Fulham in a blaze if glory. And he hasn’t been picked up since he left 5 months ago. So, I haven’t a clue! I suspect he wouldn’t be any better than Lenny and we want to improve on that. 🙂

big packy

HI JIM, hope you had a good easter, got that info about slavisa from the other channel, apparently he done a good job at Fulham and they want him back, seems he is a good motivator, but as ive just said to the exiled tim if peter has his way lenny will be in charge.hh.


I think Lenny is to emotionally involved with Celtic to ever take a step back?
They way Brendan could ?

big packy

FAIRHILL BHOY, how are you hope you had a good easter,, you are right of course regards lenny, don’t think he would.hh,

Awe Naw

Lits seem to think that Lenny is desperate to take the Celtic managers job come what may. I dont think he will. He has already been Celtic manager before where PL and DD undermined his good work. Nobody knows better than what the Plc is capable of than Neil. If Neil does not become our manager then we all should be fearful. It means sales, reduced budgets and a new candidate who will never be allowed to become a messiah figure. That’s the last thing the Plc want.
The other problem is that Peter Lawwell has the psychological profile of a rutting teenager. If you cross Peter Lawwell you stay crossed and he will do all in his power to continually assassinate your character and reputation That is how he has managed to stay in position. That behavior and an absentee major shareholder.

big packy

AWE NAW, nail on head peter lawell is the problem.hh.


I thought Peter did what Peter was told ?

Awe Naw

Peter Lawwell just does as he is told. He possesses no special talents whatsoever. He is not even a good accountant or C.E. He is not even good at deceit which he used to excel at. He is a poor liar. That is why we hardly ever hear from him these days. Ultimately he will be along with DD remembered as the men who saved Rangers. What a truly fitting epitaph for the pair of them.

big packy

id love to see how we would perform without the influence of mr lawell, if he is the problem what is the solution.hh.

I’m voting for you at the next AGM Packy.

big packy

JIM no no and thrice no, lets vote for the big hitters in no particular order, tet, awenaw noel skytrot, the gombeen man, mags McGill, sol kitts, a thing of beauty, troon bhoy, and what about cosy corner bhoy, and oh I just forgot bobby and mahe, I think bobby is cosy corner bhoys dad apologies if ive missed anyone out.hh.?

OK Packy that sounds like a good Board to me. You and I will be hangers on who get free hospitality without the hassle! 🙂

Mike in Toronto

Big Packy…

I didn’t make the cut?!

You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!



And mine,re that crack about COSYCORNERBHOY!!!

Mike in Toronto


I noticed that as well … if we both sue him, we can split the legal fees 50/50



New Article Posted!


God bless Billy mc Neil a Legend. ☘️☘️☘️