He scored our most important goal ever !

As our Greatest Ever team passes away only in body one by one it will be with a sense of certainty that they know their deed , that deed , is recognised far and wide.
Once again I find myself , probably the youngest on the blog , writing of men and a team that is only legend to me having never witnessed these giants among men in their prime , and that must have been such a thing indeed.
As such I feel inadequate to be the one to be tasked to take pen and form an obituary of sorts to a man who , lets face it , wasnt exactly the most headline grabbing of his famous squad.
Infact when mentally preparing this article I realised just how little at all I knew of this man and that also tells us of his character , unassuming and honest.

HIs numbers with our club of choice are frightening .
12 seasons
6 League Winners
4 League Cups
3 Scottish Cups
1 BIG CUP !!!

Such a talent was clealry going to be recognised by the international scouts and the great man went on to acheive and incredible , yes it really is I assure you , FIVE caps for his country.
The Garngad man seemingly was not for everyone , but at least the best coach ever seen past prejudice and thus we lead us to ultimate glory.

“ When I grow up Im going to score the winning goal for Celtic in the European Cup Final ! “
We all dreamed ,or still do , at one stage or other of this amazing feat but for the great man that just left us he made that dream come true , once again its beyond scripting ,, way too perfect for Hollywood.

So realising I was the wrong man for the job at hand I started googling for some research and attempted to find out some more about the man himself .
You wont be surprised at this story showing his quality .
“ A RANGERS fan has told how former Lisbon Lion Stevie Chalmers befriended his ‘Celtic daft’ uncle while he was battling a terminal illness as a child.
Donald McCrorie said his uncle Brian would write to the footballer every week and rather than replying, the player would visit him at his home and in hospital, when he was going through tests.
He revealed how the Celtic ace gifted him his European cup winning shirt and shorts from the 1967 final against Inter Milan and tweeted a picture of the youngster wearing the prized items “
This is maybe based in the fact Stevie himself survived TB as a young boy which was considered a miracle by his doctor at the time.

Sadie Chalmers,,,”Our first home was a tenement in Dennistoun . . . We had one room that served as a bedroom, kitchen and living room, and the toilet was outside on the landing. “It wasn’t just the players who were close to each other, but also the families . John Clark, Billy McNeill and Jimmy Johnstone used to get a lift every day into training from Jock Stein, who would meet them in his car at the bus stop. Stevie always used to room with Bobby Murdoch when they went away. You could have the team in a room with 500 people at a club function and, within minutes, they would be sitting together as a group, sharing stories. It is like a family more than a football club.”

Stevie himself would say in his autobiobraphy
“ Big Jock would get myself, Joe McBride, Willie Wallace, Bobby Lennox and John Hughes to line up around the six-yard line and he would get Big Tommy, Bobby Murdoch, Bertie Auld, Jim Craig and Charlie Gallagher to hammer over crosses from the left and, after that, the right. Then he would vary the routine with Big Tommy playing the ball back from the line to, say, Bobby to hit the ball diagionally across the face of the goal.
He would then do the same on the right with Cairney laying the ball back for someone to hit a similar effort into the penalty box. This would go on for hours until you knew off by heart where you were expected to be in the penalty box whenever a move was developing. It was no fluke, believe me, that I was standing where I was when Big Tommy pulled the ball back to Bobby to thump in his shot from the edge of the box.”
“ Lisbon was made all the sweeter because I had been at Celtic eight years before then, signing from Junior club Ashfield, and life was fairly tough until Jock Stein walked back through those doors. He turned the whole place upside down and pointed us in the right direction. He went into everything in minute detail. He seemed to enjoy training sessions and he worked us hard, anyone caught slacking would find himself doing an extra few laps.
There was absolutely no way I could have ever believed Celtic would one day conquer Europe when I signed for the club on February 6, 1959. I made my debut just a month later, an instantly forgettable 2-1 defeat from Airdrie at Celtic Park. Imagine that. One month I was turning out for Ashield in a Junior game and the next I was playing for the famous Glasgow Celtic! Couldn’t happen today, could it?”

Well Stevie , you worked your arse of on the field for the Big Man , yourself , and the fans .
Rest In Peace now our fallen friend and know that your deeds will never be forgotten .
You scored our most important goal and they will never take that from you.
RIP STEVIE CHALMERS from all the Sentinel Celts

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Twists n turns
Twists n turns

Lovely tribute to Stevie.

Great tribute Mahe.
RIP Stevie, that goal is etched in the memory.


An excellent summary of the great man. Thanks,as always.

Here’s a link to a number of articles written about him,from the always excellent Celtic Wiki.


Twists n turns

Decent article from the Scotsman.
( I’m assuming it’s ok to paste links on the site?
If not ,someone shout up please.)



Fire away,old bean! Hope the legal stuff yesterday went to plan.

Noel Skytrot

His goal in the 1969 SCF was coolness personified, great finish.

Stevie Chalmers RIP

big packy

MAHE, great tribute to a great goalscorer, before I dash out im taking my car to be serviced,,,ill leave you with this thought maybe his lack of caps was down to wrong team wrong religion, catch u later,hh.


Apparently Jim Craig made a similar point yesterday on either Radio Clyde or Radio Scotland.

His tally of three goals in five games was very similar to his ratio of 225 in 406 for us,btw.

Worth remembering though that the first-choice Scotland centre forward at the time was Denis Law. And big Alan Gilzean was no slouch either.

Generally though,the number of caps attained by Scotland’s finest was and is a disgrace.

Twists n turns

Morning Bobby
All good yesterday. Lease signed .10 years tenancy starts tomorrow. ( not that I’ll be hanging around 10 years!) Got an awful lot of work to do now though. Electrical installations, pipework, phones all the usual stuff. Biggest barrier was getting bank account set up. 4 months it has taken due to my partner being located in USA. It’s put years on me. So frustrating.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Was reading a few articles this morning on dementia and the links with football. Naturally the deaths of 2 footballers in the space of a few days has added focus to this. Seems there is an undeniable link.
I mentioned a few days ago I had taken in a few kids’ games during my ( short lived) retirement. At a recent game, I was commenting to one of the fathers how well his son struck a corner or free kick. This lad stood out somewhat amongst the mediocrity. Turns out he spent some time with Celtic boys club before some sort of restructuring forced him to look elsewhere.
Point being though that he fizzed a few set pieces into the box but nobody was getting on the end of them. His father and I agreed that if only one of the kids was brave enough to get their head on the end of it, the team would profit.
Reading through some of the harrowing tales this morning, I’m now of the opinion that I’m not sure I’d want my grandkid on the end of it. Undeveloped neck muscles, head getting impacted with some force, brain getting ‘shaken’.
Of course the modern ball won’t be as damaging I wouldn’t think to the old “ team ba’” of yesteryear, not as damaging perhaps as even the ball of my era, the mould master, but nevertheless I do think further medical evidence is required to determine exactly ( if that’s possible) the effect of children heading a ball.

Interestingly, and a point worth considering, is that in one of the articles I read, it was put forward that the matches were not the real problem, but the training routines were? Sessions of heading footballs day in day out.

It’s a subject that will need further investigation for sure.

Could heading the ball at youth level be outlawed? Drastic I accept but in today’s era of health and safety consciousness, and with the growing number of deaths and illnesses being connected to heading a ball, it’s perhaps not as crazy an idea as it first appears!


You’re a workaholic so you’ll be there for as long as you can be,hopefully in a more leisurely role than you’re used to.

A bit like Young Mr Grace-but without the need of a chair or nurses!

As for your suggestion about restricting heading of the ball at an early age,yes. It’s something I’ve long thought is needed.

NFL and rugby,for example,have had similar rules in place at development stages to prevent trauma of various types which are part of the adult game. Boxing has long had headguards at the amateur level from which pros eventually progress.

I’m not in favour of “snowflaking” our youngsters,neither in sport nor in life,but there are age restrictions on other things which might be injurious to health. Maybe it’s time this was seriously looked at too.

Twists n turns

Hey Bobby
I remember young Mr Grace’s nurses. I’ll have them if ya don’t mind. You can keep the chair…..


You might need the chair if you’re keeping the nurses!

Mahe, Those pictures in the link were really interesting. The panoramic views were everything I imagined. Lovely. Seems like you hit it lucky with the sunshine that week-end.

The old fella got a fitting send off.

Never seen gravestones like that – laid flat – is there a story behind that? At least they might be a bit more weather proof, even vandal proof.



Twists n turns @ 8.08am

Your story of kids heading a ball got me thinking back to my school days.
At playtime (interval), lunchtime and after school me and my friends would often play a game of headers with what ever ball was available, often a tennis ball. At home me and my brothers and friends would have headers competitions in the back garden using as goalposts the washing line poles. We had a great time.
Don’t see kids playing headers today, in some ways quite sad but I understand that health comes first.

RIP to Stevie and Billy.

Changing the subject somewhat,I read this article/interview the other day and I was utterly saddened by it.

In his heyday,Tony Slattery was everywhere,yet I always thought he just tried that bit too hard to be,well,liked. Not for me,really I could take or leave him.

Turns out his “friends” preferred the latter. It’s a difficult read,and I wish him every happiness. He deserves some.


Reading it,all I could think of was this.


bada bing1

Beaton for Saturday,we should have told the SFA,him and Dallas, never again, with good reason.

Mike in Toronto


One of the first cases I worked on as a student was a large class action involving concussions in junior hockey. They were just starting to understand the problem, but even then The results were frightening… and the work that has come out since should make most people think twice about sports where there are repeated blows to the head. Some of it is terrifying.


Tailor made for the job. As were garage doors,gates,anything vaguely rectangular.

Tennis balls were for school,them oul Frido plastic things were for the streets and the garden.

Impossible to shot straight with them obviously-but impossible to even dent someone’s property. You could fire it out of a cannon straight at a window and it wouldn’t break it. Even if it didn’t swerve away with those strange aerodynamics!

The Gombeen Man

Lovely tribute to a great Celtic Mahe.

I read a few of the comments on FF yesterday and every comment I saw described Stevie as a decent man.

It seems that the Lions had something that everybody appreciated. There was nothing artificial about them. No falseness or pretence.

Yesterday I remembered the day Bobby Murdoch died. I was driving home from work in Dublin and listening to the radio.

Eamon Dunphy had a popular drive time radio show and he started talking about Bobby. Dunphy played with MillwalI at the same time Bobby was at Middleborough.

The tribute mentioned Bobby’s achievements, his life, injuries, his faith and Billy McNeill came on the show.

I remember Dunphy asking Billy something about Bobby’s more recent life and Billy said ” I know Bobby had put in for a crisis loan for a fridge.”

This would have been in Celtic Tiger Ireland.

At that point there was silence and when Eamon Dunphy started to talk he could barely speak, his voice quivered with emotion.

I think Tommy Gemmell got a bit of support from the guys on the other channel?

Hopefully everything will be done to support the remaining Lions?

It’s unfair even to compare modern footballers with them. They had something so special that went well beyond football. That’s the indefinable quality that goes beyond words. Such a fearless humility that resonates with us all. The Lions changed the landscape of the game in Scottish football forever and their exploits have reverberated through the game for decades.

I only met Stevie Chalmers once. Stevie and Bobby Lennox brought the Big Cup over to Dublin. It must have been about 17 years ago.

Anyway, I finished work and drove through chaotic Dublin traffic and picked up my son, got changed and drove back into Dublin to Jury’s, the venue.

Stevie and Bobby were standing behind a table with the Big Cup in front of them and when we got to the front of the queue I was completely tongue-tied.

Stevie and Bobby sensed I needed a bit of help and started joking. Stevie instinctively picked up my bhoy, who would have been about 3 or 4 and Bobby put his arms around us for the photograph.

Can’t remember a word that was said but the photo has held pride of place on my son’s wall ever since.

My bhoy will be 21 this year. He’s an SB Holder and is in the process of renewing and those few moments with Stevie and Bobby are very special.

The Spirit of Lisbon lives on, 67/5.


bada bing1

TGB- Pretty sure Willie Haughey covers the cost,when it comes to looking after the Lions.Martin O’Neill deserves great credit, for getting them back involved with the Club again,when he came in as manager. He done the same at Aston Villa.


CQN did well by a number of our finest,including Tommy,by arranging for their memoirs to be published. That site has been a vehicle for many great works over the years,and has raised absolute fortunes for those who needed it most.

bada bing1

IT’S another Glasgow derby for the Hoops, and this time it’s the turn of the Under-20s as Celtic and Rangers go head to head in the City of Glasgow Cup final, right here at Celtic Park.

Celtic TV are delighted to announce the game will be LIVE to all subscribers worldwide including UK and Ireland! So join us on Celtic TV tonight (Tuesday, April 30) as the young Celts set out in hope of lifting the coveted trophy in Paradise.


Anyone who doesn’t realise the importance and relevance of The Lisbon Lions to the club and even to the younger fans just has to see how long it can take them to get out of the ground after a game.

Please can I have a photo,time after time.

Having said that,THEBARCAMOLE told me a wee story or two which suggests that it took the hierarchy a while. I miss him,I’ll be thinking of him on 25 May,his second anniversary.

And I’ll never step into a blue taxi again!


Mahe thanks for a fitting tribute to a true legend.
TWISTNTURNS great video showing game intelligence at it’s finest from Stevie.
His speed of thought made the difficult look easy.
As i posted yesterday a footballer ahead of his time.

A few years ago my son’s hockey team were practicing a a tip in drill with the forwards.
Forwards speed down ice and fire pucks across front of goal for others to tip into net.
I was a defensive coach at other end but the fact they looked great but kept missing caught my attention.
I immediately thought of Stevie Chalmers in Lisbon.
The brilliance of attacking the space with perfect timing and angling his body up for a perfect deflection to give Sarti who had been brilliant no chance.
I went up to Kenny the forwards coach and told him their bodies and sticks were to square.
He adjusted and they started scoring!
A man who had given me one of the greatest moments in my life impacting kids at ice hockey.
Stevie Chalmers you will always be a hero to me.


On the subject of youngsters heading the ball here in the NY,Ct and New Jersey area it is banned until a certain age.

The Gombeen Man


It’s good to know that the lads are looked after. I remember, I think it was Winning Captain’s helping Tommy?

Didn’t know about Willie Haughey.

Good news too about the game tonight.



Great tribute Mahe. Stevie Chalmers overcame incredible adversity to become a Celtic legend and will forever be immortalised as the man who scored the goal in Lisbon that shook the world. HH

The Gombeen Man

Wish I hadn’t agreed to go to the pictures tonight ☹️…Hope it works for you Rebus.

“IT’S another Glasgow derby for the Hoops, and this time it’s the turn of the Under-20s as Celtic and Rangers go head to head in the City of Glasgow Cup final, right here at Celtic Park.

Celtic TV are delighted to announce the game will be LIVE to all subscribers worldwide including UK and Ireland! So join us on Celtic TV tonight (Tuesday, April 30) as the young Celts set out in hope of lifting the coveted trophy in Paradise.

We will be on air with Gerry McCulloch from 6:40pm, ahead of the 7pm kick-off, who’ll be joined by this season’s Player of the Year, Callum McGregor, who talks about his experience in this competition and coming through the Celtic youth system. Then we’ll hear from Professional Academy Manager, Tommy McIntyre and Head of Celtic Youth Academy, Chris McCart.

We also look back at the latest fixture in the SPFL Reserve League when the young Celtic side recorded an impressive 3-1 victory over Motherwell to leapfrog the Lanarkshire side in the title race.

At kick-off, our commentary team of Paul Cuddihy and International Soccer Academy Manager, Willie McNab will then take over, bringing you all the action as it happens LIVE to all Celtic TV subscribers, worldwide including UK and Ireland!

Then, at half-time, we pay tribute to Stevie Chalmers, one of Celtic’s greatest ever goalscorers and the man who scored the most important goal in the club’s history.

So join us here on Celtic TV for Celtic v Rangers Under-20s in the City of Glasgow Cup Final!

Please note, there is no general ticket sale for this fixture, as per previous years, both clubs will distribute an allocation of tickets through their community and academy programmes, meaning the only way to see the match, is right here on Celtic TV.”

Twists n turns

I can well believe the results were indeed frightening. I was looking at some NFL statistics linking dementia to ex players. The correlation is astounding.

Fan a tic
That’s interesting. Now that you point it out, Stevie Chalmers did have a very angular body ( if that makes sense).

Gc 58
Yes we did similar. ‘
Heeders’ across a clothes rope. Always kinda gentler type of contact though as opposed to planting our head on Exocet missile type crosses.
No doubt its a subject that’s going to gather momentum. Could be major repercussions for the game as we know it.

I guess it depends on the authorities having an appetite to make such changes.

Talking of powerful headers.
One has stuck in my mind from a long time ago. It was Derek Johnstone playing for Scotland in a match v Wales if I recall correctly. Probably the old home internationals? Whatever, but he stuck an absolute bullet of a header past the keeper. ( I had a look on you tube there but couldn’t find it)

On Derek Johnstone. He was a striker who also played centre half over his later years was he not? Wasn’t he just 16 when he scored v us in the league cup final?
Means he played a long number of years in positions whereby he probably headed the ball way above the average number?

Its bound to make him think that he’s vulnerable to potential conditions because of his playing history.

I certainly hope not.

A thing of beauty

Lovely tribute mahe, fitting for another legend.
On the subject of heading the ball, this has been in my thoughts for sometime but especially when Alex McLeish came back into the public eye after working abroad. This is not a Slight on an ex rangers manager in any way, what I am saying is that when he spoke I was concerned he was actually at times incoherent. It was painful to watch and really got no better whilst he was managing the national team. I and my friends in our cycling group discussed it often. One has a son who is a professional footballer and one who’s husband is an ex pro centre half of many years standing. Both agreed it is a worry for them, especially in light of recent coverage around Jeff Astle, Frank Koppel and Chris Sutton’s dad. When we discussed it again on Sunday it was agreed a study is needed but that study cannot just be around pro footballers. It would surely have to be drilled down to measure the difference of impact on centre halves and centre forwards as opposed to midfielders, full backs and wingers. The common denominator when you think of billy McNeill and Alex McLeish is of them attacking the ball and heading it from the edge of the box, often as far as the half way line. That will do damage surely, it has to. The point is though if we do recognise this what do we do about it? Football, like boxing has always offered young men (and in the future women) a route out of poverty. An opportunity to have a different life based on a talent that others don’t have. I wouldn’t like to see that opportunity taken away. Headguards may have been an option for the future in football but I think they tried them a few years ago in the woman’s game but they didn’t seem to take off. They were really just a headband with padding. Maybe they were seen to actually do more damage as I think in amateur boxing now a days the head guard is no longer worn, having been deemed to cause more damage. Dementia robs a person of their life memories but would you deny a person the right to make such fabulous memories in the first place. It’s a conundrum.

bada bing1

The SFA taking the absolute pi$# yet again with Beaton on Saturday. Him and Dallas should be nowhere near Celtic games ,for obvious reasons.Meanwhile the huns have been handpicking referees since September. Collum’s impartiality, and more sinister, ‘background reasons ‘ which has never been addressed by the compliant SFA.How can the country’s top rated (i know i know),referee not regularly referee a Top 4 club’s games?.He will do a huns game before the season’s out,the cowards at Hampden won’t want this to fester into next season, but they said they didn’t want him,and he hasn’t been near them since they complained. Talking of complaints, what happened to the ‘transparent ‘ inquiry into the game on December 29? More cowardly rhetoric from our Board,I’m afraid, but hey ho we’re used to it by now.

Twists n turns

Bada bing
Yes they’re determined to do their utmost to derail the treble treble. They’ll realise they’re probably too late to stop us this season but next year will see every tactic possible employed to halt us.

Collum? Well, even when he does get his next gig with Rangers, he will be under so much scrutiny he won’t be impartial.

If we get to 9 I can only imagine how bad things will get in the 20/21 season!!

Mike in Toronto

If I were going to script the next few seasons (like WWE), I would want Celtic to win 9 in a row (but have the zombies win a trophy or two next year …. so they believe they are good enough)…..

that way, Celtic fans are pumped up at the prospect of winning 10 in a row, but the zombies are baying for blood to stop 10 in a row and believe they can…. box office bonanza!!!…

maybe I’m just cynical … but I betcha this is how it turns out ….

just remember… you heard it here first.

Por Cierto


Yes, DJ scored in the last minute. We won the replay 2-0 Macari and Hood por cierto

The Gombeen Man

Reading the auld ‘Black and White Brigade’ elsewhere. It makes me wonder what their reaction would be if Brendan Rodgers ever returned to us?

Imagine a post Lawwell era and a different perspective five to seven years from now?

What would happen to the daily invective that currently distracts from a scenario that has it roots in failures at Board level?

Be careful what you pray for. All or nothing thinking often leads to impetuous words & actions.

Neil returned. So did Kenny, Tommy even Billy returned to us.

No doubt we’d be told Rodgers lacked experience to get the job done and ‘now’ has the tools to complete the job.

The reality is that we had an ambitious highly motivated manager who left us to work in a more competitive and rewarding environment.

The decline in the level of performance on the pitch was a consequence of a number of factors. A significant factor was failed Transfer Windows. Another factor was the direction of the club and an unfortunate dispute with Mr Lawwell.

Now that Brendan has gone I’m looking forward to improved Transfer Windows, minus the loanees & projects.

Over to you Peter & Dermot. A statement of intent by an inspired coaching appointment would be a good start…

Let’s see…?

Twists n turns

Pot Cierto
When Johnstone was 16 it was the winner he scored v us in the 1970 final

They beat us 1-0 ( courtesy of wiki)

Cheers bud


I also found it very interesting . As for the sunshine thats pretty much standard in California 8 months outta the year. Big Big blue sky waay up above is the norm and puts you in a great mood.
The coast tends to have a cloud bank over it just through nature and its ways , and when I did live at the beach it pissed me off soo much . Got a job inland after living there a few years dossing about and you walk outta work on a lovely sunny afternoon sorchio , shorts and tshirts.
Drive to tiny flimsy rented of course apartment at the beach and its overcast and the breeze means jeans and hoodie plus someone is probably in your parking spot ( sorry man , circled for like an hour an figured you would be cool living at the beach etc ) and the 4 Brazilian surfers upstairs in a one bedroom apartment are still partying from last night as usual etc etc. I had that job six months and made us move inland were it actually is warm and stays sunny !
I suppose the cemetery is flat rather than vertical headstones to make it easy to mow and use the sprinklers ? My theory anyway. PLus flat headstones , I watched the lawnkeepers ? gravetenders ? work and they just strimmed top to bottom let and right , step around two little strokes with the strimmer and thats the wee headstone lovely and clear , no grass overgrowing it or anything like that . If you notice all graves are tended , they dont get into a bad way etc and thats the federal government taking care of that . It was scenic indeed and a moving site. We got the Gps coordinates to zoom down on google maps for family who couldnt make it , a nice touch.
At first I was where is the graveyard ,, not seeing any headstones 😉 Same as yourself a wee bit confused.
Vandals in a military cemetary ? Not a chance ,, okay theres always a rocket but ohhh that would turn out very badly all around. Most families have military in them , just a fact of live , and quite frankly it just would not happen.
I’ll keep any interesting snaps for you . Glad you enjoyed .
Take care partner and Hail Hail

Granada was hot today, but very enjoyable all the same, mid 30s in the city and mountains covered in snow in the background, a sight to behold.
I think we can forget all the names being banded about for our next manager, the job is Lenny’s, he ticks all the PLC’s boxes, the main one he is only going to cost the PLC small change.
What I will say is I bet there are hundreds of CV’s on Pedro’s desk, when Hamilton needed a manager a month or so back there was more than sixty applicants, I would wager there will be ten times that on Pedro’s desk,
I noticed Jobo has said a couple of times on the other channel that had BR left in the summer Lenny probably wouldn’t be getting mentioned, I said the same thing in the days after BR left, Lenny is/was a convenient stand in, no more than that imo.

Mahe, Some years back I didn’t have a car and my sister used to take me shopping. We went to supermarket and then she said right we are going for chips! So we approach Harthill. Now whatever you may think of it, Harthill at that time had a wonderful chippie.

But we drove past it towards Whitburn. I said Where are we going?

She explained we were going to a builders merchants in Whitburn for red chips for our parents grave site!

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 🙂

TET, What I wouldn’t give to have been at this concert in Madrid 2007

big packy

im ragin, 250 quid for an interim service on my car, how much is a full service going to cost me, that’s it ive had enough of England, jimthetim and the exiled tim, how much do you charge for bed breakfast and evening meal, and some bones for the dogs?

So would I 😉
She is amazing

If you had been in Ireland it would have cost twice that, so stop moaning 😉


Big Packy,,
This Uber thing is big here. The slogan is best car you’ll never own.
Was talking to a woman owns a car but doesn’t drive to work,,she worked out how much driving per month cost.
Then parked car for a month and took Uber to go shopping etc. It was about half so she has ditched the car.
That story is becoming more popular here. When you do actually need your own car,,say drive to thank giving weekend,,renting is about 30 a day only.
Mind you I’m dying to get a driverless car !!!
They are around. A Tesla that was parked up exploded in Shanghai,, yet they are still on the road ! Yer man has powerful friends , and dosh !
Hail Hail

You can get odds on an Isreali women’s game and games for teams that probably don’t even exist but you can’t get odds for a Celtic v huns game in the Glasgow cup final, crazy.

big packy

MAHE, nice to see you on,.do you want to buy a car.?


BP,,, I’m not sure what’s inbolded in that particular service but if there was anything flushed then sounds reasonable tbh.
I’ll be off soon,,don’t wanna see any scores so I can settle down later in Peace to watch the game. 2 each I’m calling.
Hail Hail Sir

As we know, the Lisbon Lions didn’t make huge life changing money from their football wonders. Like most players of that era the most they could hope for after retiring from the game, would be to have a wife and family, a house – even better an owned house – and maybe enough to buy a pub. From what I remember an awful lot of pub ventures went toes up.

There wasn’t as much opportunities in the media in those days.

But if true, that Stevie Chalmers had to go for a crisis loan to buy a fridge freezer, that is heart breaking.

I worked beside Jimmy (whitey) McGowan from the Plains back in the 70s. He played with Partick Thistle back in the day. Now he was a crew bus driver. He told me he had to go to the pit manager every Saturday to ask if he could get away about an hour early to play for the Jags. He then got the bus in!

When he retired he gut a huge, beautiful canteen of cutlery!

Changed days.