Just Do It!


No,I’m not having a pop at New Balance by quoting rival Nike’s famous slogan,but for sure they would deserve it if I did.

“Just don’t eff about wi The Hoooooops!” That’s all anyone needs to know when they’re designing the annual newbie.

Maybe that’s the problem,eh? Too many changes. Fine. Leave the bloody things the way we know them best. Maybe give us a retro 1967 look.

And stick with it!!!

Anyway,today’s heading is about today’s match of course. We need one point from our next three matches. So stop fannying about and go for it.

Just do it.

This is an Aberdeen side who might well be hurting after the mauling they got from Don Robertson last week. Ably abetted by some Greg Louganis-style sportsmanship by his heroes in blue. They may well think that they have a point to prove,that they are better than last week’s result,that they deserved something from it. It might be that they just want to put on a display for their own fans,who certainly deserve one.

I don’t care. No excuses today,Celtic. No crap about playing a strong rival in their own place,a team who always give their all against us.

Just do it.

Grab the game by the scruff of the neck right from the start. Have our wide men roasting their full-backs,Eddie terrorising their central defenders. Make sure Broonie,Callum and A N Other are bossing it. From the start.

And get the early goal. And make sure that it isn’t the last one.

Win the league today,Celtic. Win it The Glasgow Celtic Way. Win it for Billy and Stevie and all the Celtic Legends they have joined.

Win it today,Celtic. Win it for all the Celtic supporters world-wide who need some cheer after a torrid few weeks.

Win it today to get it right roon’ the cheating establishment who can cry into their aprons for another season of failure. That’s a good enough reason on its own!

To the cheating,then. I won’t insult your intellegence by going over events on 29 Dec at Ibrox. I’ve seen worse refereeing displays there,if I’m honest.

(Which is more than can be said of the referees-ed)

To their credit,Celtic said that they weren’t happy with Cheatin’ Beaton’s display that day and demanded a meeting with the SFA and an explanation of events.

The SFA told them to piss off and Celtic did just that. Meek acceptance of a slap in the teeth. That means that when the original miscreant is appointed again,we can only do what the SFA know we have always done.

So more meek acceptance of a slap in the teeth. And yet we always seem so surprised…

The appointment of Beaton raises a whole host of things that are wrong with Scottish football,and have been for years. Most of us have lurked or posted on CQN-and elsewhere-in the past,so I suggest that it is time for our first-ever SentinelCeltsList! Better still,have a rant,see if you can add to it…

Beaton,standard bearer for everything shameful about Scottish football. Cheats his way through matches which are live on TV worldwide,goes for a session in the supporters club of the winning team,treats his profession with the same contempt he treats Celtic. Backed 100% by the SFA and his own colleagues and supervisors.

In Scotland,you can referee a game involving the team you support.

In Scotland,your performance is judged only in terms of acceptance by one club and it’s supporters.

In Scotland,the MSM are totally on board with all of this. Not for them the investigative stuff so beloved down south. Proper reporters down there would be horrified at the supine mediocrity so prevalent here.

Only in Scotland would that display on 29 Dec have seen the referee exonerated. Elsewhere would have seen removal from the list for the immediate future.

His behaviour after the game would have seen him taken to the cleaners by the press,his career would have been wrecked by a few choice questions to work colleagues. Each paper would be trying to outdo the others with damning proof and condemnation of his bias. Including his litany of previous form. This would have led to comparisons with other Scottish referees who would frequently have been equally guilty!

The obvious question then would be-How did it come to this? Who oversaw the manipulation of the game,allowed such blatant dishonesty to flourish? Well,the proper answers to those are long dead,just like the team they favoured. But here’s the thing.

No-one has ever been promoted to a management role in Scottish football who is prepared to put a stop to the cheating by the referees. THAT tells you how endemic the problem is,how deeply-ingrained. You can hear referees on tv and radio telling us all that we are imagining things-and no one says otherwise.

There is no-one in the game prepared to call out Scottish football and the referees in particular,not one person with the cojones to mention that the emperor is bollock naked. THAT is why we have the referees we do-because we say and do nothing to stop it.

Today will see more of the same,and nothing will be done about it. Meantime,Scottish football is run by Peter Lawwell?

Time he earned his money,in my opinion.

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PS-please send us a review of today’s match for inclusion on Monday. Thanks. HH

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Superb stuff Mahe. I still get an extra special tingle at the prospect of winning the league championship. For Billy, Stevie and every Celtic supporter across the world let’s do it today. May the fourth be with you. HH


BMCUWP Apologies Mick. Superb Leading article worthy of a league title winning day. HH


Cheers,big fella!

Say hi to the troops in The Vogue. I might manage a swift pint today after the match.

The Gombeen Man

Hail Hail BMCUWPS & all at SC !

Lovely day here in Ireland. No messing about today Celtic.

If our strategy is to let them cheat and still beat them let’s just do it.

It would be so fitting to win it today after the long week.

Just Do It Bhoys.



Lovely day in sunny Kilwinning too. A fine day for The History Bhoys…

Aye, just do it Celtic.
As for the referees, if you fund it they will cheat.
If you stop giving them your money they will stop cheating you, it’s as simple as that.
Good post M

The Gombeen Man


Didn’t realise you were home.

Heading to Belfast after the game. Doing the Belfast Marathon tomorrow. The route takes in The Falls & The Shankill…

I won’t be doing a Broonie down The Shankill ?

Enjoy the break. It’ll be good to clinch it when you’re home.



Only for the weekend,got my own dental marathon going on!

Good luck with the run,you’ll probably finish it in a time about two days faster than mine…

The Gombeen Man


More of a stagger than a run…I’m an Olympic Champion at staggering.

Enjoy the game and the dental stuff isn’t as bad as it was years ago.

My dentist here is an Asian guy with a Belfast accent. He trained in Glasgow. He’s a Tim and worked with Jim Craig.

All he does is talk about Celtic.

It’s a bit surreal !!


Noel Skytrot

If we just go out and play to our capabilities we won’t need to worry about Cheatin Beaton or anything Dolly puts our way.
I fully agree that it would be fitting if we clinched the league after a torrid couple of weeks. Do it Celtic.



I’ve been travelling since you posted but I’ll get back to you over the weekend with my thoughts.

Just hope we get past the post today.

A wee thing on supporters not knowing about Res12.
I managed to get back in time to go to CP yesterday morning.

Started to chat (as I do) waiting for the cortege to a fellow supporter who shared the same birthday as Billy McNeil and had Lithuanian grandparents. What are the chances?

Very interesting.We were talking about “exercising” the brain to keep it alert. I mentioned writing on blogs and remembering dates, connections etc.

Later after delving into what brought a Lithuanian community to Scotland he asked about the blogging and I said have you heard of Res12? And he had!

We didnt delve, not the time or place,but I took a bit of comfort from the encounter with another supporter of my vintage and hearing his history. So much in common since Billy signed for Celtic, same memories shared.

Morning everyone. Especially Packy.

Todays the day.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the article bmcuwp. Good stuff. In my mind Beaton first came to prominence early in in their “journey” as they like to call it. I’d never seen him before but he was if I recall correctly refereeing them at the Victorian lavvie against Alloa in one of the cups. Alloa were leading late into the game when the Huns got their equaliser. I am not exaggerating to say it wouldn’t be allowed in Aussie rules. Whoever was the scorer pushed the goalie and the ball into the net. I burst out laughing but I wasn’t laughing when I watched the ref run back to the centre circle. I knew then. He simply couldn’t have disallowed the goal, it wasn’t in him. And as is the norm in our corrupt wee country he’s back at the top table today, making decisions against a team it is in his DNA to hate. As you said Bobby, it’s about time lawwell did something about this.
If we do wrap up the title today watch wee Willie get the Huns game next week. Nothing to see here Timmy, move along.

bada bing1

Bain; Lustig, Simunovic, Ajer, Tierney; Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Rogic, Weah,, Edouard

Subs: De Vries, Toljan, Hayes, Ntcham, Benkovic, Sinclair, Burke

Good team. 🙂

I am prob mistaken but I thot the game was against Albion Rovers not Alloa ????

A thing of beauty

TET, you could be right. It was against a low standard of opposition anyway, against players who will never play in a bigger game and he done them, jus because he could. Shitbag.
As for today, I do not understand football managers sometimes. Why do players not merit starts at home to the likes of Livingston but get thrown in away at Pittodrie or Easter Road. I said it when ntcham came out of nowhere and I will say it about weah today. Completely beyond me. I hope I’m wrong and he tears the place up but I’m not convinced.

Atob, Take heart.

Aye it’s a strange one, maybes they are doing it at training who knows.
It was Rovers btw 😉


I admit I am nervous about today. I have a feeling that we shall lose. What is the shape of the team? Is it 433 or 4231? Why Rogic in a game like this? Is Tierney fit? Will Jozo and Ajer handle the battering ram that is Cosgrove, plus the attention of the ref?

Hope I am totally wrong.


bada bing1

Was a SC tie,the hun put the ball and the GK in the net,he gave the goal, they were 1 down and scored in about 88 minutes

The one and only good thing about that half is the goal, we are so so lucky to be ahead.


Well, a fortunate 1 goal lead for Celtic at halftime. In truth, Aberdeen should be 3-2 ahead at this stage. Wilson has wasted two superb chances and Bain saved from Cosgrove. Edouard has been out of the game most of the first half, although he is now contributing. Weah is trying hard but finding the physical side of the game difficult. Rogic?…is he on the park? He is too slow in bringing the ball under control to be effective.

This is a Celtic team playing without shape or plan. Our performance is saved by individual performances rather than cohesion.

Tierney is a shadow of his former self and you can see the effect of his injury when he turns. He cannot do that quickly. Hence he is vulnerable to the opposition pushing the ball past him.

From a neutral POV, it is an exciting game. Please, Broonie stop the casual attitude in your passing. It could cost us.

Finally, Ball should not be playing football, he should be on assault charges.



Did my eyes deceive me or did we not just score from a corner ? Getinthere


Have a happy Fiftieth everyone HH

Noel Skytrot

We’re Glasgow Celtic, champions again, we run the show.
A wee rundown on what I think about the rest

Huns, we’re still waiting
The rest, cloggers

The Gombeen Man

They Just Did It !!

3rd goal in 88th minute. 8th in 88.


We’re a work in progress but. Job done.

Next couple of games are build up to the TT.

Not pretty at times but fair play to the team for digging deep and delivering.



A great victory in a difficult place. Decisive in the end against a good team.

Edouard’s goal should do a lot for his confidence. Several outstanding performances, notably the two CBs who resisted a difficult duo of Cosgrove and Wilson. If Wilson could finish, he would be quite a player. Lustig also played well but his injury at the end looks ominous.

In the midfield, Brown was his usual self. One wonders who can fill that gap, which is surely coming soon. CalMac, again, very mobile and influential in the first two goals.

Then we move into the least effective part of the team, the attack. Edouard had a tough shift against the two physical CBs, McKenna and Devlin. Weah ran around a lot but never really got into the game. Rogic is great when you are winning as he can cause fast breakaways, but, otherwise, you are a man short. Burke? He should have been on a bit earlier.

So, my man of the match, is the comeback king, Jozo. It is difficult to emulate a performance like he had against Killie, but he managed it today. Pity it was not the 67th minute again! He owes a lot to NL for his chance, and, he has seized it. PL will be salivating about the money saved on a CB by Jozo’s form.



Question. Who in the Aberdeen time would be worth considering?

Joe Lewis, the goalie is a good keeper, but do we need another one?

Max Lowe, LB, would not be a bad backup to Tierney.

McKenna, but who would he replace?

Ferguson as a replacement for Brown? Probably not, he would be off the park more so than on it.

Enjoy your day, everyone!



It’s such a magic feeling to win the 8 and to do so against an Aberdeen side that we’re playing as if their lives depended on it. They ran for the full 92 mins and chased and harried but we more than matched them and superb goals at vital times meant they could not get near us. Sure they had chances but playing at home you expect that. We are not champions for nothing and we showed again today that even when it is tough we rise above it. Well done to Lenny and the Bhoys, off to celebrate !

The Gombeen Man

Thanks for the updates Rebus. Enjoy the celebrations over there too.


Sol Kitts

8 in a row Champions, how good does that sound? Now we need the board to realise how much we want 9, then 10, and do everything in their power to make it happen. If they fail to match the ambition of the support they don’t deserve us. But today’s not for negative thoughts, let’s celebrate these great days, God knows we endured enough bad ones in the past.


Well said sir!


In a discussion with Mahe about our defense going into Europe next season i championed Jozo.
I stated that his fall from grace was due to Rodgers not fancying him.
He can be a very solid defender and today and in recent weeks he has been magnificent.
As happened to Boyata a change of coach can have a huge influence on a players performance.


I am with you on Rogic.
Again he gave the ball away to frequently today and offers no protection defensively.
I realize he is capable of brilliance but in physical games like today and in Europe he often seems a liability.
Not sure he is a luxury we can always afford.

Noel Skytrot

The huns are absolutely bealing as per usual, social media is awash with their tears and vile comments, its great to see them suffering so much. Anyone think the Bearmacht will do a guard of honour when we visit the Williamdome next week?

We did it.
I disagree with you on Rogic, in the first half he was the only one in our team that looked like capable of producing anything till our goal, I thought we took control of the game in the second half, much more like a Celtic team.
Delighted for everyone, Brendan included, well done Celtic.


To be honest big Jozo’s been a hero of mine since Brendan’s first season when he made THAT tackle on miller at ibrokes ( never get tired of watching it). But he did seem to lose confidence/form and went right off the boil. Glad to see the big man getting back to his best. With Jozo and big Ajer we have two centre halfs who are easily good enough for domestic football but can they cut it in Europe, time will tell. Both players also signed by Ronny D too. On Rogic, he’s capable of moments of magic that really no one else in our team is and for that reason I’d always have him in my team. Congratulations Celtic on 50 clean titles and 8 in a row. Hail x2


8 is Greight ????????

Sol Kitts

Seems the huns think we only won because the refs were all on our side ?. There are none so blind as those who will not see.


Cosgrove was it who took out Jonny Hayes? That was so telegraphed,even I saw it from the moment the ball headed to Jonny.

In the post-match round-up there was a clip of exact same scenario as the ball came to KT. Fortunately he clipped the ball back and inside.

Thuggery. What type of pro deliberately tries to maim fellow pros?

And why did it take all day for our “enforcer”,Brown,to make his own presence felt? On a 17 yo?

Not happy.

Gave your Mum’s place a wave as I passed it today! Hope she’s smashin’!!!


A thing of beauty

Well done to the bhoys today. 8 in a row champs. Overall we deserved the points and I hope we can start to put on a show towards the end of the season. I’ll just enjoy tonight before we look to the future in the next few days.

Packy, How you doing mate? You happy with our eight in a row? I bet you are. ! 🙂

Hi folks, brilliant day to capture 8 in a row. Congrats to all involved throughout season. The players performed well today, especially as mib was flashing yellow cards in some cases for no reason, but missed the important one on Hayes. Lustigs goal was brilliant. I don’t know why Lenny decided to play KT, I would have left him out for another few games. Looks like injuries are piling up again. Maybe need to dive into our reserves, to complete triple treble. To me there were no bad performances today. Need to keep our top players available for cup final. Coz you know that they are after us. Enjoy your evening, get ratarsed.


BMCUWP Mick called it on the money today. Now that we have won the league title in spite of absolutely everyone involved in Scottish football it is time for a football revolution. The current corrupt establishment has to go sooner rather than later.The SFA is an absolute disgrace and an affront to every self respecting person who participates in football in Scotland. We have been part of the the problem too long. It’s time we were part of the solution.

Sol Kitts

Thuggery? Yes. And it will get worse as we get nearer the 10.

To get to eight in row is some achievement. In any other country in the world it would be sensational. If we can do nine in a row for the second time I would be over the moon. Anything after that I would be speechless. But I will take one league at a time.

A thing of beauty

Big day out on the bike tomorrow so heading off to bed. I am hoping to sleep like a log now the bhoys have banished the Fear that we were going to blow this league. Night all