We Are The Champions!!!


The clue is in the title,and that is what the article today is about. One game can turn a season around for bad or for good,but a championship is rarely won on the back of one game.

Saturday defined our season in more ways than one;we finished it as champions for the eighth successive time,but like much of the season,the match was a bit of a curate’s egg. We could easily have lost three goals in the first half,but Aberdeen could just as easily lost three players. And we could have had two or three penalties-I can think of one team in particular who would definitely have got them.

But the three that matters is the three points,thanks to a 3-0 victory.

I’ll take that,and hand you over to FAN-A-TIC for his always excellent review of the proceedings.

Aberdeen v Celtic Saturday 4th May

TEAM: Bain; Lustig, Simunovic, Ajer, Tierney; Brown, Rogic; Forrest, McGregor, Weah; Edouard. Subs: De Vries, Toljan, Benkovic, Hayes, Sinclair, Ntcham, Burke

Not a fan of playing players who are not 100% fit but our cautious coach has no quandary with doing so.
Like the injection of pace through Weah though.
I expect a physical approach by the Dandies ably supported by cheating Beaton.

2 mins Great KT cross but weak Rogic header easily save.
Good early possession but no real chances

8 mins Stewart kicks KT long after ball gone.Foul given but no card?

12 mins Ball booked for cynical fouls McG brooks forward.

16 mins Dons pressing causes turnover but Stewart fires over from centre of box.
We are to obvious in expecting Brown to launch every attack .Dons know this so are just marking everyone off the ball.

21mins Great ball from Ajer leads to Ed one on one with Lewis who makes a good save.Logan was pulling his shirt but ref decides we got shot off so no foul.

22mins Ajer booked after Dons swan dive.

23 mins Rogic and JF not involved so far.

24 mins KT has shot blocked for corner after JF cross.

26 mins Ball deliberate push on Rogic but unlike in the Ajer situation ref deems no card which would have been second yellow.

28 mins Dons spell of pressure finally cleared by KT.

29 mins Lustig fed good ball by Ed but runs into pack instead of staying in space to hit cross.

31 mins Great Bain save and Dons fire rebound wide when easier to score.
We are very vulnerable to quick breaks…

35 mins good Weah run but ball goes behind.
Then JF shoots just wide from Ed knockdown.

36 mins Rogic fouled twice but gets penalized when he returns the favor.
Typical Beaton with his differing standards.
Our midfield balance is not right as we do not create enough and are poor at defending breaks.

39 mins Pc Lustig bullets a diving header into the net from great McGregor diagonal cross.
Great pass by McG and run by PC.

41 raging racist Logan booked for bad challenge on JF.Could have been red.

45.06 mins Half time whistle blows

Second half starts with Dons snapping into tackles.We are a little too cautious.
48 mins Wilson fires over from a good position.We have started half too passively.

51 mins Good Lustig cross to Ed but goalie saves for a corner.

52 mins Jozo bullets McGregor corner into net with header.WTF!!!!!! We scored from a corner!!!! 2-0

55mins Hayes on for KT who played well.

58 mins Jozo wins corner off raging racist Logan who then gives him verbals.

60 mins Ed pulled back but Beaton does not see that as a booking.

62 mins Raging racist with another foul this time on JF

67 mins Cosgrove studs Hayes late gets yellow but could have been red.

70 mins Good block on cross by Simo for corner them.
McInnes shows wisdom by subbing raging racist Logan and thug Cosgrove to spare them reds.

72 mins Burke on for Weah.

75 mins Ed shoots over after good run and cross by JF

77 mins Stewart fires over after poor Brown clearance.

84 mins Bain makes good save from shot after corner.

85 mins Dons fire dangerous cross across 6 yd box but no takers.

88 mins Super Ed seals it with great shot after good JF run and pass.

90 mins Brown deservedly booked.

92 mins Full time whistle blows and we are CHAMPIONS!!!!!
Celebrations begin and there is a priceless and magical moment with the look on a young fans face when Broonie gives him his jersey.
M.O.M For me was Jozo who played like a Lion.
Bain also made vital saves when tie was in the balance

So there you have it,folks. Our 8 in a row wrapped up rather nicely by a goal in the 88th minute! Grateful thanks to FAN-A-TIC for his time and effort.

The thanks can be yours too by simply sending us an article to


I’ll leave you with this…

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Noel Skytrot

Winning eight titles in a row and heading for more is definitely exorcising the ghosts of the 90’s which have haunted us all. We’re on the cusp of something special here, enjoy it my fellow Tims.

Cosy corner bhoy

Well,another title secured and a Scottish Cup final to look forward to also.CCB,ATOB and her sister(who doesn’t post) are fortunate to have three tickets for the 25th and are looking forward to the game and hopefully the Treble Treble.
Following BR’s departure there is no doubt we stuttered considerably and some team selections left us(that’s we three) staggered.However,the job got done and our thanks to ALL the players and NFL and his staff for getting us there,with thanks also to BR although I remain flabbergasted he left for a Leicester!
As for the next COACH….. we need a coach before a manager IMO and for me Neil fails the first test.
BTW,if we have a 10,000 waiting list for season tickets why do so many think we need ‘PL’ machinations to sell them?

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the match report fan a tic. You’re correct to point out the double standards and poor refereeing from Beaton. It really is time something was done. Bobby Madden yesterday was outrageous. He had to send off mcgregor, couldn’t do anything else since the last time this thug kicked out at a player he pretended he didn’t see it. Should he have said he also didn’t see this one then even the sfa would struggle to continue to employ him. After that he went into full panic mode. Hibs have a corner whilst the union bears are playing netball with the match ball, wasting time. Another ball is used for the corner. Everyman and his dog knew what was going to happen and sure enough just as hibs took the corner, the ball was flung on. Madden should have blown straight away for a retake but oh no he goes for the drop ball option, which I suppose must have been the rule. Instead of allowing hibs to contest, he tells them to stand back and Goldstone boots the ball 60 yards up the park out of play. Astonishing. Even more astonishing, the hibs players never said a thing. WTF is it with players all over the country that do not draw attention to this, at worst blatant cheating at at best sheer incompetence. It is beyond me. I never thought I would want mourinho as manager of my club but I’ll tell you what he’d call these charlatans out every week and maybe then we might get the change we crave so much. It’s a moot point in many ways because I think it’s just bullshit but I would sacrifice my football principles to have him at the club, securing the ten and taking care of all the other shite that others are too frightened to confront.

Thanks Fan
ATOB et all, even moire bizarre was when McGregor got a red, he studded the HIbs player in the back, who’s back was turned to McGregor, the Hibs player gets booked as well and the huns get a free kick, only in scotland and only the huns would get a free from a situation where a stand in keeper would have to face a free kick.
Yesterday was the classic example of the huns benefiting from cheating, two points at least they got yesterday courtesy of the sfa, their goal was a joke.
Take away the cheating and they are a mid table club, a toss up if they are top six or bottom six.


A Thing of Beauty The Exiled Tim
Beaton is a just a typical sleekit hun who is there for those very talents.
As are most of his fellow officials who fit the requirement of Scottish society ,sfa and mssm in being a rearguard to try and stop Timmy being successful.
This ability is career enhancing.
Yesterday on any given hunday the ref succeeded in fulfilling his remit by manufacturing a win for the huns and mssm played their part as the willing accomplice.
The huns goal came from a forward diagonal pass to Defoe who was behind the last man to tap in.
The linesman who was in line deemed it legal.
The mssm to a man described the pass as a square ball when it clearly could not have been as Davis passed for about 12 yards toDefoe who scored from around 5 yards.
On tv only once did they show the camera angle from side showing it offside but numerous replays form cameras behind play.
Why when it was clearly not the case?
The Hibs players immediately put hands up for offside but took them down when they saw linesman had not raised the flag.
It’s like there’s a tacit acceptance that the officials are on the huns side.
Not one media outlet even questioned the goal.
The huns are no more than a mid table side without the help they receive from their Scottish brethren.

Even from behind you could see that Defoe was offside, as I say, if you contribute to the sham you have no right to complain when you know they are cheating you.

A thing of beauty

TET, Fan,
I must say I cannot see a situation where I will stop going to see Celtic. It’s what I do with my family, it’s what I talk about with family and friends, I love Celtic. I know we are being cheated and every season that goes by confirms this. I can only assume that Celtic are too frightened to strike out on their own and have no other plan except a strong sevco. There can be no other explanation for res 12 being buried and the outright refusal to call out these cheating refs. And yet I keep reading that Peter Lawwell is a top class CEO. Whit? A man that relies on his rivals to survive. No much original thought there. Jeezo, you could pull any number of guys out the executive lounges on a Saturday that could do that and for a hell of a lot less than Peter takes. Hmm ?

bada bing1

Woman has baby shocker….

‘Royal Correspondent ‘ get a real job ffs


My congratulations to the team and, especially, to Neil, on securing the championship again. Neil is correct that all of us should enjoy the moment and let the future take care of itself.

BR’s departure must have been a shock to the system and it took a brave man to walk into the situation let alone win key games. So, special thanks to Neil.


big packy

JIMTHETIM, if your about, got soaked to the skin yesterday on the westie walk, but the dugs loved it, how are you what have you been up to,, this talk of jose Mourinho as the next coach a load of Bolsheviks, that’s just mr lawell trying to sell some season books it will be lenny the cheapest option.hh,



I think you are correct. Jose is a pipe dream. Part of the support hate him and this is designed to make Neil look like a better option, which he would be.


I wouldn’t be keen on Jose either. I’m split 50/50 on Neil. If he gets the job I will support him all the way. But I hae ma doots!

Still suffering a bit with all the dental work I got done last week. Hard to chew food. And I had too much to drink Fri & Sat so I’m lying low for a few days. HH.

big packy

REBUS AND JIM, we will have to wait and see, but if peter has his way it will be lenny, nothing against lenny he is mr hunskelper,,but should we not be stretching out further for a proven European style coach .hh.

I totally understand where you are coming from, it’s just not what I could do, I always suspected we were getting cheated, Res 12 and the courts confirmed it, that was the day I stopped giving them any money, so for me I can bitch about it, I am not in any position to ask or tell anyone what they can and can’t do, it’s just my opinion. As for Pedro, his groupies just can’t see past him for all his failings, the money in the bank is down to Brendan Rodgers, who would never had the job had Pedro any say in it, his boss decided, the groupies keep asking who could replace him, it’s their standard question, as you say there are many 000’s out there who could do the job, I would go as far to say I could do his job, I said that once on the other channel and was mocked for it, mocked by people who don’t have a clue to my background I hasten to add, but I would never have said it unless I think I could.
We will now downsize, they need the time to count all the money Brendan has deposited in the clubs bank account.
As for the referees, I have said more than once that the suits know we are getting cheated and I think they are perfectly happy with the status quo, we do not to bad for all the cheating, imagine what it would be like if we did have a level playing field, we would win everything year after year, they need the competition and the huns are box office, end of.
So unless we get a move away from the sectarian shithole, it won’t change, ever.

Sol Kitts

The only explanation for the Hibee getting a yellow card, and Sevco being awarded a free kick, would be that Madden was penalising the Hibs player for preventing McGregor from releasing the ball (yellow card offence and an indirect free kick). This was nonsense of course as the ball had been kicked out of the area by McGregor before he assaulted the Hibee, and it was the assistant who alerted Madden to the kick. So basically, Madden was forced into sending McGregor off, but no way was he giving Hibs a dangerous free kick. Which means that once again, Madden cheated to make sure his favourites got the 3 points, just like he did when they played Aberdeen. I would have loved to hear his explanation to the Match Observer (what we used to call the Assessor). He probably blamed the Assistant.

Sol Kitts

When the 2nd ball came on the original ball was in play, so he had to restart with a drop ball. However, the sporting thing to do would have been for Sevco to put the ball back out for a corner. Oops, did I really put Sevco and sporting in the same sentence? Madden could have managed this much better, looked like a rabbit in the headlights.

Sol Kitts
Thanks for a proper explanation 😉
Another question if I may, why are the clubs not allowed to see the referees reports on a game ?

Sol Kitts

Clubs get to see misconduct reports, but only about their own players. I guess they don’t get to see the ref’s match report for fear of it being leaked and the ref being exposed for the cheat they are.
Incidentally, clubs send a ref report to the governing body, which in England will weigh heavily on a ref’s promotion hopes. In Scotland, these are doubtless filed under A for Aye Right.

Sol Kitts
This bugs me big time, referees can make or break managers, players even clubs, yet they are untouchable, the sooner referees are employed by the clubs the better imo.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the explanation sol, but it amounts to the same thing. He had an opportunity to help the Huns and he took it. As ever.
I’m putting my money on wee Willie getting the gig on Sunday. We’ve got nothing to play for and he can ease himself back in with a few decisions to appease the hoardes. Perfect. On the other hand, a man of integrity would referee the game on its merits. Aye right.
I’m just thinking though, going by the size of Craig Thompson’s arse of late I would suggest he is winding down to retirement so the smart money will be on the master game manager getting the honours.
Either way, it’ll make no difference to us. We are up against their shenanigans every week, just need to rise above it again.
TET, I am in no doubt you could do Peter’s job. You wouldn’t last though because your mindset of crushing our rivals is incomprehensible to our board and the rest of the Scottish game. Weird eh?

big packy

talking about refs, my nephew peter who was my late uncle packys son used to be linesman or fourth official at a lot of spl games in the late nineties early 2000ths, he used to swear Kenny Clarke was a tim, unfortunately he died from luekemia on his 40th birthday.hh.

Man City wearing black armbands tonight V Leicester to commemorate Billy McNeill.

Man City winning 1-0 at the moment, just going into injury time.

Watched the City game tonight, thot they well deserved the three points, Leicester put it up to them but were beaten by a better team.
I wouldn’t be a super dooper football expert, but one thing I do know is that I am more of an expert than some of the people who have been posting on other blogs about the city game tonight, apparently BR parked the bus tonight, he didn’t, his team were not a patch on city who pinned them back for most of the game, but anything to slag Brendan is the order of the day, it’s getting so hun like it’s embarrassing.
I also noticed that euro football is a waste of time, dominate in scotland seems to be the B all and end all, if they actually took their heads out of their holes they would see that the reason we are where we are is cos of euro football, without it we are fecked, well and truly fecked, the mind boggles so it does.
How’s yer brother doing ?

Always had a soft spot for Man Cty ever since Billy went to them.

bada bing1

GARY HOOPER is on Neil Lennon’s transfer wishlist IF he becomes Celtic’s new permanent manager.

SunSport understands the free agent striker would be keen on a stunning Parkhead return.

No thanks….


The Exiled Tim
I was a well known critic of Brendan’s possession above all style of football and his lack of pragmatism.
But since his departure i have refrained from any criticism of him as a person or coach.
He is not the coach of my team anymore.
But the hunnish behavior on certain blogs regarding him is awful and unbecoming.
The thing that amuses me is some of his most vociferous detractors are posters who collectively ganged up on me and aimed many personal insults at me for having the audacity to criticize Brendan when he was the Celtic coach.
My criticism was always about systems and tactics and even though i think he is a very good coach i think some of his shortcomings will prevent him reaching the very top.


Totally agree. Some of the posts are an utter disgrace.

It’s just as well I’m barred from CQN,cos for sure my replies to some of them would have the moderators worked to death.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM,sorry I just saw your post from last night, he is getting there, he;s staying with my sister at the moment she will sort him out,,thanks for asking,.hope you and yours are well.hh.

The Gombeen Man

Morning All,

I had a look at the other channel this morning and it’s pretty nauseating stuff.

It’s sad really to see such a positive blog deteriorate to such an extent that it’s embarrassing to read.

No wonder many of the contributors have given up and moved on. It’s toxic stuff and best avoided.


I noticed the ganging up, quite pathetic for supposedly intelligent men, the sense of entitlement is astonishing.
BR, he came, he saw, he conquered, he left and they are bitching abut it cos they didn’t like the way he left, I doubt even the huns would be that entitled, facts are totally discounted, Lenny just happening to be available, Leicester weighing in with nine mill, the suits knew he was leaving, for all BR is what he is he wouldn’t have walked out like that without the suits knowing every move he was making, had he, DD would make sure he didn’t work again, the club are over the moon with things, eight possibly nine silver baubles in a row, £100+ mill income, money in the bank, and BR’s tenure all bought and paid for by Leicester, and a few sly digs in the media to ensure the suits are seen as the good guys and BR is the rat, amazing so it is, yet the supposedly intelligent people fall for it hook line and sinker.
Good news about your Bro.
Things to do, laters.


Had to wonder if you’d been on the sherbets when you suggested that Kenny Clark is a Tim.

What do you know-got a text this morning from a mate in Bicester with a wee story that confirms it!

Blinkin’ flip,he hid that well!!!

The Gombeen Man

It’s ironic that the expressions “making money” & “spoiled brat” is in the headline.

If there was ever a Freudian slip that’s it.

It set the tone for much of the toxin that followed. It’s the worst type of a News of The World type screaming headline and is likely to attract unbalanced/unwell contributions.

It sums up much of the thinking and the sense of entitlement of the hardcore there.

Till Later,


bada bing1

Some SCF tickets on website

Rolling Stone

So Neil Lennon is considering bringing Gary Hooper back? We laugh at Sevco for recalling McGregor, Lafferty, Davis (and probably Charlie Adam/Naismith at some point in the not so distant future), but we are seemingly as bad.

If Neil does get appointed (which seems all but confirmed) its back to battles in the Glasgow derby and all blood and guts. We are determined to let Sevco back in.

As Bada Bing reported earlier some tickets were available for the Cup Final today. But it was only a few. The same story every cup final – not enough tickets for Celtic’s demand. And yet Murrayfield holds 15k more than Hampden. Looks like a no brainer to me! You rarely hear a good word about Hampdump. It’s got history, I’ll give you that. For most clubs competing it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence so I can understand their fans getting excited ‘Yes we are going to Hampden’ type of thing. But a visit to Murrayfield can’t be all that bad. Let Murrayfield build it’s own footballing history. If the SFA had any vision they might strive for joint ownership of Murrayfield or at least a share. Would make financial sense I reckon. Dump the dump.


Mick in Toronto you asked a couple of days ago


I dont think I would be amiss in saying that the Celts for Change movement seem to capture attention more than the present situation did. Why do you think that is so?

Is is because the zombies were winning then?

Or did our Board learn lessons then which they used to frustrate your (Res. 12) efforts this time?

Again… as always, not intended as a dig. Rather, a genuine interest… and am particularly interested in your thoughts on the matter, given your involvement in and knowledge of the issues.

Back in Celts for Change days Celtic were going nowhere unless you count Cambuslang. The issue was saving Celtic and survival is a persuasive driver.

That is clearly not the case now.

Back then the position was being reported on main stream media and was being presented as crisis at Celtic. Some may even have hoped we would go bust.

Today there is no main stream coverage and no main stream media outlet wants Rangers to go bust.

Another possibility is paranoia has always existed so that when it is revealed Celtic supporters had every reason to think we were being cheated, the same ” nothing will change attitude because of 60 years of nothing changing has weakened resolve. To sum that up, the Huns cheated, so what?

That works as long as Celtic stay top dogs, I was told something on those lines by a Celtic official back in 2011. As long as there is a winning team on the park no one cares enough to make sure the chances of that continuing are not reduced by proven skullduggery.

You could say their cheating causes Celtic to act in a way that satisfies their supporters by winning regardless.

The problem is that for any form of Rangers to compete they have to continue to cheat to have any chance of being competitive and that can take many forms and requires the SFA to apply Nelson’s eye where it can.

The whole football judicial process from 2012 has been skewed by the 5 Way Agreement and used to achieve a desired result rather than justice and I’m not persuaded Celtic wanted or want justice.


The perseverance on Res12 and civility to the plc is astonishing.
Reading the last line of your post makes it even more remarkable.


What chance a football match breaking out at ibrox this weekend?
What’s the dirtiest eleven sevco could field is probably their strategy.
They will have been kicking,punching,pulling and stamping sand bags all week in preparation .
Morelos will be powdered up and let loose safe in the knowledge he will be gone next season so suspension does not matter.
Will probably see Lafferty as last chance to endear himself to the uglies support.
Operation put a Tim out the final will be in full force.

bada bing1

Uncle Tom,Clancy on Sunday, and red card Ross….

Rolling Stone

We are offering Izzy an extension? That makes zero sense. I thought last summer was bad but this one is shaping up to be something else.

big packy

BOBBY@9-24, inside information,?

big packy

listen ghuys neil francis is our new manager, we all know it, its back to the slow lane days, giving izzy an extension, bringing back gary hooper, but hey Mourinho has always claimed to be a tim ,so you never.know.hh.


I see there are reports that Neil Lennon, if appointed, is interested in bringing Gary Hooper back. Hopefully, we can take these reports with a pinch of salt. However, if true, it does not fill one with confidence about the ambitions of the club.

Hooper’s value has been on the decline since he left Celtic, as has both his appearances and goal output. He is yesterday’s news….avoid, please, Celtic.


Surely NL wouldn’t be that daft? We have about £50m in the bank.

Rolling Stone

@ jimthetim53

If Brendan wasn’t given a big slice of that £50m pie, there is no chance that Lenny will see it.

The Gombeen Man

From Jose to Gary Hopper within 24hrs.

Now according to Celtic News Now,

“Celtic have offered me another one-year deal on my contract. I don’t know what I am going to do yet. I am discussing it with my family. Neil Lennon has spoken to me and he wants me to remain at Celtic. But I want to be closer to Honduras when I play with the national team. I hope something comes up in the MLS for me. That’s the wish of me and my wife.”


The Gombeen Man
bada bing1

Hooper was lying when he left,wanted to make England World Cup squad,….with Norwich? His profile was higher here,he went for more money, fine but tell the truth. He’s been injured on and off for 3-4 seasons, leave well alone.

big packy

hey ghuys im nearly as old as jimthetim ? I cant ever remember us spending big money on players apart from when martin first came in ,Sutton and hartson etc,.peter imho will not open the biscut tin. unfortunately.hh.