Men of Honour ?

I dont know about you but when I read about the guard of honour , or rather lack of one I should say , this coming weekend I thought to myself that’s as low as a league can go and all the confirmation any rational supporter needs that the domestic setup is a mismanaged third rate backwater and no wonder.

Stevie was supposed to bring a bit of class no matter what , act properly and be a gentleman I thought and I think many others did also. Theres zero of that evident in this decision which smacks of pettiness aplenty from those in light blue over there. Kris Boyd agrees with me on that seemingly.
But yet I myself dont think this is Stevie making this call .
He would have formed this same guard many times , been ordered to actually by men who wouldn’t accept such ungracious actions on the part of their squad members.
Men who just might see applauding the winner and holding your hands up as part and parcel of the beautiful game .
And if he had such a big problem with them we would have known by now.
It is admittedly a nice play to a certain gallery , the cretin low life type who begrudge probably , and might win a few fans among the hardcore over there who would never want to clap a Tim except around the ear. But nah I cant see him choosing this path , the spiteful one.
Doesnt look good for future employers for a start.

So who then,,, Dave King ? Might okay it or even veto if wished but order Stevie to do this seems far fetched and even for him a tad beneath him no ?

Jabba gets my vote . Seems he spread his message about also . One look at the rags today and you will see phrases that both support this new stance and demean the previous one,, a not so subtle switch has happened apparently without Timmy being involved.

The Scotsman proudly proclaim Rangers are right to do this !
“ But, really, what is the point?
Sportsmanship some will say. Others will talk of respect, as Kilmarnock striker Kris Boyd did.
Anyway, the guard of honour is nothing more than for show, there is no actual respect. Many of the players will grin and bear it, hating every second. Last year, when Hearts gave Celtic a guard of honour at Tynecastle, the players could not hide either their indifference or contempt.
The guard of honour is nothing more than a silly little gimmick. “
Well as a press member why did you not ask any of the Hearts players at all over the course of time why infact they refused to show proper respect to fellow professionals in the game ?
And is it always a silly little gimmick or just after the same team 8 times or just Timmy teams by the way ?

That bastion of noteworthy news that we all rush to every morning , aka Football Scotland tells us
“The guard of honour is an decent, if old-fashioned idea that shouldn’t be an issue, but it is.
In reality, there’s nothing honourable about it, so why bother?”
How exactly is there nothing honourable about applauding the best or at least showing some sign of respect , whether token or not ?
But ultimately the men at Ibrox would not go for this at all if they didnt think they could get away with it . And this is where , once again , the governing bodies look weak.
Its clearly not a rule or there would be no debate ( ahem ) but in this grey area there should have been an accepted protocol between clubs , and the ruling bodies should keep that protocol going.
They should be on the blower saying sort that welcoming party out as its our etiquette plus if it was you it would be happening , so like it or lump it form a couple lines this weekend at minimum.
And der Hun find themselves setting precedent here that may well come back to bite them for if they are only honour guarding teams that they are friendly with , or even have no current beef with , who exactly does that leave ? Very few .
Another question is will our own club reciprocate and act the same way ?
I hope not ! We form honour guards and show respect , and that should not change because some other bunch dont see it that way.
So ultimately we are seeing an end of season eff you Timmy from the media , der Hun , and the rulers on high !
Home Sweet Home eh !

And finally it would be remiss of me not to say something about the Pool’s comeback and night of glory. Im delighted for them but cant help the feeling that they are staring at what happened to us in 02/03.
The year we won nothing !

Like ourselves they might walk away empty handed but for those who went through that game last night ,, just as ours went through Blackburn Boavista etc ,, they arent empty handed . They just witnessed a spectacle they will remember for the rest of their life , and forget the gold at the end ,, in getting there we were winners .
Those Pool fans can treasure that night for eternity , and they will , but to take the Big Cup and the League to the final game ,,, that itself is worthy of praise .
They might not win silverware but will have won more fans .
We all on this site know which one is more important.

Hit us up with your predictions and your team selection / tactics for the weekend .We will publish

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Margaret McGill

Who cares about the guard of honour?
Just beat them


I’m with you on this,mate. We already know that they’re a classless lot so what difference does it make?

Apologies for the confusion regarding new articles. Seems Mahe and I were writing one at the same time.

Mine took ages to type out-thankfully getting my iPad back on Saturday!-and when I published it I saw that Mahe had beaten me to it!

I’ve left it in drafts,so you’ll all have to suffer it tomorrow!


Great article. FWIW,I CGAF about a meaningless Guard of Honour. Clapped onto the pitch by some arseholes who are intent on breaking your legs for the next ninety minutes?

Not for me. Doesn’t alter the fact that Joel Skidmark is an arsewipe though.

Btw,your embedded article is a stoatir anaw-and some great comments accompanying it!


The Gombeen Man

Let’s be honest there’s only one reason why Sevco are refusing to acknowledge Celtic’s 8th Title by a Guard of Honour…


Yep, plain old FEAR masquerading as defiance.

They’re doing what weans do…running away.

Last time we played there Sevco used a ‘Guard of Dis-Honour’ of hundreds of thugs attacking the Celtic team bus & a referee who aided and abetted on field thuggery.

Sevco can’t look us in the eye. They are ashamed of their failure and all their rhetoric and deflection can’t conceal their humiliation.

They’re inability to act like men simply highlights the fear & shame that haunts them.

That’s why they live in an illusion. The dishonesty of 54 Titles for a start up outfit?

They are terrified of reality.So they run away into denial and deflection.

To live in FEAR is a painful place to be…

Before a ball is kicked.

First goal to Celtic.

Watch out for ‘Jabba’s Box of Tricks’ this week as he attempts to undermine Celtic and deflect.

Police Scotland,

If you’re looking in…please ensure the Celtic team bus arrives safely at the Bigot-Dome on Sunday.


big packy

HI MAHE, good post, to be honest im not bothered in the slightest about a guard of honour, the accompanying boos and vile chants would make it worthless anyway, just beat them in their own midden that’s the best lap of honour, the mrs has been ribbing me all morning about the lpool result ive just been ignoring her, I cant even say to her that will be us next year, because it will never happen,

The Gombeen Man


Yep. It’s great to know that our successes are really getting to them and that they are ashamed of their failings.

Can’t look us in the eye?

It’s like a boxer who looks away during the pre-fight square up.

They’ll come out kicking and snarling and the crowd will be ‘baying.’

The truth is that’s all just fear.

( Note, Baying is related to the sound that dogs make when they hunt in packs. An apt description of the cowardly pack mentality of Sevco.)


big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN hi pal hope your ok, yes you nailed it there fear.hh.

Good to know that Douglas Ross will be back at his spiritual home on Sunday. Unbelievable to think that any football association would consider this wee bigot to be suitable,but there you go.

I suggest that he milk his current day job for all that it’s worth. I’m not sure how many Tims there are in Moray,but I can’t see many voting for him.

This is the guy who In 2017,said during an interview that if he was Prime Minister for a day “without any repercussions”, he would “like to see tougher enforcement against Gypsy Travellers”

Aye. And the SFA took no action other than to advise him to “choose his words more carefully in future.”

I think that it’s pretty obvious that he chose his words very carefully indeed.

Like I said,a wee bigot.

The Gombeen Man


Yep. I only heard about this when I read Mahe’s post.

What a laugh?.

Sevco the gift that keeps on giving…

“They think that they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools! ”

The Bhoys must be in stitches… laughing at their stupidity.

Have a great day. Delighted for Joan too.



How did your marathon go on Sunday?

Hopefully the last 400m didn’t take too much out of you!

The Gombeen Man


Why would anyone demand ” tougher enforcement against Gypsy Travellers?”

Couldn’t possibly be a manifestation of FEAR again? It’s amazing how fear creates such bizarre and bigoted behaviour.



Got me,mate. Showed him for what he is though.

Mind you,one look at him can tell you that.

The Gombeen Man


Still in recovery mode.

Have been walking sideways ever since. I might write a piece about it. The route takes you through Andy Town, The Falls, along The Shankill.

Never thought they’d be cheering me outside Sandy Row *Rangers Supporters Club the day after we won 8 in a Row.

A lot of precious moments.

At one point someone held up a sign ” You’re running better than Stormont.”

I did a Couch to 5k for a local charity last year and when I started just over a year ago I couldn’t jog for a couple of minutes.

Followed a 20 week Progamme and Parkruns etc. Took me just under 5 hours but I didn’t walk a step and just kept tipping along.

As for the added distance?

Story of my life.

They say God has a sense of humour. ?

The Gombeen Man


When I understood that it was really fear even when showing up as anger it made sense and I could let go of a lot of stuff.

They don’t make it easy to let go at times…but I guess that’s part of the journey.

Till Later, heading (slowly) to Dublin.


Over on CQN is BRTH’s eulogy for Stephen Houston. It is heart breaking. I never met Stephen but when it was announced that his illness was terminal I, like many others, began to pray for him in earnest. Me he rest in peace.


I went over to Belfast about a year ago with my sisters. They had never been before and were in charge of the arrangements.

Suffice to say that they booked us into a tad better accommodation than I would have picked had I been on my own-I’m only sleeping in it,what’s the problem?

Well,the hotel they chose was right next to the train and bus stations. And The Crown. And Harlem for breakfast. And not too far from Avoca for scones-aye I know,but that city is full of surprises!

Only problem was when I pulled back the curtains the first morning to see the street nameplate “Sandy Row” skewering my eyeballs. Curtains stayed shut after that!!!


I’ve just read it,mate. Truly wonderful stuff

I met Stephen a number of times and mailed/texted him more often. A really good lad. A sad loss to many,including those outside his own family.

R I P Stephen


My two sisters went over to Belfast about ten years ago for a week-end. I remember thinking to myself that’s brave of them! They loved it. Said it is a terrific shopping centre. And they enjoyed the craic. Thank goodness things have moved on from the dark days.


Next time I’m going over,I’ll let you know a few months in advance.

You’ll love it,mate. I’ll even treat you to a scone!

Plus a night out with RAYMAC,master of instruments…

I hope Stevie Chalmers gets a good send off from the Celtic support today. It’s a wee bit of a shame that coming so soon after big Billy’s passing the spotlight has been a bit diminished. I wish I could have made a trip into Glasgow but I can’t today. Nonetheless he was much loved and admired. RIP.

Por Cierto

The Gombeen Man
“Have been walking sideways ever since.” :)))))))))) por cierto

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for letting me know about the BRTH’s eulogy. It was a moving read and what a life Stephen lived.

Next to the RFC Supporters Club in Sandy Row there’s a mural of Alex Higgins.

It’s a weird area. Seemed to be a lot of new people of Asian and Arabic origin in the immediate vicinity too.

Maybe diversity will help?

Anyway will pop into the Pro Cathedral in Dublin later and light a candle for Stevie Chalmers.

I see too that Jabba has been burning the midnight oil with a phalanx of star studded new signings lined up.

Jabba meanwhile has us braced for raids on top players.

Doesn’t he get bored with the same old deflection?

Typical Newco big game propaganda.

Por Citero,

Walking sideways ? Yep…I’ve even contemplated sliding down the bannister but can’t lift my leg high enough.?

HH & Adios.

The Gombeen Man

Forgot to mention that Jabba’s Fusiliers or star studded signings are all ‘free agents’ but that’s spun as Sevco plundering the market.

Not that there isn’t a transfer fee involved.

If Celtic did the same we’d be “scraping the barrel.” … Of course.

It’s all about perception.


Sol Kitts

John James today saying in Thai, 55 is pronounced ha ha. Just spat out my coffee ??


Realistically how can such a dishonourable mob give a guard of honour?
A bunch of whingeing balloons full of self importance not liking their imaginary superiority being exposed as another of their big lies.
Saves us of being accused by their mssm of trampling on their fingers as they clap us on to the field.

Walk on’s line Hold your head up high will never be more apt!
Hail Hail


Heading back to work from a cold Celtic Park where I witnessed a proper guard of honour for a true legend who will never be forgotten. HH


Just read Mah eulogy , lovely stuff indeed and also touching.
Anyway the guard of honour is important to me as you can tell. Sportsmanship is important , and indeed it’s an approach the governing bodies should be thinking of,,,everyone just put the crap aside for the love of the game.
In not forming a guard Stevies charges are showing that the national sport is rife with pettiness and internal feuds and one will not gain admiration through sporting merit but if certain people we don’t want to win actually win then we won’t clap them on is one of the most petty acts I have heard of.
They can’t even throw up the semblance of a normal league anymore.
And like I say so what happens now seems to be they won’t clap us and we will I believe clap them,,and as nobody else is winning that’s all she wrote.
Now yes the Club are being bigger ( I assume ) and showing proper etiquette and respect when it happens again ,, but is that it?
We all just accept they don’t clap us cos they hate us and we do clap because we are decent souls?
What a relationship eh?
Joined at the hip to that for eternity sounds fan dabby dosey ffs.

Out in cyberspace there are mixed messages about Lenny emerging.
He offered a one year to Izzy yet apparently he told a CSC dinner he knows he’s not getting the job ?
Who’s a bhoy to believe?
And Jose? Re entry Antonio Valencia gave an interview in his homeland where he admitted that before the Uefa cup final couple years ago against Ajax they won one nil in a typical Jose borefest that they were instructed on the way out the door ” remember lads, I want at least two yellow cards for time wasting on the first half ”
Just cannae see that at Parkhead eh?
He would fix the refs though.

Another interesting snippet is that Spurs new stadium on its opening night took in 800k in hospitality boxes for food and drink tabs alone.
They will go down tonight though. 2 nil to set up a great riot in Madrid !!!
Virgil wins the bug cup we get a bonus winging up north and another when he’s world player of the year. Nice !

Hail Hail from a stunning central California where it’s 23 today.

The sickening thing for me is that if ever a team deserves a guard of honour it is Celtic. We are the cleanest club in Scotland. Whereas sevco, amongst others, set out to kick us up and down the park. Maybe it’s a minority of players with this mindset and it just seems like everybody. This whole issue tells you more about them than us. But we already know that. I think that is what annoys many people that we just seem to accept it. Look at us we are the good guys. Meanwhile our board allow us to get shat upon time and again.

Fom a grey, light rain, North Lanarkshire 6 degrees. (Thanks for the weather update Mahe). 🙁


Jim if this was mooted in one of the big 5 leagues there would be outcry. The government body is endorsing unsportsmanlike conduct,, I believe they fine people for that ffs.
Order all clubs to follow etiquette and established protocol whether they like it or not.
It’s also a stance on the moral state of the nation on the gov bodies part. They could be helping to heal any divide,,this inflames it and basically says we are washing our hands. Can’t say because it’s Timmy.
It’s cowardly , petty and not what the league or country needs. This potential flash point starts out without any respect and it’s not going to develop it .
I will write about what I expect but already its not pretty.

Hope yourself and big Packy are well.
Too cold for me over there ,)
Hail Hail

Saw this funny tweet on BBC website:

“Would it be too much to ask that Jurgen Klopp leaves Robertson out of the final to keep him fit for Scotland v Cyprus?”

I wonder what Andy would say about that! 🙂

big packy

well I did my duty, I congratulated my inlaws on liverpools win through gritted teeth? so much so joans sister said to me, do I detect a little hint of jealousy there ,no I said you detect a big hint of we won it first we showed the way, anyway enough of Liverpool lets talk about my team, im genuinely scared for next season if izzaguire and hooper are our big signings, ffs lets go the whole hog jim craig and john clark are available lets give them a short contract? seriously is anybody else worried.hh.

Noel Skytrot

They can stick their guard of honour up their arses, it means nothing, and any talk of its the sporting thing to do need to remember who we are playing. There’s been nothing sporting from them or the footballing authorities since their inception in 2012, not forgetting that the convicted criminal has pandered to the vile sub culture that exists among the hun support, they wouldn’t be too keen. Let’s use it as another motivational tool and spank that mob.

Noel, Howsabout we spank them and then give them a guard of honour leaving the pitch?

Packy, could you give Mahe an update on the weather in Cheshire? He’s getting homesick for our weather on this side of the Atlantic.


Seems im in a minority re honour guards and most couldnt care less. Ah well. Expecting the battle of Ibrox though with our Cap to be targeted big time and hopefully Kt is nowhere near this one. If I was a gambler I woud back Lustig to score , what a beauty his diving header was . Still need a new right back though.
Izzy and Hooper ,,, a month or so I told you all I had heard Charlie Mulgrew is coming home to nuture young Ajer and Atob laughed at me
Get ready for the band getting back together lads. 😉
If bringing anyone home Ki would be my choice. DEnayer and Roberts in there also.
Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE, current weather in Cheshire is cold and overcast, its been raining all day .hh.


Jim with a plastic bottle now worth 20p up in bonnie Scotland would you envisage a reduction in litter and this new law helping those on the streets to survive by recycling as they do here in California ? Might it push up the number of street dwellers ? Help those in need ? Something to do for the kids ?
Seems reasonable to me
Hail Hail


Cheers Bp !

big packy

when I was a kid, we used to go around collecting empty glass ginger bottles, then we took them to the local corner shop and got money back on them..happy days.hh.

Mahe in principle I agree with it. But I wonder about the practicalities of it. My wee local shop hasn’t an inch to spare, they have no storeroom. I don’t how they would manage the storage of empties even if there was a daily uplift. A daily uplift? What about the cost of that.

Getting rid of litter and helping the homeless as a spin off from that can only be good.

But they need to work out the logistics. At the moment we have recycling bin uplifts by the council. So presumably we stop using these to recover all out 20ps. This will mean double or triple handling.

big packy

is anybody going to answer my post @ 5-09 or am i talking to myself as usual.?

Packy, I won’t get worried at this stage mate. I think some of these rumours are exactly that – rumours. I’ll wait and see who is manager and who he signs. It’s too early to predict next season just now. Good or bad. Think positive pal.

big packy

JIM, I knew I could depend on you, I will think positive, but am still worried.hh.

Packy I think Mahe kind of answered you at 5.22pm.

big packy

JIM, yes just read back.hh.

The Lions Roar

The Celtic team should break into two ranks as they walk onto the pitch at Ibrox with the first 6 players forming 2 lines either side and applauding the following 5 Celtic players then that 5 form the same two lines applauding the previous 6.

That way we get our very own Guard Of Honour at Ibrox and there won’t be a damn thing the Huns can do about it.

big packy

THE LIONS ROAR, yes never thought of that lets do it ,hh.

A guard of honour.
Anywhere else but sectarianland imo, the huns are nothing but knuckledraging, lying, cheating, thieving, bigoted scum, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want a charade of a guard from them, sorry Mahe 😉

bada bing1

Celtic TV ,Celtic Park today