Weekend Watch

Lenny has big decisions to make in a game that he best win in a bit of style if he is continue in place.
Scour the blogs and general consensus is he should not get it , or there was a rumour last week of telling a dinner night out among fellow Hoops that he’s not getting it.
Many fell off the bandwagon due to performances or lack of and feel we are in general winning by dint of affording better quality , not shape or tactics.
I would say that a result , a good result allied with a plan , would keep his name in that hat and once you’re in the hotseat in theory it should take someone with a stronger resume to push you out.
Lose and he’s a caretaker only most likely and even more unlikely to be called on again if / when the situation arises once more .
There’s also momentum going into the Cup final to be considered , as well as the small matter of injuries to any perceived Cup final starting 11.
Throw in the fact that we were soundly beaten there last time and it’s a thigh rubber even though the league is wrapped up.

So how do I think it will go?
Well I did tell you all that come seasons end we wouldn’t even be thinking about THAT defeat and the manner of it , which is true hopefully .
I thought and stated at the time they simply had to turn up and win one of these times and that was the one.
It should serve as a wake up call to the squad , watching reruns of that game this week in the build up , that we simply can’t show up and expect anything .
And we also have my own personal bugbear about the lack of respect in applauding us on or forming some sort of honour guard ,, hardly conducive to great relationships but hey , not our call and it is what it is. Stevie confirmed the order came from “ the club “ and his own personal feelings didn’t come into the matter . Wimp !
The fact he even felt compelled to state that it was not his decision makes me think he’s not all the way on the same page as his paymasters on this one,, a chism perhaps.
With zero to play for position wise for the men in light blue all they have on the line is one of the seven deadly sins ,,, pride ,, and that troubles me .
When bayed on by their one of a kind mob and a few knowing ( and some thinking it might be ) its your last of these games , they might just wish for a bit of a battle .

On that front however luckily for us though some of the main expected protagonists are missing ,, Lafferty ,, Mcgregor for a start . This bodes well as those stepping in may well try to appease their boss in their big chance and knowing he’s not up for indiscipline that may bring more football to the core .
However he was talking about “ competing and fighting “ and possibly unluckily for us one of the usual suspects could well appear to play his last derby game and will be very sorely tempted to have a bit of malarkey ,, Morelos . He might be on the bench though.
Defoe may well get a start here , his temperament will have helped in that decision as will last weekends matchwinner and I myself would be delighted with that decision and see him the lesser of two evils.

On a battle however we do have a brand new ref in charge !
With a Timmy sounding name and with four straight red cards to his name this season in the league perhaps ol Kevin Clancy he will not fall for the sure as taxes and death histrionics and dirty tricks one team will no doubt try especially when drawing to try and gain the advantage.
After Beatongate it has to get better , I hope.
Its Kevins derby debut ,, lets see the character of the man under this test . He’s Chairman of Referee’s Association , and spoke up about officials getting abused and missiles etc in the past.
Im curious as to how he will perform.

On the Celtic front I think we could lay our ( Pc’s ) hat on Mikael starting his last game against our city neighbours . MY theory is he will bug the boss bigtime to play and with a weeks recovery Lenny will fold ,, probably due to the fact he’s not our problem ( you never were once big man fair play to you ) any more in another few weeks so more than likely gets the nod.
Besides after scoring a cracker last week , he will want to torment them one last time . At 35 to 1 odds for the first goal those who enjoy a wee punt may well want to try a quid on our departing Swede who has been exceptional value overall.
Toiljan is the back up and being on loan isn’t our risk really ,, this one will be a tough call and it’s why they get the big bucks.
On the other side I think we should go with Izzy ,, who claims to have been offered one more year deal but really wants the MLS ? Gracias Senor pero No Gracias !
Have a final fling and be a wee bit of the buzzbomb you were amigo. Hayes keep for the final.
Kt should be chilling on a beach somewhere ( post surgery if needed ) as far as I’m concerned and dont play til you’re 200 percent ready is my humble opinion on our jewel who needs to recoup and gain his lustre back.
Ajer and Jozo form the Twin Towers at the center. If they are going to lead us into Europe next season then its best we play them all we can . Dont break them up.

Midfield is a hard one , to save and protect or unleash the dogs of war !
Rogic usually performs in these games and those twinkle toes around the box usually do something over the course of his usual 70 mins or so.
Calmac ,, the head says rest the heart says put him in middle and tell him he’s free as a bird , do the damage son.
The Captain would never ever want to miss out on this game and is an on field leader now no doubt about it , but would probably find himself prime target should he play ,,, rock and hard place.
Scott Sinclair could well see Ibrox for the last time ( lucky bassa ) as I expect him to split the scenes in the summer ,, and as such should look to make an impact if chosen but if it does come down to a battle he doesn’t strike me as the type to stand up tall.
A strong ref would suit him , and he himself should aim to go out with a bang if heading home soon. A last hoorah would be nice.
James I would love to wrap in cotton wool .
The issue is I can’t see a direct replacement ready and Lenny knows and likes him. He’s probably our most important player after the Cap and his goals may best Skoosh to that title actually.
We need him for the final , and as such normally I would say he should not be risked .
That would leave the right side open though , and with Weah away plus no Griff on the bench last week against Killie that drags Ollie Burke out of the equation as he’s needed up top so basically we need James out wide as there’s a lack of options .
He’s a major threat and will help win the game no doubt but it’s hardly the most important of the next 8 days so pray to every and any God he comes through unscathed.

Upfront we should see Edouard as usual and with a lack of others it’s clearly gonna be Burke to back him up. Switching that up would be interesting , and I suppose commonsense. There’s another option and would maybe give a defining insight into whether its worth pursuing the lad .

Tactics,, they go out the roof in a derby game and we should all know that by now.
But as mentioned it’s a big one for the gaffer who will push his troops for a win .
Stevie and the stadium plus Glib and Shameless could really really do with this .
The season tickets are due to be shifted and the masses need to be convinced next year is unmissable,, look Stevie has the managerless Tims on the run !
A win and strong performance similar to last time at their midden would bring in the cash , and don’t think for one second those in command over there are not aware of this and haven’t pushed this on their rookie.
Thus it actually really does have a flip a coin feeling as to what exactly will emerge from this particular clash.
Both could really do with it ,, and they want a repeat performance. Brand new ref in the mix.
Folks quite simply ,,,, Saddle Up !


Please send any match reviews or thoughts on the game to sentinelcelts@gmail.com and we will publish.
Stay safe everyone , youre all far more precious than three points.

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Noel Skytrot

Good article Mahe.
Full strength team to play at the TrophylessDome, Lennon won’t do it any other way, he knows what this means to the supporters, regardless of the cup final.

It will be the usual hate filled throng of primates with their signature songs of hate baying for blood. On field, will they play, or will they go with their rhinoceros on amphetamines approach? I suspect the latter. As you rightly point out, they have to keep up the sham that the “gap” is being closed. The gap being closed, what an utter embarrassment that is for the huns, spending a fortune to watch your team with the remit being ” we’re closing the gap” instead of winning trophies. The ref, nothing needs said.
Us, if we turn up with our A game which I suspect we will, we’ll beat William. The players won’t have forgotten the last game and the shite they were subjected to by all and sundry particularly the media and their players who both have the intelligence of a 1690 fridge magnet. That title challenge after the one nil defeat last time at Ibrox, how’s did that pan out?
2-1 for the 8 inarow champions.

big packy

HI MAHE not really bothered about the score at the bigotdome as much as id like to scud them 10-0 it aint gonna happen tin hat on here id rather we played some fringe players because them bassas will kick us off the park knowing we need a full strength team for the cup final.only my opinion im preparing to be shot down in flames.?.hh.

Noel Skytrot

Just a wee thought, we have already left their season ruinous and in complete tatters and when we do 9 and 10 we’ll leave them in despair for generations to come. I also see a lot of folk going on about the trebleX3 and how this game is an irrelevance, let’s see if they think the same come Sunday. Im sure Lennon and the players are taking a different approach.

Margaret McGill

The MIB supported objective for Celtics last 2 league games is to inflict injury. Let’s be honest our custodians couldn’t care less about that right now except if some EPL team is looking for Sinclair or Edouard. It’s not silly season or weekend watch it’s sane old 4 point PLC vision mantra:

Nice turnover
EPL Fodder
Europe if yer lucky
Whit are the Huns Daein?

As it has been for the last 16 years

At the moment I couldn’t give a flying duck about the game, no doubt my feeling will change come sunday morning.
It matters not, we could scud them again but they will still win the close season cup come what may, I don’t hold with putting down a marker for next season, a lot of water will have to flow under the bridge afore then.
If I didn’t know any better I would wager you dinny have much time for the PLC 😉

Great article Mahe sums it up perfectly. There are more questions than answers. Who know what is going on in Lenny’s head. So many options. So many approaches. What are his priorities?

Whatever, bring it on. I wish for an embarrassment of them, they deserve it on many levels.

There seems to be two camps formed for this match.
a/ Play our strongest possible team and give them a thrashing.
b/ The title is won, this game not important. Play some fringe/young players for experience and to protect our VIP players for the Cup Final.

I can’t help feeling that some supporters are as much motivated by their hatred of the Ibrox club than their love of Celtic. On this issue.

I want us to gub them but I prefer b/.

The Gombeen Man

Celtic Plc & Scottish football allowed themselves to be sucked into the toxin that surrounds Sevco when they failed to ensure that the cheating was addressed.

We became attached to the lucre of the Old Firm and as a consequence our world is getting smaller and smaller.

The Champions League and Europe is getting further away from us, simply because we can’t see past this game.

I’ve very little interest in the CL now and didn’t watch either of the semi finals. Very rarely have I watched an EPL match over the last couple of seasons.

What’s the point?

It’s of no interest to my club.

The demise of Rangers signalled the end of the big spending and the need for a model that sold SB’s and kept the money coming in…

That meant the sweeping under the carpet of the cheating. Downsizing and at some stage the inevitable sharing of the spoils with Sevco.

Brendan Rodger’s ambitions were bigger than the black and white of the Old Firm. That’s why Lawwell lost him.

This game means nothing. It’s an illusion. It’s about a business model to make manufactured mediocre football and business men look good.

The problem is that it’s addictive and the only question is when will it hit rock bottom?


Noel Skytrot

I’ve got to be frank and say that I have a lot of dislike for a certain sub culture that exists within their ranks. On the footballing side, it’s only tribalism. As for Sunday, get right into these orange ***** lol

Rolling Stone

We need to go to Ibrox and play our strongest team.

Losing by a couple of goals, which I suspect we would if we played a weakened team, does us no favours. It doesn’t prepare us well for the cup final and it only encourages Sevco. If the seasons ends with 2 wins each (and all games being closely fought; 1 goal margins at present) then it would be difficult to argue that Sevco have not closed the gap significantly.

I honestly think rock bottom is just around the corner and I will wager this summer will show that.
We have to speculate, if we don’t we will wither and die, the saddest thing for me is that the vast majority of the blogs don’t give an ef about europe, it’s all about the ten, this will help to kill us, I said the other day that the OF is not a business strategy, sadly it’s the only one our suits seem to care about.
The OF is a cancer that will kill us.

Noel, I hate the Ibrox mob and all they stand for. I have recently began feeling slightly uncomfortable with this. I am convinced by the argument that our board are fixated by sevco & the ‘Old Firm’ concept. Part of that is the board thriving off our hatred of ‘them’. I wish rather that I could just ignore them or see them the same as any other club in Scotland but that’s impossible whilst they are joined at the hip with the SFA. And the media are their puppets.

So Noel, on this occasion I put my feelings for sevco aside to a degree and wish Celtic do what is best for Celtic in this meaningless fixture – and it is meaningless in the bigger picture. But like yourself I still hope we destroy them.

I honestly wonder what would have happened if a new Rangers hadn’t appeared in 2012? I can imagine our Board, the Media and the SFA sitting at their desks twiddling their thumbs, lost, trying to think up a new direction. Stumped.

Rolling Stone, I couldn’t care less what comfort a Celtic defeat would bring to the mob. Building up their hopes for next season. Remember ‘going for 55’? It just made it all the sweeter. Next season will take care of itself. Much more important is who our manager will be, who we sign. I don’t have a crystal ball but I do not foresee much different in our competitors. But I do want to see us going forward leaps and bounds.

I will agree with you that a win for us against them would be good, mentally, in the run up to the Cup Final. For our players that is.

The Gombeen Man


Over the last couple of months it’s become clear how isolated and meaningless Scottish football really is.

The national team go from worse to worse and it looks like or loss of Brendan confirms our downsizing is the way forward.

We’re playing our own brand of football. Celtic v Everyone else. A sort of David & Goliath. Darkness v Light.

Problem is it’s toxic and it’s corrupt.

The only question is will it be a soft or hard rock bottom.

HH & Till Later.

Noel Skytrot

It’s the ethno religious supremacists within their ranks that get on my nerves, the WATP brigade and their deluded sense of being superior to others. My worries about my job, my family etc aren’t any different from theirs yet they look at us as though we’re sub human and have no place in Scottish society. The ordinary punter going to support his team, no problems at all with them. The point you make if we had no The Rangers to play against is a good one. HH

Margaret McGill

The bigot buck has bolted and left behind a multitude of Tims back in the stable doomed to drum the dirge to death.

Margaret McGill

Noel Skytrot
ethno religious supremacists ?
You can drop the ethno.
All religion is supremacist.
Except Hinduism’s cartoon gods.
The Blue elephant that shits gold is my favourite

Margaret McGill

Not to be confused with Scotland’s pink elephant that shits blue

I give up! Here’s me trying to downplay this match and Henrik Larsson is over for it! Grrrrr!!! emoji.

Margaret McGill

Must be season ticket season


Sitting here after reading the posts and have a sad heart with the realization that this old firm nonsense has led to the first time in my life that i have no butterflies as is usually the case leading up to the game.
I share a deep resentment of DD and PL and his blog poodles for this situation.
Dark propaganda and downright dishonesty in the chase for the bigot buck.
Their lack of vision, ambition and downright greed sickens me and especially knowing that some great Celtic supporters have faced violence and death as a consequence.
The Exiled Tim has it spot on with his view that it is a cancer that will kill us.
Hope this weekend passes with all the Celtic family staying safe.
Hail Hail

Mags, LOL 🙂

Noel Skytrot

Maggie McGill,
thats what a certain element among them are. Religion, not my gig mate, though I respect people who do have faith, but anyways. What do you think the result will be on Sunday?

bada bing1

If we go a couple of goals up on Sunday, i genuinely fear for the players safety

The Lions Roar

Peter Lawwell patronises the Celtic support with platitudes once AGAIN:

‘I would like to thank Neil and the players for once AGAIN ensuring we are the best team in the country. The commitment and dedication shown by the players AGAIN across this season cannot be underestimated.
Under pressure AGAIN to continue to deliver success and once AGAIN win the league by such a healthy margin is a great achievement.
Throughout (Brendan’s) period as Celtic manager, he achieved great things and he deserves our thanks AGAIN for being part of eight-in-a-row.
Most importantly, I would also like to thank our supporters who have once AGAIN given us such fantastic backing throughout the season. Everything we do at the club is for our supporters.

(‘Everything’ except invest in a team for Europe, Peter?)

Thank you AGAIN. Celebrate and enjoy our eighth title in a row. You deserve it.”

Aye, sure, Peter. Whatever you say, Peter.

As if we need some jumped up money grabbing Tory ponce who’s taken millions out of Celtic telling us how to celebrate ..

Check his full statement here, it reads like it was written by Alan McRae & Alec McLeish after a weekend in Ibiza.


Noel Skytrot

Bada Bing,
the same thought has crossed my mind, imagine if Broony scored a winner to sink them.

Given the sycophancy of the Scottish meeja, i’m suprised that there has been no mention of how Gerrard inspired the Liverpool come back the other night. C’mon Keef and Jack, do it, we’re waiting.


Jackie McNamare playing the role of willing uncle Tim in the lead up to this weekends game.
First tells us Karamoko Dembele is to wee for big clubs to be interested despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary.
Then has a pop at Ollie Burke not being good enough.
He still has tomorrow for another negative story about another Celtic player.
This failed coach must really need those pieces of silver.

The Lions Roar

Excellent comment by TGM @10:48.

Agreed on all counts.

As a Celtic man I could not give a monkeys who’s in the joke of a ‘Champions’ ‘League’ final, especially not when neither teams have been actual Champions of their own country in a combined 78 years.

As far as I’m concerned both these semi finals were rigged by Murdoch & co to drum up interest in the flagging English game and to boost Sky subscriptions which have fallen off a cliff.

God knows that man and his cronies have down enough to make a mockery of the Scottish game down the years to boost his preferred English ‘package’, so arranging for two all-England finals, neither of which are contested by the current English champions, would be a piece of piss for the guy running the whole show for the past 25-30 years.


The Lions Roar
Only thing he left out was that he is the best ceo in the world and deserves every bit of his overinflated salary and investing in the team is plain silly you ungrateful plebs.

Awe Naw

FREE TO GO Celtic fans WON’T be kept back in Ibrox after full time following Rangers clash
Just 750 supporters will make the trip to Govan and have been advised to be there for 10:30am

By Darren Hamilton
10th May 2019, 12:13 pm
CELTIC fans will be allowed to leave Ibrox immediately after the end of the Old Firm derby, it has been revealed.

Hoops supporters won’t be held back inside the stadium after full time on Sunday regardless of the result.

It comes after controversy at the end of the last fiery encounter at Celtic Park which saw Scott Brown accused of “goading” Rangers fans as he celebrated a dramatic 2-1 win.

Just 750 Celtic fans will attend the game after the club’s ticket allocation was cut by Gers last May.

They will be allowed to return straight to their cars and buses after the match and will not be escorted the police.

The Scottish Police Federation (SPF) vice chairman David Hamilton said “I hope that this time the Celtic support behaves and that once the game has come to it´s conclusion that they quickly and quietly make their way home”

“There will be full body searches conducted on all Celtic fans at the designated meeting area prior to the group movement. Anyone in possession of a banner any banner will be arrested. This is a no banner match”

“It is important for everybody´s safety that Celtic fans do not participate in goading Rangers fans due to having won the SPFL title already. Any Supporters behaving in this manner will be immediately arrested”

When questioned on why there will not be a Police escort for the away section after the full time whistle David Hamilton responded “It has not been budgeted for due to being an un-envisaged activity

Bhoys supporters liaison officer John Paul Taylor also warned fans to arrive at the ground early or face being locked out.

He wrote: “Fans are advised to be at the stadium for gates opening at 10.30.

“There will be enhanced ticket checks in place and the safety officer has advised the away section will close as soon as it reaches its capacity so please go along early. Anyone arriving later that this will be taking their lives into their own hands

“No hold back planned for FT. “

The Lions Roar

Another great comment by TET here too, agreed on all counts.

‘I honestly think rock bottom is just around the corner and I will wager this summer will show that.
We have to speculate, if we don’t we will wither and die, the saddest thing for me is that the vast majority of the blogs don’t give an ef about europe, it’s all about the ten, this will help to kill us, I said the other day that the OF is not a business strategy, sadly it’s the only one our suits seem to care about.

The O*d F*rm is a cancer that will kill us.’

I’d add that our joke of a board has, in their silence, allowed joke that is Sevco to have already killed us as a club with any integrity left already.

God Bless Big Bill6 McNeill & the great Stevie Chalmers that they didn’t have to witness the destruction of our club like this from the inside out.

They lived through it once with the Kellys & Whites but I’d say this time it’s far worse due to both the insidiousness of this board and the incredible amounts of money they’ve taken from our club during their tenure.

And my fear is that we’ll never get them out now as the support seems to have been hoodwinked by this agreed run of trophies not realising that it won5 be long till Sevco get their own agreed days in the sun while Peter & company still get to keep the bonuses rolling in.


The Lions Roar

As for the game, I’d put out all those who should be fighting for a place next season just to see what they can do under pressure.

It’s a run-out, nothing more, so let the Hun wet their nappies over it as much as they like.


Noel, thanks and glad you enjoyed reading that article. Im not best placed to write about the team tbh and was worried I would make more of a fool out of myself than usual 😉
I must admit it’s the game and then fans turning ugly that has me worried.
Glad I’m not there.

I see Peter says he wants to give the fans a club to be proud of. How would you know what the average wants would be my question.

Happy Friday Sentinels and Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

Noel Skytrot
Who will win on Sunday?
Well that’s why none of us stick our neck out
Celtic will win of course
Based on football
Then there’s the degree of anticipated mibbery.
Low mibbery Celtic win
Significant mibbery draw
Blatant cheating bastards Celtic lose.

Have I missed something ?

Margaret McGill

The Lions Roar
Our PLC hope that EPL teams show European ambition. It means bigger driveways.


when you go out for a meal you rarely think that you will be confronted with life’s inequalities! Last night, after another stressful week, the Rebusette and I went out to a local restaurant for a meal. Very nice, it was! At the end, I perused the bill. A simple enough act in itself, because it contained only three items:

Crepe 1 $17
Crepe 2 $18
Wine $49

But there before my very eyes was one of life’s inequalities! To prepare the crepes, I watched the chef, all hot and bothered, prepare them in his kitchen. Use a prepared mix, heat up the crepe pan, pour the mix onto the pan and watch it cook. In the meantime, he had to prepare the chicken, chorizo, prawns, plus two sauces that would finish the dishes. He then plated the ensemble and passed it to the waitress to bring to our table. All of this for a paltry $17, $18 which would include a profit to the restaurant. Skill, sweat, time, all in abundance. On the other hand, the waitress uncorked the bottle of red and placed it on the table……a minimal effort. So, there you have it, the chef’s skill and other qualities valued at $35 for two dishes, and a bottle of vino valued at more the cost of the two meals!

From the consumers’ POV surely the chef’s efforts merit more than a bottle of wine?

What has this to do with football? I am not really sure, but think of this example. On 25 May, 1967, two teams took to the field in Lisbon to provide a spectacular game. How do you think that the salaries of each team compared? Was that inequality merited?

P.S. None of the above will stop me drinking another bottle of red tonight.



The game against Sevco is not a meaningless game, as some have suggested. Sure, it will have no effect upon the title. However, this game means everything to Sevco and that is why I think they will win it, or, at least, not lose it.

There is no good news on the horizon for Sevco. They have to service the latest Close Bros debt; they have to tell their manager that he has little to no transfer funds; in all likelihood they will lose key players for next season(Kent amongst them), and they will be hit with heavy costs via the Sports Direct fiasco. In addition, they will win nothing this season. So, how do you sell season tickets against that backdrop? How do you convince the fans that the gap is lessening? The answer is you win at Ibrox.

The ref team is picked to facilitate this. Clancy gives out the most cards of any ref and he will use these to disrupt the play of one team. Watch for Celtic defenders getting early cards…especially those up against Kent.

Celtic are still not at their best in an attacking sense, despite the three goals versus the Dons. Remember two of them came from defenders, and Edouard’s goal came when the game was won. The greatest incentive to win this game will depend upon how much the players want NL to get the job. Even then, that may not be enough.

I hope I am wrong but this is a must win for Sevco and it will take a monumental effort to stop that happening. On the bright side, if it comes to pass that we are defeated, it may strengthen the resolve of the club to add more quality to the team.


Margaret McGill

Will 750 Tims get their fucking heeds kicked in at Ibrox irrespective of the result ? How many OF rock bottoms are left on the scumter logarithmic scale?
Aye there’s the rub

big packy

look ghuys I want to beat them as much as you all do, but I would not risk the wellbeing of our players to do it, our most important game is the cup final what is the point of going toe to toe with them evil barbarians, and risk getting a couple of our players injured. I hear talk about bragging rights they have nothing to brag about, even if they win at the bigotdome what trophies will be in their cabinet at the end of the game, none zilch feck all, its not worth the risk, id rather they beat us, than risk losing the cup final and the treble treble, once again only my opinion.hh.

The Lions Roar

Aye, they will, MM, and they’ll get their bearing with the full blessing of Police Scotland who have now publicly stated they will stand by and watch it happen if any Tim dare show any joy at Celtic having won the league …

What kind of country IS Scotland really when the cops are allowed to publicly declare their allegiances to a gang of hate filled thugs and bigots like this?

Andthis is only one level of the disgrace that paying into the joke football has become covers …

Throw in the Celtic plc’s compliance and collusion in Sevco ‘being Rangers*’ and the loss of tens of millions year on year from our finances and we’re still not even halfway up the greasy pole of it.


The Lions Roar


And I don’t mean On the pitch.

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that King cut our ticket allocation precisely so they could do this, attack and maim Celtic supporters with no fear of intervention from the cops.

Let’s face it, if they’ll ignore the biggest fraud in Scottish football history, what’s the battering of a few Tims to them?


thon wine took years and needed watered , cultivated then stored .
Something yer man can whip up in 15 mins for half the price ,, when you look at it that way the wine is actually cheap.
Cannae stand crepes myself but I suppose thats the french influence up there.
The French,,worked for a French celebrity chef and I would be hard pressed to find something nice to say about him. To claim to have invented modern cookery is as bad as the English claim to have invented footie imo.
Can honestly say Im delighted theres little French influence in my local foods as I dont like their crap or their carp 😉 Not a pate fan at all either and baguettes are too crusty to make a nice sandwich. The Vietnamese made a better sandwich with it than them with their Ban Mi !
I hope youre well and try not to get stressed next week !
Tomorrow see’s me lunch in http://www.bollywoodfresno.com for some Indian street food ! Now thats waay more up my street.
Keep the food talk coming 😉
Hail Hail from a lovely central valley

bada bing1

Anywhere in Burgos showing the Cup Final?


The Lions Roared,, great name by the way and if I havent already welcomed you , howdy , come on in and take yer shoes off partner .
As for that Police Scotland arresting Hoops memo you might find our fellow poster AweNaw likes to play around with media posts,, he’s winding the blog up pal . Dont worry about it , we love it 😉
Hope all is good . Enjoy yer weekend and Hail Hail


thats a shame re Jackie as I haboured hopes he would return in some position or other one day.
He has clearly failed as a manager in his own right it seems . I thought he had potential at one stage , shame as we could do with a good ex player doing well in the dugout. Dont rule out Charlie Mulgrew turning into a decent gaffer by the way.
Hope youre well pal.
Hail Hail


Bada I just had to google Burgos ffs. Never heard of it,, you lucky bassa looks great !
Nope you wont get the game except on laptop. Night or two previous tell local bar youre a Sentinel Celt and the Tv is needed for the people. Bring leads and viola ?
Enjoy your trip hey and bring us back a rock , at least a candy dummy. Postcard ? You grabbing cheap booze and smokes ? 🙂
Try a merquez frites if you can.
Hail Hail

bada bing1

Mahe- thanks for looking, it’s actually a pal going over…HH

The Gombeen Man

Rock Bottom?

Rodger’s departure shows how far aspirations have fallen.

Same club.54 Titles,
Don’t turn over the coals,
It’s too complicated,
It’ll lead to the bankruptcy of Scottish football,
Res 12 binned,
Poison left to fester,
Promised generation of domination,
King a Fit & Proper Person,
Court cases fail,
King imposes a 750 supporter limit,
Celtic Supporter loses eye,
Three Celtic Supporters stabbed,
Almost a fatal crush,
Player’s Bus attacked,
Celtic Park vandalised,
Beaton admits seeing assaults nothing done,
Beaton in The Crown Bar,
Refereeing transparency,
Rodgers leaves,
NFL installed as Scapegoat,
Two Sevvies sent off,
Gerrard cited,
Broonie’s fault,
Plc continue to stockpile cash…£30m+
Transfer Window failures,
Rumours circulate about Izzy & Hooper,
Team sliding backwards,
Sevco claim to be closing the gap.

And they believe that the guy that left them to their mess is a ‘rat’…?

“The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour”.

The man that gave Celtic Tony, a rookie in Neil & Ronny dealt with the Sevco fiasco.

When will they wake up?

Let’s hope the Rock Bottom is a soft (safe) one.


The Lions Roar

Cheers for the welcome, Mahe!

I suspected Awe Naw was ‘at it’ with his post as I look to ‘mess about with the media’ myself, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see any Scottish cop say that in public without blinking 😉

As an example of my ‘messing about with the media’ I was gonna add even more AGAINs to Lawwell’s post but, incredibly, noticed that I didn’t have to, as Peter had already made a big enough coos arse of it himself 😀

It reminded me of that time Bankier tried to hide the massive rise in our overheads by repeating the words IMPORTANCE & IMPORTANT in his opening statement in the Plc accounts.

Seems to have worked too …

Anyway, nice to have a genuinely warm welcome and it’s much appreciated.

There’s some genuinely alert and aware posters on this site who, like myself, are clearly well tuned into how the plc mob who’ve infiltrated our club are ACTUALLY running it, rather than how they SAY they’re running it and it’s very good for me to know indeed that not all Celtic fans are as daft as those paid cheerleaders on other blogs pretend we are.

Happy weekend to all true Bhoys & Ghirls out there.

Hail Hail to one & all.



You might be pleased that the wine was from Cala-Forn-I-A. Yes, I know about distribution/Marketing Channels, and markups along the way.

We are near to Quebec here…just across the Ottawa River…20 minutes away by car.

Our stress is related to health issues……..and waiting for results of tests. Not easily fixable, I am afraid.

I tested to see if you would respond to a “food” posting, and…..you did!

Hope all is well with you and your lovely family,


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