Reality Bites.


Not feeling quite so chipper this morning,not after watching that dross yesterday. It raised a lot of questions but provided few answers. One question which should never be raised again though,is the one about NL getting the job full-time. Tactically out-thought from the start,he was unable to react when he saw his team being outfought and frankly outplayed.

Of course,when you looked at the bench,there wasn’t much hope of salvation there either. Second to everything all day,gubbed by an ordinary hun team,and we were running on empty long before the end. One shot on target-after 83 minutes!-and it was a pathetic effort by Burke.

In fact,the whole day was a pathetic effort,though you couldn’t fault the players for what effort they put in. But when you only have two players in midfield against their five,you will usually struggle. Which we did.

Broonie and Callum tried to get time on the ball,to send it to Rogic,Burke,Johnston or Edouard,but they were shut down virtually every time,the tackles snapping in from all over. Our forwards never got into it,and nothing was what we got out of it.

Our much-vaunted huge and over-sized squad was found to be a myth,with only one forward and TWO rightbacks on the bench. Of the remaining three,I think they’ve played about a dozen games between them this year. The bench was as disjointed as the first eleven,and the longer it takes to get the finger out and rebuild this team,the harder it is going to be. While not attempting to scapegoat anyone,our two second-half substitutions were the only time I noticed the involvement of either player all day. And they might not even have been the worst on the park.

As always,FAN-A-TIC gives a somewhat less jaundiced view of proceedings…
Rangers v Celtic May 12th 2019

CELTIC: Bain; Lustig, Ajer, Simunovic, Hayes; Johnstone, McGregor, Brown, Rogic, ; Burke, Edouard

SUBS: De Vries, Bitton, Toljan, Sinclair, Benkovic, Ralston, Ntcham

Not sure about inclusion of young Johnston .Would rather we had stronger midfield
Hope Ed plays from left with Burke ahead.
Game kicks off with huns pressing.
2mins hun free kick fired straight into net due to passive defending. 0-1
4 mins Huns aggression causing discomfort.
5 mins we clear another dangerous free into box.
7 mins huns snapping into tackles and we are hesitant.
11 mins we finally mount an attack but cross cleared for throw in.
14 poor shape of Celtic allowing huns acres of space in central areas.
15 Hayes cross goes behind for a goal kick.
17 Bains saves Defoe shot after bad turnover in midfield.
We go straight upfield but Burke shoots high and wide.
19 Defoe dives in box but no penalty or booking.
Our lack of movement making huns day easy as we have no outlet other than hopeful punts.
23 mins Arfield twice leaves foot in on Brown in quick succession.
25 Why does our coach or players not recognize huns are hunting in packs and leaving plenty space to attack?
25 mins Bain quickly off line to gather.
28 mins hun short corner cause problem due to our passive defending.
31 mins Brown heads ball out for corner. Bain gathers cross.
33 mins good interplay on right leads to free in dangerous area.McG hits free straight out for goal kick.His dead balls are awful.
36 mins good ball over top by Lustig to Ed but he can’t control.Then fanny Goldson does plastic hardman impression.
37 mins good break by Hayes and Johnston wins corner.McG hits another crap one.
41 mins we have not created one chance against hun dross.
42mins another floaty McG corner comes to nothing.
43 mins Hayes cross goes out of play on opposite side for throw in.He must be taking lessons from Izzy.
45 mins Bain blocks shot for corner that Goldson heads over
47 mins ref puts us out of our misery and blows for half time.
As bad a first half as i’ve seen us produce.
Clueless by players and coaches.
second half begins
47 mins Arfield with sleek it trip on Hayes to stop break.No booking.
50 mins Flanagan elbows Brown in face as we take corner but only booked?
57 mins whole team looks hesitant and only Brown trying of midfield selection.
57 mins Johnston not coping with games physicality.
59 mins still struggling to string more than 2 passes together.
61 mins huns have 3 corners in succession.
63 mins huns score after poor defending 2-0
64 mins Sinclair on for Johnston.
68 mins we are second to every ball.
69 mins only Brown putting in effort.
72 mins evident that no one wants the ball.
73 mins hayes booked for foul in dangerous are but it comes to nothing.
77 mins Bain makes good save
82 mins Burke trundles weak shot for easy save after great Ed run.
87 mins abject failure by coaches today.
89 mins Celtic tv commentators talking about lack of chances we have created.What games have they been watching since Lennon arrived as this has been the norm.
91 mins Another crap floaty dead ball from McG comes to nothing as usual.
92 mins ref puts us out of our misery and blows final whistle.
I know it was not vital to win this game but our capitulation to an average workmanlike side was unforgivable.
As poor a coaching performance would be hard to find.
No shape ,tactics or purpose.
The blame game by Lennon in after match comments were cringeworthy.
Your turn to have your name in lights if you send an article to Mahe on

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Cosy corner bhoy

After that ‘performance’ even the happiest of happy-clappers must have been unhappy!
The inclusion of young Johnston defied logic,and can have done nothing for his confidence,as that’s twice at Ibrox and both times completely ineffective.
As for the caretaker manager….proved only that that is all he should be.Had no idea how to get out of the mess he created as it came home to roost from the start. Collectively we were crap and some individually were worse than that.
Hard to believe we are on a treble treble and can’t find anything more positive than we couldn’t be worse than yesterday.Maybe need Karma on 25 th May.
As for the ‘singing banter ‘…hard to complain when we continue to chant our own versions.
Felt for the gallant 800 though I envied them pre-game.
As said before,let’s hope DD uses his clout and gives PL one deserved boot up the erchie!!

Noel Skytrot

Cosy corner bhoy,
the singing aimed at Gerrard and McInnes are in no way comparable to the disgusting chants by the majority inside the BigotDome yesterday. One is an illegal song which can lead to prosecution and the other about the Lions is the remit of brain dead bastards. I cant remember the Celtic fans en masse singing about say the Ibrox Disaster or anything as vile as what they come up with. The” cheer up” song might be unpalatable to many, but the poison and hatred that gushes from the lumpen hordes is on another level. FFS, we’ve just lost two of our greatest players and thats what we get from those odious reptiles. And folk ask me why I don’t like them, there’s my answer. Hateful bigots.

Noel Skytrot

My opinion of yesterday’s game,
the better team won on the “day”
Lennon’s team selection, strange
not enough from our camp on field
We have some issues that need resolved quickly ie new manager and squad sorted out
The board, they need to get their thumbs out their arses.

On a brighter note and at this moment in time, we’re 1 game away from doing a treble treble which will unlikely be repeated by any other club. As for William, let them revel in their deserved victory, and remember this, THEY HAVE WON hee haw. I know where I would rather be regardless of yesterday’s inept display.

Margaret McGill

I think I’ve just figured it out
Pure genius that Neil Lennon
Pure shite yesterday
Pure shite next week in the cup final practice
Lead them all into a false sense of hope
Treble treble

Also explains the quick sickophant leader on the other channel
Pure business man that Lawwel


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a new article posted on there so quickly after the match. Credit where it’s due-I know how long it takes me to type out an article,so Paul must have lightning fingertips to have done that one so quickly.


Yep,our best hope lies with DD showing some interest. I still reckon he’s far from pleased at losing BR.

Twists n turns

I said on here pre match I felt we would come up short but hoped I’d be proved wrong. Unfortunately I was right but what shocked and surprised me was just how short we came up.

Recent matches have highlighted the extent of the rebuilding task required.

We have a good keeper. We have KT, though the lad may well be thinking that it’s time to move on.

Ajer and Jozo I thought were ok yesterday, though I see from reading other news articles not everyone agrees, and I thought Johnny Hayes made the most of his limited ability.

There’s no denying Broony gives his all, and Calum tried to ably assist but they both being overcome by sheer numbers.

That was it for me. No one else kicked a ball ( though I did feel for an isolated Eddy)

How can we be outnumbered in midfield AND have an isolated looking striker? We did have 11 players ( I counted them to make sure when it appeared we were playing with 8) so it came down to sheer determination to win. They wanted it badly whilst it appeared we didn’t care.

Tired? Mentally and or physically? No Lenny, that’s bull I’m afraid.

This is a squad that’s been allowed to deteriorate over 3 to 4 transfer windows now. So much so, that on our last 2 visits to the theatre of hate we’ve managed what I’d have thought was nigh on impossible, that being we’ve made the Huns look like a very good team.

Put the goal after 2 minutes to one side. That can happen. What materialised after that was inexcusable. From the players and from the manager. Lenny say there staring out with the look of a man who either didn’t want to be there, or, had just heard news that he wasn’t going to be there.

Where do we go from here? Well Hampden of course. I’ll assume we will produce enough on the day to secure the win, but if Craig Levein watched that yesterday I’m sure he’s already got his team and tactics in his mind for the final.

Whether we leave Hampden with the trophy or not, there’s an awful lot of work to be done. We need 6 to 7 quality additions. That’ll cost plenty. Will it happen? Extremely doubtful.

We have gone from a walkover 3 years in a row, to a 2 horse race where the second runner was lame. Our custodians have sat back and waited on the other runner getting fully fit and it’s now about to bite them on the arse unless they invest a considerable amount of money into their runner.

big packy

morning bhoys, big feckin hangover from yesterday and I don’t mean the lager I consumed, cant believe we were outthought and outplayed by that shower, to be honest I had to rewind the tape to make sure Johnston and rogic were playing, felt sorry for hayes he tried but feel the boy is an Aberdeen player in a celtic top, don’t get me started on mr burke I said on the other channel yesterday the boy could not hit a cows arse with a banjo, let me also add he could not trap a bag of cement.,sorry lenny but you don’t seem to be able to motivate the players anymore, steve Clarke anyone.hh.

Twists n turns

Morning Packy
Clarke would be way down my list but I can see why he might be considered by some. Especially Lawell.
Cheap. Will be happy to work on a shoestring.

We will see how ambitious the board are. There are much better options out there.

Margaret McGill

I’d offer Steven Gerrard the Celtic job
Don’t know about you lot but he “tics” all the right boxes for me and there’s no conflict of interest

big packy

HI TWISTS AND TURNS, agree with that would love a good continental style manager, but if the biscuit tin wont get opened, id rather have Clarke than moyes.hope you are well.hh.

big packy

MAGS,nice to see you on, do you think mr gerrard would take it.hh.

bada bing1
Twists n turns

There are some extremely interesting theories and studies which cover causes of recessions and economic strife.
Sorry, I said extremely interesting eh? Ok extremely boring, but nevertheless useful if you ever need to look into developing a company into a successful concern.

I’d go into a bit more detail but I won’t for 2 reasons.

1. I’d bore the pants of you
2. I’m off to Musselburgh races and have some more important studying to deal with.

The crux of it is this ( and it’s aimed at you Mr Lawell if you happen to be looking in):

There’s a significant and important difference between thrift and hoarding.

-Thrift is important
– Hoarding causes recessions

Please note the above difference.

Margaret McGill

Big Packy
Since 2012 it doesn’t matter who manages the Old Firm
A CGI animation with the appropriate accent and cliches would suffice. They don’t pick the squad anyway.



Been on the phone earlier to a hun friend of mine. He was trying the wind up because they played us off the park, which they did. ☹️

Explained to him it was the best thing to happen to us as we will invest in a new manager and clear out the dross.

Maybe I’m a day dreamer.

Noel Skytrot

Check out the video from Atletico Bilbao as they remember Billy McNeill, the whole stadium singing YNWA. Compare it to those scummy bastards who besmirched his memory yesterday.

Noel Skytrot

you would think the Tributeers would’ve learned from the semi-finals a few years back, clearly not.

Three defenders, two midfielders and a winger on the bench, no forward. What the heck is going on, shocking state of affairs. As posts previously we are indeed going backwards at an enormous rate. I looked at squad 2014 which imo was better than today’s, James and Calumn were in squad, which seemed to have a good balance of mature and young players. Where are the development players knocking on the door. This is a terrible indictment of not paying attention for the future. If the board do not get their finger out there will not be a nine in a row.

Awe Naw

One question which should never be raised again though,is the one about NL getting the job full-time.

Bring back a European coach like Ronnie Deila or an EPL manager like Tony Mowbary

It was prudent that the Scottish national football team beat 2.0 yesterday.

Too much panic over a dead rubber.

Still scunnered, even more so when I actually think why.
The invincible season imo has done us untold damage, aye it was great for the support, the bragging rites, the kudos, again imo it allowed for complacency to set in big time at board level, they seemed to think that….well I have no idea what they were thinking, whatever it was hasn’t done us any favours, we have regressed so much now that the huns are breathing down our necks and are in a position to overtake us, once the downward spiral starts it’s momentum is nigh on impossible to halt, there has been NO forward planning, it’s been like Brendan will sort it, sadly he wasn’t backed and Brendan couldn’t sort it and did a runner, quite rightly so, for all the huns were bringing in players that wouldn’t normally have gotten near our team, at least they were bringing in new blood to freshen things up, they eventually have a squad-team that have out played us twice in the past couple of weeks, they even have a rookie coach who has out coached us in those two games as well, doesn’t fill me with confidence. What’s even sadder is there are supporters out there who can’t see what’s staring them in the face, they seem to be under the impression that everything is gonna be alright, and they say the huns are deluded.
I said Stevie Clarke if we are going local, if it’s him or Lenny it’s a no brainer, but I would go foreign all day long.

If Brendan was still here and was due to leave in a few weeks, not a single supporter would want Lenny as the new boss, he wouldn’t even be mentioned, so why is he the one now, just ask yourself why.



If the board don’t invest and blow it, they will empty Celtic Park.
They know it and if they sit on their hands their pockets will feel it.
That’s why they will dig deep… Hopefully. ☘️

Awe Naw

The wake-up call for Celtic and how Dermot Desmond and Peter Lawwell will react – Keith Jackson
Rangers romped to victory at Ibrox but the result now throws up all kinds of questions for the Hoops board.

Keith Jackson
ByKeith Jackson
06:00, 13 MAY 2019UPDATED08:12, 13 MAY 2019

The eight time champions of the SPFL who are on the cusp of truly unprecedented any where in the world treble treble.

Let no Celtic fan be fooled by talk of invincibles or tens of millions in thd bank.

In fact, come to think of it, the pants-on-head furore which greeted Celtic’s spanking at Ibrox yesterday was really quite remarkable given we are dealing here with a team which stands 90 minutes away from a third successive clean sweep of Scotland’s major silverware.

But even though the trophies are bursting out of the boardroom cabinet and the bank balance is bloated beyond belief, the fact remains that alarm bells were clattering all over the city of Glasgow yesterday as Scotland’s champions were being dismantled at the home of their spiky old neighbours.

There’s no shame in losing a football match, especially one which has no genuine meaning in terms of the final destination of a title already secured. But it was the quite spectacular manner of this capitulation which will have struck fear into the hearts and minds of their supporters now that championships nine now look to be beyond them.

What matters most of all now then is how Celtic respond to this latest loss and the chances are that chief executive Peter Lawwell and the club’s sugar daddy Dermot Desmond will ignore the events and advice proffered by many.

It’s not as if either man can stand accused of falling asleep at the wheel over the past few seasons. Far from it.

In fact, they have spent more money over the last three seasons than at any point in the club’s history. The wage bill which was sanctioned during Brendan Rodgers’ time in charge has reached outrageous, eye-popping levels but now hardly seems like an appropriate moment to start talking about slashing into that monstrosity.

With history at stake, Celtic’s supporters will simply not stand for it. They will expect all the money to be spent as quickly as possible while completely disregarding whatever mitigating circumstances might have built up behind the scenes.

And those problems are now stacking up.

There is relative mountain of expensive dead wood which has been stock piled at the club’s Lennoxtown HQ over the last three seasons and it tells a story of money horribly misspent.

Dorus de Vries, Jeremy Toljan, Jack Hendry, Marvin Compper, Cristian Gamboa, Nir Bitton, Eboue Kouassi, Daniel Arzani, Scott Allan, Youssouf Mulumbu and Vakoun Issouf Bayo. Now there’s a Celtic starting XI that strikes terror into the heart of absolutely no one outside of the club’s accounts department.

With 20 million rated central defender Dedryck Boyata definitely leaving on a free and Oliver Burke, Timothy Weah, Toljan and Filip Benkovic returning to their parent clubs, the enormity of the rebuilding work required this summer begins to look rather monumental and beyond the capabilities of a failed manager like Neil Lennon.

That none of these loan players will be particularly missed says another thing about the standard of Brendan Rodgers recruitment. It’s been all over the shop.

Put it this way, when it was announced the other day that Lee Congerton had stepped away from his role as head of recruitment the tributes to his work weren’t even trickling in.

If Neil Lennon was ready to take this all on over the summer then his hopes also suffered a pounding, as well as his players.

Lennon picked the wrong day and the worst possible place to get his team and tactics so badly botched but the caretaker was not helped by the players in whom he placed his faith. Almost to a man, they were truly woeful and will never play above yesterdays standard again it was that traumatic for them.

By way of sharp contrast, Rangers were all energy, sharpness and purpose. In Glen Kamara, Ryan Jack, Scott Arfield and the excellent Steve Davis in particular, they controlled this heart of this contest from start to finish. Celtic’s response to this dominance beyond feeble and questions must be asked if this Celtic squad can ever recover from this setback. Rangers look to be in a much better position for Europa League onslaught next season.

Lennon too, normally a human fireball on days like this, seemed strangely subdued and detached from what was going on before his eyes. Much like his team, he looked like a man who’s had the spirit and desire sucked out of him as Rangers ran away with it. It was almost as if this match was meaningless and that Celtic were prepared to lose it.

Perhaps he knew that what he was really witnessing here was the prospect of Celtic winning nine in a row now being outwith of his clubs reach. That he was also the target of more empty-headed abuse from Celtic fans will have done nothing to improve his mood but it may make him wonder if he really needs this muck back in his life.

Again, it must be stressed, that Lennon and Celtic can disguise the predicament from this in two week’s time to complete a third successive Treble by beating Hearts at Hampden, but winning a treble treble will only distract them from the reality of how poor they really are. Even Brendan Rodgers knew and that is why he jumped ship.

In normal times, it would be unfathomable that Lennon would not then be given the gig on a more permanent basis but these are not normal times with the spectre of Gerrard in the background. How can they possibly be normal when Celtic can rattle off nine domestic trophies in a row and still go into the summer bagged down with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety?

For Rangers, a raft of different problems were being created. The soaring expectations of the club’s support is not a dilemma for Steven Gerrard because next season’s title will now be demanded of him as a bare minimum and he will take it in his ever increasing stride

Most punters and experts left Ibrox yesterday convinced that their side is now a far superior force even before Gerrard adds reinforcements this summer. They are unlikely to display any tolerance should the gap which has separated them from Celtic for so long, suddenly reappear any time soon.

And that’s where Gerrard must hope that the men in charge of Celtic continue to do business they way they normally do, do not react to this loss in a similar manner to how they responded when Mark Warburton’s Rangers knocked Ronny Delia’s side out of the Scottish Cup three years ago.

That was the moment Desmond knew it was time for his club to get serious again after hitching a free ride for long enough while totting up titles one to five. There is noting he can now do with Steven Gerrard the new Ibrox supremo

Yesterday’s humiliation offered proof of a clear and present threat to numbers 9 and 10 with probably at least a ten year non winning hiatus in the post for Celtic.

Chris Hughton sacked at Brighton.

Bloody ingrates.

Awe Naw

Mark Hughes on shortlist of ‘five to 10’ candidates for manager’s job, says Celtic chief
Peter Lawwell says the Welshman is just one of a number of potential new coaches.
May 13th 2019, 9:55 AM 7,922 Views 53 Comments Share69 Tweet14 Email6
Mark Hughes: linked with Parkhead hot seat.
Image: Ryan Byrne/INPHO
Mark Hughes IS on a shortlist of up to 10 candidates for the Celtic job, according to the club’s chief executive.

But Peter Lawwell said this morning that Hughes is just one of a number of potential new managers the Scottish champions are looking at.

“We are looking at a number of exceptional candidates Roy Keane, Mark Hughes, David Moyes, Tony Pulis, Giovanni Trapattoni, Neil and a few others have applied and we’re going through the selection process. Hopefully it won’t take too long but I’m sure you’ll understand there’s not too much more we can say,” he told STVsport.

“Clearly we want to do it as soon as we possibly can but these things you can’t put a time on it you just have to do your work properly and hopefully we’ll get it done as soon as we can.

“As soon as we do that we will let our supporters know. You don’t want to get it wrong by going too fast, you need to take your time and make sure you get the right guy.”

Asked what makes Hughes an ideal candidate, Lawwell said: “Well Mark is a first-class guy like the others and has a wealth of experience, there’s a lot of great candidates and we’ll just wait and see.”

Twists n turns

I like Chris Hughton. He done well at Newcastle and Birmingham.
Admittedly it was some time ago but he’s worked under pressure and I felt always handled it well.

I do think however we need someone better.

Eddie Howe would be my guy. He’s done remarkably well in my opinion. I’m sure we can attract someone away from Bournemouth, IF the desire is there.


Hope the board read Jacksons hun pish and ram it down his throat.
If not, then what he said might come true and his kin will forever laugh at us.
Ffs open your eyes and your purse strings Celtic.

Before Brendan got the job Eddie Howe was the one I wanted.


Rest assured,I wasn’t flying a kite for him! Just shocked at him getting the bullet,tbh.

Mind,he’s probably a better bet than some of the people on the alleged list. Tony Pulis? Rolls eyes…

As for Mark Hughes,I’d take him as a striker-even at his age he canny be worse than we’ve seen recently in our colours. But not as a manager. And Trappatoni is older than Methuselah’s dad.

Awe Naw


I´m hearing that Steve Mc Laren impressed at the interview and spoke with a Glasgow accent while speaking to Peter and a Cork one when speaking to Dermot Desmond and that they still don´t know if he was winding them up or not. 🙂


Ffs,you’ll have me looking out the razor blades shortly!

The Gombeen Man

It’s about cause and effect for me.

The cause of this is an ineffective CEO and his spin doctors.

That needs fixed or this cycle repeats.

Sevco aren’t Man City but they have the decks loaded. The refs, the SFA, the media. All this was allowed to happen while we played Moneyball and stockpiled projects.

The Resolutioners presented the silver bullets but the opportunity to clean up the game was baulked at.

An appointment of a decent manager will only paper over the cracks, until Pedro’s incompetence undermines whoever takes the job.

We need someone with balls at the top who speak out when necessary and doesn’t tip toe about in the shadows making deals with those whose only agenda is damage Celtic.

We have a billionaire majority shareholder and money in the bank. If Dermot Desmond doesn’t get a grip once and for all…

The money will disappear quicker than snow of a dyke and the coveted share price will collapse.

Looking at the list of candidates posted earlier, I hope there’s a bit of distraction going on.

Brendan Rodgers joined Leicester on the 26th of February and the PLC have been busy deflecting and smearing since.

I sincerely hope that real progress has been made in the recruitment of a suitable coach in the last 76 days?


Margaret McGill

I am convinced that the machinations at the last AGM are to facilitate a PL cash in as he exits in the summer of 2020 or 2021. If that’s not the case then DD better be up to something

Byres Road Bhoy

Re the ‘list’ of potential Celtic managerial candidates posted earlier, relax everybody. We’ve just been ‘Awe Naw’ed. Again. I should know by now having been an avid CQN lurker for years but even I was taken in by his masterpiece at Tony Pulis FFS! Now if he’d added Alex McLeish to the list I’d have twigged immediately but as it is it took me ages to clear up a table of vomit after I read it! Well done Awe Nawe. You took me to the cleaners! Literally. Lol!
TGM at 11.50 for what it’s worth I agree totally.

Byres Road Bhoy

As far as managerial candidates are concerned, surely the Dutchman Phillip Cocu is worth a look. 47 years old. Played for Barcelona for six years. Managed PSV Eindhoven between 2014 and 2018 winning three Dutch titles. Favours 4-3-3 and youth development. Alas, was tempted to Fenerbahce in summer last year but that didn’t end well. Sacked after 15 matches. Nevertheless ranked at number 19 in FourFourTwo’s 50 best football managers at end of October last year in a list which places Brendan Rodgers at 50… Must be worth an interview surely. Currently unemployed. Hope these links work.

Cocu is a great shout, it’s not as if we don’t have the money, the £9 mill compo will more than pay for someone decent.

bada bing1

BRB- I’ve got a fiver on Cocu at 25/1….the lack of passion from the dugout yesterday was noticeable for me

Awe Naw

What if …. just play along .. what if the powers at be thought that a hun win yesterday in a meaningless end of season rubber would bolster their ST sales .. which it undoubtedly it will … and left them thinking well we are not that far off the champions so we don’t need to recruit that much this summer .. would that be a positive outcome .. in the long run

Now of that is what was being intimated to the playing squad … would Neil Lennon be up for an oscar having showed passion at Ibrox ?

The bottom line is they are only three draws behind us over a whole season, easily sorted by the cheats with the whistles, this is a major problem for us, for sure we have a massive rebuilding job ahead, but a well run club wouldn’t be in the position where a major rebuild is necessary, we should be going from one season to another with minimum effort, no matter who will be in charge it’s a feckin shambles.

Another wee snippet that confirms the job is Lenny’s.
The 47-year-old Irishman, speaking to the Daily Record, insisted: “There’s a rebuilding job, there’s no question of that and I’ve known that from day one.”
I think the reason Lenny hasn’t been confirmed as the new boss is season book sales, I don’t think they are flying out the door as fast as they had hoped and Lenny ain’t gonna add to the feelgood factor, get the season books sold then appoint Lenny.

The Gombeen Man

Neil Lennon has been low key on the sideline for weeks. He’s trying to keep a lid on it and not get involved in anything that might cause the PLC embarrassment

As for yesterday the team played like they’d been on the lash for the week.


I’d say that article on CQN was started after 67 seconds. Where are the infamous moderators there? The daily ranting at BR is the stuff of the Southsiders.


Cheers, good to see you on again.



The Gombeen Man
Neil Lennon has been low key on the sideline for weeks. He’s trying to keep a lid on it and not get involved in anything that might cause the PLC embarrassment.

I think yesterday he changed his mind.
His involvement in selection and tactics led to a right royal fuck up that certainly embarrassed the club.
Not accepting his excuses that he doesn’t want to make changes and rock the boat.
Any decent professional would have addressed some of our glaring issues.
He has stood by watching performances decline and responded with numerous excuses and finger pointing.
A wage thief to date.


One thing that really struck me yesterday was how our players are conditioned to a limited playing style.
They for the most part play exactly the same ball over and over so it’s no wonder our potency has declined.
They no longer look capable of thinking for themselves.
What chance do we have for defense splitting passes when they have been coached against risking this?

The huns played a simple forward passing game and we played a simple sideways and backwards passing game.
Is it any real surprise that they scored goals and we never looked likely to do the same?


I am as disappointed as the next person over, not the defeat, but the manner of it. All teams will lose matches. What is important is to understand why a loss occurred and then assess if it has any impact on the way the club is developing.
The loss at Ibrox was easily predictable, given the circumstances. NL has received a lot of unfair criticism even although he has overachieved in his mission. BR’s departure was the turning point in a difficult season, where off-field problems were growing to a crisis point. There is a strong argument for concluding that his departure was both unprofessional and vindictive. The latter because he denuded the management team., purely in his own interests in his new job. The remainder of the season could so easily have been derailed at that point. Players were disillusioned over the sudden departure and the manner in which the players were kept in the dark. It was a receipt for them to down tools and focus on their futures rather than that of the club.
In came Lenny, at short notice, and immediately he quelled the fears of many of the squad. Broony welcomed him back and the response was good victories in two difficult away games…one in the league versus Hearts, and the other in the cup against Hibs. Defeats in either or both of those games would have sent the club into a tailspin. That did not happen and the interim manager steadied the ship and finally achieved the main objective last weekend when he orchestrated the win at Pittodrie that secured the eighth title. Getting to the cup final was a bonus. So, well done Lenny you achieved your goal, and added a cup final as a bonus. Not many could have accomplished what Lenny did.
Now along the way, the suspicion grew amongst some, that NL was not the man to take the club forward…..a view that I share. If you contrast his attitude in the last media conference with that of previous ones, you will note a sharp contrast. He was short and tetchy in his responses…challenging even! I believe that he has either been told the job was not going to be his, or that he had concluded that his best efforts were not enough to shoehorn him into the position.
Given this backdrop, is it surprising that Celtic capitulated to a Sevco team that was playing, at home, for the only “prize” that they could achieve at this stage of the season? Neither players nor the manager were motivated for this fixture. Yes, team selection and tactics contributed to the result, but the die was already set.
Finally, many of us would like to see the Board seize the initiative at this time to re-assure all that they have progressed in the search for a quality coach. My friends, now is not the time for the Board or the CEO to make such an announcement……strategically, it would be poor, not to mention disrespectful to the current coach. We have a cup final to prepare for…kicking NL in the teeth by announcing who is in the running would be a disincentive to both Lenny and the team prior to this game. So, in the round, no news does not mean that nothing is happening. There is a time and a place for everything! Let us just respect what Lenny has achieved this season and hope that the club finds another role for him within the organization. We have just lost two fine ambassadors for the club. We have a ready made replacement in Lenny. Neil Francis Lennon…you have my full respect.


A thing of beauty

Some interesting thoughts today guys. It’s good to see some forward thinking and various candidates being mentioned. I agree with TET, if BR had stuck around till the end of the season, no way would we want Neil for the job. Why would we? His CV is not of the calibre required and all that shite about “he gets it” isn’t exactly transferring to the players.
The pressure on the 10 is going to be enormous and we require a detached professional to deliver it. A coach who can improve players, demands complete dedication and who is not interested in being the players pal. I was down right bloody annoyed when I heard our players were off to Dublin after last Saturday. Do you think the Man City players will have four days off on a boys holiday after winning their title. Naw, because they are professional athletes and their season is not finished.
Lenny learned from Martin O’Neill and thinks his tactics still work. They don’t.
Peter Lawwell has had over a year now to find a new coach for our football club. If he hasn’t got one that’s top drawer we as fans need to let him know he’s failing in his job. To allow that rag tag mob to be breathing down our necks, giving them the opportunity to get their battle fever on is failure enough. To put the next league in jeopardy will be unforgivable.
Lawwell will be devastated at how Lenny’s tenure has panned out because even he can’t spin this to the vast majority of our support. Nope. I expect a top coach with his own staff and recruitment team in place by 27 May. Get on with it dermot please.

If we appoint a new manager and he presumably brings his own coaching team with him, there might still be a vacancy for a head scout/recruitment. If that were the case and obviously with the agreement of the manager I would put forward Neil Lennon. He has a better history in that area than BR ever did. Yes a few duds but nowhere on the scale of the past two years.

big packy

HI GHUYS ive resigned myself to the fact that neil has got the job, im dreading the champions league with these players I wont be watching behind the couch ill be watching under it, good god almighty getting beat by a better team I can take but not them knucledraggers, over on the other channel its fantasy island the board will have to splash the cash at least 30 to 40 million quid enough to give peter a heart attack,,can I just say on a non football topic Its glorious sunshine down here in Cheshire at the moment, so we decided to take the wifes mother out for the day she is wheelchair bound and has to carry two oxygen cylinders around with her ,she wanted to go to chester which is not far about 12 miles, we could not find any wheelchair friendly car parks, and the one we did find was 10 pounds for a 2 hour stay, I was willing to pay it but my mother in law said no way, so we ended up coming back to our local pub for a meal, so beware if your going to chester.hh.

Awe Naw

The Celtic support will not revolt while Celtic participate in the continuation myth. They did not revolt when the club lead the Resolution 12 bhoys a merry dance. If they revolt at the appointment of “We are all Neil Lennon” then they are nothing but a bunch of huns. They won’t revolt of course. The first two sentences prove that they never will.

big packy

AWENAW you are correct unfortunately, we will get shafted time after time and they wont do anything about it, they have the power, just don’t buy the season tickets and watch peter squirm.hh.