Time to waken up your ideas,Celtic!

There’s still only one topic in town,though there are some which lead on from there. And that is Sunday’s fiasco.

I really had no wish to view any of it again-in fact,I was for offski after the second goal on Sunday,were it not that I had a review to do. But needs must.

There are a couple of things noticeable in the mercifully brief highlights shown here.

The first goal is a particularly bad one to lose. Kent positively hares after a ball he has no right to get to,while Lustig patiently waits for it to arrive instead of attacking it. Result is that the clearance is charged down,Kent retains possession and wins the free kick.

There is only one Rangers player standing beside the ball,and Tavernier is all right foot. So an inswinging cross. The Celtic players line up alongside the Rangers players to attack the cross-all facing the Celtic goal!

Be honest,that’s schoolboy stuff. The only outcomes from this are that the ball becomes a danger to our goal if a touch from either side occurs,or it becomes a danger to our goal if no touch occurs. Attack the bloody thing while facing away from our goal and get the ball clear,but there was zero chance of that happening the way we lined up to defend it. And even if by some miracle we had cleared it,who were we clearing it to? All eleven of our players were in the box,so the ball would have come straight back in. Bloody amateur hour.

I have no idea who has been coaching this team to defend these types of free kick into our box,but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it was done even a few months ago.

The next thing that becomes apparent is how much of Rangers possession and chances came from loose passes by Celtic players. Now,I suggested on Monday that our two midfielders were getting swamped by their five opponents pressing them right away,giving them no time to control the ball and pick the pass,but the number of times we were forced into a stray one-touch pass was shocking.

We were trying to play the ball through a packed midfield while we were getting little going down our wings. They had five against our two in there,the gaps were obvious and we couldn’t find them.

We had three players in particular out there who are blessed with incredible speed. Edouard,Burke,Johnston. They didn’t receive one ball all day to run onto,until late in the game when Eddy was given a chance to leave his man for dead and tee up Burke. He couldn’t decide which foot to hit it with,so hit it with both to sum up his day.

Meanwhile,our manager has been watching the same dross we all were,but waited over an hour for his first tactical substitution. Looking at his subs bench,he wasn’t exactly heavy on attacking options either. But neither substitution offered a shake-up in our formation,they were pretty much like for like,and it was the formation on the day which had led to such a poor performance in the first place. Perhaps he could have brought Ntcham on for Rogic first,and gone 4-3-3 with Burke wide right,Eddy left and Johnston through the middle. Playing a more orthodox three in the midfield might have given us the option of having players near enough to pass to that we could get a bit of space and time on the ball to play it forward! That we will never know,NL certainly can’t hear me from 400 miles away.

Overall,it was a damning confirmation of what many of us have been saying for long enough now,and that is that the team needs to be built upon from a position of strength. We are now too far down that road,the team needs rebuilt as badly as the one that Fergie left behind at Manchester United,or Dalglish at Liverpool in 1991.

Money was thrown at both,but the signings were wholesale and at the same time piecemeal. No thought on how they might fit into a team,because the team that had brought the success was gone.

Pennypinching-for whatever reason!-has gone on too long. Woe betide those the fans hold responsible if we fail to win the league for the next two seasons.


Another day,another baleful statement from Jabba. This time decrying what he views as Rangers players being held to different standards. I presume he wants fair refereeing across the board,and he has a point. We can start with the huns losing Flanagan,Kent,Morelos and McGregor during actual playing time for assaults on players from one team alone,never mind the other cases of blatant thuggery which have gone unpunished. Jabba old son,yer starting to sound like that addled old soak Leggat. I can draw no finer comparison.


Above article by a still beelin’ BMCUWP. Post your thoughts below,or better still,send us something for publication as Article of the Day. Once you’ve got the first one done,there’ll be no stopping you!



PS-best wishes to Mahe’s pal who is stricken with MS. Another of those diseases which medical science still hasn’t got to grips with.

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Due to my unsocial hours regime,I missed this post yesterday and the follow-on discussion it provoked. So I’ll belatedly grovel to REBUS67,MIKEINTORONTO,MAHE and the various others who contributed there. Well done,fellas. Cap doffed for some brilliant points.

There seems to be a strong tone of anti-PL, anti-DD on the blog today. Perhaps it is a reaction to the tripe on another blog?

Let me outline my concerns which may be not be justified or may, in fact, become a reality.

As a business, Celtic PLC is a well-run operation, not perfect but it is stable and returns a profit. Whether PL likes it or not, BR’s term contributed impressively to that……increased value of assets; CL qualification. Without a profitable enterprise, the club would not be able to consider improving the player pool through acquisition. You can question PL and DD’s commitment to the brand, but the income statement and balance sheets do not lie(unlike those of another club!)

Now here is my concern, and it may already be happening. Corporate performance weakness in professional franchises leaves them open to being acquired by either a) a billionaire seeking a vanity project, or b) a nefarious enterprise wishing to use the club for other purposes. We have seen this happen in other countries that support the major football leagues, including England. In the latter, even clubs in the Championship have been targeted.

It is only a matter of time before attention focuses North on our league. Some might argue that this already happened with the arrival of Fergus and then DD. However, currently, there is one club in the SPL that is a natural as the prime target………weak as a viable enterprise but with a strong fan base. In addition, two of the major macro forces that determine success in football in Scotland are already favourably disposed towards that club. I refer to the governing body and the media. In short, Sevco is the ideal target for an “entrepreneur” to take over and make it the number one club in our league. Winning the league is the key to financial success in the SPL, through access to the CL. Given the current state of the playing resources at Celtic, it would not take many prime investments to knock us off our perch. It may already be happening, because I cannot see why the lights are still on at Ibrox. This nightmare future is not new, only those pulling the strings will be different. It all happened in the not too distant past.

If this happens, how can Celtic compete with them? I do not have a definitive answer to that but I do know that having a poorly run club, financially, is no basis for handling the nightmare described above.


May 14, 2019 2:37 pm

Noel Skytrot

The defeat from the huns was out of my system for tea time on Sunday, we got beat, its done with. I’m more interested in when there will be an announcement regarding the managerial position, which I suspect will be after the SC final. As for Statement FC, leave them too it, its expected now every time things don’t go their way. Its that WATP mindset they have, they simply don’t understand that things have changed on many levels, and they’re not the
dominant force any more, fuck them.


I respectfully disagree,Noel. We gave them an impetus which they don’t deserve.

That result and that performance on Sunday all derived from a dereliction of duty on the recruitment front. Driven by our CEO,who picked up around £3.5m from the club-that’s us,remember!-this year,and that same dereliction of duty looks likely to leave us playing a reserve team near enough in the Cup Final.

And one without a recognised striker.

The repercussions of that game,including the injuries,may resonate for a while yet.

Noel Skytrot

I don’t disagree on any of the points you’ve made in reply to my comment, I was talking about the aftermath of the defeat on a personal basis. I used to get so wound up and was an angry man engaging in all sorts of madness with fans of the dead club resulting in serious consequences for me as an individual. I’ve just learned to ignore the background noise these days.
Dignity FC’s statement makes you laugh, they won a game but instead of taking the plaudits we have the craziness of
we should’ve won the league
we’ll win the league (again)
reprehensible actions by their fans which has been highlighted and the club/ company has not uttered a word in condemnation, yet, one of their players is hit with another citation, and its statement o’clock. You couldn’t make it up with that mob.

Noel Skytrot

if we fail to win the SC and 9 and 10, and don’t
have some level of progress in Europe the cannons should be wheeled out and fired at the board. In my humble opinion there’s not enough dissenting voices among the support due to the club winning everything at domestic level. We need to do more.


I might be lucky having so many hun mates then! We always had the rule that we didn’t talk about the game after two hours.

That was plenty by then,I can assure you. Saved a lot of sore faces,I reckon,and a lot of friendships.

As for not enough dissenting voices,I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been highly critical of PL’s influence and direction for longer than most,and for years I’ve choked on my pint as I listen to the reasons given for me being wrong,and how he has been an absolute 100% success,unprecedented in the history of our club.

I’ve also watched how that particular perception is being uttered less and less over the years on the various sites I either lurked on or contributed to.

That The Emperor Has No Clothes is slowly dawning on an increasing number cheers me up a tad. That it has taken so long saddens me.

Twists n turns

I can fully relate to the feelings you experienced in the aftermath of games v them. I’m still not good at dealing with it but definitely an improvement on the way I used to react.

At one stage my mum used to implore me not to go due to the state I was in pre match and quite often post match.

As I say, not nearly as bad now but nevertheless it’s probably still not conducive to helping my blood pressure for which i still have to take quite a few tablets just to keep it in check.

It goes back to what Celtic mean to its supporters. Something most people I worked with in England for 20 years never understood.

When I was leaving work last year, I had a few of my managers out for a meal and we were reflecting on my time there. A lady who reported to me said my departing was the saddest day in her career, and thanked me for giving her the confidence to carry out her job and putting trust in her with various promotions.

She then added “ I must admit it turned out differently to how I thought it would”

I asked her what she meant?

She said “ when you first took over, we absolutely dreaded Celtic v Rangers matches. Especially if Celtic lost. I didn’t even need to look at the fixtures. I knew Celtic we’re playing Rangers because of your mood, and if Celtic lost I dreaded coming in on a Monday.”

Now that’s bad. I asked her why she hadn’t said anything.

She said she learned just to give me a wide berth for a day or two and I’d gradually return to normal.

Not a great quality to have as part of your legacy, but as we’ve all discussed on here many times, Celtic aren’t just our team, they’re a massive part of our DNA and it’s something that I don’t think leaves you.

For anyone who thinks my not renewing my season ticket makes me less of a supporter than them, they’re wrong. It hurt me more than some could ever know, but I found myself not only getting annoyed with PL’s lack of strategy, but I was developing a hatred for him. That’s not a good place to be.

I disagree absolutely with the comments yesterday that we are a well run club. I see us being mismanaged. If having cash in the bank is the most meaningful performance metric, then yes, PL deserves credit.

I however never got into Celtic to see them have the most money in the bank. Most important is to see football played the Celtic way. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that we can stay solvent but still improve our standards. We have 8 in a row but part of that is because we were in a one horse race for many of those titles. The standard is slipping big time and I won’t hear any different. I’ve watched it week in week out and it’s getting worse.

Lawell is keeping the money men happy.

The real “ knicker wetters” are the ones who tell you we need to keep millions in the bank and worse still qualify the argument by adding “ look what happened to the Huns”

As I said on here before there’s a difference between thrift and hoarding.

big packy

HI BOBBY, good article as always, but ill take your word on the things we got wrong, im not going to look at that u tube clip seeing that shit once is enough, one thing im sure of, if we don’t recruit a descent manager no offence to neil, and get some quality in the team I can see them getting on top of us next season, and im feckin dreading that.hh.

big packy

TWISTS AND TURNS, hi pal you know what that is the way I feel about lawell myself at the moment, and im not ashamed to say it, nor am I proud, but he seems to want to keep us back from competing in Europe for some reason, we have got money there ffs lets spend it.hh,

When someone decides on principal that not renewing their season book is called for, that IMO makes them more of a supporter because they actually care and have decided that by doing this last act is in some small way going to help to bring about change.
By blindly carrying on as per and funding things, you are doing nothing to bring about any meaningful change, in fact you are helping our enemy’s to continue to cheat and harm our club.
Don’t beat yourself up, what you are doing is the right thing to do, if more and more did the same change would be brought about far quicker.HH
Things to do, laters.


I know what your colleague is talking about. When we lost the league in 2005-as soon as their first goal went in,we were done-I downed my pint and effed off.

Literally didn’t speak to anyone,bar-leave it!-till Wednesday,and I’m not sure I was even approachable a week later. It’s not a good place to be,but if ever it was understandable…

Awe Naw


. In addition, two of the major macro forces that determine success in football in Scotland are already favourably disposed towards that club. I refer to the governing body and the media. In short, Sevco is the ideal target for an “entrepreneur” to take over and make it the number one club in our league. Winning the league is the key to financial success in the SPL, through access to the CL.

So why did we ignore Res 12 ?


I agree. TWISTSNTURNS and I have a few mutual friends. I remember on a train to a hoot with one-Paul F-and he was telling me how much it hurt him to give up his ticket,and how much he resented PL for putting him in that position.

He missed the football. He missed the whole occasion of a day going to see Celtic. He missed a dayoooooot wi his pals!

I commiserated with him,congratulated him on his principles,but said that I doubted I could have done it. Might as well be honest,eh?

I also suggested that he buys his ticket and tells the troops that it was a Father’s Day present from his kids,should anyone ask.

Honestly,he looked at me like I’d grown horns.

Yep,I’m with you. Anyone who gives up their season ticket for reasons like Paul,TWISTSNTURNS and a fair few others we both know of have my total respect.


Because someone has something to hide.

Making a mistake while acting in the best interests of the club isn’t a hanging offence. Nor is getting found out.

As always,it’s the cover-up which kills you. And that is what they are trying to hide.

Twists n turns

Big Packy

It’s not them beating us that I have the biggest problem with, it’s the fact that they should never have been within touching distance of us. Absolutely dreadful mismanagement of our playing squad over several transfer windows. Multiple dross additions. Look at the McGinn fiasco. I’m convinced he’d have come to us if we’d been prepared to pay the fee required. We most certainly wouldn’t have been rolled over on Sunday in the manner we were, and he absolutely fits the bill of a player who when he did want to move on, would demand top dollar in the way VVD did. What would McGinn cost to buy now??

Instead we forked out on loanees, brought in Burke and Weah then hardly used them, brought in young Morgan then loaned him out.

Eddie bucks the trend. £8m. I think when we spent that it satisfied a lot of bhoys. Me? I said at the time he’s never an £8m player. I still believe that.

In PL defence, I’m assuming Brendan wanted Eddie in. He delivered. I’m not sure Eddie will.

So even when we looked to spend top dollar I feel it wasn’t invested wisely.

Many I’m sure will agree on Eddie being worth £8m. I’m not seeing it. Above average player in a dreadful league. Not going to improve us in respect of Europe.

big packy

TWISTS AND TURNS, agree regards eddie, he is a decent player in a poor league, it scunners me think them bassas are going to catch us up.hh.

Noel Skytrot

Twists and Turns,
I get you mate. On your decision to not renew, fuck what anyone says, its your hard earned cash that pays for a season ticket, not theirs. Also, its got nothing to do with them what decisions you make, I would never question anyone’s choices on here, as its none of my business what others do.HH

Awe Naw

I don’t believe that Eddie cost 9m.

Once Eddie has played 150 games for Celtic scored 100 goals and 20 for France then yes we might well have forked out 9m if he is still on the books by then.

Apparently,Boyata is weighing up an offer from Hertha Berlin. A team that will never win anything,and £40k a week.

I expect he’s on £20k a week with us. Give him the £40k a week and the prospect of some more medals,a four year contract extension would cost us £4m extra.

How much will it cost us to replace him? Especially with a hit-and-miss try ten cheapies approach that we use.

I agree re Boyatta, but we won’t break the wage ceiling, it’s just another aspect of a club not being well run as well as it could be 😉

Margaret McGill

In my opinion I think we are all pissing in the wind until Lawwell exits. It’s been the same modus operandi for 16 years and I don’t see it changing.

Nice turnover
EPL fodder
Europe if yer lucky
Whit are the Huns daein?

Awe Naw

I´m hearing that some judgement is going to be passed down today with regards Sevco.

Does anyone know if it is the SDI case or the Whitehouse case ?

Awe Naw


Well done young man.

Who is Celtic Football Club for?
Celtic Football Club is for people who want to support a football club that strives for excellence in Scotland and in Europe, is proud of its history, supportive of its local community and seeks to support the following aims: “To maximise all opportunities to disassociate the Club from sectarianism and bigotry of any kind. To promote Celtic as a Club for all people, regardless of gender, age, religion, race or ability.”

Instead of gender we really should change this to sexual orientation

Wish it was August and everything was sorted out.

Awe Naw

The winners of the 2018–19 UEFA Europa League will come from England. If the already-qualified Chelsea win, the following changes to the access list will be made:
The third-placed team of association 5 (France) enter the group stage instead of the third qualifying round.
The runners-up of association 10 and 11 (Turkey and Austria) enter the third qualifying round instead of the second qualifying round.

We are 20th

Awe Naw
The SDI case was sitting yesterday afternoon, hopefully it’s that one.

Awe Naw


lets hope so as I am so totally bored out of my tits today.

Technical numptyness is going to be the ruining of us all. The entire planet.

You know the old saying .. give a man a fish …teach him to fish etc.. why does it not apply to the IT world ????

please please mister just dae it fir me and I promise to come back in two days and annoy ye again and ask ye tay dae the exact same thing every two days for the rest of your life and no mine…you can take a technical numpty to a technical guideline water hole but ye canny make him read it.

Come on Judge Lionel Persey make it happen … a 7 million quid damages ruling

bada bing1

Today is the anniversary of both Tommy Burns and Bobby Murdoch passing. Two Great Celts.

Awe Naw

MORE TO COME Rangers star Morelos says ‘as soon as there is something official I will be announcing it’ with ‘many’ clubs interested
The 29-goal Colombian striker is expected to leave Ibrox this summer and says there are many clubs interested in his services

By Mark Walker
15th May 2019, 9:39 amUpdated: 15th May 2019, 9:45 am
ALFREDO MORELOS has revealed he dreams of playing in a ‘more professional league’ but has stressed he remains focused with Rangers.

The Colombian striker is on the hunt for an escape route from Scottish football and also his 30th goal of the season on Sunday as Steven Gerrard’s side travel to Kilmarnock for the last game of the league.

Morelos has been relegated to the bench recently after returning from his four-game suspension due to punching anything that moves close to him on the football pitch.

The game in Ayrshire could be his last in a Rangers shirt and he can expect a summer of made up stories and found less speculation about his future.

And Morelos knows there is plenty of interest in his services.

He said in perfect English, almost bordering on a West Country accent: “There is a lot of speculation about my possible departure, but there is nothing concrete yet.

“I know that there are many interested clubs asking; Thunder Gym Club – Milan, Celtic Warrior Boxing Gym Club Dublin, Audace Roma Club – Rome and as soon as there is something official I will be announcing it.

“But I’m committed to Rangers just now for the next week. I’ve had a good season and many rich clubs with lots of money are very interested and everything will be done in the right way. The Chairman has assured me.

“I dream of playing in a much better, more competitive league and nicer sunnier place.

“I look at the English Premier League and the Spanish League. The leagues in France and Italy are very big leagues too with lots and lots of money”

“But I am very happy with what has been a great season with the most successful club in the world. I’ve scored a lot of goals, punched a few peoples lights out and love testicles and on Sunday I hope to end the season with another goal and be the top scorer in Scotland.

“I am really happy with losing every competition this year with Rangers. For me, it was an incredible season to play for the most successful club in the world. All my Columbian team mates are very interested in Rangers and ask me everything like what is Ryan Jack really like”

“I’ve scored nearly 30 goals and I also got an award from my fellow players too. Being recognised by them as the best player in the world is one of the best moments of my career.

“Here in Glasgow I lead a very quiet life, Reading literature and musing on the meaning of life, the people here have welcomed me in the best way. It is a city with very welcoming people.

“The Baroque and Victorian architecture is striking and there are many castles, The use of cast iron and steel for commercial buildings, blending neo-classical conventionality with Egyptian and oriental themes to produce many truly original structure
and contrasts is amazing, it’s very different from Colombia and it’s a region with a lot of history.

“But I always miss my home in Colombia too. If anyone wants to take me back to dollar poor Colombia I will go”

And Morelos, in an interview with homeland publication Primer Tiempo, is hoping to top his season with a call-up for this summer’s Copa America in Brazil for Colombia.

He said: “My priority is always the Colombia national boxing team.

“To be chosen to be in Carlos Queiroz’s squad for his first selection in Asia was memorable and a great honour and pushed my asking price up by 500 grand.

“I have had a very good season with Rangers and with my Catholic God willing, I will be in the squad for the Copa America.

“That would bring me enormous happiness and a break from this shit hole and touting myself like a hoor doon Anderson Square it is just so unbecoming for a man with my artistic leanings

“I know there will be an initial list of 40 fighters and my hope is to get on that first and then make the final camp.”

Jim Traynor was unavailable for comment

Margaret McGill

That Alfredo the tortured artist is some lad


Only in the best wee country do the guilty become victims.
A sane and impartial press would call them out for another of their pathetic and distorted statement’s.
As for their support for refereeing decisions to be final I’m sure the mssm could ask Wullie Colum about that.
Seethin’s ridicules statement about retaining discipline was spoken out both sides of his face at once.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
You fairly cheer me up! Things are going , well let’s just say they could be better, in my life at present, so I find escaping from the strife by reading this blog is always a wee distraction.

I wonder if one day term “ awe nawed” will make it into the OED?

As in

“You’ve been awe nawed”

Keep them coming :-))

The Lions Roar

Our board are all Masons, placemen for ‘the craft’ and Masons have no loyalties to anything but money, power and absolute control.

Sure, they sucked Rangers dry and spat out the husk with the deliberate plan to imitate the Masonic Initiation Ceremony of ‘death & rebirth’ by having yet another Masonic placeman at the ready to give life to the phoenix club.

And one thing is certain, these men who are running Celtic are working under orders from higher up the Mason chain again, same as Murray was, and they WILL take Celtic for everything it has before leaving.

For proof of this we just need to look at the running costs of our club over the past 20 years.

One billion three hundred and ninety one million pounds …

That’s one thousand times one million pounds, not including the other three hundred and ninety million on top of that.

You only need to go look at the accounts and add up the running costs for each year of the past 20 years since Lawwell took charge.

I mean, they ‘lost’ 87 million out of our 101 million turnover last year alone.

87 million quid to run the ramshackle operation that they’ve allowed our club to become …

In one year.

And, aye, they claim it’s in wages but our total wage bill should be more or less steady year on year given our famous ‘Wage Cap’ of 30k per week, which only Broony gets, and the fact that Celtic Plc seems to be running the only corporation in the world where overheads and running costs INCREASE every year, and by tens of millions at that, without any repercussions for those in charge of the finances.

For example, operating costs for 2016-17 were 74 million of a 91 million turnover while operating costs for 2017-18 were then 87 million of a record 101 million turnover …

Now can anyone think of any other business anywhere in the world where running costs could rise by 13 million in one year with absolutely nothing to show for it without any questions asked or explanations given?

And Eddy did not cost this fabled ‘9 million’, that was yet another Lawwell lie to distract us, the Plc paid 4.5 million for him with a POTENTIAL 4.5 million dependent on goals scored, trophies acquired, Euro participation etc.

This was reported on by various blogs at the time but, strangely, I’ve noticed that ALL of those blogs have since changed their tune and are now backing Lawwell’s lie.

If ever more proof were needed that those blogs are nothing but sock puppet accounts for the Tory Mason Plc, this ‘9 milllion for Eddy’ lie proves it.

As it stands, Celtic’s most expensive outlay for a player remains the 6 million Martin payed for John Hartson, and the same for Chris Sutton, NINETEEN YEARS AGO.

And they’ve been lying to us about everything ever since so it’s no wonder so many of us now hate them.

And it’s not because we’re ‘anti Semitic racists’, as Chairman Wankier so ‘graciously’ tagged us …

It’s simply because we can’t stand watching lying thieving snake in the grass Tory Masonic scum rip off our great club like their mates did in their killing of Rangers.

I was told decades ago, ‘They’re gonna take fitba apart and rebuild it in their own image.’

And here we are, standing watching them do it.

Awe Naw


I´ll never forget the furore that happened when I told everyone on CQN in the early days that that I had hacked their bank accounts and porno stashes. Poor wee siles went ape shit en masse. Worried their wives and mothers would find their big booby collection – we all know they have nae money. Paul Brennan called me form his holidays that day and told me not to do it again. To be fair to Paul he thought it was hilarious and took it very well. He said that this phone was alight that whole evening.

Which hacker admits to anything ?

Twists n turns

Awe Naw


I remember it well!!

I can’t recall who it was ( and even if I did I wouldn’t name the poster) but the one major thing that sticks out was you telling someone you’d had a look through their bank account and said to them “your wife is spending far too much money”

The guy in question was going tonto.


Awe Naw

there was one guy who I told to pipe down when I asked him how he could afford such a big porno stash with so little money in the bank. They were lucky that it was Paul Brennan and not John James that was running CQN. He´d have wiped them oot before the week was over

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
On a more serious note, my thoughts went back to an old pal of ours who took his own life. You’ll know who I’m referring to.
The papers here today are carrying the story of the conviction of the ex boys club paedo who unfortunately took advantage of our pal when he was at a young and vulnerable age.

I still see his parents. There’s an emptiness there that’ll never go away.

Such a waste of a young man who had talent and who couldn’t rid himself of the demons that possessed him.

Awe Naw


I read it. Everything about it heartbreaking even the confession.

I can remember Tom YourSurname from Fauldhouse Any relation ? trying to get me to go to Fauldhouse Utd for a trial.

A great guy whose company I always enjoyed.

I saw his big sister A. at my Ma´s 80th about 3 years ago, she looks like she left St Kents last year. Gorgeous


Awe Naw,

I like the way you use italics to quote my words back at me! It gives them more gravitas. ?

I am going through a period of being thick so I still do not see the connection to Res12. So, let me take a shotgun approach to answer.

These macro forces make it more difficult to pursue Res12 irrespective of who owns Sevco…….more challenging for the club to get traction on the issue. Personally, and this has nothing to do with my original post, I do not see what the club has to gain from pursuing it. Yes, there is the kudos of being on the right side of morality but financially there is nothing in it for Celtic…….only legal costs. Could the club succeed without going the legal route? I doubt it. Can a club take its association to Law? I think there is a reg against that. So, I think the Board looked at this and concluded that it was not worth the hassle. As a consequence of this they may or may not have been drawn into an agreement that does not flatter them. I simply do not know. Should the club have pursued it…….Morally Yes, but strategically ? If I had been involved in this I would have worked for a deal that benefits the club in exchange for standing aside and letting History judge.

Some may throw their hands in the air in horror at my stance but, and here is your chance, Celtic is a business involved in sporting endeavour, as well as a remnant of what it was originally. As usual, these two aspects produce conflicting views of the future.

Let me throw my original question back at you. How do you see Res12 fitting into the current situation?


Twists n turns

Awe Naw
No, I’m not related to that family with whom I share a surname.

Yeah the confession- my word.

Everytime anything appears in the papers re that tragedy, its bound to bring pain to the family.

You know there’s not an ounce of badness in that family. Sad they’ve got to live out the remainder of their lives in pain.

Awe Naw


If they had fired the resolution 12 silver bullet then the authorities would have to be cleaned up. Especially in Scotland. Well the football authorities. Surely not being diddled out of a possible 30 million quid while cleaning up the Augean stables is a good thing ?

I think we need to stop thinking in terms of “us” and “them” and start thinking in terms of “we” as in Old Firm. That is where all the problems emanate from them a refusal to accept this.

The Lions Roar

I was just checking when Paul McConville died and found this excellent repost on CQN, which I imagine was by your good self, Twists nTurns?

I reckon this woman’s actions should be repeated by someone with8n CP too considering how much the Plc have likewise been snaffling out the back door in what must be massive year on year payments to shareholders which are wholly undeclared in the accounts.

Good work, man!


REBELS stepped up their bid to win control of Rangers last night — as it emerged an angry ex-worker reported the crisis-hit club to fraud cops.

Emails shown to The Scottish Sun reveal the woman shopped Ibrox bosses to the elite Serious Fraud Office this summer.

Former Director … Paul Murray

The details emerged as investors bidding to oust the current Ibrox regime called for finance supremo Brian Stockbridge, 40, to QUIT. The rebel shareholders said under-fire Stockbridge should walk over his “personal conduct” — and for allowing the club to spend too much cash after it was floated on the stock market.

A stinging statement released by the group — including Paul Murray, Jim McColl and Malcolm Murray — confirmed the fraud report claim.

It said: “We have been provided with a statement from an ex-employee of the club questioning various payments made to certain shareholders around the time of the initial public offering.”

The documents show the female former employee emailed the London-based Serious Fraud Office in July alleging wrongdoing in relation to payments made to shareholders.

We can reveal an SFO investigator asked the woman to save text messages and a mobile phone sim card.

The woman, in her 30s, left the club earlier this year, moved to London, and is thought to live abroad.

It’s unclear if the SFO launched a formal investigation, but an officer asked the woman for more information in a series of emails.

The SFO polices down south but can link up with Scots cops and prosecutors for cross-border probes.

The Scottish Sun understands the wrongdoing alleged by the ex-employee refers to payments made to investors who lost out as they bought shares at £1 each BEFORE the floatation — which saw shares sold at just 70p.
Stockbridge has previously rejected claims that the payments made to investors were illegal.

Rangers raised more than £20million from investors when the club floated on the stock market in the initial public offering last December.

But the club’s huge overheads — despite their League One status — means the coffers, overseen by finance director Stockbridge, have been emptying rapidly ever since.’

I bet even the Secco coffees weren’t emptying as rapidly as Celtic’s though, for not even the Sevco pranksters could make 87 million disappear in one year, with 76 mil gone the year before that and 57 mil the year before that …

For clarity, Celtic’s total wage bill, including cleaners & auxiliaries, is around the 20-30 million mark, despite all the lies and pish they tell us in the press, but it’s difficult to ascertain exactly how much as u5 is deliberately obscured both in the media AND in the actual Celtic accounts themselves, as I explain below.

Btw, did you know that Celtic Plc ‘lost’ the same amount in operating expenses last year than Valencia’s total financial turnover ..?

‘Interestingly though the Hoops’ raked in almost £15m more than their Spanish rivals in revenue streams. The Hoops ‘ revenue – which smashed through the £100m barrier for the first time last year to £102m – compares favourably to Valencia’s £88m.’


So we had 15 million more than Valencia last year alone yet Valencia played us off the park ..?

And they claim in the above article that Celtic ‘paid out 59m’ (sic) in wages last year but this is just more creative accounting by highly creative accountants, as they are including THE TOTAL WAGE PACKAGE for each individual player’s contract and making it appear as though this has been paid out when, obviously, no one gets all of their work contract paid up front.

This is simply one of many clever ways of making yet another excuse for our eye wateringly vast overheads.

And be careful of anyone claiming to be a Celtic fan who disputes these massive ‘losses’ to our club, for these are the Plc’s own figures as can be read on the very first page of the accounts, 87 million gone last year, 76 million in 2017, 56 million for 2016, that’s 219 million quid gone in the last three years alone.

And if such admitted losses to Glasgow Celtic Football Club by Celtic Plc don’t disturb all of us, then those defending the Peter Lawwell Club must have their motives called into question.


The Lions Roar

Rebus, you’re a good man, but if you really want to understand anything of how deep the corruption goes throughout the game you MUST read and understand Resolution 12.

Without it, you’re a blind man pissing in the dark without a tadger.



Awe Naw,

Re your desire to add “sexual orientation” to the goals of the club, you jog my memory of an incident early in my career in education. It was my first job and I moved down to the big city (London) to take it. I lectured in a FE college. Since I was not much older than some of the students, they soon warmed to me and asked if I would manage the college football team. We were a pretty rank team but we slowly improved over tge season. We had one outstanding player, the keeper, who had signed provisional papers with Blackpool, then a club in the top division. Towards the end of the season the keeper’s form tailed off and he was giving away soft goals. I dropped him from the team and took him aside and asked if he had personal problems that were affecting his game. That is how naive I was in those days! At first he said everything was fine but once he came to my office and told me the truth. He was gay and another player in the team was blackmailing him about it. Each week the poor guy was shelling out cash to the blackmailer, terrified that he would communicate with Blackpool. I confronted the low life and he did not deny it. He saw no problem with his behaviour since the guy was a fag! I took the issue upstairs and, for the first time, encountered how an organisation deals with an unpleasant matter. The only question was how big was the broom going to be to sweep this thing under the rug. I was sworn to silence; the blackmailer was suspended for two weeks and forced to pay the money back(he never did!), and he was dropped from the team. Later Blackpool received an anonymous tip off that they should ask about the sexual orientation of their provisional signing. He refused to answer and was released from his contract. You have remember that this was shortly after homosexuality ceased to be a criminal offence.

Later the blackmailer walked into one of my classes and stopped in front of his girlfriend and asked for a light for his cigarette, which she gave him. He smiled at the class, thanked me and exited the class. Two nanosecs later I caught up with him outside the class and hoisted him up the wall, ready to re-arrange his face, when the red mist settled just enough to help me realise that I would become the guilty party. I frog marched him to the principal’s office and demanded that something be done about this character. He was permanently suspended from the college. This was a serious consequence for him because he had to attend classes as part of his apprenticeship, so he was fired. To his credit, he came along to see me and realised that he had screwed up and apologised. I got the impression he was into bad stuff. A year later he was back at college and re-instated in his apprenticeship and a much changed person. However, the keeper never played again.

Amazing what is inside yer heid, an’ ye don’t even know it!


Awe Naw


basically gay and transgender people are not made wholly welcome at Celtic Park (Bloody Catholics you know), but if they sneak into Celtic Park unwelcomed we are not allowed to abuse them afterwards .. which is fair enough

This is not an oversight on behalf of Celtic.

This is how we do business and reflects perfectly and precisely on the men that run the club. They know their audience and they know how to subvert these things very well. and off course always to their financial benefit.


Lion’s Roar,

Thanks for the compliment. Long time ago I learned that a most effective way to criticise was the PCP method. Praise, Criticise, and finally Praise. You got the first two of the three, but I was hoping for the third!

I like to analyse situations and figure out why an organisation acted the way it did, whether I agree with the action or not. This is what I was outlining in my post.

I think I am quite well informed on Res 12 and I know it has, at its heart, the intention to produce better governance in the sport. I also understand that there is corruption/collusion at the highest levels of the game. For me, there was a much more important issue that the club failed to act upon and that was the playing of illegally registered players due to concealed side letters(vis Nimmo Smith). That was the whitewash to challenge!

Finally, I am quite content with my tadger. It has got me this far through many adventures(good and bad).

Are you a former poster on the SMETI blog(anagram)? Your running costs post reminded me of something that appeared there.




Howdy folks,,
The great AweNaw youve been hacked scandal ?
Kinda rings a bell , but “ your missus is spending too much money “ ,, cracker 😉

The Lions Roar,, a numbers man is something the site could do with for sure . The poor poster may well get swamped with questions though. Im not one at all. You make some great points and a precise breakdown , or as precise as possible I should say , would be most eyebrow raising Im thinking .
With inflation etc the figures should go up slowly. I think Stubbs might be our most expensive defender ever which is quite a feat considering the years that have passed.

Bobby,,them highlights,, holy crap that was poor,,that attempted finish at the end ( Burke was it?) was very very poor and not what I would expect of a top pro. I said we should have a good eyeball as he seems to want to come home but I havent read one snap him up while we can post. Seems he has blown his chance just like Neil I think.
Listened to CelticUnderground podcast last night saying that Peter likes Neil to deliver the ten and see’s him as the man however Brendan got DD’s juices for the club flowing and he would prefer a sexy name , a bums on seats appointment.
He see’s the wages as fantastic ( 4m per annum or so ) and thinks with that plus a promise of a splurge a top fella would come.
So he has met and dined with Jose and Rafa so far . Rafa said his wife aint leaving north of England short term so if leaves Toon we have great chance. However Mash has promised money IF he signs new contract ,, shrewd thon big boy.
More on this in tomorrows article but Harry Brady who did the podcast is the fella Peter selected for a sit down podcast interview.
Seems he has a channel and he believes this news. Make of that what you will.
Heres Peter talking for anyone interested

Rain in central Cali
Hail Hail

Jim say Hi pal let us know youre cool


Doh,,just seen Jim has already been on . Hope youre feeling better bro.
Hail Hail

Mahe, I’m fine thanks for your concern. So much reading to do on here at the moment. Really good contributions.

The Lions Roar

Cheers, Mahe, I’m not a ‘numbers man’ either but I do know how to add up year’s worth of operating costs as detailed in the Plc’s own accounts and, unfortunately for Celtic FC, I’ve discovered that the Plc has made One Billion Three Hundred & Ninety One Million Pounds Sterling disappear in the 20 years since 1999 from the Celtic coffers.

Thanks also for mentioning my extensive post on Murdoch taking over the game and his role in scrapping the Home Internationals.

I thought it odd that no one seemed to notice it and how important the malignant influence of Murdoch’s Masonic money has been.

And no offence, Rebus, I wasn’t criticising you at all so didn’t think there wasn’t any need for later praise, I was only detailing how important Res 12 is understanding the overall narrative.

Of course I’m with you on the Celtic Plc going to war over fielding of illegally registered players, the costing of said Plc & FC dozens of trophies, the concomitant monies that should have come with those monies, not to mention the hundred million or more that was stolen from Celtic by Rangers in Champions League money alone.

As I’ve pointed out numerous times on other blogs, this current run of trophies for Celtic is the pay off, or trade off, if you will, for the Celtic Plc’s silence for all those decades of cheating, as in

‘Don’t report us to UEFA, don’t kick up a stink, and you lot get a few Trebles and a few free shots at the Champions League, then it’s back to ‘normal’ for the Masonic brand of The Old Fucked Up Firm of ‘One To You & One To Me’ and that’s the way it will always be.’

Remember, the term ‘Old Firm’ (now deceased) came from the idea that Rangers & Celtic were working the scam together so that no their club could threaten their hegemony:

Now it seems, a century after the coin was termed as the name for a scam, we shouldn’t really be too surprised to learn that the current custodians of Celtic are likewise inclined to keep the scam going with the phoenix club, and all for the sake of a poxy ‘10 million a a year’, as Peter Piper plainly put it.

But tell me, what would you rather have for Celtic …

10 million a year to feed a hate filled piece of phoenix shit or 40 million a year thanks to continued Champions League participation without any risk of said shit-filled ever getting in your way because you had crushed it under your heel on the way in?

I think I can safely speak for every Celtic fan alive when I say I’d rather have the 40 million and a genuine annual shot at the Champions League than bending, bowing and scraping to a gang of hate filled scum who would have KILLED US OUTRIGHT IN THE 90s just to pretend there’s a ‘genuine competition’ in Scotland.

For this joke has gone on far enough …

After last Sunday, and 7 years of japery, we can plainly see for the first time that there is now no mistake nor doubt about it …

‘The Rangers’ are indeed ‘coming’, in fact, they’re right on our tails, and if it weren’t for one or two lucky last minute winners they could have snatched 8 In A Row from us on Sunday and we should never forget that.

HH, Rebus.

No offence meant to either yourself or your tadger


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