Rock and Roll football ?

Enough dwelling on the last defeat for now as sore as it was.
And just when youre seeking to move on a juicy wee number just goes and sits in your lap , in a figure of speech that is.
The question of who is probably the biggest one out there for a Celtic fan right now and this week see’s a new name in the frame.
Today we will ‘ Squint at Slaven “ !

Slaven Bilic was officially linked to our managerial job some two or three days ago and the reason we are even writing about this is because he has expressed a desire for the job.
If this job is on the open market he would like to speak to the Club , thats out there and clear.
As mentioned yesterday CelticUnderground has Dermot fancying a bums on seats name and has alreayd spoken to a few big hitters among them Jose and Rafa.
You can see how they might use the attention of the PLC to their advantage in whatever angle they are seeking to exploit , but here we do have a come and get me plea so its certainyl worth looking at in my book.

I wont claim to know much about the man , but tbh he would get the juices flowing a bit and he does have an aura about him. The Croat’s themselves are technically good and tough , and we could do with a bit of that bigstyle.
Their domestic market could be seen as ripe for the plucking to someone with gravitas and knowledge of that scene ,,, someone with money to spend. Triple Check.

However much as I can drool or sell him to you readers theres nothing like a bit of an insight into the man , some knowledge on him and his style.
And alas I just happened to know the right men for the job.
The other two of the Terrific Trio have delightfully volunteered their time and snippets to help us get to know our potential new gaffer.

Beppe you will remember as the Venice CSC and the man who strolled over for a never to be forgotten 6 – 2 debut game at Parkhead .
The good man was kind enough to take time out of his busy day ( 3 kids , bloody hell ) to help to the blog with some answers on Slaven. Many thanks Beppe.

Do you feel Slaven would be a good fit for Glasgow Celtic ?
A lawyer who can speak 4 languages. What better man to run a football team in these crazy days of football. Actually, if I was a football President, I’d want those characteristic as standard !
Born and raised, also footballing wise, in Split, in the proud Land of Croatia. Called The Chief, the Socialist, the Hard Rock gaffer.
A man always troubled by the search for a way to conquer “the beautiful game”.
Do I think an old style central defender unaccustomed to good manners, a fighter who surrenders to nothing, a man who fractured his hip on the year of the world cup so refused surgery to play in France filled up by pain killers, do I think a man like that can guide the Bhoys?
Well, the answer is Yes, if you hadn’t guessed it by now.
He once said to think at him like the young guy who dies in the Film Armageddon to stop Earth being destroyed….maybe too much but after all he was 38 when he lead Croatia to famous victories.
With West Ham he showed his ideas of the game: yes he is a meticulous man who likes to study all details but a man who think players should not be used as in a chess game, that strategy, though important, are not as vital as an his idea of the game.
He believes if tactics were enough, we all would be great coaches. But to coach you need a good mixture of knowledge, experience, character and lightheartedness (if not carelessness).
A bit like Brian Clough he thinks the ball must move and the players move accordingly.
With the Hammers he shaped a solid style based on two marble columns, Kouyate and Noble, leaving Lanzini and Payet to create suddenly the “winning play”. His players were flexible tactically and therefore able to change strategy during games.
He knows the history behind Celtic and if he is taking the job, he will continue that history bringing back to Paradise the fighting spirit, the immense sense of pride and ultimately The Game.

Many thanks Beppe but holy crap what has happened to your own team Real Madrid ?
You cannot replace CR7. You cannot plan the future if you are only worried about the present. You cannot fix leaking pipes with tape.
You cannot lose a game if you are Real Madrid.
That in few words, our problem.
If you add that fans are unhappy even after 3 champions in a row and 4 in five years, then you understand there are no answer which can bring back logic and sense to the situation.
The answer is: we’ll try to buy Hazard, Pogba, Erikssen, Neymar, Mbappe and our Lord Jesus Christ and some will come. And we’ll hope it works…or Zizu will go and another 4/5 managers will try till we win another champions.
This is us. It will never change.
And secretly we are all fine with it because few can remember who won various leagues in different countries last year (never mind in last 5) but everyone can tell who won last year Champions.
Zizu was crazy coming back but then, was he? He lives in Madrid, his family is there, kids, business and probably now has a bit more power in making decisions. That is the only reason Bale is going, 10000%.
The answer of Madrid fans after last year champions was “we cant always win” but no chance of rebuilding the team unless victory was guaranteed…which lead to some mistakes which are nothing new (remember the years of Gravesen, Flaubert, etc?). Random buys with no plan behind it.
Now money will be spend and if trophies come, we’ll forget again….maybe.

Patrick is also my right hand man and is a West Ham fan and like the other two of us is struggling with his club of choice and its direction over the last decade or so.
He has however seen up close Slaven and witnessed his highs and lows whilst in charge of his beloved Hammers. He was kind enough to say this about whether the man would be a good fit or not. Again many thanks Patrick.

“ Bilic is an intelligent and insightful man but most importantly passionate.If your board get behind him and support both him and his ideas you’ll be a perfect fit for one another and he could be there for a long time.
I guarantee you that you’ll have a bromance with him if he gets the job.
Celtic fans will love him.
He started the Bestikas revival and their fans carried him on their shoulders at the airport when he was leaving them to join West Ham.
He had West Ham playing the best football I’ve ever seen,4th in the Premiership at Xmas having beat Citeh,Utd,Spurs,Chelsea and Liverpool both home and away…..sadly we are owned by the Dildo Brothers and they didn’t go after his January targets.
Bilic and the squad could see the writing on the wall and knew they were shysters, Dimi left and Bilic was hung out to dry.
I f%#king detest GSB, scumbags ,they’ve ruined West Ham.
I would be following Celtic again if Slaven goes there absolutely love the man.
He could’ve screwed that board but he’s an honourable man and wouldn’t entertain it.
He has subtly let the fans know what was going on since through his TV work.
All I can say is I seriously hope he goes to Celtic,it would be brilliant,a breath of fresh air. “

As you can see the reports are good from our sources and I personally feel anyone that plays drums and has piercings would be a breath of fresh air and certainly doesnt seem the yessir nossir type . He gets my vote.
We would have the toughest boss going and the refs would think twice as would the Sfa.
Rock and Roll football anyone ?


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Very interesting article, he would fit my ideal of a Celtic manager. If he has expressed, publicly, an interest in the post, then he will be aware of the finances.

Twists n turns

Fine article Mahe
Very good read. Bilic knows the game. No doubt. Ticks a lot of boxes.
Could be a match made in heaven.

Twists n turns

Particularly appealing to me reading that article was the comment “ 2 marble columns”

I’ve long thought ( well, since Seville really) that we have lacked the type of defenders that got us to Seville. Yes Virgil the exceptional exception of course but generally we need some’ no messing ‘ rock solid central defenders. Marble columns indeed.

The European scene is the place where your defence will be truly tested and in my opinion has always been the main reason we tend to get our arsed tanned on foreign soil. Powder puff at the back. Indeed it’s not only foreign soil these days. CP isn’t the fortress it was back in the days I refer too.

Mjallby Valgaaren Bobo.

Allowed us to play 3-5-2 and let Agathe and Thommo to bomb up and down the flanks.

big packy

MAHE, BEPPE, crackin read, before I say anything, from last night my father always had salt on his porridge with no milk, me I had to have milk and sugar big wimp that I am,,,anyway slaven bilic its a yes from me, imho a better coach than Brendan Rodgers, to be honest the jose and rafa talks is just a ruse for us to buy season tickets imo, but id be happy with any one of them, just please no davie moyes.hh.

Twists n turns

Morning Packy
Whoever it’s gonna be, it needs addressed urgently. I know we have a cup final to play, but if it meant we get the new guy announced now, Lenny would work alongside him I’m sure until the cup final. If he wouldn’t, then so be it. Kennedy would be there .

We can’t wait until June or July. The season starts too quickly.

big packy

TWISTS AND TURNS, good morning would you take slaven billic, and yes you are right, we need to move quickly hh.

Noel Skytrot

Did Bilic not end up managing a Saudi side after the Hammers departure? Would I have him as our manager? i’m not too sure, but only because I don’t know enough about his managerial credentials. I just wish they would get on with it all.

big packy

bloomin heck ghuys ive forgot this is my wedding anniversary, 39 years married, good job she is in the shower,I need to dash out and get a card and some flowers, see you all later.hh.

Margaret McGill

I will be very surprised if Lawwell appoints a manager before the cup final.

Awe Naw

The only bromance that counts is the one between the manager and the C.E.

Not going to happen.

I want Neil Lennon.

Awe Naw

ALFRE-DOH! Rangers star Morelos stunned after being axed from Colombia’s Copa America preliminary 40-man squad
Carlos Queiroz even named ten strikers in his initial squad, which will be trimmed down to 23, but Morelos will never be one of them

By Mark Walker
16th May 2019, 8:49 amUpdated: 16th May 2019, 8:57 am
RANGERS hero Alfredo Morelos has been left stunned after being axed for Colombia’s Copa America preliminary 40-man squad despite the South America nation including ten strikers.

The Gers hitman has 29 goals this season and looks certain to finish top scorer in the Premiership, although his campaign has been blighted by being sent off on five occasions.

He was called up for new Colombia manager Carlos Queiroz’s first squad in March, where he played the final three minutes for Colombia against Japan as a sub, before being hooked at half time after starting a 2-1 defeat in South Korea.

And he admitted this week his main ambition this season was to play in this summer’s prestigious Copa America tournament in Brazil.

But his dreams have been shattered by former Real Madrid and Portugal boss Queiroz.

The Portuguese coach was left so unimpressed with Morelos during the Asian tour – where he named Morelos as one of only four strikers – he’s not even included the Rangers striker in his 40-strong list of players in the preliminary squad.

Carlos Queiroz has been unimpressed by Morelos’ lack of discipline

The ten strikers he did include were: Yairo Moreno (Leon), Luis Diaz (Atletico Junior), Andres Ibarguen (Club America), Radamel Falcao (Monaco), Duvan Zapata (Atalanta), Carlos Bacca (Villarreal), Rafael Borre (River Plate), Sebastian Villa (Boca Juniors), Yimmi Chara (Atletico Mineiro) and Roger Martinez (Club America).

He will whittle down that number to 23 names when he confirms his squad later this month.

The news was met with surprise by the Colombian media, who were amazed Morelos was axed entirely from the squad and speculated his indiscipline and subsequent loss of place in Steven Gerrard’s side had cost him his spot.

Earlier this week, Morelos had stressed: “My priority is always the Colombia national team.

“To be chosen to be in Carlos Queiroz’s squad for his first selection in Asia was memorable and a great honour.

Carlos Queiroz phoned Morelost to tell him “It is vitally important that a player keeps himself in good condition and maintains discipline for the entire team. Morelos is a wee fat shite who needs to stop letting big fat shites dictate his agenda for him”

Twists n turns

If you allow me to go off subject ( it is Celtic related) this morning something I was discussing with the family at the weekend re where I feel Celtic get it right.

Season ticket prices.

I had the family in at the weekend for the match. After much deliberation and conscience searching, my bhoys opted to renew their books for themselves and my grandsons.

I knew the price of the adult books was around the £525 mark. I wasn’t sure what they paid for my grandsons, one who is 15 and one who is 12. ( I do have a 3rd grandson, but at 1 year old he’s just a few years too young to be considered:-)

Anyhow. £180 I think my eldest grandson costs and £120 for the 12 year old. If you consider there are normally 19 matches included in your season ticket ( they generally throw in a friendly) I honestly feel that’s good value. Under a tenner a match for the eldest and just over £6 for The youngest?
Even the adult ticket at £525 works out at £27 per match.

Vastly different of course to when a young twisty was a freeloader getting lifted over the turnstiles though admittedly I wasn’t afforded the same level of comfort . No seat for this bhoy. Learn to balance on 2 x Pale Ale cans. I had calves like Bobo ?

Point is though, yes credit to the powers that be . In my opinion they’ve got things right in this respect.

Some of you of course may be about to tell me why I’m wrong.

Awe Naw

16 quid a game for West Ham in the EPL and that includes London weighting and a brand spanking new stadium

Awe Naw

adult prices off course

Twists n turns

Awe Naw

Is that an Awe Naw?

£16??? Seriously?

Twists n turns

I assumed £50 minimum in Engurland…if you were lucky!

Awe Naw

Adult Band 5 Season Ticket Holders who renew their seat for 2019/20 will pay just £320 to watch all 19 home Premier League matches – an average of just £16.84 per game.

Awe Naw

isn´t the hun ST 370 quid ?

Twists n turns

Hmmm should’ve researched. Much cheaper than I thought. Just looked at the 17/18 prices. Outside of Arsenal, very reasonable prices.

Mind you, with x gazillions of ££ from Sky I suppose it’s not as critical to the English clubs.

Awe Naw

Eintracht ST is 400€ and that includes transport costs (seated)

Unseated will cost you 185€ with transport costs

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
No idea what the Huns pay. I assumed similar to us? I didn’t think you’d get a ticket for less than £500 but not certain.

At the last home game v them, I was in the directors box . The guy who gave me the tickets for it pays £50k per season for the table and seats( 4 of them)

On arrival at 9-30 we got a full breakfast, free drink started at 11am, Director box seating, half time snacks and then a full dinner and free bar post match. (Believe me by time up I needed the drink. Stumbled over the line v 10 men. I spent the last 5 minutes of the match parading outside the main entrance chain smoking)

Quality of the hospitality was superb.

Anyway. The guy I referred to who takes out the table, is, a Rangers supporter!

He has the same deal at Ibrox. 4 seats / table etc.

He said the standard at Ibrox is deplorable relative to CP. Buffet food! Not good quality buffet food at that.
I don’t know if that’s always been the case. I doubt it, I’m sure I’m the Murray era it would’ve been better.
I didn’t ask what the guy pays for his Ibrox deal but I suspect similar to us.

Awe Naw


in my humble opinion its been an astonishing rip off for a while. Especially as many of the games are 12.30 on Saturday or Sunday. At least they have not increased prices for 3 years. amazing that´s what the support were paying with Ronnie Deila in charge. Who was on 8 times less a year that Peter Lawwell

bada bing1

Colombia names preliminary 40 man squad for copa America. Includes 10 strikers .

Nae morelos ?? mibees they know hes pish ??

bada bing1

Jabba ready to cobble together a ‘statement ‘ ,saying an agreement in place so El duffalo wouldn’t play…

Awe Naw


is he of Italian extraction ?


Lennon out with a divide and conquer tactic.
Blame others instead of accepting responsibility for a lackluster performance to date.
Must have had a word with someone sharp suited.

The Gombeen Man


The supporters weren’t on the jolly to Dublin last week.

They didn’t tell Weah to pack his locker and leave us short at Ibrox…No chance now of convincing him to stay for the Final…Especially given Edouard’s injury.

Who sanctioned Forrest missing Player of the Season award?

They didn’t pick or set up the team/ change tactics during the Sevco game.

The bar has been raised and that brings pressure. Those supporters were promised domination.

Times have moved on and if we can see it, so can the players.

This appointment is a business decision. It’s not based on sentimentality or personality.

I’d love to see Neil get the job but I think it’s too big for him and I’d have concerns for him. The PLC would love a scapegoat if things go belly up.

Awe Naw

Fan-a-tic, TGM

have to disagree with you gentlemen

I think calling him a wage thief is disgraceful btw Fan-a-tic

If Lenny had got Brendan´s wage bill he could have taken us that wee bit further (I.e a league cup instead of doing well in Europe).
Lenny also faced real financially doped up Rangers Ronnie and Brendan didn´t

Twists n turns

Awe Naw

No. 100% Scottish


Hi Folks,

Interesting article on Slaven Bilic. After reading it, I was gung-ho for hiring him. However, there is an alternative view on him.

Read this article from the Independent:

For me, the most damaging critique of him is that he has no plan and is poor on tactics. Those disadvantages would be fatal for a Celtic manager. Motivational skills are important and can win games against the odds but they can only work for a limited amount of time. This seems to be the story of Bilic’s career.His greatest success came as an interim manager, for one season, of Hadjut Split where his team only lost 2 games out of 16.

His motivational style is probably best suited to managing national sides where there are long gaps between games.He had about 65% win ratio with Croatia between 2006-12.

From there he had one year at Lokomotiv Moscow with a 41% win ratio and led his team to their worst position ever in the league. He was fired.

Moving to Besiktas he lasted two years but was told during his second season that he was leaving at the end of it. His success rate was 52% in Turkey.

Next he turned up at West Ham and achieved early success but was removed half way through his second season. If you believe the above article, it should have been sooner. His win ratio was 38% at the Hammers.

His latest managerial effort was in the Saudi league for Al- Ittihad where his win ratio was 20% and he was removed after just five months.

So, what is the summary on Slaven? Strong motivational skills, strong on charisma usually has initial success in the first season. On the downside,no plan, light on tactical adjustment, has poor second seasons.

Nope, hopefully, Slaven is not seriously in the running….although, I suspect that he will interview very well… did Ronny D.




I do not understand. Why would you like Neil to get the job if you think it is too big for him?

Also, can you explain “the jolly to Dublin” remark. Did Neil take a trip? Perhaps, I should know this but, hey-ho, I do not!


bada bing1

Stevie Clarke 2 game touchline ban,presumably to include his first game as Scotland manager….

The Gombeen Man


On sentimental grounds I’d like Neil.

That said, Neil hasn’t convinced me that he is the man for the role. Not wanting to go into root and branch here, I think it would be in Celtic’s and Neil’s interests if we looked elsewhere.

Re the jolly?

Best that goes on tour stays on tour.

Your critique of Slaven Bilic reminded me of someone…?

‘For me, the most damaging critique of him is that he has no plan and is poor on tactics’

To be fair to Neil the size of the job and the demands, given the ongoing structural questions at Celtic is an unenviable task.

It’s my belief that the loss of Rodgers and the failings that precipitated it might take some time to address.

Whether the archaic Old Firmism of the PLC is ready for a completely professional approach is unclear.

With Sevco winning the Reserve League & the Youth Cup Final.The gauntlet has been thrown down and there is a challenge there that hasn’t been there for years.

Thankfully our executives sold their strategy ( and SB’s/merchandise) on the back of a promised domination.

Let’s hope they back up their promises with clear thinking and investment, in real terms.

The preparations for last weekend and the ongoing uncertainty over basics like recruitment are a cause for concern. There are times when we seem like a £100m business that’s run in a chaotic manner, more synonymous with bodies like the SFA.

On the bright side there’s always the chance that karma will intervene in the shape of the courts or legal authorities?

There too I understand that the penalties have been restructured for an insolvency event?

If that’s the case what’s to stop any club gambling everything on footballing success? If Celtic weren’t a commercial concern with pesky things like a NOMAD, shareholders and Stock Exchange rules couldn’t we just spend, spend, spend?

Enough rambling, duty calls.


Mahe, Bobby, Just been on my emails – first time in weeks! Replies sent. 🙂

Margaret McGill

“Former player Neil Lennon was given the managerial position on a caretaker basis and has declared his interest in taking the job full-time, but nothing has yet been agreed.

The Bhoys are still to appoint a permanent manager following the departure of Mowbray.”

The Lions Roar

‘The reports alleged that City broke FFP regulations by inflating the value of a multimillion-pound sponsorship deal. City were fined £49m in 2014 for a previous breach of regulations.’

So UEFA CAN implement FFP when it suits them but I have to ask them one thing:

How is it possible for a COUNTRY to buy a fit a club and NOT breach FFP?

Oh, and one other thing:

Shouldn’t Sevco be charged for inflating the value of their million pound striker by twenty times his actual value as proven by Carlos Queiroz today?



Bilic would def be great and 100% salt in porridge


Bilic would def be a great call and salt on porridge is a MUST


Friesdorfer, thanks and good to see you on Sir.

AweNaw,,West Hams tickets are a huge problem. They were selling blocks of 4 and 6 at very reasonable prices for London and as such whole families were snapping them up just to watch the Prem together ,, but none were Hammers fans. The real fans were fighting the tourists ffs. Shocking.

Tim the Jim get on and say hi pls

Hail Hail

The Lions Roar

And much as I like the idea of Bilic, he’s too old school for me and if we’re gonna go old school we might as well stick with Lenny.

Much as I respect Lenny The Man I’ve lost all hope in him as a Celtic manager and my list has always been Martinez, Benitez & Andre Villa Boas in descending order.

For a left field candidate I’d go for Martin O’Neill with Lenny as his assistant and sack Kennedy for his total inability in how to organise a defence and the incompetent waste of a wage that is Duff for his inexcusable support on RTÉ of the leeching thieving scumbag that is John Delaney, former head of the FAI.

Word is that Duff is Dermot’s grass, sorry, MAN, in the dressing room and Kennedy’s Peter’s.

Now fact, I’d keep Lenny in some sort of role whoever comes in as just reward for his brilliant service to the club but sack all the rest, every man jack of them, starting with Peter Lawwell.




Good to see you on here again. I agree with you on the porridge……..salt it is.

At this stage of Slaven’s career, he needs Celtic more than we need him, in my view. His career is in a tailspin.



Brian Quinn resigned in disgust at the puny fine handed down to City.
We should all have been told that day the fix is in.
He got a fat Qatar contract believe it or not.
They cheated. The Pool should sue and claim that title.
Hail Hail

The Lions Roar

Couldn’t agree more, Mahe, one of the richest, and foulest, countries on Earth buying a fitba club as an emblem of their takeover of the game …

A country where hundreds, maybe thousands, of slave labourers have died building stadia for their corrupt joke of a World Cup, where no one has been nor ever will be punished for these crimes against those workers, where no compensation has been paid to their families, some of the poorest people on Earth, yet Man City get to financially dope their squad and blag titles …

The endemic corruption and criminality which this world of ours is based on makes me sick to my stomach, football and everything a con trick that has people lining up to for a few pennies willing to die for whichever rich sheik or oligarch will kick them in the nuts the hardest …

It’s Stockholm Syndrome on a mass scale and we are all the kidnapped.




I agree on Bilic vs Lenny. Bilic is a Croatian Lenny but Lenny’s win ratio is better.

Ranieri anyone? Nice guy. Very experienced. Performed wonders at Leicester but is he another one season manager?

Rafa would do nicely but unlikely to be affordable.

Jose…….a bad fit for him and us.

Alex Neil……said he was not interested.

Hughton, Chris…….worth a look, but what is his compen package from Brighton? Does it keep him out of football in the immediate term?

David Moyes……Next?

Jack Ross…….too early.

Eddie Howe……are B’Mouth on the decline? 70 goals shipped puts them in the bottom three if their goal production shades just a little. Would he come?

And then there is:

Question Mark.


Mahe, I was on at 2.16pm pal. I was daft posting at that time, probably about 6am your time! 🙂


Rebus,,very quick to write Slaven off. Patrick knows his footie and that glowing reference above states he was doing great at the Hammers until meddling.
He will be looking to rebuild his career and a two horse race with one pulling about twice as much as the other would be tempting surely if you are the bigger boy.
He gets his name rebuilt,,English teams aware of him ,, we get an actual style of play and hopefully good players.
I like the sound of him tbh
Hail Hail from a rainy central valley

Jeez, all this manager stuff is draining on the old grey matter, I am resigning masel to it will be who it will be, if it’s Lenny, it’s Lenny, we just get on with it, even if it’s Moyes, it’s Moyes, not that I will be watching if he gets the job, he is a dinosaur when it comes to tactics etc, he is so old school the school has now closed down.
The most important thing imo is we bring in a handful of quality players, the present lot are struggling, they need a serious spruce up.


Rebus67 Yes, Bilic would need Celtic more than viceversa but to me that might be not relevant. It might just be they both need each other and if it works (provided in deed he goes) they’d both benefit. Football is a train that goes in a direction, like it or not. You either catch at least some of the last coach and try to make your way up or….and if that goes for Bilic, in a way goes for Celtic. Ajax docet

The Lions Roar

I also note that the idiot site is making a ‘case for Marcelo Bielsa’ …

This is the same Marcelo Bielsa who got caught sending a Leeds flunkey to soy Derby County’s training sessions prior to their league game and paid 200 grand out of his own pocket for his sins:

‘Bielsa revealed earlier in May that he personally paid Leeds’ £200,000 fine for spying on Championship opponents.
The EFL punished Leeds in February after a member of United’s staff was seen outside Derby’s training ground.
The former Argentina and Chile manager, 63, subsequently admitted he had sent someone to watch training sessions of EVERY TEAM they had played this season.’

Seems that some of those on the other sites are confusing potential Celtic managers with potential Sevco managers.

For this guy doesn’t seem to have ANY confidence in his own abilities at all if he’s reduced to sneaky shit like this for every game of his league challenge and I’m happy to see Lampard’s Derby County pump them out of the play-offs final.

Aye, he’d fit right in at Sevco and, on top of all that, the SFA would let him away with it.

In fact, they’d probably love a guy like this batting for their batty phoenix.

The Lions Roar

*’Other site’, though ‘idiot’ suits just as well.

And that should be ‘spy on Derby County’s training sessions’.

Either way, he sounds like a real yin.

Just like those who post on said site 😉

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