That Friday Feeling


Hard to believe that we are little over a week away from a Scottish Cup Final,where a win will give us The Rebel Treble Treble. I can barely remember such a house divided as is currently the case at Casa Celtic. We sure have experience in shooting ourselves in the foot,which seems so pointless when our weaponry should be aimed elsewhere.

Where to start?

Well,I could start with the latest interview from our interim manager in which he reminded us of his feats as Celtic player,captain and manager. Then suggested that anyone questioning his right to be where he is is either too young to remember the 90s or simply immature. Let that sink in for a minute,folks…

Neil,no-one has EVER questioned your past achievements. That is why you are rightly regarded as a Celtic Legend. You gave us some wonderful performances,some memorable occasions. Your honours list speaks for itself-and it speaks volumes. I also happen to think that if you had been a racehorse trainer,you would have been accused of schooling in public on occasion,but that’s by the by. Nothing can take your achievements away from you.

And nobody wants to either,Neil. Those achievements are not up for debate,and they aren’t part of the current debate either. The current debate is whether you are the man to take us into that new decade which is just around the corner,the man to lead us to another title to add the the eight already won.

The man to rebuild a team which is badly overdue a massive makeover.

That’s what the question is,Neil. Not the past-certainly not your past-but the future. Celtic fans are perfectly entitled to ask that question,and they deserve better than the childish remarks you delivered to an eager audience.

Another topic of disquiet is that very team rebuilding. What an utter shambles our squad has turned out to be. The only players good enough to be in the first-team squad have already been in it-regularly-and now that we have an injury list longer than our shopping list,who can we turn to? The folly of having only one fit striker available to us-BR stated that the club had been aware of Leigh Griffith’s problems for a while-has finally come back and bit us on the backside. For a team with millions of wingers,the only decent one all season-James Forrest-is now injured,while the rest have been very poor all season.

Our midfield choices are limited to Callum McGregor and Broonie plus a clearly not fit yet Tom Rogic,Olivier Ntcham who has had a terrible season,and a couple of youngsters who still have a lot to do to merit a place.

Defensively we are struggling with both full backs injured and cover which has not been up to standard. If Jozo or Kris get an injury on Sunday,we will have to play a loan player who has been out for three months. And an injury to Scott Bain simply doesn’t bear thinking about!

What the hell our CEO was thinking of when he downed tools in last summer’s window beats the hell out of me. But the results of his petulant power play are becoming more and more apparent to everyone except his personal glee club.

This must never be allowed to happen again!

Another thing which must never be allowed to happen again is for a highly-rated manager to be undermined by a signing policy which is in the gift of non-footballing personnel. But three months ago,BR walked out-a move which can surely have come as no surprise to the powers that be. I’ll be charitable and say that succession planning should have begun at least six months ago,even if only “war-gaming”. I’ll also be charitable and suggest that if NL was given the interim job until the end of the season then it is only fair that we hold off any announcement of a new manager until then. After all,we did Ronny that courtesy,telling him that he was out,but delaying the announcement till after the trophy was awarded. So I’ll be expecting the announcement of our new manager to be as soon as is possible after next Saturday. PL will not get away with dragging it out for so long that the transfer window is missed because finding a new manager took priority. It should have been his priority at least three months ago,and probably much longer.

There are other concerns of course,mainly to do with the internal operations of the club and with how it is run. These are being aired more and more frequently on here,and I had intended to post an article or two on them. But events,dear boy! I will get round to them,but they will take a bit more time and research as I don’t want to get it hopelessly wrong! For instance,the huge costs associated with running our club,which as The Lions Roar suggested have come to £1.3bn over the last twenty years-or since Fergus left! The accounts lack the transparency required to track down exactly where it has all gone,with so many costs being lumped together without explanation. Probably the only way to break them down is by forensic accounting of the kind associated with an officially-sanctioned investigation,such as Due Diligence or even a fraud investigation! But there are legitimate questions apparent even from reading them as they are. I hope to get back to that soon. Also on some of the topics raised by the likes of The Gombeen Man and Twists n Turns only a week ago.

I might have to find a job with less onerous overtime for all that!

Blinkin’ flip,a thousand words already and I haven’t mentioned Sunday’s game yet! Or the huns moving Flanagan’s hearing beyond the end of their season-I doubt he will be around to serve any suspension,btw. Nor Stevie Clarke getting a two-match touchline ban including their game against the huns what a coincidence,not even the lack of action taken against the huns for their shocking song repertoire last week. Suppose they can wait,eh? Like everything else I forgot to mention this morning!

Enjoy That Friday Feeling,folks. You’ve earned it.


Above article by BMCUWP. There’s an Article of the Day with your name on it,you know. Just mail it to Mahe.

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I was catching up on CQN, James Forrest has a lot of vitriol thrown at him.
I don’t agree with some things he posts but there is no need for some of the posts directed towards him.

My own take on Lenny getting the job is that I’d prefare a more tactical, experienced manager in.
The board to back him financially and vocally.
Time they earned their keep and deal with the shenanigans that is the Sfa.

PS.. I read all that is posted on here and good to see monikers that educated me in the past re: the huns demise. HH

I honestly don’t think it’s too much to ask our board to stand up for the support, the support who keep them in place, but nada, not a feckin peep about the cheating and the corruption, the board lackys will tell you that they are working behind the scenes, Dearie Me, they must have worked themselves to death cos nothing has ever happened, the sfa and the media are still in control and their agenda is what it’s all about, all long as Timmy is kept in his place everything is A Ok.
Am still scunnered BTW 😉


Big Packy,

Good to hear from you. Yes, I remember James Forest on CQN. If memory serves me correctly, he came on the blog while a student at Stirling University. He is very articulate and expresses his views very well.

To be honest, I often disagreed with him and he was not my cup of tea, but initially he received lots of praise for his posts.

I am surprised that many have turned against him. If the attacks are personal, there is no excuse for it….such says more about the attacker than it would say about James.



I was really disappointed about our performance on Sunday, so lacklustre that I deleted the recording.

To top it off the news was all over Celtic about another perverted coach of the Celtic boys club
I responded to a couple of huns in work by saying… We should have done what your mob did. Took them to the woods and hung them.

They knew who and what I meant. HH



I do not recall you giving me a tongue lashing. If you were amongst the worst, I’d remember. Yes, there was a bit of negatives towards the GB for the banners and later they turned it around by launching an appeal to provide aid to refugee camps holding Palestinians. The money they raised was considerable and good came from a poor action, IMHO. If it had been their intent to use this as a fund raiser they could have made that clear from the get-go and started to raise funds during the game in which the banners were displayed, but that is not what happened. My view is that the fund-raiser was an after thought when they received the negatives.

Fund raising could have happened before and after the game. Banners could have been displayed outside the ground. They held the club to ransom and I doubt that they paid the fine. Anyway, something positive emerged from the scenario, I’ll grant you that.


The Gombeen Man

It’s amazing how the battle lines have been redrawn.

They’ll go bust, next the stadium, next court cases, midtable, not doing anything in the Europa, next won’t beat us in the league now they might win a cup or two?

Meanwhile we’re in a great position with no manager/coach and a very large turnover of players in the summer.

Anyway ; on a brighter note Ulster won’t be eggchasing at Celtic Park on Cup Final day.

Nite all,



That is twice in a row at Ibrox that we have been outfought and outsmarted. Quite concerning.


Gordon64 Morrisey The first of the gang to die


Gordon my fav Morissette tune
Hope all good Sir
Hail Hail



Yep, and nearly at parkhead as well.

The board will reap what it’s sowed this season if they don’t realise the anger that they will be held accountable for if they don’t invest heavily to deliver what should be.
The investment will be reimbursed by exuberant supporters if they do.

More fools them if they don’t.


New article published.