Walking along the Celtic Way and admiring the magnificent statues and frescoes that look down upon the approaches to the stadium is an exhilarating experience.

They remind me of the great statues to the gods of ancient Rome and Greece and the statues in and around St Peter’s Basilica.

It’s spine-tingling and connects with something intangible at the very core of my being. The spiritual feeling is enhanced by the sight of the almost biblical single star, that hovers above the Main Stand.

The unity of purpose and meaning is amplified by the airing of anthems like ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and ‘Grace’.

The closing line of Grace borrows from Joseph Mary Plunkett’s poetry and is an insight into what Celtic offer beyond the restrictive false self.

“I love so much that I could see his blood upon the rose.”

The fact that Michael Davitt planted the original sod of Donegal turf in the centre circle. Brother Walfrid’s altruistic vision to set up the club to help alleviate the physical suffering of my Irish ancestors is the foundation of this mystical, magical fraternity.

The club is an integral part of my lineage.

What am I looking for from Celtic? And more to the point. Can I find it here?

For a while, I’ve pondered these questions in the context of the reverential environment of the Celtic Way and the match day experience. It’s becoming clear that behind my support of the club is a deep-rooted motivation to connect with something greater than myself. It’s not a rational or mortal thing. It’s much more intimate and dare I say, eternal.

It’s about my subconscious desire to connect with some kind of meaning. It might superficially express itself as football but beyond that, there is a yearning to connect with something bigger.

It’s as primal as the genius of Neolithic men and women constructing passage tombs or the majesty of the Egyptian pyramids. It’s what the Kabbalists describe as “The soul of the Adam HaRishon.”

The problem is whatever’s won, whether it’s the League or Cup. The Double or Treble. Domestic or European. It always leaves a feeling of wanting more. What’s the other mob doing? Who’s getting sold? Will the coach stay? What’s the PLC doing? Always a nagging doubt or fear. Always a need for something more.

No material thing can provide what I am looking for. It just isn’t there. Football is a pursuit that inflates the ego. The ego is insatiable and only wants to add to its collection of things, to control its surroundings and feel secure.

With our almost unprecedented level of football and financial success, the clawing for more and more has spiralled. That’s been exacerbated by the growing fear that Sevco will, by foul means, bring about a painful end to our ‘dominance.’

There’s a reason why there are so much discord and angst. To paraphrase, “One treble is too many and a hundred is never enough.”

We’ve become addicted to the short-lived buzz, conflicted and uneasy as a result. Blocked from the appreciating the Present by reliving the pains of the past and the illusory fear of the future.

Things might improve with new executives or a different owner. The problem is that conflicts and unease will always be there. Lean Principles and Six Sigma can’t deliver what we’re after.

Everyone at some stage arrives at a moment in life when things don’t work out. That’s where the love and humility that’s at Celtic’s core flourishes. When a stranger in another part of the world needs a kind word on a blog at 2 am, or when someone asks for thoughts or prayers for a loved one.

Celtic provides unity and a safe haven. A path to what we’re looking for on this journey. Meaning beyond what’s passing. Something bigger than the isolated individual and collecting possessions.

Until the proverbial penny drops our passion for and attachment to football will always result (after a brief high) in a feeling of indefinable emptiness. That emptiness has led to months of rancour in the Boardroom and among the support.

It’s my belief that whatever our publicly expressed view many of us feel a deep sense of unease that’s manifesting in personal spats. We just aren’t comfortable with something.

That emptiness is only filled when we accept Celtic’s gift and grow out of our preoccupation with the wants in life. The paradox is that it’s in our response to the suffering of others that we find Celtic and who we really are.

That’s the altruism and love that Brother Walfrid originally intended. It’s the real reason for the statues and frescoes. That’s the enduring legacy of Andrew Kerins.

The trophies are wonderful but the Celtic of Brother Walfrid is the key to a much richer prize. It’s the unconscious pursuit of that richer prize that keeps us coming back.

As Brother Walfrid demonstrated, the solution is in the progression from egocentricity to altruism. From self-interest and fear to the holy ground of unconditional love. That’s where we’ll find the paradise we’re looking for.

For Yvonne Emmet & Roisín


Above is a guest article by THE GOMBEEN MAN. Tell us your thoughts,mail them to Mahe for publication.

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Thank you very much for the above article. I suppose every fan,of every club,feels a special bond with their chosen club. Few get the hairs on the back of their neck rising when they turn the corner to see the stadium.

Over fifty years after my first game,and I get that every time!

Particularly poignant paragraph,given the personal difficulties of so many held dear by posters on here…

“Everyone at some stage arrives at a moment in life when things don’t work out. That’s where the love and humility that’s at Celtic’s core flourishes. When a stranger in another part of the world needs a kind word on a blog at 2 am, or when someone asks for thoughts or prayers for a loved one.”

I know it’s not much but they all add up,my requests for intercession have been winging their way up.



THE GOMBEEN MAN Take a bow sir. Terrific article. Trophies come and go and although hugely enjoyable they are not for me the be all and end all of being a Celtic supporter. It’s the emotional connection you describe that makes Celtic the great constant in our lifes. Hh

Karamoko Dembele.

Check the first video,the first tackle on him. Hearts thug stops,knowing he’s nailed him. The wee man bounces up-fortunately!-and goes again,firing in a shot at the end of it.

Check the similarities with this infamous assault…

Superb, that captures something inside so strong 😉


Fantastic read GOMBEEN MAN but sadly these days I find it increasingly difficult to feel the same way now as I did when my dad first took me to Parkhead in the mid-sixties. He dutifully passed onto me the joy of Celtic just as I passed it onto my two sons. However, somewhere along the way, I sort of lost it and can’t really see it returning. Maybe I’m just old and cantankerous but I no longer buy into the “more than a club” motto which adorns the club website and publications. Yes, Celtic F.C. is more than a club – it is now an unreconstructed PLC which exists primarily, nay exclusively, for the benefit of the shareholders. When Fergus McCann took over, we were told that all the profits would be ploughed into the team and I bought into that at the time, buying season tickets and all the merchandise I could afford for my sons who always wanted the brand new strips and second kits as well. Now, I feel the team exists as the footballing division of the company and is expected to generate income for the shareholders in much the same way as the merchandising division or ticket office. Also, I’ve been well and truly scunnered by the failure of those running the club to challenge the continuity myth or the cheating at the heart of the SFA around Res 12. Deep down, I know there is not an appetite to defend Celtic’s unique interests because it might have a detrimental effect on the maintenance of bigot pound which is central to the PLC’s strategy. In my eyes, we have become the green half of the Old Firm/Glasgow Derby brand. I maintain a passing interest in the team through the occasional foray with sites such as this but haven’t been inside CP for quite a few years now. I don’t really miss it as much as I thought I would but can still understand the emotions expressed in GOMBEEN MAN’s article. Keep up the good work and continue to enjoy yourself.

Awe Naw


a good read but I am definitely losing my love of the Celtic community and being apart from it.

I had a good day on Sunday and was pleased with some aspects of the game especially the youngsters getting the chance against Hearts second team. They took it well.

I have to say though I found it disturbing that a club that has just won 8 in a row and is on the verge of a historic treble treble, one game, away has to introduce a 16 year old to spice things up on and off the park on what was trophy presentation day. An indication of how little there is to excite the fans these days.

A few scattered thoughts.

Marvin Commper’s defiant display on Sunday I reckon was a GIRFUY to someone who might have been trying to get him off the wage bill. Exactly what I would have done.

Dedryck offski and some interesting end of season comments too. Good luck to him.

If Neil Lennon gets the job I don´t think that the PLC will stop looking for his replacement. For me that will be a signal that they did not find anyone. He is and always will be a stop gap for as long as PL is C.E unless he starts to make inroads in Europe.

Finally the supports miserable and longer reaction towards the departure of Brendan Rodgers (arguably Celtic´s most successful manager on the park) and continued with the announcement of the interim appointment and possible full time appointment being Neil Lennon (unarguable Celtic´s most successful manager off the park). Neil is far from stupid and will have assessed how much more toxic Celtic FC has become and by extension Scottish football (now that´s a topic for an article). I think if Neil does not get a big enough budget to lift the doom and gloom he will not accept. He might well get some good offers elsewhere.

I personally will take less of an interest in the domestic fayre this season if nothing exciting happens. I turned off domestically during the Deila era and what I witnessed in Europe was shocking. Brendan´s European forays were also a massive big disappointment especially after seemingly starting off (red imps apart) so well. Yes a treble treble is an amazing feat and nobody will take it away from Brendan Rodgers.

But what now ?

9 in a row and 10 in a row while bowing out of Europe and turning a massive profit for the next two years. While Tierney, Forrest, pick a name is sold to compensate. I mean if it is not broke why fix it.

Awe Naw

… and being a part of it


Good stuff!
Celtic is a wonderful thing to have in your life, the successes we are seeing now is fantastic but it wasn’t always so.
It’s interesting that when the club was on it’s knees, when the team was poor in the 90’s & the battles with the old board, i felt a real sense of fight & love for the club during those times, the success wasn’t there but the love & passion for the club was always there.
It’s important to stay true to our charitable origins & ethos, the spirit of Walfrid should always be adhered to & celebrated.
This hotel we are talking of building is all nice & well but i always wanted us to build a shelter for the homeless of the City, run by Celtic & a place for the destitute to be safe & eat.
It doesn’t have to be a five star facility, just a safe place for the unfortunate to go.
I would love to see something like that.

Disco lights? It isn’t Celtic & we should get them tae fuck.

Hail Hail.


I totally agree with you both,and I totally agree with THEGOMBEENMAN.

His post is about what it feels to still have that emotional attachment to Celtic,yours is about why it has been destroyed.

Fergus set up a PLC board and an FC board,IIRC. The plan was that the PLC would provide the funds through sponsorship,merchandising,marketing,to improve the team on the pitch,the FC.

The FC,in turn,would be more attractive and successful on the pitch as a result. This would make it easier for the PLC to procure more lucrative deals,sell more tickets,strips,etc.

This plan went west when Fergus left,if I’m honest. Almost ever since,the footballing operation has been used as a cash cow for the PLC. As of course have the people who fund the footballing operation-the fans.

The emotional attachment is to the footballing operation. Celtic FC. Few if any of us have any emotional attachment to Celtic PLC-although I can get helluva emotional discussing them!


Agree with you on the disco lights. Pile of pish,as I said the other day.

Re homeless shelters,I’m pretty sure that The Celtic Foundation helps considerably in this regard. But as you know,considerably is never enough in this age of beggar thy neighbour.

Bloody heartbreaking to walk through so-called affluent towns like Swindon and see people huddled in doorways-and I’m talking 3am when I’m working.

The Gombeen Man

Gordon64, TET, M6bhoy, Awe Naw, Monti & BMCUWPs,

Morning all,

Thanks for the replies, I typed up the post during the ordeal of Eurovision on Saturday night…Don’t know what that says about the post or my Saturday nights.

We’re all on the same page here, I think.

The titles or cups are fantastic but they are only temporary. They are passing, the wins create a short time fix but they’re not what I’m looking for. On Sunday the rows on the blogs started within an hour of the final whistle.

What I’m really after is something much more significant. That’s a very deep-rooted and intimate thing and its related to the origins of the club. It’s why I keep on going back. I identify with the ethos of the club and Brother Walfrid’s love for the suffering.

The PLC or any PLC or corporate body are an external creation. No matter what they do (I’m not suggesting they are doing much) can’t provide that.

It’s something within me that connects with the altruism of the club. The turnover and titles, salaries and bonuses, wins and losses are always going to cause division. Despite that in quiet moments Celtic still provides that connection that opportunity to reach out. That inspirational example of how struggle and pain ultimately connected people and how we’ll always be connected.

The PLC like footballers have a shelf life.

What Celtic really offers is much more than that.


Awe Naw

Celtic will have a parade through Glasgow if they can seal the Scottish Cup with victory over Hearts on May 25.
Glasgow City Council granted the club permission for the procession which, if the Hoops win, would leave Hampden Park on an open top bus at 6.15pm and include around 60 of the club’s players and staff.
The proposed route would then see Celtic travel along Cathcart Road, Cumberland Street, Crown Street, Saltmarket and the Gallowgate and Barrack Street.
But unlike most parades it WON’T finish at Celtic Park and instead will stop on Barrack Street.

On the day of a possible historic treble treble the parade can´t even enter the East end. I wonder how much that decision was worth to them-us?
80% of the advertising on match day is bookies. Three of them. dafabet, Ladbrokes, Mr Green, The Mr Green sponsorship being announced on Andrew Kearns birthday
Lord Livingston Tory cabinet minister and former PLC board member voted for the tax credit cuts. You know the decision that was reversed by the house of Lords for the first time in so many hundred years.

Celtic Football club doesn´t do altruistic .. and another reason I am deliberately distancing myself from the club in the future.


The Gombeen Man

I wrote something on similar lines in terms of connection with what I perceived to be the ethos of Celtic and how that led to the introduction of an Overseas Season Ticket. Its at for anyone interested.

The OST scheme did not have a great take up,it was costing Celtic TV money apparently and of course there were less spaces to keep after Brendan Rogers arrival for the odd occasion an oversea visitor would attend.

So it fell away, much like the same connection I felt then when I was involved in that scheme t and other attempts at improving communications between the Board and the support.

The problem is the ethos should come from the top down, not the bottom up.


As an example of what you are saying,I’m very proud to consider ALMORE from CQN as a friend,and that he feels the same way. A genuine gem of a guy.

On Sunday morning,reading that he was flying from Dublin into Edinburgh for a bus trip to Glasgow and a Coia’s breakfast with the troops,I texted him a suggestion that if he had time,he might enjoy a pint across the road in The Crown Creighton with my Dad and my two sisters.

He duly trooped over along with three other members of CQN royalty,all of whom had met my Dad previously,and most had met my sisters too.

Good time had by all,but only as you say through that “deep-rooted and intimate thing”,the friendship and camaraderie that we find in other Celtic supporters.

Then,after a bus trip to Belfast via the boat from Cairnryan and another bus back to Dublin,home for 1am,ALMORE still took the time to call me last night to thank me for the invitation!

I’m honestly humbled when I meet people like him,and there have been so many over the years. Aye,we can have our cyber fall-outs,fortunately less frequent on here,but in person we all seem to just hit the right note.

There’s a fair few people from hootenannies over the years expected a kicking on revealing their blog name,and trusted me when I said they’d be very pleasantly surprised.

They were. Life’s too short.



Agree with you on the disco lights. Pile of pish, as I said the other day.

Re homeless shelters, I’m pretty sure that The Celtic Foundation helps considerably in this regard. But as you know,considerably is never enough in this age of beggar thy neighbour.
The mention of The Foundation reminded me of some of their beneficiaries from the Overseas Season Ticket scheme which are in the attached:

Funnily enough I worked with some of those services listed as a part time IT adviser based at Scottish Drugs Forum. That made me smile when I got the letter.

Margaret McGill

Isn’t it tragic that the club we grew up with that stood for true football and an ethos based on altruism and love has been hijacked by it’s antithesis?
The bigot buck has bolted and left behind a multitude of Tims back in the stable doomed to drum the dirge to death.
Not for me. I’ll watch from a distance too.
Bigger things to worry about

The Gombeen Man


I wasn’t aware that you were involved in the ideas behind the OST scheme.

There is a salmon like a search for the source in life and the emotional scarring of the Irish Diaspora in Scotland is still very raw.

A Gorta Mor peaked in 1847, a mere 172 years ago.

Unfortunately, prejudice remains the experience for many of Irish Catholic descent in the Glasgow area.

Brother Walfrid’s legacy was to combine our roots with that desire to be loved that we all have at our core.

Everything we do, even in our darker moments is seeking love. Even the businessman or stockbroker. Footballer, blogger or lawyer. In our actions, we’re really looking for love and acceptance within our tribe.

Even Dave King is really looking for love through his actions. The love of the Sevco support for taking on the perceived inequities and restoring ‘the people’.

It’s a kind of manifestation of insecurity.

John Beaton is another example. After his performance at Ibrox and his inability to resist the affections of The Crown Bar.

Thanks for the post.

Keep up the good fight,


The Gombeen Man


There’s so many really good person quietly involved in Celtic and in other clubs too no doubt that are just good guys and living a good life.

Almore’s one of them.

Celtic provide the purpose in life for so many and it runs far deeper than the passing financial year.

Even if the only connection is via a blog, it can keep that contact going.

It’s much deeper than the shenanigans of the suits.

They are on their own path and that’s okay.



The Gombeen Man

On the search for love my experience is it starts back where it began and always was. Inside each of us.

Love your neighbour as yourself could easily be read as Love yourself and your neighbour in equal measure.

One thing I will say having met Almore and others like him because of social media, is in spite of all that despairs us, there are a lot more good guys around doing inspirational things that we simply haven’t met yet than RankBadYins.

Sometimes we need reminded of that.

The Gombeen Man

Knocking on the Door

It would be fruitless for the visitor

to knock on the door of the house

if there were no one inside

to hear the knocks

and open the door.

What is a human

but a being

standing between

the infinitude of his interior

and the infinitude

of his surroundings?

Were it not for what we have inside,

we would have nothing outside.

Kahlil Gibran

I think if the legacy of Brother Walfrid taught us anything one thing is that there is always something in life that provides a purpose.

Our difficulty sometimes seems to be our obsession with results in our time-frame.

Everything seems to happen when it’s supposed to…


The Gombeen Man
Beautiful writing sir.

The Gombeen Man, lovely piece. Just what I expected from you! 🙂

The Gombeen Man


Thanks lads. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the controversy that’s floating by and lose the beauty of the moment.


I hope things are going okay.

See you on later.



The Gombeen Ban.

“Infinite patience produces immediate results” is a favourite of mine.

Can be bloody frustrating though.


THe Gombeen Man,,
Many many thanks for todays thought provoking article.
Its a good one and a very relevant topic to the collection of mostly had enoughs on here.

The love of the club is only enhanced and strengthened for you when turning that corner and seeing our sights which is beautiful and shared my a few on here like Atob for instance.
Those sights recharge your batteries and keep that bond strong,,exactly what they are designed to do. Who doesn’t need a little lift now and again in this crazy world .

Many times I have struggled with the love of the team versus morals, the morals that say for instance stop giving them money and force them out.
I recall Brth telling us that the problem is that Fergus left a PLc structure and what we are seeing is what PLc’s do,,put profit first and make money for shareholders.
So in essence we can hardly blame them for doing what PLcs do and if you are wishing for change then what happens when they sell to another PLc. And if they arent Irish / Scottish and only see the bottom line things get worse and the disconnect grows.
Seems that indeed is true , and in effect we have been snookered by structures , rules and regs , then the game is up for me as far as the footballing department of Glasgow Celtic go.

I sit here praying for something better or a move but if we are just designed to make money whats the point ?
Arent all Mahe some might ask? Well yeah but at least many of those stand up for their fans , in ways big and little. At least have a relationship with them.
Fans of other clubs actually seem to unite over common causes,, we seem incapable for a reason I have never fathomed as we are in the main an educated and eloquent bunch .
Is this divide deliberate ? Ideological? Imagined ?
We are treated like crap and talked down to while being dripfed innuendo from favoured sources.
Ajax was probably the last straw for me. Adored fans battered and attacked home and away without a word,, no thanks .
THere is little sign that the masses want change and those who do are in a clear minority and will like it or lump it so lump it it is.
THose who ask us to ignore the PLc and support the footie side are effectively kicking the problem down the road. See something wrong do something about it or walk away,,seems simple enough to me.

Like Mags I have enough and am actively hiding the games for my wee one determined not to get her involved as I often wonder why my da got me hooked on it but have came to the conclusion it was a different time and era and he believed , really believed as some still do in what that team and club stood for and represented .
Being able to gather and sing those songs without being bombed or shot at as you would have been at home was probably a big bonus.

The one underlying factor that will never change though is the fans , the fantastic people you meet through this common denominator. Few if any would see the club in exactly the same way but its more than that ,, its a fellow member of the diaspora doing something special for you he had no need to at all but made sure he went out of his way.
Or the strangers kind words and thoughts as we see often ,, again unnecessary but there’s a sense of cause through the support if not the club.
And its that sense of unity and common cause I won’t and wouldn’t leave and will always be there for us all even if feeling let down by the corporate structure and lack of fight from any suits.
Besides seeing an expat doing well is , at least is was for me , an inspiration for many and maybe a source of pride .
The Csc’s were basically a support infrastructure for communities abroad at one stage , again that kind spirit that is in all our nature.
Unfortunately many Csc’s are gone now,,although the net is a big part of that decline nowadays it set in way before that with an outdated pricing structure and hard to reach signals in many lands. Middle of the mornin drinking is only for a select group also .
I yearn for a club more alike to Walfrids dream , but fear that is just a dream indeed.
I can leave the footie side now the wee one has my attention , the fans I cant leave.

Those scenes you have clearly witnessed from St Peters Basilica are breathtaking indeed at dusk and through the night . I love Italy , walking through history and what food.

Again many thanks and Hail Hail
God Bless the Rebus Family and all who need help


Gordon64,,,just to be clear .
This Saturday at lunch time there will be a rugby game at Celtic Park involving Leinster who’s coach thinks they will have the better support than Glasgow in their home?
I take it you don’t think they would have majority crowd?
Just curious, , no skin in the game. This has bypassed me tbh.
Surely the pitch will get hammered but that’s ok due to break?
Hope you’re well
Hail Hail


Great article TGM, well written and a pleasure to read. Well done sir.

Hail x2

Just read James Forrest re: Wales FC and Banger City docked them 42 points for fielding ineligible players.
No messing, shame it does not happen here. This is pertinent for this excellent post by GM.


Mahe I’m good mate. I hope everyone from Scotland and Ireland attending Celtic Park on Saturday for the Guinness Pro 14 final has a great time, and whilst I hope to be too busy celebrating when the rugby is on i will be rooting for a Glasgow double. Hh

bada bing1

Anywhere in Burgos showing the Cup final? Asking for a friend…


Anybody seen the photo of the rainbow and Cesars statue today?

Wee Dena sent me it on WhatsApp but I can’t link it. Hopefully one of the whiz kids on here can, it’s stunning.

The Gombeen Man

Mario/The Wild Goose,

Thanks for the good wishes.


It’s curious how these questions involving a football team and the game’s administration can invite much bigger and deeper questions.

I guess it’s a matter of trying to avoid the pitfalls of black and white thinking. Not easy but stepping back from time to time helps me. If I don’t I very quickly get trapped into taking sides. As soon as I attach to a fixed outcome, it results in a painful ride.

To think that we delude ourselves at times into believing that we’re in control.


big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN, sorry pal just logged on and just read your post, agree with everything you have said ,don’t want to bore you all to death ,but some of you ghuys maybe interested if not please scroll by, luv ya all to bits anyway, mother in law home from hospital tomorrow, oxygen levels ok blood pressure ok sats ok whatever that means, the doc says she is 88 years old smoked since she was fourteen hence the copd so she is as well now as she is ever going to be ,at least she is home, that’s a bad sign for you ghuys im gonna be on here every day spouting my inane rubbish, hail hail ghuys and thanks for your support, rebus if your lurking, god bless.thoughts and prayers.


That’s great news,mate. Hopefully she’ll be around a few years yet-someone needs to be to remind you of your anniversary!!!


That’s great news BP

big packy

mick and the exiled tim, cheers ghuys.hh.

bada bing1

Big Packy,

That is great news on your MIL. She sounds like a remarkable woman!

Thanks for thinking us all….everyone.

If I do not acknowledge individual best wishes, please know that I appreciate them.


big packy

REBUS, that means a lot, joan knows the story of what your going thru and yet you find time to think about her mother, she holds you in high esteem, god bless pal.hh.

Rafa is the latest who will be getting announced on Monday, this is coming from people in the know so it must be true, same as the other managers who will be getting the job as predicted by people in the know.
Even if the people in the know actually know feck all, the fact they are in the know tells me that the board must know the feelings of the support and they must realise that if they get this wrong there will be serious repercussions, do they care, I doubt it, they gamble on CL qualification every season, they don’t have any forward plan, they don’t actually have much of a clue about running a football club, they are good at scamming the punters who in turn are stupid enough to let them scam them so everything in the Celtic garden is rosy for the time being.


Rafa the gaffa?

It sure has a ring to it, Rafa the Gafa
Or oo a up the Ra Fa 😉

That’s me done, sleep well Timland

The Gombeen Man


Yeah as you pointed out before the bookies make a few bob out of this and small money can make a big swing in the odds.

It isn’t unusual for stories before a Cup Final. I read yesterday about Forrest and Lenny etc.

Can’t wait for the weekend. The suits will suit themselves and blame somebody else. ?

Nite All & Good to see Packy and Rebus on.

Oo Aa up the Rafa.. Very good ??


bada bing1

Reports – NUFC to back Rafa Benitez
As we understand it, things aren’t this progressed but Italian media claim that Rafa Benitez and Newcastle United have agreed a deal and the club will ‘back him with substantial funds.’

The Gombeen Man

The suits had kittens over a song when Brendan arrived.

They’ll love Tet’s if it comes to pass.

Ooh ahh up the Rafa © TET


Margaret McGill

Big Packy
Good news

New article published.