Triple Treble Talk

I will admit that last nights juicy gossip about a big announcement coming Monday almost stole the agenda today.
Seems there will be no wasting time and someone gets the hotseat in only a few days time.
If it was any other game or event this weekend then Who would probably be given prominence.
But this isnt any other game at all is it,,this is history awaiting .
Unprecedented history.
And as such it deserves our full attention and Monday , as much as we are all dying to see what happens , will take care of itself on the day.

Funny enough theres plenty of treble talk around however a lot of it isnt Celtic related.
“ I feel like they have completed football , a bit like completing a video game. “
“ Football is broken “
“ Can City be stopped ? “
“ What we dont want is to end up with something like France or Scotland “
Etc Etc.

Essentially for those just emerging from the cave Man City just did the domestic clean sweep , just as we hope to complete this weekend.
The big difference is the English aint going for this one bit and are up in arms figuratively.
Whether its because its City is probably a huge part to do with the angst ,, they arent loved.
When Fergies team did one type of treble there was no outcry.
Jose has done one also and so have Liverpool. Again no massive yell of Stop It !
Basically Pep and money have cornered their market and although they won this last one by the finest of margins they will strengthen and are already favourites to lift next years title.
I think if their growth had been more organic rather than foisted upon the league they would be much more accepting but that’s the way it has panned out and everyone has to live with that.

One team that has got there under its own steam is our own , and I wouldn’t want it any other way. So seeing the outporing down south over one treble ,, it really made me think about how this never done before feat might make the nation act and feel,, in public and behind closed doors. If one is bad to some how does three look ?
It would also be folly of us not to believe that some type of religious / historical connotations might not come into a percentage of the nation’s feelings ,, which probably isnt the case for City and their trebles.
Hopefully its a diminishing percentage that drag anything but sporting merit into the argument.

The media ,,, So sitting here days from potential history our attempt will give food for thought to the nations hacks who will wax lyrical to tell readers of this inspiring feat that they must witness , or so you would think.
Insights aplenty ,, tactical matchups analysed ,, outcomes and possible scenarios covered ,, etc etc. Yeah right.
Its the two Stevies so far this week. One has improved no end in his debut season and the now not a rookie is plotting and planning and generally on the rise so everyone should quiver.
The other is a very welcome distraction and it is “ the befriending period “ for the hacks right now.
Trying to cultivate a personal relationship with Mr Clarke will be very important to them and their editors. It will provide good copy and quotes until the knives come out.
If he is totally impartial and chooses too many Tims those knives will be very sharp and hasty.
Unless he is winning and then they must grin and bear it ,, terrible eh.
I hope this happens.

So the Press has done an Ostrich and no doubt if pulled about it would claim well we have all next week free to write about any treble treble .
Any footie fan would tell you next week also see’s the European Battle of Britain ? aka the Champions League final.
That surely will hog a lot of the limelight and will probably be next week’s excuse for not bigging up the Hoops should be be victorious .
Will write plenty should we lose no doubt.
Cant see it at all though . Not at all.

If you happened to grab Neil right now and ask if he would prefer a huge game in what might turn out to be his last in charge I have no doubt he would say yes ,,, absolutely yes infact.
Easier to fire up ,, more of an occasion ,, not at home so less complacent with unusual surroundings,, fans singing their hearts out,, I could go on.
I reckon Lenny will Love this ,, going or not.
It’s his type of day , a day for men to stand up and be counted , and if Celtic are gonna make history then I’m sure he wants to be in the thick of it.
He will feel job done no doubt should he land this trophy .
No matter what happens we should all be thankful to him for stepping into the breach but this will have been the day that he marked out as the big one .

The Players,,, you will know by now I know nothing about football but if this is Lustig’s last game get a quid on him to score . Big Mik will relish this one for a finale ,, just watch the big Swede milk it for all he’s worth and he’s more than welcome.
Toiljan , Benkovic ( I cant see us talking to Brendan again ever ) , Burke , Sinky , De Vries ,,, there’s a few could well be playing for the last time in those beautiful Hoops ,, some we would want rid of and some we might not .
Our Captain will surely be fired up and I already have him my favourite for MOTM.
The body language experts always have a field day watching for the shirt into the crowd ( that means he’s for the off ) and in particular the kids in the arms teary lap of honour whilst waving a lot and taking selfies ( he’s definitely gone for good if that ever happens trust me seen it a million times ).
Lenny’s speech will be analysed FBI style for any hidden subversive hint at what his plans are.

The fans,, well not much need said tbh. Its history pure and simple and this could well be a story for the grandchildren in the future. They will sing with everything they have got , and I have no doubt who will emerge the nosier of the two groups on the day.
And what a day this could be ,, Goodbye to players , Levein ,, Lenny
But hello to the rebel treble !
I cant wait ! Roll on the weekend ! The Rebel Treble awaits !


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If Mik scores on Saturday it will be a dream come true. A diving header like he did in January 2 or 3 years ago.



Thank goodness the widow cleaner is here. My living room window is polluted with birds shit. That’s what I get for feeding the wee buggers with bread during the winter.

Btw, my window cleaner is not a widow. He is male and from Poland.

So the answer to Celtic PLC is a Co-operative. One share one vote. Unity is strength. The problem with the thousands of local Co-ops was they were run by amateurs – they went bust – and were taken over by the CWS, a professional organisation and now they thrive. But still an organisation with a conscience. They pay small dividends to their members, help local community groups, sponsor Labour MPs. Think of what the Jambos have done for their club. It will soon be a fan controlled club. Way to go.


Press conference on Monday is to announce our new plastic pitch. These grass or grass/hybrid pitches cost a fortune to install,maintain,and replace. And they don’t last.


Your reply yesterday,raising the possibility of blackmail?

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.


People will tell you that getting hit by birdshot is lucky,but I reckon the basturts practice it.


big packy

AULDHEID, more power to your elbow, thanks for your efforts from a celtic fan from glenboig in Lanarkshire, no one has ever heard from us but although I live in Cheshire now my heart will always be in glenboig, don’t suppose you will reply to this but if you do hail hail and god bless.

May 22, 2019 10:55 pm
Thanks for the encouragement. Its always welcome, from Glenboig to the Gallowgate where my heart started beating a long time ago.



When you see the source it is a credible possibility.

From the kind of folk who picked up the ball when 10 down in a kickabout and stormed off saying “Its ma baw”.


If Ralph doesn’t put a new thread up today on Etims, i’d encourage you to make ETims an offer for my services in the upcoming transfer window.
I don’t think Ralph will be hard to deal with lol


Certainly does. Who would want the world to know how easily you were outsmarted? Not good for the old reputation,much better to cover up and bully anyone sniffing around.


But then he’d have to buy his own booze at the days ooooot. No,mate-we’re happy to have you moonlighting here while Ralph is in Peterborough,normal service will be resumed soon enough.

Dearie Me, a twatter rumour about the police and Mahe falls for it 😉
I will be shocked big time if we get a top manager, all the talk is Rafa this, Rafa that, the man who is in pole position is already in the job, he is talking like the job is his, down in england scouting players, talking about next season etc, etc.
The club are on a downsizing cycle and spending big to win in scotland, imo, is not on their agenda, they will gamble on Lenny, who if backed at even half of what BR was, he should do Ok domestically, as for europe, I reckon they are banking on the europa groups and the CL would be a massive bonus for them.
As with everything time will tell.


To update everyone. We now have a date for surgery. It is 26 June, which is further away than we wanted, but it does emphasis where we are on the seriousness scale. The surgery will remove the tumour then six weeks of recovery will follow. There will then be 4-6 weeks of radiation. Gruelling but the prognosis is good.

Thanks to everyone for their wishes. I am not sure that I shall post anything as the obvious dominates my being at the moment.

I hope that all in pain find their pathway through it. I think I am developing a better understanding of life and of myself. The heart, the head and the pain are powerful teachers.



I am sorry. i posted the same thing twice! Bit jangled.



Tet,,,I nearly feel for it yes. But my professionalism won out in the end as you can see. Blame Bada Bing ,, his gossip 😉

Rebus glad surgery is scheduled and thanks for update. Were all rooting for you guys bigtime.

Jim totally off topic but did you ever hear of the two famously gay penguins in NY Central Park zoo? Google Roy and Silo penguins. I found it fascinating and didn’t realise that happened in the animal kingdom.
Clean windaes and all ,,, I clean my own you lazy bugger 😉


Monti your Pish is for hire? 😉

The Lions Roar

Is this the same Monti who makes filthy comments about other posters’ mothers?

This Sentinel Celts, we don’t talk about politics and religion. We love Celtic in one way or another and love each other. So I’m away to the polling booth to vote Labour accompanied by my guardian angel. (Labour, for you American posters are the democrats).


TLR,,,how about we only judge our posters on their words on here? And kneecap those who do step out of line 😉
Many have their own style and as the old saying goes it takes every type of person to make the world go round.
A saying I like and it’s true.
I often tell my better half I shall name my memoirs ” Surrounded by Idiots ” although thats work not blog related.
Got a big pot of home made sassafras root beer going ,, yummy!
Hope all is well Sir!

I see the blogosphere is split over Monday but none are claiming it’s Lenny. Avb Moyes or another?
Cannae wait 😉

Talking about guardian angels. There is a long running debate in the church whether we are allowed to give them a name. The Irish tradition is that it is OK. So I call mine ‘Blue Eyes’. He is tall, handsome as anything, long fair hair. But don’t be fooled he is as tough as anything. He could kill Satan in an instant if God allowed him.

The Lions Roar

I try not to judge people at all, mahe, but when I do it is down to their own words wherever they have written them, for the expression of such words tells us what sort of person they are and this individual has amply demonstrated his guttural qualities on multiple occasions towards multiple members of the collective Celtic Family down the years.

This is a simple fact which cannot be ignored nor deflected.

Each word we write is a reflection of ourselves and God forbid that low minded men such as this be allowed to pollute and blight such a polite, well mannered and respectful blog as this one, for that is the certain road to ruin for all, as his presence elsewhere has proven.



Bit harsh no?
Whatever a fella said elsewhere isn’t really my business,,here its a different matter.
Monti or anyone for that matter may well get a bit guttural in a dive bar with his cronies, but when he’s got the suit and tie on and rolls over to hang with The Sentinels he watches his tone 😉

I was pleased this week to hear a phrase that I thought had left the beautiful game,,player manager.
Old Vinny Kompany signs 3 years Player Manager deal.
I recall Chelsea had decent success with it but that’s 20 years ago and I honestly haven’t heard of a big club doing it in years.
The obvious questions are what happens if hes a crap manager and you only want the player?
Or vice versa? Or he’s injured all the time so what’s the point in taking up a playing spot etc etc
They obviously want him ( Anderlecht ) and this is probably what they had to do to grab that signature.
It’s a throwback and will be interesting viewing actually .

Another big club not far from them , Grasshopper Zurich , actually failed to qualify for Europe in their league in what is unprecedented disaster for them as they are the biggest fish and most successful club. They really effed up somehow ?

Finally Hertha Berlin finished 11th in their division ,, I expect a better finish with Dedryck now the heart of their defence. Im curious to see how he does and hopefully we collectively keep an eye on him. I reckon 50k or at least 40 per week. Chunky signing on fee also. His parting shot was petty but I want to see just how good his actually is and if he woulda been worth considering going all out in wages terms for.

Hail Hail


Gordon bhoy am I glad I didnt fall for that hoax rumour. Stayed professional and on target! I see Bada wont show his face 😉
Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man

As Mahe has alluded to I must live in a cave. I’d no idea City had won the Treble. Congratulations to them.
Sky and all the other providers were dropped ages ago and MOTD seems to have fallen by the wayside too.
So thanks Mahe for bringing me the news about City.

Speaking of caves, the Sevco Trophy Room looked like a cave, suffers from arachnophobia beware.

The blog seems to be going from strength to strength. It’s good natured and a pleasure to read. Often the best way to develop that virtue is by example. Hurt people, hurt people and a bit of forbearance goes a long way but as with most things, there’s a balance.

Good to read about Rebus’s wife and the surgery. I’ve a pal here in his early 50s a single parent, with a teenage son who was diagnosed last week and it doesn’t sound great.

Anyway, a big weekend approaches and these are the things dreams are made of.

It came as a surprise too to read that Jimthetim53 has a ‘widow’ as a window cleaner. Scotland really has changed.

Spare a thought for the poor Tour Guide at Ibrox, there’s a tough job. The video reminded me of the old joke about the break-in to the Ibrox Trophy Room and the Polis looking for a carpet.

Let’s hope the Polis can spare some resources from their hunt for the Ibrox carpet for the unveiling at 1600 on Monday.?


bada bing1



Keep that sources tittle tattle away from this blog pls. Was a trap and I didn’t nibble no matter how nice it looked.
Your cards marked
Moyes Monday ffs
I worry about you lot sometimes 😉
Hail Hail

Cosy corner bhoy

Just finished a tie at the golf having lost at the nineteenth! Always thought I was a certainty at the nineteenth ?
Anyway,really came on to say that I had visited St Winin’s on way to golf and lit a few candles and said a few prayers for all on here and also the young lad who sits beside one of my daughters who is in a coma after being attacked last week.
Any spare prayers going keep him in mind please.

CCB, sorted.

The Lions Roar

With all due respect it’s a fact whether harsh or not, Mahe.

People should not be addressed in such a manner, that is not the Celtic Way and nor is it the human way, and the Celtic support have always self policed those among us who think acting in such a manner is permissible.


Awe Naw

Haven’t been keeping up with the blog as I have been super busy. Things moving in the right direction. All the best to you both Bud

big packy

EVENING BHOYS, first things first, rebus thoughts and prayers keep us informed,cosy corner bhoy will do,,now ive just been to vote and im not telling any of you who I voted fo?r, now as regards our new boss im in the exiled tims camp think lenny has got it to be honest id rather have lenny than moyes, at least with neil you know what you are getting,hh.



Worrying times for you both. Stay strong.

big packy

A THING OF BEAUTY AND MIKE IN TORONTO, apologies for not including you on my list from last night,for goodness sake im nearly fifty years old, give me a little leaway?

big packy

to be honest im not overly enthusiastic about an extension to scott sinclairs contract he has been a passenger for the last 12 months, IMHO. any thoughts, jim speak to me or ill start on my joke collection,?

Best of Rebus in these worrying times.

Scotty Sinclair’s contract extension is so we don’t have to let him go for nothing,

I see we now an edit facility, that is brilliant so it is.
Oh yes we do

Oh and another thing, not everyone that lives in a cave is a knuckledragger or thick, or so I’m told 😉

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, you calling me a knucledragger bud, choose your weapons swords or pistols.? by the way thanks for clearing that up about scot Sinclair,hh.

When you think about the new manager thing, in many ways the board have made a rod for their own back by appointing Brendan, the support are now primed-conditioned to want as good or an upgrade, going by what I have seen on the blogs and twatter Lenny is not a popular choice, better than Moyes but the support won’t be happy with Lenny, they will accept it til he fails to get us CL footy and our first bad domestic result, as sure as eggs are eggs they will turn on him.
This is a biggie for the suits, rather them than me having to decide.

No I am not, it seems that people who live in caves are

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, if its going to be between lenny and moyes, you know who im gonna pick.hh.

big packy

OK GHUYS, just gonna take the dugs oot for their last walk, bhoy did I sound Scottish there, whats the old saying you can take the bhoy out of Scotland, but you cant take Scotland out of the bhoy , I will be back shortly to catch up on my old mate jimthetim53 good god jim Is 66 and im moaning because im nearly 50 catch u later.hh.

Seems that we have a weather warning beginning in June, multiple heatwaves and life threatening temperatures, much hotter that it’s been for some time they are saying

Mike in Toronto

Hearing Scott Brown as player/manager. You heard it here first.

Mike in Toronto

jimthetim53 @8:26

If Mik scores on Saturday it will be a dream come true.


How did you know I was having dinner with a very lovely lady on Saturday?