Eat Your Heart Out,Almore!


A big day ahead for the club and for the fans tomorrow,with us heading to Hampden for the final game of a long and difficult season. The goal is victory,simple as that,the result of that victory will be the incredible…


I must admit,that looked better as a concept than it does on the screen! But that’s what we are after tomorrow,our third successive treble. An amazing achievement for which everyone concerned,should we get there,deserves all the praise in the world.

I have little doubt though that one of the main drivers behind our success will be damned with faint praise. As far as I’m concerned,that will only be the behaviour of small-minded people with big chips on their shoulders. That’s never been my style,it gives you greasy hair…

Which leads us on to the next stage of our development of the club. Who will be the long-term replacement for Brendan Rodgers? I think everyone knows that my preference has always been for Rafa Benitez,but equally I’ve always considered that as highly unlikely. Andres Vilas Boas I would take in a heartbeat,and I think he knows that he has work to do to get back to the top again. But then,he was highly successful in Portugal and again in Russia with Zenit. China,who knows,I think he just hated the place. It was only at Chelsea and Tottenham that his reputation took a kicking. Player power at Chelsea saw to that,and the sale of Gareth Bale soon took care of his career at Spurs. At 41yo,he should be having his achievements magnified,not his perceived failures.

The other managers to be touted who have EPL experience leave me cold,if I’m honest. I just can’t take to Davie Moyes,even though I respect hugely his achievements at Everton and think he was stitched up at Manchester United. Eddie Howe,hmmm… Still has a lot to learn,which he will-but Ronny Deila will tell you that Celtic FC is not a place for an idealist. Sean Dyche is an absolute no-it was bad enough having to learn how to spell Deila,I’m too bloody old to,learn how to pronounce Dyche!

Time will tell,and we will shortly return to the topic. But what about the topic of the article,what has it got to do with the bloody heading,I hear you ask? Well,ALMORE is the moniker of a total gentleman of the acquaintance of many of us on here. Dublin-based and Celtic-daft,he makes the arduous and expensive trips over to see The Hoooooops as often as he can,and never misses the chance to join in with any planned wee dayooooooots. He has long demanded that the club install a pop-up cafe bar restaurant in the vicinity of the ground,or even better,a permanent facility. The fans surely deserve such a thing,and it would be jam-packed. And with a decent footfall even other than on match days. After all,it was only the other day that THE GOMBEEN MAN was reminding us of what it means to us to have Celtic Park hove into view.

I haven’t had the heart to tell him that an objection to just such a thing was put in by the hosts of the fine establishment where he met a few of his/our friends before last week’s game. Yes,that’s right-Coia’s have put out a contract on Almore for trying to wreck their business!!!

I’m kidding,of course. Coia’s is a long-established family business with a fine reputation-and I can vouch for it on the many occasions I’ve eaten there over the years. But I got an e-mail on the subject just yesterday from our own Urban Voltaire-with apologies for nicking the name from Jack McLaughlin!-which I intended to copy as today’s main article.

Of course,he didn’t mail me it with the intention of it being an article,but he kindly agreed when asked-and pointed out a potential problem. Sadly he was right-me being a computer wuckfit,the accompanying photos didn’t carry and without them the article feels flat. So click on the link below and see what wonders a space cadet can come up with when he has a blank canvas!

ESTADIO is,of course,the man who brought the above to these pages. Another gentleman,and a far-travelled one. Indeed,he has an open invitation to Australia whenever there is a drought as,for all his sunny disposition,the rain follows him like night follows day! If you take the time to click on the articles in his archive,you will doubtless agree with me that while he is clearly far-travelled,his mind likes a wander anaw! There’s some excellent stuff in there,and I recommend it.

So there you have it,folks. The eve of the match and bar mentioning it was on,I thought I’d rather not reference The Scottish Play!


Above article is by BMCUWP. But really,it’s by ESTADIO.

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Copied over from previous article,as it was posted just before the article went live.

A big part of the problem is conditioning. Me? I’ve been at CP for 53 years plus. It becomes a part that f you. At the weekend there I had to attend a family lunch. As much as it was a lovely occasion, with all my kids and all 6 of my grandchildren in attendance, I couldn’t help but keep checking the score from CP.
My kids were all exactly the same, and my 2 eldest grandsons likewise.

That scenario actually sums things up very well for me. There we are at a meal with , and for , my mother in law who is facing her last couple months, and all of my family are there. Now when we were organising this some weeks before, and the date was agreed, everyone to a man agreed they wanted to attend. It was pointed out it was “ trophy day” but of course we all agreed the occasion we were attending was much more important, and it was. Yet, there we are around a table for 22, and we are all sneaking glances at the phone, wandering through to the bar, trying to catch the hoops.
So for all my head has been telling me for a long time that I’m being taken advantage of, my heart is undeniably attached to Celtic football club.
That weekend proved it.
Some might find it shocking that on such an occasion “ the last supper” as the dear old lady herself called it, the ‘apostles’ were all running around trying to keep tabs on Celtic.

That is why it’s nigh on impossible to give up Celtic and why the suits have us where they want us. In my case, they probably always will.

Yes TET, we will take in a match next season. I’ll know on Wednesday if I’ve got the table. If I don’t, having already given up my other ticket, it’s gonna be a long year!?

May 24, 2019 5:43 am


Hmmm,nae thoughts about the fitba’ but you still invited enough people for a game of eleven a side?

Pull the other one…

A thing of beauty

Loved your analogy about the biscuits, sums it up perfectly. I really hope you do get your table for next year. I’d Love that because if you ever saw anyone that you thought was using Celtic for their own ends you’d be sure to tell them. You wouldn’t be able to help yourself. I wish you’d got it last year. Maybe then we wouldn’t be choosing between rich tea and plain digestives. Right off for a cycle and then to work.

Twists n turns

Ha. Hadn’t noticed that. Mind you , would’ve been hard to ‘pick the teams’ from the wide age range.

I year old to 86!

I’m just reading that Graham Dorrans has been bottled in Ibiza whilst on holiday with Ryan Jack and their wives. What on earth is wrong with some folk? No doubt alcohol will have played its part. Alcohol and a lack of brains. Lethal combination.

Twists n turns

A thing of beauty

Maybe I’ll make the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Actually I’m much better at biting my tongue these days. Must be an age thing.

Enjoy the cycle ride. Lovely morning here. Hope you’re getting the same.


Do they have Rich Tea or Digestives at Celtic Park?

That’s news to me-and we should know(!)


Nae bother,mate-there’s a top-notch lawyer of our acquaintance nursing a grudge and just itching to be let loose!


I’ve no doubt the Dorrans and Jack thing will be blamed on Celtic fans,much as we were blamed for burning their bus and stealing,wast it,£100,000 in £1 coins from the Easdale Bros company.

Doesn’t alter one huge fact though. You should never bring a knife to a gunfight but you should never bring anything to a fight at all.

Twists n turns

Aye, I know the lawyer you refer too. I’m meeting him for a day at the races actually. Should take care of my annual alcohol intake all on the one day.

I think I’ll save his invite to the match till later in the season. I could well be persona non grata after his visit!


Pass on my kindest regards to him,please. Let him know I’m home in September-gives him plenty of time to get his excuses in.

West Highland Way,my arse…

Twists n turns

I’ve never done the West Highland way. I know it’s an annual event for P and his pal.

I was at the races with them a few times. Don’t know if you ever met his pal. Big J? What a lovely big fella. He was talking to me about the West highland way and I commented that I didn’t think it would be P’s thing?

He said size is deceiving. He told me he goes off at a fair pace and is relentless. Said he struggled to keep pace with him.

I might try it one year. I’m supposed to be going up Ben Nevis this year but not sure if it’ll happen.


Going up Ben Nevis was a criminal offence when I were a lad…

Noel Skytrot

Im going out on a limb here with an early prediction for tomorrow’s game- 3-1 to the Bhoys. As for the manager, its all so boring now, I hope that the “custodians” do an announcement soon as. Please, no Moyes, he would empty the stands in a jig with his dull brand of football. Not that keen on Lenny either, but would have him before Moyes. I’m working tomorrow and in order for me to watch the game, I’ll probably be hiding in a medical room with my phone on silent and my nerves shredded to nothing. Regardless of where you are in the world enjoy what could be an incredible achievement and sing like a linty.


I suggest an accompanying nurse,just to help calm you down in case of stress.

My niece is undergoing some stress,related to your profession. 3rd year at Glasgow Uni. A somewhat difficult course to choose.

Best wishes to DAVID66 and family on a difficult day.

HH and R I P

Awe Naw

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Let’s Stick Together…

Noel Skytrot

I’m not a nurse or doctor but my job has me dealing with some of the most disenfranchised people in the city of Glasgow, though I have medical professionals working in tandem with me. The medical room is just my bolt hole for some quiet when needed. As for your niece, she must be a smart young lady, I talk to the new nurses who are all relatively young and they’ve left me in no doubt how tough it is. I’m sure your niece will pass her finals no problem and wish her all the best to do so.

The Gombeen Man

Leinster Rugby’s plans for their arrival at Celtic Park tomorrow at 5 pm. A “Sea of Blue” on the Celtic Way. “A full suite of Gunness products.” Is also promised, don’t think at Swindon prices.

OLSC = Official Leinster Supporters Club.

An excellent article this morning BMCUWPs and a welcome relief from the Clickbait elsewhere.

Treble Treble, St Peter’s, Ben Nevis, The West Highland Way, cycling, Glasgow University, egg chasing. Not bad for 10 am.



One of my friends from CQN,who has been an absolute boon to so many in need,is in the same game as you,from the sounds of it.

Welfare Rights Officer.

Some of the tales he has told me since this mob got elected,its worse than the days of the workhouse. I’m sure you could regale us with similar,and equally sure that your paths will have crossed.

All I can say is that people like you guys have my utmost regard. Same goes for anyone in a similar line,like social work. Oh have my eyes been opened over the years,and I thought I was aware!

As for nurses,I’ve been very fortunate in my life,got to a fine old 54 without much need of them,or anyone else in the NHS by and large. I always knew they were there though-my theory is to pay for it and hope the money is helping someone else.

Anyone else!

A year ago,pretty bad case of double pneumonia. Won’t go into the details,but not good.

Wow,our NHS are wonderful and that’s all I need to say.

Well actually naw-they weighed me in some kinda chair,though being delirious at the time,I didn’t realise that was what they were doing. A number was read out,and I went-what was that?

Your weight,Michael.

Being good with numbers,I replied-eh,what? I’ve lost nearly 18 pounds!

Between you and me,I’ve lost more than that at the bookies,and it’s as hard to get back. These wonderful professionals had a dietician over within an hour and a whole new menu arranged.

I’ll bet Jay Rayner has rarely eaten so well as me,I even hung around for lunch on my release day!

But like you and everyone else,they are battling against a tide. You have a philvis-style thumbs up from me for helping.


Packy sorry I missed you last night. I’ve not been well. I think its something I ate. Been sick.

bada bing1

Wee Theresa starts bubbling, June 7 and she’s off….

Noel Skytrot

Thanks for the kind words Mick and its good to hear you’ve came through a very distressing time. I actually work in a residential rehabilitation centre for people who are suffering from alcohol and drug related issues, not to mention, mental health, homelessness and a whole gamut of other issues that affect these sufferers. I get so much satisfaction when I help people to help themselves and they turn it around. Its not easy but its what’s needed here due to the horrific problems that exist in our city.

Noel Skytrot

Bada Bing,
good riddance and it would be great if the whole cabal went with her.


I think you know me better even online than to think that I would patronise you,but what you and so many others do is so very important,and sadly under-appreciated by most of us.

The big problem-as you have found out!-is that so many people are only one “where the hell did that come from” life changer away from serious problems that they cannot fix immediately.

And they need fixed immediately,otherwise they are on the streets.

It might be a landlord selling up,making it impossible to raise the rent and fees for a new place. A wife having an affair,an unexpected bill for more than your already stretched finances. It could be any of a number of things,but there’s always one which breaks the camels back.

But getting back,well…

Not so easy.


If yer ever in Swindon,we are on the lash!

£2.50 is quite a hike,btw. Even as recently as three years ago,it was only £1.99.

I nip over to see my besties,Mr and Mrs SOLKITTS and their ever-growing family,about every two or three months. Bit of a hike to his place,200 minutes. Wouldnae do that for jooooost emdy,btw.

£2.95 in his local at the time,canny argue with that-except that one local remarked on how cheap it was. Natch,I pulled out a receipt from the same chain and said-read it and weep!

SOLKITTS reckons I can start a fight in an empty house…


Fine article but……

Was the Urban Voltaire not Jack McLean , erstwhile Heraghty’s punter and not Jack McLaughlin, who I am ashamed to know was the Laird o’ Coocaddens on STV’s heuchter-teuchter show “Thingummyjig.

Unless Voltaire wrote Marie’s Wedding??

Voltaire once said – “‎Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.”

He didn’t specify that it had to be in Gaelic.

Noel Skytrot

that thought has never entered my mind. I’ve read your posts on other sites and they’re all in the same mould. That’s why I like this site, lots of respect showed to fellow Tims opinions regardless of wether you agree or not. Keep it lit mate.

Huvnae a clue who the next Celtic manager will be,but he’s almost guaranteed to be better than any of this lot.


I stand corrected-doubly so,in fact-and grateful for the correction.

Could shoot myself for it,met him often in Heraghty’s,a pub near the site-maybe the Press Bar?-and even Rogano’s. Always resplendent in his own special way.

I barely forgive myself for referring to him as Jack McLaughlin,but I console myself by remembering that he always referred to me as Haw,izzit your round yet?

Some man,for sure.

Awe Naw

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Hot Champs, I love you so!

The Gombeen Man


I laughed at Sol Kitt’s comment about starting the fight in an empty house.

There’s no winner’s of a fight in an empty house.

Keep up the good work on the Blog. I know you’re helping loads of people.


So,the last four Tory prime ministers…


Admired,he was in the wrong party.



Gonna run out of adjectives for bawheid bojo.

bada bing1

Boris and Donald ffs…bring back Spitting Image…

bada bing1

Never knew wee Theresa was married to Arthur Askey?

Awe Naw

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The Treble Yell.


Happy Friday Sentinels and hope all are well today.
Should be a good weekend despite the scheduled deluge which is needed tbh.
Estadio if looking in many many thanks for todays article ,, quality work Sir and welcome anytime.
I would have expected a few late fitness tests this morning with the final team taking part in light training probably about now before pasta and fish dinner and a relaxing early evening.
I hope young Henderson starts . That would also mean if Lenny gets the job he will play and trust him one would imagine if starting him in such an important game.
I would prefer him in the middle with Calmac and Scott,,Sinky left and James right feeding Odsonne. Lustig and Hayes the wing backs. That should lift the cup and hopefully force Levein into retirement.
Then the rugby. Curiuos to see what happens at Celtic Park when we arent home,,, cat away mice play?
The nice pitch will take a hit thats for sure.
Looking forward to tomorrow
Hail hail

big packy

AFTERNNON BHOYS from a partly sunny Cheshire jim hope you are feeling better, just heard a rumour that arsene wenger is in Glasgow tomorrow have not got a clue why.dont shoot the messenger?


Forgot to say that Im still in the old Csc’s ( San Diego ) email list and over the last few days the lads are going to great lengths to meet up and celebrate this occasion its actually very heartening to me. They have a set up test in an Irish bar arranged at 7pm tonight to see if the laptop can sort it out,,if not drive to the last remaining ? Los Angeles Csc for a day out in that dump of a city.
Fair play to you all lad’s. Great bunch who have done really well for themselves and are loving their new lives.
Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man

I see the clickbait is working again with the arch-villain drumming up a few posts elsewhere.

Good call Fan-a-tic. Whatever happened to Billy Idol?

A big weekend beckons. I read elsewhere that Lenny goes on holiday on Monday. The plot at Celtic Park would baffle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I wonder what will become of the vain Brigadier Gerrard this summer? Our own uncertainty shouldn’t disguise the ongoing chaos at Ibrox.



Arsene ( I didnt see it ) Wenger ?
Heard a story recently.
Adebayor is playing up front for Arsenal during the Wenger years.
The defender marking him can hear his stomach rumble ffs. At one particularly loud rumble with the ball far away they both start laughing and chatting .
” Im starving man did you hear my stomach ? Hey are there any good restaurants here you can recommend ? ”
” How come , do you guys not stay in hotel and eat meal together before ? ”
” Yeah but I missed it as I was late and havent eaten today .”
” And youre not travelling home together ?”
” Nah I will make my own way to London”
” And the boss still picks you ?”
” Yeah its Arsene ! ”

Cannae say he enthuses me ,, director of footie maybe.
Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE, did you not see the smiley face.????????hh.

big packy

BADA,,can only be a good thing, maybe the peepul are seeing sense,.or the councillors are.hh.

big packy

talking about estadio he was the first poster I read on cqn about 10 years ago long before I started to post,hh.


Big Packy,, perhaps he will visit tomorrow, , who cares. Speaking of smiley faces thon Tim the Jim is very hit and miss last couple weeks,, think he found a lassie? 😉
Hail Hail

bada bing1
big packy

MAHE,he posted this morning, he has not been well last couple of days.hh.


Big Packy,,I was only jesting ,, yes I seen our Bhoy had posted and was under the weather, get better Jim the blog needs you in fine fettle tomorrow.

If Twists n Turns gets a table at paradise we might have a Hoot there! 😉
Lord knows what would happen.

Noel there’s a website that should have the reply of tomorrow’s game up a few hours after its finished incase you would prefer to avoid score and watch at home. Be watching live myself but if you want name gimme a shout.
Hail Hail