Another Nine In A Row!


What a wonderful weekend,another nine in a row. I was lucky enough to be around for the first one,although this one is somewhat different from that-nine trophies in a row,The Rebel Treble Treble. But boy,did we make hard work of it!

This was a final between one team hoping to fluke a win and another seemingly short ofideas on how to win at all. The first half was as dull as ditchwater,and the game only came to life when Hearts scored. Maybe not a fluke as such,but Clare will never again make a backheel pass under pressure like that in his lifetime. It might not have sparked us into life,but it shook a little bit of the lethargy from us. And particularly from matchwinner Odsonne Edouard.

Twice he burst through,first to win a penalty having drawn the keeper,and next doing exactly the same but this time coolly slotting it past him. The cup was ours,the glory of the occasion obliterating the memory of the 97 minutes we had had to endure.

For this was a team running on empty,make no mistake about that. Sure,they were fit enough-our flurry of late winners has proven that-but mentally they are drained. Physically too,I suspect,getting through games on reserves and adrenalin. I don’t blame them. It has been a long hard slog of a season,with some harsh blows along the way.

FIFA and UEFA must shoulder a fair proportion of the blame for this. Is it really fair to submit players to the rigours of a World Cup,extended into the start of many domestic seasons? Is it right to expect players to have to endure as many as eight European tournament qualifiers when they should have their feet up on the beach after another arduous season? If you include international matches,some players can be playing 70-80 matches a season-and that is sheer stupidity.

But that and my thoughts about our managerial appointment can wait for another day. This review is about the cup final on Saturday and what it means to the players and the fans.

The players are legends and the fans are bloody delighted!!!

Above by BMCUWP



I hadnt looked forward to a game this much in a long time,, im talking giddy nervous like a kid.
And the next part of that ritual is the team news where you and everyone hopes the actual team matches the team you want and then learn to start coping with disappointment and hopefully stop questioning those who get paid to make such big decisions.

My eyes were immediately drawn to midfield as its the crucial zone in many games and also where we don’t have a settled starting trio despite being 8 in a row Champions. Its week to week for the most part . That’s a concern that must be addressed.
Tam Rogic was to start and it wasn’t a move I was glad of tbh. Over the course of 4 years or so he has not cemented one of those slots as his own as is a man down when not effective .
He has great feet and his engine seems to have improved but through injury or managers tactics he’s essentially a luxury player and as such wouldn’t start what was bound to be a scrap.
The midfield didn’t win its battle ,, even if the team came out on top in the end.
Levein tried to copy the Huns tactics of a solid line of three in the middle and the wide men pushed in to make a real hard line of 5 to pass through or go wide were their wing backs had tucked up and they were confident against their opposite players.
We had better get used to this and come up with a plan ,, its the go to set up against us now.
Neil didnt better it , even with his subs.
Thats a huge worry . HUGE WORRY !

Mikey Johnston was another huge call and I believe the young man can hold his head up at his performance .
This pushed Odsonne left initially although he would later move inside when Sinky replace Mikey who had tired.
It was that moving inside that would eventually provide the winning goal .
Both Mik and Odsonne were mentally a second ahead of the rest of the players and boom , theres what happens when you buy quality , it delivers.
However once again it was a moment of quality from the big man that got us out of the mire,,not tactics or set pieces. That might work domestically but by its nature falls down when you meet better players in Europe .
Its not a plan , buy better than everyone. Its a stop gap.
It got our gaffer out of jail for a tactically uninspiring display of his nous did those two pieces of quality.
It should be noticed that the big bucks tend to hit the mark a lot more when spent.

And a scrap it was , thanks to the mason in the black. And Levein of course who couldnt set a modern team out to play footie on home patch ,, actually try to win a game through pure football. I will be ecstatic if that was his leaving party,, thats how much he pisses me off. The game would be better for it, never mind Hearts.
It was shocking , a real low point just how much the Jambos got away and the card for young Ajer who has been a real rock at the back recently was especially sickening .
The 5 minutes of extra time was just staggering and then the fact the wee bassa waited until the ball was cleared before blowing just shows exactly what he was up to.
He obviously thought he could get away with such a performance or it wouldn’t have been put in ,, and thats with Lenny on the sidelines in a high pressure , must win , the entire nation and all the ex pats are watching game . Take a moment to think on that please.

It wasn’t a classic by any stretch and only a Bhoy would watch the replay if truth be told .
This Cup was the one they wanted ,, all of them ( the suits ) ,, and all of us.
This was the most important Cup in a long long time and we did it .
It was a moment we won’t forget ,, will have quiz questions about and the grandkids will hear of.
It got Lenny the job but more on that later.
Overall though we made history and they can never take that away for us.
Well done Glasgow Celtic. Famous Treble Treble Winners !
We salute you !!!


And last but not least…


Scottish Cup Final Celtic v Hearts may 25th Venue Hampden Park though Jurassic park would appropriate for place and game.

Didn’t want to bore anyone with my usual long winded match report so here is my brief review.
Before the game i posted that the midfield three of Brown ,McGregor and Rogic did not work as it neither created or protected.
Game started and it was clear how both teams would play tactically.
Hearts used long balls and spoiling tactics with niggly fouls in the knowledge the whistling cheat would allow.
Celtic went with a pass it around the back and punt when options ran out .
First half was disjointed and akin to two teams with a lot of fear and little clue how to play to win.
Ed had a good chance blocked by defender after a Rogic through ball.It was Rogic’s only contribution.
Just before half time Hayes had a good clearing header from a dangerous cross while Ajer and Simo stood in no mans land courtesy of their ball watching.
Wonder if JF will come on in the second half?
Half time came with the ball needing treatment after being blootered the entire first half.

Second hard started with a repeat of the first until the 52 nd minute when Hearts scored after slack defensive work from us.
This at least sparked a response when Broonie seemed to get mad and abandoned our clueless approach to start making forward runs.keeping us under pressure
In the 62nd minute Ed broke in their box and the goalie tripped him.It was a clear penalty and Ed stayed cool to score the spot kick.
We then returned to our passing round the back game and our midfield continued in being lost at sea and failed to win a second ball so keeping us under pressure.
In the 82nd minute Ed showed his quality with a great finish after a Lustig header on half way line found him in space.
After that both teams huffed and puffed but created nothing.
Final whistle came in the 96th minute in a game with no real stoppages.
We won is about as best i can say.
Two goals from two shots on goal.
McGregor for me has been poor since Browns return and looks like a guy struggling to understand his role.
Rogic is just mince.One decent bit of skill every now and then should not justify inclusion.
Hail Hail


I think there’s a concensus there that the occasion was better than the match! If you have anything you would like to offer for Article of the Day,please mail it to Mahe

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Margaret McGill
May 27, 2019 4:45 am

Thanks for the match reports fellas!
Summed up the excitement on top of the drudgery pretty accurately

May 27, 2019 5:01 am


Bloody awful,wasn’t it? I really struggled to think of a positive from the game,apart from the goals and the result.

So I didnae bother!

May 27, 2019 5:06 am

This the Night Shift ?
Seen Bayo and the new strip on CTV.
Dont like one haven’t seen the other.
What a find Bayo the Bhoy has been eh.
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill
May 27, 2019 5:08 am

Yes my friend
Excitement to drudgery to excitement to confirmation
A day in the life of a Tim

Margaret McGill
May 27, 2019 5:11 am

Ok night shift stuff 🙂
Let’s get this wonderful site up a gear
From previous thread.
Off on a tangent again ?
As long as people believe the creator of the universe stumbled about the Palestinian wilderness 2000 years ago in human form or that Mohammed rode to heaven on a winged horse to 70 virgins and other such “it is written” drivel, but the same people are convinced that carbon dioxide net flux does not increase the heat retention of the atmosphere at night time or that nuclear weapons are a good idea then just let it rip. Who cares? Once the criminal Freemasons or corporations eat and consume everything alive that this earth has to offer then the earth will cleanse itself and move on. It’s called conservation of energy and angular momentum. Increasing entropy. The heat death of the universe.
The fact that criminal corporate capitalism is hardwired into law and protected by law and the worlds judiciaries, has sealed our fate to nuclear holocaust due to dwindling resources exacerbated by climate change. I’m just disappointed I won’t be alive to see it. I travelled far and wide through prisons of the cross I saw the one sided trials and unknown martyrs died.

Cheerio the noo.

May 27, 2019 5:17 am


Still one of my favourite debut albums,that one. An educated man with excellent taste.

And the fact that yer such a cynical sod fair cheers me up anaw-it makes me look As Happy As Larry!

May 27, 2019 5:19 am


One of the lads bought the strip at the weekend when he was up for the game,he’ll be wearing it later when I meet him.

I’m none too keen. It’s fine until you look at the top third or so.

So it’s a no from me.

May 27, 2019 5:40 am

Bobby if we’re buying any strips it’s the Belfast Celtic one. Hopefully get my hands on a few.
Thought about getting our logo on their strip somewhere but theres plenty hungry bellies could do with that money instead.
Hail Hail

May 27, 2019 5:43 am


Bring me one over,bud. Square you up when I see you. Re the hungry bellies,agreed. Let’s hope the troops get their thinking caps on for the season ahead when we unveil the “charity drive with a difference!”

Twists n turns
May 27, 2019 6:23 am

“ charity drive with a difference “


May 27, 2019 8:14 am
May 27, 2019 8:36 am


The latest in a long list of Celtic failures to build from a position of strength.

Twists n turns
May 27, 2019 8:42 am

I guess it depends on his/our interpretation of the word “ major “

If he’s thinking 4 quality players is enough and not major then I’d tend to agree with him. If he’s thinking he can add a couple max, then I’d strongly disagree.

I feel a good solid centre back ( NOT McKenna) alongside Ajer would be a must.
A new right back as an absolute priority

A creative midfielder and a good striker and I’d think we have enough to win the title and have a good tilt at CL qualifying.

If there’s any chance that Lustig, Izzy, Sinclair and Rogic will feature regularly this coming season, then CL qualifying isn’t happening, and the league will be a real battle.


KT/ Hayes

Christie / Morgan / oko flex
McGregor / Brown
Forrest / Karamoko/Arzani


There are some decent players waiting in the wings but very young

Need a few experienced ones coming in that will hit the ground running.

Flog the ones we can get decent income from


and a few who will bring in little but get them off the books


May 27, 2019 9:00 am

The Griff

Awe Naw
May 27, 2019 9:01 am

Peter Lawwell reveals why Celtic announced Neil Lennon immediately after treble Treble
The Hoops chief executive is thrilled with Lennon since he took over from Brendan Rodgers in February.

ByDavid McCarthy
06:00, 27 MAY 2019UPDATED08:23, 27 MAY 2019

He’s made for this club. Peter Lawwell had plenty to say on Saturday night as he delivered the news Neil Lennon would become Celtic’s permanent manager but those five words said it all.

The Parkhead chief executive knows football never stands still and while Celtic’s people enjoyed their weekend celebrating an unprecedented treble Treble, it won’t be long until the ball starts rolling again and when it does there will be another momentous milestone looming larger on the horizon.

Nine in a row … and if that’s achieved, the mythical 10.

That’s what Celtic want. It’s also what Rangers are hellbent on stopping and the pressure on officials and the Scottish media is going to be cranked up like never before.

And that’s why Lawwell and Celtic’s main powerbroker Dermot Desmond ignored the host of big names from world football linked with the manager’s job and gave it to the one man who has been there, seen it and done it all before.

Lawwell insisted Lennon was getting the gig irrespective of the win on Saturday but it would have been a much harder sell to the support – many of whom are still not entirely convinced.

The chief executive is though. Lawwell said: “I am online, I know what is being said and written. But honestly, I’ve said hundreds of times, you need blinkers in this job.

“And if you react to online, or social media, or anything on Celtic Quick news or Sentinelcelts or E-tims, then you’re dead.

“You just need to keep on doing the right things ignore the Resolution 12 bhoys and continue to make the right decisions.

“That’s what we’ve done – without any outside influences whatsoever and we are fantastic at it.

“It’s a fantastic job and I’m sure there would be people looking from afar who had an idea of coming here.

“We had approaches from many, many agents, many representatives of managers across the board who are desperate to come and work with me and Celtic.

“We put them in the temp file like we always do , that’s just part of our strategy, and just left them there and surprisingly we kept our word to Neil, really.

“We had a mini board meeting right after the game in the toilets. Dermot’s here. Dermot, myself, the chairman (Ian Bankier) and Tom Allison decided together at the urinals what to do. It was a defining moment as I lasted the longest so I won and it brought us all closer together

“We knew that Lenny was getting the job. We decided that we should kill the speculation on a high, get it out and let our supporters know and the media know. Enough money has been taken at the bookies from the support

Asked if handling the pressure of chasing nine and 10 in a row was a factor in the decision, Lawwell acknowledged Lennon’s experience and immersion in Celtic was vital. He said: “I think
 that’s the point. He knows the club
 inside out, he knows the city, he knows what’s required.

“He’s a great coach. He’s got the strength of character to take it
through. He’s a great coach, has a
great eye for a player. We’re delighted to have him.

“But a man has to know his limitations. He has learned that now though

“Brendan Rodgers clearly had a lot
of the tools and experience, he was
 from a Celtic background and he
 understood the club.

“But there’s probably nobody better at the moment, I would think, made for Celtic than Neil. He’s made for this club.

“He’s more experienced, he’s a little more calmer, less emotional.

“That’s a great sign that he’s a learner and developer.”

Lennon stepped into the breach when Rodgers left in February and has lost only one match – to Rangers at Ibrox.

But Lawwell insisted there was no need to hand him the job permanently before the weekend.

And without naming names was clearly referring to Manchester United’s decision to give Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the manager’s job too early when saying: “I think there have been other teams recently who have made appointments sooner than they should have. There was no purpose, no reason for us to do anything quicker.

“We knew Neil would be
 here at the end of the season.
We just felt we’d take our
time, get to know each other again and then make the right decision.

“What we’ve decided is he’s been offered the job. Our intention and belief is that Neil will take it and become the Celtic manager.

“That’s our real desire.
 We just need to clarify the details.

“The choice we had was – do we leave it until Thursday or Friday and let the speculation roll or do we just kill it and then do the detail next?

“We decided to just kill it.”

“It demonstrates how mighty and powerful we are”

Lawwell insisted Lennon’s
 summer rebuild will be bankrolled and he admitted that he too has been reinvigorated by the capture of the treble Treble.

The Parkhead chief executive
 added: “We still have a core of a lot of good players. I think people are maybe over-
estimating what we need to do or overstating it. But we understand that we need to be better, we need to be stronger and that will be our intention in the summer.

“I’ve been a supporter for all my day, you’d never have believed a treble Treble could be done.

“It’s such an amazing achievement, you’d probably never have
imagined it.

“I love it. I just want to keep going. I’m fresh, I’ve got passion, I’ve got desire
and I look forward to the new chapter with Neil.

“We won’t stand still. We want to
 make Celtic the best that it possibly
 can be.

“That’s our desire, it’s our need. We want to be free to be able to be free to do what we want to do. We want to get loaded and also we want to have a good time that’s what we’re going to do.

“We are going to get deep down, deep down, and we´re going to have a treble treble party

Twists n turns
May 27, 2019 9:05 am


Of course. Forgot Leigh!

Awe Naw
May 27, 2019 9:13 am

I hope Lustig stays another year and I am glad Sinclair has signed on for another year

The Gombeen Man
May 27, 2019 9:17 am


“Atheism and agnosticism signify the rejection of certain images and concepts of God or of truth, which are historically conditioned and therefore inadequate. Atheism is a challenge to religion to purifiy its images and concepts and come nearer to the truth of divine mystery.”

Bede Griffiths, Order of St Benedict.

Put it another way Jim, …They Plc’d reality after the Edict of Milan in 313. Simply they turned truth into an ego-driven hierarchy.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday over there.


The Gombeen Man
May 27, 2019 9:19 am

Oh, and don’t buy any of that man’s jerseys.

Starve them out?

May 27, 2019 9:55 am


It is the term “puppet” I find disrespectful as if NL has no mind of his own.

The definition is.

a movable model of a person or animal that is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside it.

Who in employment or getting paid to do any job is’nt a puppet?

What makes folk different is the ability to walk away from the strings or the hand.

NL did that before because he was not getting the backing of the Board.

If he is walking back into exactly the same situation without some guarantee of support then I would be saying he isnt the man who has stepped into the breach twice when Celtic were in trouble , the first at great personal cost (have we forgotten?) .

A puppet has no ability to agree the terms of employment, which by the way he has still to accept, so again puppet is the wrong term to use.

A puppet has no ability to walk away if the terms aren’t met, or are you saying that when PL says “jump” NL will say “How high?”.

That is my objection to the term, especially for a guy I think pulls his own strings. Right or wrong.

Bluegrass Celt
May 27, 2019 9:58 am

Thank the Lord! A happy clapping zone free Celtic sight. Chapeau to you troops ???

May 27, 2019 10:05 am


The only difference between what you presented and mine is I widened the context to include all the other clubs because football by it’s very nature is an interdependent industry.

You cannot win by killing off the opposition and taking its customers.

To keep the focus on the interdependence of two clubs which Old Firm is short hand for and not consider the rest as a factor is the point I’m trying to make.

The tensions Celtic face come from the interdependent nature of football that all Scottish clubs are very susceptible to because of dependence on match attendance.

Celtic have added pressure of having to win titles to get into Europe against one club prepared to flout the rules and put their existence at risk (and is that even a risk anymore given they continue to operate as their predecessor) so do need to keep ahead of them but not by the miles that a competitive team at European level would do.

The Gombeen Man
May 27, 2019 10:16 am

Today is Peter Lawwell’s birthday.

Born on the 27th of May 1959.

He must have fancied the day aff?
Hence the hurried shower room offer on Saturday.

Looks like your birthday came on Saturday.

Sadly it comes at a heavy cost for the Club


The Exiled Tim
May 27, 2019 10:20 am

OK, I concede that puppet is the wrong term to use, I won’t use it again, had I said yes man would that have been better, cos you know as well as I do that he will do whatever he is told and he will take whatever he is given without any questions.
Why wouldn’t he, it’s the best job he is ever gonna get in his life, I’m sure he has regretted many things from his last time in the job and he won’t do anything to jeopardize that again.
Three great leaders, well done.
Welcome, don’t be a stranger.

Awe Naw
May 27, 2019 10:27 am


the last non yes men at Celtic was MON and BR from June 2018 until Feb 2019

So why target Neil Lennon?

The Exiled Tim
May 27, 2019 10:32 am

Awe Naw
Did you hear what he said to Michael Stewart last week ?
I am not targeting him, it’s what I believe from what has gone before and what is happening now.

Twists n turns
May 27, 2019 10:34 am

Years ago I sat down and looked at the Scottish football set up, focusing particularly on the need to improve the following:

Maximising the opportunity for the champions to progress in the CL.
( I was looking to address the problem of the qualifying rounds coming too soon for Scottish clubs)
I proposed a change to the LC format and changing the schedule to implement competitive football prior to the qualifying rounds taking place.

I proposed a league cup group structure which was on a seeded basis. This also increased the opportunity to attract better sponsorship with the likelihood that the seeded system would increase the chance of two top clubs in the final.

In addition, the seeded system would see ( for example) 2 lower ranked clubs getting early season income with a guaranteed trip to a top club. So :
Celtic v Forfar
Rangers v Montrose
Aberdeen v QOS

Etc .

A shared gate would give the lower clubs a very welcome early season income boost.

I proposed 8 groups of 5 with 2 junior clubs making up the numbers.

Top 2 qualify after round robin to make last 16.

I won’t go into the entire proposal as it was quite lengthy and detailed but I sent it to Doncaster at the Scottish league. I asked for an acknowledgment that it had been received. I didn’t get one.

Less than one year after I sent it, the new league cup format was introduced incorporating, not exactly, but a number of the points I recommended.

The group stage set up etc.

I’d sent a copy of my proposal to a couple colleagues as well as Doncaster and when the changes were announced, they were more annoyed than me, and remain convinced that Doncaster simply took my idea.
I can’t say for sure, but I know I very much regret not following up on my request for an acknowledgement of my document.

May 27, 2019 10:35 am

Twists & Turns
I’m on the same page as Fan-a-tic, our team set up and structure needs to change
We have been hugely successful last few yeas due to having better quality
Quite a few teams, including Neil’s Hibs, had our team structure Sussed and won the midfield battle, hence we have struggled in numerous games.
Kouassi, has not had a real chance, took ill when he joined us, and was out for a period of time due to this, he has since had 2 injuries, and not had a decent playing time.
Sinclair on 17 goals, hugely inconsistent this season, but gives 100%
In my view James Forrest is every bit as inconsistent – invincible in his last 2 games for us
So should we not replace both ?
In my view Lustig 1 more season for his experience to support transition.

DeVries – replace with youth
Izaguirre- we have Hayes and possibly a youth coming through ?
Gamboa – replace with better quality
Boyata – replacement needed
Allen – gone, youth players can take his place

Benkovic – try and keep for another season
Toljan – same replacement as per Gamboa
Burke – need a new forward, need to see Bayo
Weah- sign Paddy Roberts, although we do have Shved coming in, and Mickey Johnstone with huge potential

Ntcham – if can get refocused would keep
Rogic ?? Really struggled this season, for me brilliant on ball, but too slow, Ryan Christie better in there ?

Try to remove
Compper & Hendry, and possibly a few other squad members

Does leave Neil, with a fair few spaces to fill, less heads, but better quality please


Oh and play squad players in League Cup, tell us up front we are not focusing on this tournament- focus on trying to improve European performance and coefficient

H8il H8il

Awe Naw
May 27, 2019 10:38 am


Did you hear what he said to Michael Stewart last week ? No

You know why he quit OF HIS OWN VOLITION the last time he was Celtic manager ?

You know what he told Dermot Desmond to his face.

Why should it be any different this time around ?

Awe Naw
May 27, 2019 10:47 am

“I’ve said ad nauseum I speak to Peter most days, I speak to Dermot once a week.

“They said, ‘look we are not speaking to anybody’.

“There is a trust there — there has to be. And you guys don’t know Dermot or Peter the way I do.

“If they say something to your face, you take it as being 100 per cent true.

“It’s a great opportunity for me.

“I think I’ve mellowed and I’m more rounded and don’t get too agitated by a world of false news, Twitter and social media or by The Exiled Tim.

“You just have to ignore all that and concentrate on what you do and keep your integrity.

“If you believe you are doing the right things you can’t get too upset.

“We are looking at recruitment at the minute. We are looking at players.

“We have identified two or three players for a few positions already.

“Myself, John Kennedy and the recruitment team have been working very hard in the background.

“We will see if we can get the ball rolling soon too.

“There is always pressure at Celtic.

“The Champions League would be an attraction for any manager at Celtic.

“But first and foremost the priority is the league championship and then you work around that from here on in.

“But it would be fantastic. It’s just brilliant for the club, the players, me and my coaching staff.

“It can only help you and develop you but it’s a very difficult thing to do, we have eight games before we can qualify.

“We have to hit the ground running very, very early and again that’s going to be difficult.

“But we’re going to have to get the right players in as quickly as possible and that can be difficult as well.”

Asked if he’d ever considered not taking the job if offered it, Lennon replied: “Of course, yeah. There is a lot to think about.

“But again when you get offered a job like this it’s really, really difficult to turn it down.”

Quizzed if he’d ever questioned leaving five years ago, Lennon said: “No, at the time it felt for me like the right thing to do. I left on my own terms and it was in my mind to maybe come back one day.

May 27, 2019 10:47 am

More to chew over. Tweet ends at but goes back to Sutton article in DR.

The Exiled Tim
May 27, 2019 10:54 am

Awe Naw
I know he told DD that he wasn’t happy because Pedro sold all his best players and brought in shite.
He told Michael Stewart last week that one of the reasons he left was because “They sold all my best players and rangers were not in the league” That word again, rangers will be music to the ears of DD and Pedro, the Old Firm that you slag time and time again is officially back on track.
With respect I don’t believe it will be any different this time around, I don’t have a problem with Lenny as the manager if he is backed, I don’t think he is tactically astute enough to combat all the hurdles he will have to overcome, from inside as well as outside the club to succeed, unless they back him big time, and we know that is not gonna happen, the football he played before is the same as we have been watching this time.
I want him to do well, why wouldn’t I.
PS you think what I am saying is bad, jeezo, you should read the other blogs and see what they are saying about him.

May 27, 2019 10:55 am

Aw Naw

Let’s not get too serious on this.

When Aw Naw and I are on the same page the earth has just spun the opposite way on its axis.

Well it’s making me smile.

The Exiled Tim
May 27, 2019 10:59 am

I am not getting serious, but I will defend myself till the cows come home, Awe Naw seems to think I have a problem with Lenny, I don’t, I have a problem with the charlatan that appointed him.

Twists n turns
May 27, 2019 11:18 am

I’m on the same page as you. Lenny is a legend. If he wants to remain so, he’d better make his demands to Lawell prior to putting pen to paper. If he takes on the role without a guarantee of funding, he will go the way of Ally McCoist. From legend and hero of many to being despised by many of the same people.
( admittedly he didn’t endear himself to the Rangers fans with his huge financial remuneration package) but the insipid displays from a team of cheap and past it players saw his status tarnished .

Lenny doesn’t deserve that, but he needs to set his demands from the get go.

He won’t need to ask much ( relatively)

We have some great young talent which can be complimented by adding some proven quality.

I don’t think we are too far away from each other in our thoughts.

Awe Naw
May 27, 2019 11:30 am


in my opinion whoever is Celtic manager it will not matter domestically.

Lenny .. medium profile
Ronny.. low Profile
Brendan ..high profile.

The results domestically and in Europe were much of a muchness. Lenny shades it in Europe.

I am surprised that the board appointed Neil Lennon for a second time as I did not believe that PL had it within his character to forgive Neil Lennon walking out the last time.

The only thing that really matters with regards to improving in Europe is spending the money

The Exiled Tim
May 27, 2019 11:42 am

He would need to get any demands in writing as everyone knows Lawwell’s word is non existent, will he, we will see.
Another thing that worries me is Pedro telling all n sundry the other day that a major overhaul is not needed, now we can dispute what he means by major which I see you have addressed already, suffice to say his and Lenny’s and ours will differ greatly.
We need quality, real quality, squad fillers won’t do, we need a handful that will walk straight into the team imo.
Things to do, laters

The Exiled Tim
May 27, 2019 11:52 am

What I think we need is….
A right back, I would still keep Mikael
A no nonsense CB
A def holding mid, but I would experiment with putting Ajer there, if that doesn’t work defo a holding mid
A creative mid
A striker
That would see us hopefully in the CL groups.

The Lions Roar
May 27, 2019 11:56 am

Yeah, ‘kill it’, Pete.

‘Kill’ the joy of the Treble Treble by announcing the wrong manager.

‘Kill’ the hopes of the fans by the same act.

‘Kill’ all pretence that you & your Plc board of self serving Tory Freemason wankers are worthy of respect from either Celtic or Sevco fans.

‘Kill’ all & any misplaced lingering ‘faith’ in your collective abilities to do anything that is for the good of Celtic Football Club as opposed to Celtic Plc.

‘Kill’ all credibility or gravitas you may once have had by publicly admitting that, like the good little Freemason you are, you offered the interim manager the full time job IN THE SHOWER after the match because you were too busy wetting your pants with excitement at how much money you could now save that would be added to your future bonus.

‘Kill’ all hopes of Celtic now ever hoping to achieve 9InARow far less 10.

‘Kill’ all our expectations for any future success because you fat arsed lazy bastards couldn’t be bothered asking any other manager if they fancied working for you because you already knew that none would eve4 come to Glasgow NOT because it’s Glasgow but because you parsimonious fuckwits aren’t interested in building a fitba team at all and would rather keep your ‘30 million in the bank’ along with the other 45 mil you’ve banked this year for a poxy fuckin hotel that none of us could afford to stay in and a stupid duck in museum as yet another way to extract cash from the support so that you & Dermot & Ian can keep rolling in the clover of as many whisky soaked heated driveways as you like, safe in the knowledge that Celtic will not spend one thin dime on a playing squad capable of even beating Sevco never mind qualifying for the Champions League under your watchful beady eye.

So go on, Pete …

‘Kill’ it once again.

Cos it feels like you already have, you sneaky Masonic Tory turd.

Now get the fuck out of our club and take DD and yer collective gang of wankers with ye.

I hope the door batters yer fat arse on the wey oot.


Awe Naw
May 27, 2019 11:57 am


The Old Firm has never went away. Good god your hanging this on Lenny ???

tactically astute enough to combat all the hurdles he will have to overcome

Which Celtic manager has ever been ?

Of course we will back him we have no choice.

Twists n turns
May 27, 2019 12:00 pm

The Lions roar

So you’re undecided on this appointment ? ?

May 27, 2019 12:05 pm

TLR, Don’t hold back! LOL 🙂

May 27, 2019 12:06 pm

The Lions Roar Bravissimo

Twists n turns
May 27, 2019 12:07 pm


The average salary for a Celtic player.

Nice work if you can get it.

Rogic must’ve earned about £10,000 per touch on Saturday ?

Twists n turns
May 27, 2019 12:09 pm

Where’s big Packy this morning? Not like him to be awol?

Awe Naw
May 27, 2019 12:11 pm

We should resign Paddy R just to make sure that Kieran doesn´t get his head turned

The Exiled Tim
May 27, 2019 12:17 pm

Awe Naw
I am not hanging anything on Lenny, but after what those scum have put him through, the last thing you would think he would want is them anywhere near the game, but it is what it is.
As for mangers who are tactically astute, I am not trying to put a downer on Lenny, I just don’t think he can see when things need changed, a few of the games since he has come in have been screaming out for a tactical change that was never made, I am not going to say I think he is this or that because as a man I think he is a legend and a top top human being, and of course I will back him 100%, I even backed Tony Mowbrey when all others were wanting him gone FFS

Awe Naw
May 27, 2019 12:22 pm


Lenny´s stats are as good as Brendan Rodgers. Except in Europe where it´s better. His recruitment record is also much much better than Brendan´s. He is not as good a coach as Brendan but I do hope he bring sin a good top class coach and doesn´t fall for the old pals act.

Indulge Lenny the way Brendan was indulged and we will have ten in a row and CL football possibly after Christmas. He´s done it before

Lenny will also speak up and speak out.

We are all Neil Lennon

Awe Naw
May 27, 2019 12:28 pm

We should have an annual summer game of guess the net summer spend. BMCUWP and Mahe can gift a bottle of 12 year old malt to the eventual winner.

Awe Naw´s Annual Summer “Guess the summer net spend” official entry: 0.00 €