How we did it – Part 1

We believe in doing things right over here and as such will be focusing on the team and their achievements before delving into the managerial appointment ,, if only others had been so considerate.
It was a good season in my humble opinion with our title credentials tested and the squad stretched to the max over the entire course.
Like any season however there are key points that lead to the ultimate finishing positions for each team .
Today and tomorrow we will look at the decisions that won the title , why exactly we are Champions!

The Defenders,,,

We conceded only 20 goals in the league and have the meanest defence by quite a stretch . This is ultimately that is what won us the silverware .
All four of our senior defenders were heavily called upon and it might be argued all were essential cogs throughout the entire campaign.
Ajer 48 appearances total .
Jozo 30 total.
Boyata 38 total.
Benkovic 28 total.
Initially we started with Benkovic and Boyata who formed a very impressive unit that will be playing in better leagues separately this next year.
We ended up with Kris Ajer and Jozo the two twin towers at the back and between all four of them they did exactly what was needed overall so we should be thankful we had them all on our books.
Next year with Boyata moving on to Germany and Benk heading back to Leicester to join his former gaffer it seems the two that ended the season at centre back will begin there next year and so the experience they just got will be priceless. Especially Kris in the long run. He’s Ronnie’s legacy and I’m very curious to see just how good he turns out.
Both Ibrox defeats show there is work to be done however the two lads with the jerseys now really stepped up to the plate when needed and seen us over the line.
They will probably see themselves as the first choice heading into next season and the all important Euro qualifiers.
That we had such quality in reserve was the difference maker and no other team had four players that could all step in no worries .
This depth in defence delivered the title .
Jozo and Kris should have our faith now although we need more quality delivered in this area now there are gaps and as we have just seen a solid third choice and fourth might prove vital.
Bitton and Hendry better not be the back up.
Hendry should be accessed in pre season training to see where exactly he stands in any pecking order. Nir only steps in for emergencies.
Hopefully the lesson that the strongest defence wins the league is not lost on those holding the purse strings.
Overall well done lads,,huge well done. You did it !

Scott Bain,,,When the team headed off on its winter break to Dubai Craig Gordon had been the number one but had been giving trouble signs that caught the gaffers eye such as many a poor clearance / kick out .
There were people on the blogs openly calling for our number two choice to get a shot due to this deterioration although I don’t think many believed their wishes would be acted upon.
However with the gap at a mere 4 points with a game in hand a few slip ups could be catastrophic and the slowly creeping in distrust in defence warranted action by Brendan.
After the break Scott Bain took the jersey and we have never looked back.
I am convinced this had a huge part to play with inspiring confidence in the leagues tightest defence and will also be the making of our keeper , that he came in and done exactly what was needed and got a well deserved winners medal,,probably why he moved in the first place.
Craig is now faced with the choice of opting to move for first team football like so many do at that age or staying on to be the back up and possible keeping coach ?
It’s a tough call and I don’t envy him but he has proved a great piece of business overall and I doubt there’s any Celtic fans with anything but respect for him after his stint between the sticks .
He has my gratitude , and Scott Bain has my admiration and has earned my trust ( despite his wee howler in the league fixture against Hearts recently ).
He could be our long term solution there which would be a nice story.
A big decision to switch keeper paid off .
Hat tip to all involved in that decision.

James Forrest,,,
The former scapegoat turned our best player was ( along with the skipper ) probably our most consistent performer over the last term with a ratio of one goal in three games ( 11 in 33 in the league ) which was a massive help and after Edouard was our second highest scorer.
The 9 assists under his belt also help show just how important he is.
The speed merchant found a new gear under Brendan these last few years and he’s the best outball in the league in my opinion.
I would confess to being in the sell him camp a few years ago when Old ‘Arry was sniffing around for Spurs ,, and now I know exactly why he was becoming tempted.
He might not be best served by our new gaffer though that’s for another day but it seems all have cottoned on to just how important he is now judging by the numerous awards he has been granted.
The right hand side is his , and it’s hard to see that changing anytime soon.
Rumours of Paddy Roberts may have some truth or may not but I doubt James is having sleepless nights . Paddy can move inside, James stays where he is .
33 appearances also shows he is not injury prone and we can count on him for an entire campaign despite those early career hamstring troubles which is a mini success story in itself.
Overall Im delighted to have him and he’s a keeper for sure.
James you played a huge part and we couldn’t have done it without you .
Many thanks from the Sentinels.

The above is from Mahe and tomorrow see’s my partner in crime BMCUWP take on part 2 so stay tuned.
We happily publish and encourage guest articles which we feel makes us stand out a bit.
If you’ve got something to say email your article to sentinelcelts@gmail and we will gladly publish.

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Can’t disagree with that,mate. I’m hoping Nir Bitton finds a place in the team next season,on his game he is an excellent player. His range of passing is probably the best in the club

It’s a pity we don’t play a sweeper system,he’d be ideal for it.


As you have correctly pointed out,we are now struggling for bodies in the area which you say was so important for us this season.

I’m not sure Craig Gordon will be too happy at not playing,but I think he will stick around. He knows from experience that an injury can happen to his colleague at any time-he’s had enough of them. In the same manner that Scott Bain was always likely to be a more than capable back-up,so too will Craig be.

Dorus de Vries has been a waste of a squad number,sadly. Yet he was first-choice for BR when he got Swansea promoted eight years ago. Saw it yesterday on Sky,Scott Sinclair scored a hat-trick! So we need a No 3 keeper,and I’m inclined to have the best of our young keepers training with the squad-just in case.

Right back,I’m not too sure how often we can go to the well with Mikael Lustig. Anthony Ralston has some way to go yet if he is to be the answer.


If that’s what you get for €6m euros in Der Bundesliga,we won’t be shopping there very often. He performed like one of their cars-flashy,expensive,good engine-but unreliable despite their reputation.

We are definitely struggling at centre half if either Kris or Jozo pick up an injury. Centre halves have been known to do that,you know!

We have the best left back in Scotland,possibly pipped by the older Andy Robertson as best in the UK. Kieran Tierney has it all,but is already showing the signs of wear from too many games and too many unexpected MMA assaults. Jonny Hayes is passable in the SPL,but he cannot be the answer. Age isn’t on his side for starters.

We have to sign medium term quality at the back,all as potential first-team players. We have seen what happens when we sign players merely as back up-they are miles short of the quality required.

Time to get the scouts doing their job. And this time,bob-a-job won’t be nearly good enough.


KPMG? Wouldn’t trust them with a set of library books,much less a full set of accounts.

They have a litany of failure,with strong allegations of corruption and collusion from here to South Africa and beyond.

I’ve often wondered if Clarence the Cross-eyed Loon employed them while he was asset-stripping South African utilities and pension funds. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

Twists n turns

The true test as to how a defence is gelling will always be Europe. Yes in order to win the title those clean sheets we accumulated were critical, as evidenced by the fact we found ourselves coming under a bit of pressure towards the latter part of the season when the goals were drying up.

Aberdeen, Livingston, Hibs

270 minutes without a goal. So the defensive record domestically was critical

As I say though, how good are that defence?

Weak in the right full back area and more defensive nous required in midfield to protect the central defenders.

Salzburg, Valencia and Leipzig took 11 goals from us.

The true measure of how competent we are lies there.
They are not tested domestically and are invariably found wanting in Europe.

Which is why the likes of McKenna is a definite no for me. We need proven defenders. Proven at a higher level than the SPL.

Unless of course we are willing to be the whipping boys in Europe.

Awe Naw

He performed like one of their cars-flashy,expensive,good engine-but unreliable despite their reputation.


Twists n turns

Cars? Analogies?

The problem Celtic have is a board of Directors with a set up capable of producing Mercedes quality but intent on competing only in the Ford Focus market.

The structure is there. The potential is there for great things. The appetite for risk reward isn’t.

A takeover by a visionary would be most welcome.

It’ll take a strike by the mugs working the production line. Won’t happen though.


A surprising number of them on this list. Mind,Jaguar-LandRover get a kicking on it!

Twists n turns

The reason the “strike” won’t happen ?

Too many Twists n Turns and not enough The Lions Roars.

Hey Bobby – whoa whoa

Lay off the Jaguars ?

Got a new R Sport a few weeks ago. Best car I’ve driven. Passes everything except the petrol station though. ?


I was surprised to see JLR featuring so heavily too,mate. I wouldn’t let it bother you. Same if I owned a German car.

I only put the gag into the original post to see if AWENAW would bite…

Awe Naw

Pah … Tolljan was told to blend into being more of an Austin Allegro than a 535

Awe Naw

Clearly Rogic and Ntcham are BMC shop floor union reps — “that´s no ma joab”

When Toljan first arrived he looked class, I remember hearing Keevins on Clyde calling him a proper footballer and you get what you pay for stuff, then he just seemed to drift for some reason.

Awe Naw


haven´t been so disappointed in a player since Scepovic (sp?)

Getting the feeling some sense of normality returning. 3xtreble achieved. New manager appointed.

Its all about the comings and goings now.

When does the transfer window open?

Although I am still enjoying the articles & posts reviewing last season’s players. It’s all part of the ‘comings and goings’ thinking.

Awe Naw
Scepovic was a player that I touted for months afore we signed him, he was banging in the goals here for fun playing at a higher standard that the spl.
I recall a few games where he kept making runs and was never getting the ball, this happened a few times and his confidence seemed to be shot, just look at Puiki, banging them in for fun now, some players just seem to fit certain clubs.


Just to keep things fresh,my follow up to today’s article will be put on hold till Thursday. Tomorrow is a guest article on a topic whic exercises the angst of a lot of fans of successful clubs.

Should put the cat amongst the pigeons!

Bobby, sound great, can’t wait!

TET, I always had a big soft spot for Pukki. You could see the talent staring out of him but he also looked timorous. Scottish football did not suit him. I’m as pleased as punch for him now.

Awe Naw

Compper ‘delighted’ with improved two-year extension to Celtic deal

The German stopper says he couldn’t have asked for any better than the trophy haul since moving from the Bundesliga.

Marvin Compper has said he always wanted to stay at Celtic and is happy the club have extended his contract for another year.

The club exercised their clause allowing them to extend his existing deal beyond this summer, putting to rest speculation that he could have left for nothing at the end of the season.

The defender said he was settled in Glasgow and was happy that the club had taken the decision on his future.

“I always wanted to stay,” he said. “Everyone knows my situation and how I love this club and I want to be here.

“I love the fans and playing for Celtic if I ever get the chance again.

“Getting the chance to play in cup finals, there’s nothing better.

“I was delighted. I am here for another year and I am looking forward to it.”

Though he was never a regular starter and Player, Compper has been very inconsistent in training and is therefore was not a guaranteed first team starting place.

Asked if that meant he was anxious ahead of Neil Lennon´s appointment, he insisted he was comfortable waiting to see if he was in Neil Lennon’s plans.

“Not at all, I’m very relaxed,” he said. “Whatever the team is, the manager chooses it and that’s up to him.

‘ I love the fans and playing for Celtic. there’s nothing better.’

“I’m very relaxed going in to the new season and I’m sure everyone else is because my deal has been improved and extended and I am raring to go.”

Compper’s time in Glasgow has seen him enjoy huge success in domestic competition without ever playing.

The team now stand on the verge of completing a third successive clean sweep of domestic trophies and he admitted it had been a special time in his career.

“Hopefully we can make it a quadruple next season,” he said. “Not just for myself but for Neil Lennon.

“He is really a great coach and and all round good guy I could not believe it when they improved my terms and gave me another two years.

“Being part of the treble treble as a player has been great. It is a massive achievement to contribute to that success and maybe the extension is my reward.

“When I first came here I was not even thinking about double trebles or treble trebles, I was thinking I just need to get fit work hard and see how it goes.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It comes down to hard work and the winning mentality of the players and Neil Lennon.”

Noel Skytrot

Awe Naw,
please tell me that’s a wind up about Comperr?

Awe Naw, your a terrible man, when I read that first line I nearly choked on my tea.

They didn’t back Lenny back then, will they back him now ?
1.30 mins in

Awe Naw

Above a baying, swaying sea of claret and blue Jack Grealish, alongside James Chester, lifted the play-off winners’ trophy high in the royal box but it was the Aston Villa captain’s overlooked supporting cast that propelled them to the Premier League.

Chief among these was John McGinn, the Glaswegian who spent the buildup to the final telling everyone there is more to Grealish than junior-size shin pads, flashy haircuts and sunbeds. By the same token that Grealish is not the Jack the lad his manager, Dean Smith, said he envisaged on taking the job in October, McGinn is much more than just a nagging nuisance in midfield. He was a ubiquitous presence – the bargain of the season at £2.7m from Hibernian – and it was fitting his goal sealed victory.

“Sometimes in football you have to take risks and challenge yourself,” McGinn said. “I think some people had the perception I’m just a runner, just a hard-working player. I think I am that – but I think I’ve got a lot more to my game. I had to come down here and challenge myself against stronger, faster players to show that I can offer a lot more. There are always going to be doubters but hopefully I can show what I can do in the Premier League.”

For Villa fans, proudly rejoicing about “super John McGinn” as the song goes, one that a joyous Smith was singing as his midfielder held court after the match, this is nothing new. Here was yet another near-flawless performance, perhaps best encapsulated by his hounding of Kelle Roos, the Derby goalkeeper, midway through the second half.

McGinn is happy fire-fighting, harrying, inventing, as well as scoring screamers – as typified against Sheffield Wednesday in September. The modest – and menacing – McGinn, signed by Steve Bruce, admitted he feared he might not make the grade after struggling in his first couple of training sessions last August. Ten months on how silly that now seems.

All in all, it proved a hugely satisfying weekend for the McGinn family, given that on Sunday his elder brothers, Stephen and Paul, ensured St Mirren maintained their Scottish Premiership status. McGinn will be Stephen’s best man on Friday and here he was the best man on the pitch.

But it was not just McGinn who came to the fore when his team needed him most, as typified by a well-worked Villa opener. The unfashionable Albert Adomah, who came within hours of returning to Middlesbrough in August, and the 31-year-old Ahmed Elmohamady combined down the right, the latter delivering a wondrous ball towards the back post for Anwar El Ghazi, a lovely, frustrating player capable of the sublime and the ridiculous, to convert.

Until Villa established a two-goal buffer, the worry – once again – was that Grealish, a supremely talented No 10, was trying too hard, cropping up at left-back and holding midfield to pick up possession. Once McGinn had seized on Roos’s error, Grealish could relax, backed up by his teammates, especially Conor Hourihane, the former Plymouth midfielder who has proved a trusty midfield anchor after patiently waiting for his chance.

Then there was Tyrone Mings, a colossus at centre-back who was forced off through injury after making a lung-busting run to prevent Martyn Waghorn from getting a shot on goal.

The composure of Mings and Axel Tuanzebe made Derby’s harum-scarum defending look all the more shaky. “I said to John on the pitch: ‘Keep going, you’re the engine of the team’ and it’s absolutely true,” Mings said.

“He has such a great desire, so when you have a player like that it is easy to go and back him up when you see how he’s working for you.”

Grealish’s influence on Villa cannot be overstated – no one is more deserving of a Premier League stage – especially given how he shone during an end-of-season run that now translates to two defeats in 16 matches, including a 10-match winning run, but others did the damage here. With McGinn’s tireless midfield energy, Villa always seemed shatterproof.

bada bing1

Awe Naw- I think Villa might struggle to keep hold of McGinn, he could play in any EPL side IMO,I don’t think Petrie would have sold him to us,no matter what we offered, he could also have run his contract down……

bada bing1

A box office signing, would settle a lot of guys down, step forward, wee Paddy Roberts….

Yes a good early signing would help settle the nerves. I just checked, the transfer window opens up Tuesday 11th. June. No doubt talks will be going on behind the scenes but maybe they are not allowed to announce anything until then. Lenny is on holiday for a few days at the moment. No doubt keeping in touch.

To hear him speak was to listen to a man who believes himself to be charged with some kind of great and mighty mission. Lawwell, who chose to talk only to the Record about his dreams and ambitions for Celtic, said: “No one should doubt that Celtic are the biggest club in the country, but I know that talk is cheap in this business and that we will have to prove just how big we are.

Awe Naw


one week after that game we signed Pukki and Bitton four weeks before it we signed Amido Balde, Derk Boerrigter, Steven Mouyokolo and Virgil van Dijk

Awe Naw

A wee warning for the members of the CQN SVDP society on steroids

Pass it on


You could have a Ferrari engine and the best components in the world but if your mechanic doesn’t assemble properly it’s just a pile of metal ,rubber and plastic.
We as a club are too focused on individual components.
Our incomplete structure makes it difficult for us to maximize the sum of our parts.
When the top guy has a remit beyond his ability an incomplete structure will remain.

Awe Naw

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Twists n turns

That Scotland squad? Oh dear.

Mind you…. you can’t make a silk purse…….

Twists n turns

Any of you tech savvy bhoys got any tips on:

How to stay at the bottom of the page when you refresh this site?

Awe Naw

That doesn´t happen to me Twists. You been playing with protestants again ?


Take it neither of you watched the 4-3 defeat in Astana where Bitton produced one of the most inept performance’s ever by a Celtic central defender?
He had an incredibly consistent game of ball watching and being wrong side of opponent at every opportunity.
Or the 1-2 loss to Bayern when again he got caught wrong side of Martinez who scored the winner just 3 minutes after McGregor equalized?
He cant tackle and lacks game intelligence.
In Delia’s last season when everyone was blaming Boyata and Simo for our porous defense i was constantly pointing out how the Brown and Bitton partnership exposed them.
Most goals against us that season were scored from edge of box with neither defensive mids anywhere near.The centre half would often have to vacate their position to challenge guys with a free run in midfield which often left space behind in the box them.
Boyata’s revival after BR dumped Bitton was no surprise.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
Doesn’t do it all the time, so I’m guessing I’m making some stupid fundamental mistake. I’ll work it out eventually.

I recently asked my nephew to assist with an iPhone issue. He seems to know everything about everything techy

(Actually he’s in the same field as you I believe. Banking systems , IT, programming ??)

Anyhow, when I asked his help his response was:

Turn yer iPhone aff
Remove the sim

Then take it back to the shop and ask for an android!!

Typical IT smartass ?

Awe Naw

Twists n turns

Yes Android it must be bit don’t make the same mistake I made and buy a Huawei one 🙁

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
I’m sticking with my iPhone. I’ve got over 1500 songs on this phone. I’d be a cert to lose them if I tried transferring them from iOS to Android.

Awe Naw

2 mins work unless Leo Sayer songs .. never new Apple had a punch card interface


Preparing for a revamp of the boardroom.

I think they should try putting Ajer in a def mid roll, he can’t be any worse than as a CB.


Bobby having a go at German motors?
Unless Im missing something their superior engineering place them a rung above most automobiles?
Fine cars ze Germans make.
A car story,,,
the first one of the lads to get a car when we were like 17/18 or whatever was like a God as now we had heat and freedom which we had never had before.
However he was one of those eejits that never left the car alone,,always fiddling or swopping something out etc.
Everytime you got in you just never knew what was gonna be there or not there.
So this one night he announces his new surprise is ready and hes looking forward to testing it!
I hadn’t a clue and was just delighted to be out of the rain for the most part.
Turns out the rocket had taken the revolving orange light from a big lorry , and a strobe light the size of a football or so ,, and stuck them both in the corners of the rear parcel shelf above the boot.
So driving down the busy road he flips the switches,,,and traffic parts! Yes they all pull over thinking what to eff is that explosion of lights behind me must be the cops or something and we scoot on through thinking this is great.
So as you can imagine we rip the piss out of it,,running low on the wacky baccy hit them lights and get there quick.
Off licence about to shut ,, someone flip them switches por favor.
So this goes on for about a month or so and this one night we have hit the lights on and are flying up the side of a lowish hill , and for some reason someone says I seen cops here so just incase and turns them off as we are about to crest.
Sure enough on the other side are the fuzz and they are all looking up towards us waiting on the source of this mobile effing lightshow.
When nothing else appears it all clicks in his head and he forces us over.
Doesn’t say a single word and leans in and starts hitting all the switches,
When the two lights go on he smiles and goes ” you wee bassa I should have you frying for impersonating an emergency vehicle but you’re soo lucky I never seen it myself so heres what we are gonna do.
I have your address here and when Im off duty in an hour Im coming by your house and you will have them out and hand them over and you boys consider yourselves extremely lucky you’re not going away for a stretch because another ten feet over that hill and I had you!”
Moral of the story is leave your car alone,,he still fiddles though.
I stick with Toyota after one saved the missus life in a bad crash. Dont fiddle one bit glad to say.

Hail Hail

The Lions Roar


I should add that the exact figure for the 20 years’ Operating Expenses is 1 Billion 391 million pounds.

I round it up to 1.4 Billion because what’s 9 million between friends?

And btw, it’s no longer a ‘theory’ when these are the Plc’s own declared figures.



I agree the defence won the league this season. I would not write off Benkovic just yet. It depends on whether Leicester are tempted to sell their prime CB for big bucks. I would also highlight THAT goal from Jozo in the 67th minute! In addition, Tierney played a big part, both in defence and attack.

Hendry will not make it at Celtic and, for both parties, needs to move on, but-no one in Scotland will match his wages, sadly. His acquisition is a small step up from Compper’s purchase……both a mystery, and indicative of poor scouting.

I suspect, given the managerial appointment, that attempts will be made to get McKenna. I also think recruitment from the SPL will be favoured and the club will try for Turnbull of Motherwell to add more attacking flair to the mids.

For me, the two glaring holes in the pool are RB and a target man, but the latter may be discussed in Part 2?

Yer man Forrest is an enigma for me! Outstanding in some games, asleep in others. He has certainly improved in terms of contribution and, importantly, in fitness. Frankly, depending on the quality of Shved and moves for Roberts, I’d sell for a good offer. However, I think this is unlikely to happen because Forrest is comfortable at Celtic.



Something in the stories being bandied around about our suits doesn’t quite add up when analysed.
The much talked about meeting in London seen a supposed pissed off Dermot tell Brendan you’re going nowhere and you are one of the best paid managers in the UK so act like it.
And Peter support him.
One of the best paid managers in the Uk,,,hmmm.
Harry Brady of Celtic underground gets sit downs with Peter, has a relationship.
On his podcast discussing the above events he claimed that Brendan was getting approx 2.5 million base with big bonuses and hitting those bonuses brought him up to 4 to 5 million per annum which is a big bit of wedge indeed.
We heard this is supposed to be top bracket for UK managers .
We can also offer Europe and almost guaranteed silverware, with support numbers in the top ten worldwide.
Serious EPL exposure.
Seems attractive enough to me unless I’m missing something.
Surely many a good manager would have at least came and interviewed?
To not gauge the waters and check out the quality of possible candidates at all is one of the strangest decisions I have came across and as such it’s hard to fathom.
One thing is finally over though and that’s the pretence we are well run.
And old James Forrest may just have hit the nail on the head when he said Lenny ain’t gonna be the fall guy here despite what Peter thinks. He’s backed himself into a corner here as in he must back him or become the fall guy for not backing him as the spin machine ain’t gonna buy the had a good enough squad and he really should have won the league if there isn’t wedge spent now we have lost many players especially the title winning defence and our long standing right back who served with distinction.
I even forgot Marvin when writing my last article , that’s how much of an impression he has made. That gives us four defenders on the books, and Nir as backup.
Please don’t even think of sticking with just them,,add one quality at least, if even on loan.
We could add goals and hope that defence is enough which would be skin of your pants season indeed.
Paddy R may add some goals,, he shouldn’t get the right hand side slot as James has it sussed there now , so that’s either left wing or inside .
Inside means two up front this switching our entire style and losing a midfielder one must assume .
That would be folly, , a huge mistake as the middle of the park is the one area we need to get a grip of ,, it’s been our Achilles heel recently. Huns and Hearts dominated that key zone and Neil couldn’t rejig it to dominate which is worrying.
So it’s easier to stick Paddy left,,but them Sinky,,Shved,,Arzani,,Morgan,,are all there?
Could Neil go two up front,,,bit of a throwback style?
Remember he Hoops and Stokes together for quite a whole , he didn’t really play them as an orthodox pairing but stuck Anto out wide.
This tells me he plays one main striker and one support .
Well Odsonne is our main man . But Lenny just played him wide left , and he likes to drift there.
Would Paddy be played in the middle ?
We need someone in the middle.
Cant see the case for anywhere else and if we are buying a player to act support striker should he even be in the frame?
I just can’t see how Paddy fits in currently.
Hail Hail


Rebus ,
BR and Pl don’t talk and although Brendan said he might let Benk come back that was for a bit of good will after leaving like that imo.
I know Fan says Peter would talk to the devil to save a few quid but I think there’s grudges there and it’s a total no go.
Ajer is our senior defender. More apps than Jozo last season.
Hail Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON BHOYS anything happening whats this about paddy Roberts have we signed him,hh.

bada bing1

Celtic will face Rennes this summer as the club announced their latest pre-season fixture.
The game will take place on Saturday, July 13, at Celtic Park, sandwiched in between the club’s first round Champions Leaguequalifier.

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