Neil Lennon,Celtic Manager-Part One.

So Lenny is the new man, some are obviously disappointed others are delighted. I suppose it’s where your starting point is, the delighted ones are happy to beat the huns and europe can take a back seat, the disappointed ones want us to do well in europe and the huns can take a back seat.

There are some,believe it or not,who couldn’t care one way or another.

Lenny wouldn’t have been my first choice, that would have been an upgrade on Brendan Rodgers. The board’s decision to appoint him is the best thing they have ever done IMO, they gambled for once and it paid off big time.

The invincible season was awesome, the second season was a bit of a let down-superb all the same-but the cracks were starting to show. This treble treble season has been fraught in many ways but the team and the managers got us over the line to a history making season, and well done to everyone involved.

So how did we end up with Lenny? I have asked that question many times,and unless someone from the club comes out and tells us,we can only speculate as to why we lost the best coaching set up we have had for many years and ended up with Lenny.

So speculate I will.

I said earlier that the cracks were beginning to show last year, there was rampant speculation as to why,but the cracks between the hierarchy and the manager were palpable. It all came to a head last summer when Brendan went public with his concerns and when we didn’t get his targets he threw the towel in. It was said that he was offered a job in China,we then heard that Dermot stepped in and banged the two ego trippers heads together and for a while it seemed that things were back on track.

Sadly they never were, the damage had been done. We could all sense that something was just not right. Again the blogs were speculating but the feelings were there and just wouldn’t go away,and I think the straw that broke Brendan’s resolve was not getting Jonh McGinn. He was get-able for little money but the deal maker obviously thought that he could get him for a freebie in the January window or play Petrie at Hibs-he didn’t see Villa coming on the scene and we lost him for the sake of a few hundred grand.

This IMO is the main reason we lost us our manager. I think the board knew this as well and plans were set in motion as to what to do when Brendan departed the club. We have to fast forward a few months till the winter break, Brendan again went public with his discontent with the board when they, not him, the club bought the Ukrainian fella. Now this wasn’t the first time they had brought a player in without his knowledge-Arzani arrived without Brendan knowing anything about him-so we can now publicly see the beginning of the end and it was only gonna end one way, the CEO would prevail.

Celtic is not big enough for two gigantic egos and you really have to admire Pedro, he is a master at manipulation and deviousness, which brings me round to Lenny again.

The board knew 100% that Brendan would be leaving at the end of this season. Not to know would have been a dereliction in their duty to the PLC, the shareholders and as a secondary thought the club, so they knew alright.

£9 million in compensation tells you they knew alright.

Throw in the power and influence that Dermot has within the footballing and business world, it would have been folly on Brendan’s part to not keep him informed at all times of what was happening re him leaving. To think otherwise is akin to acting like a thick cap doffing hun.

Back to Lenny, now as I said everything is pure speculation but there are far too many things that just don’t add up. Lenny not resigning from Hibs, nor was he sacked, he just didn’t work there any more. I put it to the Celtic supporting world that the board knew that Brendan would be leaving earlier than planned and they engineered the non dismissal of Lenny from Hibs-did I mention that we got £9 million compensation from Leicester?These things take a while to resolve. It didn’t happen after Brendan left, Oh no, this would all have been worked out before Brendan shot the craw. Again, had it not been the board would have been failing in their duty to the PLC and the shareholders-they obviously don’t care about the supporters, they never have and never will.

All it would take to see that Brendan was the bad barsteward for leaving the club in the lurch was a few well placed snippets in the media and his trusted blogs, and hey presto, everything is back on track! You have to hand it to Pedro at the end of the day, he is one shrewd operator, if he wasn’t such a yes man to his bosses I could actually admire him ?

So there you have it, a new manager who was always going to get the job no mater what IMO-and no it’s not just my opinion, our esteemed CEO has confirmed that we didn’t talk to any other candidates. That in itself should be a sacking offence, that is a serious dereliction of his duty to the shareholders, what they are telling you is they didn’t go for the best available candidate, then to top things off Lenny was given the job in the showers! Talk about amateur hour, and some laugh at the huns for things like this. Well done Pedro, you are a bigger charlatan than I thought you were.

So to conclude, am I disappointed with Lenny’s appointment? No-if Lenny is backed he will do ok, he will bring home the ten that craved by so many. He might even get us CL football. The sad thing is,the ten only justifies the cheating scums existence, but there you go, the Old Firm is what it’s all about for the vast majority.

What bothers me and many others is I honestly don’t have faith that the board will back Lenny properly, they have a history of failing to back managers when in a position of strength. Will that change this time? I for one won’t be holding my breath, but I hope to be eating my words. Sadly I just can’t see it.

I wish Lenny all the luck in the world as he will need it.

One more thing as an aside, everyone in the Celtic world reckons that the media is slanted against us. They could be right, they probably are right, the media have shown over the years that if they can put a negative or an anti Celtic stance on things they sure do, it’s in their DNA. So ask yourself why Pedro always gets a free ride from the self same media that is obviously against us, no matter what is happening around the club, all the negative stuff, the fall outs, the throwing the toys out of the pram, Pedro always comes up smelling of roses. Just a thought ?


Many thanks to THE EXILED TIM for his thoughts on the subject. Mahe and I have our own views too,which will be aired over the next few days. If you would like to add your own thoughts on this as part of the series,let us know at


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A great start to this mini-series of opinions,and Mahe and I will have some work to do to keep up!

I’m just off on the first leg of a weekend trip home so I will have more to say on it later,but the more I think about how long the board were aware that BR was leaving yet did sod all about lining up a similar target,the more I get pissed off.

They are stretching “Faithful Through and Through” to intolerable limits.

Dharma Bam

Excellent article.

Twists n turns


I’m sure the friction between Brendan and those above him was growing and was the catalyst for him ( Brendan) moving on.

I’m not sure that the McGinn thing played as big a part as you infer.

At the time, McGinn himself was quoted as saying he wanted guaranteed first team football and Aston Villa offered that.

I commented on his remarks at the time ( on CQN) that if Steve Bruce was “ guaranteeing” first team football to anyone, then he was a fool.

On the other points in your article, I fully agree. Lenny will do well IF he gets backing. He tends to spend wisely. We have a vg crop of young players. Get some proven quality and experience around them and we could wrap up 9 before Easter.
Speculative ‘ projects’ and / or sticking with the current squad will end badly.

The fact is, if it does end badly, it won’t impact on Lawell’s reputation in the way it is reported.
Lenny will carry the can, and as you rightly say, the media will fail to apply proper analysis of why it failed and who really is to blame.

They’ll be too busy celebrating a Rangers victory and promoting the mastery of Pep Gerard.


Like yourself, Neil wasn’t my first choice, having said that though, Neil appears to have the backing of the players in the dressing room, this is crucial & shouldn’t be underestimated.
IF the board release the funds & back him, i’ll be happy enough.
Neil may not be a Guardiola or a Klopp, he may not even be a Rodgers, what he will do though is build a side that we can be proud of, i will reserve judgement on the big picture until we see the quality of signings brought into the club, this will tell us a lot.
We also have a guy who won’t walk out at the first opportunity either.
Let’s get behind him & give him a chance, the board? All eyes on you, do not fuck these next two seasons up through penny pinching.

Twists n turns

What Monti said


big packy

TET,excellent article and every word true, like many on here I think.lenny would not have been first choice including yours truly, but lets back him he is the manager now,,but I wish pedro would get to feck, he thinks he is untouchable.hh.

Twists n turns

Despite Lawells abject performance to date, ( in many of our opinions), it’s still not too late for him to raise his game. Lenny, even Ronnie, and BR have kept the run going in spite of his penny pinching, through their own efforts and the demise of EBT FC.
He’s going to run out of luck soon though unless he has a plan to invest in quality.
If we fail, he carries the can. Well he won’t , but he undoubtedly should.


The PLC strategy is to be marginally better than our nearest rivals and win the league and any other trophies that come our way. The appointment of Brendan Rodgers deviated from that strategy for a short period of time but it’s re-imposition was a factor in him leaving. The strategy makes perfect business sense and is all well in good if football in Scotland was played on an even playing field and all teams were treated equally by the games’ governing body. Peter Lawwell is the embodiment of that strategy which explains why he’s trying to manage all our expectations by telling us that the current squad does not need a major re-haul. It also explains the decision to offer the job to Neil Lennon who unless he throws a complete curve ball will not place too many financial demands on the board. Why then would Lawwell say that he has the best eye for picking a player? In other words Lawwell wants the manager delve into football’s bargain basements in the hope he can unearth a few gems.

However, we all know that football in Scotland is bent and corrupt and our enemies will do all they can to stop TIAR. If we persist with just do enough to be better strategy, we will lose the league next season as Sevco will start the campaign with an at least a 12 point advantage thanks to the honest mistakes klan. The PLC might get lucky and their strategy might work which means we win the league again, increase our profits and Peter Lawwell sees his bonus go through the roof …again. Personally, I would not be prepared to take the chance and would not only invest heavily to plug the obvious gaps in the squad but would strengthen the other teams in the SPFL by loaning them some of our best young players. If we get NIARx 2, they are looking for a new manager at the end of next season and TIAR is in the bag. Lose it and we are looking for a new manager and our board of directors will be looking for a new planet.

big packy

TNT,yes its not too late, id love peter for once to open the purse strings and give lenny decent money, but will he.hh.

Twists n turns

M6 bhoy


The majority of people on here, it’s gotta be 90% plus, are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

I think the McGinn affair was the straw that broke Brendan’s resolve, it caused him to go public on matters, as for Villa guaranteeing him first team football, neither him nor Villa said that, as far as I am aware that came from P67 and the faithful jumped on that wagon, John was a pundit at a game at Easter Road when we were there, he explained what happened with the transfer, he basically said he knew there was interest from us but that things were taking too long, there was NEVER a concrete offer from us and Villa came in and he decided that they were a better option than Hibs, now this came from his lips but those who support the board dismissed it as lies and the clubs version that he chose Villa for money became the accepted truth, and folks laugh at the huns for being gullible.

I don’t think there is much chance of a lavish spend this summer, Pedro has already said that there is no need for a major overhaul, so that tells you from the get go that the money will be staying where it is, and as m6bhoy points out, his comment about Lenny having an Eye for a Player” again tells you that it’s bargain basement stuff, tis a sad state of affairs for the best run club on the planet.

Noel Skytrot

Interesting article TET. Rodgers wasn’t getting what he wanted, he bolted. Lawwell needs to get someone in that is of our stripe and can placate the supporters, step forward Lennon.
He wasn’t my first choice, but we’ll all back him. Will the “custodians” give him a few bob to strengthen with, not too sure. On a positive note, we know what’s coming this season as we chase 9 down, as does the manager, he knows exactly what’s required. My concern is that when the Scottish meeja, the Peepil and whoever else start all their usual shenanigans, will he handle it? Its started already if you look on social media and the past few days papers over the child abuse stuff. This season is man the trenches mentality, no doubt about it.

Twists n turns

Hmmm. I wasn’t aware of that re McGinn. I’d only seen the “ guaranteed football” side of things. Never realised it was a CQN spin. Makes perfect sense right enough!

“ taking too long”

Yes there’s a history of that in PL’s dealing in the transfer market.

The Gombeen Man

Keep up, lads…

Lawwell wanted to get one back on Petrie after he was made to look a fool over McGinn. Foolishly the Plc’s strategy was broadcast on Pravda and McGinn went south.

Pedro ended up with a resentment and I’ll leave you to join the dots.

Rodgers went south too with his professionals.

In other news, this tired phrase that Pedro used to describe Lenny rang a bell.

Any guesses who said this in 2010?

Can’t believe he fell for it.

“I’d like to think I’ve got a good eye for a player,” he says.


Well,that’s wee Turnbull off the list then. Maybe the chairman might have spent some time extending Hastie’s contract around the same time he extended that of Turnbull.

I wonder why he didn’t?

The Gombeen Man


There may be a link between the management at both clubs?

bada bing1

Ntcham to Marseille for £10 mil
Turnbull for £2 mil…

The Gombeen Man

An excellent post from Rebus last night that a few might have missed.


Has Peter Lawwell’s Reputation as a Tough Negotiator Taken a Serious Hit?

The timing of the offer to Neil to become the next permanent manager has raised some eyebrows. It had all the hallmarks of a rushed, desperate affair. Why did it happen amidst the steam from the after game showers? Why not wait and let everyone enjoy the treble treble?

First, it should be acknowledged that Neil Lennon is not only a Celtic man, but he also played a blinder in getting this job. Can the same be said for PL? Neil did everything asked of him and, perhaps, more. He delivered two trophies, and seems to have the majority of the dressing room behind him.

On the other hand, Mr Lawwell’s performance seems to have left him open to the charge of lack of due diligence. Why so? Firstly, he has gone public with the job offer before all the demands of the applicant have been made clear. Salary should not be an issue(but you never know), however what is the term and the nature of the contract? Is it a rolling contract or fixed term? Who will be in the management team, and who amongst existing staff will go? Will the new manager have a say in selecting all of the management team? These are details that require negotiation by both parties. Can we assume all of this happened before the cup final, OR, are these and other iems open issues? If the latter, PL has boxed himself into a corner of his own choosing.
As stated above, Neil played a blinder in this. By hitting all of his targets, he made it difficult for the Board to say “no”. If we can believe the reports on the JohnJames site that he had applied for a job with an English club, and that was progressing, then Neil held all the cards. Either appoint me, or run the risk that I shall be off the market in quick time. Sound familiar to the McGinn debacle? Suppose PL and the Board dithered on this appointment and they lost Neil to an English club, what would have been the reaction from the fans? Some, like me, would be relieved but many would be outraged that here, again, was another fumbled negotiation. Think of the pressure that would place on the new manager, whomever he was, if he did not hit the street running.
Now we come to the curious statement by PL that he did not speak to any other candidate. If true, does that sound like a man who has applied due diligence to the search for a new manager. Bear in mind, PL and the Board had at least three months and probably longer to unearth candidates. What were they doing over that time period if not isolating targets? Either no due diligence was applied or someone is telling porkies. One or other must be true. Either way, the Board does not come out of this looking good, IMHO, of course.


McGinn~Turnbull….rinse and repeat

bada bing1

“[Sevco] are being sued for £1.1million after scrapping plans for a memorial wall and garden to honour victims of the Ibrox Disaster and other bereaved fans.


Memorial Walls are taking legal action after the club shelved plans – despite planning permission being given by Glasgow City Council.



[Sevco] insiders claim the memorial – with 2000 boxes for fans’ ashes – could have resulted in supporters having to pay to keep their loved ones’ remains in slots on a wall.


The club also thought it would be ‘inappropriate’ to have a statue of former captain John Greig at street level – with an outstretched hand to let fans give him a ‘high five’.


Memorial Walls claim they have a binding contract to build and run the facility for 125 years.



The firm said: ‘It is with regret that Memorial Walls have had to issue proceedings against [Sevco] for breach of a contract entered into between the football club and Memorial Walls in March 2018 for the design, build and administering of a memorial wall at Ibrox Stadium.


‘Memorial Walls have been advised by their legal team that [Sevco] have no defence to the breach-of-contract claim and have not settled Memorial Walls’ claim for costs incurred and damages prior to proceedings being lodged.’


They claim efforts by [Sevco’s] managing director Stewart Robertson to terminate the contract by telephone was [sic.] invalid.”


Nothing new there,mate. The huns have always behaved shamefully about that day.


A link? Or a masonic chain,perhaps…

The Gombeen Man


Don’t worry Pedro will sort them out. Just give him the silver bullets.


bada bing1

Gary Parker not coming,Jim Goodwin pulls out of Dundee job? 2+2=….

The Gombeen Man


“They claim efforts by [Sevco’s] managing director Stewart Robertson to terminate the contract by telephone was [sic.] invalid.”

From Bada’s earlier post about the possible breach of contract at Ibrox and the reported legal proceedings…Seems that Stewart Robertson might have been a bit “Hastie” in terminating the contract.

Karma I presume?

bada bing1

So the huns were trying to claim rental money from ashes of dead supporters? Even by their shameless standards,that is a new low….

The Gombeen Man

Yeah, not the first contract there to go up in a puff of smoke.?

Awe Naw

The support is polarized we have two factions.

1) The bigots 2) The non bigoted

Faction 2 is bored out of it´s tits watching the domestic fayre ; An above average team that will eventually overcome any of it´s opponents over a season due to being able to spend 3 times more than it´s nearest competitor

Faction 1 only want to beat the Rangers everything else is a bonus. This is due to being thick as pig shit

If we qualify for the CL and that is “our intention” although not budgeted for we happily accept the six pack. sausage rolls and carrot sandwiches and two bottles of lemonade

We do however budget for the EL competition. How else can you justify a three time spend over domestic opponents and keep your job. That´s twice extra spend is the cost of mibbery and it is well worth it to encourage the chip on the shoulder for the thick as pig shit Celtic fans

We have been in a holding position since the day after Seville

But as long as we beat Sevco the majority of our customers will be ecstatic.

Even if we do qualify then it´s all about the trips so that we can sing ten in a row while in Europe .. to those who laugh at us after we have let in our 5th goal without reply… I mean what great fans travelling all around Europe from all around the world to see us getting pumped in Europe.

It is all about the wrestling . The WWF and being categorized into being a an abject fucking moron

and ……………………. nay wunner

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
Can you bet a bit less vague with your opinions please ? ?


Awe Naw,
I take it you are in the first category, because you don’t come across as being bright.?

Awe Naw


yup me and you are in the 1st category but at least I am not an ugly cunt .. small compensation for me.

The Lions Roar

Great article but it’s clear now that the Masons who run the game put Lenny in charge for the ultimate humiliation.

That’s why the Scottish Hun media have been calling for him to get the job and why their blogs have been filled with joy since last Saturday …

It’s the perfect payback. Cos they know that it’s open season on Celtic players after the ‘non brutality’ of the Flanagan elbowing Broonie in the face and they know for sure that Peter won’t be investing no money into no Celtic squad.

Sure, didn’t he say so himself?

And the reason Peter gets such an easy ride in the press with NO complaints or jibes whatsoever is because he is one of them, a Mason following orders on behalf of his Masonic masters, and now that Celtic have been given their allotted 9 trophies as part of the Sevco agreement, time is now up on the Celtic glory years for another wee while yet.

I’ve been calling this out since 2016 when I seen clearly how they were all working it together and everything I’ve called, from so many blogs being part of the daylight robbery to Brendan leaving, have also been fulfilled so remember, folks, you read it here first.

There will be no 10, there will be no 9, as the script has already been written and Celtic winning isn’t in it.

They have to keep the ‘interest’ in their ‘OF’ up somehow, after all.


A thing of beauty

TET, excellently written. It’ll come as no surprise to you when I say I agree with all you say. A few on here are starting to say lenny will do well if he gets the funds. He will give himself a better chance if he picks a proper professional number two. In fact I’ll bet it’s part of the deal for him being offered the job, hence he didn’t accept straight away. If he gets someone with knowledge around the sports science stuff only then will I be happy. And even then I’ll have doubts.

The Lions Roar

What’s the point on all of us hoping he ‘gets the funds’ when Lawwell’s made it abundantly clear that he’s getting feck all, as ‘the squad doesn’t need a major overhaul’?

Stop kidding yourselves, these guys plan stuff months if not years in advance and Lenny’s exit from Hibs was unquestionably engineered to ensure that the Plc got the 9 million they missed from Boyata back with no outlay.

As I write above, Lenny’s the perfect Mr Punch for the Sevvies to stop the 9, they’ll be in clover forever same as we’ve been since we stopped their phony 10, but Lenny’s been led up the garden path too and probably knows it, though I’m not sure if he knows he’s being set up for the ultimate fall from grace.

Because he’s changed has Lenny, he’s not the same man nor manager that he was just a few short months back before these Masonic rats set the trap for him at Hibs, his fire has gone and he no longer knows how to make a substitution.

Plus, he’s been calling Sevco ‘Rangers’ for years now and talking about the ‘OF’ just like all the rest of them and, as far as I’m concerned, that is the ultimate ‘Tell’ right there that they’re in all in it together, that not one of our players or managers can ever tell the truth that Rangers died even though we all know they did.

For it’s one thing having fat Jabba order his media minions not to mention Sevco but to have every player in the country go along with the same lie, from Broonie to Lenny to even Stevie Clarke, then that alone should tell us all we need to know about how things really are concerning The Great Big Lie at the heart of Scottish fitba.

I know this will upset a lot of you, especially Monti, who lives in a bubble of degenerate delusion, but most of you know in your heart of hearts that this is truly how it is.

Only Griff ever once broke ranks, and that was on some random punter’s phone and not part of a media exercise.

Btw, Monti, while I’m here …

Do you still believe that Celtic should ‘Leave them to their Champions League!’ like you wrote the other day in the foolish footsteps of Chris Jack or have you changed your mind on reflection since you read what I wrote in reply?

The Lions Roar

What if I were to tell you that a highly vetted group of David Murray’s high income business associates had declared an interest in Celtic when the alarm call went round the ludges to ensure there would be no return to Scottish fitba circles of a Fergus McCann type figure, one who would take the crooked SFA’s face and rub it up against the glass of their own shit stained reflection?

Would you follow this group as though they were ‘real Celtic men’ because they had green & white ties on?

What if I were to then tell you that these men had been caught clearing the club of around 800 million quid over the last decade and around 600 million quid the decade before that with a vast differential between the Itemised and visible section of the operating expenses and the Unitemised, therefore undeclared, aspect of the operating expenses ?

Would you still believe that they’re ‘doing the right thing by Celtic FC’ even though they have continually proven themselves to be nothing other than a profit maximising self interested PLC who have habitually undermined the team year on year since their takeover?

Would you still put your trust in them, give them your money, buy their season tickets and crappy TV, to further fund their parasitic leeching off of our great club, these business associates of David Murray who know exactly how to do all the right handshakes and to whom they should lift their trouser legs or bare their left breast ..?

Would you buy into this Hun run scam due to their wearing of Celtic ties or would you storm the walls of Paradise to oust them forever and for good?

I know where I stand but I’d be interested to know where others would go in this, er, ‘hypothetical’ scenario.




Thank you for reposting the article.


The Gombeen Man

No bother Rebus,

It made a lot of sense in this evolving intrigue.

Have to say it doesn’t look good and I have a niggling feeling that Scottish football is about to show its true colours.

I really hope I’m wrong but every unthinkable has become a reality over the last few years. The manner of Brendan’s departure and the ongoing recruitment process of his successor coupled with all the other factors are pointing to a bit of musical chairs in the Old Firm monopoly.

If it’s incompetence its breathtaking.

HH & Till Later.

The Lions Roar

And, yes, great observations, Rebus.

It appears that most of us have already joined the dots between past and future and can see exactly where this is going.

Well, all except the degenerate, of course, who still believes in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and that Peter Lawwell will ‘come good in the end’ by ‘backing Lenny’ like he refused to do the last time …

I suppose a dope can only live in hope …

Eh, Monti?


Many many thanks,,great writing pal.

From yesterday
Lenny says he will build his team around his strikers.
Youve no idea how much I cringed when I read that .
Firstly we have basically two strikers, a boy who shows some promise and potential but needs coached a lot, something that I cant say I think Lenny excels at ,,, and a big target man who drifts wide a lot and was joint third top scorer in the league.
Basically we dont have the strikers to build around.
This means he’s gonna build the team around a pair of non high scoring strikers that may or may not hit it off,, or he’s gonna build it around someone we dont have yet.
Thats hardly great business as they might not settle plus they shouldn’t be just thrown in under that pressure.
Incredible words from Lenny.

And then the implication of what that means for the team emerges.
Obviously if we are going to play two up front ( what else could that statement mean ) then we must lose a player somewhere else.
Take a player of our midfield and I think that would be a disaster.
We have an unsettled midfield and an aging Captain ,, it needs serious fresh blood and stability.
Taking a man out would leave Scott and the other too exposed,, just play 3 in the middle to beat us. That would be a disaster taking a man out of the middle.
That leaves going three at the back.
In a three at the back Kt is lost. He doesn’t suit it one bit and it would do him harm after a couple of seasons where his progress has stalled.
That decision would cost us a great attacking threat and our diamond in the rough would probably leave in this case imo.
With this sentence Lenny has greatly worried me.

Anyway Happy Friday folks and hope all are well.
God Bless the Rebus family and all those in need of help.
Hail Hail

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN,.REBUS, AND THE LIONS ROAR. don’t be strangers, great to see you on, just logged on for a minute in between chores, catch u all tonight.hh.


Should be an interesting season?
Recent performances under our new coach suggest it may be a struggle.
The omission of Henderson suggests it won’t be a season of integration for youth.
A lack of creative and positive football was not particularly surprising as it mirrored a lot of his previous tenure.
Where we were reliant on our better players digging out victories.
History under Lawwell would also suggest there will be no major investment in the team.
If we sell Ntcham as rumored to Marseille for 10 million then we can expect about 2 million added to the warchest giving the coach about 3 million.
The onslaught of disinformation and excuses will already be written in case it all goes pear shape .

bada bing1

Newcastle will launch a £20million bid for Alfredo Morelos – according to reports in Colombia.



From The Hun… laughing at the back…..


The Exiled Tim
Well written piece and apology from this old fool for publishing my other post before acknowledging your contribution.
Have been in agreement with you on this appointment and still struggling to see anything but a save sevco effort by our board charlatans.


Morelos 20 million
Was that AweNawed.
From a quality rag an all to. No wonder they’re dying,,should be a sackable offense pish like that after Stevie admitted only offer 3.5million.
Deary me.

Many thanks folks, much appreciated.
El Duffalo will find it very difficult to get a permit to play in england, thankfully the FA in england play by the rules and he doesn’t qualify for one, foreign climes or staying put is his options me thinks.


Are you trying to undermine your credibility as a renowned rumormonger?

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