Champions League Final Preview

Tonight see’s the Battle of Britain take place in Madrid with a German and an Argentine leading out the teams.
This one has a continental feeling to it no doubt .
Dwellers of the Spanish capital may well find it strange to see others getting feted when they have their own superstar team on their doorstep but that’s their problem.
Let’s hope they don’t face any serious issues though and Im delighted to say that at the time of writing there are zero reports of any disturbances around that city by the travelling fans.
It’s a good omen on a usually lively Friday evening when travelling groups tend to let loose at the start of the weekend.
Hopefully Madrid is left with happy memories and extra income only.
Would reflect very well on that nation if it happens. Many wont have like trading for Euro’s either but ah well.

I follow the Champs league most years and have watched the progress of both sides.
The semi finals are already things of lore that grandkids are being rocked asleep to .
Barca simply don’t get beaten 4 zip . Not with HIM in the team and not with the returning Suarez, your former gladiator who likes to spoil parties by creating his own.
To go through in such a fashion would surely make the Liverpool players believe it’s their year.
Likewise though Spurs had their own miracle against the Dutch giants and live to fight another day , so they also will take much in the fact they came this far and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.
This augers for a good game in my humble opinion.

Liverpool lost the league by a single point. Very hard to take however as someone who has watched their own team lose a league on goal difference which is an even finer margin Im certainly not upset . Preferred them to win , sure.
2003 should have taught us all the game can be cruel ,, but good Lord what times that team gave me that never to be forgotten year.
Liverpool are rightly feared and yet their gameplan is very simple actually ,, press collectively at the correct moment and if you gain possession break at speed with numbers and purpose. It needs intelligence and stamina plus pace throughout the team. Its deadly when honed down to an art , and that’s exactly what they have done on Merseyside.
No matter what happens today though this team will grow more together and last a few years at least, and Jurgen probably aint going anywhere.
They are in the middle of their project.

Tottenham Hotspur on the other hand may well face big transition , should they see unfancied victory tonight .
With at least two other teams having stronger squads and looking unassailable over the course of an entire campaign , realistically the best he could actually do is win the big cup.
And he has admitted himself he will be faced with a huge decision and might walk if his troops are victorious. He’s correct,,its either down or out if you hit your ceiling .
And with other better resourced clubs out there loving the work he has done , a win cements him as top tier .
His team play purposeful probing footie and like to team up in an area to create a numerical advantage and use that advantage quickly . Erikson makes them tick , and they have some very good strikers all of whom can do serious damage.
Speaking of strikers Harry Kane is a huge gamble and I hope he is more professional than to just “ give it his best “ and end up withdrawn early disrupting a game plan and forcing a precious substitution to be used.
If he starts and fails the blame should lay with the coaching staff , and a little bit with the Brit mentality .

Overall with no skin in the game we should all just sit back and enjoy the spectacle.
Two attacking teams either provide a cracker going back and forth ,,, or its a cagey affair with both attempting to stop the others counter and no gung ho whatsoever. Lets hope its the former.
Jurgen claims this is his best ever side and he will surely fancy winning his first big final , and his players are probably desperate to do it for him.
Those looking to favour one or the other might be swayed by the Celtic connection in red in the form of ex rock at the back Virgil and ex season ticket holder Andy Robertson .
There’s talk one of the Spanish giants will smash the world transfer record for Virgil but next summer. Don’t discount him becoming the first quarter billion player .
Oh for a sell on clause on that .
So tonight will see either the North London club having their first star ( welcome to the club and this must suck for the kit retailers who can’t flog a design without knowing )
Or the Scouser’s raising their sixth Big Cup.

Speaking of Scouser’s one of our own knows a bit more than average about them.
Yes Big Packy went and married one and all !
The good man himself took time out to share some thoughts from his divided household.
Here’s what he had to say,,,

“ As many of you know my wife is a Scouser and Liverpool fan as are most of her family, but what you did not know is I have a cousin Jim who hails from Bethnal Green in London and is a massive Spurs fan.
How did he end up in London ?
He was born there.
Here is the story. His father my uncle Walter met my auntie Anne my dad’s sister in the late forties early fifties now my auntie Anne being from Croy ( a devout Catholic you had to be coming from Croy ) .
Anyway Walter was from Kilsyth, and if you knew that neck of the woods then Kilsyth was the Protestant village.
Now when she told my grandmother she was seeing a guy from Kilsyth she hit the roof, my grandmother was a staunch Catholic and believed that you marry one of your own kind.
Anyway they eloped down to London and got married in the registry office and when their children came along Walter said to my aunt Anne the first child that comes along boy or girl can be brought up in your faith.
If we have a second child i want him or her brought up in my faith.
So as it happened they had a baby girl called Carol and a son called JIm.
Carol was brought up Catholic and Jim in the Protestant faith .
By the way as well as being a red hot Tottenham fan he also had more than a soft spot for our friends from Govan, remember him inviting me down to his house in the stockbroker belt of Surrey , he had done well for himself, no going down any pits for him.
He was in the banking business, wow what a house, pictures of Spurs stars covered his walls he had a box at Tottenham.
One of his friends was Gary Mabutt and there was a pIcture on the wall of him, Gary Mabutt and Alan Brazil !
So who do I support in the final ?
As a footnote eventually my grandmother came round and for years she travelled down to London sometimes staying a month sometimes 6 weeks she would get the train from Croy station to Euston and my uncle Walter would pick her up she thought the world of him! “

Many thanks big Packy and that shows where there’s a will there’s a way. Great compromising also to be honest. Don’t support just enjoy is my advice.
Enjoy the game everyone no matter where on the planet you watch it .
My prediction is Mane to score and Liverpool win.
If you have something you want to get off your chest the front page is yours for any size of contribution.

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2 teams that between them haven’t won the English League championship in 75 years are contesting the final of the Champions league. UEFA don’t do irony 🙂
Other European leagues now becoming worried over the domination of clubs from England. Seems the bullies don’t like being bullied. The whole competition is a money making farce despite there being some really good games for the football fan to enjoy. However a fair and level playing field it isn’t. Imagine coming 5th in the league and being granted an automatic place in the group stages of the competition. Now the actual champions of the alleged ‘lesser’ leagues have to play numerous qualification rounds to even reach the group stages all in order to ensure that the clubs from the ‘better’ leagues receive the monetary rewards of playing in the group stages. I’d even hazard a guess and say anomalies such as Ajax reaching the semi finals of the ‘CL’ will be sorted out by the ‘big boys’. Can’t have uppity clubs from the lesser leagues taking a big slice of a cake from the ‘Fat kids party’. That isn’t why the CL was created was it?
Will I watch it? Maybe,to be honest the only reason I may do so is to see VVD and Big Vic. Both Lenny’s bhoys weren’t they.
Hopefully Lenny can use that approach when talking to potential signings. “Look what coming to Celtic lead to for Virgil and Vic”, prove yourself here son and you can guarantee interest from the EPL or other major European leagues.” But of course sneaky Pete has to give Lenny the funds to go after that type of player. Probably in the £3 – £5 million range to sign a young player from a decent Dutch or Belgian team now I guess.

big packy

BOBBY/MAHE, brilliant post once again, who am I supporting tonight,well I might have blisters on my bahookie for sitting on the fence.?,hh,

Morning everyone. I will go for Liverpool tonight for the sake of Virgil and Andy. Plus I like that song the Liverpool fans sing. (I think that’s why they signed for the ‘Pool, they are hooked on the song!)


Somashing article,Mahe. I hope you enjoy the match. I’m still undecided on whether to watch it or not.

I hope Liverpool win though-and I hope Andy Robertson sends a photo of his medal to whoever said he “wasn’t big enough for Celtic”


PL will still be offering the tried and tested seven groats and be grateful.

Bobby, I used to hate the dilema of who should get the position in the Scotland squad between KT & AR. I took comfort that at least it was Andy!

I am not that bothered who wins, all I hope for is a decent game, the whole thing is a bit of a joke, champions, normally you can predict six of the final eight, Ajax bucked that trend this season, thing is, the kids of today will soon get bored with it and get into another sport, football is finding it harder year on year to compete, great memories BP

Going back to the Lenny and Pedro presser yesterday, I think we all saw a glimpse into the future, a future where Pedro makes all the rules and Lenny just rolls over, all this pish about Lenny wouldn’t take the job unless they were going to back him, jeezo, open your feckin eyes, it will be bargain basement or freebies that nobody else wants along with the usual handful of projects.
Scunnered, that presser was not a good way to start the summer break.

The Gombeen Man

Morning All,

Great read this morning. It’s a Bank Holiday here, there’s always a different vibe with a Bank Holiday.

Thanks for all the kind words last night. It’s only when you come into contact with places like hospitals that you see the very best of people.

Loved your story too Paddy. That scenario used to be called a ‘mixed marriage’ and it’s a really bad indictment of the social conditioning many of us endured.

I’ve a mate who describes himself as a “recovering Catholic.” He was left very badly scarred trying to live up to expectations.

Anyway, I read about the possibility of Celtic releasing a report into the abuse of young players.

This is maybe a defining moment in our history. Are we able to open up to whatever might be there and tell the truth? Are we capable of doing something courageous and rebuilding lives?

This is bigger than Resolution 12 and the Champions League Final. It’s really that important and I’ve never posted on it due to the sensitivities involved.

I won’t say anymore on it but I can hear Delores O’Riordan’s lovely voice singing ‘Linger’ as I type.



I’m with Jimthetim. Would like to see a Glasgow bhoy lift the big cup. Hh

The Gombeen Man


NFL reminded me of my school days and being told by the Heidy “You follow the rules and we’ll get on ok.”

Anyway, VVD our most successful moneymaker cost £3m (according to Transfermarket). They’re very hard to find at the bargain basement end.

Till Later,


The Gombeen Man

Me too Jim. I saw Jurgen Klopp’s message to a supporter yesterday and i’d like to see Robertson and VVD succeed.
A huge achievement getting to the final again.


The Gombeen Man Totally agree amigo. Superb post. Say the truth and shame the devil. Hh

The Lions RoarI

‘The game can be cruel’ and any form of ‘Rangers’ in existence can cheat unfettered and often with the collusion of the Celtic board, plus Jimmy Calderwood and his cheating team.

In fact, Jimmy gets to publicly admit cheating Celtic just a few years later and NO ONE gets punished for it but the Celtic fans.

2003 was a great experience till I had to watch us being cheated by Porto on the park then cheated by Dunfermline on the other screen.

They fucked us then and they’ll fuck us again, bhoys n ghirls.

It’s what this board is best at …

Fucking the Celtic support over & over.

Storm the walls of Paradise and sack the filthy lot of them.


The Gombeen Man, Prayers and best wishes.

Ring Ring,

Alarm call for Big Packy.

He says Saturdays are busy for him. Giving lovely wee dogs a shampoo and set! That’s a hobby!

Some interesting stuff on the Scottish Football Monitor. Club 1872’s stated aim was to reach a 50% ownership of shares in Sevco. Because of all the loans to equity conversions, after the next one in July their share ownership will be down to just over 6%. Ha ha 🙂 Thats what you get for trusting the glib one.


Wee mugs double today Anthony Van Dyck in the Derby and Virgil first scorer tonight.

I noticed that Awe Naw mentioned the other week that we should have a wee quiz to guess how much the net spend will be this window, I thot it was a great idea, we could all chip in a couple of quid each to pay for the prize.
We would have to set the ground rules, ie who’s valuation etc, anything to brighten up what imo is gonna be a rather depressing window 🙁
Aye Lpool are the lesser of the two evils for me I suppose.

So the Sherriff Court in Glasgow agreed that two orange walks should be re-routed today. In response, the walks have been cancelled. What’s the matter? Is it not as much fun when you’re not passing a Catholic church?


The Gombeen Man

Totally agree with you regarding the abuse of youngsters at The Celtic boys club. All we (Celtic FC) are doing is repeating the mantra “we are truly sorry about what happened to those children but it really has nothing to do with us” IMO that is exactly the same as Sevco did in regards to the abuse of children at Rangers 1872 youth team. “Sorry nothing to do with us, we are a new entity, you will have to contact the liquidators of the Old Co” Strange that no one has picked up on this? They are a new entity when it suits them but one and the same entity when it comes to league titles and history. Not one squeak from the press or the MSPs who are pursuing Celtic FC over the abuse allegations.

Now I am of the opinion that Celtic FC need to agree to a full and impartial investigation to be undertaken by a third party – agreed on by the solicitors of those abused and Celtic FC. Did Celtic FC, or any of its employees know / suspect that there were children being abused and at risk at the Celtic boys club. Was there a cover up?
Only then can this whole sad episode be closed. If it transpires that someone at Celtic had knowledge or suspected that there was systematic abuse of children at Celtic boys club and we did or said nothing then we (Celtic FC) have a moral obligation to, at the very minimum, compensate those effected as well as offering a full and unreserved apology. Man City have shown what can be achieved in this regard.

Celtic FC more than just a football club. Let us prove that is the case.


Net spend prediction – – (minus) £2,832,000.


I was actually living in the Netherlands when Celtic signed VVD. Quite a bit of consternation amongst my Dutch colleagues as to why one of the Netherlands brightest young things would choose to play in Scotland when Ajax were reportedly interested in signing him from Groningen? I also believe that Lenny is on record stating that he knew that Virgil was destined for great things and that his time at Celtic was likely to be brief.
Hopefully Lenny has a couple more Virgils and Vics in his wee black book.

I will go for minus 3.5 million.


My predicted net spend for the Bhoys. Plus £6 million.

The logic behind this being that we really don’t have anyone worth selling out with KT and he, thankfully, is recovering from surgery. Ntcham may go but not for the £9 mill that Porto were, allegedly, ready to part with for his services. So one player ,Ntcham, sold for £5 – 6 mill. Pete splashes the cash and allows Lenny to spend all this on 1 decent quality proven player – English championship – Hooper / Commons type. Net spend £0. We also sign 3 x SPFL quality players for circa £2 mill each. Net spend +/- £6 mill.

‘Wile e’ Pete in tears having had to spend £6 mill and lose a wee bit of his bonus in doing so. Lenny not at all happy with this paltry amount given our huge bank balance but keeps his gob shut.
Fans – p’d off again as we get pumped out of the CL qualifiers early doors due to lack of real investment in the team.

Twists n turns

Tonight’s Non Champions league final will go the way of Liverpool by a comfortable 2 goal margin.

bada bing1

Ex Arsenal player Jose Antonio Reyes killed in a car crash,only 35…

Our net spend this summer will have to be adjusted to include anything that shows PL in a positive light. This is where he has to do a bit of juggling.

His pet ‘insiders’ will have to figure out how to explain to us that Celtic have spent big,while reminding us that no-one gets one over the master negotiator,the man who always wins in these games of poker.


‘State of Play’ Excellent documentary film about modern day football on BT Sports tonight after the CL final.

bada bing1

BBC News 24 at 1.30pm,a programme looking at the death of Emiliano Sala ,and his family looking for the truth.


I have never had a second team so whoever wins today will mean nothing to me.
Since the people running my club decided we would not even attempt to compete in it and the disgraceful coup by the big leagues i have lost all interest in it.
I can never deny my support of Celtic but the people running our club and the blog puppets supporting them are making it far easier to distance myself.
Have always known we play in a corrupt environment but the knowledge our board have accepted and willingly supported such has disgusted me.
In the early 80’s when i first moved to London my thoughts on a Saturday from around noon would always be on the game and i would have butterflies waiting till 5pm to phone and find out the score.
Later that evening my time would be filled with conversation’s with my brother and sister’s who were at the game to give me a run down on our performance.
I moved to NY about 30 years ago and the phone routine continued till i found the NY CSC.
It allowed my family Saturday night off but i’d still bend their ear on a Sunday with my impression of game.
It was in a pub near Madison Square Garden and i felt at home.
It moved to a place on the upper west side and eventually found its place in the Parlour .
During those years there were many highs and lows with the team and the satellite feed which often failed.
But the atmosphere and camaraderie was good with the exception of an older guy who felt he was the sole authority on Celtic and would verbally lash out at anyone who he perceived did not toe the party line.
He reminds me of a certain blog.
But generally they were a great bunch of tims.
As an aside i once took an American girl with me and she had a mesmerizing time and was fascinated that people were drinking lots and eating a full Irish breakfast at that hour.
At a certain point she leaned over and asked me what language are these people speaking?
Many of the people had been friendly and had chatted to her and in her inimitable American way she had nodded and smiled.
The advent of Celtic tv made life easier and i and many others stopped going and left but there is still a hardcore element of good guys still keeping the club going.
CQN kept my connection to the Celtic support and at one time there was a great core of enlightened posters on various topics.
I only really posted on match days and tactics and suffice to say i was not the most popular for giving an honest opinion but the debate ‘s remained civil.
In recent years many of the good posters left and a cruel tone and hardline approach crept onto the blog.
I remember there was a poster who did scouting reports and he he was hounded off the blog with personal attacks and accusations of being a fantasist for suggesting there were good players within our budget but our scouting was letting us down.
Personally i do not think by accident.
I continued despite the vitriol being ramped up by a hardcore of posters who had the tolerance of the moderators and were allowed personal and vicious attacks on anyone who did not toe the party line.
I found Sentinel Celts due to a negative post by one of their clique who claimed it was disparaging CQN.
So i went to the site and found no posts as he had described and posted such.
He was another with teachers pet syndrome.
After i joined this blog i continued to post on both but noticed that a few of their well known posters seemed primed to attack any post of mine with a nasty and often personal tone.
Decided that they no longer matched my view of Celtic supporters so just decided to pack it in.
I have lurked on occasion and it seems to be getting worse almost like it has an agenda.
Have enjoyed this blog and though i don’t agree with all it has the feel of the Celtic support and somewhere i find comfort and camaraderie.
Hail Hail


Oglach , would probably suit us not getting into Europe. With hardly a defence it’s for the best.
Bain , Ajer , Jozo , Ralston is basically all we have. Ain’t getting into the Champs league with that defence I would imagine.
That’s Europa league level if anything.

Bobby so that was Andy and Shea Given also wasn’t big enough ? At least now I believe no one thinks like that. Leo helped in that respect.

Hail Hail

bada bing1

Fan a tic- seen a few games and had plenty beers in The Parlour, cracking pub.HH


Fan-a-tic, ,
Thems lovely words about the site and there is a bit of camaraderie indeed if I may say so.
Long may it continue.
I didn’t know you were in the Parlour Csc.
I’ve been or started a few . Philly was the best with cracking location and mix of people.

The last attempt at a Csc revealed the split in the support.
Tbh those early morning sessions no longer suit many at all and as such I am all for a delayed viewing with beer and food at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon . That gives you a normal day and a chance to handle any business needs taken care off. A lot easier to find a viEwing spot at that time whether a bar or someone’s crib.
So half wanted live and half wanted delayed .
Still no Csc ffs.
The nearest one I have visited is delayed which suits me.
The Csc,s were a Godsend but many choose CTV in the comfort of their home and only meet for bigger games.
Asking 120 bucks per game didn’t help many supporters clubs who couldn’t possible fund that full time.
Thanks for posting that.
Enjoy your weekend.
Hail Hail

big packy

just came on to tell you ive changed my mind im not gonna sit on the fence, its spurs for me, the amount of cars here with Liverpool flags on is unbelievable, tooting their horns at all and sundry, and ive just passed about half a dozen houses draped from roof to garden, with we are Liverpool the kings of Europe and are back, we are gonna be champions tonight, come and join the party, feckin arrogance, the mrs told me to calm down im only jealous, wont tell you what I said to her but im in the doghouse literally.catch u later.hh.


Big Packy ,, Im very torn as we always like the underdog but 2003 ripped the heart out of me and tbh they deserve something for the entertainment value alone if not for shutting effing Barca up. Im gonna go on a rant about Barca one of these days btw,, I certainly aint kissing their arse and HE isnt the goat and that game showed it. FFs DIEGO won a world cup by himself and HE just blew 3-1 and then a 3 -0 in successive seasons. Not sure he should even grace the field having been flooded with steroids as a kid ffs.
If we fed Aiden them pills we woulda had the goat 😉
I see Tim the Jim wants the Pool so theres a split in the camp. Whoever loses extra penance tomorrow , maybe couple extra quid in the basket ? 😉
Stevie G a tv pundit tonight probably.
Can anyone advise what UK channel its on and official kick off time pls?
Hail Hail

bada bing1

Excellent analysis of Neil Lennon, compared to BR on Radio Shortbread there,with Ian McCall,Willie Miller and Tom English there….i hope a few of the doubters were tuned in…

Mahe, Game starts at 8pm. TV coverage starts at 6pm BT Sport 2.


Jim cheers pal. Watching in the house yourself or head out for the match?

In the house Mahe, having a quiet day. going out for dinner at 3pm tomorow with my sister, so will need to be on my best behaviour. My mother, on her death bed, told my sister to look after me and she takes it very seriously. 🙁


Jim , God Bless her . My own dear mother was 66 yesterday and is celebrating with 4 days in Blackpool !
It must be a dozen times at least she has visited there now , its tacky and jaded but she loves it there for some reason.
Surprised the water doesnt glow at night its that dodgy. And the seagulls take the food out of your hand ffs.
Anyway Im jealous youre gonna have a nice Sunday roast dinner.
If I were to be told youre allowed a final meal , anything you want , I would choose a Christmas dinner personally.
3 -1 the Pool with Mane scoring .
Hail Hail

Yes Blackpool still has an emotional pull for a lot of Scots (Irish too?) of a certain age. It was the go to place before the dawn of holidays abroad. My mother and father went there for their honeymoon!

You’ve just made me feel old! I will be 66 on my next birthday. 🙂


believe my own folks were dear old Donegal for the honeymoon. Cambria was my own.
I recall the folks going to see Russ Abbott in Blackpool many years ago,, remember the mad Scottish comedian with the hat?
Im sure he was lashed every night , probably the drunkest there.
I’ll get some chores done and catch up with you later partner.
Take it easy and Hail Hail

The Lions RoarI

Mahe, re players being ‘too wee’ and your note that ‘no one thinks like that anymore’, didn’t Strachan use that very same argument about his own failings as Scotland boss after his last game in charge?

In fact, he took it 6 million steps further by claiming that not only was on of his players ‘too wee’ but that the entire Scottish nation was ‘genetically inferior’ (sic) due to, er, EVERYONE being too wee …

Any respect I had for him went right out the window when I read that, indeed, I couldn’t believe he’d actually said it but, when I saw that he really had, I realised that this quote wasn’t just a grammatical slip in the throes of defeat but was a deliberately planted idea put into his head by someone higher up the chain of fitba command who have spent the past 30 years undermining the Scots & the Scottish game as part of their boosting of the crappy EPL and ongoing crushing of any sign of Scots revolt.

Cos far the wee shite to stand there and call the Scots an inferior race just because he was too short arsed to jump oer a billboard should have saw him lynched the next time he set foot back hame.

But, of course, the Scottish fitba being the dull lumpen sheep that they mostly are barely even flickered an eye at this outrageous, and false, assertion.

Aye, a successful midget telling the rest of Scotland that they’re ‘genetically inferior’ t9 the rest of the world when almost everything we know and own was invented by a Scotsman …

Personally I’ll never forgive the little prick for following orders to say something like that.

Because the folk who run fitba know exactly what they’re doing in their Long Con game of Divide & Conquer.

They’re taking the fucking piss.



BADA BING1 @2-45
I am a serious doubter of Neil’s ability to take us forward.
I also think the comparisons are irrelevant .
My doubt’s are based on his previous stint as our coach when i felt he had no tactical plan other than keep it tight and hope our better players pulled out a victory.
In his latest stint i saw nothing to convince me he has improved or changed.
The dumping of Henderson after two games where he played well also has me fearful of our developing youth for first team.Not to have him in cup final squad after he was one of our most creative players the game before against Hearts was just ridiculous.



I echo your thoughts on the life cycle of the other channel and on this blog. The tone on here reflects the early days of CQN. Personal attacks are minimal and posters play the ball.

Mind you there are several posters on CQN that I like to read as well. Currently, what does my nut in there is the sponsored content that flags just after you have clicked on the article. I feel duped by that and I lurk less often, as a result.

However, I am very grateful to CQN for setting the standard for Celtic blogs. The Etims diary is also a good read.



Quick dive in,having a family day for a change!

George MacDonald Fraser pointed out in one of his historical novels that the Scots were historically amongst the tallest in Europe. It was generations of being sent down mines and living in slums while they worked in factories which stunted us.


The Lion’s Roar
Strachan probably thinks Messi is too wee to fulfill his potential just like Maradona never did.

The Lions RoarI

Aye, Bobby, that and the malnutrition and the rickets and the taking it without a fight.

Still, I accidentally walked into a Burns do a few years back on my travels and discovered to my astonishment that it was full of Farquhars & Urquharts and it was like the land of the giants.

Even their wives were big hefty women I’ve never seen so many folk that size in the one room in my life and I’m a 6 footer myself.

I couldn’t help but check if this was really the Burns do but the few who turned towards me made it abundantly clear without opening their posh gobs that I was not invited so I didn’t even get to hear them spill the jorries far their mooths 🙂

But, aye, there’s a lot of tall Scots about and that’s how I knew the we shite Strach had been ordered to say that ‘genetically inferior’ line, to keep in line with the BBC & English media narrative that ‘the Scots are a load of shit’ (sic)

And it is sick tae. And even sicker that nobody even seems to notice how many ways they have it in for us, from Greavesie’s ‘Shit Scottish keepers’ to the ongoing talking down of our national game, which they clowns wouldn’t even be playing were it not for the Scottish rules.

But why am I worrying, my blood’s Irish all the way back and the Scottish Masons can slag their own kith & kin as long as they like cos I’m happy in the knowledge that I’m no wan o them.

Have a good weekend with the family.

And please reconsider a Reply option, there’s just too many great posts to reply to here and I can’t keep scrolling up & down to keep track! 🙂



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