For Wee Oscar and Tommy

Those two names above elicit emotions from me that I simply couldn’t put into words.
Although no longer on this mortal plane their presence and legacy is still echoing very loudly today through both the fans and the institution itself.
And personally they both give me inspiration , the inspiration necessary , to continue to speak up ,, to speak my mind,, to go against the crowd and the flow if needed.

Everyone that reads this will have their own idea of what Celtic , any Celtic from any town or city not just Glasgow Celtic , of what exactly that name means and the standards that it should be held to .
Well like many I have shook my head long enough at what is transpiring across the water at our club and you know what , that’s it .
Something needs done ,, not next season or the one after ,, now.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind anymore that the intentions of those plotting the course from the boardroom do not align with what the majority of the support want or believe the club stood for.
This isnt what we signed up for.
I dont care if they have the money , and I dont care if the have rules and markets cornered allowing them to do what they do .
They have had their hands on the steering wheel plenty long enough to judge them and I really don’t like what I see at all.
I know many more agree with me and so I must state quite simply ,,
They’ve been found wanting .

Events of the couple week’s have only confirmed my fears that we simply must relieve ourselves of those currently in charge.
The appointment process was farcical , truly ridiculous.
Those in charge have moved from custodians to dictator’s and have alienated the lifeblood of the Club,, that in itself is unforgivable.
Will they allow the huge profit in the bank to gather dust and be taxed whilst the team and fan’s are crying out for some ambition and direction ?
With record turnover should come record charitable donations as befitting our great Club , and again they failed in that duty.
Brother Walfrid would turn in his grave at that in particular.
A certain Silver bullet that was asked for but never fired is another nail in the coffin.
The wages of our highest paid employee are obscene and must be questioned ,,why so much?

So we find ourselves looking at a fiefdom from the outside.
And us the ordinary fan are not told what’s going on at OUR club ,, must sit and guess ,, and sift through the spin and innuendo which is also unbecoming of someone representing us.
The Old Firm has been embraced which is incompatible with those who wish themselves and their families to live and thrive in a modern multicultural society , and which is also at odd’s with our social charter as its backwards and inwards looking , never mind mired in historic hatred.
The country and its national sport is getting worse while we win everything .
The trebles have not won. Dont let anyone tell you that nonsense.
We won trebles but they have not won !
Refs worse than ever
Very little respect if any between most clubs
FFP not enforced
Etc etc
What have they won us beyond actual silverware because the hearts and minds of the nation are certainly not with us and many onlookers see one team cleaning up as a sign of an unbalanced and not very good league?
They have won us a better share price it seems and lets hope the balance sheet is well drilled and set up correctly for these upcoming Champions league qualifiers eh.

Well this board’s legacy is on the line and for once this time the fall guy won’t be the man in the dugout. The masses are much too smart for that now.
And the spin messages are no longer lapped up like fawning puppy dogs but we can see clearly through the charade .
Respect is earned and lost and any this board had is a long time gone and where I stand unlikely to return.
So here in our most successful period ever we stand majorly divided and instead of looking to these next two years as possible football history being made with pride in our hearts at that fact, we watch and long for board departure’s and to feel that the club is on a worthy course that we could all get behind.
Because an Old Firm carve up aimed at just getting the fans cash out of their wallets aint gonna cut it for myself and many a Tim out there believe me.
And if that’s the height of their ambitions then hasta la vista and dont let the door hit you on the way out.

It was Tommy that said “ They’re there and they’ll always be there ! “
Well it’s true he meant fans in the stands of course but I reckon he also meant ( and knew deep down ) that if the Club was ever in trouble the fans would stand up , would take matters into their own hands , would stand up for Celtic and say enough.
Is that day not here upon us?
Ask yourself what would Tommy do ?
Would he like what he see’s ?
He would fight tooth and nail for what’s right and best for Celtic fullstop.
It’s time we all did too.

Join the Sentinel’s and have your say. Let’s stand together and demand a Club to be proud of for the next generation. You are Celtic , never forget that.

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Margaret McGill



Cheers bro


The drumbeats are getting louder.
But are paralleled by a more vicious and sinister tone against dissenters.
Reminds me of some of the hardcore Kelly and Whites supporters attacks on the Celts for Change guys.
Their big fear is that a true and well respected Celtic man like Auldheid with his thoughtful and diligent approach is now showing discontent.
Especially as he has seen the inner workings of this board.
The situation is so unnecessary but the action’s of cowards who chose a less than honest path was always going to be a risky strategy.
The truth will come out eventually.


Dissent against polite reasoned argument only shows the dissenter up as not fit for purpose when it comes to representing our great club and some would say the fan base at that.
Totally agree them drumbeat are getting louder.
That list earlier,,a kid coulda whipped that up.
Clearly a wind up . Somebodies having a chuckle somewhere probably.

Hail Hail


That list was too professional for our charlatans.



Your best yet-take a bow!!!


Remiss of me,meant to welcome you aboard earlier.

Btw,dead-heat on the longest moniker!



Do what I did. Put your moniker into a gmail account. No-one will ever get your addy from me-anytime I am asked for someone’s address,I forward the request rather than reply to it.


Why thank you. Glad you enjoyed.
Thoughts on the top secret list ?
Hail Hail


Is that the one that BADABING posted?

That one certainly has a ring of authenticity to it. What undermines it,IMO,is the lack of detail on it. By that,I mean that what is said on it rings true,but for it to be the genuine article it would have more names,and there would surely be more information against each.

So that throws up two options-it is genuine or it isn’t. If it isn’t genuine then there is nothing to worry about. But if it IS genuine…

AULDHEID 1218,previous article

Great writing,and as Mahe has said,you do have the gravitas and the respect to carry this through.

Another well-respected blogger gives his views on things here.

Twists n turns

When Peter Lawell came out with the “boys club and Celtic fc are two entirely separate entities comment”, it was yet another example of him ‘game fixing’ in his own head. He does it regularly. Rearranges reality in his own head to something more preferable.

It’s not an uncommon tactic but it’s one that is destined to failure unless you have an audience who are either too unintelligent to question you, or an audience who have no appetite to expose the truth for their own reasons.

(The latter in this case probably tells you why Res 12 is meeting such resistance)

Lawell does not have such an audience on this matter. People want the truth exposed and addressed. Some, for all the wrong reasons. That list now includes MP’s who will shamelessly piggy back on to this matter for personal gain as well as seeing Celtic suffer bad publicity.

Regardless of those morons, this needs sorted out now.

The longer Lawell hides from this the worse it gets, the longer it drags on.

When you’re overweight, sitting in a dark room stuffing fish suppers down your throat is only going to compound the problem.
At some point you need to step on the scales and face the reality.


Indeed. PL may think there is no-one he can trust to investigate this independently,that anyone involved will have an axe to grind or that the MSM will discover that his next-door neighbour’s pal once went to a Celtic match. It’s no excuse to drag his feet.

Btw,your closing description reminds me of the origin of the term happyclappers-seals clapping the zookeeper for more fish!

Twists n turns

On this matter I’ve actually got a great deal of sympathy for Peter Lawell in the fact that this tragedy has now landed on his watch. You wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It could and should have been dealt with a long time ago. It wasn’t however, so now he needs to deal with it.

Another reason I feel for him, is that no matter what he now does, it’ll never be enough for some.

Ask yourself this:

Do you truly think the majority of Rangers supporters and some of those who have recently joined the clamour for “justice” , truly want closure on this issue? Closure for the victims, their families and for Celtic fc?

We both know the answer to that. Their true colours will still be flying long after this matter has been resolved for decent people .

If Celtic offer each victim £x compensation, I’ll guarantee now the cry will be for triple £x. Those cries will be louder from the bigots than from the victims.

Their true motivation lies partly there, money, and the financial advantage they perceive that’ll give them , and partly in their desire to see Celtic suffer regardless of what action they take.


Great post and I agree 100% I never thought Id see the day when we would be told to “just behave and let us get on with running the club” OUR CLUB, by some millionaire tory arsehole. We shouldnt really be surprised, its in keeping with everything else thats wrong with us at present

Bobby Murdochs Curled Up Winklepickers

lol cheers mate


Twists n turns

Looks like your document may have been genuine.

If so ….. oh geez.. oh geez and thrice oh geez


You have just thrown a shovel of coal into my already burning Celtic furnace.

Good stuff!

The Gombeen Man


Excellent post this morning. I agree with Bobby. It’s your best to date.

My feeling about this is that the only focus should be on the victims.

Fear-based thinking confines us to the constraints of duality. Us and them thinking and its black and white petty divisions. That gets us nowhere and simply exacerbates the ongoing suffering of the victims.

This is a matter for grown up thinking.Free from the fear-based negativity of the Old Firm. The Old Firm is a good example of the problem of right and wrong thinking. The development of both clubs has stagnated due to the obsession with getting one over on the other.

Keep focussed on the victims.

What’s in their best interests?
Establish the truth.
Re-establish trust.

The motivations of the media commentators and others are purely based out of ego. Their demands are insatiable. They will never be satisfied. Don’t be swayed by them.

Can you put your hand on your heart and say you did everything possible to make amends with the victims?

There is an underlying link in the Scottish game which undermines all of the ongoing issues. That’s a lack of honesty. That leads to a legitimate reluctance of the public to believe anything said by a football executive.

Take a lead Celtic. Face down fear…be honest.

That would be Brother Walfrid’s Way. That is the Celtic Way.

The suffering of the victim is paramount.



Could you copy & paste this thread to Ralph over on your parent site, E-Tims 🙂

The Gombeen Man

Breaking News Bada,

If that document is genuine and my gut feeling is that it might be. Is it any wonder why we lost Brendan Rodgers?

The Coronation in the Hampden Showers makes perfect sense now.?

HH & Till Later

Super post Mahe
One of the problems we have as a support is the conditioning-brainwashing of the majority, they are happy with things, beating the huns is what it’s all about for them, that will change if-when we lose the league before we get to ten, the majority will fast become the minority.
The only thing we need to fear is fear itself.

Noel Skytrot

Excellente Mahe. You know something’s amiss when someone like Auldheid who has fought
like a tiger over governance issues is dissenting that something’s not quite right. Wheel out the fucking cannons for this mob. I’ve not read a better post on this issue for a long time. Walk good mon.

It would be ironic if a modern day Celts For Change came about during one of our most successful periods in our history

bada bing1

Peter Lawwell should have been forced to resign when he said ” it would cost £500,000 per year to pay staff the living wage “!
That was the moment that made my heart sink.
Disgraceful statement for a Celtic director to make.
Argues to not paying the living wage but we can afford to install fucking disco lights?

A thing of beauty

Passionate piece of writing Mahe but I am in agreement with TET. Nothing will change till we lose the ten. Most of the hardcore support are so busy lording it over the Huns they can’t see what’s in front of their face. The support is apathetic, fat and lazy on the success of the past 3 years. The board likewise, as seen with the farcical appointment of neil in the showers after a dozen games of turgid crap. But hey ho, we won again so it’s carry on regardless. None of the 25 approx people I spoke to at the game wanted Neil. That is reflected on this message board and others but our board did it anyway because they could. They are detached from reality and that is never more clear in their secret two year probe into the child abuse perpetrated at our club. I believe Peter Lawwell did it with the best intentions of the club but his judgement is way off here. Open and transparent is the only way. But when you operate in a certain manner and no one questions it why would you think you were making a mistake. No one seems to question the board and that brings us to where we are today. It’s not healthy and there is no way the victims will feel they are getting justice.

One slight consolation is having a blog like this one which produces articles like today’s. And the posters who have the measure of the board.

I agree that a lot of fans will not take notice of the plc until we lose the 9 or 10 in a row.


I mailed it to Ralph around 5am. He has been very supportive of this site,as you know.

I’ll post it on there in a minute-problem is,my posts there are always held in moderation.

We are really pleased with the viewing stats on here,but nevertheless this one deserves a wider audience.



Margaret McGill

I’ll be cheering your contact up. Prodding away at SFA for answers, still. Will update Archive when it’s done.

Serious question being asked.So serious an answer is unlikely but to quote from the Res12 legal chap never ask a question you dont already have an answer to.

One problem that is crystal clear is that Celtic are not open to external input even when presented with hard information that supports the advice given.

The fragmentation of representative groups enables playing one off against the other. What is needed is the equivalent of a Unon. A Celtic Union.


It is interesting from the posts that doing the right thing (or doing the loving thing) is gaining ground. The current culture of secrecy and mistrust has to end if we want to keep claiming we are more than a club.

Of course everyone thinks they are doing the right thing but only time will tell because the fruits of love are always sweeter than the bitter fruits of fear. After 8iar why is there so much bitterness?

We now live in a sick , secret, fear filled society that endangers an institution born of charity or love as it is also called.

Perhaps that will waken everyone up.Time the lion roared.for goodness is under attack.

The Lions Roar

It’s not gonna happen, Mick, there’s no need.

Now in the interests of fairness could you please name me the ‘few’ posters that you alleged I ‘chased off the blog’ on Saturday?



The Gombeen Man

So the leaked scouting document is genuine according to Paul 67.

This is how shoddy our recruitment is. A novice on Football Manager could do better.

The Coronation in the Showers without any other candidates interviewed seemed ridiculous but the amateurish nature of the leaked document is scandalous.

Karma strikes and sometimes a whistleblower has to reveal the true nature and calibre of the executives at the club.



RALPH put a link to the site in his article,takes you to a download. For those who can’t access the download,I’ve put a hyperlink into my post-ooh,get me!

I’ve also put a response into the caption competition,and if anyone beats it,they deserve it!



OK,if you don’t want to follow it up,that’s fine.

In which case,given a serious offer,please stop pushing that particular agenda which you clearly have no intention of following up.

Re chasing posters off the blog,there is a policy here of no personal attacks,particularly those taken over from another site.

The Lions Roar

You know, this one here:


If you are going to name and shame,do so. Don’t hide behind adjectives and pejorative adjectives.

You’ve managed to drive off a few people from the site so far,but that’s fine. If they can’t argue their case,cool.

Please don’t use this site to make accusations against people which have already been dismissed elsewhere.’

Please let me know who I’ve ‘driven off the site’ and I’ll write something for them.

Also, could you elaborate on your claim that I’m ‘making accusations which have been dismissed elsewhere’ for me please?

I’ve no idea what you mean, although if it’s Monti you’re talking about, I can furnish you with more of his own degenerate quotes from ETims down the years, which Monti now seems to be claiming is your ‘parent site’ ..?

Anyway, it’s now clear that I HAVEN’T ‘driven’ Monti off the blog but I’m still interested in who else you meant.

It’s quite a claim to have levelled against me and I’d like to redress it, cheers.

Ach you just don’t know anything do you, minor irritations, when will it sink in that we are the best run club in the world 😉

The Lions Roar

If I ‘don’t want to follow it up’, Bobby ..?

This is a Celtic fans’ issue, not MY personal agenda.

Aren’t YOU worried about where all that money went?!

Now you’re telling me to stop writing about it?!

Isn’t the tag line of this site ‘Calling It Straight’?

Well, I’ve been calling it straight from the off but you don’t seem to like it, as your post on Saturday proved and I’ve already explained to you that the summer is my busiest time at work yet here you are now telling me to DROP IT, as though this matter doesn’t concern all of us?

Your suggestion last night involved ‘a few of us putting our heads together’ to reach consensus on the numbers on the accounts yet now that I tell you I’m busy you ORDER me to stop writing it about it?

Now does this seem fair, or straight, to you, mate ..?

The Lions Roar

Furthermore, on the one hand you’re telling us not to engage in ad hominem attacks yet in that post from Saturday you practically ORDER me to ‘name & shame’ and ‘Don’t hide behind adjectives and pejorative adjectives.’

You took time out from visiting your family and wrote this to me yourself.

Now what’s it to be, Mick?

DO engage in Name & Shame or DON’T engage in Name & Shame?

And btw, bud, I wasn’t HIDING ‘behind adjectives’, as that’s an impossible task, I was being discreet.

You understand what discretion is, don’t you, bud?

It’s the opposite of Calling It Straight.

So what’s it to be?


Good afternoon everyone, nice day out 🙂

The Lions Roar

Yes, lovely to see you too, Monti.

Any ‘jokes’ about other posters’ mothers today?


I’ve offered you the opportunity to work together,possibly with others,to try to get to the bottom of your allegations about the accounts.

I’ve also made it plain that I agree with you that the accounts have too many items lumped in together,that there is a lack of transparency.

I’ve questioned certain aspects of those accounts over the years on other sites,that some things don’t quite add up. Like the downsizing in the WGS era leading to a decrease in quality-which was obvious-but an increase in costs.


My offer was to work together to attempt to prove your allegations,you have chosen to decline. In which case,please don’t use this site to repeat those allegations unless you yourself find some proof of them.


Just to say m8, i’m more than happy for you to email me at anytime, privately of course 🙂


Howdy folks,,
Many thanks for all the hat tips. Appreciated and we can but speak out on our short time here.
The list,,,I don’t know what’s more surprising.
How amateur it was or Bada getting something right. 😉
One thing though, that it came our ain’t good at all. An idiot or an axe to grind?
If you’re reading 😉
Hail Hail

The Lions Roar

Don’t repeat the allegations, bud?!

Are you serious?!

This is a Celtic fans issue, not my agenda, and is a question that needs answered like many other questions within the walls of Celtic Park that need answered, yet here you are, some blogger, telling me NOT TO TALK ABOUT THEM ..?

Wtf do you think you are?

You know what, Mick, I hate to break this to you but with this statement you have just joined the ranks of the disingenuous Celtic bloggers …

On the one hand you offer me ‘assistance’ when I’ve already done the work, for you and other supporters to carry on, so there’s no need for me to go over it again.

So I haven’t ‘declined’ as I’ve DONE IT ALREADY.

Now the only reason I can see that you don’t want this stuff mentioned is the same reason you tried to get me to contact you by email, and we all now know why that is …

You’ve revealed yourself, ‘Bobby’, your floating in the water, bud, your credibility is shot and you’ve proven who you’re working for and why you cannot be trusted.

Nae luck, Mahe, looks like you got into the blogging with the wrong guy, it was my barbs at PB & CQN that did for him on Saturday, NOT Monti, but he shot his load too early in reacting like that to the bait.

I told you, Bobby/Mick, I’ve been doing this stuff for years, bhun hunting, and I ALWAYS root out who’s working for the board and who’s not.

And you, kid, have just been busted.

By your ain stupid words tae, fancy that.

Here, before Ah go, ye still want my email, dae ye, bhun?

TLR, your problem with the accounts seems to revolve around ‘unspecified’ expenditure. These expenditures can run to thousands of purchases. Many are of a lower level than the likes of wages, electricity, rates etc. But they do exist. It would be impractable to list each one in the accounts, the paperwork would be a foot thick. A firm is audited greatly. HMRC, appointed auditors, Audit Scotland etc. Sometimes announced, sometimes not. For every purchase there can be a purchase order, proof of delivery/purchase and an invoice. The auditors will ask for this back up documentation. Bank statements will be cross referenced.

I’m not saying firms don’t ever ‘cook the books’ with the help of bent finance companies but the extent of it that you claim for Celtic is astonishing. As I mentioned to you a few weeks ago unspecified outgoings in the accounts are not nescessarily losses. It does cost a fortune to run a club the size of Celtic.

The Lions Roar

And you STILL haven’t named the ‘few people’ you claimed I’ve ‘driven off the blog’, despite me asking you numerous times since Saturday.

And you can’t and never will because you’re a liar, Mick, there were no ‘few’ and I didn’t ‘drive’ anyone away, apart from your wee sick bum chum Monti and that was deliberate because he’s a vile minded piece of trash.

Too thick to work on behalf of the board like yourself, mind, but still a skunk and degenerate along the same lines.

I advise the readers of this site to be very careful from now on as BMCUWP appears to have spent too much time in the company of other board placemen in securing themselves a tidy wee sideline in duping the Celtic support by diverting the narrative all over the blogs.

And I know this because, as you can all see, this ‘Bobby’ character has preferred me NOT TO MENTION CELTIC’s 1.4 Billion running costs in the 2 decades since the Plc took charge meaning that this guy, at least, is NOT ‘Calling It Straight’ like blog’s tag line claims but is, in fact, taking all of you for mugs, like all the other bloggers are doing with those ‘well run club’ pish and front page photos of a smirking Dermot Desmond laughing up his sleeve at us, the Celtic support.

And your sneaky wee plan of his trying to get me email address proved to me yesterday who this snake really is, though it should be no surprise when he’s called himself after another man’s shoes.

Eh, Boab?


Seems to be confirmed by a few people that the leak was genuine.
Kevin Bridges should know who to contact when he needs some jokers to help him write his next stand up routine.
The leaker will now become the focus.
A genuine Celtic supporter exposing the shambles and lack of ambition in the football operations?
An undercover hun trying to undermine club?
A member of staff with ambition?
Or a director who is looking for distraction and excuses for an unsuccessful transfer window with no spend?


Blinkin’ flip,are you seriously suggesting that I’m a PL mole?

Got to be kidding,mate. I don’t need to publish my credentials here or elsewhere,my thoughts on him have been well documented elsewhere,and often.

You say you’ve already done the work,in which case my offer is redundant. That’s great.

Send it to The Serious Fraud Office or The City of London Police.

Canny wait to read about it.



you are still running with that missing millions shit…
as BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS said find the CAST IRON evidence and the present it to SOMEONE


Noel Skytrot
I was talking to weered the other day, he sends his best regards

The Lions Roar

I’m not saying they’re SCAMMING, Jim, I’m saying that they’re taking a cut, LEGALLY, and the Celtic support knows NOTHING ABOUT IT, just like we know NOTHING about what else goes on in the club.

Now you can make up as many excuses as you like for the board, they all do, but, contrary to what Bobby/Mick here claims, that I ‘Don’t want to follow it up’ (sic), I’ve ALREADY DONE THE WORK and KNOW THE AMOUNTS INVOLVED so don’t need the ‘assistance’ of the board’s snakes around my ankles trying to ‘help’ me, like Bobby ‘All Credibility Shot To Hell’ Mick here.

‘Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to’ and all that, eh ..?

I’m a bhun hunter, Jim, and I always find them out and do you know how I do it?

I throw in a few well chosen targets and see which ones they bite and Bobby/Mick bit on my Paul Brennan, Celtic Spokesman For The BBC (sic) barb and walked right into it himself.

He also lied that I’d ‘driven a few folk off the site’, a lie I’ve already called him out on numerous times and, by anyone’s reckoning, if he’d lie about something as trivial as that, what else is he lying about ..?

He then tried to trap me in what he thought was a ‘cunning plan’ by trying to get me to contact him by email but he’d blew it with me on Saturday by jumping in too early and with too much hostility and I was disappointed to learn that this blog too has its own placeman for the board telling posters NOT TO MENTION THE OPERATING EXPENSES just like all the rest.

It’s a shame too, as this blog had great promise, but Mr Shoeshine here has today blown it, the blog’s a farce with this guy on board, though any blog that doesn’t even know how to upload photos or Copy & Paste is gonna struggle, right ..?

So my work here is done, Jim, I’ve found the bhun as usual and it’s up to you lot how you deal with it.

See ya around.

Celtic FC, NOT Plc.

And the shoe licker is with the latter.

He’s proven it beyond all doubt today.

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