“What If”

Today sees a guest article by MIKE,about a great unsung hero to whom we all owe a great deal. Thanks,MIKE. It’s greatly appreciated,as is the reminder!


My partner “Jimmy Cricket” was out enjoying himself at his Scottish Women’s Rural meeting, judging hand-crafts, sewing, knitting, baking, repousse needlepoint whatever that is. I had completed my daily chores and sat down for a coffee. One of the great things about hoovering is that it activates your imagination, mostly about Celtic. Recent lurid headlines about paedophiles snaking their way into the club, possible new signings, grating my teeth at the sounds of silence, inferring but not inspiring. “Here we go again”, the end of another record breaking season, with great expectations for the next one, but reading about what new players might be coming to our club, leading to the usual sense of disappointment. My mind wandered back to the near demise of that great Institution that is Celtic Football Club.

“What If” in 1994 there was no John Keane, “What If” he was not at home in Edinburgh to take the call from Kevin Kelly the then Celtic chairman, asking for his immediate help, telling him that the news was catastrophic, that the Bank Of Scotland was going to foreclose immediately on the club we all hold dear. Administration, that dreaded word was inevitable, unless an immediate one million pounds was found now, today. Over 100 years of proud history was under threat, could John,a Celtic supporter and shareholder,help? The very next morning the story tells of him waiting at the front door of the BOS after calling his friend and bank manager at the Bank Of Ireland to transfer the funds, Administration was averted and Celtic was saved.

John Keane had answered the call when he was needed most, the lights stayed on, the wages were paid, our proud history continued unbroken. John Keane the Mayo bhoy, his mother from Crown Street in the Gorbals had met and married his father,an agricultural worker. They moved to the Mayo coast to begin their new life. His mother with Celtic in her blood had transferred her DNA into her son John. John moved to Scotland when he was seventeen,working as an agricultural contractor. Let me say that as a farmer, I know how hard that John would have had to work. He eventually started his own agricultural contracting business and by working hard this modest Mayo bhoy made his fortune.
Question, how did a lass from Crown street in the Gorbals meet an agricultural worker, if someone knows, pray tell…

When you read his story, one or two things strike you immediately, the historical DNA that threads its way through the history of Celtic. Ireland, Scotland, Celtic,all co-joined, wrapped around each other like vine around a tree. So, “What If” there was no John Keane, no Fergus McCann, no Dermot Desmond. “What If” the press stories and pictures of coffins, broken crests and hearses alluded to Celtic. The noise from Govan celebrating our demise, they might even have had a special walk or march commissioned to celebrate it. “What If” we were the club seeking a secret 5-way agreement, the SFA guiding our Lord Nimmo Smith enquiry, Doncaster talking up our continuity myth, the MSSM bending over backwards to deflect and avoid the truth. “Oh look, is that a flying pig”, Aye Right, not Aye Ready.

“I love the club, I have supported it all my life”.

Thank you John Keane, you answered the call, when you were needed the most.

Hello Jimmy, you’re back…. ?.


Terrific stuff again from MIKE. “What If” you fancy a go yourself,you’ve got an article crying out to be written and seen. Mail it to Mahe


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John Keane should be up there with the greats of our history. No John,no million quid,no club. His part in our survival is largely overlooked,and as a modest man,I doubt he would have it any other way.

It sure does us no harm to be reminded of his contribution,and I’ll buy him a pint of the black stuff any time he likes!

Flaming June? You can flaming keep it! I got bliddy soaked through last night. If I wanted weather like this in summer,I would have stayed in Scotland!!!

So,a wee choon in thanks for John.


Noel Skytrot

Good stuff Mike
I’m sure John Keane unfurled one of the league flags a number of years ago, does anyone remember that, or am I in astronaut mode?

A thing of beauty

Excellent read mike. Thanks
Noel, you are not in astronaut mode (whatever that is.) I remember John Keane unfurling the flag. Most of the support were probably unaware of the crucial role he played in saving us. He is the epitome of unsung hero.

Twists n turns

A stark reminder to us all as to how close we came to losing the hoops.

I wonder what we’d be doing today?

Hard to say. Watching junior football? Would I be going to watch my local team? Livingston is the nearest to me, so the answer is most definitely no. Hamilton or Motherwell would be the closest after that? No.

I’ll be honest. If the Nou Camp was within walking distance I would not be going. It’s not that I have anything against the likes of Hamilton Accies, but you all know what I’m talking about.
That invisible magnet that pulls us to Celtic Park fails to work when sited at Hamilton or Livingston.

I love to feed the birds every morning around 5am. They know I’m going to be there. I open the door and a few of the young sparrows come to meet me. No fear. They chirp away until I feed them their bread. One even follows me up the step to wait on me coming back out. He’d come into the house if I didn’t shut the door. He trusts me.
The crows stay a bit further away. Their instinct is not to trust me too much. They know they’ll get their food, but prefer to stay back a bit. They grab more than their share though. Even though there’s plenty they want to squabble and take the starlings share too.
I have a magpie too. Now every morning he swoops in and ‘steals’ a piece of bread and flies straight off. He didn’t always do that. He was happy to join the crowd of crows a little further away and get his fill that way, but I attracted two ringtail doves ( who are inseparable) to the garden and they do not like the magpie one little bit. They chase him off . I watched this for days. All the birds feeding together until the Magpie joined the party and ruined the ambience. It fascinated me. Why are the doves attacking only the Magpie.
Some research gave me the answer. The doves know that the Magpie is a wrong un. He raids nests killing the newborn.
Most recently the parent starlings are being joined in the morning feeding sessions by their fledglings. The parent eats a bit and intermittently feeds a bit to his youngster. The crows have started gathering up as much as they can fit in their beaks and fly off, presumably to take some back to the nest for their young.
I often ponder on the young birds. That first flight they make from the nests. How do they know to fly? That first flight? That leap out the nest? One mistake and it’s curtains! Of course we know. It’s instinct combined with watching their parents.

If you’re now still reading you’re probably thinking you’ve jumped into the pages of nature watch, but I do believe this bird behaviour goes some way to explaining the Celtic thing. It’s a combination of instinct and parental behaviour that forms that bond between us. It just happens and try as you wish to disconnect from it, you can’t. It becomes part of you. It’s just something we do. I like to think of the sparrows and doves as the Celtic of the bird community. Playing fair. Sharing. Friendly. ???

Those crows? Definitely more yer hun type of creature???

As for that cheating Magpie, I don’t think it’s any coincidence he turns up every morning wearing a referee’s outfit ?


If,God forbid,you fell out of a window,you’d flap your arms anaw,trust me!

Kinda reminds me of the old joke about Superman on the roof of the Empire State Building with his pals and a few tourists…

Btw,problems with magpies and other undesirables are easily sorted. Get SIPSINI to send round Caesar. The terror of Castlemilk,the toughest cat in town. He scares the shit outa me by reputation alone!

Oh,this might interest you-


I watched Swindon Town when I came down here at first,second tier at the time. Seen them once in about the last 17 years. The passion of the fans is great,the quality of football not so much,but it’s still football,innit?

It just isn’t Celtic. It just isn’t the same. It just isn’t…well,it just isn’t Celtic,and that’s what it just is.

It matters more when you’ve got money on it,apparently. It couldn’t matter any less if it’s not Celtic. And I’ll betcha(!) most of you are the same.

Nae Celtic,Nae fitba’!

Twists n turns


Rod Stewart:

Big fan of his when I was 13 14 15 thereabouts

Had his albums

Loved his early stuff but only as a very young lad.

You wear it well
Mandolin wind
Maggie May

All the earlier stuff.

As I got older I lost interest in his music

Actually my favourite of the time was his Python Lee Jackson track “ in a broken dream”

As I say, not so much after that. His latter / current style just not for me.

Twists n turns

Encouraging story in the gossip today re a Celtic possible signing. Liam Moore. BS? Well maybe, but ya never know. At £8m probably unlikely

The KT to Arsenal rumours growing though. That more likely I’d imagine!

Reading the first, then second articles-was like treble treble day all over again


Followed by

Awe ffs


With you every step of the way there,old son. People forget Rod the Rocker. Even his Atlantic Crossing album,just as he was making the move stateside,was tremendous. His stuff with The Faces,that’s legend.

Cindy Incidentally just gets pipped for me by In A Broken Dream. I think that took about four years and three reissues to become a hit?

Like a lot of the Northern Soul stuff,released into obscurity then rediscovered. I wonder what classics we’ve missed out on over the years because nobody bought them!


Wow you bhoys are up early, while I am still in the fug, up since yone time checking the sheep and doing other chores, cheers amigo’s for your input. Twists you are my kinda guy, I love nature, the birds and bee’s and the cinnomen trees the big rock kinda fountain. I haven’t got a lotta time just now but as Arnie said “Ile be back”. Its a hard shift following Auldheid’s researched articles, his immense, thoughtful output, but it is what it is. For the record I have no doubt but that other large investors were out there, circling like vultures ready to pick up the carrion. What separate’s us from them? well that is another much bigger debate for another time. But Celtic supporters dig deep for the club they love as well as many other good causes. Every single one of us would have fought for our club, when there was the call to arms, here we are… Bravo John Keane, one of us.

As we look forward to the coming season, lets remind ourselves of what we achieved last season, that remarkable treble treble, its so easy to “move on” and not to look back. Amazing success, of course there was bad times, we lost three of our heros, Cesar, Stevie the magician and Harry Hood, Harry Hood riding through the glen. For me the most iconic moment was when Jozo Scored in the 67th minute against Kilmarnock wearing Cesar’s number five, who could forget that picture of Cesar looking down on Jozo, an amazing, iconic moment and so a wee ditty.
“Cesar, Celtic’s Spirit in the Sky”
I cannot lie,
I am but a guest,
Scoring that goal,
For the club I love best,
So when they lay me down to die,
I look up and see,
“Cesar’s Spirit in the Sky.
Take care and thank you John Keane…. The Mayo bhoy, who answered the call..

Noel Skytrot

it just means i’m not quite with the programme yet, not had my cup of tea.

Noel Skytrot

Rod Stewart, strange man. Sings Grace, but gets on his knees for the monarchy. Although I believe he has some fine songs.


Jozo,No 5,67th minute. As a better man than I has said-often,as is his wont!-Magical things happen at Celtic!

Noel Skytrot

just not with the programme yet.

Noel Skytrot

my comment was for ATOB.


A special club Bobby, one that for some reason fate marks out Celtic to achieve the unbelievable, sometimes magic happens…


Offski just now, speak later, Noel good luck to you.. your Da knows his football, you have no idea how sad and angry it made me to think of him having to pen blue George Connelly’s tattoo on his arm. I lost my old book of his, but Amazon is flying its pigeon today..

big packy

MIKE lovely post, yes we all owe john keane a lot, just cant imagine life without celtic I live in between anfield and old Trafford ,been there on big euro nights, and I can honestly say it meant nothing to me, you might think im biased but there is know atmosphere in the world like celtic park, truthfully if I could not watch celtic I would not watch football full stop.hh.


Twists n turns @ 7.15pm

You are right about Rod’s earlier stuff being his best but isn’t that almost always the case with rock bands/artists. I remember he “murdered” the Sutherland Brothers version of “Sailing” but it got adopted by Celtic fans as an alternative to YNWA for a couple of seasons. However, when I sung it, I always made sure I was singing the original version. Lets also not forget Rod’s song, “The Killing of Georgie” which was quite a brave song to sing at that time and now topical given the homophobic assault on the two young women in London recently.


Good point about The Killing of Georgie. I remember listening to the lyrics-rather than the song,if you know what I mean-when I was about 11yo and thinking-eh?

It was a huge hit here,but pretty much bombed everywhere else. Maybe the rest of the world wasn’t quite ready for it yet. It was certainly a very difficult subject to broach at that time,despite the likes of Lola,Walk on the Wild Side,etc.

Cap doffed to Rod,it could have ruined his career back then.


I wonder if John Keane would have paid the three Amigo’s what they wanted to stay?
Certainly don’t think he would have walked away with £45m.


Should have gave them every penny they wanted!

big packy

MONTI ,we could do with them now ?


Jorge Cadete was probably the best striker I’d ever seen in The Hooooooops at the time. Big Pierre wasn’t far behind him either. And Paolo was Paolo,I can’t remember a bad game from him-some record for a winger!

But shit happens,in our case Jock Brown. And a stupid “homeless” comment from a man whose first language quite clearly wasn’t English.

Sliding doors,mate.


A great article, on a fine man. Resonates with me as my family background is from Achill, Co Mayo to the Gorbals, and agricultural element via potato picking in Ayrshire. God bless John Keane and all Celtic men and women.


Ah,the tattie-howkin’.

Once you pros were finished with a field,it was the turn of the amateurs. Many a happy hour digging up the beauties you guys had missed,and they tasted all the better for it.


Is there any possibility of incorporating a reply option to other posters comments?

Please? Cough.


Big Packy,
It’s all about the players m8 & helping the manager.
I’m sure Tommy Burns would have welcomed those men staying.
Fergus did magical things at Celtic with OUR help, in my opinion he should have done more.
He put £9m in & walked away with £40-45m.
If that were me i’d have put my £9m in & walked away with £9m at the end.
The rest would have stayed in the clubs account.


That was how the site was originally set up. But it became pretty difficult to manage,and the comments about it persuaded us to change it to a simple chronological order.

The easiest way to make sure that you have targeted your reply is to do what I did-put in the name of the poster and time.

You know the saying about ten Celtic supporters in a pub with eleven opinions between them? It’s the same with the format of the site,so we just go with majority opinion.

I wouldn’t put it past you to mobilise the troops on e-Tims to outvote that though!



I know what you mean,but I don’t actually begrudge Fergus his profit. He knew what he was up against at the time-which few if any of us did-and knew that he couldn’t match the spending from the huns. But I don’t think he ever stopped a manager from signing a player because he just didn’t fancy it.

There was a budget,and both sides stuck to it. We signed a lot of players for big fees,some for smaller fees like Jackie MacNamara and Morton Wieghorst. He wouldn’t be held to ransom though,and maybe that was a problem in the end.

That and Brown,which I still say ruined his legacy.

But Fergus promised us to stop them beating our proud record,promised us a team to be proud of,promised us a new stadium,promised to make sure that the club was financially solvent when he left in his promised five years. He did all of that. And he did it without a penny in wages.

I’m still sore that he sacked Tommy,but even that proved not to be a wrong decision as we stopped the ten with a more pragmatic style. He wasn’t shy about making difficult decisions,but I’m pretty sure they were all made,rightly or wrongly,with the best interests of the club at heart,and in keeping with his promises.

Not like the oul’ chestnut about always coming out of a transfer window stronger than we went in,or spending every penny on the team.

Noel Skytrot

my oul boy just got on with it and destroyed the sectarians with his intelligence. He told me that the worst bigotry he faced was in Stornoway, rather than Glasgow. HH

Some of us have a lot to be grateful for in life. Some of us,sadly,don’t.

Me,I’m always grateful for my Philishave,that way there’s no razor blades lying around. Just when you could use one,like.


Twists n turns

Funny how what seems like the simplest of stories or analogies can leave an impact on you. Strike a chord so to speak.

I was thinking a lot last night about Auldheid. The resolution 12 guys. The push against the system for fairness. For transparency. The lack of cooperation from our own board.

The frustration that must create.

I had been considering the seeming hopelessness of that situation, and wondered at what point you give up the fight?

Auldheid and his “ starfish” story resonated with me. I found myself contemplating on it a lot. The wife remarked last night that I seemed wandered. Distracted. Was it work? she enquired.
I explained to her that it wasn’t, I was just thinking about Celtic related stuff and something someone had posted which I found to contain a strong message within such a simple tale.
Discussed it with her and she understood the message and agreed it was a strong reminder to us all that we can make a difference.

Anyhow, that got me to thinking about other people who refused to accept “ the system”. Rosa Parks of course is someone whom most of us, probably all of us, will be aware of.
I had a look at Rosa Parks’ story and it was pretty much as I remembered. Took the stance she did and when Martin Luther King threw his support behind her, well, the rest we all know.

What I didn’t know was that some 70 years before that, a lady called Ida Wells had taken a similar stance, albeit on a train by refusing to give up her seat. Didn’t achieve the same outcome as Rosa Parks’ stance achieved, at that time, and my thoughts were that if only a Martin Luther King has been around at that time, 70 years earlier, Ida Wells may well be a name as synonymous with the civil rights movement as Rosa Parks and MLK.

As I tried to make the comparison to Auldheid and the others pushing against locked doors, I was thinking that unless a MLK type throws their weight into supporting the fight against whatever you perceive it to be, corruption, discrimination, cheating or whatever, the desired outcome may never be achieved.

I say that was my initial thoughts, but actually reading a bit further into Ida Wells’ life, I was both astonished and embarrassed that I wasn’t aware of what this woman actually achieved without a MLK behind her. She most certainly is as renowned for her efforts as Rosa was. Too much to write and as I say I’m embarrassed that I didn’t know about Ida Wells.

Now I’m not attempting to compare the Auldheid efforts as on a level with Ida Wells or Rosa Parks , and I’m sure he’d be embarrassed by the thought. No. To go back to the simple starfish tale, it lets us realise that regardless of the magnitude of the task, and seemingly impossible task of achieving the desired outcome, they are to be admired and respected for continuing to fight the good fight.

The biggest regret in all of this, is that for whatever reason, the board of Celtic FC have seemingly walked away from the MLK supporting role.

You have to wonder why? Maybe we will find out due to Auldheid and the Res 12 guys continued efforts.

The starfish tale. Or in corporate speak…

Just Do It!


It might not make a difference to you,but it just might make a big difference elsewhere.


Twists, I love nature, we have one field in an environment soil protection scheme, we planted it with red clover, a plant that infuses the soil with good things. This year so far the birds, bees and the wild-life love to eat it. Crows, magpies, pigeons, all types of small birds, deer and would you believe a family of nine ducks. They are just like Monti, they start feeding at five am and are still feeding till dark, the best fed creatures on the planet. But above fly’s buzzards, sparrow hawks, for the birds there is danger everywhere, I liken them too King, ready to gobble up the unwary. Nature teaches us so much and in so many different ways.
Borrow your wife’s pinny, take over the hoovering duties, its so relaxing, it gives you mental peace and time to reflect, some bhoy’s drink, I hoover. 😉 <8
Great post's BTW, I may have found a friend.
Res.12 Something that I am very interested in, its still ongoing, I have said it before, often, gather the small investors, raise it on the programme of the next AGM, call out the board, threaten them with the city of London police, they have the evidence, use it.

Hi Mike ,

hope you’re well , we used to talk on e-tims ;

lovely article , also worth remembering ( with suspicions abounding of Celtic aiding sevco’s birth and miraculous “transformation ” into the original Rangers ) that the bank threat you highlight was at the behest of Murray .
This was a deliberate play by him/Rangers to put us out of existence .
I would never advocate our club actively trying to FORCE another out of business ; 2012 was their own doing .

Yet by helping them to come back from “death ” I fear we may one day severely regret it .
God forbid they ever have another opportunity in future , they may not fail a second time .
As you allude to Mike , there would be no-one coming to our aid !

No , for me our call in 2012 should simply have been ” Do Not Resuscitate “.


John Keane is a true Celtic hero.
Guys like John who defied the establishment to become a success is what made me fall in love with Celtic.

Twists n turns

That’s quite something. I’m afraid at my humble dwelling place I don’t see anything so grand other than typical British birds. My mum is a great bird lover. She has an amazing way with wild birds.
I was in her kitchen one morning. She disappeared. I went through to the kitchen and she’s at the cooker. I knew she’d eaten so I assumed she was cooking for me. “ no no mum, I’ve already eaten”

Her reply ?

“ I know you have, you already said. It’s for the birds.”

When I asked what she was making she said “ scrambled eggs”!

I told her I didn’t think they would eat that. Eat it? It was devoured in seconds.

A short time later we were sitting and there’s a tapping on the back door.
“What’s that” I asked her

“ oh that’ll be the wee Robin coming for his breakfast. He comes when the rest have gone”

Wtf? He taps the door!

She makes them peanut butter sandwiches with special stuff she buys from the pet store.

When we sit outside hers, the birds don’t come over if I’m with her. If I move away, they flock around her.

On top of that, she has the best talking budgie you will ever hear. I’m not kidding, people marvel at this bird. Never shuts up. All in a Scottish accent!

Mum has a blue tit box. We were both just remarking how hard those birds work. Constantly in and and out the box with worms for the young. I mean constant. 2 days ago however, they flew the nest. That’ll be them till next year.

I took a sick bird to her a couple weeks ago. She’s saved a few that have been handed in. This one though was only a day or so old when I found him. We named him Caesar ( a starling)
She stayed up most of the night with it but sadly he didn’t make it past two days.

I’ll finish for now with a story of a guy I worked with in Telford. He used to moan about the birds. Every morning. “Bloody birds with their incessant noise keep me awake… blah blah “. I told him I couldn’t envisage anyone not enjoying birds singing but he wouldn’t have it. Absolutely hated it. I told him if he went deaf he would pay any amount of money to hear those birds singing again”

Nope. Still not interested.

Takes all sorts I guess!


Bobby Murdoch…..

Another ground breaking tune in the “killing Georgie” vein was “Madame George” by Van Morrison. In Rod’s early days, he was surrounded by the likes of Ronnie Lane, Ron Wood and Steve Marriott who could all pen a tune, especially Lane.

We were to lose Ronnie Lane too early to his family scourge, MS, when he was doing good things with his band, Slim Chance.



JPM 88. Hi mate, its great to hear from you, I am well and thank you for asking.
Yes Murray had his dirty mittens all over it, along with his pal at the BOS Masterton (spit) he went bankrupt later at Dunfermilne and how I laughed, they were both in a hurry to shut us down. What can we add about the old Celtic board, nothing that hasn’t been already said, so we leave it there.
At the moment the Huns are not relevant, until they reach the holy grail of the C.L. or are taken over by a hugely wealthy figure it will remain so, but you never can tell what the future brings.
You are completely correct about us standing alone, we are used to that but we have our intelligent, wonderful and generous support and they will do what they always do, dig deep, a force to be reckoned with. Special people supporting a special club.
Stay well my friend and best wish’s. 😉 <8


Fan a tic. Thanks for your kind words, I completely agree with you.


Birds? I love them! I used to have 200 budgies that I kept in an aviary out the back. I used to show them and I was also a judge at these shows. Until recently, I had a cockatiel who was 25 when she died and a pair of lovebirds, the male reaching 15 years.

In Canada, the species differ from back home. For example, here the robin is actually a thrush and is bigger than the British thrush. Blackbirds are smaller than the British blackies and have a red or yellow stripe on their wings, depending on gender.

Magpies are vicious birds and few birds would be able to chase them off. They are very territorial and I have seen them kill a sparrow with a single peck on the chest….to stop the heart.

Doves are either the laziest or smartest birds on the planet. They find a reliable food source and move in. They figure if you move, you need food to finance the energy. They sit up in a tree until they want to eat and swoop down and clean up. We have a family that lives under our deck over the winter. Nice for them but they leave a right mess behind from their behinds!

My house backs onto wild land which is nice but a lot of work to keep nature at bay. We have three types of squirrel, black, grey and red. Chipmunks who get picked off by a neighbourhood cat, and groundhogs. Last week a deer came bye which is unusual because there are two dogs on either side of us and their barking usually chases them away.

Overall, not a bad place to be after retirement.



Many many thanks for helping us out with todays food for thought.
Mr Keane clearly loved that club and how I wish his zeal was met by the current custodians.
I reckon that’s about 3 or 4 million today,,I’m sure the bank manager wasnt happy but ah well it was well spent I think we would all agree.
As we all know we would not have accepted our history again even if handed to us after death, , we would hAve held our hands up and admitted new club I like to think.
Fair play to you Mr Keane, an unsung hero in many parts but not on here, a true hero on these pages.
One fine Irishman indeed!
Hail Hail


Where Tim the Jim53?

Reading Monti’s comments re – the 3 amigos Van Hoijdonk , Cadete and Di Canio ;

who was the scout/contact who flagged those three up to Celtic , and with a COMBINED fee of what 3-4 mill ?

We could do with that guy now !


Jpm88,,welcome pal.

The birds here , , some are soo fat I’m amazed they can fly. If you don’t wake with the birds it would be hard to sleep through their morning sings such is the volume.
Turkey vultures are top of the food chain here.
See barn owls regular and hear them.
Hate woodpeckers as they drill metal to be really loud and let others know they are around.
squirrels give me mess and as for deer I can’t have outdoor plants because of them .
I know the bears are around as two fellas crashed into one at the weekend.
Hail Hail

bada bing1

The 3 Amigos were scouted by Davie Hay and Andy Richie…

Mahe, I’m still here pal. More in a listening mood than a talking mood at the moment.

I’m quite concerned about TET. I have had a few good blethers with him in the past about life in Spain. I miss him coming on several times a day. But with what he is facing with his wife just now it’s easy to see why he might want to give it a rest at times.

If you’re reading TET, I send my love and best wishes to you and your wife.

The only birds around my house are starlings (loads of them), gulls, and crows, although my brother in law says they are blackbirds. They all seem to get on with each other, but the crows/blackbirds are very greedy.

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