Right back where we started?

The Celtic right back is an attacker and a defender ,, must have a great engine to get up and down all day ,, an outball and hopefully a goal threat either with the nugget or a hard shot.
Some height also helps when dealing with crosses.
Its a very important position due to the versatility the player in that slot can provide and is not an easy place to hold down at all.
We finally settled on Jackie Mac’s ( what a player ) full time replacement after going through a few wannabe’s like Cha and Matthews.
Mik had an uncertain start but soon found his rhythm and nailed that spot down as his own and gave us the best years of his career for which we should all be thankful.
He loves us and we love him.

However yesterdays news that Mik still has an offer from the club floored me bigtime .
This is zero to do with the big man’s popularity at all I must point out but purely his footballing ability or expected ability over the next couple years. I do have a degree of sympathy for the Swede on this one.
I remain amazed though that we continue to sit and wait on a player to have a look around and see what he is offered before giving us an answer.
A very bad precedent has been set here whether Peter likes it or not.
Can the next geezer offered a contract extension offer can just do a “ Lustig “ now ,,, hold onto offer and see how good the others are and the contract is still available even when in last days of old one ?
When does our team planning take precedence there?

Many professions insist the departing train the incoming as protocol to maintain consistency but we have no such luck here if indeed he’s away as hinted at.
Last season we rarely seen young Ralston with only 225 league minutes under his belt. He was clearly not being groomed to take over that wing back slot judging on those numbers.
We also have the young Yankee bhoy Perez who on paper is a right back but at such a lower standard of league that its hard to imagine the leap up being successful for him when one considers climate , physicality , culture change etc etc.
So we stand as of right now with one 32 years old about to be out of contract International who wanted the same deal as before and is now checking the market without committing , and two rookies one of whom many think isnt good enough and the other is just a hell of a punt tbh.
Our qualifiers are in 4 weeks and we dont have a starting right back.
I never thought I would type those words. Really should never have to again. I hope you would agree with that.

Neil himself gave us a few words via that worst of rags which wont be named and over my dead body will be linked but we did get a wee inkling of whats going on from the horses mouth although this is 11 days old as of now.

“ I have spoken to him, but not to his representatives. I had good feedback from Mika. I would like him to stay. I think he still has a year or two in him.He has been a fantastic player for the club. He has been pivotal on and off the field.”
I know its easy to read into things , and sometimes find things that arent there at all , but I would like to look at some wording Neil uses for a moment please.
“ I think he still has a year or two in him “
I will admit to cringing when I read that . Its hardly inspiring stuff and comes across as “ he’ll do “ or even worse “ he’s not that bad!”
Where I his media trainer I would get some extra lessons booked up.
“ Mikael is a fantastic professional and player that we would all love to have resigned and part of this special squad “ or words to that effect might just have massaged his ego and let the fella know that no matter what his boss has his back.
So that was almost two weeks ago , his agents had not been spoken to but Neil told Mik he would like him to stay.
Yesterday seen Mik emerge and respond in his own way with a video of his best bits in the strip although he did ruin it with Atomic Kitten’s “ Whole Again “ song that might just have been a cryptic message.
He admitted to a rag ( a classier one than his boss ) that it hasnt been easy , coulda been handled different , and those in the dressing room know the score , and he believes he can hold his head high.
To read between lines is easy when you never know if youre wrong or right and will never be corrected .
On this occasion it doesnt take Einstein to figure out he’s upset , that the bhoys are all behind him and on his side , and that he feels its not his fault.
Smells like he was told he would get the same wedge again and it hasnt happened.
This is a symptom of a footballing department that is dysfunctional .

If the difference between his old first choice wages and the new proposed slowing down a bit pay packet is 10k a week then we are losing an experienced international that both last seasons managers wished to keep on for around a half a million bucks per annum.
There is a very strong argument to pay him the money and keep him on , if we aren’t bringing in his replacement immediately that is.
Extra half million to cover that position for another year would be fine by me,,with a hard search going on alongside though.
It’s also a clear pointer that we need a Director of Football,, an actual qualified one with a plan to stop malarkey like this ever taking place again.
We must stop leaving everything to the viewpoints of different managers who may or may not be tempted away whether they like the working conditions or not.
Mik has essentially been caught in the middle here between 4 men , himself . Neil , Brendan and Peter.
We all know the wife and or girlfriend will want a huge say so there’s another voice in the mix.
Each will have their own opinion on what he’s worth for how long and each will have gave their thoughts.
In about a months time it will be me and you caught in the middle as the reality of this mishandling comes to our screens for the first time .
We do of course have the means to go out and fill that gap, and fill it well never forget.
Once again , with legacies at stake here never mind history , he who is controlling the purse strings will be front and centre for this blog as far as the right back slot goes.
We will look no further Peter. This ones on you.
The team needs one , and we can afford it.
Mik leaves you deliver a proper starting right back full stop and start to atone for this mess which must fall at your door.
God help you if you dont.

Get it all off your chest because Lord knows you need to following this team.

Notify of

Having read up on this situation there is clearly more than meets the eye and it seems promises made by someone have not been upheld.
As such I feel it’s only right to retract my Mik Gtf yesterday and hold my hands up. It’s not his fault he’s in this position with one saying one thing etc and as such we shouldn’t beat him up over not signing or walking.
The lesson for me is get all info possible before typing.
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

I still don’t see any ambition to maintain a team. The general consensus is that Celtic need new skilled young players. There are many out there that can be exploited on the EPL fodder PL paradigm. Personally I suspect PL has half an eye on cashing out.


Seems we had an option to retain ML for only a single year,at £X per week. We have instead shown our faith in his ability,his love for the club,our respect for his achievements by offering to increase the one-year option to a two year deal.

At £X/2 per week. So stay twice as long for the same amount of money in total. I know what I would say to my boss in these circumstances,and there would be a lot of F’s.

As an aside,Artur Numan,who I actually thought highly of while he was wi the huns,was offered similar by them at the end of his contract. A 50% cut on a two year deal. (I’m sure it was down from £40k to £20k,btw!) Told them to ram it. Said he wasn’t twice as good a month ago is he is now,and still won’t be twice as good a month ago as he will be in two years time.

Sadly for the huns,they couldn’t find a replacement anywhere near his quality…


If getting a bonus from sale then witholding funds to drive up share price should be conflict of interest. Or illegal.


Well maybe PL thinks he has taken us as far as he can-you know,that old canard when you know you are

a)-about to be found out,or that what you really mean is that

b)-you want away from such small thinking as exists at your current club.

Alternatively,it may be that PL feels he has taken us for as long as he could,see a)


I genuinely don’t think that PL gets a cut from fees,certainly not directly and contracted. We know that has happened elsewhere though,and wasn’t made public. Though it has often came out in the wash.

There may be a problem though regarding the share price and withholding information re an unrelated subject,if certain rumours are true. That is certainly one to keep an eye on,as you know. All information deemed relevant to the share price must be made available to shareholders via the stock market. Failure to do so is simply not wise. FWIW,I’m not of the opinion that there is sufficient truth to those rumours,but there is more than a whiff of it.

And no longer holding office at the time of the big reveal doesn’t mean that you’ve got away with it. Perhaps the non-executive directors on the board might take an interest,as is their legal requirement. After all,it’s their neck on the block…


That’s certainly an interesting take on things and I wonder if that’s it?
Hes hinting I got lied to.
Make me whole again means put it on the table you know how much I want.
Him saying I have good offers elsewhere puts ball in Peters court.
It’s us that will suffer over lies and pissing contest now.
O Donnell ? At least he’s young , he better be ready because a bad run of games could break the kid.
Or another Toiljan punt? Loan that can’t make it into his own teams squad .
Thats more likely although not necessarily cheaper.
This can’t be good for squad morale and I guess I coulda wrote about that. If Mik is very popular him getting pissed is bound to at least raise a few eyebrows. How would other pro’s feel now if given assurances,,that they are worthless as ultimately Peter will choose?


My personal opinion is that we need a replacement for Lustig. He should have been brought in a year ago,and bedded into the team. It didn’t happen.

It needs to happen now,better late than never. A younger less experienced player would have benefited from a year with ML,showing him the ropes at training and gradually standing aside for him as the season progressed. He himself would still be getting paid well and could go with his head held high.

Now we have the worst of both worlds. I doubt we will sign a proper replacement for ML,not one of the standard that he and Andreas Hinkel got us used to over the last decade and more. It will be a punt,see how it goes,sod it try again. All of which will cost us more than planned progression.

PL,a financial genius? Hmmm. Footballing guru he certainly isn’t. He has wrecked many a promising young career by his punts. Aye,a number of them have come off,to our benefit. They might even cancel out his catalogue of dreck. But some of his failures destroyed careers. For me,that is unforgivable.

Twists n turns

The Huns fans like to throw a phrase out there, which is

“It’s all about the Rangers”

Peter Lawell is doing his utmost to throw his weight behind proving that correct.

Is he sitting down every week with his key people planning and scheming on how we maximise our opportunities in Europe?

The leaked scrap of paper containing the “ minutes” from the transfer meeting confirm he’s not.

Whether you’re a fan of Mikel staying or hoping he sees the exit door, isn’t the point really.

I’m sure almost every Celtic fan knows his best days are now behind him and he cannot perform at the level we would require, IF, the ambition was to progress on the bigger stage.

Huge numbers of fans are accepting it now. It’s only domestic success that matters.

If we reach 9 in a row and the fans were asked to choose between 10 in a row or winning the EL, for me it’s easy. The EL.

What would the split on the vote be though?

You see, winning 10 in a row only gains you bragging rights . Tells you nothing about the important fact such as the quality of the product. You can pretty safely assume that if we win the EL it would by default mean we were watching a Celtic side play in the manner synonymous with the name Celtic.

I want both of course. Aim for European success, and you’ll get both

Aim only for domestic glory and you’ll get, well, you’ll get what we’re getting.

No ambition to achieve our potential. Heartbreaking

“ No ambition is like a bird without wings” (Salvador Dali)



Aiming only for domestic success is doomed to failure,on the pitch and off. We should be aiming for European prominence-the days of success there are long behind us,but a long journey starts with but a single step!-which will ensure domestic success as a by-product.

I don’t know the inner machinations of our board,I don’t even pretend to know what they want for the team on the pitch. I’ve given up on that. But I’m beginning to think that the silver bullet which was provided and cast aside might be our best option,but with a different target.

Twists n turns

It’s the apparent lack of any semblance of a plan, any strategy, any medium to long term ambition or planning that is resulting in this frustrating cycle of mediocrity.
The counter argument is “ but we have won a treble treble”. That I agree is a magnificent achievement and one which will never be equalled in my opinion, but it’s the fact we are indulging in our own version of Brexit every season that is doing my ******* head in.

Peter Lawell runs Celtic as a business. That’s his job.

In every business I’ve either been involved in at start up, or development, the strategy rarely changes.

I’m in the process of setting up a new company at present, as you know.

Three partners. My two co owners are in the USA. Earlier in the year, we sat down in the USA. A strategy meeting. Now that initial meeting covers everything that’s key to the business success.
Effectively, and to summarise it as it would take all day to break it all down, we set the corporate objectives. We agree on them.
That’s just corporate speak though which means sod all without the plans as to how to achieve those goals.

So I take every objective we have agreed in the USA and I need to create a plan on how to achieve each one.

They need cascaded down the levels to the various people responsible for each target being achieved. Set the kpi for each manager who then needs to do the same with his direct reports.

So it continues. All the way down . The reporting process works in reverse obviously. The guys on the line report back up as to progress, and of course, we determine where we need to invest, where we need to save, how we gain more market share, a constant review of progress.

Now to the point.
Cash flow for any start up business is key. Many business start ups fail straight away for this reason. To succeed we need the best equipment for efficiency. Buy crap machines and the quality and efficiency suffer. The customer goes elsewhere. The best machines cost more money of course. So we need to go into debt. Manageable debt.
The operators need to be motivated. Rewarded. It breeds loyalty and trust. No “ living wage” only remuneration.

So initially we are working with an overdraft, owner investment and any funding I can pick up from the Scottish enterprise etc.

This week I’ve been travelling to potential new customers showing them product samples, discussing selling prices etc. It’s gone well.
If I was turning up with shite samples, and inflated prices because of poor equipment I’d get nowhere.

That debt I’m racking up? I’ll have it repaid quicker than I planned.

If I’d adopted the “ oh I’m not going into debt for fear we will do a Rangers and go bust” I can assure you we’d fail.

Finally, whilst this phase is being implemented we as owners and investors have taken zilch salary for 6 months now.

As I said, cash flow is critical. Oh I’ll get paid eventually, but without this strategy I’d lose my investment.

If only my only objective was to get my own driveway heated life would be so much more simple and financially rewarding. FOR ME.


He Twists, He Turns, his name is Rabbie Burns,
cos his love is like a red, red nose,
It runs from day to night,
If it isn’t running from the left hand side, its running from the right… 😉 <8

The omens are not looking great for new signings, but I like Stephen O'Donnell, if we will not spend the money that we have amassed, then ? I remember comparing him to Mika when we played Kilmarnock last year and Mika looked shot, O'Donnell looked strong and fast, whereas Mika looked tired and weak. Because we never paid a transfer fee for Mika, I think that his wages would be high in comparison to other players, but a great signing and a player who was committed to the Celtic. H.H. Mika.

Get the money out Lawwell and bring in the players we need, not projects or punts, but good quality players, the support put in millions, they deserve it…


What you are doing is planning for the future,with the confidence that you are right. That confidence comes from experience,the experiences of your CV which proves that this is the correct way to run a company.

Plan out your future expenses required to get the results you want and figure out how much money is available from people inside. Take the balance to the bank,show them the business plan,voila.

Imagine how much forward planning you could do with c50% of your turnover already in that bank? They’d be bending over backwards to follow your business plan.

Grand site,lads. Watched that ladies football last night. It was like men against ladyboys.

big packy

MORNING ALL, don’t know where to start with these discussions over mik as I said last night I love the big man, but imho its time for him to move on, last season he was struggling to keep up with spl players, what if by some miracle we got into the champions league group stages, and he was up against the elite of Europe, he would be embarrassed and so would we. he has been a good servant to the club let him go with his head held high,.hh.


CQN also focussing on Lustig but there is a much greater danger to Celtic with latest SFA signing. Ive copied this from CQN

Meanwhile at the SFA the guy who chaired the UEFA Licensing Commitee that in 2011 granted a UEFA licence to Rangers in circumstances so dubious the SFAs own Judicial Protocal has been rendered neutral, has been elected President of the SFA.

Petrie the same guy Alex Thomson points out was the SFA liaison with Charles Green in 2012 to ensure no surprises in the 5 Way Agreement

https://www.channel4.com/news/by/alex-thomson/blogs/rangers-leaked-email .

Had the SFA brought Campbell Ogilvie out of retirement and appointed him SFA President there could not be a bigger GIRUY Peter/Celtic than this.

How much insult are we expected to take on the chin and why are we taking it?

For the past decade Celtic have been taken for a ride by the SFA. It is humiliating that Celtic have watched all the cheating and corruption with barely a murmur. Where has the justified outrage been?

Surely our board’s obsession with the concept of ‘The Old Firm’ cannot be the reason? I suspect there is more to this. I hope I live long enough to see it all exposed.

Petrie promoted unopposed. Deary me.

If Celtic had came down like a hammer in 2011 the SFA would not had have the balls to do all the disgraceful stuff from then on. Like LNS, 5way, continuity myth, Res12 etc. But every time Celtic meekly accepted the issues, the SFA got bolder. I blame Celtic as much as the SFA. We could or should have been regulars at the Court of Session or the CAS.



A navigation suggestion.

When you post “New Article ” can you make it a hyperlink itself to the new article?

Or is it and I’ve not used it properly.?


5 way agreement.
Resolution 12.
Right back.
Limited coach appointed.
Charlatans at the helm.
Zero ambition for the football team.
Touting our best players like a pimp on a street corner.
What a time to be a Celtic supporter!
And ungrateful b#stards like me are no real supporters.


How much insult are we expected to take on the chin and why are we taking it?

Realistically we are way past that point.
We are like a boxer who offers no response to the beating he is taking.
It’s inevitable he will be knocked or counted out.
Do we even have the fortitude to try and get up off the floor?

It is so perplexing.


Howdy folks,,
Quiet today. Hope I didn’t drive the masses away.
Petrie unnopposed?
Does the game not wish to clean itself up there?
There’s a collection of dinosaurs that need to move on before a new day can begin and he is one of them.
Unfortunately it seems we have a few at our club also though.
For a clean sweep and a fresh start.
Seems we are in a minority though and the masses are happy to play along with this farce we cannot get out of.
We gotta get outta this place,,,

LoL,,,hi pal and glad you enjoy. Tell us your views!
Hail Hail


Every so often the theme emerges in Celtic blogs and, to a lesser degree, other blogs, that the SFA have not cleaned house after the 2011 licence issue. Yes, there is a new CEO, but the previous one did not resign over the licence issue(directly) but over the failure to hire a certain manager for the Scotland team. We have had the bumbling MCRae and now the artful Petrie leading our football association. Were these individuals appointed for their innovation, their track record of success, or the old boys network that operates within the association. When the need for change is screaming out due to the decline in the number of quality footballers being produced; the woeful performances of the national team; the lack of real growth in non game money coming into our game, what do we do? We draw key appointments from within an organisation that has managed this decline for decades. Is it any wonder that the decline continues?

Back to the licence issue and the noble efforts of the lads that ran this ball as far as they could. How many are still as active in this quest? Not a criticism, but a request for info. There is no credit in banging your head against a brick wall. In my view, there is only one way that real change will occur within the SFA and that is if the clubs themselves push for it. There is little evidence of this having happened…even Celtic’s efforts have been lukewarm. The key to getting the clubs interested was their fanbase. Were attempts made to find product champions for the issue within other clubs? Were attempts made to poll opinions on the issue from the fanbase of other clubs? Could the licence issue have been packaged with other governance issues to make the ensemble appear more relevant to fans of other clubs? If there had been a groundswell of fan outrage across the board, would it have caused change? Who knows, but that boat has now sailed. Try getting an Aberdeen supporter, for example, interested in an issue from eight years ago. If other fans were not interested in this issue, which is one of governance, then perhaps we have the football association we deserve.



One of the marks of both a well run and a caring organisation is how it deals with long serving employees. Lustig has been a loyal employee who has made a significant contribution to the club.

I am of the view that the club needs a new “Lustig”. Mika has been at the club long enough for a successor to have been groomed. However, at best, that can only be regarded as unproven with Ralston needing more game time to determine his contribution. With European qualification coming up, this is not the time to blood an unproven youngster. So, the club needs to recruit at RB.

I am not privy to what happened with Mika but it would seem that a frank discussion with him could have gone some way towards dispelling his negative feelings expressed in some media. Included in that discussion should have been 1. The offer of a backup role, 2. The mentoring of Ralston, or the new recruit, 3. The possibility of a future coaching role at the club. Lustig is good at reading a game and has played in both defence and midfield…..all good attributes for a coach.

To simply offer him a wage reduction without any explanation of future options and perhaps a testimonial is poor HR management. It reads like the Jackie Mac situation all over again!

Let’s hope he does not arrive back at Parkhead playing in another shirt and hurting us with a back post header!



Have we sold anyone yet??

Rangers Tax Case media site drew a lot of interest from fans of many clubs. Fans became aware of issues going on that prior to social media we would never have known about. Fans became engaged. I think that site was in no small way part responsible for the threatened fan boycott when the suits at Hampden tried to shoehorn sevco into the top tier. There was outrage. Sevco were made to start in the bottom tier.

Fan power had arrived! Except it didn’t.

Unfortunately the owner of that site gave up the ghost when the First Tier Tax Tribunal ruled in favour of Rangers. After a fantastic campaign I think the owner was burned out!

The Scottish Football Monitor took up the reigns. It too was a very busy site with fans of all clubs and posters of high regard. Recently it has been dying a death. Very quiet. Still a few outstanding posters. Two, who go to courts regularly to report on the many cases involving the cheating years. God bless John Clarke and Easyjambo.

I think a lot of interested posters have given up. Despite many enlightened and informative posts, the powers that be just ignore and carry on as before.

Think of politics. It’s the same. Huge amount of people not interested. Don’t even vote. Those that are interested do indeed vote but rarely join a party and become an activist. There are not many Auldheids or JCs & EJs.

So what can we do?

Part two coming up after dinner 🙂


Rebus ,
You make some excellent points about Lustig.
As a popular member of the squad his mixed messages and getting messed about will not reflect good on the suits one bit and especially if they have reneged on a verbal deal made with the footballing manager at the time which seems to have happened.
This will leave a lack of trust in the managers words and how much weight they hold which is not good at all.
Its such an important position that we should always have continuity planning but yet we see this is a huge failure right in how it has been dealt with .

As pointed out theres little planning and lots seem to be decided on a whim , we are a reactive rather than proactive business which isn’t good and certainly will not help us reach our potential.
This all clearly points towards hiring a director of footie to manage important aspects such as continuity planning . There are clear signs we could really do with one.
The money is there for his wages no worries. They are out there to be hired.
We really must ask not why we dont have one but how can not having one be justified anymore?
It seems the person who is effectively running the footie department does not want any interference that would come with giving others a high profile role,,,
But yet the fans aren’t happy with that person and his system and he wont change and doesn’t care that we are not happy !
Its a collision course that will end unhappily but sadly there is zero to stop this being repeated ad naseum by any majority shareholders.
We should never find ourselves without a voice or say again in order to force people who’s goals do not align with the club to realise the cant act with impunity and expect to show and pay up.
This is a two way street and the board take while not giving back.

I cant accept that any self respecting Celtic fan would be happy with where the club are at right now. Todays Petrie decision is another kick in the teeth for a fair clean game and justice.
Succession planning is non existent,,suits bonuses obscene ,, refs worse than ever ,, rivals unclean and possibly breaching ffp,, etc etc

Its ironic that during our most successful period Im as disenfranchised as Ive ever been and could easily just walk away from the whole farce and tell myself thats not what we thought we were buying into.
However the worst part of all this is realising that the one group I thought would actually stand together for what is right ,, the Celtic fans worldwide ,, have meekly accepted this status quo and willingly endorse and financial support corruption.
I could have sworn we were smarter than that.
It breaks my heart.

Oglach,,we might sell one or two but whats the betting its not the departures we want to see. Mostly loans out I expect. Our squad players dont tend to sell , they run their contracts down. Bigger players get sold , but theres only a few that would bring a big fee and with the fans already unhappy that might be the straw that breaks the camels back this time .
Would he be soo stupid? Kt goes there will be a riot. At least if Calmac goes there are others there right now available even if not as good.
Hail Hail



The answer to your question in involving other clubs supporter is yes.

Fact is since outside of them clubs weren’t deprived of regular access to UEFA money or big UEFA money for those 3, it was just an Old Firm, two cheeks of the same arse issue to them, although the 3 named made their own efforts resisted by their boards.

Then there was the CSA and CST not to mention a host of journalists and the Scottish Footballers Supporters Association who were encouraged to come out from under the shadow of Supporters Direct.

CSA were encouraging, they attended a meeting with Celtic last August that might become significant. CST were more observing but will help if asked based on where matters stand.

SFSA were reluctant to be identified with one club even though good governance was in the manifesto they launched at Holyrood circa 2015. A launch I was at.

The main stream media simply were/are not prepared to piss in the trough they drank from particulatly when the Tax Justice Network revealed all in 2016.

Celtic of course wanted Res12 dropped but agreed to the adjournment on basis the issue was pursued with the SFA only. That remains their policy but they might have to change if or when SFA reply to a letter delivered at end of May asking were matters stand.

The Scottish Football Monitor is awash with blogs on governance since 2014 and that was because of their wider reach to other clubs.

The Res12 Archive , which is a living document where the Timeline can be updated, gives everyone across football the opportunity to form their own narrative so that by time of next Celtic AGM it should be impossible not to put Res12 to bed to folks satisfaction.



It has been a long road for you. Presumably, the Res12 site will include the response to the May letter.


bada bing1

THE 2020 Scottish Cup Final will take place on May 9 – TWO weeks before the end of the SPFL season.

The Hampden showpiece has been brought forward to accommodate the Euro 2020 finals matches due to be hosted at the national stadium.


Bada I think thats good news. Means any holidays come earlier for many in the squad. We also dont have to think about keeping players fit for a couple weeks after season.
Hail Hail


Maybe Lawwell has a cunning plan which is way too complicated for us plebs to understand?
After all he is the bestest CEO in the world.
Awaiting to be humbled by this brilliant man’s vision.

Awe Naw

Rod Petrie has been defacto chairman since McRae was elected. He has already sat in on all the influential committees and groups since then. So the only real thing that has changed is that it is now official.

Rod Petrie was one of the very public architects of the 5 way agreement. Celtic plc would stand in his way at their peril.

As can be seen clearly from the leaked recruitment document the ditching of Mikael is not a surprise.

What Neil will be contending with is what promises were made to players under Brendan that Peter Lawwell will only be too happy not to honour. Sinclair is sorted. Ntcham looks to be disillusioned and clearly we will sell Eduardo. All Brendan projects.

I also expect us to try our best in removing Commper and Eboussi from the wage bill but not managing it.

All vestiges of any deals initiated by Brendan and very reluctantly approved by Peter to be sorted out and everyone to get the message the old boss is back.

The only concern of our support is being usurped by Sevco. I think that will remain for ever now. By the time we are by then, we will be so far out of the European picture that any desire to change direction will be too late. This period of lording it over Sevco coupled with the trickle down effect of the new EPL deal is risk free and if we do qualify for CL group stages then a bonus. This fear is also the incentive that has driven Sevco since its inception and I have to admit at being impressed by their loyalty as well as their stupidity and the levels of corruption it has necessitated at a high level as well as Celtic plc.

Extremely parochial because Scottish football is all about the two words our fearful parochial mainly bigoted support desire more than anything ‘Old Firm’ and which we are supposed to never use. Never mention. Winston and Julia will be proud. What a corner to deliberately engineer yourself into? How devoid of perception are the Celtic faithful?

The whole of Scottish football is been run for the benefit of Dermot Desmond and the bigoted majority. and full credit to him for procuring the situation. Hats doffed.

It is a proven highly profitable model. Little risk. Records being smashed off and on the park while our UEFA coefficient decreases in a Brexit Britain.

So it is “all about the Rangers” we are joined at the hip and the current custodians of Celtic know it and prove it everyday as does the support. It’s the pretence that it is not and/or the forensic demand of information that would allow any sensible person… Let’s say any person unsullied by the perpetual ingrained indoctrinated required qualification of bein in perpetual denial that only being a proponent of a rigid belief system allows them to maintain the illusion… And if they are not holy Joe enough then they are knuckle daggers

big packy

AWE-NAW, ive often wondered if it was us that had cheated and clawed our way back up the ranks, would the rainjurs have stood still and not upped their game, no they would have buried us by investing big money and buying good players, but then again their ceo is not peter lawwell.hh.

Awe Naw

Their main motivation is selling supremacist beliefs to a bigoted nation. Our motivation is operating successfully within that environment and maintaining it

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MAHE, don’t waste your breath on them on the other channel, they have green tinted specs on 24/7, we are a well run club, peter is doing a fantastic job, all season tickets sold out, jesus wept, im tempted to go on but I would be red carded.hh.

Part two.


As mentioned earlier the threat of a boycott throughout Scotland in 2012 worked. But timing in boycotts is crucial, there is only a small window of opportunity – season book renewal time. This of course is applicable to clubs, not the SFA. There never seems to be an appetite for boycotting Scotland games in relation to football governance by the SFA. When there is a drop in attendance it very much to do with team performance and the management of the team.

With clubs on the other hand it has rarely been tried. I don’t think it was too successful either with Blackpool FC. They went into receivership for other reasons I believe.

On the other hand if a fan base is united at a club the size of Celtic it could be very useful tool. Falling crowds a few years ago could be attributable to Ronny Deila, a lack of ‘Them’ to hate or frustration with the board. At the end of the day it seems like it spurned DD to appoint BR and all was well. (For a while).

This coming season is crucial to the board at Celtic. Like it or not for a sizeable amount of our support, getting to 10 in a row is everything. Forget Europe. That’s a lost cause. So sad that all of this revolves around bragging rights towards a club begun in 2012. Our fans don’t seem to realise they are almost giving legitimacy to the continuation myth. Give me success in Europe any day.

However. If things go belly up this coming season and the march to nine is stopped. If they win a cup, then PL & DD will know nothing like it since the wrath of Khan. A boycott will be in the mix amongst other things no doubt. Think back to 1994.

Part 3 tomorrow. 🙂

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JIM.give me part three now,?

Por cierto

£3mil plus add ons for Turnbull from Motherwell por cierto.

Hiya Packy 🙂 By the way, if we manage to get to 10 in a row I would love it as much as anyone. But for this reason – because we would be the only team in history to have reached that milestone. Not because oldco rangers only managed a nine. Who cares? they are deid!

Packy, I’ve got Poirot at 8pm and Lewis at 10pm tonight. Last night as I mentioned to you I watched Vera. One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen on the telly. I was furiously praying for a TV character and then crying like a baby when it all went wrong 🙁 I need to get out more 🙂

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JIM, that means you have no time for me im annoyed.? ? ?

Packy, no, during the breaks I check the site and if need be I will post. I then go back on to my programme and rewind! Simples 🙂


Cynic that I am,can he play RB,or is it Goodbye,Callum?

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THE EXILED TIM, if lurking let us know how things are, we all know you have much more important things on your mind, but if you can find the time, please let us know.hh bruv.

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LOL OUT, forgive my bad manners, welcome to the blog.hh.

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ST Holders ,get your photo taken with the Treble Trophies, you need to book it through website

LOL, David Turnbull is a midfielder . I have to wish him well on two counts. He has joined Celtic and he went to the same school as me, although a few years apart 🙂

ps I went to the self same school with Joe Jordan. He was the year above me.


Fuxake,we are getting rid of ML because he’s too old,and now we’re signing a bliddy OAP?

BTW,first time I saw Brenda Blethyn was in Chance In A Million. Brilliant stuff,and boy,can that Simon Callow down a pint!