Our latest away/change strip was leaked the other day,and yet again we have a chance to buy the product of a fevered imagination from the New Balance Design Department (youth opportunities branch).

Either that or they’re just ripping the pish altogether. Have you seen it? It’s like a dog’s breakfast-one that he thought he would like but changed his mind afterwards!

In fairness,it bears a similarity to the classic Away strip we had in our Seville season,being pretty much a yellow/gold colour. (Where’s my Pantone and Dulux colour booklets when I need them,eh?) But that was designed by Umbro,who didn’t really faff about with our kits much,apart from their notorious psychedelic period in the early nineties. Clean and sharp,that was their blueprint for success.

This one takes that successful design and puts a bloody green tartan block around the shoulders and collar! Why mess with a classic,you wouldn’t put racing stripes and whitewall tyres on a bloody E-Type Jaguar,would you?

Here’s what “Footy Headlines” had to say about it when they’d stopped sniggering…

“Celtic’s 2019-20 away jersey has the same collar as the new Porto home, while the shoulders and top of the sleeves is coloured in green with a subtle tartan print”

Porto?! In an attempt to recreate our Seville season classic?! Now you know somebody’s at it-they couldn’t have figured that out for themselves,that sounds like an insider’s view. Well it’s up to your average Celtic supporter whether to buy it or not. It’s my birthday soon,so naw.

I won’t even start on their ridiculous decision to start The Hooooooops on our new home strip at round about nipple height. Except-do we not have a say in this,or at least a veto?

Designing Celtic strips should be the easiest thing in the world. Start with our iconic hoops. Stop with our iconic hoops. Do not faff about with our iconic hoops. Your design input is limited simply to the collar. And they ARE hoops. Not bands around the middle. A minimum of six of each.

Away strip,pick any shade of green that doesn’t frighten the horses,or of yellow that doesn’t glow in the dark like a day tripper to Hunterston. At a push,a plain black one-at least it confuses the referees. If you’re still stuck,throw your crayons away and give us a white one.

Pink? Naw. Tartan? Beat it. Bumblebees? Bugger off.

But that’s not the worst of it,oh no. There’s still another one waiting in the wings. The one that didn’t make the cut,but they’re gonna impose it on us anyway. They always do nowadays.

Our third strip/European kit/second change,call it what you will. We’ve seen some right beauties in this collection over the years,like pink or two-tone silver with green sleeves,a little Jimmy Lauder tartan number. You must stand out like a sore thumb wearing one of them in Turnstiles or Bar 67. “Look out,lads! It’s The Nutter!!!” At least you might get served quicker,I suppose-as everyone else gives you a bodyswerve…

The real scandal though isn’t the designs,bad as they are. It’s the sheer volume of them. It’s blatant profiteering by the companies involved-and I include Celtic in that.

How many change strips do you think we have had this century alone? Here’s a list of them,it’s mind-boggling.

I make it 33 including the two new ones,though I could be wrong-I kinda struggle after I’ve taken off my shoes and socks and run out of options. I mean,that’s just bloody ridiculous. I understand that from a retail/design point of view,green and white hoops simply aren’t a fashion statement,and that style and fashion are constantly evolving concepts. But there’s been nothing fashionable or stylish in any of their recent offerings,and besides,the only statement any of us wearing a Celtic top wants to make is-

Hail,Hail,The Celts Are Here!

Anything else is insulting our intelligence and dipping our pockets. It’s time to put a stop to it.


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Jim ,
just poured my last beer of day and youre just up. Small world.
I met a fella I worked with in ireland in san diego outta the blue.
Very small world actually.
Hail Hail

Its all to do with money Bobby. If we didn’t make changes to the strips every year and only had the classic hoops for instance, they would last for years. Merchandise sales would plummet.

now as we all know the profits go straight into the playing squad. Not to the massive bonus of our CEO. Do you feel better about it now?


Oh,I know the deal,old bean. But three new jerseys a year is way too much.

That you finally back from the pub then?


Small world indeed!

Noel Skytrot

I’ve not seen a decent looking top since the 88 home and away top and some of the retro tops from the 80’s are class. I wouldn’t buy any of the clobber on offer these days by the club. Best strip i’ve seen for next season is Bilbao away, lovely green and gold number.


I thought our 125 Special was a cracker.

I’m confused. Mahe lives about 6 hours away from us in Scotland. He was getting ready for his kip. Does he live in the past or the future?

Twists n turns

I’ve got a drawer full of old Celtic tops. They’ve accompanied me to every house I’ve lived in. I’m back in Scotland now of course and the missus is forever asking me when I’m getting rid of them.

I’m not

Why? They’re just lying in drawers taking up space? You never wear them?

( it’d be a neat trick if I could fit into some of them now!)

To be honest I don’t know why I can’t throw them away now, but I just can’t. Maybe I’ll give them to a charity shop. Or bin them.

Or maybe I won’t ….


Oh Danny Bhoy McGrain, if only you were young again, the Celts, the Celts, they are a calling, from glen to glen and down the mountainside.
Oh Davy Crocket Hay, if only once more we could watch you play, our King, King of the world frontier.
Oh Billy Cesar McNeil, at your feet we would kneel, our favourite Celtic cheil, Hail, Hail to our very own Ceaser. tis you must go and we must bide away..
Oh George Connelly, our keepy-uppy King, to the Celtic you did bring, class, elegance, grace.
Henke, our King of Kings, Halleluja, Halleluga, our faith in you, knew no bounds, from our voices were the sounds, of adoration, our King of Kings, Halleluja.
Tommy Gemmell, his shot was, Thunderbolt and Lightning, very, very frightening, to see, to seeeee.
Harry Hood, Harry Hood, riding through the glen, Harry Hood, Harry Hood, with his Celtic men, feared by the bad, loved by the good, Harry Hood, Harry Hood, Harry Hood.
Jimmy, Jimmy Johnstone, oh Jimmy Johnstone on the wing, our very own wild thing, you made our hearts sing, you made every-thing, look so easy.

Hail, Hail, the Celts, the leather belts are here ^ ^ ^ tis you must go and we must bide away…. 😉 <8

Gordon64 Raptors beat Warriors to win their first NBA title

Just seen something sad. From my window I see everything. A young neighbour who has recently started working for another neighbour left the house about two minutes late to be picked up at 6.45am. They left without him. Didn’t wait. Didn’t give him a chap. When the young guy realised he walked back home with his head down. He’s lost a shift or maybe worse for two minutes.

I worked in Wishaw many years ago. A supervisor in a large busy supermarket. I had to walk about 20 mins to a bus stop for a journey of about 25 mins. On Christmas Eve (a very busy day) I missed the bus by about a minute. Made me half an hour late. The manager, a crabit old man at the best of times, was waiting at the door. He gave me a dressing down in front of staff, bawling his head off at me, which was humiliating. He had my notice within an hour. As we left the shop that evening he pulled me aside and apologised, but the damage was done. I left. He retired about a year later and the Assistant manager of the time was promoted to manager. He phoned me and offered me the post as assistant manager. I stayed with the firm for a further 15 years. The auld crabit basturt was an Airdrie supporter.

Twists n turns

I don’t know why, I guess it must have been the names of those great celts you mentioned, but it took me back to my late uncle who used to take me to the games when I was about 8 or 9.

The thing that keeps coming into my head now is him shouting one particular thing as we used to stand in the jungle, which was;
“ cmon Celtic, keep the ball on the carpet”
He must’ve shouted it 20 times during each match.

I don’t think he’d have liked it if we’d had Peter Crouch in our side ?

He used to always sing the same song at parties too:

“ Her eyes they shone like diamonds, they called her………….
…………and her hair hung over her shoulders tied up with………

Memories eh.

Twists n turns

2 minutes eh.
For all they knew the lad could’ve been caught up in an emergency, or ill. Poor form.

When I was about 17, I used to get a lift from a chap who stayed a mile or so away. He used to tell me “ don’t be late for I won’t wait on you”

Ok no worries.

One day I was there waiting. I’d been out the night before and was a bit rough. I’d overslept a little but could still make it. I dashed to the spot I got picked up. Time went on and my driver hadn’t showed. 5 minutes, 10 minutes. Very unlike him. I gazed along the street watching for him. The traffic was unusually quiet that morning. I thought there’s perhaps been an accident which would explain it. I waited a bit longer. ( no mobile phones back then to help me find out where he was)

I then realised something else was unusual. The traffic coming the other way was unusually quiet as well?

I stood another 5 minutes or so and a neighbour came wandering along. I’m standing there in overalls and steel toecap shoes.

“ Morning Twisty- you’re keen. Working on a Saturday”


Awww ffs ……..




Light the corners of your mind,
Misty coloured memories,
of the way we were,
Scattered pictures,
of the smiles we left behind.
What fantastic lyrics, sometimes lyrics can express your thoughts and moods, better than you can express them yourself. They make those Mem’ries, come flooding back to certain times and places but especially people. Remembering your uncle’s expressions and singing, makes you remember back to players and games but especially him. I had a great uncle, he lived in Kirkcaldy, a miner and amateur boxer, he kept canaries, he used to sing and the canary chirped and sang along with him, Mem’ries eh. 😉 <8

My heart is breaking and I don’t know why. I have no worries. I don’t think I’m depressed.

Just an interesting observation. On News Now since midnight, 25 articles about Celtic. 6 about The Rangers. Remind me, who’s the biggest team in Scotland?

Noel Skytrot

the white one with the Celtic cross was nice.

Twists n turns

Logic time


We have bid £8m for the new Bobo but are in a bidding war?

Let’s say that’s true

We’ve bid £3m plus add ins for the SPL player?

Let’s say that’s true

Now let’s say we get hit with the “ we tried for Bobo 2 but we were outbid, or he didn’t want to come to SPL, or some other reason that is churned out annually.

It should mean though that we’re definitely investing at least £13m?


Let’s say it’s £18 to £20m by the end of the window?

That’s decent.

We can only hope the target net spend is not £0 or a gain. We can offset some by saying goodbye to Ntcham and Rogic? Not all of it though.

To achieve £0 net spend would mean saying Cheerio to KT . IMHO

Just sayin’ like


Your uncle was obviously a man of vision-he knew that someday we would be playing at Hamilton,Kilmarnock,Livingstone.

Of course,maybe he’d read Terry Venables’ first novel-They Used To Play On Grass.


Bunchabasturts,his mates are! No excuse in these days,everyone has a phone.

And well done on giving your old boss a boot in the baws anaw.


That was our 125 Special.

Noel Skytrot

I try to avoid politics on football sites, but has anyone saw the video of the cretinous boaby feeler Ross Thompson helping brainless fuckwit Boris Johnson through the media throng? It makes you ashamed to term him as Scottish. Fecking disgrace

Noel Skytrot

Indeed, BMCUWP


Maybe Thomson likes the sound of Boris Johnson’s initials. The thought of him as PM,bloody hell…


Don’t faff around wi depression,mate. Get on the blower to your doc for an appointment ASAP. Seriously.

Cosy corner bhoy

Sol Kitts: Great news about your wee maw!
‘Ah tell ye,ye cannae bate thae catholic caunels’N,
Just left local chapel in Playa Blanca after ‘doing’ a few candles for those who feel in need.I was lucky the priest was there otherwise shut,cerrado,ferme,geschlossen or buggered!Hard to believe in Spain(or Lanzarote to be precise).Must have the same problem as St Winin’s!!!


Saw an article linking McGregor with Leicester for around 10 million.
On reading it mentioned he had 3 goals and 10 assists in the past season.
Turnbulls stats of 15 goals and 4 assists make for much better reading though defenses are not quite so packed against Motherwell.
Is Turnbulls signing a recognition that our midfield does not provide enough threat?
In mitigation McGregor’s form suffered from his role changing in the second half of season upon Brown’s return to the side.
I have stated often that he had a poor second half of the campaign and seemed to be indecisive in his role.To me the fault lies with an improperly implemented midfield and not individuals.
Hopefully the recognition and player additions and departures will see a different strategy in midfield for coming season.

Fan-a-tic agreed. But I will wait on ATOBs confirmation to be sure!


Good Morning Sentinels and a big Happy Friday on this Father’s day weekend.

Bobby there’s always debate over strips and always will be. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there are some that clearly stand out as winners and loosers.
The new bumblebee strip was just too loud imo while the cr smith ones where all crackers to me.
Infact I wish I had have bought a load and stick them away for the future.
This strip hangs in my wall as a memento
I buried the wee bro ( RIP) in that seasons home and kept his away
A signed All Blacks top is another treasured souvenir of my NZ days.
Jim is right though,,the 125 celtic cross was beautiful.

Thoughts and prayers to all who need them especially the Exiled Tim and family at this testing time.

Hail Hail


About meeting people from home in far off places.
Many years ago after a long tedious job i decided i needed to get away for a while.
Told the wife and we started thinking about where to go.
We decided to tour Australia where we both had relatives for a few months.
So we flew to Sydney .
We had booked a hotel in Kings Cross and the day after arrival with the benefit of a long sleep we set out to explore.
We were only out for around 5 minutes when i spot what looked like a familiar face.
As he gets closer he says in a broad Scottish accent forfucksakemanwhitareyaedaeinhere.
He was my neighbor who had lived two doors away for most of my childhood.
It really is a small world.

Wish Packy was on. I’m about to listen to Bolero, he would love it being a drummer.

bada bing1

Anything in the rags about Ashley shutting the hun shop at Poundland? Thought not….

bada bing1

£10 mil wouldn’t buy McGregor’s dug,Maddison who was on loan at the Sheep 2 years ago,is valued at £60mil believe it or not….


The Mika Lustig situation.

Don’t you hate it when you can see both sides of an argument? Lustig’s role at the club has to change. He can no longer be the #1 RB and a backup and/or mentoring role is his future at the club. Similarly, if he is no longer #1 should he expect a renewed contract on the same or better terms? It is easier to spend money than to save it, so the club is exercising prudence at least in a financial sense.

On the other hand, Lustig has served the club well for a long time. Even this season, he made a telling header in the cup that changed the game! Surely there should be some reward for loyalty and effort, even if it is only to demonstrate to other players that loyalty is appreciated.

In turning this over in my mind, I was reminded of a situation at work many years ago. In my business, academia, it is easy for someone to plateau. The qualifications that you needed to get into university teaching fifteen or twenty years ago would not get you an interview nowadays. Similarly, as a professor gets older their productivity in research can fall. We had one such individual who had never done any research and had qualifications that, at best, matched some of the students that he was teaching. His teaching was good and the students respected him. He had tried for promotion several times but on the last occasion about five years before he retired, he was given it. Most of us were shocked at this. I went to talk to the boss about it as it seemed to me to be a lowering of standards. His reply was that this was a special circumstance and that loyalty had to be rewarded. On the one hand you had the possibility that others would cite this case if they were refused promotion and on the other you had a loyal employee who had contributed to the building of the organisation but the job had changed around him.

At the time, I thought the decision was a farce and said so, but now I am not sure. There is value in a retrospective reward for services rendered in the past and it does not always have to be financial.




On 10 million for CalMac, I agree. Although his dug is overvalued at 10 mill., however his right boot would be a-fair trade for that sum.

Did Rodgers not say that the day was gone when Celtic would sell its best for bargain fees?


bada bing1

Rebus- if Lustig is not the No 1 RB at the Club, who is? Easy saying we will buy one,we’ve heard this all too often.


bada bing1
Peter Lawwell considers himself the best right back at the club.
He is very versatile and can cover multiple positions so no need for many additions.


I wish that was true. Then he could get the shit kicked out of him while the board say eff all about it.

Rolling Stone

@ Rebus67

I don’t think anyone is of the opinion that ML should get a contract on the same (or improved) terms of his current contract. However, I believe many would be happy to see ML stay at the club as an old head and back-up to the new RB (yet to be purchased).

People get a bit edgy when ML, Toljan and Gamboa have departed and no replacement has yet walked in the door (or been rumoured to be about to). That leaves us with Ralston and Perez as our RBs; Ralston doesn’t look fantastic and could do with another year on loan and Perez was playing college football last year, so probably needs to go out on loan in Europe before being considered a viable back up.

We have a huge amount of work to do, but the impression being given by comments emanating from CP is that we only need a couple of minor changes to the squad.



Have you found your poetic muse again… or strangling it as usual 🙂

All good with you dear friend…

bada bing1

Celtic wouldn’t renage on a promise to Lustig, would they? A la Dembele and Boyata….

bada bing1

Great goal hen



If Lustig still has something left on his contract then, currently, he is the #1 RB. My point is he needs to be replaced but he has been loyal and of value, so he should be treated with dignity.

Rolling Stone, I think Celtic will buy a RB. Perhaps not in the 8-9 million bracket rumoured to have been bid in the Rodgers era, but I think there are irons in the fire.

Like you, I am concerned over the reluctance to splash some cash but, I suspect, that an outgoing transfer is brewing and that will free some cash to be spent. However, no promises that it will be spent wisely.

I cancelled my subscription to CelticTV over the handling of the recruitment of a new manager so I am not a fan of the club’s recruitment but the situation with the RB is critical, especially if Lustig goes.


Mike For Jim the Tim and for Weered, another fine young bhoy.


Just thinking of Bayo there.
This one kills me.
We have ( incredibly actually imo ) access to special work permits outside of most leagues rules about being capped before you can gain a work permit as those caps are supposed to show you are of a very high quality that cannot be found locally.
We can sign the odd player that isnt capped. Might not sound like much but many many clubs would soo love that rule in their association.
This is simply one hell of a loophole as we have the entire globe to find someone special or extremely promising at least and make him an offer without even thinking about rules and regulations. As one of the biggest boys outside the top 5 leagues and having the super shoppers underneath us geographically we talk from a position of strength.
And we end up with Bayo. Doesnt look likely to be a star where I sit.
How can we stand in front of that committee time after time and say hes better than the rest of the country ?
Golden ticket that scheme could be. I would have that exploited to the max personally as in scouts everywhere and anywhere the more the backwater the better looking to find the next Cristiano Ronaldo ( what a player )
Hail Hail

Awe Naw

It always amazes me how predictable the Scottish media and by extension the UK media works. The media management is akin to China or the Soviet union just after WW II.

The Record, ET, Glasgow Herald, The Scotsman all publish in unison an initial warning about the SDI V Rangers retail deal damages.

This is not news its bad news management and is just an extension of Sevcos PR department. Its clearly meant as an initial salvo to prepare the bigots for the bad news coming down the pipeline. Akin to telling someone, please be seated as I am about to tell you bad news

When the judiciary and different print organizations are so in synch with one another. To the extent of delaying verdicts until ST money has arrived to enable the payment of million dollar fines then you have to sit back and marvel.

What body coordinates this all?

Is it the home office in Westminster?

Is it the Scottish Parliament?

Perhaps both or is it a secret organization that holds sway over such matters as the judiciary and can determine when and how this information is disseminated. Civil service. MI6

It’s a cute game that they are playing but why does it need to be so cute. I will assert that it is because the big hoose must stay open at all costs

But where is this policy decided upon and by whom and where is this communication taking place?

And what are the duties of this unknown unheard-of quango?

And why does no prominent figure within the UK ask ever ask these questions,

Either way you look at it and there are only two ways this can be implemented by the civil service or by a secret clandestine group that penetrates and permeates right to the very top? I conclude and not surprisingly as we all know that it is a combination of both.

What’s clear is that we play this game also and why we as a club will never stand up against what is the establishment as we are sadly very much part of it.


Bada,,,ouch. Any thoughts anyone?


The jury has to be still out on Bayo?
He has as yet not had a proper chance to prove if he has got it.
Perhaps if we did not scout with the idea of cheap and resale profit we would be more judicious.
He is young and seems to be athletic so would not write him off yet.
Circumstances can dictate a players fortunes.
Neither he or Kouassi have been lucky in regards injury.
Also the Ryan Christie saga tells us a lot.
If it had not been for our injury crisis he would probably have been an Aberdeen player.

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