Yer Man!

If theres one fella I would put around the top of my have a pint with list its gotta be “ Yer Man “ from Tianamen Square.
You remember thon wee fella strolled in front of the tank wearing a suit holding the briefcase.
Couldnt tell you his name ,, his age ,, any of that .
Would walk past him on the street without blinking .
But he is known . Infact he’s one of the most famous people on God’s green earth.
And he’s absolutely no one !

Thats the beauty of it actually and deep down the message that image contains is soo very powerful.
A fella ,, a no one , actually had to say enough .
Actually literally stood up for what he believed in and put it all on the line as he just not having what was going on anymore full stop !
No one,, Joe Bloggs,,Joe Sixpack ,, Joe Plumber ,, Yer Man ended up having to take matters into his own hands and step up himself if no else was going to !

I tell those around me never to assume but Im going to assume you reading this are a Celtic fan whether thats wrong or right for this instance.
As Celtic fan’s can we together look a wee bit at some songs we communaly sing all the time when we are together please.

First its automatically ‘ The Field’s ‘ isn’t it ?
Ah go on sure it is and we all love it ,, every single one of us .
It has a deep resonance within us as part of the Celtic ( with a hard c ) race which is another assumption on my behalf forgive me.
Michael went out to feed those he felt responsible for ,,, and it ended in tragedy and exile.
It’s beautifully heroic.
The fact he stood up , walked out and tried to do what in his heart he felt was right . That it ended sadly just magnifies his effort at doing what he felt he needed to do as a man.

Next would be what ? The Celtic Symphony song most likely yeah?
Aye it is isnt it surely !
Great to drink to ,, just rolls off thoul tongue.
I mean “ Here we go again , We’re on the road again “ when your with your mates in a great mood is practically an order to grab some beers and have a great time isnt it ?
Its made for good times and simply hits the spot,,nailed it ,, we have a winner folks.
And what does thon fella sing again remind me?
“ Thats where the Lion sleeps “
Ponder that please ,, Lion .
Theres only a bunch of ordinary fella’s standin in that jungle certainly no large cats.
But yet together you are the Lion.

Next up the Celtic Celtic song please.
Thats the team for me could be anyone but in that lilt and style its clearly us full stop.
Its dedication vocally expressed at its simplest and thus strongest.
It warms thoul cockles doesnt it?
Again lets look at what Yer Man says please.
“ We’ll never give up till we win the cup and the Scottish football league “
We’ll never give up,, another part of our Celtic dna.
A very powerful part actually.

Theres a common theme among most of our songs should you chose to find it .
That theme is expressed a few different ways sure , but each song contains the right heart tugging lyrics within to make us feel part of something ,, something bigger no ?
But yet within each is also inspiration and a message.
Respectively ,,
Stand up for yourself and yours
Your are Lions when unified
We will never give up

My friend we have come much much too far to be treated as second class anymore.
We are not stupid and we certainly know wrong from right .
I literally dragged myself out of the gutter to make a new life in a new country through pure sweat and toil.
Many of us have forged our own destiny with our own hand’s with sheer hard work and determination.
And education ,, you want educated people look around our blog’s. You aint finding much smarter out there than our fanbase education wise.
The diaspora is a huge testament to that fact alone.

So here we stand with people running the national sport that think they can pull the wool over our eyes and treat us like yesterday still.
They would foist a rigged game on you and ask you to fund it incredibly !
They would walk all over you .
If you let them !

Well I tell you what,,its not lost on me or Im sure you guys that there is a groundswell of dissatisfaction out there.
That many good Celtic men and women simply do not like what they see one bit .
And you know something folks ,,
We just might all have to become Yer Man and take a stand.
Youre proud Lions that will always stand up for yourselves and will never give up.
Good Celtic men already told you so.

Join the Sentinels and speak up . Your voice needs hearing and together we’re stronger. Send us your thoughts and we publish them. Be Yer Man.

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The Soldiers Song for me,mate. Closely followed by The Holy Ground.

A couple of comments about Guinness on the previous article. My local Wetherspoon’s in Swindon and the Sports Bar across from it,The Waiting Room,are both about £2.50 a pint,and usually both serve great pints of it too.

No accounting for crap staff,of course…

My wee hun mate Graham and I were in the latter yesterday when we got a phone call from one of the lads,thought we would be in Wetherspoon’s,he was there with his grandson. Coming over? It was Graham’s round,he went over to order the beer,I finished my chat wi someone else and joined him.

What I saw was unbelievable. He was at the bar,a full pint of Carling in front of him. The place was mobbed,about a dozen people waiting to be served,and ONE barmaid.

Who was busy trying to form a pint of Guinness from two pint glasses and a large jug,each about 50/50 beer and foam. Sod that,I said. Back over the road. Can’t,replied Graham-it’s paid for!

At that,the manager walked past,thank you God! I politely pointed out that his barmaid was attempting to pour me a pint of Guinness,but would he please ask her to start again?

So I got told. Told that she wasn’t serving it to you,she’s checking the gas-eh? Nonsense, I’ve ran bigger pubs than this,ya prick,I thought-she wouldn’t serve it to you anyway,and she’s a manager!

So I waited until she served it to me and simply said-No. Unacceptable. And that’s before I even mention that you wiped the entire glass down with a dirty bar towel. I’ll have a Carling instead please,and only because it’s paid for.

Graham’s off to Cork today for work. At least he has an icebreaker to tell in new company. I’m just in from work and about to mail Wetherspoon’s my complaint,blind copies to Swindon council licensing authority and hygiene standards department.

We all know the rules wi Guinness,you do not go near a bad pint of the stuff!

Margaret McGill

Tank man is considered fake news in China


Bobby the soldiers song might be sung there but it’s not a Celtic song 😉
You’re quicker than a Bada Bing rumour tonight 😉

Margaret McGill

The Mandela effect?
I must read into this. Fascinating.
Stockholm syndrome is medically proven right?
Should we not entice the board on here then somehow? 😉

Margaret McGill

I hope Lawwell doesn’t take the “McGinn” huff w/Turnbull before he hawks Callum to Leicester. 🙂

Margaret McGill

Im assuming that a prerequisite for sentinels is the possession of a soul? 🙂

Before I hammer a pub for trying to poison me,my thoughts on the Turnbull saga.

First full season,but a great season. Available for transfer at the right price. Only 19,is £3m too much or is half that with add-ons nearer the mark? After all,he might be a one-season wonder,but I know plenty down here who said that about Harry Kane.

Personally,I’d go with the latter,but if Motherwell refuse to release him for less than £3m,then if we want him badly enough,we have to pay it. And this is where,I think,the McGinn saga from last year gives us a longer hangover than even the loss of BR.

Think back to the timeline on the Turnbull transfer. Motherwell have been public about things from the start,revealing bids to all and sundry. That’s their prerogative,it’s not a way of doing business which sits well with me. Meantime,the McGinn saga is cast up,when will Celtic learn,etc. When a price is agreed between the clubs,again Motherwell go public. Again,I’d have thought that was down to the buying club,but heyho.

Still no official word from Celtic,as the signing hasn’t been finalised. Mainly due to wage negotiations-and with an agent who has been problematic before. This time,he thinks he has PL by the balls. He can renege on the deal that Motherwell have announced,but he can’t screw it up over wages as the fans will have his guts for garters after the McGinn saga. Except…

The agent has PL in a corner,he has no choice.

So the agent leaks the breakdown in wage negotiations and all of a sudden,PL still has no choice. Except that now he has no choice but to say to the agent that we have made a final offer,and that’s it. Otherwise,precedent has been set and PL is no use anymore as a negotiator.

The agent has broken this deal,not PL. Everyone knows how critical I can be of him when he deserves it,but I think this time the blame lies elsewhere. Even if the root cause of it lies buried in dark memories of last summer.

Turnbull? Get a new agent,son.

Margaret McGill

Obviously his agent couldn’t believe his luck and suddenly thinks he can get more for himself via the EPL. Its all about publicity.


Mags ,,
Re soul
I honestly laughed out loud bro
Well done



If his agent thinks he is an EPL player at this stage of his career,I’ve got a bridge I can sell him. He has screwed this up. When PL is in the wrong,I’m quick enough to criticise. Not this time.


Try telling us that The Soldiers Song isn’t a Celtic song when we are giving it laldy. It’s a Celtic song,and an anthem for our club every bit as much as it is for The Republic of Ireland.

Twists n turns

When the leaked document appeared on social media I said to my kids the first place to start looking for the mole was the cleaner.
If it’s not the butler it’s usually the cleaner and I suspect Peters butler was too busy clearing leaves off the driveway to be at CP.

So whilst the lady concerned is making noises re unfair dismissal , and her security guard son (“ I only went into that room to look for a phone charger”) is doing the same, it appears we have our mole (s)
I assume Celtic are happy with the CCTV footage and legal advice will have been sought prior to firing both of them.

The question isn’t simply about why the fff did someone put such stuff in a bin anyway, because of course they shouldn’t have, ( actually I must think of an idea for something that destroys confidential documents, something that shreds them up. Oh that’s it. We could call it a paper shredder?), no it’s more about having someone on the inside who we can’t trust.

Hmmm. Someone on the inside you can’t trust.? This post is heading off into one of war and peace proportions so I’ll leave it at that.


The leaves on any self-respecting heated driveway should self-incinerate. As a master negotiator,I would expect PL to demand a full refund.

Once he’s got that out the road,there’s a few of his other substandard buys to get the money back on.

Gordon64 Desert Island discs Prof Monica McWilliams. Inspiring stuff and worth a listen if you get the chance. Hh

Twists n turns

Maybe I’m giving Pete too much credit ( in my own head) but I’m just getting the feeling that this transfer window might just turn out to be a good one.
Now if you just excuse me for a few seconds whilst I put my tin hat on, I’ll express an opinion which will not go down well on here.


Sell him IF we can get £20m to £25m for him, and, IF, we are willing to reinvest ALL of that money back into the squad.

KT is a great player. However, he’s a full back. He’s been under the knife. There’s just that chance he won’t get back to his very best.

£20m plus could go a fair way to strengthening in a couple of positions a well as a replacement full back.

Right, I’m now going under cover. In fact in true Eddie Murphy Beverley Hills cop fashion, I’m going really deep. I’m talking deep deep.

Wish me luck ?

Twists n turns

Morning Mick. Recently watched docu-series on C4 (I think) called ‘Chimerica ‘ which was about the very same Tank Man. A very interesting watch.
Regarding Celtic Songs, you’ve pretty much nailed it there, to paraphrase some auld crooner “it’s in yer heart, it’s in yer soul”. The one that says it all for me is Hail Hail, the Celts are here.


“The Turnbull Saga” Not one season does a player make. Now I have not seen enough of the lad to make a clear assessment, but here’s my tuppence worth. He looks young and immature, to me, I want to see mature, big athletic players playing in midfield, its the heart of the team that drives it forward, in the SPFL you need the physical attributes to not be pushed of the ball, the same with European games. Of course you need skill, control, pace, but you also need to fight your corner. I like the Bobby Murdoch type, the Joe Ledley’s, strength and character for midfield. So I would not be very unhappy if a more mature player was brought in. Agent’s eh, they serve there purpose I suppose, but they do not always serve the players best interest. Turnbull looked like another project, a player who would increase in value and that is the predominant character that we seem obsessed with, a money builder, is that what’s needed the most? That is the problem when an abacus user runs the playing side of the club, they are always looking forward never looking at the present, always looking at investment, its not what we need most at present, it is the here and now that matters the most.
The Tank Man, courageous, self sacrifice, instantaneous death, dying for your cause, my hero, Bobby Sands, a slow, lingering death, dying for what he believed in, self sacrifice for something he felt was worth dying for, for a people he thought was worth dying for, immensely brave, intelligent, knowing what was coming, showing an extraordinary strength of will and character. RIP Bobby Sands.


This song crept into my head whilst watching the news…

God help the poor if he gets in. ☹️


Oops, wrong link. That one was one was a bada link.

Twists n turns

I’m starting a campaign on here that the thread “ headers” cannot be a song title or close to a song title

I was going up and down yesterday and couldn’t get “ ch ch ch ch ch ch changes” out my head. I’m ok with David Bowie though. He’s synonymous with my childhood.

80’s I’m not so keen on, and everything after the 80’s with a few exceptions I’d consign to the nearest skip?

Today? Thanks to Mahe I’m being tortured by Wham’s “ I’m your man” resonating through my brain.

So if we must have titles that are songs, or close to, please please please

If you’re gonna do it do it right…. right do it with me…..awe ffs …. see!



Folk might be interested in this to you and STFB on CQN

And this reply to STFB who took the point being made which I think addresses the point in today’s blog.


Twists n Turns

A shredder? Is that not one of the assets sold to Charles Green in 2012 by Rangers Administrators?

Thing is was it the club’s shredder or the company’s and importantly does it keep the history of all the documents it shredded?

If so it might be worth a transfer fee.

Twists n turns

Tried to read that on CQN but the page bounces incessantly. So frustrating I gave up on CQN. It’s been going on for a long time now. Appears nothing is being done to rectify it. I truly don’t know how anyone can put up with that when trying to read or write a post.


Re Turnbull It is being reported that Southampton may have gazumped Celtic. Can’t see him getting a game with them but no doubt he would be on considerably more money than Celtic would offer.
Ah well no great loss imo if it is true. We do need to try and secure the big French defender as a priority

bada bing1

They let this bigot carry on refereeing,says it all…


The offending posts took place NINE years ago,yet he was permitted to stay on in his role,one that demands that he have no motivation for bias for or against any team while he is doing his well-paid duties.

Firstly,I wonder why it has come out now,but more importantly,who thought that letting this guy continue up the greasy pole was a good idea?

And how many more are there,only not stupid enough to post their thoughts for posterity?

I think we all know the answer to the last one,btw…

Noel Skytrot

Songs that epitomise our support are many, but in my humble opinion there’s not a better sound than YNWA on a crisp, dark night under the lights against the cream of Europe. The Man City game sticks out in my mind. Going back a wee bit one game sticks in my memory.
Sporting Lisbon, the 5-0 match, the Jungle was mental that night or the game against Liverpool when Gerry Marsden sang YNWA, fucking hell, getting goosebumps as I type this.

Fleming needs to go.
How’s about this for a novel idea. Someone at the top level in the SFA being a Catholic? Or not a mason? Perish the thought!

Blair married a Catholic, brought his children up as Catholics, sent them to a private Catholic school, went to Mass with them but didn’t have the balls to convert until out of office because it would have been awkward.

What chance do we have? Fleming and his masonic cohorts rule the roost.

bada bing1

The bigot ref was remiss in not using the well worn mssm defense that Neil Lennon brings it on himself.
Instead of his resignation Lennon would have started the season with a 4 game touchline ban and the bigot rewarded with an opportunity to cheat at the first Celtic v sevco match and receive praise for his performance by the mssm and the Scottish people at large.
He could have been a hero.

bada bing1

Might be worthwhile, looking at the bigot ref’s games involving us and his heroes…


Twists n Turns.

First link said.

AULDHEID on 14TH JUNE 2019 10:13 PM

Whilst looking for something else I came across this blog from 12 June 2018.

The comments to that blog are interesting too but it was the final sentence that got me thinking.

Is the delay in the JPDT investigating not very fortunate for Petrie and why have Celtic left pushing the SFA since 25th June 2018 to shareholders at considerable costs even when provided with evidence suggesting the licence was granted under false pretences?

Dots being joined some which are not evidenced backed some are but tell a plausible story.

Petrie survival and Gary Hughes 252


Let’s be clear, the role of president of the SFA is one of the most sought-after in football. Alongside the FA, FA of Wales and Irish FA, the Scottish FA hold one of the four permanent members of the International Football Association Board – the body which controls the rules of the game and exerts soft influence on all structures below it, including Fifa.

Current SFA vice president, Rod Petrie, has his sights set on the job when current president, Alan McRae, retires. Rod has a problem, though. He was chair of the SFA Licensing Committee in March 2011, when Oldco Rangers were licenced to participate in Uefa competition the following season.

That decision is now under scrutiny, as High Court evidence forced the Association to examine what happened at the time. If Petrie is to survive in office long enough to assume the position of president, he needs allies who prepared to back him over what he did, or did not do, in March 2011.

How he is getting on with this I don’t know, but what we know for sure is that he backed Dave King’s call to have Gary Hughes removed from the SFA board over his “great unwashed” comment from years ago. Petrie is no friend of Newco, but there is co-dependency there. Gary Hughes was collateral damage.

Petrie should be recused from any work in connection with the awarding of a Uefa licence to Rangers in 2011. This award was made under his supervision yet he has remained active in how it is examined – a concerning governance failure. If the Licensing Committee is found to have failed to uphold its responsibilities, Petrie must go.


Twist n Turns

Second link said.

AULDHEID on 15TH JUNE 2019 9:37 AM

I don’t like where the joined up dots are taking us.

The solution is for Celtic to do what they should have done in 2013 and as a club take Res12 to UEFA because the 5 Way cannot be used to cover up what took place in 2011, especially now all evidence is at hand.

The target will be what was always likely had it been done in 2013 ie the SFA.

Sanctioning any version of Rangers is less important if indeed possible than clearing out the SFA under the leadership of a man who sees no harm to the spirit of sport done under his Chairmanship of the 2011 Licencing Committee and hod carrier if not more to the 5 Way agreement that Celtic had to have had sight of or Doncaster wasnt doing his job of informing SPL clubs of what they were signing up to.

As to whether folk should stay away one aspect seems overlooked and that is has anything been done to assure supporters it wont happen again?

There has been no admission of guilt if a breach took place, in fact every effort has been made to avoid having to state it so what is to stop a recurrence?

The only body qualified to say if a breach took place in 2011 is UEFA, it’s their rules and they should be interested to find out the SFA’s part in it to make sure UEFA rules are being followed as UEFA intend.

As to the number of supporters who are unaware of Res12 or care (not your point but I’m adding here) that only applies as long as Celtic are winning. In 2010/11 season of honest mistakes everything was being done to ensure the flow of CL money to keep Rangers afloat. Everything.

Currently whilst the CL has too many hurdles to qualify the rewards of cheating on FFP are less, the conditions for making it necessary are repeating themselves.

Add in desire to stop 10iar and the motivation to do so again is very high.

( I understand for example but haven’t checked the rules the the current attempt at debt for equity swap by TRFC is to stay within UEFA FFP break even rules.)

If history repeats itself those unaware of Res12 will moan like eff.

I do respect the emotional attachment that keeps folk attending but self respect has to come into play at some point or does that not matter?

By all means everyone should carry on supporting but be aware of what they are and if unhappy about it let Celtic know.

There is an AGM in 5 months time and if the core question of did RFC get the licence without breaking the rules and did the SFA play Celtic shareholders for mugs from 2015 after being directed to them by Celtic is not answered within the next month the dots are heading into stormy AGM waters.

bada bing1

Auldheid- Maxwell was supposed to be the new broom to take the game forward, do you think he’s happy to see Petrie in the top job,then throw him under the bus,if the verdict goes our way?


bada bing1
Ashley v Sevco
June 15, 2019 12:28 pm
Does this mean that once again oul Dave has been caught telling big porkies, albeit this time to the Sevcoites?
Trying to wade through the legal jargon it seems that big Mike has won on every count and that he effectively still owns the rights to sell their tatty kit? Can’t see any mention of legal costs or any other monetary judgement being made in favour of sports direct.
Hopefully it will be multiple millions. Now that would cause a fair bit of consternation at the crumble dome.
Looks like El Donkey will have to be sold. Wait for the SMSM going into overdrive to try and create a bidding war for the Columbian nutter. Now where did I leave the number of that mysterious Chinese club?

Margaret McGill

I’m thinking of patenting a new board game and getting it licensed w/Celtic.
There’s money in it.
A bit like Cluedo.

The maid did it. With the List. In the boardroom.
The CEO did it. With the biscuit Tin. In the shower.
The physio did it. With the massage oil In the backroom.
Lord Livingston did it. With the skull cap. In the function room.
The groundsman did it. With the weedkiller. On the pitch.
The agent did it. With his integrity. On the phone

theres hunners!


Putrid Petrie, is a snake oil salesman, if you remove the oil and the salesman.

We know that he was chairman of the licencing committee in 2011, so his fingerprints are all over the 5way agreement.
The Hibernian supporters, were angry because they calculated that they had lost around £3.00 million pounds to the EBT truffle filled team from Govan. He told them, “we cannot look back or to fight expensive legal SFA rulings, we should just look forward instead.”
Stuart Milne the Dandies chairman told his disgruntled supporters who had lost money to the cheats as well to “just move on”. I imagine the Hearts supporters were of the same opinion as their counterparts in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, these clubs were effected by loss of monies to the EBT recipients, but still nothing near the revenue that Celtic lost out in. We lost out in revenue to the C.L. qualification, bur not just specifically that, we also lost out in league and cup revenues.
There is a similarity about the supporters views, against the ruling bodies and against the club chairmen, who all sing from the same hymn move-on book. We have just the same, a board removed from its support.

Of course the monetary lost is very important, but just as important is the loss of titles and trophies, that particularity sticks in most Celtic supporters craws, more so I imagine than the monetary loss. The same club myth, the two licences at one time, the referring back to oldco, when it suits them, denying the racked up debts being nothing to do with them with paedophilia included, but refusing to acknowledge the truth of liquidation.

Bigoted referees, it all points to a system that is long past its sell by date, the sad thing is that it will never be what it should be, until the dinosaurs are removed and a fresh approach is adopted, Scottish fitbaw is Donald Ducked. With profuse apologies to any duck I have insulted…


Howdy folks.
Just a wee bit hungover.
Absolutely stunning here today.
Father in law sick and cancelled bbq 🙁
Refs are scum and Gers lost court case ,,, just the same old same old then.
20k a week ,,, we were right to walk imo.
Hail Hail


The problem we have is Scottish referees are recruited from a country with a sectarian agenda..
So the bigot ref was only stupid enough to put in print what the majority of the best wee country agree with,
The subsequent censure for a sackable offense was tacit approval.
Fleming who has shown no appetite for a fair and honest game for same reason will just be looking to recruit another of the same mindset to fill the void.
The mindset of the best wee country facilitates this cheating as witnessed by Beaton’s outrageous cheating at ibrox when the mssm praised his performance and covered up his celebratory behavior afterwards.
As the disciplinary panel have proven even technology won’t be administered by the spirit of the law.
Unless we bring a supervisor form outwith the best wee country to oversee a proper performance grading system that holds refs accountable and has repercussions it will always be thus.

Evening Timland, still seriously hot here.
Just had a quick scan back, many thanks for the best wishes for the Mrs, much appreciated.
Turnbull, walk away, far too much crap involved at this stage, Euan Henderson is a better player imo, he needs the games to prove it, he will be worth more than the money we would ever get for the Mwell boy, promote our own.
So the huns are in hawk to Mash for ever and a day, music to the ears that is.
Scottish referees, same old, Petrie, same old, Celtic PLC, same old.


Bada Bing

Will Petrie be thrown under a bus by Maxwell?

The answer depends on the charges the verdict is in response to and that depends on the terms of reference for the UEFA Licence JPDT from which the SFA excluded an important period at end March 2011 as result of discussions with TRFC in March 2018.

That is how desired results are achieved. Decide on what the desired result is and set terms of reference to meet it.

It was done on the JP Panel that charged Craig Whyte. No reference to his failure to pay the wee tax bill but charged him with non payment of VAT. That kept WTC from scrutiny. LNS helped set up its terms of reference along with Regan in Feb 2012.

Then you have the premature rush led by CQN in 2012 after Mark Daly broadcast the Men Who Sold the Jerseys to make registration of players the issue and not Rangers use of ebts that were subject to an FTT appeal because HMRC had already judged them unlawful.

The charges shouldn’t have been mis registration, they should have , had they waited, mirrored the bad faith charges iro the UEFA licence (or dishonesty) made in May 2018.

That rush in 2012 was followed next day by a more recently revealed letter from Celtic to SFA saying they wanted SFA to be diligent in pursuit of the misregistration case cc UEFA, cementing mis registration as the issue.
Deliberate or just bad judgement? Who knows?

That premature rush produced the LNS Commision that cleared RFC of dishonesty,only made possible by non disclosure by RFC of HMRC documents charging RFC with fraud or neglect. Making LNS a total fraud.

Then came the reluctant Comp Off enquiry into UEFA licence issue in 2017 leading to the JPDT whose terms of reference in May 2018 were limited for unknown reason to the monitoring period in 2011.

Had that proceeded apace it would have found CW guilty of repeating the same line that saw licence granted in first place ie potential liability under discussion except in late May 2018 minutes of a meeting on 21st March 2011 with HMRC and MIH/ Rangers showed not only that the liability had been accepted but RFC agreed to approach bank to pay it.

That made it a payable not a potential liability but on 30 March this is what SFA under Petrie accepted as proof no payable existed.

Had the truth been admitted then SFA had to apply Article 50 on payables to tax authorities and decide if it was an overdue payable if none of the reasons for exemption applied. They didnt. It was a payable relating to tax due prior to 31 Dec 2010 that was overdue at 31 March 2011. The Giannina case mentioned in most recent letter to SFA is a precedent.

That little bit of evidence in my opinion threw a spanner in the works of another attempt by SFA to reach a desired conclusion and kill Res12 because monitoring offence breaches only attract sanctions in the following season and the argument that the breach cost Celtic shareholders share value falls.

That would have left requisitioners with egg on our faces, much ado about nothing.

Funny thing is since that information was provided to SFA in June 2018 along with a clear presentation of its consequences to Celtic separately (check the Res12 Archive for 10 August 2018 for it) there has been silence from the SFA and Celtic have not pursued for answers.

Long answer to your question but as it stands nothing will happen unless supporters allow it.


fan-a-tic. I completely agree with you, from, in the name of the father (Dallas senior), his papal pronunciation, and of the son, (four penalties junior) cheaton Beaton, the die is cast and writ large, steeped in bigotry. The sheer lack of accountability is staggering and the only fair way to deal with it, as you say, is to change the system and to appoint a supervisor from outside this country. To do that all the systems under SFA jurisdiction, need to be changed. So far Maxwell has shown little appetite to do just that.

Gordon64 Anyone but Celtic by Paul Larkin for any Celtic fan that hasn’t yet seen it.


When you need supporting you will always know we’ll be right there with you everywhere you go. Hh

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