The Perils of The Transfer Market.


It looks as though our Number One signing target this summer was David Turnbull from Motherwell. That’s a strange one in itself,given that most of us would have said that midfield is the least of our priorities. We need to recruit across the back and up front before we go looking at bolstering our midfield,even if Olivier Ntcham is looking at the exits.

We need a new right back. One who is ready for the first team,because it looks as though Mikael Lustig will turn down our contract offer,and Anthony Ralston is still not the answer,albeit he had a shocking time with injuries last season.

We’ve already lost our first-choice centre backs,with Boyata and Benkovic leaving and although Kris Ajer and Simo formed an excellent partnership when required,we can’t rely on them to play throughout a season of 60-plus games. We need a first-choice centre back,one who can be rotated with Kris and Simo or even play in a three. Hendry and Compper aren’t up to scratch and shouldn’t even be considered.

Left back is a quandary,as persistent rumours of Kieran being targeted by Arsenal and others won’t go away. It would be nice,of course,if Kieran remained a one club man throughout his career,but this is real life we have to deal with;he will depart one day. If he stays,we need a left back who is solid enough to do a job for us when called upon. If he leaves,we additionally need a new left back,one who is again first-team ready,reliable and competent. All of the players mentioned need to be of a quality to represent us in Europe,not just domestically.

Up front,I reckon we are well covered for width,maybe could do with cover for Sinky out left. But as our main priority up front is a full-on striker,a John Hartson or Chris Sutton,there’s every chance that Eddy will be playing more in that role anyway. But where do we find a new BBJ or Evil Genius? They don’t grow on trees,they command top dollar. It might be that Leigh Griffiths comes back as good as ever or even that Bayo will be that full-on battering ram,but I wouldn’t bet our entire season on that. Look at our squad from last season…

There are only three strikers listed. And with Griffiths and Bayo being two of them,our need is obvious. We should not be in this position,we were short this time last year even before Dembele left. It is not acceptable that we currently have one striker who is worthy of the name,even if we did get away with it last season. God might well be a Tim,His Son might well work miracles. Neil Lennon can’t.

I think I’ve set out some pretty good reasons why I’m surprised that a midfielder should have been seen as our first priority,especially one who is still in his first season. Granted,we need to spot talent before others do-but how many of us spotted that talent in Turnbull when he played against us? I didn’t. I don’t recall shouting at Broony et al to nail the wee basturt,as has been known in the past when someone is having a great time against us. So I’m not too disappointed that he’s decided to try his luck elsewhere,even if he turns out to be The Next Big Thing.

Additionally,Celtic played this particular transfer by the book. A bid went in,as did a second one. A third was finally accepted,after which we were allowed to discuss terms with the player and his agent. The first that anyone normally hears about these negotiations with Celtic is when the player is being paraded. I expect that is what Celtic thought would happen this time too,but we were taken to the cleaners on this one.

First of all,the Motherwell CEO went public virtually from the day of the first offer-even revealing the amount-and again when another club came in for the player. That sort of behaviour doesn’t sit comfortably with me,and I think the wider game will view him as untrustworthy. Long term,it will damage him and his club.

The other fly in the ointment was his agent,O’Donnell. Celtic have had problems with this agent before and his rent-a-gob antics throughout the whole saga were unedifying. Again,doing his business via an eager MSM,revealing details of our contract offer-that’s not on. I expect this will be the last time we have a problem with him,and any player who is keen on joining Celtic but has him representing them should consider that. The only time he’ll ever be at Celtic Park again is if he buys a ticket. He had better hope it isn’t beside me!


Our European Adventure took its first steps yesterday with the draw for the first round of qualifiers. FK Sarajevo,and probably the most difficult of the opponents in our section of the draw. Formerly owned by Vincent Tan of Cardiff City,he poured millions into the club before handing over to a Vietnamese investment company. We shouldn’t take them lightly.


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I’ve just read back over the last few articles. Apart from a brief hello yesterday at 9am,you weren’t on the site at the same time as me from Saturday onwards. And on Friday,as you were up early,you got quite a few responses. I didn’t bother looking at Wednesday or Thursday as I was barely on the site at all,bar very early doors.

I don’t think anyone’s ignoring you,same as I don’t think anyone is receiving undue attention. If someone says something that I’d like to expand on or whatever,I will. If I’m around.

However,you are right that we shouldn’t get complacent about that. So your criticism is noted.

Noel Skytrot

My two bobs worth on Turnbull, its done and the club adopted the correct position. I’d rather see young Henderson given a chance, he wants to play for the club and has looked not a bad player when on field.

Twists n turns

Morning Bobby
I think Maryan Shved could play a prominent role for us next season . Looks like he had a very good season in The Ukrainian Premier league.

14 goals and a few assists.

The right back position is a priority.
Central defender – check. The big French target we were apparently after would be great.
Box to box midfielder perhaps? Hopefully Ryan Christie is back to his best following his assault last season.

I’d love us to get the Sheffield United full back. Baldock. No nonsense player.

I hope we move soon. Time is pressing on


I’m usually the first to criticise PL,but I think he has been stitched up in this case. And like you guys,I’m hoping for big things from Shved and Henderson next season.

Bayo too,because I suspect we will need him.

big packy

MORNING ALL, yes bobby correct in what you say, we do need players in those positions and need them.PDQ,, okay we cant fault pedro over the turnbull saga it was the players agent, anyway we move on .hh.


If as it appears, Turnbull’s off to Norwich then his agent has played a blinder. He’s presumably got his client more money that Celtic were offering and Motherwell, a bigger transfer fee. No doubt as the agent he pockets a bigger wedge as well. Celtic were right to hold the line with their offer but no club in Scotland is in a position to compete with English Premier League clubs or even the bigger Championship teams nor should we bankrupt ourselves trying. The bigger lesson from this and McGinn last season, is we should first and foremost concentrate on developing our own youth players and fill any gaps by buying from abroad. I include England as abroad where we can get the cross border rules to work in our favour.

From this point forward, we should make it clear to other Scottish clubs that we are not interested in trying to buy any of their players no matter how good they or their agents might think they are. It is now clear that as soon as Celtic show any real interest in a Scottish based player, English clubs with free money to burn are sitting on the sidelines waiting for us to set the benchmark which they will always be able to surpass as happened with McGinn and now looks like happening if Norwich do sign Turnbull. That policy may be tough on young talented Scottish players who would like to play for the best club in Scotland but they have a choice. They should not sign long term deals with their diddy team. If they do want to play for Celtic and we think they are good enough then they should let their contract run down and we will sign them when they are a free-agent. That way we both get what we want and the diddy Scottish clubs get the square root of feck-all. Simples.

Awe Naw


I love you too bud



PL isn’t to blame on this. As M6BHOY says,our scouting network is being used as a proxy by teams down south. It’s youths,free agents,the foreign markets from here on in.

Problem is,the day will come when we are outbid there too. Foreign agents will soon be aware of how O’Donnell shafted us,he has given them the template. We’ve said for long enough that agents will wreck the game,we are seeing the proof of it now.


Philvis-style Thumbs-Up!



I often wonder what became of PHILVIS.

What a wordsmith and sharp as a tack.
His humour was second to none.

Agents, IMO there would be no need for agents had the owners over the years not tried to shaft the players.
They are like the unions, agents are a consequence of money grabbing scum Tory owners, so it’s not the agents who are ruining the game…is it.


He was a gem,the right wing Tory bassa! Loved an argument though,and was always pleasant with it.

Bit like a younger version of MACJAY,whom I miss too.


Lot of truth in that,mate. Jim McLean with his 400 year contracts,people like that. But when you’re looking for fairness in this world,you fight against wrong. Then all of a sudden the boot is on the other foot and shafting takes place all over again.

Meantime,the fan gets shafted from all areas.

Awe Naw

We do not need YET another youthful midfielder with a lot to prove. This indicates exactly where we are as a club. Money fucking horny.

What one of our left sided wingers are we going to convert to full back for next season that should be our main concern.

Our second concern should be did Jimthetim53 yesterday pick up on Twist´s tips ???

I agree that agents are exploiting the players they represent and the clubs, but it did all start at the clubs door.
M6bhoy is correct about using us as a scouting service, problem is how do we effectively overcome it, players are not going to sign short contracts in the hope, it’s just not gonna happen.
What would go a long way to solving many of our problems is a DoF, the one we presently have is not very good at it.


I dont think Turnbull was a first priority but if Ntcham sold for decent price he could have been next Armstrong. Did us a turn then moved on for profit.

Celtic Star have a good piece on it that explains Motherwells action in going public.

The core issue is economics. The Norwich wage structure fueled by TV money would accommodate Turnbull with no ripples. If he does’nt progress they can better absorb the loss.

We only focus and what our attention is directed to and that doesn’t mean other transfer activity is not taking place to fill the roles on which there is a general consensus.

Whilst I’m posting: Phil Mac Giolla Bhain”s latest piece highlights how conflicted Scottish footbal governance and judicial process has become as result of media neglect.


Heavy stuff from Phil. But then,we know the MSM are terrified of another Nipples North event at Ibrox. They’re just hoping they can retire before it happens.

Awe Naw

The only thing worth reading in Phils blog is the first comment. The rest is an exercise in deflection. Protecting Celtic PLC …………errrrrmmm why ?

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
The only thing worth reading in Phils blog is the first comment. The rest is an exercise in deflection. Protecting Celtic PLC …………errrrrmmm why ?

I find his blog irritating these days. Full of crap and speculation and as you say protecting all things Celtic PLC

His tipping record is worse than mine.

bada bing1

If Rory Stewart doesn’t get the No 10 gig,he can always go back to Wallace and Gromit…..


I knew I’d seen his face before!!!

Awe Naw

Boris already has the gig. I hope he ABSOLUTELY hammers the Scottish No Voters.


A couple of observations:

Nobody in Scotland noticed Paul Lambert until BVB signed him.

Its easy to blame the Agent, but after dealing with hundreds of them PL should be able to outfox them, after all he is a superior human being CEO type with a heated driveway. Blame fairly and squarely with PL on this one.

The guy Shved – he might be able to do it in the Ukrainian Premier League, but can he do it on a warm summers evening in Hamilton?

Lawrence Shankland – 50 goals in 61 appearances for Ayr? Worth a punt?

Oh Dear, not 100% on this but it’s looking like our RB problem has been solved, we are recalling Perez early from his loan.
A bloke who has been playing college standard football, way to go Pedro.
We are a fecking shambles, chased the best manager we have had in years, CL football in three weeks against a decent outfit, our best CB pairing has gone, our LB is recovering from an operation, our RB is gone, can’t get a kid from Mwell over the line, all in all a fecking shambles…..but but we are treble treble winners I hear you say, for sure, pity we have chased the man who delivered them ain’t it, one thing for sure is the man who gets all the credit won’t deliver anything, I doubt there is a CEO out there that the majority of there clubs support could name, unlike our club where it’s the CEO who gets all the plaudits, and when something goes wrong, he manages to deflect any blame from himself, he sure is some cookie is our Pedro.

bada bing1

Nõmme Kalju (EST)/Shkëndija (MKD)

2nd round


I think the PL MO has been sussed. A big worry,agents talk.

Re Paul Lambert,no-one knew he could play that role,it took Hitzfeld-?-to spot that. And if we had had PL in charge then,we wouldn’t have signed him. Christ,we’d probably have lost Henrik too as PL haggled over 50 guilders.


I thought our two US players had work permit problems?

I hope Perez doesn’t come over here only to be denied entry-Trump won’t let him back in with a name like that!

If we bring him back he will get a permit

bada bing1

SCOTTISH champs Celtic want to bring in Nicky Hammond as their new director of football.

The former West Brom and Reading transfer guru is lined up to join the Glasgow giants and find their future signings.

Did he recommend Burke for £15 million?


No wonder WBA needed a cost-cutting clear out with signings like that.

FWIW,there is a player in Burke. But nowhere near a £15m one,not for a while yet.

Awe Naw


has that been solved ?

It is the reason both American full backs were given to Jim Mc Guiness for 6 months ?

What´s changed ?

Awe Naw
Jim McGuinness has been sacked.
Yer man Hammond also recommended Alan Pardew as Baggies boss.

bada bing1
Byres Road Bhoy

TET at 11:14 Thanks for putting down eloquently what I was thinking. Hear, hear.
I guess I was wrong about young Turnbull. I’d thought it might have been fears about continuing first team football. Turns out it WAS about money after all. Well good luck to him. It’s a short career.
Was about to ask who’s doing the scouting for us since Congerton left and John Park gave Pedro the thumbs down. No need. Pedro’s probably doing that too. Not to worry though. Nicky Hammond’s coming soon to take that on board. The man who thought Olly Burke was worth £15m – a player with a first touch worse than a gable end.


Aw Naw
Twist n Turns

Phil pointing out how conflicted Petrie is on the UEFA licence issue is hardly protecting Celtic who not only want it to go away but are ignoring evidence that prevents that outcome.

Nor is pointing out the role the smsm is playing in protecting the SFA TRFC and Celtic.

Celtic have pushed shareholders down a road they knew was a cul de sac, not realising it provided an opportunity to talk to those living in the road.

The things you find out, like Petrie being conflicted by his part in both the licensing and the 5 Way thus compromising any SFA investigation.

It will be good to hear the reasons for not acting on solid information received given what Celtic knew.

Even if the reasons stand up, getting them is accountability.

If they dont stand up then it makes accountability an absolute necessity or the rules that hold the game together are worthless if those charged with upholding them go to extreme lengths to circumvent them.

Pete’s first signing of the season..
He really wanted a fiddle but in view of our present international and financial standing the fiddle did not want to be played.
Emperor Nero CSC

Awe Naw


Phil pointing out how conflicted Petrie is on the UEFA licence issue is hardly news

Him pointing out that Petrie has avoided the press since his appointment .. yet has never penned an article why Peter Lawwell has avoided the press since 2012 ?

Nor is pointing out the role the smsm is playing in protecting the SFA TRFC and Celtic. Do you include the role Phil himself plays here in protecting Celtic PLC ? He does far more

The things you find out, I deduced that myself 7 years ago and I will counter that Alan Mc Rae was a stop gap so that Petrie can return to the scene of the crime in an official capacity

YOU STILL BELIEVE THAT CELTIC WERE NOT CONFLICTED ? If yes then with the greatest respect that can only be due to the flimsiest of belief systems, especially today



Aw Naw

Accusations without proof are farts in the wind.

It takes evidence to turn the fart into a jobby.

So you should be pleased that there is something around now to hit the fan.

You miss the point on Petrie. He is now the President of an organisation whose judicial process is supposed to be examining events in 2011.

A process that decided in March 2018 that Petrie’s role on the Licensing Committee would not be looked at for unknown reasons that are still unknown in spite of offering evidence that scrutiny of end of March 2011 was required.

A process that was delayed a year now on the basis of a clause in the 5 Way Agreement that Petrie was heavily involved in. A delay that did no harm to his chance of election but one Celtic were ok with, insisted due football Judicial process had to take place.

That makes the whole process that PL has put his faith in compromised. It was never correct in the beginning , UEFA was the route but the elevation of Petrie to President with access to influence the JPP should be unacceptable to shareholders and the more who get that point as result of Phil’s blog , the better the chance of a independent investigation being demanded by them, unless of course some persuasive counter argument can be made.

As regards belief systems stopping your original point of PL and Petrie being in cahoots on the 5 Way then I’d go along with most folk thinking Celtic couldn’t possibly be allowing what took place to go unchallenged.

That JR that never happened for example. It gave impression along with other stuff that has emerged
that Celtic were acting as the support wanted.

Those behind thecJR were told it would fail for lack of locus and Res12 was the horse to back, but they refused to include it.

Same JR that was told about the consequences of non disclosure of HMRC letters to SPL lawyers but chose to ignore and wait for the Supreme Cout ruling.

That was all possible because of the belief system that Celtic were the good guys.

Others though had an open mind as the onion was peeled layer by layer to find the jobby at its core.

Just because PL wasnt mentioned in Phil’s blog doesn’t mean what you thought

It just prepares the ground.

Oh I see E Tim’s are ploughing it now.

bada bing1

Celts travel away for opening leg against FK Sarajevo
By: Newsroom Staff on 19 Jun, 2019 15:48
CELTIC will play away for the first leg of the UEFA Champions League first qualifying round against FK Sarajevo of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Hoops will travel out for the first leg which is scheduled for Tuesday/Wednesday, July 9/10 while Sarajevo will visit the East End of Glasgow for the return leg a week later on Tuesday/Wednesday, July 16/17.

Awe Naw


I am pleased and I am very grateful. The evidence is there for everyone to see as you well know see second place in the SPFL. I did not lose the point about Petrie. My point was his appointment and the timing of it calculated. I suspect that nobody has the appetite within Celtic to take him or his decisions on. This silence… Let’s call it omerta.. will not be broken. Society is too corrupt especially within the football industry. See Hillsboro and many other examples

The only stakeholders who can pursue this will be outwith the inner sanctum of Celtic and these crooks.. As that’s what they are… are not going to move from their collective troughs. The only way that can be broken is to remove the trough. If you try and take it further or to influence other bodies outwith football then my advice would be don’t go to Pakistan on holiday


Howdy folks.
Just lurking last few days and there has been some great comments to ponder.

As we do share whats going on it was quite a fathers day weekend here.
We had planned to visit and hang out father in law on the Saturday , return home Sunday and daddy here gets spoiled.
Turns out Father in law gets put in hospital with pneumonia on the Friday or so.
The wife says let me go and visit him ( couple hours away ) and return Sunday home to you.I will take the child with me but have babysitted while at hospital seeing my dad.
No worries I understand I tell her.

All went according to plan until Saturday evening dinner time when wee Fionnuala got her hands on some apple.
I got a phone call saying she had choked on apple , was in emergency and they were doing surgery ?
A big chunk stuck , literally stuck and caused big problems.
Knocked her out , camera down to locate, and 14 times they went down that tube in her throat to take out pieces.
They took this pic to show us,,,
The bit on the left was the main concern.
Anyways footie and websites take a huge back seat when it comes to my wee angel I soon found out.
But alls well that ends well and lessons were learned. Thank the Good Lord she is fine.

Big Announcement,,,on the Saturday before the Bosnia qualifying game we will have a quiz.
The winner gets to be on the bench in the back up right back slot !!! 😉

Jim get back on here. God Bless all those with health issues and their families.
Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE,,how awful for you, but at least she is on the mend now, best wishes to fionnuala and your father in law.hh.

big packy



” I suspect that nobody has the appetite within Celtic to take him or his decisions on.”
Should get down and dirty then providing the blogs with piece of dirt after dirt on him.
Change tact if normAL practises aren’t working surely?
Hope you’re well and glad you’re on.
Hail Hail


Cheers but it’s no big deal sitting here now.
Of course he’s lurking and he smirked reading this comment 😉
Hail Hail

big packy

good article there by e-tims, just shows what a bunch of bigots we are up against, they hate us and our religion even more..ftsfa.hh.

Awe Naw

Family first and foremost bud. Take care and good wishes to yours