The Lost Ten-Part One

Celtic FC,our much-loved football club,the source of so much joy and angst during our lives,the means of meeting up with like-minded people to take our minds off the rest of life for a few fleeting hours. We have just finished our eight successive title-winning campaign,and about to embark on a mission to equal the record set under Jock Stein in the 60s and 70s.

That mythical Nine in a Row,with maybe even another one to follow? That would be a new record,and Celtic are good at making and breaking records.

But in my opinion,we had a bloody great chance to beat that record already,and not long after we had set it. From 1978 till 1988,we won five titles out of the ten available. It is my contention that we threw the other five away.

It is currently “the close season” so I’ll be posting these every few days,a series on Our Lost Ten. Now,it was thirty and forty years ago,so I’m sure there will be some factual errors in the series. I’m happy for you to correct me,and I’m also more than happy to post any opinions which conflict with mine. It’s a well-known fact that if you put ten Celtic fans in a pub,you’ll get eleven opinions.

For those of you who remember Jimmy Sanderson doing the original Radio Clyde phone-ins,and his trademark question-Were you at the game,caller?-I’d be really interested to read your recollection of events too.
We will start-obviously!-in season 78/79,but with a bit of background first. Jock Stein had just guided us to a marvellous double season,he had given us a rock at the back in Pat Stanton and was slowly introducing youngsters like Roy Aitken,Tommy Burns and George McCluskey. He had stalwarts like  Johannes Edvaldsson,Ronnie Glavin,Kenny Dalglish and Danny McGrain. New signings like Alfie Conn and Joe Craig justified their fees as we narrowly missed out on a treble in Jock’s first full season after his near fatal car crash.

if you’ll pardon the pun,the wheels came off the following season. The departure of Dalglish and the pathetic attempts to replace him with a reserve from Fulham,John Dowie,and Tom McAdam from Dundee United were the first signs that we might struggle. Losing the peerless Pat Stanton to a career-ending knee injury and Danny McGrain to diabetes and a heel injury were bad enough. To see the rest of the team gradually being worn down by injury,suspensions and an understandable loss of confidence was soul destroying. I’ll gloss over some of the other signings to save embarrassing their families.

On the Monday before a visit to Easter Road in April,we were so short of bodies that we signed a 20yo from Port Glasgow Juniors-and played him on the Saturday! In fairness,he was our best player as we lost 4-1,and Mike Conroy proved to be a dependable player for a number of seasons. Tom McAdam got a blatant boot in the baws from the Hibs goalkeeper that day,but nothing was done.

The support knew how he felt. We had been getting them all season.

Desmond White finally had an excuse to fire Jock out of the door,and he took it with glee and accompanying malice. How do you replace a club legend? Well,another legend might help-and in strolled Billy McNeil to take the chair. But how could he turn round a team for whom relegation was at one time the previous season a genuine possibility,especially with a notoriously parsimonious board and a squad which had been ravaged so recently? The huns were in their element,Aberdeen were hot on their tails-Billy had taken them close in 77/78,his only season there,and now had Alex Ferguson in charge. People were starting to take note too of Dundee United.

Incredibly,the board allowed a manager to spend six figures for the first time,a sum denied to Jock on a number of occasions. In came Davie Provan from Kilmarnock,who I remembered for absolutely roasting our defence when they knocked us out of the cup in a replay the previous season. Roy Aitken was sent off for one attempt too many at stopping him,so that would have been a fun reunion! Joining him were Murdo McLeod from Dumbarton and Dom Sullivan from Aberdeen,neither of whom had previously impressed me much. We lost Paul Wilson and Joe Craig,too early in my opinion,and were hopeful but not overly optimistic.

That was a pretty accurate view of how events turned out in our first half of the season,with W7,D5,L6 giving us 19 points from 18 games. It looked like being a rare humdrum season,free from the opposing dramas of the previous two.

Until Mother Nature took a hand.

The Saturday before Christmas saw us lose at Cappielow and there was little festive cheer around but we didn’t know we would have to wait ten weeks for another league game!

The big freeze that winter saw us play only two cup matches before resuming our campaign at the start of March with a league victory at Pittodrie. The following two games were against the same team,drawing away then losing at home as our Scottish Cup dreams were over for another year. We could at least concentrate on the league,but that seemed a forlorn hope. And we had 17 games to cram into around two months!

Our next game against the huns wasn’t until 5th of May and we had taken an impressive 19 points out of the 24 available-a win would make us favourites. A defeat,with games running out,would hand the initiative back to them-and that’s how it proved. 1-0,with the usual attempt by Alex McDonald,in off the corner flag and the referee’s arse. God,he was an expert at those shots. But we can still do it,can’t we? Can we win our last four games?

Well,we won our next three and 16 days after our Ibrox defeat we played our fifth game in that short period,against the huns at Celtic Park. Our final game of the season,and we ONLY had to win it to ensure that the flag would be flying above The Jungle once again. The huns though had one more match to play,and a draw would probably do them-as it turns out,I think they lost that anyway,2-1 to Hibs.

THETWENTYFIRSTOFMAYNINETEENSEVENTYNINE and no-one who was there will ever forget it,how the fates conspired against us by twice going behind and losing a player to a red card. But I’ll open the floor to any of our posters to give us your recollection of that Monday night,another night when legends were made!

Mail it to Mahe and we will post your thoughts on that glorious night as Article of the Day on Monday.

Otherwise you’ll just have to read about how Colin Jackson scored my favourite ever Celtic goal-again!

Above article by BMCUWP.

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I’ve been looking forward to writing this series,because I genuinely believe that we could have and should have won each of the other five.

But yet we pulled it out of the fire in at least three of them,in 79,86 and 88.


Twists n turns

Morning Bobby
Nice read.

I might rattle off my own recollections later today.

Hopefully in years to come there’ll be a similar article on “ where were you when we done the 10?”

Twists n turns

The above link is Murdo talking about the 4-2 game.


In my case,probably in a certain pub in Swindon. I reckon I might book a week off after it.

Alternatively,I’ll be over at Chez SOLKITTS and we can both book a week off after it!

Plan C is what SIPS suggested a couple of weeks ago. Head for the NACSC convention at Las Vegas.



My Dad was down in Blackpool,I think,for a union conference and missed the game. Being rearranged at such short notice and being a Monday night meant a lot of people missed the game.

To be denied even the joy of watching it on the telly,basturts. I rushed home to watch the highlights that didnae exist when I could have been drinking Lanny in a pub-see FAN-A-TIC link on previous article.

If I’m honest,that was probably the first time I’d experienced real joy as a Celtic supporter,the joy that comes from doing it against the odds. I was nearly 11yo when we completed our 9 in a row,so expected success.

Aye,I know,but I honestly didn’t know any different.

Then two years of erm,why aren’t we winning,what’s happening to our players,followed by a double season and the natural order is restored. Jock’s last season was so painful,as was his departure,to see us winning the title-I mentioned that loss at Cappielow,ffs,beat by Morton?-after all that,aye,that was joy.

That’s what Celtic does to you.


Morning all.
As you know Mick, between that and Love St 86 for my favourite games.
Loads stand out but two i recall immediately, the low and highs.
The low being the sickening feeling when Russell made it 2.2, then the high when Murdo scored. It was then I knew we had won it.
Hail Hail


Twist n Turns.
I’ve being enjoying your posts about birds.
I am similar in that I feed them every morning.
I have the usual feeders and I put a mixture of fruits out.
The blackies and the Magpies love Melon.
I chop it up for them and then sit back and enjoy.
I have my 9 year old doing a list of how many different species we see in a calender year.
The experts will do 200 +. We are at exactly 50.
We have a week away in Rural Stirlingshire coming up, so we will add to the list then.
Hail Hail

A thing of beauty

Too young for ten men won the league but that must’ve been some night.
JTT I saw your post about the birds last night. I love to hear the birds in the morning but I’m sure it was 320am this morning. That’s a bit early, even for me!! Anyway I’ll check in later to read the memories of a seismic game in our history. Off out for a cycle in this nice weather.


Just read your post.
Yes bird song, for me, i love to hear it when I wake up.
First bird, in the morning,where i am, that i hear is normally the robin, followed by the blackbirds.
Hail Hail

Twists n turns

What’s e mail address for Mahe please?

Por cierto

BBC Reporting that Turnbull has passed his medical. Still no signature yet, indicating that it may happen over the week-end though por cierto.



Youre the first person Ive heard saying we could have won the other five, how right you are. To think we signed Provan and wee Murdo from Killie and Dumbarton respectively for relatively small transfer fee’s and the service we got from them. Was reading back about the Juve game game and think it was Murdie who scored the only goal that night (we lost 0-2 in return match) but this was my favourite time watching the Hoops. My abiding memory of that great night when 10 men (well 13 for me) became immortal was the feeling that no matter what, we were going to do it. With them only needing a draw, us one down, wee Johnny D lost the rag and done what every Celtic supporter at the time would have loved to have done, booted that wee doddy shit when he was on the deck. Down to ten, one down at half time and needing a win we just kept pouring forward, Danny Mac and big Roy especially. Equaliser from Aitken with about half an hour to go and a great finish from McCluskey and the impossible was on. We were still celebrating George’s goal in the Jungle when Russell equalised and it looked like the dream was over. But as I said , nothing was going to stop us that night. That equaliser would have been enough for most teams to think that we’ve given it a good shot but not to be, it only galvanised us. There wasnt much time left, ten minutes or so. With about five of those minutes left the Girvan Shithouse (Peter McCloy) cut out a McCluskey effort right onto the head of Colin Jackson, own goal, 3-2, pandemonium. But how long to go ? How long will he give them injury time ? Cue wee Murdo with one of his trademark finishes, what a strike ! Anyone will tell you it was anything from 20 to 40 yards out ! I can still see it flying into the roof of the net. Walked it home that night as there was a bus strike, ( little did we know at the time that the bbc cameramen also went on strike conveniently) and although there were thousands of them at the game that night we hardly encountered any of their orcs. A night never to be forgotten
Latchford,McGrain, Lynch, Aitken, McAdam, big shuggie Edvaldsson, Provan,Conroy, McCluskey, MacLeod,Doyle, Lennox and Davidson. Thanks for giving me a night I’ll take to the grave with me, my three weans have heard it so many times they probably feel like they were there. Anyway folks, hope I didnt bore anyone but Im sitting with a wee whiskey and a tear in my eye so I hope you can indulge me. Looking forward to reading the rest of the lost ten.


Twists n turns

I’ll respond very shortly to the posts referencing me …. cooking granddaughters breakfast at present ( birds already fed ?)

Twists n turns

Jimmy not Paul
I think I take my love of birds from my mum who is absolutely passionate about their wellbeing! When she was in hospital all that was concerning her was the birds , especially her budgie Sunny.

“ who’s feeding him? Is he eating ok? Did I fill the bird feeders? Water in the bird bath?”

You’ll get the picture.

Unfortunately I don’t see the same variety of birds up here as I did when living in rural Shropshire. I only get the common sparrows, the crows and blackbirds, couple of magpies and doves, and some thrush.

Their behaviour fascinates me all the same. Social and anti social I have to say… especially the magpies. Crazy birds . Unusually ( I think so anyway) the magpies are afraid of the doves? They chase them off every time they make an appearance. This has resulted in the magpie coming in from a distance like a dive bomber and snatching his food without landing.
When the doves are not there he happily goes around filling as much as he can in his mouth.

The smaller birds are happy to come beside me and eat. The larger birds wont, so it means the sparrows get their feed undisturbed.

I’ve got one who now waits on me making an appearance every morning by sitting on my decking post. He’s first fed every morning.

I’ve been looking for a good bird table but need one that’s cat proof or the neighbours cats will definitely have them.

I’m going to put a box up and hope to attract some blue tits next year. My mum has a couple and it’s a joy watching them as they fly in and out .

My mum buys a peanut butter spread specially for birds and spreads it on bread. It’s the first thing they go for . Seem to love it. She’s got tub after tub of nuts and seeds in her shed. Added to her scrambled eggs which they also devour, they must have the best bird breakfast menu in the area.



The Celtic convention in Vegas is a definite for me, (bucket list) hopefully yourself and others from the hootenannies and other events will make it.

A bloke started in the work a few months ago and being a big Tim we get on like a house on fire.
He has been to 4 conventions and his stories about his time at them has relit my fire.

He was a good pal of Bobby Murdoch and regaled about hs nights out in his company.

Told him about your moniker, pissed himself laughing, I’ll get Phil the to make the next hootenanny, wouldn’t be surprised if he knows a few there.
Congrats to you and Mahe and others on presenting an open blog that’s wing’s are spreading. ?☘️☘️☘️X3


“Whaurs Ra Burds” Say’s Frank McAvennie, he likes them all.. But he is also a big fan of “Celtic’s Lost Legend” The George Connelly Story. Which has just been re-published and is available to buy right now. Many of you will have it in your Celtic library but for those of you who don’t, its a great and interesting read, I’m not his agent BTW. just another Tic supporter interested in “if you know the history”. His is a mixed story, but he gives you an insight into his problems and answers many of your questions. If only he was young again, compared to Franz Beckenbauer by none other than Big Jock, we could do with him now…

Morning Timland, gonna be another hot one by the looks of it.
You said last thread that there is not widespread negativity out there but there certainly is on here, re the way the club is being run and with the suits, for sure, they deserve all the negativity that’s coming their way imo, but regards the team and the players, there is very little negativity on here, far far less than the blog you normally post on, also there are a fair few other blogs where the negativity towards the team is well, negative.
This is a quote from Lenny……
“When asked about interest in Tierney and Ntcham, he said: “I would expect bids. We’re realistic and I’d be surprised if there weren’t any offers for them, put it that way because they’re both extremely talented players.
“So I may have a decision to make but there’s been nothing for us to think about yet. For someone so young, Kieran already has vast experience – he’s played Champions League, Europa League, internationals and he’s won trophies.
“I don’t think he would fear going anywhere but, personally, it would be a wrench for him because the club means so much to him.
“However, we’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it but we don’t want to lose him.”
I’m no expert but that seems to me as if Lenny is preparing us for KT leaving, I sure hope not but every player has his price and at the end of the day, what apart from KT being a supporter can we offer him that he hasn’t already achieved, we are treading water in scotland, due to the lack of TV money and exposure, yet we go along with the crap TV deal, why, why in Gods name do we do this, we should tell the TV co’s to gtf and sell our own, we keep getting told that we are a stand alone club, that is patently a blatant lie, if we were we would sell our own rights, yet we keep getting told that we are a well run club, bollix, we are far from being well run, just that wee bit ahead of the huns doesn’t make us a well run club, and the treble treble and the heaps of money in the bank is down to the manger that we have chased out the door for £9 mill in compo.
FC not PLC


Jeepers was just having a quick peep through a few sites as Mrs. Corkcelt was getting on her walking shoes, not walking out on me but with me, when I spotted the name JimmynotPaul. Missing in action for a long time from CQN I am delighted to see you posting sir, you were one of the ghuys I badly missed from CQN, now if I could get Weet Weet Weet on what a double that would be.

Great to see your monkier, don’t be a stranger.


I rarely post on any blog these days,indeed I’ve probably posted more on this one in the past month than I have on CQN,and I’ve only had about 5 posts on here.


Corkie and TET.
Thank you for kind words.
I had a few things to deal with and some of the comments on the blogs were irritating me. I thought this is supposed to be fun, so better to have a break for a while.
I’ve lurked now and then.
I was going to post a week or so ago, then I saw Mika being given abuse, I couldn’t believe it, so I left it a little longer, as that irritated me ??
What a servant he has been, signed on a Bosman and has been great for us as a player and as a man, Celtic have been good to him too, a perfect match.
I wish him all the best at Gent and look forward to seeing him at our ten in a row party.
Hail Hail



With you re the TV money, when games are changed from the 3.00 Saturday kick off times to Sundays.. How many supporters can’t make it that have a long journey to and fro.

What is the revenue lost there? Does it equate to the pennies from the TV pot.

The also rans in the premiership get a fortune from them and are able to plunder us like a viking raiding party when we or others uncover a jewel.
Fair play my archie, the rules are so bent as to benefit the supposed big boys. :((

Hope your goodlady is keeping well and typing away. HAIL HAIL. ☘️

bada bing1

A rumour we are bringing a guy in from Rapid Vienna, no names yet….


As much as i want the ten, seeing a Celtic side regularly in and competing in the CL means more to me m8.
I want the 10 but i want our name feared in Europe again.



Monti, Can we have both please.

Fairhill Bhoy

Sitting having lunch and reading back
JNP-blast from the past ?
GORDYBHOY 64- you should definitely post more often here and on CQN ?
TET- London is good despite my reservations ?


To say I am on Cloud Nine today would be an understatement! Yesterday my wife got good news that all of the tumour had been removed and that the margins are clear of disease. Rarely have I felt such euphoria spread through my body! I pray that others get to experience that for either themselves or those they love.

Onwards now to radiation but I feel a major step forward has been taken.

Forgive the non football talk but some have sent best wishes on here, so this is an update for them ….plus evidence of a high.


bada bing1

Rebus- great news ,onwards and upwards ?

Fairhill Bhoy

REBUS-brilliant just brilliant ?

Rebus, that’s great news.

Byres Road Bhoy

Rebus67 Great news! Keep your chin up. And your wife’s.


That is a wonderful result.
It must lift a great weight off your mind. Magic


Absolutely wonderful news Rebus. That is real life, compared to that ,all the stuff we get het up about on Blogs is only stuff & nonsense.
Best of Luck to both of ye enjoy the simple things this day brings.


that is great news, puts football on the back burner.



i think a few of the lions were irreplaceable.

bada bing1

Pundits on Shortbread, raving about Turnbull


Rebus,,just woke up. Quick scroll and seen your news.
My friend I am truly delighted for you guys.
That is fantastic news and now I hope the others that would like good news receive it.
May you guys share many more happy years together.
Our new found man in Newfoundland should have a spring in his step today!!!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Respect and Hail Hail


FAN-A-TIC gave us a wee reminder at the start of the week that Celtic is a hobby,but this is real life. I love hearing good news about Celtic,but I love hearing good news about real life.

I’m smiling nearly as broadly as you are,mate.


So good to have you back,fella. If you fancy it,I’ll let you tell us about Love Street in 86. Wandering around the streets afterwards,etc. It’s still in the archives,and bound to be better than my memories of it.

I’d had so many disappointments in the previous four years. I went out on the Friday as usual,and straight in to work with Royal Mail in the morning. Doing my round,I thought-I canny do this,I just canny do this. The 4-2 game against the huns in 83 in particular kept gnawing at me.

2-0 down at half time,hammered them and the best ever YNWA at half time. Yet we still won eff all,I canny do this.

So I bottled it. After a fashion,I actually pinted it. Hit The Crown in Saltcoats at opening time,the end of my shift. Moved on to The Tap Shoap in Ardrossan,home for about 4pm to sleep it off before the night ahead.

Only to be woken by the screams from a 15yo ATHINGOFBEAUTY downstairs an hour or so later!

Ach,she tells it better than me,but she canny believe to this day that I bottled going,and neither can I!!!


Mail it to Mahe,old son. Give us your recollections of the whole night. The trepidations on the bus on the way up,the euphoria afterwards,the whole shebang. What a f…..g night that was,possibly our generation’s equivalent of twelve years earlier,like our Centenary Season was for my sisters.


Thanks, everyone. I know that health systems get a justified bashing but our experience with the treatment of breast cancer has been first class. Diagnosed early May, saw surgeon 4 days later, operation one month after diagnosis, given the surgical all clear two weeks after that! I felt I was in an episode of House.

The Breast Health Centre, Ottawa is a wonderful and sad place. We were lucky but as we waited to see the surgeon yesterday, in came a young couple, early thirties, carrying their nine month old baby girl. I assume the mother had the disease, although it is more common in men than most know. How tragic that they had to go through this in the midst of having their first wee treasure. I shall never be able to look at a headscarf again without thinking of the bravery I have seen in the last six weeks, and also of the dedicated people who are working their asses off to help others.

Sermon over!

Corkcelt, I read your post on CQN re Tierney being part of the soul of Celtic. i agree and I hope he stays. If he stays for this season and we win the league then he will stay for the next.

At the moment things are in a state of flux….new manager, the loss of defensive players and a hole in the striking department…….makes it impossible to predict how the season will go. Personally, I think the Board fumbled the ball and hired the wrong man and that will have an impact on both the current players and upon who we can recruit. Whither that drag effect will be large enough to offset tge fact we have the strongest player pool, I just do not know. I suppose it makes it exciting! I am taking the off season to decide which streaming service I shall follow next season. Liverpool would be my English choice. Barcelona, Seville, or Malaga would be my Spanish choices. Malaga because we go there every year and love the city, but care needs to be taken in mentioning Barca there!

Happiness keeps breaking through,



In a blatant attempt to continue to steer the blog away from football, here is a song that sums up a couple of things about Newfoundland. First, the weather is awful..the winters are long and there is no spring usually. Secondly, people have a good sense of humour. Warning you will have difficulty with the accents but you will get the gist of it



There’s a song in the back of my mind which is just perfect for you,but if you Google Smile/Song it comes up with “Smile though your heart is breaking.” Great song,but…

Inappropriate,I reckon,as yours is bursting with joy!


That’s fabulous news, I’m so pleased for you and your loved ones.


BMCUWP. 3.06
I’ve already done it and you published it on 13/11/18.
Obviously, instantly forgettable.??
Hail Hail

big packy

REBUS,just been reading back im over the moon for you, give your good lady my best wishes,,by the way I think the song bobby was talking about, smile was sung by nat king cole, but Charlie chaplin wrote it .hh.


Apologies Mick.
I’ve just realised that you know it’s in the archives.
As usual, that’s what I get for not focusing.
Hail Hail

Hiya Packy.

big packy

HI JIM, you up for a wee blether after.hh.

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL, nice to see you posting.hh.

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