21 May 1979


Today sees a guest article from TWISTSNTURNS as he recalls a certain glorious night from just over forty years ago. See if you can guess what it’s about!


Having made my first appearance in December 1958, at a somewhat challenging ( for my mum) 10lbs 4ozs, the stars had aligned to determine I would celebrate my 21st birthday in 1979. Who was to know back then that the event wouldn’t be the biggest of my year?

That events on a football field would see far bigger celebrations in the twists n turns family?

By the time May 1979 arrived, as a 20 year old I’d completed an engineering apprenticeship and was ‘time served’.

( incidentally , if you were born on 21/5/79, you are a Gemini. Birthstone? Emerald! Was never in doubt was it)

Loved the folks I was working with. Hated the type of work, but the people were great. No thought had gone into my choice of career. Billy Connolly once remarked that when the gates in the Glasgow schools closed, the shipyards opened theirs and he just joined the queue. In similar fashion I’d seen a local engineering firm was hiring apprentices. £10.14p a week. I thought “ that’ll do for me” and that was as much thought as I gave it.

As I alluded to, the type of work wasn’t for me but I saw the apprenticeship through, mainly because of the great friends I’d made. One of them, Brian, a welder and a Celtic fanatic, was to be my companion on that historic Monday night in May 1979.

(There had been something in the air in May that year. Snow! The coldest May on record at the time and probably still is to this day. )

To say Brian was slightly built would be akin to me telling you Dave King was a bit of a fibber. Skinniest fella I ever knew. Whenever Brian was at my mums her motherly instinct used to kick in. She’d insist on making him a meal.

On the night of the match, the temperature had risen in parallel with the tension. We left work in my newly bought, second hand Hillman Avenger, and headed to my mums. It was her who bought me that car. My dad had sadly passed away on New Year’s Day the year before, and mum used some of the money she got to get me the car. On reflection, my dad would’ve loved the events that were about to unfold. He introduced me to Celtic games when I was 8 years old . I think he saw it as an integral part of religious education. Confession, Communion, Celtic, Confirmation. So the key players outside of my parents, up to that stage in my life had been Father McKinnon, Cardinal Gray, Stevie Chalmers and Father Gallagher.

Back at my mums, and as was, and still is her way, she’s gone into caring mode. Pre match dinner with an extra big serving for Brian as she attempts to fatten him up.

The problem with that is one I’m sure many of you will empathise with. Eating on the day of a Celtic match is hard enough, but eating on the day of a league decider v them is nigh on impossible.

The meals were partially eaten, and we set out to Celtic Park.

Oddly, all I recall about the journey is that we were both un-typically quiet. I cannot recall where I parked, it certainly wouldn’t have been near London Road, and I cannot remember walking to or entering the ground.

The match for the greater part, is also a blur. What strong recollections I do have are of Johnny Doyle standing over Alex McDonald just prior to being sent off, and Murdo’s screamer.

Oh, and the silence. Silence? In that atmosphere?

Yes silence. I’m sure you’ve noticed it, that silence which in reality probably lasts a second, but seems like much longer, when they score? The ball hits the net, silence, then that sickening roar from the other end of the ground.

So those were my only recollections throughout that match up until Murdo let fly, with one notable exception. The bear. Roy Aitken. He seemed to be everywhere. I wish I knew how much ground he covered that night. In defence, midfield, going forward. He was everywhere. This wasn’t tactics. No one teaches you to play like that. Centre back? Old fashioned right half? Holding midfielder? No. This was a tactic born playing street football called “ gerrintaethum”, and he did.

When Murdo decided to test the competence of the guys who put the nets up, it was game over. Until that point, at 3-2, every second seemed a minute and every minute seemed an hour. “Please blow, cmon clock countdown quicker”

At 4-2? I didn’t want the final whistle. They had gone. We had won. 10 men had won the title. Unbelievable.

We celebrated inside and outside the ground, the street parties were already in full swing. I was glad Brian was as slightly built as he was since I think I carried him most of the way to the car, stopping only to hug complete strangers who were happy to reciprocate.

We spoke on the way home about making it back in time for the highlights but of course the ‘strike’ put paid to that particular plan. The only slight on an unforgettable night.

If I can finish in traditional Oscar winning style:

So many people to thank for my being able to celebrate my 21st year in such unforgettable fashion. My mum of course. What timing! My dad who introduced me to the hoops. Every Celtic supporter inside and outside the ground that night for creating the gladiatorial atmosphere. The ref and Johnny Doyle for ensuring the “10 men” part, and of course Brian for being the one who shared the moments with me.

However, my biggest thanks goes to

Robert Sime ‘Roy’ Aitken.

I still think big Roy is the main reason 10 men won the league. More of a hero than Murdo in my eyes. Up there in my book with the Lions, Paul McStay, Henke et al.

Back in 1975 when I was aimlessly wandering into that engineering company, little did I know that a man born a week before me was setting out on his journey as a Celtic player, and could never have envisaged the part he was to play in my life, or the lives of millions of Celtic supporters.

Roy ‘the bear’ Aitken . Legend.


TWISTSNTURNS,many thanks indeed for this article. You’ve brought back a few good memories,that’s for sure! What a bloody night…

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£10.14 a week? Tell that to kids nowadays and they won’t believe ye!


I watched this game from the old Celtic End. No chance of getting into The Jungle that night! Great view with five of the six goals being scored right in front of me. My favourite honestly is the og from Jackson,but I can well remember the almighty whack that Murdo gave late in the game.

Because I’m sure I ducked,it was arrowed straight at me!!!

Wee offering for MARIOBERTOLINI


Btw,Alice Cooper does a regular three hour show on Planet Rock,most weeknights from 10pm. Surprisingly good he is too. Notorious namedropper though!

Twists n turns


I often wonder :

I’ve had 3 elderly friends / relatives who, on their death bed, spoke about the war despite never doing so when alive. My father in law I knew for over 25 years and he never mentioned it, until he was dying. Similar story with two others.

I was too young obviously to be involved in the war years, so I wonder if my death bed recollections will be about Celtic?
European Cup
10 men
9 in a row
Treble treble
10 in a row?

I think it’s very possible, and that probably captures more than anything, the hold Celtic have over us. The affinity. The emotional tie.

Twists n turns

Yes, and after year 1 I moved on to £12.44 then £13.16, and £14 odds until time served at which point I felt like a millionaire as the wage increased significantly.


Back in the day, I celebrated all league title wins like it was my first but there are some that stick in the memory more than most and this is one. Another being Bobby Lennox’s last minute winner against Morton in 1968 when the huns were on the pitch at Rugby Park prematurely celebrating winning the league. Oh how I’d have loved to have been in two places at the same time to see their raging and twisted faces when they heard the final score from Celtic Park. I heard quite a few of them didn’t find out till they poured off their trains at Central station. Oh dear.

I was a member of the St. Bartholomew’s CSC out of Castlemilk and remember we had to make a detour through the city centre before heading back to ra’ mulk. There was no way the driver was taking us anyway near Brigton Cross that night. The driver was getting dog’s abuse cos we were all desperate to get back home as quickly as possible to watch the highlights. Sorry driver, you were right. Safety first.

big packy

TWISTS AND TURNS brilliant article, unfortunately was not there that night, was down here in Cheshire working all the hours god sends saving up for my wedding in 1980, loved roy Aitken btw hh.

big packy

BOBBY, my first wage packet was 5 pounds and 10 pence in 1969.hh.


My reply to today’s e-Tims article.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.


An alarming article,couched in an alarming tone. Sounds like you’ve reached the acceptance stage while others are still at denial or anger.

As it happens,I agree with you pretty much. I mailed someone overnight about it. I reckoned that Tierney is a goner/gooner,Ntcham will be next,McGregor will be sold this season or next as will Ollie. James Forrest can be added to the list as the total breaches £100m. And I’d forgotten about Rogic!

I’m keeping my powder dry over on Sentinel Celts,but that will only last while the stories unfold. As soon as the ink is dry on the first sale,you’ll see my thoughts on it. I expect the first sale this week,btw. Tax purposes.

Bunch of asset-stripping bastards. Shove our best through the exits and expect us still to turn up,buy the merchandise,etc,while they are selling the jerseys?


I got more than that on my paper run!


And there we have it. KT possibly leaving for £25mill and we are, allegedly, looking at players valued at £2.5 – 3mill as a replacement. I did mention that Lenny would get 10% of KTs transfer fee 🙂
Hopefully this is all clickbait rubbish.

Meanwhile across the city at the Crumble dome Sevco continue to hoover up players. Just where do they find the money to sign these guys? Strange they haven’t received any bids for their star striker yet!

Awe Naw

Great article Twists

Awe Naw

Why Celtic and Rangers MUST cash in on Kieran Tierney and Alfredo Morelos – Keith Jackson
Next few weeks of wheeling and dealing on both sides of Glasgow will prove decisive in next season’s title race.

Keith Jackson
By Keith Jackson
06:00, 24 JUN 2019 UPDATED 7:49, 24 JUN 2019

Scottish football may have shut down for the summer but the destination of next season’s title is already being decided behind closed doors by me and other Daily Record football experts.

We reckon i will be won and lost over the course of the next few weeks without a ball being kicked in anger – all determined by the monumental decisions which are being booted around inside the boardrooms of Celtic Park and Ibrox.

That’s how vital the transfer window has become for both of these noisy neighbours now the distance between them on the pitch has been narrowed by such a very fine margin that they can be considered legitimate sporting rivals once more.

Of course Neil Lennon will argue otherwise and, having just led his club to a third successive clean sweep winning the league with only three games in hand, Celtic’s manager is speaking from a position of considerable authority.

Deep down though Lennon will also realise what’s really at stake here now that Rangers are finally fit for purpose and an almighty head to head looms large on his horizon as well as that of Steven Gerrard.

But before the two managers can begin to play tactical poker, the strength of their respective hands will hang on the outcome of a straight shoot-out between Peter Lawwell and Dave King.

At no time in the last eight years has player recruitment been as critical for Celtic as it will be this summer which is why the notion either of these men might be actively considering sanctioning the sales of their most prized and valued assets seems like twisted logic.

Certainly, that’s precisely the scenario Lawwell is mulling as Celtic’s chief executive braces himself for more incoming bids for Kieran Tierney, having already kicked out a £15million opening salvo from Arsenal.

But it should also be top of King’s to-do list as the Rangers chairman gears up again for a serious tilt this time on next season’s title. Having watched Alfredo Morelos do so much to undermine Gerrard’s first attempt at swiping Celtic’s crown, King ought to be inviting interested parties to form a queue along Edmiston Drive for the 25M pound rated Stinker.

These two players may very well represent the Old Firm’s crown jewels but hanging on to them for any longer may do more harm than good for the Scottish game.

In Tierney’s case that damage would be inflicted almost entirely on the player himself.

Yes, the Celtic supporter inside him will rage against the idea of leaving now, with the holy grail of 10 in a row less than two years away.

Aged just 22, Tierney might even try to convince himself he has time to cement that legendary status among his own people before heading south.

And he could be right. But the professional inside him will be grappling with another question. What if he’s not?

It was only two years ago that Tierney and Andy Robertson were considered as much of a muchness in the best left-back in the Scotland squad debate.

After reaching two consecutive Champions League finals Robertson is now being talked about as the best in his position anywhere in the world.

At the age of 25 and captaining his country £75m couldn’t get him out of Anfield.

Tierney must feel he is capable of matching that progression but, trouble is, he can’t move forward by standing still for much longer.

Also, the bottom line in all of this is Celtic don’t need the best left-back in the country in order to win the next two titles. If Tierney leaves it will give Rangers a chance and that makes the competition more exciting for everybody in the country

But the money they stand to raise from his sale could help Lennon bolster more obvious areas of concern such as the central defensive and attacking options.

Lawwell is unlikely to be tempted into doing so until the bidding hits the £20m mark. But – given the soaring reputations of Robertson and Virgil van Dijk – that might not take too long.

Once Celtic have accepted that bid we all know they will not replace like for like and will bank the money. A mistake.

It’s interesting to note that Celtic have already begun the process of looking for possible replacements with Derby’s Max Lowe among those to have been mildly inquired about.

Reports Lennon and Lawwell have had a bid rejected for Aberdeen defender Scott McKenna were being dismissed yesterday but there’s little doubt Celtic are trawling around the market in search of one or two centre-halves of proven quality.

A new right-back will be required and Lennon will also be hoping to land himself a striker capable of keeping Odsonne Edouard and Leigh Griffiths on their toes if they are still with Celtic at the end of the window.

On the other side of the Clyde, King must be tempted to dip his toe in the water where Morelos is concerned.

It was not so long ago Rangers were resisting the serious money for the prolific South American but they should cash in on him now 25 Million quid even for Rangers is notto be sneezed at. Morales who has only just turned 23 but whose goal scoring statistics are already something to behold.

The problem here is the more Morelos self-destructs in full view, the less willing potential buyers might be to part with significant cash. Right now there remains an air of mystery around Morelos.

There are plenty out there who will be intrigued at the thought of what their club could get out of this player but one more season of Buffalo grade indiscipline in Scotland could remove any doubt.

If King can bring those parties to the table now and convince them to enter the bidding then he might also remove a ticking time bomb from inside Gerrard’s dressing room while giving the manager enough time and funds to source at least two quality replacement strikers. Maybe three.

Gerrard may also use some of that cash to convince Liverpool into sending Ryan Kent back.

Securing a new left back might also be part of the plans if all faith has been lost in Croatian enigma Borna Barisic.

If cashing in on Morelos can help Gerrard achieve all that then it would seem like a price worth paying.

Either way these next few weeks of wheeling and dealing on both sides of the city will prove decisive. What happens on the field of play will determine very little this season.


Alfredo Morelos the 25M pound rated Stinker !!!! hahahahahahahah OMG do people actually believe that BS.

Awe Naw

Tierney is too good for Celtic so I wish him all the best.

Mc Gregor I thought we would see another season from him but if we get a good price then we cannot complain.

Rogic and Ntcham have not looked interested at all this year and if we are prioritizing sales. It would be these two cos we are not going to get rid of Compper, Eboussi, Mulumbu

bada bing1

The best game i have ever been to…


From a mail I sent overnight to one of our members.

“Lawwell is taking us for a ride and this might be a line in the sand for many. It would be for me,I’m certain. Business will be done inside the week for tax reasons. KT will walk out the door and with him goes any pretence that we are a football club. McGregor and Ntcham will probably follow,one of them at least,with Eddy going next year. That’s nearly £100m between them,and James Forrest will probably follow.”


Wee message from COSYCORNERBHOY re your wife.

Candle lit,etc,at St Winnings in Kilwinning.


Awe Naw


any Celtic fan getting themselves into a tizzy about our PLC selling players when this PLC sold us up the river in the summer 2012 is a fucking retard. Fuck them they’re the problem


Bobby and Cosy,

Thank you. I have been overwhelmed by the concern expressed on this blog.

I wish the best for others who are dealing with health issues.


Awe Naw


I have been buys . Sounds like you have good news

Great to hear – enjoy life more

Summers here and the time is right ….

Por Cierto

Excellent news Rebus67 por cierto.


Our pleasure,oul’ pal.

I used to ask THEBARCAMOLE to go out to his wee grotto backing onto the Pacific,ask for intercession as it wasn’t for personal gain.

We had a 100% success rate back then. Sadly,Franny passed away just over two years ago and was interrred on the 50th anniversary of Lisbon. Now,I just do my talking upstairs on a one-to-one basis. It seems to work,but if He ever answers me back,I’m in trouble!

My Dad still prefers his methods,the old traditionalist!


TnT, a good re-telling of your memorable day. I enjoyed reading that.


Great read about a night that will live forever.
I went to that game with a Rangers fan .
Big Roy was a man possessed.
After game we ran all the way back to Mount Florida to catch the highlights on telly only to discover some hun bassa at the BBC had supposedly screwed up the footage.
Still didn’t dampen my mood.
Walked on air for a week.

Awe Naw

RAMP IT UP Gerrard ‘to be offered £8m bonus’ by Derby as Lampard nears Chelsea move

David Fowler
24 Jun 2019, 12:51
DERBY COUNTY are set to offer Steven Gerrard an £8million bonus and Rangers £12million compensation for leading them to the Premier League in a bid to lure him away from Rangers, according to reports.

The £12million for Gerrad alone dwarfs the £9million that Celtic were paid for compensation for Brendan Rodgers and his four man team.

It ably demonstrates the pulling power of Rangers world wide and how poor Celtic are at doing business.

The Gers boss was last week linked with the Rams who are on the lookout for Frank Lampard’s successor. Lampard is yet to be offered any position by Chelsea only finished 6th in the Championship but is already being talked about as the second best young manager in Europe after Gerrard

The Ibrox club said there had been no contact between their manager and Derby and insisted he was “100 per cent committed” to the Light Blues.

But the Daily Record is reporting that the English Championship side have made the Liverpool legend their number one choice to replace Chelsea-bound Lampard.

Derby want another high-profile manager and are said to be prepared to offer Gerrard the same £8m windfall for promotion that Lampard had been promised.

The Rangers manager would be on a £2.5m wage at Pride Park that´s £1.5m more than he is currently on at Rangers and have the opportunity to lead the club to the Premier League.

Derby owner Mel Morris has put the club up for sale and wants to make them an attractive proposition for any would-be buyer.

But Gerrard is understood to be happy at Ibrox and focused on ending Celtic’s hopes of landing Nine in a Row.

When a story emerged last week that Gerrard had been approached by Derby, a Rangers spokesman said: “Let’s get one or two things clear.

“Our manager has not been approached and he remains 100 per cent committed to the job that he has here.”

Gerrard will be a future Liverpool boss and he has already coached the club’s Under-18s squad before his shock move to Scotland.

Last November, he said: “Today, I am very happy to be at Rangers and happy to do this job.

“I want to give the best of myself for Rangers.

“But nobody knows about tomorrow as tomorrow never knows so play the game of existence to the end… Liverpool is a very special place for me. One day, maybe it will happen… or not.”

Is CQN down? I’ve been trying to get on for a read for about an hour.

Awe Naw


CQN is away for a medical with their eye on a loan deal.

Sunday Post FC have confirmed their interest in CQN and are trying to make the deal permanent

Oor Wullie said “I met Mr Lawwell in the urinals and I said I´d been on CQN before I had shaken there was a contract placed under my nose”

The CQN community stated en masse after a count of three from Paul Brennan “Jings crivens help ma boab”

AweNaw, LOL


You won’t find a CEO who doesn’t talk about a ‘powerful culture’ as a source of competitive advantage. At the same time, you’d be hard-pressed to find a CEO who has much of a clue about the strength of that culture.
Marcus Buckingham

Benitez leaving Newcastle. Opportunity for Stevie Gee at a big club?

Por Cierto


I think that’s a good shout. He’s used to dealing in transfers with very little money and in comparison with what others spend in transfers in the EPL Newcastle spend very little :)) PS I wish we would spend what Newcastle spend though! por cierto

Fan-a-Tic, Most folk at the top of the tree do not know how to tap into, for instance, Celtic’s powerful culture. A few sound bites here and there. They should employ a marketing director with a department to build on their customer base. To engage with customers. To listen. To make the customer experience better. Posters have been mentioning things like Celtic TV, Celtic Retail, Kit design. Matchday facilities. Fan zone, car parking. The ironic thing is it could be profitable too!


Good morning ,,
Twists a great read and thank you very much Sir. How can you not love a team after days like that.
Cracker AweNaw.
Back later.
Hail Hail

Por Cierto

The article is fantastic. Thanks, Twists. My first wage as an Apprentice, apprentice electrician, I was 15, was £2/4/8 (£2.24) of which my mum took £1.00 por cierto

Twists n turns

Thanks for the kind feedback folks. Very much appreciated from such a well regarded bunch.

Now- who knows how to fix my back? I’m in agony here ?

Por Cierto

Oh, Twists I really feel for you. I have severe osteoporosis broke 6 bones in my back about 2yrs ago, that’s when I found out I had it, just getting back to some sort of normality. Keep active is the best way to try and get some relief, and, of course, good painkillers. wish you well, por cierto.

Celtic Champs Elect

What a very unhappy and deluded bunch you are and here was me thinking we had win a treble treble a fkn treble treble

It’s the usual suspects on here spouting absolute posh about things they know feck all about


Por Cierto

Celtic Champs Elect

Not the best way to make your point bud. Must be less stressful to keep it civil. I don’t agree with a lot of what’s posted in here, but I try to answer in a respectful manner por cierto.

Twists n turns

Por Cierto
I used to give my mum £4 a week digs.

In year 1, I always had a couple £ left when payday arrived.

Year 2 however I’d got started on the demon drink. I was in Bathgate Thursday to Monday.

So I’d pay mum £4 on Thursday night.

More often than not I’d get to Saturday and ask if I could have it back as I was skint.

Got to the stage where at breakfast on a Saturday I’d say
“ err mum I was wondering if…. “

She’d cut me off mid sentence:

“ yes you can have your £4 back” ?

Good ol mum.?

Actually only recently I was sitting with her and I asked her if she could remember buying me that Hillman Avenger for £600?

No I don’t remember that she said.

I said “ yeah, remember I was supposed to pay you back £6 a week for a couple years?”

No – she’d no recollection.

She said “ did you pay me back?”

Nope. I paid you for 2 weeks only . £12.

“ oh I don’t remember any of that” she said.

Dreadful eh. £12 instead of £600.

Mind you she’s been repaid now ?

Great stuff TnT.

FC not PLC

Celtic Champs Elect. I think you have posted on the wrong site. In about 40 posts there’s hardly been a negative thing said. Maybe you are being ‘tongue in cheek’ ?

Por Cierto

Does anyone know where David Turnbull is? por cierto

Twists n turns


I believe everyone on here is over the moon with the never to be equalled treble treble.

I believe everyone on here bleeds Celtic. That’s the team – the players.

The majority on here have issues with the lack of European ambition.

Trust me bud, I wish I could be in your camp. I know from your contributions over the years on CQN just how passionate you are about everything Celtic. I genuinely believe though most anti board supporters are every bit as pleased with the domestic achievements, but feel we can go that level up in Europe if we’d just set out a strategy with that ambition as opposed to what many feel is a policy of just keeping a nose in front of the Huns.

I hope we’re all praising the board in a month or two having seen a good level of investment.



Your reply to CCE sums it up nicely. I could not and should not add more.



Who sent you?

Twists n turns

Por Cierto
My back was sore a few weeks ago but as I’d been gardening I assumed it was that. It eventually eased up . It’s been niggling me off and on for a few years but generally the pain disappears.

Last night though it felt stiff . Seems to be in the lower back / backside area but it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where.

This morning it got worse as the hours passed to the extent I was struggling to get into the car, and even more trying to get out!

Took some paracetamol and the wife has massages some ointment into it. Hope it eases tonight. Very difficult to get comfortable at the minute.


“What a very unhappy and deluded bunch you are and here was me thinking we had win a treble treble a fkn treble treble”
The crew are in great form? Have you read the comments?

“It’s the usual suspects on here spouting absolute posh about things they know feck all about ”
We give our opinions on Glasgow Celtic , a team we all know plenty about?

Why shout and why would there be shame on us politely going about our daily business?
It would be a big shame if folk couldn’t do that,,and a slap in the face to the millions who died for democracy .

Hail Hail

Intercostal inflammation, what you are describing is what I had, as sore as, got pills from the Doc and it went away, comes back now and again but I have the pills handy, they work a treat, a kinda super strength Brufen.

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