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In the years after the first world war, women’s football was pulling crowds north of 50,000, with players such as Lily Parr and Bella Reay the stars of a burgeoning movement that looked as if it would run parallel to the men. But in 1921 the Football Association, showing the sort of forward-thinking and liberal attitudes it would stick by for years to come, decided the number of people flocking to watch the women could threaten the men, and that it simply was not on. It declared it was its “strong opinion the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged”, and banned it from its grounds.

A few clubs – most notably Dick, Kerr Ladies – soldiered on but most disbanded and the women’s game became disparate and uncoordinated, forced to play in parks, snuffed out by the most basic sexism.

By the time the ban was lifted in 1971, the women’s game had 50 years to make up on the men, broadly explaining why it is still catching up in terms of popularity, funding and prominence, at a time when the men’s game is awash with money, attention and fame. Where might it be now without those lost generations?

For the last few weeks,many of us having been getting our footballing fix via The Women’s World Cup. Personally,I’ve not seen a ball kicked but that is down to my shifts and nothing to do with misogyny.

And I can’t help thinking I’ve missed out! It’s the main topic in the sports reports of news bulletins,a major feature in the newspapers and a leading topic of conversation amongst the blokes in the pub. Whodathunkit? To be fair,I’ve managed to catch the odd clip of some of the games,and I have to say I’m impressed.

Not all things though have impressed me. There was the 13-0 drubbing of Thailand by USA,during which I thought the latter behaved quite disgracefully. I get that it’s the World Cup and that the enlargement of the tournament has lead to some shockingly mismatched teams making an appearance-I remember Celtic beating China 6-1,and you really have to read the disgraceful report on that game by Hugh Taylor!-

but that was no excuse for the overcelebrating of the winning team. I hope France give them a damn good thrashing on Friday night and proceed to rub it right in. If they do,I’ll watch a rerun of it. Just for a laugh.

No laughing matter though has been the standard of refereeing,complicated possibly by the adoption of the latest adjustments to the laws. If you thought that Spurs were hard done to for the penalty against them in The Champions League Final,well,thems the rules nowadays. Get used to them. What will take a lot more getting used to is the latest interpretation of VAR,which has been inconsistent at best and downright awful more often. Penalties given for nothing,ordered to be retaken on the strictest of technicalities,offsides awarded or refused for brushing an eyelash. You get the drift.

I’ve never really been in favour of VAR as I think it will disrupt the game,and even as a Celtic supporter who should be in favour of it in order to prevent the endemic honest mistakes of the last decade or twelve,I think it can be manipulated and used pretty much as the officials see fit. What we have seen in this tournament has been a failure of the system rather than deliberate manipulation. FIFA/IFAB will have to make it absolutely clear under which circumstances VAR is applicable,and ensure that it is abided by.

I’ll open the debate on it with a suggestion. Each manager/captain can ask for three adjudications per game. None of the officials can do so while adjudications are still available. If an adjudication is denied,then the total left is reduced by one. If it is upheld then it is not subtracted.

Additionally,officials who get a VAR decision wrong are disciplined in line with the severity of that decision. I don’t know if it will improve the game worldwide,but it bloody might well do so in Scotland!


Above article by BMCUWP. There’s a guest article on some of the original laws due shortly from SOLKITTS. It’s a fascinating read,especially if you think some of the current laws suck!

As always,we welcome guest contributions for our Article of the Day. Mail it to Mahe,be famous for fifteen minutes…

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Scotland’s best women footballers seem to come from Ayrshire,like Julie Fleeting and my kid sis. And I’m not joking,btw!

Anyway,the best was probably…


Good article, thank you.
VAR, the idea is good, BUT!! it has to be used properly and at this World Cup it’s not.
VAR is only supposed to be used when the ref has made a clear and obvious error.
I think it’s obvious to everyone, that has not been the case and it has been open to individual interpretation/manipulation.
The exact thing that VAR is supposed to stop.
You have also had the case England V Cameroon, where the ref chose to ignore VAR advice to award a pen and send off a player, in both cases VAR decision would have been correct, to the vast majority watching.
As you say, FIFA have to decide what exactly they want from VAR because just now it’s all over the place.
Hail Hail

Twists n turns

I tried a couple of games but I’m afraid I wasn’t as impressed as you! Then my son appeared and we sat down to watch one but we had agreed by 30 minutes in we couldn’t watch any more.

The standard has definitely improved remarkably but still not entertaining enough for me I’m afraid.

I did try – honest !


I watched a bit of the Scotland versus Argentina match but mainly because my niece was in the crowd and was hoping I might catch a glimpse of her – I didn’t though her mum claims to have seen her. When Scotland went three up with twenty minutes left, my wife boldly stated the game was won. I gave her a knowing stare based on my experience of watching their male equivalents find new and spectacular ways to fail at major football tournaments. However, on this occasion they were surpassed by the women who managed to throw away a three goal lead in part through bad management (couldn’t the manager see many of her team were flagging when Argentina freshened up their team?) poor positional play (tiredness?) and rank bad officiating – not just bad but seemingly ignorant of the laws of the game. Based on what I saw and have heard of other games, I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to watch women’s football in a hurry. Wouldn’t mind it though if the England women’s team win the tournament as it would be a right get-it-right-up-ye to their overpaid and over-pampered male equivalents.

big packy

BOBBY, good post as usual, but no offence to ATOB, but like tnt ive tried to watch womens football but it just does not do it for me.hh.



Womens football is unfortunately a different game and not for me.

I’ve tried watching women’s golf, but apart from 2 or 3 players its like watching boys golf (u-15’s) – doesn’t really do it for me.

Women’s tennis can be pretty good but they only play 3/5ths of a game and get the same money.

Women’s volleyball is good and women’s beach volleyball is certainly more appealing than the men’s.

Track and field can be good, except for the kratochvilova’s + semanyas who do a bit of gender bending.

The only sports where gender no longer plays a role are horse riding, although racing is pretty much still completely dominated by men.

When’s the football back?

Twists n turns

Kabaddi is the future ?

It’s a kinda “ tig” for adults combined with British bulldog.

Awe Naw


did you get that skelf removed from your lower back ?


I watched our title win at Aberdeen chez ATHINGOFBEAUTY with the rest of the family. I was banned from celebrating it or even mentioning it until we went three up. And even that was grudged despite being in the last minute. We’ve had too many disappointments,you should know better,I was told. In no uncertain terms.

I’m with a few others re women’s football, it’s not my cup of T, maybes if they had green and white hoops on it might be different.
Get yer finger oot Pedro.

I’m with a few others re women’s football, it’s not my cup of T, maybes if they had green and white hoops it might be different.
Get yer finger oot Pedro.

Oops, no idea what happened there

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
Nah, skelf still there ?

Got the appointment yesterday.

I asked him what was causing it?

He said – being human and having 2 legs .

Fair enough!

Ante inflammatory tablets and painkillers. He said they were the strongest he could prescribe and they’d make me drowsy. Don’t drive or operate machinery. Aye ok.

Went to bed at 11-45pm and I was up at 04.10am ?

Pain definitely receding though.

Tell ye what, I bought a new car . Might be coincidence but these back niggles coincide with that re timing.


If it is that , I’m kinda stuck with it for 3 years?


On womens football I’m biased. My lass 37 last week has Scottish Cup , Scottish League medals won with Glasgow City. Played U17 for Scotland in France , Faroe Islands, Israel and Wembley. She was pretty useful and the current crop are a step up from her playing days 1990 to 2006 when she moved to London. As I’ve shared before she now works in Manhatten with NBA. She has friends from that time with good professional careers.

I’ve watched some technically gifted play in the WWC and enjoy the fact that mistakes happen or midfield isnt quickly suffocated or the goalies are in difficulty with high shots or crosses.

However my warmth to the game is in watching how well the girls that my lass played with and against learned from mixing with each other in terms of religion and race to become decent human beings and adults in the professional world outside sport.

That attitude of at worst respect and at best friendship towards each other is something missing from the mens game and most certainly in Scotland where hate is the competitive driver not sport or the love of it.

There is though a commercial aspect that makes it worthwhile bringing the attitudes in womens football to mens by changing the demography of the spectators.

My good lady has no interest whatsoever in mens football but as I’m watching the Scotland v England match with headphones on I’m aware of shouting from behind me. I take of earphones whilst she starts asking questions about players and incidents. She has watched all Scotland games since and others. Total transformation.

She was hooked and at the very least she now has an understanding when I go off my head when a goal is scored or some incident happens.

So there is your audience to transform Scottish football into a family event to replace those who follow football in order to hate. God knows we need more love in whatever form it manifests itself than hate in the world as a whole and healing has to start somewhere.

On not being interested had it been Celtic Ladies playing in the Womens Champions league would that not make it interesting to a whole Celtic supporting family, not just dad and sons?

I love the way the womens game has matured, I might even claim to have played my part in the early 90s as I drove to Cumberbauld from EK via Bridgeton, (yup the wee yin and her family were Rangers folk and her dad and I would enjoy watching our girls play in each others company) , Maryhill and then Bellshill to collect another 2 who played at full International level.

What we are watching in this WWC is a game in progress towards greater maturity with attitudes and behaviours that would enrich the mens sport and might even become a cure for hate.

Awe Naw

Iv e watched most games in the womans world cup and have thoroughly enjoyed it. VAR is in its early stages yet. They will use this experience to perfect matters. The men could learn a lot from the woman when it comes to attitude.


On VAR the decision to ask for it should always lie with the referee.

Any call TO him/her from the Varoom has to be on an obvious infringement that a ref would be expected to see in normal course of a game .

Any call FROM him/her to the Varoom would be for an incident that the ref has decided needs clarification, like the penalty Argentina got v Scotland.

The goalie moving at a penalty should be the refs decision alone otherwise you might as well give a goal.

The biggest problem is the unforeseen one of robbing the game of spontaneity. No more jumping up and down in excitement when a goal is scored or penalty saved.

Instead of immediate joy there is either relief or disappointment. Take the joy out of football and you kill it.

If Taggart were around now he would say.

” Naebody move, there’s been a VARcall”,


Aw Naw

Snap. 🙂

Awe Naw

On VAR the decision to ask for it should always lie with the referee.
Strongly disagree

Any call TO him/her from the Varoom has to be on an obvious infringement that a ref would be expected to see in normal course of a game .
only for game changing incidents that includes yellow cards

Any call FROM him/her to the Varoom would be for an incident that the ref has decided needs clarification, like the penalty Argentina got v Scotland.
I could not believe that England never got a penalty after VAR interceded. If the Cameroonians hadn´t been such bitches it would have been given. Consistency across matches is what is REALLY needed

The goalie moving at a penalty should be the refs decision alone otherwise you might as well give a goal.
sorry Auldheid but again I disagree too much for one person to observe

The biggest problem is the unforeseen one of robbing the game of spontaneity. No more jumping up and down in excitement when a goal is scored or penalty saved.
I agree here but some of the VAR decisions are overkill. I think a tennis like rule where you are allowed so many challenges would be effective

Not that I am complaining, if we get the boy Jullien signed, he looks the biz btw, but is it not a false economy letting Boyatta leave for free then spend £8 mill reportedly + wages which will be at the top of our scale, when we could have given Boyatta a decent pay rise, he said that he would have stayed had he gotten one, or is Pedro cutting his nose off again, I can’t fathom this one out.
Sorry Auldheid, the reason that the referees must NOT have the final decision is the reason they are bringing it in in the first place, FFS just imagine anything perceived against the hun it will never be called for by the refs, the clubs, all clubs must insist and accept who the VAR officials are at any given game, this must be stipulated and agreed to, else we can kiss goodbye to any semblance of fairness.

Awe Naw


nothing to do with Boyata and everything to do with unsettling Rodgers

Awe Naw
That thought had crossed my mind

I agree that something like the managers should have three calls, it sure would add spice to a game 😉

Awe Naw

Awe Naw No Ewan Otoo Oan Anaw Too

bada bing1

Tam McManus saying that Turnbull with be out for 10 to 12 weeks. Needs a minor knee op to “tidy up” something
Deal still expected to go ahead. Still puts him out the qualifiers.


Have to feel for the young guy Turnbull.
I’m sure his only thought’s are of being a successful footballer.
It’s a thin line between love and hate and in any young footballers case reaching their true potential.
This young man has gone through the emotions of all of the above in the last few weeks.
His ascendancy to a higher level has stalled due to an undisclosed medical problem and could have an uncertain physiological impact on his future.
I for one hope it makes him stronger and even more determined to become a Celtic legend.

A thing of beauty

Big packy, no offence taken on my part. I have not watched the WWC aside from a brief minute here and there. I played the game and it was great to play but not to watch. Not unless they make the pitch and goals smaller. Woman are not the same as men and their sport is not the same. When people accept this then we can look at ways to market female sport properly, but watching broadcasters and commentators trying to convince me how good it is just isn’t working for me. I realise the smaller goals and pitch presents challenges in that you would need different parks set up but long term I think it would be better.


Great suggestion on goal and pitch side especially from one who has experience.
I have no knowledge but are the administrators of the woman’s game predominantly female?


Some strange decisions made in this WC, not least the offside ones. How can a still photo determine if someone is offside when they and the other players plus the ball are moving, sometimes at speed. When is the action stopped for the photo, as the ball is struck or just as the ball leaves contact with the player playing the ball? It would appear that it is when contact with the ball is made rather as it leaves the players boot which is to early in the sequence for an accurate interpretation of ete it’s off side or not.
1or 2 frames can make all the difference so slow motion frame by frame should be the way to do it imo.

bada bing1

From Celtic FC
NEIL Lennon said he has been very impressed by what he has seen of Marian Shved and Vakoun Issouf Bayo in Celtic’s Austrian training sessions so far, as he praised his squad for their impressive conditioning and drive so early in pre-season.
The manager highlighted the many positives that have emerged from the training sessions in the intense 30-degree heat of Stegersbach as the Hoops undertook their second day of the 10-day training camp.
The double training sessions have given Neil Lennon the opportunity to have a closer look at some of his players for the first time, including new Bhoy Maryan Shved and Vakoun Issouf Bayo, who has returned from injury.
Speaking exclusively to Celtic TV, the manager gave an insight into his first impressions of the Ukranian winger and Ivorian striker, as well as some of the more experienced Celts making their return.
“I’m very pleased with what I’m seeing of Marian Shved and I’m delighted with Bayo,” said Neil Lennon. “Bayo’s coming back off a long injury and looks in really good condition and is training well. It’s like having two new players.
“Leigh is training very well too. The boys who have been out for quite a while look hungry, and it’s great to see Kouassi back out on the training ground along with the senior boys like Brown, McGregor and Bitton. They all look very good, even at this early stage.”
Temperatures of over 30 degrees have made for gruelling training sessions for the Bhoys, which Neil Lennon said will stand his side in good stead for the challenges ahead.
“It’s been very intense,” he said. “The players have been working very hard, as you can imagine. The temperature and the humidity is stifling. It’s very difficult conditions for them to work in, but it’s exactly what we wanted for this time of year.
“I’ve been really pleased with the condition of not just the younger boys, but the senior boys as well.”
Celtic will play their first game of pre-season tonight when they face SC Pinkafeld, and Neil Lennon gave an indication as to the players which would be involved.
“We’ll not use the senior boys for the first game,” he said. “It’s too soon. They only joined us on Monday so all the international boys will miss out, so we’ll go with two teams for the game this evening.
“These games are a natural progression towards the priority, which is the Sarajevo game. There’ll be two teams who get 45 minutes and then we’ll integrate the senior boys into the fold in the next two games. It’s good to get some match fitness and match sharpness into them and hopefully we’ll have some decent competition as well.”
Neil Lennon’s side have their first pre-season match in Austria tonight (Wednesday) against SC Pinkafeld (KO: 5.30pm Celtic Park time).
The game is LIVE and EXCLUSIVE on Celtic TV. Subscribe to Celtic TV before 4.30pm today to watch the Hoops in action.


Morning troops, ,
Didn’t even know we were playing tonight!
Feels like yesterday we lifted the cup.
Of course with most boycottin CTV many will miss. The one person with it might just have to hand the password out for the season.
And a Ghanaian signed!!! My type of signing,,however rather than let him come to us,,,go to Ghana,,find a few diamonds, and use that special work permit to bring them in.
A few Ghanaians in the team would be great imo.
Haven’t seen a single woman’s game ever despite knowing a few players. It’s a hot topic right now so fair play for having a squint at it Bobby.
As Auldheid says there seems to much more team spirit. I think with less money there’s a more natural love of the sport itself. That comes through and we fans find it refreshing .
What I would like to see is a lady good enough to not be ignored by mens teams ,, as possibly a mixed sex team then.
We’ve all heard if he’s good enough he’s old enough but what about if she’s good enough she plays?
There’s probably rules that forbid a mixed team but a lawsuit would probably smash that as being discriminatory.
Another idea is the women’s game on night before or same day but earlier than mens game to take advantage of the crowds and exposure.
Hail Hail

Gordon64 Man Utd agree deal worth 50 million for 21yr old Aaron Wan-Bissaka. What price KT ?


Anyone watching the game for updates??
And if you are,,, sellout. 😉


I ain’t watching but have to admit to being distracted.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL. looks like a decent line up .who will be supplying the updates. ?


Fan-a-tic, ,
There’s a fella on here is a dodgy link specialist,,not over yet.
After Lennys words I’m very curious to see Boom Boom Boom Bayo,,
A fella that is a special talent and has the visa stamp to prove it . Wonder if there’s a player there. I recall about this time a few years ago Benyu looked the biz for a couple games,,,and tanked.
Kouassi another I wanna see play.
Hail Hail


Get that line up on here pls
Hail Hail


Julien medical tomorrow being reported.
Very nice.

Just read team,,no Tierney in squad. Make of that what you will.


CELTIC: Hazard, Ralston, Simunovic, Welsh, Hayes, Coffey, Christie, Oko-Flex, Miller, Griffiths, Sinclair.
Subs: Doohan, Gutman, Savoury, Morrison, Henderson, Aitchison, Johnston, Dembele, Robertson.


Nahe, Don’t overreact, plenty of first timers missing, Mainly a reserve team.


I’m watching but game doesn’t kick off for another 6 or 7 minutes. I’ll post updates on the goals if we get any.

I am hoping to see the game on here, but as my leccy is not reliable, it’s due to the fire yesterday, they are renewing overheads and don’t give an eff.
It doesn’t look like it’s online as yet, hopefully soon.

big packy

CORKCELT cheers ?

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, will give it a try,hh ?


Wheres Morgan?

Lenny said the international bhoys and the senior players would be getting game time in the next two games, this is for the weans and those who have played for a while, Griff and Ryan


not a lot happening first 10, minutes, Celtic dominating possession, Couple of half chances.