Great value and the here and now

As its transfer time and knowledge is power if the old saying is true I spent precisely the wee ones morning nap to scour the continental moves taking place and see if anything jumps out.
The following transfers do jump out , though more as a guide not a you slept in cheap pot shot at the club.
We have heard the rumours etc and will address transfers if and when they happen as if we were to start writing about speculation,,you would be there all year long for starters never mind wasting your time a lot.

1,,,Pacey Greek winger and sometimes supporting striker Anastasios Bakasetas was one of the reasons I was saying at the time that we should not expect to beat AEK and it was a toss up.
A 25 year old he has 21 caps to his name and painfully of course Champions league experience at our expense .
One would imagine him watching Oh Ah Samaras in the Hoops as a boy .
He has never left his home country and even though he still has three years left on his contract and is about to peak he has just been bought by another in country team Alanyaspor for 800,000 Euros .

2,,, Ante Majstorovic jumped out because of the name but check out these stats.
An uncapped Croatian he is 25 so just about to hit his peak and stands at just under 6 foot 7 inches and his position is,,,,yes you guessed it correct hes a centre back.
Like our Greek friend above he has only played in country and moved to NK Lokomotiva for a cool one million Euro three years ago . He went on loan to Dinamo Zagreb to play the season past where he was a key player being in the starting eleven 89%.
He has decided he isnt sticking around though and has joined another in country team NK Osijek for 400 thousand Euro.

3,,, Michal Travnik is Czech and also 25 like the lads above plus just like the other two has never left his home country to play elsewhere. He is a central midfielder who started 136 games and scored a not to shabby 30 goals for FK Jablonec which has lead Sparta Prague to fork out 1.8 million Euros for his middle of the park services next season. Those nice stats have also earned him call ups to the national squad for recent friendlies so he seems to be on the rise and found his mojo and got his move to the big club.

Finally,,,Quincy Promes.
Quincy is a Dutch International winger come striker who found himself in Moscow then Seville for a season and has now been brought home by Ajax who have holes to fill as we all know.
At 27 he is in his prime and the Spanish side will take a slight hit on the player but he will still cost the Amsterdam side 14.2 million. He scored against England not too long ago .
He will sign a five year deal to cover his prime years and we will probably hear much more of his name now.

The first three players as mentioned are merely intended to show that if you buy from clubs outwith the big five or six leagues there can be tremendous value.
Yes all three players will have been overseas scouted of course , and obviously found lacking for whatever team was looking at the time I understand that .
But when we see the level of our punts and what players in their prime can be bought for elsewhere it really makes you stop and think.
All three of the players mentioned are about to peak and are on the lower scale of our signings bracket usually .
The next diamond in the rough is everyone’s fairytale , and Bayo’s 18 in 23 made Celtic bite. But when his two million is held up next to what is cheap , there ,ready and proven at 25 years old then does he seem such a bargain?
25 years old might not suit our get mega millions from the Epl model , but there are solid cheap players out there that will do the job here and now never mind the money coming back down the road.
One thing though,,when you read transfers like we seen above , and then you hear people saying the value isnt there ,, then they are looking in the wrong place.
Also at that price its not the end of the world if not working out and as far as Im concerned Bakasetas passed his live in house job interview also.

The last player is clearly different and I highlighted him for a reason.
We all just watched Ajax win hearts and minds with their football and it seems they are back for want of a better phrase. BUT we see the usual global giants swoop for their starlets as always happens ,, ie the pecking order.
Well they have seemingly been well prepared for openings up top and on the left wing and have actually went and taken a player in his prime from a club in a bigger league,,chapeau !
That the player is Dutch is key but that goes to show you they knew there was a quality compatriot out there who would come home and cover that spot now for the prime years of his career,,all for a mere 14 million which is a fraction of what they are pulling in.
Infact if this boy stars for the next two years then at 29 he might tempt someone to grab him at another huge profit,,and the wheel turns again.
Ajax had their homework done and will now reap the benefits.
They have decided to go with the finished article in this case not a project even though projects usually turn out well . They have recognised the value of here and now and seen it in that player.
That player probably see’s a club with a plan , and knows that he is spending his best days going somewhere , settled and receiving adulation.

The lessons here are simple ,, great value to be found outside the big leagues and bringing in players in their prime sometimes is the smart move and should be done full stop.

Theres a right mix of projects , prime , and the experienced that we must strive to achieve.
Well done the Celts last night as the mostly Colts hit back from a goal down to win 6 -1 .
The first stretch out of the season just flew in,,not even July yet.

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OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Hello Fholks.

Dipping my toes back in the discussion after swearing I’d never do Celtic blogs again!

But it’s turning out to be such a great site, badly needed, that I’ve found it increasingly more difficult to avoid joining in.

Ironically, I’ve not much to add to your well-thought out blog here, BMCUWP, except to slam the brakes on your optimism at the end that anything could possibly improve Scottish Football, other than the trial and execution of the Scottish establishment via a workers’ revolution, followed by a boot up the arse of every Tory on the Celtic board, until they decided that their free cash windfall was no longer worth it, and fecked off to Sevco to see what pennies they could scrape out of the more gullible supporters. ?

Anyway, I hope everyone is well, and hope you’re doing better health wise BMCUW.

Been a great read recently and delighted to see you going from strength to strength here. Well done to yourself and Mahe.

I doubt I’ll post much as there’s little i disagree with being said. Except for uber Celtic nosed lover CCE, and his random bit of uber-celt-trolling yesterday (ironically, the very thing that put me off Celtic social media ) ?

Anyway, here’s a great laugh interview with Broonie, in case anyone has missed it. Love it.

HH Fholks

Addendum: interesting post Mr Mahe. I was typing my current post on the old thread when you did that old trick of creating a new one to test me……,.hence my out of timeline comment above which I’ve copied and pasted before posting on the previous thread…..? You’ll never defeat me, evil internet !!!!!

Anyway…….This is the kind of chat we should be seeing on Celtic blogging !! Possible, exciting player recruitment.!! Thanks for researching that, Mr Mahe.

Sadly, I fear, the quoted targets from other media will fail at various supposed hurdles, and we will sign a couple of Kilmarnock players, and Lenny, (whose appointment i fully support, in spite of the Tory board), will do well, recover from a slump, then move on as he is once again let down by Tories on the Celtic Board.

Either way, as many others have said, we have yet again jeopardised European CL qualification by not preparing a ready squad, and missing the very basics of a defence. A point not made enough is how a weak defence affects the confidence of the whole team, from to back, from goalkeeper to midfielders to strikers. It’s an utterly destructive approach. Hence the humiliation in Europe even though we had BR in charge. Amateur hour.

I blame you for not posting this during the last transfer window ?


Why thank you,,,,Only Uber Tim ?
I guess we’re gonna have to nickname you bro,,it’s probably best if you took the iniative on that instead of leaving it to idle minds,,,
Glad you enjoy the blog and there’s a lot to be said even in general agreement.
I would take all three players myself of course,,,just to be safe . The last one seems a solid midfielder type we could with,,but then that’s Kouassi apparently. The Croat giant could be helped settle by Jozo, , and Bakasetas would get tips from Sammi .
There’s players there to be found. Hope Bayo has something.
Anyway good to hear from you.
Hail Hail

Twists n turns

Only Uber Tim


Hadn’t seen that video. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing .

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Why thank you,kind sir! Can’t take much of the credit for it really-the site was MAHE’s idea,and it’s only as good as its posters.

On which,welcome aboard. The site is as much for the disaffected from other sites as anyone,and it’s good to see some blasts from the past joining in.

It’s gonna puzzle me for a while which name you posted under before,but hopefully I’ll guess it before you have to put me out of my misery!


Great stuff,mate. Fancy a job with our scouting department?

big packy

MAHE, as bobby said do you want a job in our scouting department?

big packy

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm, welcome to the blog.hh.

Twists n turns

Liverpool reportedly want £10m to £12m for Kent.

Have to confess I’ll be glad to see the back of him. Caused us a few problems.

I’m guessing a loan deal would be the only option though reports say he’s not interested in going back to Rangers on loan.

big packy

TWISTS AN TURNS yes agree, he was the one player that worried me when playing thems.hh.

Byres Road Bhoy

Morning all. Welcome and thanks Uber Tim for the ‘Broonie’ link which I hadn’t seen. Another good piece Mahe. The thought that there may be good bargains to be had in East European countries came to me too when watching Celtic being mercilessly horsed by Legia Warsaw at Murrayfield under Ronnie’s tenure. Their movement and ball control seemed so much better than ours.
In other news, have any of you guys seen this from The National on 23 June? Truly, truly Orwellian…

“AN SNP councillor accused of spying on the Ministry of Defence (MoD) was questioned about whether he thought Rangers are a new club to determine if he was a threat to national security.

A vetting expert questioned Inverclyde Council’s Chris McEleny on his opinion of the Glasgow club after he was accused of having IRA sympathies and passing sensitive information, including pictures of nuclear submarines, to the SNP.”


I saw that the other day and could only think…



bada bing1

Turnbull deal off,not happy with revised offer, could be out 3-6 months after op,we were holding back a %,given his recovery, could be Motherwell playing hardball, but DT has been told if he recovers, we will be back in for him

Byres Road Bhoy

BB sorry to hear your news re young Turnbull. Feel so sorry for him. I had felt he could easily step into Armstrong’s shoes but with a blood disorder and now this knee-op requirement, I can appreciate Pedro’s desire to re-negotiate. The word Boerrigter comes to mind…

Awe Naw

‘F***ING DISGRACE’ Snoop Dogg slammed after using picture of Rangers junkie legend Paul Gascoigne in an anti-alcohol abuse Instagram post
Dave Fraser
27 Jun 2019, 11:52Updated: 27 Jun 2019, 11:54
SNOOP DOGG has been slammed on social media after using pictures of junkie Rangers legend Paul Gascoigne in an Instagram post showing the negative effects of “alcohol abuse”.

The American rapper, 47, was criticised after hitting out at poor Gazza in a completely unprovoked attack.

Snoop Dogg has bizarrely taken aim at Paul Gascoigne over his alcohol battles

Fans have flocked to support troubled Gazza after Snoop’s post

Snoop Dogg shared two pictures of Gers hero Gascoigne – one of him aged 20 and another aged 47 – to show just how much he’s changed and how much being associated with Rangers has hindered any possibility of recovery

Gazza, 52, has infamously struggled with alcohol and mental health issues since he joined Rangers

But fans have leapt to his defence after Snoop took aim – comparing himself to Gazza at the same milestones – seemingly in a bid to prove alcohol is worse for the human body than marijuana.

One supporter wrote: “Snoop Dogg is cold for posting this smh”.

Another said: “Why has snoop dogg laid into Gazza like that”.

A third wrote: “Snoop Dogg disrespecting Paul Gascoigne, considering he suffered with alcoholism and other issues. F***ing disgrace.”

Most recently, Gascoigne joined in an abusive sectarian song which includes the words “f*** the Pope” in a Benidorm boozer.

The troubled ex-England footballer appeared at the Ibrox Bar in the Spanish resort on Saturday.

Rangers hero Paul Gascoigne filmed singing cheekily ‘f**k the Pope and the IRA’ chant in Benidorm’s Ibrox Bar
Footage posted by the venue — named after the ground where Gazza played for Rangers — shows him at the £18-a-ticket Sash Bash with Gazza.

Protestant Rangers fans serenade him with a sectarian version of Tina Turner’s hit Simply The Best.

Gazza can be seen mouthing: “F*** the Pope and the IRA.”

He is also filmed posing for selfies with boozy fans although he is clutching a bottle of water.

When Snoop Dogg was tracked down he refused to be interviewed and released a statement “I smoke weed every day and I´m feeling just like my Celtic homies always champion. “


Reports that there will be a large amount of dry powder available at the close of this transfer window.


Sympathy for Turnbull but Celtic were right to revise conditions.
Hopefully the young mans psyche will not be affected and he has a successful future in the game.

Welcome Uber Tim
I kinda feel for Turnbull, he is a pawn in a shitty game here, but for once the club are doing the right thing 100% imo.
As for our scouting dept, it’s pish, it’s a total waste of money imo, eastern europe and the lower leagues in Spain and France are where real bargains are to be found, yet we don’t seem to bother about scouting there.

It’s gonna be interesting when the spend this window is well in our favour, no doubt the groupies will still defend their guru till the cows come home, he can do no wrong can Pedro, even if we fail to get the CL it won’t be his fault and God forbid we have no EL football, I still reckon he will be like the Teflon Don, the market will be blamed.

Awe Naw

So who have we signed for sure this summer so far ?

We have signed not a single one as far as I can tell.

Awe Naw

So I make one of my famous predictions crystall ball out

If Neil Lennon wins the treble then he will be given the managers job as there will be no need to punt Season Ticket after a treble treble and Neil in place no box office marquee signing will be made. This summer we will not recruit heavily. Far from it. For what reason ? If the huns don´t win something this year and I think they will then they will have even less spending power. Gerrard will no longer be such a rookie. The job of being an Old Firm loser will be less attractive. He will have less money probably none or next to little in trying to turn it around. So why would we spend ?

I reckon the punishment period may be over. You NOT ME can blame it all on Brendan Rodgers.

I expect Neil´s remit will be to rejuvenate the careers and increase the number of minutes on the pitch given to the likes of of Griffiths, Bayo, Lustig(new 1 year), Henry, Compper, Kouassi, Bitton, Rogic, Ntcham, Hayes, Arzani and to try and develop further Henderson, Ralston, Johnston. With the main stays being Kierney, Brown, Forrest, Mc Gregor, Edouard, SInclair, Christie, Simunovic

We also will have the loan players Miller, Morgan, Mulumbu, Perez, Gutman. Shved, Benyu returning.

The plc will believe that we can be “less gubbed” in Europe with Neil´s horse for courses approach than Brendans philosophy approach. No need to spend on that.

That´s 29 players Neil will have to work with he will not be getting anymore unless it´s a “no brainer”. There will be some comings and goings but not of the multi million pound variety

This would mean Neil going head to head with Gerrard with still a far better squad than the huns have and the focus will have been removed from Trebles to stopping the nine. I think a treble treble will be a better ST mover than Gerrad winning the Scottish cup.

There will be a massive clear out this summer and that will be it.

Awe Naw
I remember when you posted that thinking you wouldn’t be far wrong, and the great man himself confirmed it, he said that the squad didn’t need a major overhaul, it’s all coming to fruition, one bit I reckon you got wrong tho was there will be a major outgoing of the multi million variety, possibly more than one.


The Exiled Tim
Like the predictable Neil appointment the table has been set for minimum difference.
There are already some blogs laying the groundwork for little spend.
If the suits do one thing well it’s controlling the narrative.
All so strange as if we were not willing to spend even a little of our cash mountain then why appoint a coach who has shown his dislike of playing youth?

Henderson again yesterday showed how baffling it was that Neil dropped him from squad for most of run in and final when he was probably our most creative player who produced goals and assists when given the chance.

Awe Naw


Henderson was using up a shop window space. His time will cone


Morning troops,,
Tim the Jim 53 get your arse on here and call it straight pls. Not the same without you.
Clear now what the Turnbull hold up was,,,
Not our fault though. Ah well, there’s players out there just waiting .
Hail Hail

Awe Naw

The Exiled Tim

I agree not just Tierney but Mc Gregor, Rogic, Ntcham, Forrest —- hell possibly even Sinclair.

The question PL will be asking himself is if that comes to fruition can we still be in touching distance with Sevco come January and I have to say yes very likely


” “I smoke weed every day and I´m feeling just like my Celtic homies always champion. “
Welcome to California


So Turnbull move officially off now,,ah well.
Go to the continent and seek value. Sure they might wanna move someday but that’s life.
Hail Hail

Awe Naw
It’s actually quite a scary thought that he would sell all those you mention, cos he will if there are bids in for them and like the last time Lenny was the boss, ” Sell all my best players and replace them with shite ” is history about to repeat itself, stay tuned 😉


Forrest was earmarked for sale the day we signed Shved.
Ntcham was maybe disgruntled about Dembele circumstances and we preceded to rub salt in his wounds by switching his roles and playing time to create easy path to departure.
KT is just a by-product of our boards love of money above all else.
Sinclair gets paid too much for the suits liking and recouping some of the outlay is always the plan.
Rogic ditto.
McGregor will be the hardest sell to the fans so i expect some negative blog talk to facilitate .
Young Dembele and probably Oko Flex are phase 2 of operation constant profit.

Margaret McGill

The British have abandoned the UK
The Labour Party have abandoned the working classes
Celtic have abandoned their supporters

Time to move on folks


The Turnbull situation reminds me of the old Rikki Fulton sketch about Rangers boss trying to find reasons to tear up contract of Catholic he had just signed.
Had visions of PL booting him in the knee Roy Keane style once he realized cost of the entire package.

A joke for those who would see offense and best wishes to young Turnbull.


” Celtic have abandoned their supporters
Time to move on folks”
If this is life under a Plc then yeah it’s over if we can’t affect change and they will just stay on this course.
There will a whip round taking place soon with the aim of a board seat on Belfast Celtic.
Like Obi Wan Kenobi it’s our only hope.
Hail Hail

Change of a sorts will happen as soon as the huns win the league, if Lenny doesn’t win it this coming season, I would hope the support vote with their feet, how sad is it that a reaction will only happen when we don’t win, time after time we have been in a position that one little push and we would leave them in our wake, yet time after time we don’t and they are hanging on to our coat tails, if I didn’t know any better anyone would think we are waiting for them to make a game of things.
Just follow follow the money.


Going by the logic of some blogs replacing a Ferrari with a Yugo would be an excellent piece of business by the brilliant CEO of a racing team.


I see Spurs have just sunk the guts of a hundred million into their new guy.
65 plus 200 a week,,,Spurs are paying 200 a week? !!! There goes the wage barrier which may spell trouble although they seem to be aiming to cement that top four spot at Arsenal expense again.
They just spent the Champs league money from last year on one player,,have 100 mill tv money still, and then tickets and merch.

Athletico though are gonna blow the Greissman money on a wonderkid,,. Felix
They also will break the hundred million barrier.
Barca also for Greissman though seems Ter Stegen is off as they spend 23 on new keeper, too expensive for backup right?

Liverpool spend 1.3 million on a kid, amazing, yet the big Pool talk is they have began talking to Mbappe about a transfer next summer.
Some seem really convinced this is on for probably world record fee. He wants to play under Klopp and experience the Prem they claim. Knows he’s a star and will tour the biggest leagues, Spain after England.

We will see a billion dollar player, inevitable really. Remember in the 70s six million bought you a bionic man ( Steve Austin ) what’s it get you now? Wouldnt get Mbappes left hand for that now ffs.

Ah the beautiful game,, she’s doesn’t recognise herself on the mirror.
Hail Hail


Interesting and thoughtful blog Mahe.

There are two points for a better footballing model and it depends on recognising that whilst there is the odd exception footballers tend to become better with age and 25 is a useful mid point.

In support I cite Ryan Christie, always a talent to me at age 24 he blossomed. ” Bulked up” was the term for what is a natural physical development for a young man.

That means that whereas at 20 a gifted player get knocked off the ball, by 25 he protects it better that in turn allows natural talent to thrive.

So wherever you get them we should have a few 24 to 25 year olds in the first team squad.

Ajax also saw benefit of guys at the other end of their career signing up and we dont seem to have too many of those in the squad Broonie apart.

Some of the young guys on show last night will become regulars at 24 25, but they need a bit of protection more mature players can provide.

It’s not rocket science and balance is surely something the footballing side argue for in discussions with the purse holder and is an argument purse holders can hardly deny.


You bassa.
I’m putting together a quiz for 4th July weekend ,, and that question WAS in it !!! 😉 it’s cool bro there’s many more questions waiting around

Official announcement,,our first ever quiz will take place Saturday 6th July at 8pm Belfast time. Please show up,,,,,,
Its fourth July weekend obviously and traffic sucks , I like to stick around however the local Native American tribe the Mi Wok in this little redneck town has a casino concert hall and has none other than already mentioned famous Celtic fan Snoop Dogg playING here which aint gonna be pretty as he rolls deep and every wannabe gangsta from Cali and Nevada gonna turn up . The locals can’t believe it.
Tonights big artist Pitbull cancelled for a family emergency ahem. Not complaining.
HaIL Hail

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, listen this is my tuppence worth, if them 53,000 season tickets had not gone so early, there might, just might have been a different scenario, but with the tickets sold, old pedro knew he had the upper hand, as tet says fc not plc. JIM as mahe says, get yourself back on, or ill tell one of my stories.hh???


Cooling break at 16 minute mark in the Germany v Romania under 21 game.
A sign of what’s in store for next world cup in Qatar?

big packy

JIM, love that movie just for the songs alone, they don’t make em like that anymore so sad..hh.


Under21s Germany 1 Romania o on 21 minutes.
Incredible run by Amiri from own half straight down the middle dribbling past 3 to score from edge of box.
The value of positive direct football.
Romanians just hit post but ref checking VAR for foul in build up and awards penalty .
Puscas makes it 1-1 despite valiant effort by goalie.
Great game.

Big Packy, when I was a toddler, I was glued to the gramophone. There was a drop down leaf shelf which was full of my wee tooth imprints. My mother and father’s first LPs were Carousel and Oklahoma. I knew YNWA word perfect before it was a Celtic anthem.


The Romanians are a very skillful side and are causing the Germans a lot of problems.
Perhaps a country we should be scouting?

big packy

JIM,,gramaphone blast from the past?, we had a radiogramme don’t you know, looked like a piece of furniture with a turntable, but you could get the light programme and radio Luxembourg, oh and radio caroline, oh and 3 way family favourites?

Talking about gramophones. Do you remember the old Wireless’s They used to have loads of radio stations on the dial area. Always included was Radio Athlone! (My grandfather’s place).

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