The percentage game and an old saying

Its silly season folks.
Every player in the squad is getting sold and the board are gonna sail chartered to an island off Guatemala and have venison pie helicoptered in with all our cash laughing at us forever more.
Or so the rumour goes.
I actually used to like this time of year believe it or not.
At one stage I found it exciting not knowing who might be the next superstar in the making holding up that scarf with a smile and pose , saying the right words.
Now there is an entire industry built around this non stop rumour mill.
I love a rumour as much as the next man but if you actually happen to blog about a rumour , and it doesn’t come off you’re essentially wasting everyone’s time.
Blog about more than one without any sources and youre a gossip monger essentially.
And to yer man that keeps sending us the rumours,, were not making you famous bro 😉

I read a stat this week that said only a mere three percent of the players Manchester United were linked with last calendar year actually came off.
3 percent !!!
The lesson everyone should take from that is ,, dont read the crap.
Its slightly better than flinging mud at the wall to see if something will stick but not that far off it.
Most of the early heads up were most likely a favour which will be called in later , and only slightly earlier than most others would have their hands on it.

We’ve all heard the phrase synonymous with Donald Trump these days,,,fake news.
Well the New York Times ( cant link it ) was telling us exactly where the original fake news was spawned,,
That football gossip industry .
Their quote is very telling,,,
“ That the vast majority of rumors never come to fruition does not seem to dull the appetite. Quite the opposite. What matters is not the cold, hard fact, but the version of truth that is most appealing. “
Says it all about footie gossip.
I hope everyone agrees its best not concentrated on for clear reasons.

However something I would love to be concentrated on is this,,,
“ manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.
Achieve (a result) by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency. “
Commonly known as Gerrymandering.
We all know what it is. We also all realise how immoral and unjust it is.
Many fight against this form of oppression and indeed its a hot topic in my own land of choice right now.
This article contains the following which hits the nail on the head.
“ Last year they called it a blue wave, and yet you didn’t flip one congressional seat here in Wisconsin. That’s not because you didn’t work hard or people didn’t vote. It was because of gerrymandering.”

Essentially the people were actually unable to change anything even though they wanted to.
Gerrymandering is classic keep em down.
Gerrymandering can kiss my Irish ass.

My friends we through no fault of our own have found ourselves in a position to be gerrymandered ,, not politically as usual.
No something far more personal this time.
Personal and precious.
The suits in charge of Glasgow Celtic intend to Gerrymander me , you and every last one of the beautiful faithful.
Seriously they do,, and they are.
And just like the politicians they hide behind rules and regulations.
Dont believe me,, remember living wage.

My friends OUR club , that beautiful club that makes dreams come true ,

US !!!

My friend in Celtic there’s any old saying and if you’ve noticed I love an old saying.
Theyve stood they test of time, carry knowledge , and can be used.
This one is very apt.
“ When tyranny becomes law , resistance becomes duty.”
Please ponder that.
Pretty soon you will be asked to make a choice by people whose motives cannot be questioned and YOU WILL be standing up against that tyranny.
Against being Gerrymandered as if you are nothing.
Standing up for a better club.
How do I know ?
You’re the Faithful,, you’re there and you’ll always be there.

Join the Sentinels and lets stand strong together.
Lets take our club back.
Speak up at

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Twists n turns

Thoroughly enjoyed the read. You’ll never get a skelf in yer backside, that’s for sure.

I read it twice though to see if I’d missed something re the comment that “pretty soon we will be asked to make a choice?”

Are we talking AGM here? Or is there something I’ve overlooked ?


A thing of beauty

Mahe as TNT says you don’t sit on the fence but you seem to be inferring that as a result of another club cheating we should turn our back on our own club. They’ll win the league in front of full houses and we’ll be coming second in front of empty stands. Why would you want that for our club? I’ve said it before, you can’t go to games, you said you don’t want to go to games but want to tell the rest of us not to go to games because the board have let us down. There no point arguing this stuff anymore. I enjoy debating with everyone on here and listening to different viewpoints but I do it because I like chatting with Celtic supporters. Yet I am beginning to get a feeling that there are less and less Celtic supporters here. I am not happy with the board. I didn’t want Neil getting the job, I think the board took the lazy option (see cocu going to derby) and they are definitely going to sell tierney (see Lennon’s words this morning) though he will make the final decision. But it won’t stop me going to games. Writing about a club on a blog, commenting on articles when you openly state you won’t go to games. It reminds me of someone who has left their wife, says they don’t care about them anymore but can’t stop asking people what she’s doing or who she’s with.

Cosy corner bhoy

Having read the article and knowing,in the blog sense,your feelings towards The Board,I am not surprised by the thrust of the argument nor persuaded by it as it lacks a solution. Your problem with our club is obviously the Board,but you appear to think the ‘Replacement Board’ would act differently though clear thinking and analysis suggests differently.
We no longer have a ‘family-owned,in the main business,we have millions of shares but NOT millions of shareholders.The vast majority of these shares and their voting rights lie within a small group whose ‘interest is not necessarily football oriented.In fact,some,myself included,think the opposite.
The Celts for Change way would no longer work unless some billionaire buys out the other billionaires and billionaires don’t get to be that by being altruistic.
I am a great believer in everyone having their opinion and arguing it but am not persuaded by ‘in your dreams’ rhetoric.
BTW,your Bhoy from Wisconsin should have looked at what happened when Labour,under Tony Blair,were elected by a vast majority after 18 years of really right-wing Tory governments-not a lot changed.
I suspect the same would happen should the present Board be replaced.’Plus ca change’
Anyway I do enjoy the blog and am looking forward to meeting you on 9/21/19 as you Americans say.
PS. You can have my season ticket for the Kilmarnock game then you can see what you are missing yet still maintain your ‘Not another thin dime’stance.??.

Twists n turns

Therein lies the dilemma facing the malcontents. ( or certainly a large number of us)
We want change, but, we don’t want to hurt the team.
You’re very clearly and admirably in the room that will not give up on being there to support the team.

Mahe is very clearly outside the room trying to persuade you to come out, adopting the view that the only way to achieve what all of us want, is to starve the suits out.

Me? I’m 99% in the door with you but cannot help but look over my shoulder knowing that by jumping all the way in I’ve delivered the one thing to the suits that allow them to continue with this mismanagement. Money.

Here’s another point to consider though, and I’d be genuinely interested in your thoughts on this, because I genuinely believe you and I are almost fully on the same wavelength .

Let’s say we lost the title this year and fail miserably in Europe having sold KT and a few others and replaced them with lesser quality, and increased our bank balance to boot.

Assumptions I know, but not too far fetched I’d suggest based on historical data.

What do you ( and I ) do next year? The same as this year? Or lean back towards Mahe’s way of thinking?

I said I was 99% in the door just a few sentences ago. Under this scenario? Im almost certainly on the way back out.

If we get two seasons like that?

I realise I’m bound to have a few reading this thinking “ ffs make up yer mind ya weak minded *****”, but that’s the position I find myself in, and I suspect I’m not alone.

It’s that magnetic field the green and white shirts play in our lives.

I think I’ll go and study how to break magnetic fields. The suits are already doing their best to do it for me by placing themselves between us and the team. Presently the attraction is still there for you and I but weakening in my case, and quite clearly fully broken in Mahe’s.

big packy

MAHE good read no fencesitting there, a thing of beauty, you can feel the frustration in mahes post about the way the board treats us celtic fans, I say that because in my opinion we are all celtic fans on here, rememember we are a broad church if we all agreed it would not be a blog hh.



Have to agree with the slant of CCB.

Your blog leader is a wonderful example of rousing rhetoric. It’s a great piece of casual linking with the excesses of right wing politics in the USA and elsewhere and a final link to the rebelliousness of the Irish, throughout history, and its (supposed) absence within our club.

All that was missing, within the well crafted appeal, was the charge sheet, and, as CB said, the alternative- the post-rebellion model. I realise that there has to be limitations of space and you don’t want to re-write War and Peace, but what are we talking about here?

Replacing the plc model?

Advocating a more vigorous approach to prosecuting Res 12, LNS and 5WA issues?

Defending the singing of the Rebs?

Or just buying a £10m centre forward?

I would have a different approach to each of the questions (how? Yes, please! Reduce but not remove. & naw- concentrate on development and coaching- would be my response).

I would like to know the principles in this fight before enlisting or not.

But, it was a great read- the passion did come through.

big packy

SFTB, nice to see you posting,,listen everybody we can argue till the cows come home, but there is money there, but we never seem to want to spend decent money to bring in some quality, not just a couple of mil here or there we have a massive bloated squad get rid of a half a dozen, and use the money for quality.hh.

Twists n turns

One of my friends just sent me a text saying , and I quote “ haw twisty yer coming across as a glory hunter, you’ll pay if we win this year but not if we lose?”

So – let me say this:

Nothing of the sort. It’s not all about winning. It’s about how I’d like to see more investment into quality ON the pitch. I don’t expect us to win the CL . We are not positioned financially to do so. I do expect us to be in a position to sweep Sarajevo away without difficulty, and to reach the group stages. Better management over the last number of years would’ve seen that as a reality.

At this point in time I don’t feel too confident we will get through both the first and second qualifying rounds.

I would expect us to win the title. Again I’m not too confident, which given the circumstances of the last 6 years or so, should be a given.

Above all , I see a decline in standards that needs arrested. If the Huns invest tens of millions into their team and win the title, I can understand that. Wouldn’t keep me away.
If they overtake us based on current and recent turnover, it’s nothing short of deplorable.

Wee request from AULDHEID.

Could anyone who is a shareholder in the club please contact him re furtherance of Res 12,please?

Contact him on


Big Pack

“but we never seem to want to spend decent money to bring in some quality,”


What did we spend on Edouard and Julienne. We know Edouard is quality but the jury should be out on Julienne and not just thinking big spend means proven ability.

For £6m we used to get a Sutton, Lennon or Hartson.

Now- you can’t even buy McKenna from the sheep for that.

Therefore we need to develop better players and keep more of them.

We cannot keep them all- sadly

But I was pleased to see Karamoko sign his first professional contract when that seemed unlikely and Ewan Henderson, when he was thinking of joining his big brother abroad, and in keeping young Morrison when Bayern were sniffing. On top of that we got Rogic, McGregor, Tierney and Forrest on long term deals. That is spending big but it ain’t Daily Record swooping.

Work calls


This is clearly a very contentious article in both delivery and in content. And yet,I think most of us would see merit in much of it. There is little doubt that Fergus’ original theory that on-field success bringing more money into the club to invest on the field to bring more success bringing more money into the club,etc,has been thrown out of the window.

I think there is little doubt either that the current board are entirely uncaring of how many of the Celtic support feel about their policies. As Mahe rather forcefully pointed out. They seem to be of the opinion that we don’t matter,either as individuals or as a group,because let’s face it,even when we don’t turn up,they can still turn a profit. And sometimes when we turn up in droves,we manage to make a loss.

That suggests that the board have decided that they can be dismissive of the paying fan if they have a business strategy which relies on alternatives. Alternatives which The Glorious Balance Sheet regularly flags up as working rather well for them.

But does it,I wonder? I don’t know how much our income will be this year,but I think it likely to be nearer to £70m than £100m,although they may decide to include the entire fee for Dembele to boost it a little. But how much of that £70m,call it £80m for a full Dembele,actually comes from the fans?

Well,for starters,we are supposed to be looking at £7m pa with Adidas. Throw that out the window without the fans buying them in droves. When we went down to 30,000 a game before BR arrived,how much would that cost if they alone were our SB sales? There’s another £18m. And they can forget about their £20k boxes being in demand so cross off another million.

Want to sign for Celtic,son? Play in a half-empty stadium every week? Eh,naw. So there goes their moneyball plans and another £10m a year. And with it all,our chances of European football,even EL,so another £6m. Probably the league too,wipe off another £2m. Piss off half of the fans and lose about two thirds of your income,and with it,your gravy train.

Won’t happen? Look at RD’s last season. It was only three years ago. Another three years of that and with no assets left to sell,there’s your future if you’re not careful.

Now,I’ll say here that capitalism isn’t the problem. I agree that we are unlikely to find a philanthropic billionaire,but it is how people use their assets that is key here. Our board seems to be taking as much money out of the playing assets as it can,but it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes,I would rather have our board than,say,an Ashley,Oyston,King controlling things. But throw your thoughts down to Liverpool.

Eight years ago,its owners Gillett and Hicks,had driven it towards bankruptcy and the creditors forced the sale. £300m to buy the club and clear the debts put Fenway group in charge. The rise of Liverpool since has been steady and consistent,with few if any Liverpool fans criticising the owners. They now turn over more than £350m pa and are valued at approx £1.5bn. Certainly back on their perch,Fergie!

But Fenway aren’t altruistic nor philanthropic. They are in it to make a profit. And they have clearly realised the value of putting as good a team as is possible onto the pitch.

Because that’s where the money is!

Do you think they are still taking millions in dividends and bonuses from the club? Well,of course they are. That’s the whole point for them. But they recognise the quid pro quo. And so do the fans. The fans are quite happy to have the owners taking their “skin”,because…

They are seeing Year on Year improvement on the pitch. And that’s what they want to see,and what they pay for.

Who do you think has got it right,folks?

Noel Skytrot

The harsh reality in my opinion is that as long as the club and team effort bring success the fans won’t give a hoot, its when things are fucked, then the revolt and reactionary elements come into play and force change. Any true change always comes from below, never from the top as the last “custodians” quickly found out.


Re: Bobby

Much as I sorely lament how that has become the way of things in the beautiful game, I would indeed begrudgingly accept it as we would indeed be seeing year-on-year improvement. With all the money and boost to the fanbase that comes with it.

This is the game our board are in, and they don’t seem to have the first clue how to play it. Might be that better executives are a more crucial signing than better players in the long term.


…and by the way, capitalism is ALWAYS the problem!


Facts in isolation are loved by politicians.
Hartson,Sutton and Lennon were all signed as part of a board spend for serious money.
It was without doubt a serious spend.
The Ed signing there is varying reports as to what he cost?
But to put it in the same category of spend as the guys above ignores the fact that we sold Dembele and Armstrong for a total of approximately 26 million in the same window somewhat casting doubt on the concept of being a spend.
Likewise with Julien it is likely the sum we spent will be dwarfed by whatever we receive for any or all of the following KT,Ntcham,Rogic or all of the above.
Perhaps i am wrong in being cynical that an actual spend will happen in this window but recent history suggests not.


Morning troops,,
I will try to respond to each posters points although Im starting to realise how hard that will be as a policy. If I ever dont respond please dont take it personally. Its not.
You are needed here and valued.

Twists,, things are coming to a head. Theres good people working on plans. The game is afoot.
Like I say when good Celtic men ask you to do something for the long term good of the club and the faithful I have no doubt yourself and everyone else will leap to attention and do whats right, no doubt at all. Hope youre well Sir ! Try to stay stress free and dont work too hard.

ATOB,, you’ve misunderstood.
I would never ever ask or tell someone to walk away from Glasgow Celtic.
Miss a game or two or three I might well ask one day though.
A small selective couple of games boycotted or even delayed entry or early exit would be a great statement and show unity of purpose plus intent.

CCB,,,We have drifted soo far from what Glasgow Celtic should have become I almost dont recognise what I see now. I firmly believe we owe it to the great legends of the past plus our fathers who passed this love on to fight tooth and nail for a better club that actually does represent us on and off the field.
Being a custodian comes with a moral responsibility and that fact is sorely missed by this shower.
We will never get everything we want in a new or any board probably but that should not stop us fighting for a better purer branch.
Sport and specifically that club is meant to be our pride and joy and our release from lifes ails.
Its not and its up to us to fix that as the suits aint gonna do jack for us .
Gerrymandering in politics is recognised as immoral and is actively fought against,,yet our own team,,the club that is meant to bring us happiness pride and joy,,lets take control and gerrymander the fans at their own club ?
So gerrymander in real life through politics,,and when they go to watch their team to relax, gerrymander them there also?
Mamma didnt raise no sucker.
Either their aims start to allign with ours or they dont get our cash,,,simples.
Watch what happens then.
As for your ticket,,cheers for the offer. I think networking and having discussions with the faithful about the current impasse is more important though so I probably wont take you up on the offer.

Sftb,,,I truly believe Tommy would not see a cause now and its up to us all to rectify that. We owe him that much. If that club has slid away from its roots and vision then its our duty to step up and do something. Three games. Thats all it would take.
Walkouts and or boycotts for three games would bring them to the table.
The suits have shown me our interests do not align. They are far apart.
The next suits can either meet us in the middle and start building towards a better relationship and a more inclusive club we are all proud of again or we will be over there with our cash if you wanna talk to us.
18 years in and we have people buying season tickets unhappily. Theres the biggest hint its gone wrong. Fergus would have held a meeting upon hearing this,,we get contempt.
Contempt for the faithful, the finest people on Gods green earth? How dare they !

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


“you seem to be inferring that as a result of another club cheating we should turn our back on our own club”

Mahe is a big boy, and can speak for himself. However, I dont read his comments that way.

And, personally, for me, it is not what another club did; it is what our club did or didn’t do in response that is the issue.

If they cheated, shame (and punishment) on them; if we went along with it, shame (and punishment) on us.

We were the victims of the cheating. It was up to our Board to raise that issue and deal with it effectively.

IF we are saying that ‘cheating is an intrinsic part of the game in Scotland’, and we have to live with it, how long is it until we convnice ourselves that ‘its not really cheating if everyone else is doing it’. You sleep with dogs, you get fleas.

But, if our Board went along with the cheating, then, I agree with Mahe; starve the Board (and our Club) of money until the Board are removed.

I am not sure about this, ‘wont follow Mahe as he doesn’t have all the answer’ line. It seems that many who advocate this are the strongest defenders of the Board ( or at least criticize those who criticize the Board) – the same Board who have not given any answers to what they would do to clean up the game, let alone answered a single questions about the problem (even though they are clearly in possession of some information).

So, why expect Mahe to have all the answers, but let the Board skate without having even answered a single question, let alone put forward their answer to the problem. .


If you think that , if the Red Sox could prove that the league was fixed to aid the Yankees, they would roll over and say nothing? Not a chance.

Mike in Toronto

Oops … just saw that not only can Mahe speak for himself, he actually did ….



A very thought provoking article. I am still working through the issues discussed, as are others.

To me the basic question is, “Do you believe the Board is doing a good job?” While you ponder that let me digress for a moment. Soon we face a competitive game so let’s review the situation. Many believe that Sarajevo and such teams should be swept aside easily, given our resources relative to theirs. Both teams are pre-season and not up to speed which adds an element of randomness to the tie. Celtic in all likelihood will start with two different FBs from the norm. Two CBs have also departed the player pool. In the midfield, we are similarly unsettled. Are Calmac and Rogic in the correct mindset? Will Christie be fit enough to play? Up front we have Edouard played as a target man, Sinclair may or may not play as the player of his first season, and Johnson is a promising rookie. Forrest is still basking in his own PR as a vital part of the team. Bayo is untested as is Griffiths. So, in the round, Celtic are a renovation project at the moment. Throw in the fact that there is a new manager and you have the conditions for a major upset.

It will all depend on whether Sarajevo are a settled team. If they are, it will be very difficult for Celtic.

Now, contrast the player pool situation with that of the Board. Is the latter a reno project? Are they even aware that, like the player pool, change is necessary? I doubt it and therein lies the problem.


Mike in Toronto

one other thought …. many excuse our lack of success in the transfer market by saying ‘it is hard to get players to come to scotland’…

I get the sense the Scottish football (including many Celtic supporters) are ruled by fear… we are afraid to try to clean up the game because that will expose Scotland’s dirty little secret… which may cause short term losses….but, nothing stays the same in life … it we let a small problem fester, it typically doen’st resolve itself…. it gets worse…

If we cleaned the game up, and improved the standard of play, we would be in a better position to recruit better players… better players means more money from transfers ….

frankly, in the long term, cleaning up the game isn’t just the right thing to do, it is the right business decision.

But, the problem is that I believe DD is looking at how does he do the best from his investment (which is fair enough)… but, if he is looking at selling in the short terms (which I believe was his aim when he invested in Celtic …. get into England, sell… when that didn’t pan out, a Euro leauge, and sell ….) …. as a speculator, he is not likely looking at the long term… which the club needs to … but the problem is that he seems to be driving our progress… and what is best for DD is not necessarily or always best for the club.

My name is mickwhelan

Hi long time lurked decided ill have something to say every now and then


Ah a coincidence, I was just wondering are you working tomorrow? 4th July and all.
Hail Hail


Mick,,,welcome pal but do you mind if I call you Mickey? Comes natural to me. Great to have you onboard though.
HaIL Hail

Mike in Toronto


I was on a trial the last week and a bit, so back in the office this week trying to get caught up …. so, sadly, no holiday for me tomorrow…. although it is my SiL’s (Liam in Toronto’s better half), so we will have a birthday dinner….

cant believe my bro’s wife is 61! where does the time go? Although to be fair to her, one of my friends saw her on the telly recently, and said that he thought she was about 40… I may have to get a job on tv, if that is what it does!


big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, serious question, how much would it take to buy out the present custodians, and do you think some of our more wealthy supporters might be interested.hh.

Mike in Toronto


How you keeping?

I cant see any reason why DD would sell. Nor can I see anyone else buying him out.

I have always believed that DD bought the shares as an investment, that he thought would pay off handsomely when/if Celtic moved to England or into a new Euro league. But,I dont see either happening any time soon, which is why I think Celtic have gone along the Old Firm route. It makes money, even if not at the level that a sale would have generated.

DD has been known to play the long game, so unless fans give him reason to leave, he will hang on.

Further, why would others buy now, knowing the above?

big packy

HI MIKE, was just a long shot, im just so frustrated, I thought the old firm was dead, apparently not,any way hope you and seamus are well, and don’t be a stranger, haven’t seen you post much lately.hh.

big packy

sincere apologies, my name is mick Whelan, welcome to the blog.hh.

Aye provokes the thot so it does Mahe, you know where I stand on these issues, I keep saying it, starve them out, it’s the only answer as money is the only thing they care about, how sad is that, a sport where honesty, integrity, transparency and a level playing field take second place to scamming the punters, if only the punters knew they were getting lied to and fleeced they might do something about it.
FFS, so do we need another couple of strikers now that Bayo’s hammy has gone again ?

Welcome Mick Whelan


Packy ,,
its a good question .
About a third of MIT’s net worth imo. 😉
Twists n Turns if I may ask what would you value a company with approx 100m turnover per annum and hefty cash reserves at please?
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


Ha! Sadly, I am one of those hookers with a heart of gold… have always been more concerned about doing the right thing than the money.

Had my chance to marry money (a gorgeous billionairess), but blew that one!

big packy

so according to lennybhoy, jack Stacey and Stephen o donnell are our new right backs, the exiled tim, I knew you would be pleased.??

I have never seen Stacey play and sometimes I wish I had never seen O’Donnell play 😉


Well Mick, Welcome to Celtic cyberland, I look forward to your posts.

Hey Corky, just so you know, I like you too 😉

Mickwhelan, Welcome 🙂

big packy

JIM, did you see that video of croy siver band I sent you.hh.


Like you i have been unfortunate enough to see O’Donnell play and justify why Celtic and a lower league English team released him..
He is truly mince.
Stacey i have never seen nor heard of till last few days.
If this is the level of our scouting then it’s clear we have no ambition to even try to compete in Europe.

Aye, that’s about the stretch of things, for a board that idolise money they sure don’t have a clue how to generate it, they stumbled on an amazing money maker when they appointed a top quality manager, it must have gone to their heads and they couldn’t handle it and resorted to the tried and tested failure, such a shame, I thought that they would have realised that another top manager would make them even more money, just goes to show you eh.

Packy, No I haven’t seen it. Where is it?

Whilst Peter Lawwell continues to kid himself on that he is a director of football nothing will change. Does he not have a single cell in his brain that says he would be much better appreciated if he appointed one and took a back seat in the football department?


” Its hard to get players to come play in Scotland ”
My response would be lets go speak to Virgil . We are possibly the best stepping stone going and if we were united and on the up and up some wouldnt actually step off but stay on for the ride as its exhilarating when going well and we would improve per every step off if the money was properly reinvested.
You cant tempt every player of course,, the weather ,, London is great transport hub to anywhere in world for instance so many times a club based there gets the nod .
But we do have a strong hand to play in the game. At least we should recognize that fact.
Worlds biggest shoppers under our arse and we have proven quality goodies at great prices !
Hail Hail

Peter Lawwell should stick to sponsorship deals, infrastructure, retail, budgetary control and leave the football to the ‘experts’.

big packy

JIM, my late father would have been there 50 years ago.hh..


Big Eck,,,
Deary me. He needs a more important club!!!
To every fan their club is the most important.
What a twat. Effing embarrassing.
Hail Hail

Packy, very good. Listened to the first 3 numbers, will catch the rest later. They got a nice day for it, although it sounded a bit windy. 🙂

big packy

MAHE, we got Henrik and chris and big bad john, not forgetting ludomir, celtic was once a big draw to players now not so much, so sad.hh.luv ya to bits pal.

Mahe, who’s big Eck again?

Its alright I’ve remembered, it’s the idiot McLeish.

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