The percentage game and an old saying

Its silly season folks.
Every player in the squad is getting sold and the board are gonna sail chartered to an island off Guatemala and have venison pie helicoptered in with all our cash laughing at us forever more.
Or so the rumour goes.
I actually used to like this time of year believe it or not.
At one stage I found it exciting not knowing who might be the next superstar in the making holding up that scarf with a smile and pose , saying the right words.
Now there is an entire industry built around this non stop rumour mill.
I love a rumour as much as the next man but if you actually happen to blog about a rumour , and it doesn’t come off you’re essentially wasting everyone’s time.
Blog about more than one without any sources and youre a gossip monger essentially.
And to yer man that keeps sending us the rumours,, were not making you famous bro 😉

I read a stat this week that said only a mere three percent of the players Manchester United were linked with last calendar year actually came off.
3 percent !!!
The lesson everyone should take from that is ,, dont read the crap.
Its slightly better than flinging mud at the wall to see if something will stick but not that far off it.
Most of the early heads up were most likely a favour which will be called in later , and only slightly earlier than most others would have their hands on it.

We’ve all heard the phrase synonymous with Donald Trump these days,,,fake news.
Well the New York Times ( cant link it ) was telling us exactly where the original fake news was spawned,,
That football gossip industry .
Their quote is very telling,,,
“ That the vast majority of rumors never come to fruition does not seem to dull the appetite. Quite the opposite. What matters is not the cold, hard fact, but the version of truth that is most appealing. “
Says it all about footie gossip.
I hope everyone agrees its best not concentrated on for clear reasons.

However something I would love to be concentrated on is this,,,
“ manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.
Achieve (a result) by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency. “
Commonly known as Gerrymandering.
We all know what it is. We also all realise how immoral and unjust it is.
Many fight against this form of oppression and indeed its a hot topic in my own land of choice right now.
This article contains the following which hits the nail on the head.
“ Last year they called it a blue wave, and yet you didn’t flip one congressional seat here in Wisconsin. That’s not because you didn’t work hard or people didn’t vote. It was because of gerrymandering.”

Essentially the people were actually unable to change anything even though they wanted to.
Gerrymandering is classic keep em down.
Gerrymandering can kiss my Irish ass.

My friends we through no fault of our own have found ourselves in a position to be gerrymandered ,, not politically as usual.
No something far more personal this time.
Personal and precious.
The suits in charge of Glasgow Celtic intend to Gerrymander me , you and every last one of the beautiful faithful.
Seriously they do,, and they are.
And just like the politicians they hide behind rules and regulations.
Dont believe me,, remember living wage.

My friends OUR club , that beautiful club that makes dreams come true ,

US !!!

My friend in Celtic there’s any old saying and if you’ve noticed I love an old saying.
Theyve stood they test of time, carry knowledge , and can be used.
This one is very apt.
“ When tyranny becomes law , resistance becomes duty.”
Please ponder that.
Pretty soon you will be asked to make a choice by people whose motives cannot be questioned and YOU WILL be standing up against that tyranny.
Against being Gerrymandered as if you are nothing.
Standing up for a better club.
How do I know ?
You’re the Faithful,, you’re there and you’ll always be there.

Join the Sentinels and lets stand strong together.
Lets take our club back.
Speak up at

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big packy

JIM, would that be henry McLeish or alex McLeish.?

That’s a close one Packy, but on this occasion it’s Alex.

As for Henry just about all politicians nowadays are numpties.

big packy

JIM, had an idea.hh.

Twists n turns

Hi Mahe
Just in from Musselburgh and reading back. Re the valuation of a company with turnover of £100m, if you let me have my tea and catch up on some business, I’ll come back. What I’ll say at the outset that the normal rules do not apply in my opinion.
Any I’ve been involved in buying / takeover, would be valued using standard EBIT / EBITDA rules. The income isn’t the be all and end all, it’s the profitability. That’s where I’d suggest it gets more complex re football clubs.
It’s why you’ve seen in some clubs with £40m to £50m turnover bought for peanuts, due to having been badly run and subsequently sold off cheap.
Why I’m sure there was such a club sold for £1 just a few years ago, but I can’t recall who ?.

I’ll be back later.

big packy

OK another route as that lawyer ghuy in Toronto has put me right, how many celtic fans worldwide, id say roughy 10 million if every one of them put a tenner in the kitty, how much would that be im no good at maths.hh.

Wee request from AULDHEID.

Could anyone who is a shareholder in the club please contact him re furtherance of Res 12,please?

Contact him on

big packy

JIM, this is stupd but true, ive been humming this all day while out dog walking, ffs this is july, caany unerstaun it as my old man used to say.?

The link isn’t working Packy.


HI,mate. I’ve not forgotten your suggestion. I’m working out an article on it and it will be up soon.

And welcome aboard!


If the season goes pear shaped who will the plc order their bloggers to blame.???
My money’s on Brendan Rodgers.
It won’t be themselves selling off our better players and replacing them cheaply.
It may be Lennon who of course they appointed without considering others.
It may be the players and poor scouting are to blame but the boards parsimony will be ignored.
It may be that this will occasionally happen and the financial advantage we have over rivals not mentioned.
It may be by cheating but the part our board played in facilitating this will be ignored
As the fans start to vote with their feet we will be told aren’t you glad we saved all this money for such a contingency as another cycle of self protection and profit begins.



big packy

JIM, stay tuned ill try another.

Aye that’s your favourite Packy. I loved the late Frank Patterson singing that.

big packy

FAN-ATIC the suits are blameless don’t ya know.?

big packy

JIM, don’t know why but im singing the words to the dugs,ffs, think ill need to have a lie down,.what have you been up to today.

My name is mickwhelan

Thanks for the warm welcome Ive decided to give a little background on myself .I use my real name on this blog as I prefer to be upfront from the start.i have never before posted on any blog but I like the look of Sentinel Celts and i hope to make a decent contribution to your blog.Im 67 years young and would be a liar if I said iwas a lifelong Celt the truth is if you lived in rural Ireland in the 60s 7os and 80s it was difficult to even get a match report .Like most people from Ireland I seen the 67 champs leg final and heard about the Irish connection and was won over .I think it was around 1993 that sky had a semi final of the Cup and after the game announced they had a deal with the SPFL to show live games I was one of the first people in my area to get a dish on the roof. My brother and I went over in 1996 to see my first live game and it’s a journey I have taken most years since then.I look forward to crossing swords with all or most of you and hope to make plenty cyber friends my good friend Cork Celt will vouch for the fact that im as cross as a bag of cats but seldom boring (I hope)

Celtic Champs Elect

As we will win the treble forevermore and as we are buying quality players to assist the manager and the team to European glory but NO some people are not happy about that. One word DELUSIONAL


Mick Whelan
Great post and welcome.
Hail Hail

big packy

My name is mickwhelan, mick any relation to Ronnie Whelan, my wife being a scouser loved him ?

big packy

CELTIC CHAMPS ELECT, nice to see you posting ,but what quality players are we talking about, and believe me im hoping they do bring us European glory .hh.


Delusional is an interesting choice of word for you.
My perception of delusion would be a person who claims to know others exact feelings.

Obviously not seen the new players yet but the reports are good. I’m quietly hopeful.


Is mise Stevie o Beal Fierste Iathar agus ta tu failte romhat anseo am ar bith.
44 bhlain agamsa agus ta me ina chonaigh sa states cuig deag bhlain anois.
Is maith liom e fosta ta dha cailin galantach agam anois ina chonai liom i California.
Am mor mo chairde nua.
Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE, come on say it in Scottish.?

Dearie Me, anyone who reckons we are gonna win the treble evermore and are bound for european glory is delusional imo, not even a decent attempt at trolling.

Only one bet today, Holland and BTTS
Sweden look the better team so far

My name is mickwhelan

BIG PACKY IM AFRAID RONNIE WAS NOT FROM MY NECK OF THE WOODS but tell herself im much better looking than RONNIE.BobbyMurdoch thanks again for your interest in my rambling s

A thing of beauty

MIT and Mahe,
If the plan is to starve the board of cash then that is asking me not to buy a season book which means I can’t go to the football. So to my mind you are asking me to turn my back on the club as a result of another clubs cheating. It is my opinion that if you profess to support a club and someone offers you a ticket yet you’d rather network there is no point in discussing things any further. That to me is inconceivable. Yes the board have let us down but like CCB says they will only be replaced with that there like minded people who do the bidding of dermot Desmond. I despair about what is happening at Celtic especially with our management team and the players we are attracting and selling but sometimes I can also see that we are in a difficult position. A £10m player won’t sign for us because a) our league is a joke b) our management team would not be attractive to that level of player and c) we wouldn’t break the wage ceiling to pay them the going rate. So when we sell KT for £25m and Calmac for similar, how are they going to spend the money?
It is my belief that I will not have to make a choice about whether I will support Celtic if we are unsuccessful and the current board remain. To my mind that won’t happen. If we don’t do 10 in a row it will be the end of lawwell and we will see change. Hopefully for the better but then as the who said “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

A thing of beauty

Sorry mick whelan, remiss of me not to welcome you to the blog. It’s not always smooth sailing but it’s never rude.

Celtic Champs Elect

Not trolling TeT just believing in my football clubs strategy in buying quality players to keep Winn trophies and succeeding in the European Cup to a final again.

The treble treble is just a start to something that will blow your mind in the coming years.

I hope we can be friends on here ..

A change of CEO won’t necessarily be the same old, as I don’t believe that DD has a clue what happens at Celtic in the main, the board will sit down and plan what the guidelines are, Pedro will have free reign to do as he wishes within those guidelines, the board won’t give one jot what he does and how he goes about things as long as he stays within the lines, another CEO may very well take a very different approach and realize that the team on the park are how the money is generated, your bro said as much in his post about Lpool earlier, a successful team on the park makes more money for the PLC.
The board made a very good decision when they appointed Brendan, the stands were half empty so they decided to stop the rot, a masterstroke on DDs part, just a pity that he couldn’t work with the CEO, the club wasn’t big enough for two egos that size.
The board this time will be seen to have made a bad decision with their managerial appointment, we will regress to the RD days when the stands are half empty as for the life of me I just can’t see Lenny carrying on Brendan’s legacy, I would love him to but he won’t imo,

bada bing1

Mick W- how you doing fella? HH

I am happy to talk to you on here, there is no need for fighting, we are after all both wanting the same thing, we just think that getting there takes different paths.
I have a problem how the PLC spends the supporters money, I don’t believe that they are putting the team first and foremost, without the team they wouldn’t be in a job ffs.
We have had chance after chance to strengthen when in a position of strength, we have done to opposite, why, why did we not strengthen and blow the opposition away domestically, because the Old Firm is where they can make their money for little or no work, the OF pays.
I want us to strive to do well in europe, if we do that the domestic scene will take care of itself, we will win the league most seasons and a fair few smatterings of trebles, but please don’t think that the likes of the football that Lenny plays will see us progress in europe and win trebles cos it’s not gonna happen IMO obviously, but as long as he is our manager I will back him 100%, we had a top top manager, we got well compensated for his leaving, so much so that his tenure at the club cost us nothing financially and we should have invested that money in a another top manager, I believe we will come to regret that decision not to.
Now I hope to be proven wrong and that you are correct, as ever time will tell, so allow me and others to have a point of view without the bollix, not too much to ask for is it 😉

Mike in Toronto


I am curious as to why you think not winning 10 in a row will be the end of PL. He will go when DD wants, or when he wants…. but not a day sooner.

Anyone who was involved with CQN for the last 10 years has known about the cheating, and yet nothing has been done.

PL is in place because he does DD’s bidding. And DD is no mug; he gives the fans what they want… competition with Rangers.

And, when Rangers do eventually win, it will be spun (and accepted) as a blip//inevitable/good for the game in Scotland. And, for the most part, Celtic fans will take it… because it is what they do… if the last 10 years are any indicator..

But, if you are right… and fans do rise up because Rangers win the league … that, to me, would, in some respects, be worse…. It would say we didn’t really care enough to do anything about the cheating …. so long as we are winning. So, cheating is okay… as long as we are beating Rangers and winning titles.

That is not the Celtic I have known and admired. That is the mindset I have always associated with the other half of the city.

And, as I have said before, I dont buy for one minute the ‘there was nothing Celtic could do’ nonsense. Legally, it was nonsense.

On a practical level, if the cheating was so bad that they could rig the league for 10 years, and we cant do anything …. how could they not manage to rig even a few games (which would have been the difference between Celtic winning 8 in a row, or not winning 8 in a row)?

So, that tells me, that they zombies are not as all powerful as many Celtic fans want to suggest, and that Celtic could have done something about the cheating. This then begs the question of why Celtic did nothing, and why so many Celtic fans accepted Celtic doing nothing.

My name is mickwhelan

The Exiled Tim
I have no idea how the individuals on the board operate but I think in general they do a good job.( just look across the city)Regarding Brendan I must admit I was not sorry to see him go I felt the team was stale and while I love the Barca type of football I found Celtic lacked the cutting edge and it ended up a passing game for the sake of passing. A manager’s job is no different than any manager’s job in industry or elsewhere His job is not to win trophies but to get the best out of the players at his disposal I believe N Lennon is a very good man manager cut from the same cloth as M o Neill and while his football style will be different than BR Celtic will do as well as recent years in the SPFL and i believe we will do better in European football


Had a few good weekends recently,but still here ?
From where I’m sitting this place is turning Into the exact opposite of CQN?
What’s the point in that?


Fan A Tic,
good to see you have it all worked out if things go pear shaped,
what if things dont go pear shaped?

Mike in Toronto


Hello. And welcome.

“I have no idea how the individuals on the board operate but I think in general they do a good job.( just look across the city).”

No offence mate… but, that, to me, right there … that is the problem.

If you dont know how they operate, how can you say they are doing a good job?

If you are (like I am) a shareholder, and you have no idea how the Board operates…. there is a problem in governance. Our Board doens’t think that shareholders matter, or deserve to know. . that is wrong.

I recently learned that my brother’s financial advisor is getting a much higher return on his investments than mine has been getting for me. So, if I were to go to mine, and she said, ‘well, I’m not as bad as Michael Milken’ (the famous junk bond fraudster)… would that be an acceptable answer? Of course not.

Just because we are doing better than the zombies does not mean that we are doing (i) well enough, or (ii) even well, at all; it just means we are doing better than them.

That mindset – that we cont9inually reference the other side/that we only need to be better than them – is what keeps both clubs from developing. It is also what our Board counts on.

My Name is
I hope you will be proven correct, I really do, I can only go by what I see with my own eyes, the football at the end of the season was brutal, now I fully accept that the team was stale and needed a freshen up, but before the winter break we were level on points with the huns and after the break we blew them away, the break obviously was the freshen up we needed, then BR left and Lenny took over, the football then became turgid, it got us over the line but it was a sore watch, now I look at the game last night and saw the exact same sore watch, that is not giving me inspiration for the coming season, I hope I am talking garbage and am proven to be so so wrong, but I have ma doubts.


People see what they chose to in other peoples post’s.
I used the word if for a reason and will be delighted if we repeat previous seasons successes .


“ MIT and Mahe,”
I dont believe I deserve to be mentioned in such exalted company. Keep my name away from lawyers 😉

If the plan is to starve the board of cash then that is asking me not to buy a season book which means I can’t go to the football.
“ My plan would be to use the threat of holidng back cash ie boycotts and walkouts etc etc. You would still have your regular season ticket and seat as normal ,, however you would be possibly asked to make a small sacrifice for the good of the club.
I would never demand,,and I wouldnt even ask if I didnt think my goals and aims were true and could stand up to scrutiny. Or if I myself did not fully believe in them.

“So to my mind you are asking me to turn my back on the club as a result of another clubs cheating.”
For some reason you keep mentioning another club,,,why?
These discussions are solely about our club of choice.
And I have explained what its about , not cheating but the fact that our club has and is falling and failing under this regime. Failed in its duty to me , you and every single one of the faithful and also failed in the social charter printed on the clubs website.
I find them pathetic custodians at this stage.

“ It is my opinion that if you profess to support a club and someone offers you a ticket yet you’d rather network there is no point in discussing things any further. That to me is inconceivable.”
I guess the easiest way to describe it is we are on a break. Surely its not that hard to understand. I would ask you to live and let live. Each to their own etc and we really shouldnt judge if a person does want to attend or not.
In your terms possibly,,,he cheated, youre welcome to him.

“ I must point out that I personally feel a persons stance should . Yes the board have let us down but like CCB says they will only be replaced with that there like minded people who do the bidding of dermot Desmond.”
Not if they feel the weight of the fans bearing down and see their money in doubt. That will move them better than anything else.
I would aim never to be in this position again ,, on the outside treated poorly like a customer with zero say and input or knowledge of our plans.
Those three games I was talking about would nip in the bud any attempt to just keep the status quo going only with different names.
Because if successful that threat is always there and actually more potent now everyone knows it can and will be used.

“I despair about what is happening at Celtic especially with our management team and the players we are attracting and selling but sometimes I can also see that we are in a difficult position.”
What difficult position are we in and what are you going to do about that despair because going along with it and continuing to be unhappy is not a long term solution.

“ A £10m player won’t sign for us because a) our league is a joke b) our management team would not be attractive to that level of player and c) we wouldn’t break the wage ceiling to pay them the going rate.”
A )Yeah right we could walk out right now and pay ten million smackers infact if Eddie is apparently 9 after every addon under the sun then youre almost there already . Sorry but wrong imo.
B ) wrong management team then. We have players worth far more than ten million ,, how does that equate with your theory.
C ) Our wage ceiling seriously needs looked at and tweaked for instance if theres a very good bosman would come then it makes sense to add the would be buying fee into the fellas wages to get him. THis is common now and we should have different ceilings for different tiers and types of transfers. I mean we all hear our captain is on 25 or so yet they managed to find 45 for Henke all those years ago and we have better turnover now.
Henkes wages never broke the dressing room. As far as I can see your argument is mute.

“ So when we sell KT for £25m and Calmac for similar, how are they going to spend the money?”
Spend the money ? Youre having a laugh. A small bit goes to the football department and the rest goes in the bank. Same as whats been happening for years now.

“ If we don’t do 10 in a row it will be the end of lawwell and we will see change.”
How? They ignore us and only two weeks ago said we avoid social media.
Dermot aint firing him,,he aint leaving. Why would he ? Because suddenly more are unhappy ?
Doesnt actually matter because as you admit they just walk up buy a ticket and the needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing along like before.
Who will get rid of him if he has met his Kpi’s ?
Fling Lenny under bus,, sympathetic sit down with Mac Gowan saying footballs never been so bad , and a its a dog eat dog world but good manager and big signings coming in article will keep em hooked.
Proven winner.
Look out for “ ultimately 8 out of nine titles is an excellent record and proves dominance ‘ articles if we lose.

So you admit you are unhappy,,whats your plans ?
A relationship is a two way street right ? You are clearly giving ie your time money and love.
What are you getting back and dont say to watch the famous Glasgow Celtic because any owners or operators can offer you that. What is this mob giving you ? Its all take and no give.
Classic abusive relationship.
Our deep ingrained love for that beautiful club is being exploited by people who should know much much better and are showing no scruples at it.
That I will not forgive or forget.
None of us should.

Hail Hail

My name is mickwhelan

Mike in Toronto
Mike what I was saying in other words is only the people on the board know who is doing a good job or otherwise I agree that making comparisons to the lads across the road is not ideal but if the board is that bad how did we end up the biggest club in Scotland with no debts and a win rate that is the envy of most clubs in the UK


Welcome to the blog.
On Brendan he was a step above the other managers he faced in his time with us.
And deserves credit for our success in football and financials.
To me he is a very good but limited coach.
Like many coaches he is to impressed with his systems and lacks the dimensions and pragmatism to be at the very top.
It was noticeable that once our opponents had sussed our system life became more difficult as we had no other way.
Being obsessed with possession is fine but it has to be assessed on positive, neutral and negative possession.
He seemed to view it as one.
Also his inability to organize us without the ball left us as headless chickens against better teams.
So i felt it was time for him to go but the choice of Lennon to replace him without considering others is disappointing and foolhardy.

Mick Whelan
We have no debts and money in the bank because in their wisdom the board, or DD to be precise appointed Brendan Rodgers as our manager, we were breaking even, just at the end of Ronny D’s reign, the stands were half empty and they couldn’t take the chance of a run on season books, so they appointed Brendan, it was a master stroke, one that they deserve the utmost kudos going, he won the club silverware to beat the band, he got us money in the bank, money that they have never seen the like of before.

Mike in Toronto


Can you be a splitter on your own blog? 🙂


I would be interested to look into the socilogoy of Catholic’s in Scotland, and the role of authority …. whatever the reason, Celtic have a loyal following, that doesnt really rock the boat….

With a few blips, Scotland have been a two horse team…. and for the last decade, we have been the only horse in the race … running against donkeys…. pretty damned hard not to win.

We have a solid fanbase… with 62000 showing up every week, it would be some feat to not make money. Turning a profit is not a big accomplishment in this market; I know the business experience of some of the lads on here and CQN, and am sure that I could put together a Board, and Celtic would still turn a profit; the question is whether we have done as well as we could have. That question remains unanswered. .That is not to say we havent done things well …. but the lack of transparency or accouontability is a real problem.

I appreciate you responding in good faith, and I hope that you read my responses to you in the same spirit.


Fan A Tic.
yeah people do,
will the board get any credit if we win a treble again

My name is mickwhelan

I agree fully with your summation of BR but I for one enjoyed the football we played under NL


MBombo signed on a 4 yr deal. Well done Celtic that is 3 in plus lost out on Turnbull through no fault of the Club.
It’s not all doom & gloom in a couple of weeks we have cleared practically all non performers and got in 3 decent signings.
Now that Mick is on board I have to be careful, whenever I say we signed somebody his stock answer is I’ll be delighted in 12 months time if he is good,

Hopefully the players we have brought in can do a job for us, I suspect that Luca is one for the future, so far so good, it’s only what we should be doing and why the eff the board get credit for doing their job bemuses me.

Sleep well Timland, up soon and much to do afore it gets unbearably hot again.