The percentage game and an old saying

Its silly season folks.
Every player in the squad is getting sold and the board are gonna sail chartered to an island off Guatemala and have venison pie helicoptered in with all our cash laughing at us forever more.
Or so the rumour goes.
I actually used to like this time of year believe it or not.
At one stage I found it exciting not knowing who might be the next superstar in the making holding up that scarf with a smile and pose , saying the right words.
Now there is an entire industry built around this non stop rumour mill.
I love a rumour as much as the next man but if you actually happen to blog about a rumour , and it doesn’t come off you’re essentially wasting everyone’s time.
Blog about more than one without any sources and youre a gossip monger essentially.
And to yer man that keeps sending us the rumours,, were not making you famous bro 😉

I read a stat this week that said only a mere three percent of the players Manchester United were linked with last calendar year actually came off.
3 percent !!!
The lesson everyone should take from that is ,, dont read the crap.
Its slightly better than flinging mud at the wall to see if something will stick but not that far off it.
Most of the early heads up were most likely a favour which will be called in later , and only slightly earlier than most others would have their hands on it.

We’ve all heard the phrase synonymous with Donald Trump these days,,,fake news.
Well the New York Times ( cant link it ) was telling us exactly where the original fake news was spawned,,
That football gossip industry .
Their quote is very telling,,,
“ That the vast majority of rumors never come to fruition does not seem to dull the appetite. Quite the opposite. What matters is not the cold, hard fact, but the version of truth that is most appealing. “
Says it all about footie gossip.
I hope everyone agrees its best not concentrated on for clear reasons.

However something I would love to be concentrated on is this,,,
“ manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.
Achieve (a result) by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency. “
Commonly known as Gerrymandering.
We all know what it is. We also all realise how immoral and unjust it is.
Many fight against this form of oppression and indeed its a hot topic in my own land of choice right now.
This article contains the following which hits the nail on the head.
“ Last year they called it a blue wave, and yet you didn’t flip one congressional seat here in Wisconsin. That’s not because you didn’t work hard or people didn’t vote. It was because of gerrymandering.”

Essentially the people were actually unable to change anything even though they wanted to.
Gerrymandering is classic keep em down.
Gerrymandering can kiss my Irish ass.

My friends we through no fault of our own have found ourselves in a position to be gerrymandered ,, not politically as usual.
No something far more personal this time.
Personal and precious.
The suits in charge of Glasgow Celtic intend to Gerrymander me , you and every last one of the beautiful faithful.
Seriously they do,, and they are.
And just like the politicians they hide behind rules and regulations.
Dont believe me,, remember living wage.

My friends OUR club , that beautiful club that makes dreams come true ,

US !!!

My friend in Celtic there’s any old saying and if you’ve noticed I love an old saying.
Theyve stood they test of time, carry knowledge , and can be used.
This one is very apt.
“ When tyranny becomes law , resistance becomes duty.”
Please ponder that.
Pretty soon you will be asked to make a choice by people whose motives cannot be questioned and YOU WILL be standing up against that tyranny.
Against being Gerrymandered as if you are nothing.
Standing up for a better club.
How do I know ?
You’re the Faithful,, you’re there and you’ll always be there.

Join the Sentinels and lets stand strong together.
Lets take our club back.
Speak up at

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Apologies for the late return. I’ve only just got sat down.

Your question is extremely difficult to answer. I’ll explain my own, and I emphasise, only my own, take on it.

If I was looking to buy a company, and the EBITDA figures showed an annual profit of £20m, ( the turnover figure isn’t really important, it’s the profit that’s key) it’s likely the owner of that company would apply a multiplication factor to that number to determine his selling price. Let’s say they apply x5, then I’d have to pay £100m to buy it.

Of course the reason I’d be buying it is almost certainly to be as an investment. I’d be looking to recover my money in 5 years, and possibly less than that if I can make efficiency improvements.

A football club? Well let’s say it’s Celtic. Turnover of £100m ( to use your number) and a profit of let’s say £20m. Same scenario as the one above.
If you were the one putting in the £100m to buy it, you either have an awful lot of money that you’re willing to write off, or, you’d better have a robust plan if you want to get your investment back and then turnover a profit.

I wouldn’t be giving you £100m.

Why? £20m profit per annum?

Well where did that £20m profit come from? That’s what I’d be looking at.

Champions league?

You were not in it? So where did you get the profit from?

Selling the clubs biggest assets. The best players.

So the company is in a weakened state. In a month or two it may be even weaker.

Put it this way. If KT is sold? McGregor?

£30m total?

Next year the books might show £35m profit. Am I going to now pay you 5 x £35m? £175m ??

Not a hope in hell. The company assets would have been reduced significantly.

So it’s as I said at the start. You’d better have a lot of money you’re willing to lose, or, be prepared to invest even more into the club to replenish the assets to a standard you can start turning over the £100m year on year through CL participation at which point you can start to recover your investment.

How many folks are out there that would be willing to part with the kind of money Dermot Desmond would command for selling up?

How much would he ask? As I stated at the outset, very difficult.

What was last year’s profit? Multiply it by 5 and I think you’ll have the minimum amount he’d sell for at present.

I’m speculating though. He might want x 10.


Many thanks. Great work and a lot of food for thought.
Them figures are big indeed.
We all seen how to crash a share price live in front of us only a few years ago by you know who .
We have also heard of leveraged buyouts 😉
Hail Hail


Of course they will.
Contrary to what’s said many have praised the board for their business acumen.
But their limited ambition for the football team is why i am not a fan of them.
I have often written about the difficult financial landscape of the modern game but see no real attempt at success with a strategic plan for the footballing side.
Tha academy has produced some good talent but a lack of cohesion in the footballing divisions makes it difficult for the youngster to break through and succeed.
BR was praised for bringing through youth but the only real evidence of this was Raheem Sterling.
He in my opinion had an adverse effect on KT and Johnston.
A director of football with vision and a clear strategy would be a start as the bigger picture would be his remit
Also Peter Lawwell famously said every penny would be put back into the football side.
In your opinion has it?
Will we continue to come out with a net spend of profit in this transfer window as in recent seasons?
I know what my money is on.

Margaret McGill

The problem with buying Celtic is that it is a PLC. A PLC is set up as a limited liability company in case it does harm to people or society and in such scenarios it is not responsible for its sociopathic behaviour. As long as it makes money based on the product it is legally allowed to sell. It could be a manufactured good or a service for example.In Celtic’s case its Old Firm bigotry. Who wants a piece of that eh? Knock yourselves out.


No one is actually buying Glasgow Celtic lets face it.
But sit at the table and talk turkey,,and I mean a straight cut to the chase type of meeting then yeah,,I would send Mags , Mit ,TeT and Fairhill.
Live online,,,no secrets.
Them bhoys are happy count me 😉

” Only steers and queers come from Texas boy”

” 5″6 ? I didnt know they stack shit that high ! ”

” Ive had to overcome a lot of diversity in my life”
Welcome to America

Happy Fourth of July,,my wee sis bday.
Hail Hail





From earlier , I’ve finally got time for a proper response .

Have to agree with the slant of CCB.
Your blog leader is a wonderful example of rousing rhetoric. It’s a great piece of casual linking with the excesses of right wing politics in the USA and elsewhere”
Well hey theres nothing wrong with a bit of heart tugging rousing rhetoric now and again surely . I personally dont think I overegg the pudding ,, hopefully you agree.
As for the politics part , hand on heart I not only dont get involved with it online I actually avoid it in real life also. Many phrases thrown about here go over my head actually so thats how little interest it holds here.. Its a filthy subject thats extremely divisive and best avoided in my humble opinion.
“ and a final link to the rebelliousness of the Irish, throughout history, and its (supposed) absence within our club.”
Rebellious throughout history,, yeah well treat us fair we dont rise up its not rocket salad. Especially in Ireland where surprise surprise theres more of us than them duh !
And supposed,, theres no supposed about it .
If you think its supposed youre at it. Seen a set of balls? Wheres the fight ? If not why not and dont answer because we are winning as the best time to force change is from a position of strength.
“ All that was missing, within the well crafted appeal, was the charge sheet, and, as CB said, the alternative- the post-rebellion model”
I could have went down that road sure ,, the full hog and maybe I will someday.
Truth is while me and you and a few others go in for the long drawn out posts many dont and it does take time that I am finding more and more in demand from she who will open and empty every possible drawer in the kitchen.
I will go all out if and when its needed and trust me you shall know
Oh ye shall know the day I bring it full force 😉

“ I realise that there has to be limitations of space and you don’t want to re-write War and Peace, but what are we talking about here?
Replacing the plc model?
Advocating a more vigorous approach to prosecuting Res 12, LNS and 5WA issues?
Defending the singing of the Rebs?
Or just buying a £10m centre forward?
I would have a different approach to each of the questions (how? Yes, please! Reduce but not remove. & naw- concentrate on development and coaching- would be my response).
I would like to know the principles in this fight before enlisting or not.
But, it was a great read- the passion did come through.”

First of all thank you for the compliment . At least I know some of the passion came through which is reaffirming .
As for the rest you seem to want specifics.
I dont have any specifics .
I would sit and talk as usual,,communication could avoid all this malarkey.
Let me ask you a question though .

If a person with impeccable Celtic creds ask’s you to help by giving up three games,,,

Assures you that you personally would be doing the right thing for the Glasgow Celtic of our father’s and our heroes past present and future ,,
That this was necessary or hand on heart it wouldn’t be asked.
Would you give three games?
Hail Hail