What Is The Plan?

Morning,all. Today sees the debut of THE EXILED TIM as a regular contributor to the articles. He has never been shy when it comes to making a point as a poster. Below,he continues that in a new role.


So what is the plan?

Is it progress in Europe, or is it just keep that wee bit ahead of the cheats and the liars? I wish I knew what the plan was,and it seems that those who run the club really don’t know what the plan is either. We can only go by what we see them doing so I can’t for the life of me see any kind of formulated plan.

Maybes there is one and I just can’t see it.

Who knows,because one thing is for sure the board are not going to tell us either way. I honestly don’t think it’s too much to ask that the support are kept informed of the ongoing strategy for the club-after all the support are the club.

Everyone understands that we are a selling club,we offer young players a platform on which they can show off their talents and if they are good enough they get their move to the more lucrative leagues and the pot of gold that most these days crave. That’s all fine, we know this, thing is this board is money obsessed-the PLC is the most important thing and the football comes a distant second. It’s a sacrifice that we have to pay for the pleasure of having a PLC run the club.

So back to the plan, we buy cheap, develop and hopefully sell for profit. On the face of it it’s a very good plan-if it’s implemented properly. It’s a great money maker for the PLC and the club get the benefit of having the PLC hopefully spend more on the coaching staff and the team-that is the theory anyways, pity that it is not always seen through. Our plan presently seems to be when a player/players are performing at a decent level and clubs down south show interest, the club immediately want to sell. It seems like it’s a case of a bird in the hand, or what if they get injured.

There doesn’t seem to be any thought of what about the next few years. What about CL qualification? Again we are going into the CL games,which are our most important games of the season,kinda unprepared and we leave no or little time for players to bed in for these games. Would it not be more prudent to plan for European football, plan to reach the group stages every year? If we do this,the domestic season will take care of itself. Sure,we can allow players their move down south but not as soon as one decent season. Allow them to flourish in Europe to play European football. Their standing, our standing will both increase and we will be able to command a far higher fee for them when we do eventually sell them, it makes economic sense.

What we are doing make no financial sense whatsoever,it’s so haphazard-it defies any kinda logic whatsoever too.

I am not being down on the club here, but we have just bought our most expensive defender in our history. I for one hope he does well. All in all, including wages, the transfer and fees we will probably have gone £12-13 mill on this fella, all the while grubbing around looking for bargains. That smacks of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.

A squad also needs continuity. Bringing in too many at any one time may have the effect of upsetting the apple cart, it may have the opposite effect, but surely if we were planning a few years in advance then bringing in three to four each season should be the way to go.

We have a spring clean of the playing staff every so often, that is crazy and there should be no need for that.

We do struggle to attract better quality players to Scotland, the league doesn’t have a great reputation and players and agents talk. They will tell each other that Celtic players are refereed to a different standard than every other player in the league, that you are more likely to be seriously injured in Scotland due to the agricultural nature of the way players are allowed to go about their business. Our players on the other hand are not afforded this. In many ways that helps us when playing in Europe as European referees in the main are honest and fair. We could pay players over the odds to come and play for us, but IMO it would be far cheaper in the long run and even the short term to sort out the double standards that afflicts Scottish referees.

Europe by far is our largest income stream, yet we don’t seem to plan for it year on year. That I find truly incredible. This is a board who idolize money yet they don’t plan for European football? Our esteemed CEO has said more than once that we don’t plan for CL football.

WHY NOT, it’s where the money is! It’s where players want to perform.

Ask any foreign player about Celtic and they will tell you about the European nights-we are famous for them-yet the board don’t plan for CL football. Unbelievable. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

Maybes we need to bring in a DoF, a proper DoF,one who has free rein. One who has a budget,who is allowed to set the targets of where the team want to be, one who can take away the rigors of having to juggle the running of the club while bringing in superb sponsorship deals, one who allows the CEO to spend more time bringing in those lucrative sponsorship deals, one who allows the CEO to further the case for our club to be a part of the European stage in the near future, one who allows our CEO to spend more time in ridding the game in Scotland of the cheats and the spivs.

In the short, medium and long term it would be money well spent IMO.

I have to mention this obsession with the ten. All it does is justify the very existence of something that so many are at pains to tell us doesn’t exist any more. They exist alright. They still cheat, they still lie, they still break and bend the rules with the SFA turning a blind eye to everything. What are our board doing about it? Nothing it seems.

They have been given the Silver Bullets that were asked for-obviously in the hope that the bullets wouldn’t be forthcoming. The Res 12 people deserve our utmost thanks for keeping it going in the face of hurdle after hurdle put in their way by all of the powers within the game in Scotland. Nobody wants to know. They are making deals behind everyone’s back, deals like the 5WA, deals that keep the status quo, deals that don’t care about honesty and integrity, deals that only care about fleecing the punter, deals that make sure the tills keep ringing, deals that keep the Old Firm on everyone’s lips, deals that care not for anyone’s health and well being. Bigotry and sectarianism is acceptable as long as the money keeps rolling in.

This is what everyone has signed up for. Is it really acceptable in this day and age that bigotry, sectarianism, cheating, rule breaking are allowed in the pursuit of money? If it is acceptable to you, fine. Carry on funding them. They will happily take your hard earned and laugh at your stupidity while doing it. I’m sure that will offend some people, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Keep funding them and they will keep cheating, it really isn’t rocket science.

If Scotland has any dream of coming out of the dark ages and into the twenty first century, if it has any desire to rid the country of the sectarianism and the hate and the bile, the first thing it needs to do is ban Orange Walks. That would go a long long way to eradicating the hate that currently hangs over the game of football and Scotland in general.

Take care and God bless.


Grateful thanks for this,Keith. Some great stuff which will likely start a healthy debate. If any of our contributors wish to have their thoughts as Article of the Day,we will happily oblige. Mail it to Mahe


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Wee request from AULDHEID.

Could anyone who is a shareholder in the club please contact him re furtherance of Res 12,please?

Contact him on


A thing of beauty

Superb article Keith, thanks for that. I wholeheartedly agree with the Director of Football. It is essential and goes hand in hand with having a proper plan about how we move forward as a club and the challenges we face. I also agree that a DOF would allow Peter Lawwell to concentrate on other matters where he appears very successful, chief of which is trumpeting our cause at uefa. We have been let down by the board as regards the Huns liquidation. Was it instruction from government, talk of civil unrest, fear for personal safety or just fear that we wouldn’t survive without them ? Whatever the reason it has never been satisfactorily explained and it appears it never will be. The res 12 guys have been so dedicated and I am interested to see how the next agm goes because it appears they have had enough. Absolutely correct. If heads have to roll over it then that is the consequence of picking up huge salaries. If things have been done wrong the buck stops at your door. As for the referees that to me is very puzzling. We very rarely call them out. Neil did and they turned the guns on him. I would have liked to see Brendan Rodgers say more about it but he rarely did, even when his players suffered serious injury through wanton thuggery. I think he thought he would play nice and get them onside. Waste of time. It is ingrained in them to hate us as evidenced in the recent situation where someone who openly splashed his disgusting follow follow mindset on social media made it all the way to the top level before a new CEO at hampden put the reins on him. The referees association is a bastion of anti Celtic thinking and you are so right it needs to be tackled. Unfortunately if it is done by Neil, again the guns will be turned on him. I don’t know the answer to this but I agree we are not doing anything about it.
Finally, welcome to Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo. Any man who can tango slap Morelos should be welcomed. It’s about time we stuck up for ourselves.

A thing of beauty

Keith? What’s all that about. You’re TET to me and I’ll keep it that way in future, sorry.

Noel Skytrot

10 million quid spent on transfers and clubs looking to sign our players for millions yet King says the zombies are the premier club in Scotland. That quote is biting the nose from him already. The huns are unrivalled in being the most gullible fans anywhere in football. 4 more signings and we’re good to go.

Noel Skytrot

the unenlightened are having their annual orange tramp this Saturday in Glasgow, fuck knows how i’m going to get into work with all the knuckle draggers polluting the roads and disrupting travel.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, great post and unfortunately true in every sense, yes the old firm is still here don’t think in all honesty it will ever disappear we can but hope, the scum are marching in Liverpool this weekend as well, feckin orange bassas.hh.


Noel Skytrot,

Check out this website to help with your transport issues this week-end


big packy


Noel Skytrot

had a wee chuckle at the alternative suggested.
I live at a main thoroughfare that a number of the primates use to get into the city centre and its chaos when trying to travel, even walking is a nightmare.


Winning the SPFL & Keeping ahead of the Zombies are terms trotted out here with disdain. Let me jog your memories it wasn’t always like this, There were hard times many barren years & a lot of heartbreak. I for one will never take winning the SPFL as a given or I will never tire of beating the Zombies.
Yes of course I agree with those who say we need to raise the bar regarding Europe, I too am pissed off at the condescending pat on the head & compliments about the atmosphere, Parkhead was a fortress in European Football, it must become one again.
Brendan set us up to go toe to toe against top European sides playing their type of Football & we got taken apart. I expect Lenny will take a totally different approach & I cannot wait to see how we go this year.
It all kicks off next Tuesday, time to stop the bitching & get behind the team.


Some great points raised there,mate. Not least a DOF and also that we SHOULD be planning for CL football. But the overall point of your article is straight to the heart of the problem.

We don’t appear to have any forward planning,and absolutely no form of succession planning. If we agree that most of our players will eventually leave-sad fact of life,but there it is-shouldn’t we be planning for that instead of running around at the last minute,or worse,shrugging our shoulders and hoping it won’t be too bad?

Two perfect examples from a year ago. It was fairly obvious that Boyata was not going to extend his contract. He planned to put himself in the shop window at the World Cup and did so. But it would take a few bob to shift him,and a £10m offer from Fulham hit the sweet spot. But we couldn’t sell him as PL had declined to sanction a decent replacement despite plenty of advance warning. Someone who cost,say,the combined transfer fees and salaries of Commper and Hendry would probably have kept BR happy-and made the club around £7m into the bargain.

Add to that the whole unedifying spectacle around Dembele. We probably thought we could get another season out of him as he proved to potential suitors that he wasn’t injury prone. I know I did. But he had different ideas,and we really should have been aware of that. We were aware of Griff’s problems,but just hoped it would all go away.

If you look at the “spring clean of playing staff”,how many of them got any of us excited at the time of signing? We need to stop signing bodies and start signing footballers. Ones of sufficient quality.

Perhaps with the help of,say,a DOF?

Bloody hell. Atletico Madrid have just signed a 19yo from Benfica. Only played one season with them,admittedly 20 goals in 43 games.

€126m. And naw,that’s not a misprint.



I tried to E-Mail AULDHEID but his message box was down and couldn’t accept any messages, I will try again later.
Celtic shares are still available to purchase if you want to make your voice’s heard at the AGM.

The PLC. are not Celtic, the support are Celtic, their kind and generous hearts have carried out so much good works far to numerous to mention, they are the heart and soul of our great club. Mahe is perfectly correct, it’s important to let everyone know how we feel and how dissatisfied we are about the cheating/ fraud in Scottish football. From the Lanarkshire refereeing establishment and its handshaking employees flaunting their colours in Loyalist bars, to the lack of openness, transparency and honesty in the governess of Scottish football by the SFA/ SPFL whose appointment of a president who stinks of complicity in every aspect of the cheating, from the chairman of the licensing committee in 2011, the 5way agreement et all, is a smack in the face of most football supporter’s in Scotland, only one club wants us to remain silent.

In my book, silence on complicity is as bad or worse than those who were complicit or those who sanctioned fraud, they must be held to account. But do not let them poison your feelings towards our great club, Celtic, its soul and future are worth fighting for.

Great header The Exiled Tim, well done you.


Thanks for the heads up,mate. I’ve mailed him the info on a different addy,hopefully he can get it sorted.


No bother Bobby, cheers!

Mike in Toronto

to Mahe and our other American posters, Happy 4th of July … or as they call it in Britain, “Happy ‘what a bastard .. we sent those pilgrims to the New World to get eaten by bears, but they ended up founding the Empire that Overthrew us as a world power” day’

Hello? 🙂



Congrats on a very fine article….great content and very well expressed. I wish I could write like that!

I am in agreement with much of what you say. I wonder if the Board has a plan at all. It seems they specialise in putting out fires rather than understanding where we are as a club. We are about to go into the first CL qualifiers with a team in transition. The CEO either wanted to resign Lustig or he did not. Surely he knew his mind on this as well as other player issues. If so, why will we not have a first choice RB in place for the qualifiers? Similarly, As you say, the Boyata situation was predictable and yet no adequate replacement was found, we exited the CL and lost out on a fee for the player. It is ironic that the compen from Leicester nearly matches the lost fee on Boyata!

These examples and I am sure others on this blog can cite many more, are evidence of mismanagement that has serious impact on the financial well being of the club. They are not supportive of the payment of a bonus. The fact that this happens despite this mismanagement suggests that the criteria for said bonus need to be revisited. So, if there is a plan, it seems to be either poorly executed, or simply flawed.

Where I think you and I shall disagree is on the starve them out issue. I simply do not think it would work. Firstly, many would not follow it. Celtic is an addiction, some would say a duty. Secondly, weakening the club will open the door for Sevco to win the league and attain some financial stability from access to the CL. Withdrawing financial support from the club is empowering Sevco.

However, I think that you are on the money with the recruitment of a DOF if he/she is allowed to do his/her job. It would be a good start.


My name is mickwhelan

Exiled Tim
Good well put together article I see the young lad that Ath Madrid signed today cost 126 million .How can Celtic hope to compete in Europe when teams from the so called big leagues throw money around like snuff at a wake. If you think back on the players Celtic put together in the late nineties and into the early noughties Lambert Lennon,Sutton,Hartson to buy same players today would take hundreds of millions

Thanks folks.
Perhaps I should have made it clearer, I am not just talking about our club, in fact they would come down the line for that approach, first off it would be the SFA then a designated away fixture, then as a last resort our club.
Even the threat of withholding funds will make them act, Dun Utd and the Sheep managed to get their respective clubs to act re the huns in the SPL, clubs are terrified of losing the green and bigot pound, if they thought that a support would boycott them they would force the powers to change and act for the benefit of all clubs not just the bigots.
As it is change will not happen till we start losing titles to them and the ground is half empty again.


The Exiled Tim
Well said sir!


Big Packy
The fat bassa’s need all the exercise they can get.
W e should gift the old anthrax island to the orange order and they could march in circles 365 days of year in celebration of their gay prince.
The face painters would be in full employment and hopefully would get paid this time.
They could entertain fellow thinkers like the KKK and EDL as well as any other far right groups with a hateful agenda.


Morning troops. Hope all are well.

TeT thank you very much pal for the help. Great stuff and the job is all yours.
This phase the wee one is in right now is killing me,, you’ve gave me more time pull my hair out.

A plan,,, its their duty to keep us informed,, that’s clearly failed. Don’t like questions or skeletons in the closet.
My own would be upgrade scouting as much as poss at all levels.
Use that network to scout obscure places especially a lot and take advantage of the special talent permits plus the stepping stone effect of going down south after a few years with us.
A chunk of that profit would be used continuously to upgrade each facet of the enterprise.
Levels rise throughout, growth would be self financed and balanced.
Save for rainy day incase one area has bad spell.
Once club is on right track, strong and united,, take on the Sfa.

Happy Independence Day!!!
God bless all those less fortunate than ourselves and with health issues.

Dog walk, cider run, kick back.
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


Enjoyed your article, btw. We can only hope that somehow it picks up traction….


Upgrading the scouting would be meaningless until we have a plan of integration from youth to first team.
No point having an academy if there is no linear path to the first team.
From the moment each youth is signed there should be a plan put in place for the youngster’s progression through the ranks.
Youth should not prevent them earning a spot in first team squad.
Our youth at the moment Johnson,Henderson,Dembele all look to be coached in a different style to the first team players.
This leads to more difficulty for them to succeed as they have to not only learn a bigger ,stronger game but a different tactical one also.
The lack of cohesion is damaging our chances of improving.
A director of football is a must to oversee this and he should also have the remit over all coaches.

Man U became a force through Ferguson because he saw the potential of a very good youth team and integrated the core of them to create a very good first team.
He also saw the benefit of buying leaders like Keane to help these youngsters transition.
I believe he learned this at Aberdeen.

Por Cierto

So Far “The Rangers” have spent £600,000 We’ve spent, and we’re not finished, £13,000,000, hardly just keeping in front, is it? por cierto

When the club appoint a new manager for the first time they tend to splash out in the transfer market, it’s the windows after that that the problems seem to come about, this is on record for all to see, for sure we will probably spend more, but I still think we will come out of the window with a net profit, if we end up stronger, who knows as yet,
£13 million, how do you work that out PC ?



Also it’s not about how much we spend, it’s about how we spend it, over the years we have wasted mega money, again that is there for all to see.
Nearly spending is not actually spending btw 😉

Margaret McGill

Ah TET too true!
The 3 legged goat that shits gold.
Complicit bigots in hunnery who have found a place to hide and make themselves rich while lying constantly to their sheep customer base.
Lots of hoven animals around.


Aye we are all in agreement here a Dof would help big time. Means giving up power though,, weve seen that two egos there clash. That’s where a strong owner comes into play.
Fergie was at the end of his tether with some senior players after a lame defeat and in a bad mood asked Sir Bobby what to do.
He said play the kids and the rest is history. Both knew your own youth would get a big of leeway, give breathing room so to speak.
Enjoy the festivities pal. I intend to.

” Where I think you and I shall disagree is on the starve them out issue. I simply do not think it would work. Firstly, many would not follow it. Celtic is an addiction, some would say a duty. Secondly, weakening the club will open the door for Sevco to win the league and attain some financial stability from access to the CL. Withdrawing financial support from the club is empowering Sevco.”
There is a track record of boycotts and walkouts affecting company policy and especially engagement.
There’s no doubt in my mind that would drag them to the table. One game probably would.
Celtic is an addiction, some would say a duty,,, nail on head and guess who be pointing out our duty, to stand up for that club at all costs.
What you just admitted is being exploited by the plc in one way,, however some of us could easily turn the scales on that exploitation by heart tugging etc.
We wouldn’t weaken the club, might be some short term pain for long term gain but a stronger club would emerge.
Finances would not be affected as the games would be on the season ticket book. Not asking anyone not to buy those,, in fact we need the faithful who buy those for our plans to work.
Hail Hail




big packy

EVENING EVERYONE, fan-a-tic @2-23.??

big packy

bloke came into the salon yesterday with his bulldog late on, im desperate he says going on holiday tomorrow can you cut him ,anyway you don’t cut a bulldog you just give them a bath and clean their ears cut their nails, so he picked him up said he looked wonderful paid his 25 quid fee and gave the wife a 5 quid tip, anyway he came back this morning steaming drunk complaining we had cut him too short good job I was out dog walking, anyway the mrs is always calm in these circumstances, she said here is your 25 quid back, plus your 5 quid tip plus another 5 on top, now go and don’t come back, all the girls in the shop were laughing.hh.


Big Packy,,
Hah. Some mothers do have em.
Some roasters out there.
Fair play to Joan. Beautiful here today.
Hail Hail

I’m going for a haircut tomorrow. hope it’s not £25 ! 🙂 (Only kidding Packy, I pass on the nails and ears stuff)

Por Cierto

Are you daft? 7+3 is 13 :))) and it’s still hardly a wee bit in front, is it? por cierto

Mike in Toronto


You better be careful telling stories like that on here ….you could end up with a load of the SC’ers coming in for a haircut, then coming back the next day and trying to get their money back…


Por Cierto

“Also it’s not about how much we spend, it’s about how we spend it, over the years we have wasted mega money, again that is there for all to see.”

So has every club in World football por cierto


Lawwell has been at the club just under 16 years. SIXTEEN years! We are not going to any other league. He has not been able to progress that avenue. The only “game” in town is the Old Firm.
Murray played the 10 in a row crap when he realised they’d NEVER win the Big Cup. They died as a result of trying to chase it.
It’s our turn to play the 10 in a row pish now. It’s the only “game” in town. Why is it important if we won it sportingly and they cheated? We all know that right?
But for there to be a “game”, Sevco can’t go the way of Rangers.
The Old Firm depends on it.

big packy

MIKE, never thought of that, anyway seamus gets a freebie ?hh.



big packy

EMUSANORPHAN nice to see you posting, think we all thought the old firm was dead, but unfortunately not.hh.

big packy

JIM, have you just gone and woken bobby up.?,hh.

True, but we are not every club, we are Celtic, maybes if just one of the millions we have wasted, just the one had been spent on a DoF instead of buying in the HOPE, we wouldn’t have wasted so much trying to find that rough diamond.
As you well know the list is endless.


Just in from work,mate. Off for some shuteye.

big packy

HI BOBBY, what hours are you working now pal.hh.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, good job we got the 4 old firm games to look forward to.hh.

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