Sarajevo 1 – 3 Glasgow Celtic

It was hot , humid , hostile , but it wasnt to be Hell .
The Mighty Glasgow Celtic walk away victorious to leave an impression on a second class Sarajevo that couldn’t hang in there with a better class of player once we found a bit of rhythm.
In a throwback stadium with a hardy partizan vocal crowd despite the downfall it should have been clear that we would face “ fully committed “ players as such a crowd in that city would accept no less.
Hard places breed hard people,,and hard people are likely to not be happy should they see their players not give it all for them once they put that strip on.
Its a demand even if you are technically outclassed or happen to lose.
You fight,,and as such it was never going to be easy so well done to the Hoops to get that tricky away negotiated .
The main thing here was to not get beaten and hopefully score away,,with the result being more important that the performance and so it was to be.
The first game is no time to judge players, but you can look for hints at what is to come in the future such as selection and shape / tactics .
The players have hardly had a break or are new , there will be plenty time yet to judge them as the season progresses.

The starting eleven contained Bitton and possible surprise Mikey Johnson with Mbombo getting a debut to remember indeed.
Im delighted the centrebacks pairing wasnt messed around with for Julien meaning Kris and Jozo walked out together once again the towers at the back with Bitton given a defence role which will surely go to the starting right back we havent landed yet.
Boli seemed to have a great engine and loved going forward, caught a few times the other way.
The middle of the park seen Broonie and Calmac deep , and old favourite that has issues , with Christie thrown wide left and James right as usual.
The top two floated as thats the type of player they are. Griff is more a classic striker than both.

Our style of play seemed to be quick tempo passing which on that surface and with the rain was ballsy , mingled with a pressing game that worked for the most part.
The home team kept having to resort to punts and channel balls and were fortunate that the defence threw a goal at them in what was admittedly a nervy night at the back sometimes.
Big Jules might bring a lot of calm and surely he will be a starter at that age and price tag but a settled back four would help any nervy nights be a rarity ( usually ) and at the actual goal I didnt think our Captain covered himself in glory .
Mikey’s goal paid back every penny of the faithfuls travel expenses though.
Another thing of beauty she flew high and proud into the back of the net still rising and the young man has surely earned himself a starting berth for a few games. I’m delighted at that,,he has talent galore and it shows more youth a path,plus the faithful love a youngun.
Our other striker got on the score sheet with a classic great close control for a big man goal after a couple challenges just couldnt stop him,,the usual really and he’s back in business already ! The big man is quality,,him and Mikey a partnership? Good start to it.
Sinky with a right time right place deft finish rounded off a nice in the rain to avoid away pain.
Good man Scotty, yer a player I didnt expect to see around this season and if he is going to then maybe Lenny can get a tune outta him .

Slight negatives would be Boli Mbombo leaving the field injured , though Hayes is fit and available.
The axis in the centre doesnt seem the best although that looks like being worked on plus young Luca has joined us ,, Ewan also has shown talent there. It needs rejigged in the centre and its good to know it will be.
Bitton isnt a right sided defender despite the result. Hopefully thats his one time slotting in there.
We missed that out ball ol Mik gave us and yes it was strange not seeing him there wasn’t it !

Positives are its done , lovely jubbly now its home for a few goals and lets see a new bhoy or two given a run out for a wee taster of whats to come.
Both strikers scored,,always nice and a hat tip to the manager imo for going with two when a win the battle midfield would have been easy.
Hat tip also for going with Mikey.
You’ll win everything with kids.
Overall Well done , job done. Good start to the season.

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bada bing1

We are Celtic, not Glasgow Celtic.


Bada were gonna be writing about Belfast Celtic sometimes. When back in my mums you’ve three branches you could go see,, , Donegal, Belfast, Glasgow.
It’s not to be disrespectful or anything.
Hope you’re well.
Hail Hail

Twists n turns

Reasons to be cheerful:


The areas we were short in last night are seemingly being ( or already have been- Julienne- ) addressed. There were times the midfield looked misfunctional and I’d like to see an addition.

If so- as encouraging a start as we could have expected given the fact it’s early July and we are rebuilding.

As the month progresses, so will the standard of opposition and we will have a better idea of where this season is likely to lead.

We just need to hope Lenny and the board see it the same way.

bada bing1

Mahe- apologies,that read as being cheeky,a wee bugbear of mine,we don’t need to mention where we are from, Celtic speaks for itself. Doing fine thanks, heading home today after 6 days in New York HH

“And the Glasgow Celtic will be there.

Sure its a grand old team to play for………….”

I can understand Bada Bing’s point. But it’s no big deal, it’s not insulting. I chuckle when we get called all over Europe as ‘Celtic Glasgow’.

Noel Skytrot

Tommy Burns referred to the club as Glasgow Celtic. Anyway, it looks like we will be facing the Macedonian team Shkendija. My Albanian in law says this could be a tricky away tie.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Lots of positives.

But especially for the board, sadly.

Lewis looked good.
Ryan looked good.
Mikey looked sublime.

The ole spreadsheet has a twitching nose.. This old player selling system is much better for the figures than lucky CL qualification at the moment.

Anyone know if we’re keeping our best defenders yet, or selling them? Not that this is an important time or anything.

Big Pedro has this year’s spreadsheet to worry about.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

I wouldn’t say that I’m softening to PL-ffs,shoot me now!-but I’ve just completed Part Five of our Lost Ten series. It reminded me of Desmond White,not that I needed much reminding right enough.

I’ll say no more…

Just been watching a highlights compilation of the match-thanks to THEEXILEDTIM!-and quite pleased with how that match went. It was an obvious banana skin which we did well to avoid.

Three great goals too,which always cheers me up!


Cluggers F.C. 1-3 Celtic F.C. A difficult away tie navigated in difficult circumstances, I for one would have been happy with that score before the game. Rough edges (centre-half) was to be expected at this the first game of the season. If we get through, we are likely to play Shkendija who won their tie 0-1. More difficult ties await if we get through these two. Hopefully 2-3 first team ready players will come in the door to strengthen the first team squad, we live in hopeful expectation. Hail Hail.

big packy

MORNING ALL, enjoyed the game, always do when we win in Europe, some good positives as has been said mikey, lewis,,ryan, but we need to try and stop giving away silly goals, better teams will punish us.hh.


Enjoyed the analysis Mahe, but in almost all comments on site, I’m surprised at the lack of mention of either Christie or Ajer. I thought both were immense last night.
Anyhow it’s great that we are talking about football & a great away win for Celtic in Europe.
Golf beckons look forward to a read back later.


Fascinating article. For once,I’m in agreement with Walter Smith!

Twists n turns

Bored. Com

Who would win ?

Team 1





Team 2


C Miller



Twists n turns

My opinion for what it’s worth, which is nothing really as it’s a bit of fun … is

Team 2 win by 5-2 ?

TnT, Could you not swap one of the strikers from each team around? To even things up a bit, experience wise. In which case I agree with you Team 2 , 5-2

Twists n turns

Hi Jim
I was deliberately trying to keep it youth v experience as far as I could?

Twists n turns

…. and Jim, since it’s ma baw I decided I was having KT ??

Twists n turns

…. but of course if you’re the best fighter you can do whatever you want. If you say it’s October it’s October ?

Ha, Ha, I wondered about that! I count Ajer and McGregor as experienced too 🙂

October is my birthday month. Has Halloween in it. It’s a good month October.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

BMCUW @ 7.36am

I predict there will be a lot more of this, and worse.

England is going full on USA.

If you pay attention to that, you’ll see puppies, children and pregnant women being murdered and tortured every day by a psychotic institution that is completely unaccountable for its actions.
It’s not just the NHS that is going to be a victim of an americanised Brexit Britain.

Psychotic, fascist policing is just around the corner.


Morning all.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


I predict 7-0 to team 2.

Any team with KT in it, is going to score more and concede less.

That’s why we must sell him. Now!

Morning Weefra.

A thing of beauty

At the soft play today with some kids and took the opportunity to read the rags. The sun gave Connor goldson an 8 for his performance yesterday. He was “calm, composed and completely in control as he strolled through the 90 minutes.” Silly me, I was thinking he must’ve got 4 for putting his boots on the correct feet and 4 for tying his shoelaces.
An 8 against part timers. Jeezo

ATOB, The highest player ratings for Celtic in the DR was 7.



Morning jim. Not just the result, but the second half performance. First half we started well but tended to get a bit lethargic until they scored. This is to be expected in the first competitive game of the season. Thankfully we came out of our slumber second half and put them away with a superb display. Hope yer well jim. HH



I bet the huns all got 9s. Lol. HH

Weefra, I missed a lot of the game, my bother in law came in for one of his once in a blue moon visits! But from what I saw the young guns were pointing in the right direction.

Weefra, they gave Steven Davis an 8 !!!! St. Joseph’s are ranked by UEFA at 463 out of 476.



I rest my case. Pmsl. HH

I thought that Sarajevo banner was quite funny – “Not even a shamrock will bring you luck here”. Harmless tongue in cheek.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Good to see Canamalar pointing out some home truths this morning.

The attack dogs were quickly released.

Never seen them so quick to express their concern for NL, or the young supporters being harassed and jailed by Strathy’s Finest with the co-operation of the Celtic Board.

I do however, recall their massive, ground-swell leap to the defence of Peter Lawell last week when there was a tribute to, er, John Keane.

Wtf is going on there?? Anyone??

Tab closed. I’ll have another look in again in a few months out of curiosity. ?

Looks like an X-file. Mulder.

Awe Naw


Why no mention of Team 3 are you team3ist ?






You’re being disrespectful to Connor Baresi,-Connelly-Beckenbauer -Goldson!
Any guy who denied the high flying forwards of St Joseph from a sniff at goal deserves all the praise coming his way.
Likewise Steven Davis who gave a midfield masterclass that Pirlo could only dream of.
The literary talents of the mssm pale in comparison to the poetic play of the mighty sevco.
Europe has a new emperor.

A thing of beauty

Jim the time wee fra fan a tic
Sums them up perfectly. They are so intent on bugging them up it’s laughable. Seven year olds with crayons could do better.

Awe Naw, I’d stuggle with Team3 I’m afraid. Ntcham is dodgy.

Mind you they would probably beat teams in the bottom half of the Scottish Premiership.

Twists n Turns, St. Patricks v IFK Norrkoping tomorow night.



Morning folks.
That police video is disgusting.
You see a man pick on someone weaker than them, you leave that man in a position never to pick on anyone again. Scumbags. Pure effing scum treating people that way.
When tyranny becomes law resistance is duty.
True Lenny forced to move? Anyone confirm this?
Bada,, I think you would find many outside of the city calling them Glasgow Celtic.
You might not hear that much in Rutherglen I admit. Just natural I think.
Hail Hail and Happy hump day.
Already beautiful here.



Pretty good summary of the game. The scuttle butt on Boli is that he is good going forward but poor defensively mainly due to positioning. We saw that last night on at least two occasions. The early chance was created by a ball over Boli’s head to set up a run in on goal.

The defence will not do but I am sure it was make shift last night. The frightening thing about it is that, in spite of it, we secured an away victory….this may lead the Board to say we do not need to spend heavily in this area.

The kernel of a very good team is there…Christie, Calmac, Tierney, Ajer, Johnson and Edouard…if they can be retained. Decisions on Brown need to be made. He cannot/should not play every game. We do not need Rogic, Ntcham but we do need someone to replace them. If Edouard had the support of a target man, he would be too hot for most opposition…….he is a very wise investment. Weah would have been a similar wise choice but I can understand that the budget is finite and priorities lie elsewhere.

I saw this tie as a really difficult one but, yet again, I was wrong! Best ignore everything I say, or conclude the opposite!


Awe Naw


The point really was having just lost

Team 4
De Vries




We still have too may players even Izzaguire han´t been mentioned and a raft of promising youngsters

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
My memory is crap…. I keep forgetting about those players!!
I’m still taking team 2 to win ?

Twists n turns

St Pats will lose tomorrow by the odd goal I fear.

Hope I’m wrong…..


So someone probably at the wind up types get rid of him and it makes a national newspaper the express. Please no one ever even glance at the rag ,, let it die a horrible death.
Funny it would take me a couple of minutes to find a post that wishes harm on our manager but ta da its the Celtic bad everyone else good act from that pile of pish that calls itself “ news”

Anyway the trimming of the squad leaves us in a great opportunity to refresh .
From where I sit the incomings are exactly what we want,,first team and not punts.
We are clearly trying to get players in , thats not in doubt , and are bringing in a good standard so theres good signs imo.
Of course everyone would like a proper right back but it just hasnt worked out yet and signs are he will be good, Im calm about it and would encourage the same.
We should go through round two of the qualifiers I’m sure all would agree , and its 3 and 4 are the big tests usually.
Its then we will need a player in that position and yes ideally bring in now to have ready by then but were arent in the ideal world and variables galore come into play.
At least we have Ralston and the folly of Mik leaving may come back to haunt us but if it does please remember Lenny himself is not to blame on that one , thats an upstairs call.
Expect to hear wholly focussed on 9 if we flop and crash out.
Tbh a Europa League run would be better for us as a club as the top tier competition would have their way with us but that brings Thursday Sunday games into play which arent ideal lots of times.

I noticed Lenny looks shattered as someone else pointed out.
If the house move for security thing is true that might explain it but thats not good.
Theres gated communities here with their own security to stop stuff like that.
Sports people or famous people wouldnt live on an accessible street , the house is at least pushed back outta sight if you can drive to the gates at all.

Hail Hail


Rumour mill

Rennes have received an approach from Celtic for 23-year-old midfielder James Léa Siliki.

FC Porto have already had an €8m bid rejected by the French club.