The Resonance Of Truth And The Peter Principle.


Today sees the regular turn of our Spanish Correspondent,THE EXILED TIM. He’s not known for mincing his words,as you will discover when you read his article!

When I heard Lenny telling the BBC reporter that he had never heard of the young Ecuadorian player we have been linked with, it got me thinking. The BBC reporter said he wouldn’t divulge the name of the person who gave him the info, that’s fair enough, journos need to protect their sources.
I did find the story a strange one though,with Lenny denying any knowledge of the player.

What gave the story credence when it was published was ” quotes ” from the player-unless they were made up quotes, who knows with today’s Scottish football media, they have an agenda and it’s anything but pro nor is it at anytime fair to Celtic.

So why did it get me thinking ? Celtic by all accounts have a mole, the club really need to flush out the mole that is operating under the surface. so how do the club go about flushing out the mole, if they want to that is and I strongly suspect that they do.

Team sheets are being leaked way before the teams have to be submitted to the referee, they are often posted on Twitter and on a few fans blogs. This could have serious consequences for the team and the club-is it only the team sheets that are being leaked? What about the tactics of the day, what if we have players playing that are not 100% fit but the manager is taking a chance for an hour that the player may produce? I would like to know these things if I was an opposing manager, who could we target, what are the tactics that are going to be used against my team today, worth it’s weight in gold I would have thought, just ask last seasons Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa 😉

There has to be a suspect or some that may be considered as suspects,but there will be many that can be completely discounted,and these will be known to the club insiders. Lenny not knowing about the South American player, if it’s true and he hasn’t ever heard of him as he stated kinda worries me There has just been a top quality U21s tournament where the young fella was playing and he got rave reviews, so he really should at least heard of the player. Hopefully that was Lenny just being smart, for all we know the player is going to sign soon, I for one hope so, he is a proper def mid that I and so many others have been wanting for some time now.

So, I digress, how to flush out the mole? It’s done by using the ” Resonance of Truth,” You have your suspect or suspects and tell them something that only they know and wait, wait and see if the story gets out.
The story or stories if you are suspecting more than one have to be plausible, but has to be known only to the people involved for it to work.

If the story gets out you have your mole.

It’s so so simple, yet so many don’t seem to be able to use it to any good effect.

Maybe this story has been used to flush out the mole, who knows, but one thing I do know is, people in high places should know about these things, they get paid enough and should know about flushing out moles…PONDER?

The “Peter Principle” is where someone is good at their job and gets promotion. They are good at that position and they get another promotion till they get to a level where they can’t do the job they’ve been promoted to, so they don’t get another promotion. They are in a job that in effect is now beyond them.

A person can rise to their level of incompetence after one promotion, some may take longer, but they always get to the level that is beyond them.

Talking about people in high places, we have our very own Peter Principle in our CEO, someone who takes on the role with so much enthusiasm that he fails in parts of the job. As someone who is highly adept at flushing out people who want to sponsor the club, he is superb. I would go as far to say you would find it hard to find a better person out there, for a club playing in a “Diddy league,” he sure has a knack of getting sponsors to part with very decent money.

Fairdoos for this Pedro.

As a visionary of forward planing, Not. In another role he takes on he is failing IMO, as a pretendy DoF, failing drastically-so much so that we have employed someone, albeit only for a month or so to see “if it works out” to take charge of transfers. A cynic might say that Hammond has been brought in to flush out buyers for a couple of our better sale-able assets, but we will just have to see what transpires.

My net profit prediction for the window still stands. As for will we emerge stronger, so far we are not, but as the clappers like to remind everyone, the window is still open and there is plenty of time to bring some quality in, or maybes even sell it.


Grateful thanks to THE EXILED TIM for his thoughts on the above subject. I can think of a number of posters on other sites who will be choking on their cornflakes when they read it-though I can also think of a fair few who will be applauding it!

If you too would like your opinions to be Article of the Day,mail it to Mahe


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OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Some tremendous videos again,mate. Especially the one at 312am. Very appropriate backing to it-Sheep,with that wonderful guitar break at the outro.

Never got to see Floyd live,though I’ve seen some of the better tributes. And bumped into Nick Mason a couple of times. Once when he was getting out of a vintage Ferrari to go into the village shoppe where I was delivering. I asked him if his car did autographs too! Wish I’d had a camera phone with me,it was stunning…


Maybe the mole was that cleaner all along! Great article though-and you highlight the exact reason why leaking the teamsheets is harmful to us.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Good post as always. Who the f is John Kennedy anyway, except someone who was promoted on CQN for years before landing this amazing job he has now which is …..

Sorry. Excuse me. I’m obviously a hun, eh, Bankiebhoy, you genius……. ?


Feck em

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

The sad truth is that we have a beautiful support, but are being run by cunts no better than the ones across the river.

We have Tories on our board ffs.

What do we need to do to alert fholk to this simple fact.

As long as that is the case, they can be trusted with nothing.

Nothing! Mind, now. Behave yourselves. Your precious board has spoken.


Cosy corner bhoy

Happy birthday to BMCUWP!

Happy birthday Mick. Hope you have a good one. 🙂

TET – Well said.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Happy birthday, BMCUW !!

Thanks to CCB for the reference, else you’d have told no one ya bollocks ? it’s okay to turn 40 9 times you know ?

Have a great day mucker.

Happy birthday Bobby on behalf of 3 of my friends, Big Packy who will be tending his doggies, Weefra who will be tending his hens and Mahe who will be in his kip.

Awe Naw

Why would/should Lenny admit to interest in a player ?

It drives the price up.

Surely if the journalist revealed his source then we would have the culprit. A BBC journalist a place where the truth goes to die. What if the journalist was lying ? what if he was given a bum steer. What if it has all been engineered by Celtic to drive the price of another similar player down ?

Lenny is sharper than all of them.

If the club has signed a player without the management team been informed it will not be the first time.

Awe Naw

Congratulations on the free bus pass BMCUWP

Hope you are having a great day

big packy

MORNING ALL, the exiled tim great post as usual, if there is a mole lets flush the bassa out hh.

big packy

MICK, was gong to wish you happy birthday but my best buddy has done it for me,.have a good one.hh

big packy

UBER TIM, if you are about I saw all that unfold last night on the other channel, as both you and the exiled tim have said, canamalar was crucified, but cap doffed he fought his corner,.hope you are well.hh.

Morning Timland, gonna be another hot one.
So we are not signing the Smith boy then, aye it’s now becoming all too familiar, the splurge at the beginning of the window took everyone by surprise and folks were expecting more of the same, we should have known better.
Awe Naw
Lenny has been remarkably frank about our transfer dealings and targets, more so that I can recall any manager being in the past.
Felix Cumpleanos Mick.

Awe Naw


as I highlighted last night although we have lost an entire squad of players we still have far too many. Far too many that seemingly look to be going nowhere. I do not expect any more additions except for a right back or two. There may be another quick addition if we do a last minute sell.

again nowt new

IF we were willing to spend a supposed £4m on a RB, why the eff are we wanting to spend it in england, £4m will buy us a very decent RB from a vast array of leagues in Europe and the rest of the world, wtf is our obsession with english players, also what is going on with our scouting, we have wanted a RB for the past three windows, Picinni and Castange were targeted, we brought Toljan in, sadly he wasn’t up to it, we have now lost a international RB and we are grubbing about way down our list presumably for a RB, it’s a disgrace for a supposed well run club to be in this position, given the fact we are trying to qualify for the CL just adds insult to injury.

Awe Naw
You are probably right, it just goes to show the state our well run club, not, is in, it’s a joke.


Happy Birthday Mick, Hope it’s a good one. Hail Hail

bada bing1

The alleged interest in Smith, is exactly why we should tell the Lapdogs fk all at all times…maybe that’s why NL blanked him.

Awe Naw

IN TIERS Kieran Tierney’s hilarious reply to Filip Benkovic’s Celtic farewell message
Gary Taylor
11 Jul 2019, 9:00Updated: 11 Jul 2019, 9:06
FILIP BENKOVIC has said a heartfelt goodbye to Celtic.

The defender spent last season on loan at the Hoops from Leicester where he quickly became a fans’ favourite for his displays at the back.

Benkovic, 21, could be sent out on loan again by Foxes gaffer Brendan Rodgers for the 2019/20 campaign.

But it appears he won’t be back at Parkhead.

The Croatian wrote on Instagram: “It was a huge honour and privilege to wear the Hoops for a season.

“This club will always be very special to me.

“Thank you to my team-mates and to the fans for everything.

“Good luck for the future and historic 10 in a row ”

Pal Kieran Tierney delivered a hilarious reply, writing: “Good luck my man…no pyro, no party.”

To which Peter Lawwell tweeted from his private account “Kieran this comment is not acceptable and will be dealt with in accordance with club regulations and disciplinary procedures”

Scott Bain added: “All the best Brate.”

Benkovic’s immediate Leicester future could depend on Harry Maguire’s situation.

The Foxes and England hero – who is said to have an £85million price tag – is wanted by Man United and Man City.

Meanwhile, Celts have not made an approach for Rennes midfielder James Lea Siliki despite reports in France.

Neil Lennon’s Scottish champions kicked off their pursuit of Champions League football last night with a 3-1 away win over Sarajevo.

Awe Naw

Japanese side Yokohama FC are putting their trust in experience as they snag Celtic legend Shunsuke Nakamura.

At the age of 41, former Celtic attacking midfielder Shunsuke Nakamura – who made his professional debut in 1997 – has joined the J2 League side.

But he is not even the oldest player at the club.

That distinction is held by 52-year-old right back Kazuyoshi Miura, who is available on a free having failed to agree terms

Miura, who has made thirty two appearances this season, made his debut in 1986 at Brazilian side Santos and won the last of his 89 Japan caps 19 years ago.

He broke Stanley Matthews’ record as the oldest professional to score a goal in 2017.

Yokohama say Nakamura, who has joined from Jubilo Iwata in the Japanese top-flight J1 League, “will be a trump card for the club’s promotion this season”.

The former Japan playmaker helped Celtic win three consecutive league titles during four years at Parkhead.

PFA Scotland’s player of the year in 2007 also helped Celtic to a Scottish Cup victory and two League Cup wins.

He moved to Espanyol in 2009, but left after one season to join Yokohama F Marinos, before joining Jubilo Iwata in 2017.

Nakaumura talking of Celtic interest in Miura stated “I can highly recommend the experience of playing for Celtic and think it would be his great move which may be his last in what has been a great career for him”

The Gombeen Man

Hooopy Birthday BMCUWPs,

I hope you’ve managed to dodge the infamous ‘split shift Thursday?’

Have a great day.


Miura? Why not. 52 is the new 42.

More records broken.

I would re-sign the youngster Nakamura too.

The more I think about it, not good I know, but we went into the first qualifier with a back four consisting of a player just in the door who didn’t have a clue about the team or his team mates, a midfielder who has hardly played for a year at CB, and to add insult to injury a converted from a mid to a CB playing at right back.
No matter how anyone tries to spin that, it’s a fecking disgrace that a club that has ambitions of CL football is in this position, an absolute joke, yet some are still lauding the board, that’s what we are up against.

Awe Naw


you are mixing ambition with opportunity

This is Charlie Tully’s birthday too!

Awe Naw
Silly me


Morning all.

A thing of beauty

TET, thanks for the article. Of we do sign a player the manager says he knows nothing about it won’t be the first time but equally Neil could just be boxing clever.
On the RB situation, we should not be in this position and that we are is telling if how our football department works. We’ve known for long enough lustig would probably be off and ralston isn’t the answer. It should’ve been our priority this window.
Happy birthday to the eternal teenager that is bmcuwp. He’ll no change now as they say!!

Awe Naw

Is that Weefra the guy who won sexiest farmer of the century but never told anybody about it or bought his pals a pint with the 250K prize money ?

If so good to see you on here Weefra

When you think about it, it was dated March – the leaked minutes document – and they were discussing ins and outs. That’s 4 months ago! As ATOB says RB need was obvious. Now I have no experience in signing footballers. But I do have experience in recruitment. 4 months is an age. You could recruit a prime minister quicker.

Brendan was trying to get a RB in for three windows to no avail, I am beginning to think the problem with the recruitment is higher up the food chain 😉


Awe naw

You got that in one kiddo. How the devil are you doing, haven’t blethered for years. You’re no half missed on that other blog, nothing but bickering and name calling. Bst out of it. I’ve had a run of real bad health since retirement, so much so , I’ve had to give up my ST. ? however being well in to my 70s now can’t really expect much more. Really delighted to be talking with you again. ??

TET, Yes, I was being kind saying 4 months. But as long as Mikel was there, there was no panic. If we are infamous for one thing it is our lack of forward planning.

Most well run firms look forward. It’s second nature to Directors involved in strategy.

Peter Lawwell as CEO and very well paid at that, is an absolute disgrace in that department. Dermott Desmond as over seer likewise. I couldn’t care less how successful he is in other areas of ‘business’. In football, he is useless.

Awe Naw


very sorry to hear about your health. I hope that it improves and that you are on the mend and it´s not interfering with business. No need to have any hang ups about the ST apart from of course missing it on match days. That still shouldn´t detract you from enjoying the Celtic games. You have done more than your part and fair share over they years.

I have found it very enjoyable on here. Truth be told there is no aggravation on here. It only happens when some CQN posters come on here to deliberately antagonise and of course when I am on. Mahe and BMCUWP have set up a nice little blog. Look forward to more conversations with you bud.

As an outsider looking in, like the rest of us, we have to make assumptions on the running of Celtic. So, it seems to me that Peter Lawwell is most comfortable in off the pitch areas. Not perfect, but to an acceptable level. So why try to run about 75% of the football department? Where he has little to no practical experience? There can only be one or two answers. A lack of trust. Believing only he has all the skills. And most importantly, EGO. It makes him feel important. Why does he need this EGO trip? Well, some might say it betrays an underlying insecurity.

Oh and by the way, there is one aspect of his off the pitch management which comes up very short. Dealing with the SFA. In that respect, he is an absolute COWARD. Yes insecurity again. Grow a pair!


Awe Naw

Spot on buddy, it is a breath of fresh air not being slaughtered every error post you make. I still speak regularly with boaby twice a week and have been for 4 or 5 years now, in fact, it may well be longer. Looking forward to long chats in the future and thanks for your comments on my health, hopefully on the up now. Don’t half miss they “Awe Nawed” stories. Lol.

Weefra, Morning pal, sorry, i’ve been on a rant!

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Afternoon fholks.

See a bit of chat about our sudden deafening silence in the transfer window, despite a desperate need for certain positions to be filled.

Can I just say, in defence of our illustrious board, that it is not easy trying to convince professionals to come to Scotland, or to compete in Europe through first round qualifiers. Nor is it easy to match their wage demands.

In fact, we’re lucky to have a squad at all, you ingrates. Know yer place. Learn to behave. Your Tory heroes have spoken.



Big Pedro. Off out to review and appraise my personal service staff.
Laters, minions.


Happy Birthday to young BMCUWP.

Big Perdro, Just wait till my pal Big Packy comes on here, he will deal with you. Tory git.



Hi kiddo, glad your rant is over and won’t be giving me the sharp end of the cue. Lol.



Many happy returns auld yin. You kept that quiet. Until ra morra.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

jimthetim53 @1.01pm

Have him contact my people for an appointment.

I’ve no time for this. I have spreadsheets to manage and players to sell ffs.


Big Pedro.


The Exiled Tim
Thank you for some thoughtful words.

Celtic plc are starting to seem like an addition to Penn and Tellers Vegas magic show.
Fooling an audience in plain sight.
We’re gobsmacked and amazed at the audacity of it all but keep coming back for more.
The promise of more and the deliverance of very little.
Smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand, worlds driest powder and a mythical mole below the surface.
Will the right back ever appear from behind the curtain
All along the Great Oz looks down from his lofty perch.
P.T.Barnum would be envious.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Currently enjoying lunch and a semi at Wimbledon. The arousing sounds of the ladies on their way to the climax of an enthralling bit of 2-way action.

Why on earth do they limit the ladies to best of 3 sets ?? ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Fan-a-Tic @ 1.44pm

A fine summation of our PLC heroes ?

We shouldn’t be so harsh on them though. Don’t you know that me and you wouldn’t be able to do what they do? If we could, we’d be getting millions of pounds in bonuses, you see. This kind of wealth is earned by the privileged, not handed to them on a silver splatter. Sorry, typo. Slither splatter.


Good morning troops,,
TeT many thanks and great stuff.
A mole eh,,, plenty of mole here but it’s spicy sauce not wee critters. The humble garden mole,, never really came across one tbh.
They are probably dying out also.
Inside Celtic park though is not good at all despite getting info we wouldn’t have had otherwise.
As mentioned the truth game can spring that trap. Not hard actually. When your career is on the line you must ask why take a chance over something mundane like a team sheet.
I actually don’t care if it’s leaked or not tbh, makes no difference to me but I can clearly see how opposing managers could gain an edge.
Needs plugged we are in agreement.

Bobby, you sly fox trying to keep that from us. Breathla Shona Duit mo chairde.
Many happy returns.
7-11 is easy to remember.
I see Uber saying a three hour chat!!!
I thought an hour was bad enough,, that’s a record for me,, but three,,,,
The nerve center of Celtic cyberspace thon noggin is ill tell ya.
When you’re raising that glass just think there’s a man in sunny California thinks you’re a star!

Hail Hail


My Sentinel Celts line up.
4-1-2-3 formation.
AULDHEID (a safe pair of hands)
Bada Bing( nothing gets past him) Big Packly(takes no prisoners) BMCUP (a wise head) Jimthetim53(energy and commitment)
The Exiled Tim(leadership and hard as nails)
Ubertim(craft and vision) ATOB (Skill,steel and brains)
MAHE(slick and productive) AWE NAW(killer instinct) Twists n Turns(experience and wisdom)
Coach MAGS(Ruthless and straightforward.)

bada bing1

Rumour of a RB tomorrow, from the Beaver Shavers…

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