The Lost Ten-Part Five.


Continuing the series of articles about our exploits between 78-88 when we should have won Ten In A Row,this one deals with season 82/83.

Again,having won the league,Celtic declined to build from strength with no new signings. In four years at the club by then,the only major signings Billy McNeill had made were Dom Sullivan,Davie Provan,Murdo McLeod at the start of his reign,followed by Frank McGarvey and,erm,Willie Garner. A total outlay of around £600,000. By this time,we were being outspent as usual by the huns and even Aberdeen who had spent more than half of that on Peter Weir the previous year.

It didn’t seem to faze us though,as we blitzed through our six sectional League Cup games,scoring 29 for the loss of three. We welcomed back Charlie Nicholas,and had high hopes for him after his leg break in January. And basically we just carried on from there,the good form of the first half of the year taking us on a tremendous run right through to the end of the year.

Again,we had no luck in the draw for the European Cup,being paired with firstly Ajax and then Real Sociedad. We may have rode our luck against Ajax in the first leg-a Celtic defence without Roy Aitken was not a pretty thing back then-but it sure ran out against the Spaniards in a game which I thought was there for the taking. Lose a stupid goal at home,lose the tie.

But as the thoughts of the faithful turned towards Spring-a rare mild winter had cut down dramatically on the match cancellations-we were to receive an Arctic blast. We were already holders of The League Cup,having beaten the huns in a tremendous match to win the trophy for only the second time in thirteen years. (We wouldn’t win it again until fifteen years later,which is why I really enjoy winning it. I’ve seen us lose too many finals over the years!) By the end of January,we had played twentytwo league matches,with a record of 18-2-2 and 38 points. And scoring goals for fun,mainly from Charlie Nicholas!

We stood loud and proud at the pinnacle,but there were those amongst the support who remembered three years previously,when we had somehow surrendered our title from a similar vantage point to an Aberdeen side who just wouldn’t go away. But our first match in February was against Dundee United at Tannadice,and they hammered us 1-1. I had thought that holding Ajax to 2-2 earlier in the season was a stroke of fortune,but getting a draw in this match was daylight robbery. Charlie Nick scored his 35th of the season and that was all we could take from this. And with Aberdeen up next too…

No bother,Charlie settled the nerves in the first half and we were playing well. Until a minute before half time,when Eric Black managed to score twice! He completed his hat-trick and all of a sudden we were looking slightly less confident. We had two Scottish Cup ties and two games against the relegation fodder of Kilmarnock and Morton before we faced Dundee at Dens Park. Which we bloody lost,just as we did three years earlier though this time not so heavily. Followed by successive home draws against St Mirren and the huns,we were losing our grip on the title and had seen Aberdeen overtake us to lead by a point.

There were still eight games to play though,so no panic on that front. Not at all,what had us panicking was that we were playing crap! And with such a limited squad,Billy had little room for manoeuvre.

We got the wheels back on the wagon though with three successive victories,including one against Dundee United. That was important,because they had crept up almost unnoticed to lie just a point behind us beforehand. And then the bloody wheels came off again…

Papped oota the cup by Aberdeen-I was really starting to hate playing them,you know!-we had to play Dundee United again on the Wednesday. This really was a game we couldn’t afford to lose,but a draw would do,to be honest. No Danny McGrain so we had to play Willie Garner at right back. Aye,Desmond,ya tight old twat,Willie Garner at right back! And he only lasted about fifteen minutes before being injured,leaving Murdo to do his best there. People who think I’m hard on Peter Lawwell should hear me about White,I can tell you. We went a goal down early on before Charlie scored a penalty just before half time. Presumably the referee was reminded of his obligations at half time and promptly gave one to Dundee United to put them back in front.

To be fair,this was a difficult match for even a good referee to manage,and he sent off Richard Gough shortly afterwards. Celtic capitalised on the advantage with an equaliser from Tommy Burns and went all out for the winner. And it came from the unlikeliest of sources. Ralph sodding Milne.

3-2 to Dundee United. Advantage them. Except that we were still a point to the good. Except that our next game was at Pittodrie…

It was a rubbish match. Murdo hit the bar before Mark McGhee hit the post with a header. It bounced along the line,hit Roy Aitken,game over. As was our season,and we knew it. A point behind,three to play,it’s gone.

Sure,we won our last three games. Sure,we beat the huns at Ibrox after being two down at half time. Sure,Charlie got his fiftieth goal of the season. But for sure,this was a serious boot in the bollocks for us. The team was clearly lacking in the depth required for a rigorous season,and it showed in the later stages. It was being starved of investment just as clearly as the stadium was. This was not a season to remember,yet only three months earlier,it had been all sweetness and light. That was our second title we had thrown away in the last four seasons,and it was time we cut out the crap and got some decent players in.

White reacted by offering Nicholas an inducement to leave-by way of a derisory contract offer-and insulting Billy McNeill so greatly that he chased him out of the door too. I actually felt more down at the season’s end than I had in 1978. Which takes some doing. What next? Well,we would soon find out.


Above article by BMCUWP. Usual rules,submit an article and we will publish it. I’m off to look out the razor blades,because I hated every minute of reliving this particular season. Particularly that Ralph Milne goal-but because that was when I knew. Knew we had blown it. Not Aberdeen the following Saturday. THAT goal.

Anyway,cheer me up and submit an article to Mahe

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Twists n turns

Ha! Look at that. As soon as Twists gets involved ? Result. ??

Twists n turns

I’m aware folks will be reading that first comment wondering wtf is that about. See previous article . ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


I agree. Mahe has single handedly destroyed our mining and steel industries.

This is what happens when you don’t have a defence.

Next he’ll be trying to make us pay a poll tax to read BMCUW’s ramblings.
Talking of which, I’d better and go read this most recent one while it’s still free to do so ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


“Again,having won the league,Celtic declined to build from strength with no new signings”

I’ve been reading that every day for years. In fact, I’ve even written it myself on a number of occasions. Rumour has it, it’s the one sentence redacted from every Celtic Manager interview. Except the blessed Tommy. The one manager who could say, it didn’t matter who we signed, it was an improvement. ??

Twists n turns

Your post on the previous thread re signing a RB ( or not to be precise) had me laughing at 5am this morning which is a neat trick.

The truth set out in a humorous fashion. Loved the post…. keep em coming??

Twists n turns

Ive managed to squeeze another £1/4m out a couple guys this week for some much needed improvements in our company which will make us more competitive.

Now I need to spend it wisely of course. I’ve got a few options:


Various options really. I’ll finalise my strategy for that money this coming week but just before I go, I have a question for ye:

Any idea how much a heated driveway costs? ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Thanks for another interesting insight. I was 65 during that season, so memories are vague.

Was Jim McLean the DU manager during that 1-1 hammering?

Reminds me of what Jock gifted to Scottish football, not just us.

And of course Alex Ferguson learned everything he knows from him.

Scottish clubs must have been terrifying the rest of Europe back then.

So I suppose we must congratulate the SFA as well as the Tory board at Celtic for maintaining our well-earned respect from the rest of Europe to this day……?

Let me put my facetious sarcasm aside for a moment. MON and the Seville team stepping in the heads of Blackburn and Liverpool was a special and much needed thing. Did the SFA appreciate what that did for Scottish football, or were they more concerned that us uppity fenian needed put back in our place.

Cue MIB genius Shuggie Wankface Dallas and his pals being given free reign to put hunnery back on the map.

TWISTSNTURNS From previous article.

That was early 1981,I think. I had a university entrance appointment in the morning,but my Dad went on the march. We decided to meet in The Forheringay beside the Crossmyloof ice rink,plan being that his brother,my uncle Jim would pick us up from there to go to the match.

It wasn’t just you and my Dad walking that day-everyone was. The corpy buses were on strike!

Anyway,no show with only about an hour to go before kick-off,I phoned his house. Only to be told that he couldn’t make it. Dad and I none too pleased,we decided to walk down Allison St and try to cadge a lift off a passing Supporters bus.

Good call,cos we got lucky right away when one stopped. Except it was full of Killie fans off to the game against Partick Thistle. At that,another one pulled up,and this time it WAS going to the game.

At the wrong bloody end though! We kept quiet,declined their kind offer of tickets-despite the fact that the absent uncle Jim had ours!-and bunged them a couple of quid for the “taxi.”

I can’t remember how we managed to get in,but we usually manage these things. Just as well-we won 3-1 and my uncle would have been toast if we had missed it!

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Declining to build from strength,we should be world champions at that.

Re wee Jum,aye,he was. I think he cracked a smile when they won the league,but it may only be a rumour.


£250000 buys a lot of posh boxes,or one Frank McGarvey. I know you’ll already have figured out that you’re spending it on neither.

And you didn’t get where you are today by spending it on,etc.


PS-all of Reggie Perrin is on YouTube. Still brilliant stuff.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Twists @ 06.48,

Thank feck you said that.

My demons this week have been ridiculing me, saying that I’m the only one that finds me funny ?

I reply saying, well that’s all that matters. But they know I’m lying ?

As for the price of a heated driveway….

One right back per square metre.

Twists n turns

Reggie Perrin?


Leonard Rossiter was a brilliant actor. I still watch Rising damp yet. His timing and facial expressions are priceless. An absolute genius.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Jim McLean cracking a smile ??

Nah, that rumour came about when the meeja of the time interviewed his brother by mistake.


Leonard Rossiter was,as you say,quality. The thing about Rising Damp and Reggie Perrin,apart from the writing was the casting. Just about everyone fitted their part like they were written especially for them.

Had a garbage night at work,was meant to start at 11pm,didn’t get started till nearer 3am. I’m off to the supermarket for beer before they become full of antisocial people,AKA other customers!

Stocks are running dangerously low…

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

When i saw Leonard Rossiter, given my age, i didnt quite get the humour. But he certainly affected my exotic views of Englishman from my safe haven in the Milton.

I assumed all Englishmen were nervy middle aged men with holes in their jumpers. This view was re-enforced by Wilfred Bramble. I make no apology for this prejudice. I could barely afford the 10p bus fare into town at the time never mind a venture into deepest darkest Anglo Saxon land, with their weird shaped rozzer heads.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Sorry you had a mince night at work.

Given this is your birthday weekend, have a pint or 5 on me, and enjoy the weekend fella !

Twists n turns

Hmmm post disappeared? Odd.

Try again:

I found a company this week who done a moonlight flit. They clearly hit hard times and just fekked off.

They fitted out offices with desk systems, filing cabinets etc.

They just vanished leaving all their stuff.

I contacted the liquidator. I’ve bought enough stuff to kit out my entire 23,000 sq feet with desks fridge printer copier and chairs for less than £300….. and they’re delivering it ?. Only downside is I’ve got to be there this morning to let them in ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Geez a fridge ?

Twists n turns



There’s a serious side to this liquidation carry on of course. I’m making light of it but somewhere, some folks won’t have been paid by this company who buggered off .

I need a mini fridge for the lab, and a standard one for the kitchen. Desks and chairs obviously.

A fridge new? Say £100

Desk ? £400

Filing cabinets £90

Chairs are £40 each

I’m taking a few grands worth.

These liquidators should be trying their best for the folks waiting on money.

My conversation with them lasted 15 seconds

“ I’ll give you £15 an item”

“ ok”

“I’ll need them delivered?”




I’ll tell you … there’s £20k worth the racking in there. Someone will get it for £200.

These liquidators get their fees. Not giving a shit about the poor bastards waiting on their % of the assets

If I’d offered £1000? That would be straight into their fees.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Posted this on the old thread there! Wtf?? This place is getting more like CQN by the minute ?

Sorry Mahe/BMCUW, you know I jest. Love what you’ve done here.


Christine would sign for us, and do a good job at right back. Not much to offer in terms of physical height, at 1700mm, but she can jump higher than Martin O’Neill when in a state of ecstasy.

Seeing as she’s French, well within our wage bracket.

Maybe a bit left wing for Big Iain Bankier, but fuck him.

Go get her Pedro.

[Any excuse to share songs I like 

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


I know amigo.

I work for myself, small business. A major supplier to me went under a couple of years ago actually owing me £3000. They knew what they were doing. About a hundred of their staff unpaid and not allowed to claim for it if they started working again within a month. Dumped like garbage.

They declared my outstanding invoices as £300 ( I did their installation jobs in Scotland – was hard graft and I.paid for help and travel.costs). I made a few phone calls to the liquidators, but knew it was a waste of time, and never received any call back. It’s a market for hunnery.

On the plus side, I encouraged one of their sales managers to go alone, and she did, and is doing better than me now, but gives me work in Scotland when she gets it. And we have regular chats about business side of things. Really pleased with what she’s done.

I know you wouldn’t take that stuff lightly. Your integrity and good nature shines through in your posts, consistently.

I know it’s no fun for others to read what could be construed as sycophancy and arse kissing, but I’ll make no apology for complimenting your good self on years of intelligent comment and kind nature.

HH Twistys. A true Celtic gent.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Seconded-but don’t tell him!

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


I won’t ?




That’s him as old-or as young!-as my Dad again,for another six months…

Twists n turns

Hey bhoys
Your kind words are welcome and appreciated but I’m undeserving of them.
I do what I can now for who I can. Try to go through life now without causing upset or pain to anyone.


It’s partly cos I’m undertaking a self inflicted penance if you like. When I was young I had the most fantastic upbringing. Mum was and still is the most kind hearted and generous person you could ever wish to meet.

Then for about 15 to 20 years or so, I don’t know what the fff I was doing but I wasn’t the most pleasant of individuals. Selfish, incredibly strong tempered and just a fkn complete idiot if truth be told. Must’ve made life miserable for a lot of folks who didn’t deserve it.
I’d been progressing in my career and I think I mistook aggression as a method of strong leadership, encouraged I have to say by weak directors and bosses whom, on reflection, used me to further their own careers.

I then met one lady in particular who pretty much saw straight through me and put me straight on a number of issues. Has it been a guy, at that time, he wouldn’t have been in the vertical position too long, but I’d no defence against the truth with the person delivering it being a lady.
She was the first person I met who was brave enough to call me out.

So that encounter changed the way I saw life. Complete paradigm shift.

It’s odd you know but I see the old me in so many people now, including on these forums, but I try to avoid confrontation. I disagree and will state my opinion but as for getting all hot and bothered? I try not too.
Mask slips now and again I guess but hey remember the old me is still buried in here somewhere ?

Twists n turns

3 grand to a small business! Painful eh.
I thought I knew about running businesses, but I soon learned the missing link in my armour was understanding cash flow.
No wonder so many businesses fail at start up.
Cash flow is critical.
If you’d been at start up stage, £3k might have put you under.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Cash flow?? Wtf is that?

I would assume that if the cash is flowing then all is good?

Otherwise, no idea what it is.

I do know however, that Big Pedro knows where to direct it. ?

Ps, good folk always credit others for their good spirit, imo. Liking the cut of your gib.

Me, on the other hand – I’m a massive success despite everyone else. All these bastards trying to ruin me. I’ll win. You’ll see. You’ll all see.
No until Tuesday though. I have several hangovers to negotiate till then..?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Still no word on the right right back?

Have we even got the right left back right? Or is young Kieran staying?

I’m not even sure we have the right centre backs right, but wtf do I know?

Except that we have the right CEO. It might take years, but he’ll make sure we have the right dedenders in the right places, and none of the right right backs will be left back in the changing rooms with the perfluence of right left backs.

It’s no easy this stuff. I suggest we double Big Pedro’s bonus, to make it easier for him to find the right right back

It’s only right.

Otherwise, we’re right back where we started.

“Todays opponents are Stade Rennais, not to be confused with Spearmint Rennais, which come in wee red packets and cost a bloody fortune as you need to buy a dozen when you only need two, and can never find the sodding things when you need them again.”

Above,a shameless lift from e-Tims. You have to read it-he lays out Chris Jack rather beautifully.

Anyway,all those going to today’s game,I hope you see something special. I did,the last time we played them-maybe about 2011? It was The Second Coming of Samaras. He destroyed them that night,played like the player we all knew that he could be.


See you next Tuesday,as the saying goes.

Miserable day down here,not sure whether to hit the pub or the beer-fridge. The lure of the Guinness is strong though.

Twists n turns

Get in yer car and head to:

Hamilton Park ?

I’ll gie ye a coupla winners ??

Twists n turns

Cash flow?

I’m sure it’ll come up on here someday and we can go over it but honestly it’s a critical factor at start ups


I’d love to,mate. But even I won’t cover 400 miles in 90 minutes. I did Swindon to Cairnryan one Saturday morning in six hours. In a van,with a stop off at Holmes Chapel. Must have been something wrong with the speed cameras that day.

Batter the bookies for me,old bean. Resist that wee devil on your shoulder that keeps reminding you of the £250,000 burning a hole in your pocket!

Chris Jack is getting the pish ripped right outa him,and there’s a lot of it to rip.

That’s what happens when you employ a 30 year old cheerleader to a man’s job. Well,I assume the 89 bit doesn’t refer to his IQ.

I wonder what his “handle” would have been if he’d been born the year before?

What an embarrassment for Chris ‘union’ Jack. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving journo.

Twists n turns

Will save most of my dough for Hamilton tonight but some of these afternoon selections performing for me would fuel up the tank for tonight:
2-05 Copper Knight
2-55 Year of the tiger
3-05 ( Navan) Early call
3-10 Vanbrugh
3-50 Stylehunter
4-05 Ice gala

Wins or places on those would be nice. Gl to everyone who is taking on the bookies today on the footy, tennis , nags …….

Final venture non runner.

Twists n turns

Got upstate New York in this Chester race but too short notice to put up… 2 mins to off

Twists n turns

Running late actually

Twists n turns

Ach favs… who’d have em..?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


That Twitter thread is.very good ?

Liked this one:

Just leave a trail of destruction behind you and start again as the Chris jack 2019

then refer to yourself as the same twitter account but using a different one ”



Cheers for the horse tips. Might help the cashflow ?

Any of those horses all white with a fear of mole hills?? Surely worth a place bet ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm 256pm

I do love a trip to Bristol. I was meant to be going there next weekend,but a mix up with dates means my sister and nephew are visiting next week instead of this week. I put the hoover back in the cupboard when I found out,but I digress,Bristol,yes.

There is an ENORMOUS statue of William III in,honestly,Queen’s Square. As it is on the route from the train station to the hedonistic docks area,I stopped to admire it the first time I saw it,and every time since.

It is a truly magnificent piece. All the more so for the tiny little detail of a molehill under the left rear hoof!

Have a look. To gauge the size of it,google it,plenty of photos with people around.,_Bristol

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm




July 14, 2020

Due to Brexit, Celtic will be fielding no more than all 3 of the squad in today’s friendly. Still no defenders prepared to sign, as they are greedy bastards and the EPL keeps out bidding us. Possible Pollok FC centreback en route subject to medical. More to follow. #transfers #10inarow #noteasythistransfermalarkey #dontcountthebeansgetthembanked

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

This rings a bell from ye olde CQN years. Still very amusing though ?

I’ve a story about my experiences down that way. Lovely folk by the way. Had to be in Aberdeen docks by 2pm for a ferry trip to Shetland. It’s 1am the night before and I’m pished in the pub in a small town south west of Bristol. All worked out okay, except I was interrogated by airport security in Bristol because I refused to throw all my toiletries just because they were scared we were all trying to blow up planes. After an intensive eye staring contest by one of them, they confiscated a small guitar stand rucksack, baffled by my explanation that it was a small guitar stand, yet cunningly ignored the swiss army knife in the right hand pouch with a broken zip.

Needless to say, I chose not to hijack the fully occupied plane with my pen knife, as I could never have done it successfully without my guitar stand. #chooseyerbattles

I love airport security and immigration staff. They’re really smart.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Larne docks wouldn’t let me through with dulse about five years ago,and Belfast Airport refused to let me on with two lighters.

I mean,what if it runs out? Am I meant to run after it and catch it?

Lisbon,on the other hand,were perfectly pleasant about the rather nice bottle of wine I’d left in my holdall. Looked at the scan,looked at me,and went-styooopit basturt,let it go. Gentlemen,they were.


What’s Shetland like? Just going for the craic?
Hungover to f#@k.
Curse of the Irish.
Hail Hail

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


One thing about our European friends. No daft enough to get between a Scotsman and his booze ?

I sometimes wonder what happened to my little guitar stand.

What do they do with these dangerous weapons that they confiscate? Was it used to prop up a bonfire of cuddly toys?

Needless to say, I actually personally delayed that whole plane by 10 minutes ?
Ask me nicely, and I’ll share some tips with you that might help you with the trains….. ??

A thing of beauty

No time to read back this morning. Quick update from today’s game. Pish

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Beautiful round the back of the tree less island, if you like adventures. But Lerwick was strikingly similar to Motherwell, in a number of ways. Especially in the pubs. Which is where we spent most of our time….

Highlight was the overnight ferry crossing. Buy a nights worth of booze before they close the bar, and Bob’s your uncle. You’ve got your very own nightclub. ?

Was a work trip. Had to set up a wee exhibition stand then take it down at the end of the week, so was stuck there for five days. So was like a 5 day break in Motherwell ?


ATOB. It’s a friendly lacks intensity of competitive game but I’m enjoying it.

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