On the subject of Mikael Lustig. Now,I thought he was an excellent right back,particularly in his first few years with us. Problem is that he was very prone to injuries back then. Eventually he managed to put those days behind him,but although we saw more of him,we weren’t always getting the best from him.

Now,that’s not a criticism of Mika,that’s a criticism of his three managers,and of the board. We had a player who was a first pick for a top European international team but who was clearly struggling when it came to playing too many games. That would literally wear him down when he was going at it 100% every time.

That’s the kind of situation where a manager withdraws an important player to allow him to rest up for a week or two when we have a run of “easier” games,and also allows the manager to bring in the back up and get him used to playing with his colleagues. Everyone benefits from that. The new boy is up against weaker opposition,allowing him to grow into the role-rather than the quantum leap of facing Neymar,for instance,in The Champions League. The old boy gets a break and the manager gets to see how his youngsters can fare when they are moved out of their age group.

Yet our last three managers have rarely done that. They’ve brought us eight titles in a row,yes,but there has been an obsession almost with playing the same team as often as possible. Even when it is far from necessary!

Think back to five years ago. We had the league wrapped up by Christmas and everyone was looking for Neil Lennon to start introducing the next generation over the next few months. NOTHING gets a Celtic fan as excited as seeing the next best thing. I know-I wondered why that wee blond guy is,all red in the face,Dad,and the game’s only five minutes old. That was Kenny Dalglish,who scored six against Kilmarnock that night in a testimonial for Frank Beattie. I saw Tommy Burns coming on as a substitute for his first appearance and thought A Star Is Born. Peter Grant-who’s that wee blond guy?-against the huns at Ibrox. Wee blond guy or not,he put Davie Cooper into their Centenary Stand-1973,btw. Not 1972-inside the first two minutes,he will do for me.

I saw plenty of others too,either on their debut or just shortly afterwards. Some,admittedly,I thought-fuxake,I’m off to buy a pair of boots. I could do better than that. But that’s a They Embarrassed The Hoops scenario,and I wasn’t even good enough to embarrass myself!

So back to five years ago. We won the league by TWENTYNINE POINTS. Wrapped up at the same time as we were wrapping the Christmas presents. What did Neil Lennon do? This was surely the perfect time to introduce the kids,give the fans a reason to get in their seats and off them. A chance too to give some players who would be playing in The World Cup in Brazil an opportunity to take a decent break so that they wouldn’t be fagged out after that tournament-we needed them back ASAP for Champions League qualifiers after all.

Neil decided that he wanted the glory of a 100+ points total for the season. Played the same team every week as often as possible. As a result,our kids had no experience and our star players were knackered from having played too many games without a break. But we did get a break-the Legia Warsaw shambles. Maribor humiliated us by leaving us tagged as a team knocked out of a knockout twice.

Ronny Deila,I think, HAD to play his strongest team when he could. Although it might have helped if he knew what it was,and he certainly wasn’t helped by his senior players who really should hold their heads in shame. I thought I was watching a rerun of The Damned United. I suspect some of the major miscreants thought they were too. But he still managed to introduce youth where possible.

He took a look at the overlooked Callum McGregor. Gave him a starting and starring role. Pushed Liam Henderson. Introduced us to Kieran Tierney. Signed Ryan Christie too,bloody Nostradamus he was!

But the pressure on him-and the c…s in the dressing room really need to look at themselves here-meant that again,he couldn’t rest players. He HAD to play the top boys. It was a big problem. If you are a manager,you need to be in control and you need to be respected. Ronny was parachuted into a situation not of his choosing,and he was never in control nor was he respected by the players.

So in came Brendan Rodgers. Big smile,boyhood club. Fantastic CV. Lovely portrait. A scowling PL worried a few of us though. But heyho,he’s had his baws booted,that’s good enough.

106 points,unbeaten,and a treble. And no international tournaments in the summer. But he still allowed all the players to take time off in the spring. Having played them all bloody year up until then!

Of course,The Invicible Treble was claimed on the weekend of the 50th Anniversary of The Lisbon Lions. I really don’t care whether anyone compares Tom Rogic to Bobby Murdoch or PC Murdoch,his legacy is assured. Lisbon knew that Tom had scored. Lisbon knew we were over in droves. Lisbon knew that Celtic weren’t playing locally,but Lisbon knew why we were there.

And Lisbon welcomed us. About 7,000 Celtic fans in a foreign city when we could be watching an Invincible Treble as it happens?

There’s an app for that,right enough. Where would you rather be? Watch the final or stroll through Estadio Nacional on the Fiftieth Anniversary. No question mark,because it isn’t a question. If you could be there,you were in Lisbon.

But they were nearly all players he had inherited. And a couple that he had signed. Brendan wasn’t a man for risking his reputation on blooding a youngster.

Now,that’s not how we were brought up as Celtic lads and lasses. Rotate the team,as should have been done with Lustig Tierney Brown McGregor. Stop overplaying them,they aren’t robots where you tuck in a new battery. Bring some new blood in,show them the ropes

It’s not an easy thing,even Jock Stein and Alex Ferguson,both famed for their affinity for youth,could get it wrong on occasion.

Our problem is that we are getting it wrong on every occasion-because managers are scared to try.

Above article by BMCUWP. Please support the site and donate your thoughts sometimes,

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Thanks for doing the necessary with this,mate. I think we need to get the managers motivated to rotate the squad properly,using the first choice players,their back ups and also the occasional youngsters when deemed ready. We are burning players out by playing them far too often.

That’s not good for them at the time,it’s not good for us at the time. But it’s even worse for them in the future as their careers go backwards,and it’s the same for us too as we have no experienced replacements available.

It’s a nightmare. Two weeks till we start our league campaign. Who is our right back? Come to that,now that the SFA have jumped,out of their jurisdiction and banned Jozo for an offence committed in a friendly match-whoever heard of such a thing?-who’s gonna be our centre backs?

I could go on,I usually do. I won’t. Groundhog Day in Summer. Every Summer.

Twists n turns

Morning Mick
Yes player time management, if you’ll allow me to refer to it as such, especially over the treble treble years has had room for improvement.

As has been alluded to by TET on numerous occasions, squad manipulation plays its part too. Not enough forward planning.

I had a Fiat regatta once. When I bought it, there was no service history. It was cheap though. Before a year was up, the tyres were going, the hoses were leaking , suspension was fekked. I thought I’d better get it sorted out. It was breaking down on me constantly.

I remember leaving it in Edinburgh at a repair shop and getting the call to tell me the repairs will cost more than the car is worth. I had to scrap it off.

Valuable lesson learned, and an expensive one at that. My initial spend was effectively money down the drain. Had to sort out a new car which I could ill afford to do.

It’s a concept that Celtic seem to struggle with. Forward planning. I’m well aware we cannot expect to be in the fast lane trying to keep up with PSG Porsche, or Mercedes Madrid.
These guys can if required replace the expensive parts or indeed buy new.

We should however be in the middle lane comfortably overtaking the mini Maribor’s of this world.

We should be maintaining the squad as you maintain your car. Service it once a year, replace one or two parts if necessary. Not waiting till the entire engine needs refitted. What you end up doing is scratching around the scrapyard for the cheapest bits you can find , hoping, not confident, hoping it’ll do the job.

Some will some won’t. A continuation of that policy and eventually it all starts to fall apart and you glance into your rear view mirror and realise you’ll need to pull into the slow lane to let the approaching Honda Hun past.

Celtic Champs Elect

Chris Julien £7M
Luca Connell 300k
Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo – LB
David Turnbull tried to sign failed medical

We have another 3-5 players coming in before the window closes

Just saying like

Twists n turns

I agree. Those 3 look tremendous. The big Middlesbrough striker could be another great signing. Adding another full back and I think it’ll be the best window since MON came in.

Point I’m making is, that hopefully we will start to plan one ( maybe two) signings per window as we move forward rather than find ourselves looking for 5 and 6 at a time.

It’ll help the continuity which is where I feel we struggle at present. These farcical 4 x qualifying rounds for Champions is a fekkin joke and needs a settled side since they appear so early in the season.

If we get 9, with the current additions and the best youngsters in the country by far, Dembele, Morgan, Arzani, Henderson , Mikey, we can get a running start next year at the TIAR and CL qualifying without having to shuffle the pack so much.

Hope yer well. ( Keep it polite amigo – yer heart is green n white striped I know)

Don’t let yer frustration at us bhoys who just want a wee bit more planning let yer tongue run wild.

We need debate on here…..


Right. Here goes,since you concentrated mainly on our defensive area there.

We have signed a central defender for decent money. That’s a good thing! Bit surprised that he has such low mileage on the clock,but I’m sure that’s a good thing too unless he turns out to be pish in which case who did the scouting.

We have signed a left back for well,maybe not a lot. I’m not gonna give the guy grief,I wish him well,he maybe got carried away on the night,big crowd,you know. I’m actually confident that he will be ok.

Who is his back up? It isnae Izzy. It isnae KT. So that’s two signings,aye,but even in only those two positions,we seem to be short.

And we haven’t even bumped our gums yet about the right back position.

Correct me if I’m wrong,but we have one not likely to make it right back,a converted central midfielder or two,a not yet sighted signing and a canny play every week or on plastic centre backs,a left back that thinks he’s a centre forward but thankfully you are telling me there are another four or five signings on the way?

Well,thank fuck for that!

Celtic Champs Elect


Good post

Just a quick question for you can you tell me any business that discusses strategy publicly or discusses margin% on any quotes or tenders

Just asking like

Twists n turns

I don’t know of any who publicly discuss it. The proof is usually visible. When you get to the stage you’re having to look at bringing in up to half a dozen players close season, with little time to gel ahead of the most important games of the season, the qualifying rounds, I think you’re inviting failure .

For me, the CL should always be our priority. If we can qualify for that the further advancement we can make in the squad plus the infrastructure.

I think a lot of fans are happy with domestic success and whilst I welcome it, I want CL football. That’s the Celtic I grew up with. I appreciate the money moguls have seen that we will never reach those dizzy heights again, I think top 32 and occasionally the last 16 must be our goal.

As for publication of a strategy? Not particularly bothered. Evidence that there is one would be enough.

I’m in total disagreement with Bobby on the LB . I thought he was superb the other night. I wasn’t there, watched on a stream. My sons were. They told me him, Morgan and Christie we’re brilliant.

Julien is my type of CH. I’m convinced he will do well for us.

I think we are doing ok in the window given there are so many changes needed. I’m hoping we get out of the need to replace so many at the same time.


I think it’s worth remembering that football clubs are not like most other businesses.

For starters,most businesses don’t get told when they are allowed to spend their money. Nor how much-their bank manager normally does that. But they do put in bids for parts of other companies,and often without doing due diligence.

That can cause such a problem that some companies decide not to put in any bids at all,except to keep the brand alive with the odd unrealistic ones. Which only existed in the febrile mind of a CEO,a receptacle of a blogger and some eager idiots.

Five years,old son,is approximately how much a footballer can expect to be in a purple patch. Ten years is his golden era,from say 22-32. How many players do we still have from 2014? This squad has not been refreshed for years,and only piecemeal over the decade.

TWISTSNTURNS was spot on about that. I’d be interested to know who you think our 3-5 players coming in will be. If they do arrive,I will be the first to congratulate you on your perspicacity.

Where will you be if they don’t? As usual?

Good stuff M
I fear that KT may well be burnt out, the signs are not good, there is no point in pussyfooting around the issue, we know what his problem is and anyone who knows about it, or has read up on it will know, when he was getting played week after week I made my feelings known at the time that it was plain wrong to do this to the boy, maybes it was the manager telling those above him that we needed back ups, who knows, but it was wrong and the boy is suffering for it today.
Egos in football, not a good thing, we had two of the biggest around at the same time, even worse.
I also thought that the 100 points was also wrong, it was not benefiting the team in the long run, the academy is there for a reason, primarily it’s there for us to hopefully find players for the first team but it also serves for the club to make money from it, for the club to make it’s money the kids need exposure, they need to be given a platform to see if they are good enough for us or not, those who are in the not categories will be sold but others need to see what they have about them.
The first thing the club need to do is to employ a proper DoF, he will pay for himself big time if he has a free hand, but he must have free reign, Pedro can still keep his bonus, it may even increase, who knows, just one of the punts that we waste our money on will pay for a DoF for a few years, and there are plenty of punts that we have done that with.


Another good header.

What a lot of supporters forget is the mental and physical pressure that players are under, here in Scotia, Celtic must win, win, win all the time, physical pressure we can see in some of the horrendous injuries players receive, but we rarely see all the mental pressure that they are under. Yes they are well paid, but the number of games the players now play, eight games just to get into the C.L. qualifiers plus friendlies just for a start and an awful lot of games doesn’t give much time for recovery. We ask so much of our top players, they need some help, help from off the field.
I remember watching a documentary about WW2 and soldiers from the eighth army complaining because they just finished fighting in the desert and instead of getting a few weeks off, they were immediately drafted in to fight in Italy, “why us they asked” it was because they were battle hardened the general could rely on them. Another kind of perhaps more serious pressure.

Yours in sport General Kitchener. “Toon Army, Toon Army.” 😉 <9

A very good article Bobby, I couldn’t have put it better myself. It’s an honest appraisal. I sometimes wonder how far Ronny could have went if he had got the backing of the players. But there’s probably a story or two in that debacle.

And I remember that season going for 100 points. What a waste of strategy. So much better things he could have been doing. Must be the ego thing again.

One tiny bit I was surprised at. You reckoned on Peter ‘Pointy’ Grant? He did nothing for me I’m afraid. We used to laugh that the only reason he never got dropped was because he went to mass every morning with Tommy Burns!


Perspicacity indeed M. Excellent article, as ever.


I might not have appreciated Peter Grant to to the extent that I did the likes of Tommy Burns and Paul McStay,two other homegrown mainstays in our midfield. But I appreciated him nevertheless. He could have been a bit more forceful in his role as minder for the ball players in the team,aye,I’ll give you that. Although he was a one man band up against some baseball bat-wielding thugs.

Maybe the real reason I still think he deserves his place in my affections is this. He turns up in midfield in 1983. Now,in all of our years of being brutal to watch,how long did it take for another homegrown youngster to establish himself?

Twists n turns

Peter Grant lived the dream. Wore the hoops. Limited ability. Never limited in his desire to do his best.
He got signed. He got selected. He done his best.

His type I have a lot of time for. As opposed to the likes of Ntcham who is already trying to work his ticket whilst earning a fortune from us.

Twists n turns

Then again I liked Stuart Slater ?

TnT, I like Stuart Slater’s suits. (if you’re not from around Glasgow you won’t get that)

Well regardless of his playing ability I wish Peter Grant all the best as manager of Alloa. I have a soft spot for Alloa, I worked there for 6 months, smashing people. And Alloa gave superAlly a couple of red necks. 🙂

Oops, just checked my facts. Slaters Menswear now have 26 stores throught the UK. Head office is still Glasgow.

Twists n turns

Yeah I’m aware of Slaters. Never bought a suit from them right enough. Could never afford it. ?

Tell ye whit ah mind ….. local galaday was looming. Ma maw gave me some money.

“ go to Glasgow on the bus. Get some clothes for the galaday.”

This was the Bay City Roller era.

So I shangalanged through to Glasgow armed with my fund.

I distinctly remember going into a shop which I’m sure was called “ City cash tailors”

Another was called “ Crazy Cuts” or similar.

I bought a Bay City roller jersey, trousers and if I recall correctly, a ‘ cowboy’ shirt?

The guy in the shop said to me “ I’ll tell you something son, your taste is in your arse”

He got that right ??

TnT, youv’e got me all nostalgic now. I remember City Cash Tailors. My mother took me there with a Provident cheque for my school uniform.

Many years later when I was an area manager I got a suit allowance. 5 to begin with then two per year thereafter. With Slaters!

How’s that for progress?

Awe Naw

I don’t want to sugarcoat it and I am not like some who don´t give a fig but man I just read back from last night and that´s it I am off the diet. Anymore food analogies and BMCUWP will be issuing a red card

Twists n turns


Provident Cheque ?

Been there. I worked as an apprentice. My mate said to me one Wednesday, “ fancy taking the half day and we will go and get drunk?”

Nae money…

“ ah it’s ok I’ve got a provvy cheque for £100”

Whits that?

“They gimme £100 and I repay £6 week for 20 weeks.”

One of the worst fekkin things I ever learned about ???



If u were chewing the fat and PG cropped up, he wouldn’t get the good guy seal of approval. He tried, and I respect that, but if you meet the post cfc PG he tried, he thought he was better than he was….


Managing players is part Science and part Art.

I am drawing no direct comparisons, but, in my sporting career, I moved from being first team player down to the seconds to develop as a player coach. At 32, I thought I was near the end of my time but I played on for more than 8 years. Initially, I found it easy because, I was older than most of the 2nd team players and, initially, better than them, so I tended to get my directions listened to.
In my experience, managing younger players is easier. Apart from their immaturity, they are trying to get better and they look up to seniors for guidance. As I developed experience, I tried to get back as Assistant Coach to the first team. That journey was a lot harder. These guys were better players than I had been and they had a coach already so, despite the coach’s backing, I was seen as the monkey and not the organ grinder and it was difficult to do player development as they saw me as just a guy that takes training and not as a full coach.

Looking back, I could have done it better and I could have been backed more fully, but it would still have been a struggle. The established players still needed to have their trust won and earned, and the fringe players needed to know that they were going to get a fair consideration for game time.

What’s that got to do with Celtic? Well, I think Ronny suffered some of that in his time. His game approach and values were pretty similar to Brendan’s but he had come from Diddy Norway, and the players probably knew he was earmarked for an Assistant’s job, while Brendan had managed in the mighty EPL. Brendan commanded more immediate respect and less overt resistance. He will still have heard and had to face down comments from Leigh Griffiths, who was pally with his captai, and others) but it was easier to isolate a player and bring him nearer to heel when you had an alternative, like Dembele or Edouard, to replace him with. Ronny was faced with a number of established Senior players, loyal to the previous NFL regime, like Commons and Mulgrew, who appeared to pay only lip service to the managerial instructions. We got the high press for the opening 5 minutes and then the team would take a breather… for the next half hour or so. There was, despite supportive comments in the press, especially when we were winning, a mismatch between Ronny’s vision and the amount of minutes on the park where the team effectively translated his vision into a football strategy. Ronny failed to make them brave enough or scared enough to do what he asked.

The main lesson I learned as I improved as a coach is that you had to get the players to buy into your vision of how to play. I started off being secretive and thinking it was enough that I knew what I wanted to do and their job was just to listen and follow. That did not work once I moved beyond the young kids team.

Ronny never got the “buy in” that Brendan got.

Maybe it was the personality. Maybe it was the more experienced way that he dealt with Senior players or dissatisfied players (there will always be those who are not in the team who believe they should be). Maybe he was better at drawing the line from being the player’s pal to being the player’s manager, but, whatever it was, it was a recipe for success.

I hope Ronny makes it. I liked the guy, But good guys don’t always make good managers.


Great article on what is a sore point for me.
Fearful and reactive are we.

SFTB, Sounds like a credible interpretation. I think most agree Mulgrew and Commons were ringleaders. But I often think of Broonie’s role? As club captain it might have been quieter than the other two. And there was a history at Hibs between John Collins and Broonie, although Scott Brown always tried to play down his role that episode.

You have to wonder why BR got Broonie down to London for dinner right away. Good man management? Get the rebel onside? Seemed to work anyhow. Not for Mulgrew and Commons alas!

big packy

who mentioned provy cheques, I got my first ever record player on a provy cheque, think it was called a dansette, my mother let me go into Glasgow on my own for the first time to buy it I was only 16 at the time, cant believe that was 10 years ago my how time flies.hh.


Good morning troops and a big happy fry day.
Hail Hail

Twists n turns

Interesting read. Makes a lot of sense re Ronny when you see it laid out like that.

I genuinely think the board felt Ronnie was a good candidate. Possibly a hidden gem they had unearthed. A bit of forward thinking, a trait they’re heavily criticised for lacking .
I’m not sure it was simply the cheap option.
I do think however, when it failed, it was the catalyst for the Brendan appointment.

Moving off at a slight tangent, something that I’ve always pondered on is this.
Many managers have come and gone. When they go, it’s common for many of us, me included, to opine they’ve been driven out by the lack of backing from the board. Or interference from the board.
I find it strange though that not one , to my knowledge, has came out and openly panned the board once they’ve departed.
Confidentiality agreement? Silence bought? Compromise agreement? Not one of them said no to the money and would rather get it out there as to what the problems were?

I’m genuinely curious, because I can tell you if it was me who was offered a compromise agreement to keep schtum, I wouldn’t do it.

Like to hear your opinion.

Twists n turns

The ol dansette was our first record player as well

Bought with Embassy coupons!

I got sent to the music box in Bathgate for 2 singles.

So the first 2 x 45’s I ever bought were:

Everlasting love by Love Affair
The Mighty Quinn by Manfred Mann

Those two tracks are still frequently played by me.


You’re spot on with today’s article.
We don’t manage our players enough. Despite the fact we should have a better 12 – 23 than the rest of the league due to more finance the first eleven seem to just always play.
Even a second string in the cups would be nice and at least they have something to look forward to.
On Kt he was played constantly,, now looks as if we damaged him. If true can anyone blame him for leaving. We heard the rumour as many will have that him and broonie asked Peter what’s the plan to be told top coach after Brendan with backing.
They were lied to,,, cost Broonie millions down under and a better life.
Might cost us our young diamond.
The fact they had to go and ask shows they have little faith.

Our players should get breaks through the season. And aim to have them on holiday early if league wrapped up.
I recall Sneider playing for Inter lost form just when the big games were coming and Jose really needed him.
Jose calls into office and Wesley thought he was getting dropped.
Jose says you’re tired,,, take a week at the beach with your family,, send me pics.
You’re my man and you’re gonna win me trophies when fresh and relaxed. Go chill out.
Sneider later told his team mates I would die for that man. Was exactly what he needed,,, trust and rest.

Provo cheque? Sounds dodgy,,,,
Friday is Fairhill day!!! Where is the legend?
Hail Hail

big packy

HI TWISTY what a coincidence,, everlasting love was one of my first records as well hh. might be mistaken but did it not have red in the middle.



That was a very sound possible explanation of what may have happened to RD. It certainly gives me food for thought. Players did not buy into RD’s credibility, i think hits the nail on the head. The question is why? Was it, as you said, diddy Norway or was it something else? There were rumours that RD hooked up with a woman while on Gran Canaria and took a bit of a holiday. Was that true? I do not know.

My own view is that RD had the theory but could not implement it. We saw this in terms of his use of subs and his inability to change the shape of the team during a game. He was just a poor coach, promoted beyond his abilities. All in my opinion of course.

On my own sporting career, which was much shorter than your own, at the time I felt I was never given a fair chance to make the first team. I could have benefited from some advice plus training in my shortcomings, which I was more than aware of(English!). When I was let go, I was devastated….on the scrap heap at 18. I saw many young lads turn to drink as a consequence. It was a way of keeping in touch with the lads who were still part of the club. I could so easily have gone down that road but for some sage advice from my father. Now, when I look back, I recognise that I was simply not good enough and that the club’s decision was correct.


Twists n turns

Indeed it did. On the CBS label



I have often wonder why no manager speaks out directly after they are forced out or cheesed off enough to walk out the door. It could be the terms of settlement and gagging, but I suspect that it has more to do with future employment. What Board would want to hire a manager who rats on their practices and behaviours? Nope, keeping quiet increases your chance of another job.


Twists n turns

… and by the powers of amazing deduction I can now guess your aged , let’s see, between 60and 64 but I’ll opt for 62, assuming you were slightly older than me when you bought that single. I started young ?

Well am I right ?

Twists n turns


Hmmm. Good point. Hadn’t considered that.

I love that song but I’ve got bad news for you. The singer was the only genuine person in that group. The rest of the band never played a note. All done by backing musicians (me and Packy)

big packy

TWISTY im 10 years younger than jimthetim and he is 76,

God almighty Packy that makes me old enough to be your granda!

big packy

HI JIM, only joking how are you, did you get the car.hh,

Not yet Packy I’m about to phone him.

Mike in Toronto

I can see SFTB’s point. However, from what I understand, there was another component to it.

I have always understood that some of the players did not take to RD’s emphasis on sports science and fitness, much like the zombie players did not like Paul LeGuen.

And it is easier to replace a coach, than a dozen players who are often getting paid much more than the coach.

It would also explain, in part, why RD’s assistant, John Collins, (another fitness fanatic) has struggled to find a place.

I would have said that, in the 70’s/early ’80’s, british teams were far behind their european counterparts in technical ability. But teams like Liverpool were able to not only win, but dominate, by pressing and pressurizing oppoinents. This required a higher degree of fitness than many of the teams they played. they often won against technically superior footballers becuase they were fitter, had a game plan that utilized that superior fitness, and they simply outworked their opponents.

Subsequently, however, that has changed. While British football has improved somewhat tactically, other teams have improved their fitness considerably, so the old British advantage has gone.

Celtic needs to learn the more techincal continental game (let the ball dothe work), or increase their fitness level so that they, once again, have the fitness advantage that the British teams of the 70’s and 80’s once enjoyed.

Twists n turns

No way Jim is 76. I’m guessing …. 64.

Bmcuw – 28
AweNaw – 79. (I know cos I used to deliver his milk. Never tipped me once btw.)


Whilst I agree with sentiment in the main blog there is a factor that used to apply, stopped for a period from 2012 but is making a comeback and it wears the light blue and plays at Ibrox.

Last year if my memory serves me correctly there was a period from Nov to Dec maybe earlier when the same team never played 2 games in a row. Sometimes changes were wholesale and it was only when a more settled squad played after the break that performances improved.

During that time “Rangers” moved closer and but for some poor results by them, particularly v Kilmarnock who based on last night will not be point robbers from “Rangers” but hopefully us too, it would have been panic time.

I dont know of any other league where the position was so polarised that the final destination of a title depended on 4 results.

The danger next season is of a return to those days although Hibs might be this years Killie and in those circumstances developing youngsters is a priority for no one.
I endorse the theory entirely but it is one that falls second to winning every game if “Rangers” improve on their results v the rest this season.


Managers simply must sign Nda’s.
Wouldn’t get job without it. Wouldn’t get another job if they talked shop in public, as the next guy will see their dirty laundry aired also.
It’s understandable. Football doesn’t want the boat rocked.
What’s said in private to friends would be a lot different.
I recall a fella I knew was front page news once and I read lie after lie about him.
Wouldn’t believe anything in a rag.

Hope you’re relaxed with work. Curse of the drinking class. Still have to pinch myself sometimes that I ain’t going to work today after waking up and doing it all my life it seems.
Got a good Barry White story for you over pints.
Take care pal
Hail Hail

big packy

TWISTY we are both 66, hence jims blog name, jimthetim53. now that must have been a very good year.?

1953 ? Coronation year 🙁

I think everyone born in 1953 should get a medal for putting up with the Queen all our lives.

big packy

JIM,,.yes but our births were more important, but don’t tell lizzie.?

No harm to her as one of God’s children and I don’t think she is evil like Henry the 8th, but I hate the monarchy.

Up the workers!

I’d hate to have a head of state like Donald Trump but at least you can vote him out. Prefer the Irish model.

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