Midsummer Madness.


Today sees another excellent contribution from THE GOMBEEN MAN and his unique views on our activities during this transfer window.


Like most of us I’ve been following our Summer Transfer Window rollercoaster with interest and I thought I’d scribble a few observations. I’m grateful for the recruits that we have brought in but there’s no harm in a constructive critique.

Any note of criticism is tempered by the knowledge that Sevco will always receive all the plaudits of the media. Every season they recruit numerous players and yet have never won a senior trophy. We’re well financed, stable with a very promising crop of youngsters coming through. Quietly we’ve also been reducing the squad size, so with that in mind credit where credit is due.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the RB situation and looked back at the leaked Transfer Document.

Mika Lustig,

I’ve been uncomfortable with the way Mika’s departure has been spun and the tendency to denigrate the player’s reputation by contributors with motivations that aren’t always aligned with the best interests of Celtic.

You know what I mean, ‘best for Mika and Celtic that he has moved on’ and ‘Mika’s performance in Athens.’

Mika had a glittering career at Celtic, winning eight titles and playing his final game for us in the Cup Final where history was made with the Treble Treble. Lustig is a model professional and he deserves to be treated with respect and gratitude. Not arrogance and spin.

At the infamous leaked ‘First Team Recruitment Meeting’ on 2nd April 2019, it was highlighted that we needed a ‘starter right back and back up options.’

The document states that Mika had already been ‘served with a notice to terminate his contract on 31st May…(and) ‘All to consider options’

As we know this highly sensitive personal information about Mika (and others) was deemed so valuable that it allegedly found its way into a bin and somehow onto social media.

Celtic went on to apparently offer Mika a one-year extension after serving the notice to terminate. It’s reported that Mika wanted to stay but asked for a three-year deal and predictably Celtic’s rigid negotiating style failed to find a compromise.

And so we lost Mika Lustig and the deflection and blame began through the PLC media channels.

James Justin at Luton was also mentioned at the meeting of April the 2nd. Justin was to be signed up early, if possible. Lee Congerton was to follow up.

Mr Congerton duly followed up. Congerton left for Leicester City 11th May.

It was announced on the 28th of June that Justin was signing for Leicester. Reading through his profile at Luton he looks a prospect and I’ll follow his progress at Leicester with interest.

Tommy Smith is another target highlighted in April’s briefing document but as far as I can see we have bid £1.5m less than Stoke for the player.

At the time of writing, 103 days have passed since April the 2nd.

On that date, it was acknowledged that Celtic needed to sign a starter at right back and back up options.’

Anthony Ralston’s position was to be ‘monitored and reviewed at the end of the season.’

Gamboa’s contract was expiring with ‘No action required.’

What is the problem here? How can we consistently fail to sign players in key areas when we’ve been aware of a problem approaching for months (years)?

Are we shopping in the wrong market? Is there a problem with how we negotiate? Okay, Scotland isn’t La Liga but surely there has to be someone, somewhere capable of playing right back and willing to play for Celtic?

Just about every European club, we play seems to be capable of putting together a competent group of players including the endangered species of the right back.

Moving on there’s there are other recent curious cases of recruitment confusion and blind alleys.

Was I the only one who had the word ‘medical’ shouting at me when David Turnball announced that after a few days in Norwich he was beating a hasty retreat?

Turnball’s close-season transfer story led him from an agreement between Celtic and Motherwell over a transfer fee. Celtic were unable to arrive at an agreement over Turnball’s personal terms with his representative Liam O’Donnell. The player opted for Norwich, he spent a few days there, then changed his mind and agreed to join us. An unauthorised (leaked) photograph appeared of Turnball kitted out in a Celtic jersey with Lenny. A Subsequent medical revealed problems with the player’s knee and he returned to Lanarkshire.

Raheem Harper apparently visited Celtic Park and the green carpet was rolled out for him towards the end of last season. All looked to be going well until Luke Dowling the Technical Director at West Brom publicly criticised Celtic’s treatment of Ollie Burke after Brendan Rodgers left.

Whatever influenced Harper’s thinking, whether he sought Burke’s opinion we might never know. What we do know is that he declined our offer and signed again for West Brom.

Thinking of our loanees from January the sudden departure of the charismatic and talented Tim Weah and his description of being told to ‘clear his locker’ a couple of days before the Cup Final, is a troubling doubt and just won’t go away.

Timo Weah’s time with us seemed to help his development. On the 1st of July, he moved from PSG to Lille for a reported fee of €10m.

The leaked Recruitment Meeting document contains other gems that I don’t have time to go into here.

A couple of highlights are Joe Arribo who we clearly looked at and would have been a good punt on a Cross Border Development fee and. He chose Sevco. Why? I’m not apportioning blame just asking the question. Steven Gerrard and Glibby can be pretty persuasive and Dick Turpin has a better credit rating than Mr King.

Olivier Ntcham has recently felt the brunt of the ire of a section of the support. His performances have not been up to his capabilities but if a senior member of our staff carelessly bins a confidential document…and that document contains sensitive information about senior professionals at the club…

“Ntcham, consider letting go if an acceptable offer is received.”

…and that document is later released online. We really have to look at ourselves and up to our game.

Maybe Olivier’s reported comments should be taken in the context of our own failings.

As far as I can work out Nick Hammond (ex-West Brom) started in his summer role as Head of Recruitment on the 1st of July. The spin at the announcement of Hammond’s appointment was that he would replace Lee Congerton so as with all things Celtic the deductive abilities of Hercule Poirot are a prerequisite for making sense of what’s happening.

My hope was that it was an admission of the limitations of our CEO when it comes to closing a deal, especially in the wake of the McGinn affair.

With our ongoing concentration on Championship players from England, my suspicion is that someone at the club feels the input of Hammond’s experience in that environment would be helpful.

Our transfer completions so far this window have come from France, Austria and a talented young player from England who played for a club in administration, was available on a reduced Cross Border Development fee and importantly is a member of the Irish squad.

Given the unorthodox method adopted during the selection process to replace Brendan Rodgers. The ongoing confusion and apparent lack of cohesion aren’t a surprise.

This confusion and lack of planning in recruitment and on-field matters have been a consistent theme for a number of years.

Just think what Celtic could achieve if the executives ever got their act together?

Mr Lawwell has made many mistakes during his tenure at our club. I often wonder why Dermot Desmond backs him or change the structure. Football is a game that is full of sharks. In Sevco’s brief existence more dubious characters have made their way up and down the Marble Staircase than prisoners have made their way up and down the landings of Barlinnie.

My view is that despite the failings Desmond trusts Lawwell not to line his own pockets in any way and follow the business model that has ensured stability.

In the businesses, Dermot Desmond operates trust is king and is well rewarded. It’s a philosophy that’s made him a billionaire and I can’t see Desmond changing.

Football excellence isn’t the priority and the left-sided brain mentality of the balance sheet has little time for the cavalier, risk-taking tendencies of the football crowd.

Come to think of it may be that the left-sided brain approach explains our ongoing difficulty in recruiting a ‘right back?’


Great stuff,TGM. There’s a few of us will be thinking “hear hear” on reading this. Remember folks,we always publish your thoughts if you send them to us for Article of the Day. Mail it to Mahe


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Thanks,mate. You pretty much covered all the bases there-and much more politely than I would have.


I started writing a fairly short reply to your article,but it grew legs. It’s tomorrow’s Article of the Day and thanks for the inspiration. The thing is,when you’re writing these things,you’re shaking your head in bewilderment at how shortsighted our management are.

Every time I discuss it with my mates down here,I wonder if Tourette’s Syndrome is contagious!

It was fifty years ago today!!!!


Oops wrong intro,but you get my drift. Hard to believe that they managed that with less computing capability than the average matchbox.

Hats doffed to the three astronauts-and the 400,000 people involved in the campaign.

Bow,today was only the launch. Couple of days till touchdown. I’ll keep you posted don’t YouTube it,it tells you the plot,ya Cupid Stunt.

The Gombeen Man


The same thing happened with me. I was typing out a post on Sunday and just kept going.

It’s pretty therapeutic seeing it all in black and white. I remember Neil Lennon talking about his frustrations during his last spell. He basically said ‘you think someone is coming in and it falls apart at the last minute.’

That hasn’t changed.

Thankfully we have signed three players and I only hope they are successful. We just seem to make a meal of these transfer windows and waste so much time.

The lingering doubt is that our CEO has been allowed too much latitude for far too long.



NEVER allow a megalomaniac a starring role,mate.

What gets me is the so-called remuneration committee. They are all previous colleagues of PL and all are subservient to him in the club. Or company,or whatever.

I’m beginning to think that the FCA need to ensure that remuneration committees are chosen from outside the company. There are loads of examples of it,Persimmon probably being the worst. But if that committee is subservient to the people they are remunerating,there is a clear conflict of interest. And not to the benefit of the company nor outs shareholders.



Are you saying us tims have a preference to the left peg. :))
Great Post as usual from your goodself. HH

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the post. It’s unfortunate that we seem to just repeat the same mistakes time after time. Maybe this Old Firm thing just breeds this mediocre performance off the field? It’s guaranteed money and all we have to do is share the spoils with whatever club is pretending to be ‘Rangers’?


Yep, all of this Remuneration Committee stuff is window dressing. We’ve all the pieces of the jigsaw in place to keep the City types happy.

When we say we have spent £8m or whatever I think that’s a misnomer. We’ve actually converted one asset, cash for another, a player.

The hope is that he will be sold later for a profit and in the interim, he produces on the park. That brings in money by ticket sales, merchandise and sponsorship etc.

The player has to be paid. He may get injured or he might disappoint. This means we need to invest in our football department and learn to trust someone to direct that operation.

Where we fall down is in our scouting, closing of deals and a coherent football policy.

The problem is that one man is actually doing the whole thing.




“Where we fall down is in our scouting, closing of deals and a coherent football policy.

The problem is that one man is actually doing the whole thing.”

Absolutely brilliant summation,in two sentences.


My Dad managed to escape from the festivities in one piece on Saturday. He would have loved to stay longer,but he runs the risk of three women giving him a hard time-my Mum and my two sisters.

Said it was a pleasure meeting up with you again,and with all the other troops. Got his pictcha taken with Big Ears anaw. And Benny!

I wish I’d been there but there was no way for that to be possible. Heyho. I’ll be there for his 90th.


Good article!

So if Ingurland is our market and from 96 teams with at least 2 RB’s shoorly 1 of the 182 is capable of playing RB for Celtic? I suppose Pete will blame the IT guy for not updating the Database, which means they cant play RB spin the wheel just now…

Or is it just cynical old me thinking that Pete never spends until:
1. CL qualification is secured
2. Schools are back – aye, why pay unnecessary salaries over the summer when you can get a bargain just before the window slams shut?


I was on the phone to Mahe yesterday,we were trying to figure out why we couldn’t find a right back.

Say fifty odd countries in Europe. Another fifty team per league-they’re not all as big as the big boys. Some leagues will only have a smattering of teams. Gibraltar and Andorra,for example.

So say 2500 teams,each with at least two right backs. That’s 5000. That’s a big pool to pick from.

You would think,wouldn’t you,that we could find one. After three years of looking


I’ve got photo of yer da and me with Big Ears, share it at the next hootenanny.


Good lad. 21/9. Put it in your diary.


Another thought provoking article from THE GOMBEEN MAN.

It would be wrong to say that transfer window ins and outs are only problematic for Celtic, all other clubs face the same situations that we do, they are well documented, i.e. the Gunners support writing letters to Kronke asking him to put the pedal to the metal and bring in quality players. All clubs have similiar problems in buying players that fail to live up to expectations, only the degree of the transfer money differs, like Ozil whose wages are so big that no-one will want to bring him in on a salary that far exceeds his talent. The same with Madrid with Gareth Bale on a reputed £600,000 pounds per week. Or Morelos, punted by the SMSM for six months at £20.00 mill. but whose talents remain limited and who will never achieve the monies mentioned, his transfer market valuation at 3.5 mill. euros. All clubs supporters want them to bring in quality, its only the value that differs depending on the wealth of the league that they are in. Getting value for supporters hard earned cash is what should take priority and caution should be a prerequisite of any monies spent. There are a lot of crooks both in and on the periphery of football.

Its the same with players who leave, they somehow achieve legendary status when they do leave, wanting a three year deal for an older player on a big wage when the we all know the many injuries that he has endured during his long career. Reading the blogs before he left Lustig was a much criticised player, its amazing how many supporters views change when the player goes, especially when he raises his game at the seasons end in an obvious effort to solicit a longer deal.

Please don’t read into my post an appreciation of our transfer dealings, because it is my firm belief that an accountant should be nowhere near the purchase and release of football players, a specialist field requires a specialist solution. It is also my belief that Brendan Rodgers was so frustrated by the lack of support and interference that we lost the best manager we had since big Jock.
I will never forgive that, but most of all I will never forgive the lack of backing for the Resolutioners all their hopes dashed by someone who only proved that he is not fit to be CEO of our great club. We should demand better, we deserve better….

The Gombeen Man

Cheers BMCUWPs and Dubai Bhoy,

It shouldn’t be forgotten that we also apparently offered Izzy a one-year extension and he, despite his affection for the club declined.

Maybe he did fancy the US or thought he’d get game time elsewhere but it’s another knockback and questions why we offered it, what we offered and why like Lustig he declined?

As far as I can see from Transfermarket, Izzy is currently without a club.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Morning folks,

Very good read TGM. Good analysis.
For me one of the glaring issues is the spin.
I hate the way it is so readily accepted elsewhere and as you point out, or demonstrated to me anyway, players who deserve better have had their reputations coldly thrown under the bus.

Maybe DD trusts that kind of behaviour; for me it’s abhorrent and along with the treatment of supporters by this board, is further evidence that they are not very nice people.

But hey ho, for some that will be irrelevant, due to their business prowess and spreadsheet genius, and, well, whatever it is that Bankier happens to bring to the table… maybe contact with similar minded people….

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

PS. I’ve also found it very curious there are so many who are quick to defend “Big Pedro”, at every chance, but can’t wait to stick the boot into former players, former managers, failed signings, and Celtic supporters.

Looks like an X-File, Scully.



I will never forgive that, but most of all I will never forgive the lack of backing for the Resolutioners all their hopes dashed by someone who only proved that he is not fit to be CEO of our great club. We should demand better, we deserve better….


The failure goes way beyond the Resolutioners, way past the shareholders who were not involved, way past the support at large, it was a failure to uphold the ethos that binds us all together, the thing that allows a claim to be more than a club. The very thing that makes us different.

We care about doing the right thing.

Hope was never placed in the individual, we all make mistakes, it was based on an ethos we risk losing sight of at the peril of becoming just another mean minded football club.

The Gombeen Man


I agree that the football business is full of crooks and possibly that’s why we are slow to trust anyone out with the inner circle.

It’s a game that has always been run by a brown envelope type culture or the cash in hand mentality even at the grassroots.

At Celtic, the transfer difficulties are just a symptom of a deeper malaise that is also evident in Res 12 and failure to address things like the John Beatton’s of this world.

I accept it isn’t easy but we are punching well below our weight on many fronts.

Uber Tim,

The PLC will get away with much of their failings until the penny drops with the support that we have been sold down the river.

There are so many examples it would take all day to note them all.

The same arrogance that lost McGinn to Villa, that spins negatively about ex-players and coaches lacks the humility to accept any culpability in any situation.

The same suits who haven’t supported Res 12 told us that Rangers are a legendary club. They have misled us.


OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Hope you’re right, fella. The arrogance is at uber level.

Equally astonishing is the mindset that they can do little or no wrong with some, while venomously attacking those that ask questions

I’d like to see some of those so-called Tims explaining themselves when eventually it all comes out. (Edit: wait….it is all already out….)

Meantime, this morning, it seems we now need to realise that we can’t compete with even the Englisn Championship for players due to finance (ref Tommy Smith).

Nothing to do with offering £1.5M for a player valued by the selling club at £2.5M.

If the players are so over-priced (which they are), why the feck are we making offers for them instead of shopping elsewhere?? X-file overload.

Your earlier point about big Lustig… a Swedish international who wanted to stay with us another 3 years; but apparently, no one wants to play in Scotland, or in the CL with Celtic. ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Last point from me before I head out for the day….and before I start annoying everyone with my verbosity…. ?

For any PLC board, profit is obviously king.

I’ve said this in the past, and will reiterate.

If you go to any other club’s grounds, whether it be with a normal ticket, or to experience a bit of hospitality, the difference between how you the customer is treated and what you experience at Celtic Park, is night and day.

For obvious reasons. Even EPL clubs are struggling to sell tickets. They value potential customers.

The board are fully aware that the Celtic support is an endless cash cow. Loyal supporters rather than customers….so they laugh all the way to the bank.

As long as they can manage a bit of spin, keep the support divided by telling some of us to behave ourselves, spin along any activists amongst us….. then they can keep milking that cash cow year in year out.

Getting away it for so long now is where the arrogance comes from.

So it gives me hope that changes will come soon for the better.

However, reading elsewhere, the sycophantic excuse-making and blame spin is still at uber level, and I’m shocked by how so many seem to embrace it

The Gombeen Man


Sevco signed Aribo. Who knows how much they are paying him? He was on the leaked transfer document as a target for us.

The Cross Border Fees work for these guys the savings on the transfer can be used to fund the salary.

We’ve what £50m in the bank. Why can’t we afford Tommy Smith? Or are we waiting to sell off assets/players before committing money?

It might well be that the £50m is destined elsewhere. Maybe to plug the income gap when Sevco win the league or if we fail to make the CL or if our assets for sale don’t produce the revenue that was anticipated…KT’s injury and concerns over a medical.


OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Re banking profit. Makes little sense not to invest it, for me. I find it odd. PL motivated by bonus on profit, yes,but why does DD want it sitting in the bank doing nothing? Big question, the answer to which we won’t be told, as this board does not do candour .

Edit: nor do I trust any of them with £50M (or whatever the declared end of year profit/ balance will be) of the Club’s money.


I will never forgive that, but most of all I will never forgive the lack of backing for the Resolutioners all their hopes dashed by someone who only proved that he is not fit to be CEO of our great club. We should demand better, we deserve better….

We have to be careful with the word demand or deserve.
Peters poodles have always been quick to pick up on such to portray anyone who has used those words as a spoilt ungrateful Bastard with no sense of history.
Like the Donald they are quick to suggest that people with this mindset are not welcome and should go elsewhere.
Divide and conquer is the PLC’s strategy and Big Peter has his stormtroopers ready to deflect and muddy the waters of dissent.
Playing the man and not the ball is ok in the uber tim world if it serves Pete’s purpose.
I hope Auldheid and the Resolutioners are able to shine a spotlight on the charlatans.


It has been said that Jermaine Defo that well know Celtic supporter is on wages of £65k per week, we are right not to indulge in that nonsense, who knows what Aribo earns or demanded in wages. Lenny was absolutely right in saying, that what they do is not relevant to us. They are a club run by a crook with a support desperate to stop nine IAR and will do anything to stop it. For me its all about scouting in areas less well known to the English leagues, bringing in someone who only know that area was laissez faire.
When the three amigos popped up at Celtic park it was said that Davy Hay scouted them for Tommy. The point is that we should be scouting in country’s where we can cherry pick the best talent, not where wages are unaffordable, must try harder.

Auldheid: There has always been a disconnect between the Celtic support and the suits. Palestine causes, the living wage and as you know much better than most Scottish football governance. The support are the ethos, a constant reminder to the board to remember to do the right thing, they on the other hand should respect the supports wish’s not the other way around. I remember the Hearts CVA rather than the liquidiser and they emerged a stronger club with more fan representation. Hibs on the other hand even with a fan rep. on the board were blanked by putrid Petrie, when they demanded and held banners aloft for him to tackle Scottish football governance and we both know why he blanked them. Business and causes will always be conflicted, but the world is changing fast and the suits should try to recognise that. We all want our club to be the best it can be, but you are correct that it should not come at any price..


The Gombeen Man
Great article.
The left side right side conundrum.?
One side has an unquenchable thirst for profit and the other just wants a football team given a chance to be as good as possible within our financial ability.
Balance is not countenanced.
Unfortunately the controller favors one side over the other.
This PLC has the control and therefore favor the money, money,money.


Remuneration committee or Hand in the Till brigade?
Self serving.



Speak in haste, repent at leisure 😉 mind you being the eldest I was never spoilt, history, his-story, well there is not many Celtic fans that do not know the Celtic story. I might sound ungrateful but as soon as I was thirteen I checked the wedding certificate and then my birth certificate and whew, just made it with two weeks to spare.
I share your hope about auldheid and the Resolutioners,

The Gombeen Man


The big attraction for foreign players and English Championship players is that we are a ‘Gateway Club’ to the EPL.

Both sources of players worked well for Lenny during his first term.
I don’t know when the decision was made to look again at the Championship type player. Was it prior to Lenny’s arrival?

Being a ‘Gateway Club’ is enhanced by our participation in the CL. That’s a difficult task given the qualifiers. Let’s hope we can negotiate the ties this season.

Will we remain as attractive to quality and ambitious foreign players if we fail to qualify for the CL or lose the league?

Championship players are now paid more than previously and we have seen to baulk at the salaries and transfer fees.

Sevco is now on the radar and looking to recruit the type of player we are after from England. They don’t play by the rules and have the benefit of Gerrard’s profile in England.

In previous seasons we’ve plugged gaps and avoided committing large sums of money by using loans.

All that said I think Mike in Toronto posted that our average salary was around 800k. There is no logical reason that given our resources and the time we’ve had to prepare that we are involved in CL qualifiers and have failed in a late attempt to convince Lustig to stay and unprepared as usual.

Sorry to say it there is only one common factor in all of these windows and his qualification is in accountancy.




Thank you for expressing much of what I have reluctantly come to recognise over the last two years. Much of the content of mismanagement is not in dispute, the real issue is what should or could be done about it, individually and collectively. The latter is what is important now, even although the blundering still continues. IMHO there are both leadership(lack of) and structural issues that need addressed.

If we take the recruitment area as an example, why only nine scouts? How many have knowledge of the markets that Mike mentions? Precious few, I warrant.

Although quotes in the media are suspect, why has Lenny lowered his sights from 4 or so incoming to around 2 now? Does he mean one first team RB plus a backup? What happened to the midfielder and striker? Are these now off the table?

I have a strong sense of a downward spiral happening that will result in two outcomes…….first the loss of the league, and second, the search for a new manager. The loss of the league in the next two years will not just mean no 10iar, it will stabilize Sevco. When that happens it will be more difficult to generate European income and the spiral will continue.

If no collective action surfaces, it will be just a matter of whether you participate in the spiral, or whether you get off. Personally, I am already off and dealing with withdrawal symptoms! If I cannot break the addiction then I shall just have to accept my gruel.


Mike in Toronto

I mean no disprespct to Auldheid when I say that his posts are getting harder to read; it is just that his disappoinntment with Celtic’s response to Res. 12 in increasingly palpable and hard to witness. At a minimum, he and the others, along with every fan, should be entitled to expect honestly …. if not from the league, at least from our club.


In case anyone is interested, here is the website for the Global Sport Salary Survey. Click on the link to download the actual report.
The innformation about Celtic/SPFL is on page 51.


But, I suppose that the Board will feel there is some connection between these two issues. As long as people keep filling their coffers, the Board will take that as tacit approval of their approach, and will continue on the same course..


I have said that I think the quid pro quo for Celtic turning a blind eye to the cheating was that Celtic would have an unfettered run at a few SPFL titles…. the Zombies weren’t liquidated, and we were guaranteed a few titles, so both sides were content with the deal;

I dont think anyone expected that the zombies would implode as badly as they have, as a result of which we have had a largely unfettered run at 8 titles now (which I do not believe was within anyone’s contemplation).

This seaons will be interesting ….once we reached 7, I thought that we might be allowed to get to 9 (although it would be close, and thbe zombies would win at least one trophy this year), as that would set the league up for the battle of all battles the following season … do Celtic do the unprecedented 10, or do the zombies historically stop 10 in a row?

Both sets of fans would be engaged, so, It would be good for the bottom line for both clubs if that were the case… but, I still wonder whether the zombie triumphalism (particularly with SG at the helm) would allow them to lose another title….

Does this make theSPFl sound as contrived as WWE? Yes… and I’m not sure it is quite as scripted… but, increasingly, they seem more similar than different …

Mike in Toronto

Was pleased to see Edwin Van Der Sar speaking out about the problems that teams like Ajax and Celtic (among others he mentioned) have in trying to compete in the European theatre, if they come from small countires….


Not sure it will change much, but he seems to be well respected in the game, so hopefully, those in power will give some thought to what he is saying….


The Gombeen Man ,,
Many many thanks for todays article. I gotta say I really like your un-egged , factual and coherent ramblings my good fellow. Long may they continue.

As for the jist of your article who among us wouldnt like a new negotiator for then we might actually take home the target,,our hit rate is dire these days.
Its true we dont want to be an easy touch or smell desperate but theres a medium to be found.
Send in a new man or team but they must have a large degree of autonomy . A couple puppets always on the phone asking permission is not what we need.
This would all boil down to the DoF of course but major change now is wishful thinking .
The next guy can run things his way.

The ten or the derailing of will be a critical point I feel that will bring natural changes with it on and off field.
If derailed it could actually unite the Sellic fans in demanding change and a more team first board. The derailer will be proclaimed as the new major force in Scottish football and the blow would be hard to accept.
If hit if could be the biggest turnover ever seen and perhaps stick club on market time while at the summit for optimum return .
A rebuilt team after retirements and departures would keep the interest flowing for season ticket sales probably plus the feel good factor.
Scott would be off for sure.

The right back is embarrassing,,has word got out about Peter or the club like the West Brom thing ?
Is Brexit part of the reason we look soo close to home ?
If offering decent wedge plus a stepping stone how can we not find anyone ?
Whatever the reasons are , its not good enough and needs re structured.
Well run club my Irish arse.

Hail Hail


Jim the Tim and Big Packy ,
good morning from a beautiful central California where its grocery shopping day woo hoo !
Hail Hail


I would like your thoughts on this.
Arsenal fans are able to get 16 groups and bloggers together on one day,,,could we ?
The letter to the owners contains this


As Arsenal fans we have watched with frustration as the team’s football performances have declined over the past decade. When Stan Kroenke began buying Arsenal shares the club had just competed in a first Champions League final. Twelve years on, Arsenal are about to play in the Europa League for the third year running.

Off the pitch, fans have never felt more marginalized, less listened to or valued. This was sadly illustrated when Stan Kroenke forcibly bought out the last remaining supporter- shareholders without even a word of appreciation for their custodianship role in the club. It feels as though Arsenal is at a crossroads. Things need to change.

What all of us as signatories to this statement want to see is meaningful action by Stan Kroenke to reinvigorate our football club.

This requires work to strengthen the club’s board and football executive and to once again make Arsenal a place where fans have a real sense of belonging.

Change needs to start with better leadership.”

Mike in Toronto


how are you mate?

Woke up at 3 this morning, so feeling more dopey than usual today … hence, posting instead of working (also, just finished a 7 day trial yesterday)…. so, if my posts make less sense than normal, I have my excuse already built in.

I think the question of Brexit and football is interesting … I still dont think Brexit will happen, but as you suggest, even the possibility of Brexit could be having an impact on how deals are being done ….

here is an article from earlier this year which looks at the issue …



Mike in Toronto.

Celtic’s market value rose dramatically when investors woke up to the fact that they had a free run at the C.L. qualifiers. The Celtic market value climbed to £95.7 mill. making there shares worth 76.5 pence nearly four times more than “Rangers” who’s value dropped to £26.3 mill. and its share price fell to 35.9 pence. This was in 2013. Shares in Celtic yesterday were valued at 160 pence, for ordinary shares.

A couple of thoughts, Desmond has made many millions on his shares, in 2013 it was estimated that they were worth £2.00 mill. more than they cost him, they are worth much much more now. If we look away from the moral stance of the board and look at it purely in a monetary sense, surely it makes more business sense to invest heavily in the playing squad to continue domestic dominance and to gain entry into the C.L. qualifiers. Investors like Lindsell-Train are interested in making money on their investment and success on the park is relevant to continued success. It just doesn’t make common sense for the board to allow the re-incarnation to be successful, it is not in their own interest, after all bonus’s depend on success.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Mike in Toronto @ 4.11pm,

Interesting thoughts on the quest for ten.

I’d never considered the value to “the Old Firm” of the battle of all battles, as you called it, in season 20/21.

One solution I’d jump on would be to withdraw from the stupid cups. We’re forced to compete in this league, but not the cups as far as I know. I have little interest in seeing the Celtic support financially support the SFA or share 50/50 gate money with Sevco and many other SPL clubs.

Let the zombies have the wee cups and that may well diffuse the tensions in the 10th in a row season ? Unless it’s all academic, and Scottish football has embraced the Calvinist belief in pre-destination. This too can explain arrogance in people’s behaviour (reference James Hogg’s excellent novel “Confessions of a Justified Sinner”) – in this sense, pushing brown envelopes across tables to effect desired results, can not be wrong, because destiny has been controlled by God, and so, if you’re predestined for Heaven, you can do no wrong. Other folk might explain it better, but hopefully that demonstrates the general belief.

Another issue your point made me consider –
maybe someone should alert the security services to the impending jump to Defcon1 as zombie mania terrorises Glasgow and their violence continues to escalate, as it surely will.

Nah, I’m sure they’re as on the ball about it as we’d expect them to be. ?

Mike in Toronto


I get what you are saying, and I dont disagree with you … I think, if Rangers had been buried, there would have been a dip, but the market would eventually bounce back …that is what I think should have happened.

BUT … I dont think our Board viewed it that way. In fact, we KNOW that DD didn’t; in 2012, he made it clear that Rangers were necessary for Scottish football (including Celtic), and the actions/inactions of the Board since 2012 suggest that they are on side with DD.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the salary analysis I’ll have a read through later.


Gruel it is it seems…

I’m not entirely convinced that a loss of the league would lead to a massive long term change of heart. We’re dealing with addiction here and it’s like trying to reason with a poor soul who knows that their addiction is life-threatening but they just can’t stop.

The majority of the support seem oblivious to what’s happening. Transfer Window after Transfer Window its the same. Lack of statements or action on most matters particularly Res 12 is just ignored.

There was a time on other blogs when you could barely keep up with the posts. Now it’s tumbleweed. Where is everyone? Maybe they’ve just got bored with the whole saga?

If Celtic lose the league. Lenny will be blamed. Brendan Rodgers will be blamed. The refs will be blamed.

A couple of players will be signed and the Old Firm spin doctors will get to work and the whole thing will be hyped up.

Real Celtic Men will line up to cough up in their droves to help whoever the Manager re-establish our dominance.

It’ll be spun that we have found a better level in the Europa. Seville will be the buzzword.

Unless our performance levels drop through the floor the hype will ensure that enough supporters show up for the only show in town.

Income will go down but so will expenditure.


You mention Brexit having an influence.

Possibly but two of our recruits are from Europe. Julien has an English wife. Could he get a UK Passport? Luca may declare for the ROI. Not sure if he actually has or if he needs an Irish Passport.

So even if we’re concerned about Brexit it isn’t really reflected in our closed signings.


Margaret McGill

It amazes me this never ending circle of drivel.
A PLC is a corporate dictatorship not a democracy.
Supporters are just customers.
there will be no change from within or without.or with anything.
The only solution.
Dont give them yer money.
isnt it amazing?
Cue now all the “faithful” gibberish.


I’m meh mate thanks for asking.
Cannae believe the Arse fans can move yet we are apparently renowned for loving our club and are unable to?
I bet they get a meeting which is always the starting point of anything.
Be curious outta 16 groups how many go and how they are chosen..

I read on a site anyone no happy is just a complainer as we are winning and have money?
Seems many are happy? Many comments echoed those sentiments also saying yeah some people just no happy etc. We are in a minority it seems not liking what we see.
We don’t hear from the club to not like what we don’t hear though?

Brexit,,,all the uncertainty didn’t stop us getting Julien,, and yeah footballers will be protected at some level.

Hope you’re well.
American classic Sloppy Joe for dinner tonight.
Hail Hail

Awe Naw

Arsenal are ran along the same lines as Celtic. Their main aim is to turn a profit for their main share holders and to have a say in proceedings. They like Celtic are not burdened with a CL legacy unlike the other clubs that divvy up pot 1 and pot 2.

When you consider the direction the club has been on since Seville 2003 this is hardly news. We have had little European ambition ever. If we were to do it again, again it would be with locally developed talent.

When you consider the direction the club has been on since 2012 we are hopeful that Rangers are resurgent but not too resurgent too quickly. The illusion of punishment has to be maintained a little linger.

We are what we are a wee SPFL club. They all are. Old Firm slightly higher profile. It means everything and anything else is just a rouse to allow you to part with your money. It allows you to justify paying EPL prices for a team with an SPFL profile.

Maintaining Rangers prescence also helps to justify the EPL prices. With our attendances and prices it allows us to lord it over the tiny wee other SPFL clubs. Treble Trebles. 50m pound profits. Mon the balance sheets allows us due to Rangers presence to allow the majority of the support to genuinely believe that they are NOT only violent tendencies and more palatable rigid belief systems away from being the self same huns. It’s vitally important to maintain that for the 50m quid profits.

It certainly hasn’t been the quality of football as European football proves every year. This is what we are and this is what the majority of Celtic fans want. They just want to lord it over a dead club and good luck to them I say.

Since 2012 I haven’t paid a penny into Scottish football and take more from the off field corruption than I do the football. I know class and gallussness when I see it and it’s not on the pitch. I hope I am wished good luck with my choices.

Being entirely honest I’m glad I don’t contribute to it. I couldn’t justify the expenditure. Especially since it has been entirely clear since 2003 that Celtic is Old Firm and if you contribute financially to Celtic then so are you no matter how holy or bigoted you may be. Just accept it those are the salient facts

Margaret McGill

Talked to an Ecuadorean friend recently who supports Boca Juniors (go figure) and he was asking me about what happened to Rangers.
When I told him about the cheating for years and tax evasion and liquidation and subsequent resurgence he just shrugged his shoulders and said ” So they’re back?”.
“Yes” I said.


I would like your thoughts on this.
Arsenal fans are able to get 16 groups and bloggers together on one day,,,could we ?
The letter to the owners contains this
Funnily enough I had the opportunity to discuss this very issue with a CST chap at the weekend.

My thoughts on requiring an overreaching group to address cost cutting issues was backed by his own experience.

I mentioned having more than enough support for a fresh Res on the UEFA licence 2011 and that list could be the basis of building the capacity to speak to the Board with one voice.

My advice was keep an eye on Res12 as it is unfolding.

I’m a bit guarded when I post. The walls have ears and eyes, but suffice to say that whilst Res12 started off as a means of achieving an accountable SFA, it is also providing evidence that others need to be brought to account too.

Choices, choices.


Well if the Arse fans get anywhere there’s your template how to get them to talk.
They got 16 united for a cause,,
We could get? 5 or 6 maybe?

bada bing1

FT- Estonia it is in next round, if we proceed…

Mike in Toronto


What is needed is a law like the American RICO statute (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), which is used to prosecute organized crime by allowing increased civil and criminal penalties for those engaged in organized criminal activities.


Evening Timland from a very, very, very hot hun free mountain valley, if the truth be known it’s too feckin hot, been a while, two months or so since it’s been below 40 in the day and 32 in the night, even the water in the pool is 32, the hottest it’s been constantly in the eleven years we have been here, fans are going twenty to the dozen and make not a jot of difference 😉
Great post TGM and the subsequent posts that have followed, some superb stuff, sadly it’s a futile exercise at the end of the day, just ask Auldheid, I know he is still hopeful but when reality hits, it’s futile as we all know, they don’t give a flying duck as long as they are getting paid.
I have an amazingly simple solution to everything, seriously I do, it’s foolproof, guaranteed to work, it will give us a level playing field, it will stop the cheating and the corruption, 100% guaranteed or your money back, 100%, no questions asked, 100% guaranteed.

Ha, I bet everyone was sussing out the Macedonian mob as they were well odds on favs to go through, Q revising the tapes then, Estonia it is then as I can’t see us not finishing off the job at home the morra.

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