Face Value

As I have alluded to in the past, we can only take things at face value and we can only speculate what is happening at the club as we are treated like mushrooms, we are told nothing by those who run the club.

Not that I think they should be telling us the ins and outs of what happens on a daily basis, but considering we are the club, we are the ones who pay the wages, we are the ones who keep the suits in a very cushy job, it would be appreciated if every now and again they told us what the plans were for the club for say the next few years.

Kinda like a forward forecast of where we anticipate we will be this time next season and the season after. I honestly don’t think that is too much to ask for, it’s not as if I am asking for intimate financial and tactical details to be divulged.

Given they tell us nothing we have to take what we hear at face value, we hear a little snippet hear, a rumour there and we have to make our minds up to how much truth or not as the case may be with what we hear.

Take Pedro’s statement a while back telling us that the team is in the main sound and we don’t need to strengthen too much. He may have a point if the domestic league and baubles are the goal, if we are talking about Europe we are woefully short in a few departments, our new manager has said as much.

A few weeks ago he was anticipating 4-5 players coming in, that has been reduced to 2, has someone had a word ?

I like Lenny’s honesty, I like the way he treats the media with the contempt they deserve, but as time goes on he is getting more and more reticent to say things things that he knows the support want to hear, things like transfer ambitions, he has obviously been told to reign it in.
So what happens is that we end up making things up in our heads about what is happening re the ins and outs,,, only last week we were linked with two RB’s from down south, one signed for Bournemouth and the other for Stoke, we talked to them so they were more than links.

Now I can understand the fella that signed for a premiership club, but the fella that signed for Stoke, it can only be down to the offer he was presented with.

After all if we take things at face value, Lenny told us last week that we can match any Championship club when it comes to transfer fees and with what we can afford to pay as wages, I wonder if we will hear other snippets like that from Lenny in the coming weeks…..Mmmm

We also put in a bid for a middy called Sawyer from Brentford, if the media are to be believed we bid 1 mill less than they were wanting, then nothing. Is this down to Lenny’s sudden change of mind that he wanted 4-5 players then suddenly now it’s only 2, has he been told ? I reckon he has.

Is the Kieran T sage taking it’s toll ? Are we not getting the offers that we had hoped for ?

Has the Ntcham situation taken a turn for the worse, has he spat the dummy out and other clubs are now re considering their position,, who knows,, we sure don’t.

Are the players that we bring in depending on how many we can sell ?

It’s beginning to look that way.

Will the money in the bank be spent to further the team on the park, it’s looking like it’s not, why do we have so much money in the bank ?

It’s unheard of for a Scottish team to be in this situation, never has the league seen anything like it. What is the money earmarked for?

Had it been to strengthen the team that would have already been done would it not,,, had it been to give us a very decent fighting chance of CL football we would have brought players in long before now,,, so what are the board playing at, why are we being kept in the dark over these things ?
I reckon the board are taking a massive gamble this season, imo they obviously see European football as a luxury that they can’t or won’t afford, this strategy to me is crazy, it’s European football, specifically CL football that enhances everything that surrounds the club.

The money we can earn is stratospheric in comparison to the domestic Old Firm stuff, yet we don’t give ourselves a fighting chance of it.

Europa league should be a shoe in but it doesn’t have nearly as much in the way of finances nor kudos that the CL has.

For a start we can attract a far better class of player if we have CL football, or maybes not as we won’t pay for them, silly me, we should be able to attract a better class of player when we have CL football, the club are dining with the big boys at the top table, albeit we may get a humping now and again, but many teams get that from time to time.

What the CL gives us it the chance to buy better players due to the finances, the finances that the PLC idolize. So why the gamble, why are we not investing for CL football ?

All I can see is the slow erosion of what Brendan has built up in the past three seasons, our better players will be sold and a lesser standard brought in, these players won’t have the same asset value so the downward spiral will continue till……what will it take for Dermot Desmond to have another lets bring in quality brain fart, do we have to lose the league, do we have to go without European football ?

What will it take for the club to strengthen from a position of strength, this is a question that the support have been asking for years, why are we hell bent on stagnating at the level that the others have a fighting chance, why are we allowing this to happen ?

Is it for the competition domestically,,, is it because the board think that the domestic situation is more important than any European ambitions.

CL football on a yearly basis will allow us to compete at a decent level in the CL, the humpings will be fewer and farther between, the standard of player at the club will get better year on year, the income will increase year on year, the merchandising will increase year on year.

So why are we gambling ,, why are we not investing in the team?

Again it’s not always about how much we spend, it’s how we spend it ! Some of our best investments have been players who cost us relatively very little in the grand scheme of things, Henrik, Lubo to name but two, in recent times, VvD and big Vic.

They are out there, other teams can find them, we used to be able to find them. What is happening to our scouting dept these days ?

Is it focused on the UK market in the main, why are the Balkan leagues, the south American or the African leagues not featuring as much as they should be, what are the scouts looking for, why can our direct rivals, by that I mean the likes of Basel, Saltzburg, PSV, Ajax, Benfica, AEK, Anderlecht, why can they scout and source players at very decent fees and we can’t ?

Jeezo, we have been looking for a Mika replacement for well over a year now and still we look ! Each hour that we look brings us an hour closer to O’Donnel from Killie, no disrespect to him BTW, but you get what I am saying. Our scouting is woeful and our deal closing out is even worse
We need to have a total refurb of the footballing side of the club, a complete overhaul. starting at the very top, the CEO needs to be a CEO, he needs to delegate, he needs to stop pretending to be all things to everyone, he just can’t do it.
We can also forget all this we are treble treble winners as the stock answer to any board criticism, the person who was responsible for winning us the nine pieces of silverware has been chased out of the club, the Golden Goose has laid his last egg at the club. Can anyone honestly see Lenny repeating the same feat,,, I would love it if he could but I have my doubts.

Delighted that we are in the next round of the CL, not that it was in any doubt, it was a strange game, we were never really troubled but as ever you have to be wary, especially when you have a referee that would have put a fair few Scottish refs to shame, he was dreadful, really shocking for a European ref to be that bad.
A wee bit disappointed that Lenny didn’t make a substitution till the 80th min, the game was well won and the way they were kicking the crap out of us I would have made changes as soon as possible, but he obviously knows best.
Lenny I recall from the past liked to play with two wingers, I also recall that many supporters weren’t happy with it, we get away with it when we are on the front foot, I hope he changes when we are up against teams that press us more and will attack us with more conviction.
Overall a very decent display and worthy winners 5-2 over the two legs, but we really need defenders in as soon as is humanly possible, Ajer, Jozo, Bitton, Boli will not do for rounds three and hopefully the play off round, I can’t understand why our most expensive defender didn’t even get a few mins tonight, something is just not quite right there, can’t put the finger on it, but there is something, or hopefully it’s down to my lack of sleep and I am hallucinating….
Morgan, Boli, Christie were stand outs for me, the rest were just superb 😉
Take care.

The above article is by The Exiled Tim.

Should you wish to get it all off your chest for us all to chew over just type it out and send it to sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Doh !

Mahe, you rascal. I’m convinced your jedi powers sensed that i was off on one, and you tried to scupper me by quickly constructing this new article and publishing it.

Nae such luck, as Darth Uber has recently learned how to copy and paste !!!

Mahe /MiT,


You’ve brought up some interesting stuff re Arsenal, Mahe. My own instincts have been that they will get better, and despite your points, and far more diligent insight into their affairs, i still feel that.

Maybe they will be able to refine the Cetlic model of bank all the cash from the “profane”, and actually see sense in investing just enough to compete, but also enough to generate profit from player sales. I’m sure a few pound sign eyes were lifted at the Gareth Bale sale.

Maybe, financially, Barca are to Arsenal, what Arsenal are to Celtic.

And maybe the club accountants are starting to think that player trading is where the moneys at. Not just from immediate sales, but the ole add ons as well.

Much would Barca pay for KT when he becomes best full back in the EPL for example.

All this is depressing though, as it will only widen the gap between rich and poor. (Where are the tory tims on this issue, btw? )

I say we throw a spanner in the works by making the inclusion of Bankier in the deal for KT and Big Pedro non-negotiable.

My apologies to Kieran. This would be a deal too hard for us here to refuse. But we wish you all the best, and will drive you to a different airport from the two suits as a gesture of goodwill, so you don’t have to share the flight down south with them, listening to them bang on about spreadsheets and badly behaved Arsenal supporters…… 

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Ok. Off to read the article.

But it may take me some time…

I can only read aloud, and it seems to freak out Heid the Baw here when I do it. She’s the reason why I stopped buying the Daily Record, as she would look at me in disgust as she listened. More than a few times, she would pop her ginormous napper up, raise her left eyebrow, and look at me intensely with her eyes, while her ears did that curious bendy thing that only her breed can do. Sometimes, she would even correct my pronunciation, with a kind of Grommet to Wallace expression. One time, I even caught her trying to torch my Daily Record collection in the oven. Wee fecker could have started a fire, so I punished her by reading a load of back pages from the 90s. She’s still sulking.

Until very recently, it was my go to for everything Celtic, and made me realise that Sevco have a proud history, and that Big Pedro is just a humble accountant who doesn’t actually exist, that Celtic players are not to be trusted, and that there is more than one Tony D out there.

Until yesterday, when it was ingeniously observed that all of us questioning the ole board are being told what to think by this little parochial rag.

Damn. Now I’ve stopped reading it, and Heid the Baw no longer hears it, what if both of us suddenly become mad capitalist spreadsheet enthusiasts ?

Heid the Baw is grunting, “balance..sheet..balance…sheet….” as she snores and grunts away, oblivious to my mental turmoils.

If only she were a feckin fox ! ?


I mailed it to Mahe. Forwarded it from my inbox when I got back. So mea culpa!

Just as well I did so;I’m still locked out on a boot loop. I reckon my future articles will be done by e-mail at this rate,which will be a nuisance.

However,that’s not to take away from an excellent contribution again from THE EXILED TIM. Cheers,K.


Uber,,, cannae see Arsenal getting better at all,, slipping downwards only for me. Their chasers are hungry and have spent more. They close deals and seen all the TV money enhance the squad. Spurs have clearly overtaken them,,, Arsenes legacy right there.
Lost eye for player and or they stopped developing under him,, wouldn’t spend big while getting weaker onfield while banking cash. That cash should have been for right now when you are outta top four.
They failed to build from a position of strength,,the extra money all those top fours provided via access to Europe and being frugal should have brought.
Feel for their fans,, very multi racial but all together. Arsenal fan TV leaves me in pieces sometimes,,,,”. Know wot I mean blood? You feel me fam? Opened up more than a porn star blood!!!” 🙂
Bedtime. Take it easy.
Hail Hail

TeT,,, great writing,, many thanks pal as usual.
Respond properly in morning.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Yeah, good stuff. A bundle of good points in there.

“Take Pedro’s statement a while back telling us that the team is in the main sound and we don’t need to strengthen too much.”

I don’t recall him qualifying this statement by making it clear that this was the opinion of the manager. Implication is that it’s his own ” fact”. Director of Football indeed. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

The agenda will be as the past few years as you imply…. sell the odd few, add a couple of squad fillers, propagate their arrival, then sell the big one at the end/ last day. Profit is King.

Re Lenny tactics – the switch of the two wingers after i think, 15 mins or so, I cant for the life of me work out why or what made him do it, but he seemed to open up the attack even more….

I’m useless at understanding tactical football, but have seen Lenny control so many games with his insight. A lot of time for him as a tactician let alone manager.

He’ll deliver a good Europe for us as well as the league, if the charlatans dont try to rip the carpet out under his feet.

However, my fear of this was enhanced earlier by the CQN article- that if we don’t get through the next few rounds, there will be an inquiry… followed by a paragraph telling us that there were no other managers we could get.

I detest this board with every breath.

For me, that is them already throwing him under the bus, halfway through the first qualifier.

And the ubers will be quick to blame him as soon as the first dodgy 45 mins comes up.

Stuff that.

I’m going to try and enjoy another good season with a manager I have lot of respect for, despite what pish this board get up to.

HH fella – thanks for another thought provoking article. Hope my responses make sense.


That’s our buddy TeT’s article above. Worthy of your thanks indeed.
I’m up Tuesday and Saturday normally.
Hail Hail

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Sorry for rabbiting on their.

It was JimtheTim’s fault. He told me to do it.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Doh, apols TeT, ?

Great stuff.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


What’s going on fella? WordPress is murder for these things. Did you install a train timetable app on your phone, mibbes ?? Try to add a spreadsheet app?

Sent it into uber-drive?

Moral is, don’t use an iPhone or WordPress if you’re an unrepentant fenian.

Stick to Nokia 2310s for communications, and plug your typewriter into the wall for blogs. Online security ffs, come on.

Mahe, you better not be using Windows? ?

Honestly, you youths today.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Is it just me, or am I funny as f after 3 bottles of vino comatose? ?

Don’t answer. Back to the issues of our enigmatic future right back….

Issue 1 being that he doesn’t yet know he who he is….and nor do we.

He doesn’t want to play for us, and we can’t afford him. Time to scout the US female soccer market for better value? If so, wrong, wrong, wrong. Start in Sweden ffs. Equal pay is not going to be established for some time, and an attractive female Mjalby would sell bucketloads in the superstore. Profit is king.

A thing of beauty

TET thanks for the article this morning. I agree with most of what you say. There should be an absolute chasm between us and sevco and that there isn’t should see some people answering some difficult questions. As you say the main change that’s needed is the complete overhaul of the football department. We are now in the second qualifying round and have missed the opportunity to bed in a right back before this game. Complete failure. It’s not as if this position came as a surprise. We knew we needed a right back two years ago and Brendan Rodgers knew it too. This morning I see the rags are linking us with Danny Simpson who is coming on trial. I have 2 problems with this. Firstly I cannot stand trialists. A player should be scouted, a deal set up and signed. That there are questions about if they can hack it suggests they can’t. The second problem is that Danny Simpson has a conviction for domestic violence. I am the first to say everyone deserves a second chance and I trust he has completed a period of rehabilitation work around this. I don’t mean picking up litter from the side of the road, I mean proper focussed work on himself and his ability to change his view of women and his thoughts that it’s ok to assault them. For me I’d prefer we didn’t go near Danny Simpson. He will bring a circus that we just don’t need. There are better right backs out there and we need to go and find them.
This whole saga has got the hallmarks of classic lawwell about it. You start off thinking you are going to get a top quality signing around the £5m mark. 4 weeks passes, target after target fails. He throws in a name that sends shivers through the support and you end up doing cartwheels when Stephen O’Donnell walks through the door. A player who at the start of the window was considered no where near the class we were looking for. That this happens time and again is not an accident… is it peter??!!



“Why are we not investing in the team” Precisely my point regarding the share price rising to 160-170 pence, irrelevant to us perhaps but every “business” has to invest for the future, in our case its the football business that carries the hopes and dreams of all of us. So, irrelevant to many of us perhaps, but very important to the suits, because if the share price drops then it reflects badly on them. Why did the share price rise? it rose because of the manager and the teams success on the park, THEY were the catalyst for our success. So its a certainty that we must continue to invest in the team, if we want that success to continue. I read today about the probability of a new right back “Hatem Abd Elhamed” he seems to fit the Lenny mould of a big, strong, versatile defender, let’s all hope that he does well, an International and experienced pro. Lenny seems to be continuing just as he started.

I share THE GOMBEEN MANS view that player’s are bought Ad-Hoc there doesn’t seem to be any strategy or forward planning, its the skin plaster approach, patch and mend, not very inspiring, or professional.

AULDHEID: I received your reply to me last night, I answered your questions on E-Tims, could someone please copy and paste my reply @ 2.33 ? ish, to you on E-Tims to your questions. Thank you in advance. I answered your questions and explained my reasons for the post that I made, as above, it was about re-investing in the team, for our success on the park to continue.
Could you explain to me why you asked me those questions? what was your reason for asking them? Cheers.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Well said.

I’d add to the impassioned words of yourself and TeT, that not only are we short of a right back or three, we’ve just gone into CL qualifiers using a midfielder who barely played a game last season as centre back.

Big Pedro has been proving for several years now, that defence doesn’t matter to us ?


big packy

THE EXILED TIM,,cant disagree with any of that, not that I would anyway.?.but your spot on with your summation pedro has known for yonks we needed a right back, shambles once again.hh.

bada bing1

The Holy Boli Goli looked very promising last night, good pace,plays with his head up,always looking for a pass

bada bing1

Celtic ‘agree fee with Hapoel Be’er Sheva’ for defender Hatem Abd Elhamed


The Sarajevo tie was a tough test. We all said so when the draw was made. It was one of the worst options available to us. We were favourites but we anticipated a higher level of struggle than we saw.

Many expressed the view that we were gambling with qualification in the lead up to this tie.

We were.

We always are.

Because qualification is always a gamble.

But, yet again, we judged accurately that we could negotiate this round and the next with the squad we had Lustig the early additions. And we did.

And the next round in Estonia is the same. We can and we will gamble on the same squad being able to get us through, with the possible addition of a match-fit Julien by then.

The real tough fight will start at q.3 stage, as it did last year, when Brendan Rodger’s “good work” undone itself. All the potential ties, unless an unseeded team gets through, are tough ties, where we will be no more than slight favourites or 50:50 to get through.

And the play-off rounds are totally brutal and unpredictable, and we will be 50:50, at best, for any of them if we get there.. Only 4 Champions of their countries will get to qualify as cannon fodder for the CL

I hope that, by q.3 stage, we will have encouraged a bigger transfer target to come to us as CL is within our grasp (though still very difficult). The big name, whether it is Cifuentes or Assombalonga (both will cost big money but will still be punts and projects) has to replace a McGregor or Brown, or Edouard, Bayo or Griff, to get into the team and up to speed to make a contribution to CL qualification.

And even if they break through into our CL or Europa Group team, they might be agitating for their next stepping stone move within 18 months.

That has been our reality since MON left.

That has been the world in which we operate.

We can tweak and play the margins, and improve a bit, but we are prevented from changing our fate fundamentally by the distorted market we live and operate in.

This will be another season of (hopefully) domestic success (probably not a treble) and European failure ( making CL Group stage is a big ask nowadays; getting out of CL Group stage is a rare achievement).

You can strap in and enjoy the ride for what it is, or you can blame it all on those pesky kids in the Bored, with their heated driveways- whatever turns you on!

I’m gonna try and make the most of it. I never thought I’d see another 8iar or a potential 9?? or holy grail 10??

These are some strong comforts for our other pain.

Work calls, now.

Thanks folks, much appreciated.
Instead of the stock answer that we have won blah, blah in the past few seasons, SFTB tells us that it’s the market we operate in that’s the problem and has been the case since MoN left, which kinds coincides with Pedro taking over and getting to grips with the downsizing, coincidence !!!!
Thing is I just don’t buy it, we are in the top 60 richest clubs on the planet, granted we don’t have the money the brit clubs have but we are way richer than most of our direct European rivals, yet they can scout and sign players with ease, we can’t and when we do we tend to waste a hell of a lot of it, just think in the past ten years, or since Pedro took over, how much have we wasted on punts, the list is enormous and the cost is eye watering.
We have no strategy for how we spend the money we have, everything is reactionary instead of a planed forward thinking forecast, with contingencies for unforeseen circumstances of course, presently there is a spring clean out happening at the club, there should be no need for that, these things if planned in advance should never happen, a handful in and out should be the most that happens every season.
For a club that is in reality in the top 60 on the planet we sure are not showing it, then we have the Pedro groupies telling us that we are a well run club yet we waste money to beat the band.
Imagine if we actually spent the money we waste wisely, imagine that, just think how much better our team would be.
Sorry, SFTB, I don’t buy the excuses that you have proffered.

Awe Naw

In 2009, Abd Elhamid was selected to represent Israel at the 2009 Maccabiah Games. He made his Israel national football team debut on 10 June 2019 in an Euro 2020 qualifier against Poland, as an 82nd-minute substitute for Nir Bitton

Awe Naw


Great article.

Choose an industry. Any industry. Lets say the Chip shop industry

And as a billionaire I reluctantly bought the biggest shareholding of 30 % in the chip shop because I was told that the chip shop was going be asked to move to the new mall that had just been built and would not be left on the remote corner of the ever dilapidation housing estate. 6 years later the cooncil tell us nay chance we dont want a scummy chippie in our lovely new mall. I would then have to decide what to do with the chippy. I need it to return a profit certainly over a pre defined period. Preferably every year. So that I can put it on the back burner without ever worrying about it.

I certainly wouldn´t give two tuppenies about your opinion of the chips … as I am making a profit
The other larger shareholders in the chippy are happy with their return on their minimal investment.
So no aggravation there. The cooncil cant help me

Why would I A FUCKING BILLIONAIRE my goodness me – waste my VALUABLE time and even be slightly concerned about the failed chippy venture or tell anyone anything about my business especially the dumb ass customers who can get better chips in the mall already ? Its not the customers business. There is only one thing the customer can do.

Fortunately the chips are laced with a heroin substitute its not quite legal but the chippy industry falls into the auspices of the Sevco Football association and they turn a blind eye to it cos they have the taxi rank and supply the salt and vinegar across from the chippy which assures the customers return for the chips regardless of the quality the price or the the hygienic standard of the chip shop.

I see no difference between my analogy and Celtic PLC

Morning all. That was a good read from the night shift last night. Made a nice change from the mornings when there is nothing to catch up on and the site gets off to a slow start. Well done.

Perhaps Sleepless in Seattle might like to join in. Have a word with him Mahe.

Awe Naw
Difference…..You can eat the chips 😉

As I was reading the chip shop analogy I could hear the billionaire owner saying to the ‘customers’ ” Eat the chips and shut up!”

The Gombeen Man

Awe Naw,

Dermot has plenty of chips but they are the ones you pick up in the casinos.


Thanks for a great post this morning. I hope the temperatures are a bit cooler where you are.

The more I think about it our recruitment process seems a bit of a sham. The leaked briefing document indicates that the recruitment team meet and agree on actions from our scouting activities.

More often than not if we decide to try and recruit a player you know who is tasked to make contact with the club or agent.

Who decides what we are willing to pay?
Who decides what the salary/ bonuses will be?

We make our offer. It’s declined and we are back to the drawing board.

With the reported sums we’ve offered it makes you wonder if these are real bids or are we just playing games?

It looks like from Bada’s posts we are going down the Israeli route…Contrary to many I didn’t think we did too badly there.

Beram, Nir and Efe not world beaters but Kayal, in particular, looked the part until he was the victim of a horrendous tackle against ‘Rangers.’

I don’t know what happened to Julien last night. By all accounts, the refereeing was abysmal. Hopefully, Christie and Morgan are okay. I. was surprised by the late subsitutions too. Ajer might find himself playing on the right if Pedro has anything to do with it.

The Blog is going from strength to strength. Really good stuff the last few days.

Well done to all involved especially Mick & Mahe.


So, after scouting the planet for a RB, maybes even two RB’s for a year or more, what are we coming up with, a trial for an out of contract 32-year old with a rather unsavoury past, [wife beater] who has played half a dozen games in the past year.
Also a Dudu Dahan provided 28-year old CB / RB with one international cap for Israel, who has mostly played in Israel, in saying that he may not be too bad as long as he is back up.
Welcome to the downsizing world that is Celtic apre Brendan.

Awe Naw



These are the chips that oor Tim billionaires are most interested in.

The ones that are inserted into your scalp and then sewn up

The Gombeen Man

Awe Naw,

I know about Daon and the deals with governments for security data etc.

Always a bigger agenda with oor Dermot than what ur Ranjurs daen.

That’s probably why we don’t rock any boats…Always a bigger picture.


(We can tweak and play the margins, and improve a bit, but we are prevented from changing our fate fundamentally by the distorted market we live and operate in.)

Especially when the large cash pile is deemed irrelevant to the football team.

Awe Naw

How can Hatem Abd Elhamed qualify for a work permit with only one cap from a team ranked 82nd in the world?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Afternoon fholks.

Question re the Chippie owner:

Does he tell his loyal and best customers as they queue up out the door at teatime to behave themselves ?


Always enjoyed reading your comments and admiring your debating style in the past, especially when I happened to agree with you. But if I can be honest, I’ve found it difficult to read you the past year or so, as it feels as if you are tripping over yourself to defend the Celtic board. I’d even go so far as to to say it’s like a parody, and I’ve found myself asking aloud if you’re ripping the pish. As I did again reading your earlier comment today.

This morning you referred to last seasosn’s qualifiers, where you say BR’s “good work undone itself” in QR3. You also paraphrased “good work” and I’m wondering if that’s a suggestion that in your view he never did any good work?

This is a claim that the blame for any failure lies with BR.

You fail to consider the glaring problem at that time. That, again, we were in need of strengthening the back four, and yet, again, here we were, failing to do so.

What was undone here, was the relationship between BR and ye olde charlatans in charge. BR is no idiot. He’s not going to hang around trying to negotiate the basics with idiots in a boardroom. So he did want any shrewd and talented manager would do – said his goodbyes and moved on.

The importance of a steady back 4 is crucial. It’s the spine of any team. You build from there

You don’t jeopardise CL qualifiers and £30M by saying, what we’ve got will do, every season.

The damage this attitude does is incalculable.

I feel that the current squad overall would have a much higher value if not for this narrow-minded, head in the sand approach. Without the simple basics of a defence, every single player’s confidence was weakened. Especially the goal keeper. What was Craig Gordon’s value when at his peak? Or 2 years ago? Now he’s a confidence player, stuck on the bench. How did our performances in Europe, where we repeatedly tried to compete with makeshift defences , affect the confidence of all the squad when we got battered by any half competent team, and humiliated by any decent team?

This failure to strengthen at the back wasnt just last year. .it was the year before. And the year before that.

Either it’s amateur hour, or deliberate bloody sabotage from inside ffs.

It’s astonishing reading how some folk still defend this and blame everyone but the board, on whose doorstep the whole bloody shambles falls.

I’d be interested to hear your own thoughts on this, and how you think the Celtic board are doing in terms of team investment? What has been our strongest back 4 in the past 3 years? Do you think they could do more to ensure a level playing field from the SFA, given the likelihood of increased mibbery this season?
Do you think they earn and well deseve their millions from the Celtic biscuit tin?



I found your post on E Tim’s and replied on there but I’ll copy paste the exchanges here later when on PC.

Basically the question wasnt aimed at you alone and I might have made that clearer.

As I recall from a book whose title I cannot remember the decision to enter the slow lane was taken soon after Seville.

When you consider that was 2003 when ebts were by then a regular feature of paying players by RFC that adds to the cost of staying ahead of them to ensure CL entry and as I mentioned on E Tim’s its significant that it was 3 new ebt fueled players that set RFC on 3iar in 2009.

It’s a bit disjointed spread over two blogs but I think my issue which is related to your original is worth exploring further.


Good early morning folks.
Great reading I agree Jim. A night shift would be great and we are almost there.
A recruitment drive is needed to bring up numbers posting once and for all,,, any thoughts how to do that? Advertise I guess?

Chips,,, I don’t own a deep fat fryer. Oven baked for me or in the wee air fryer which is one handy wee gadget indeed. There’s a spud here called Yukon gold that is one hell of a tasty and versatile tuber. Would love to grow me some but it’s deer friendly plants only here as they eat anything and everything.

Back soon
Hail Hail

Awe Naw

We have a Euro Ranking of 51 Sarajevo 605

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Picture of a full moon at top of the page.

Bring in the moonhowlers (© SFTB, many moons ago……) ?

Mike in Toronto


“Let them eat chips”

Awe Naw

Money for nothing and chips for free
I want my I want my I want my CFC

Byres Road Bhoy

TET Hear, Hear. As far as I am concerned , your leader is right on the money as are your follow-up comments.
This is the key element for me:
“What the CL gives us is the chance to buy better players due to the finances, the finances that the PLC idolize. So why the gamble, why are we not investing for CL football ?”
A year ago under Rodgers we were chasing Cristiano Piccini an Italian international player in the €8m bracket. Today we’re trying out a 32 year old Leicester freebie with wife/girlfriend beating baggage… For my money, the time to really invest for CL returns was right after the Barcelona win. With no club from Ibrox in the picture and the dust from their disappearance having settled, our squad size would have guaranteed CL participation each year. And qualification for group stage was over three ties if I remember correctly.
Instead of managed risk we got parsimony which chased Lenny and replaced him with a bargain basement trier who was, not perhaps surprisingly, ultimately overwhelmed by the task.
SFTB I know you want the best for the team and the club. So does everyone else on this site. We’re all tims here. I don’t have a season ticket but Celtic FC gets at least a thousand pounds a year out of me in soft-seat visits. And I have the utmost respect for any player who pulls on that hooped jersey. That extends to the Comper’s and Du Wei’s too. Players and manager will always get my support even if I don’t think they should be there because I know that on any given day they are trying their best. That’s all you can ask.
I appreciate that you are busy at work (luckily for me, something I’m no longer required to participate in!) but on the off chance you might be looking in later, let me ask you a question.
Mindful that BR had overseen two seasons of CL qualification and its concomitant financial benefit to the club, do you think that we would have reached the group stages – and further monetary rewards – had Rodgers’ summer targets Piccini, Schar and McGinn been in the team?
AWE NAW Your fish n chip analogy works for me but I happen to doubt whether DD has much involvement with the club apart from his contact book. He’s a billionaire. It’s a toy. I reckon he’ll have had his original capital investment back with preference shares paying 6% interest annually. Apart from occasional whims like Keane, McCourt and Rodgers I’d bet that, like the rest of the board, he defers to the man who runs the club on a daily business. All driveways lead to Pedro in my book.

Awe Naw

Byres Road Bhoy

I would accept that but I proffer that due to this being the only business that he has that operates outwith government control. There is more than just a passing interest in it. 0% interest from a sporting perspective. He´d love for everyone else to take the risk into getting it into a bigger arena. He´s just not prepared at this juncture to do so himself.

Awe Naw

Two game ban for Jozo


Has any SPL player ever been given a two game ban for a red card in a pre season friendly?

Dearie Me, we are an injury away from Jack Hendry in the defence for a couple of crucial CL ties, no matter how you try and spin that, it’s a fecking shambles.

I remember saying the day after we beat Barca that the timing was perfect for investing in the team, our world wide exposure and kudos were never higher, the football world was talking about us, they were interested in us, so what did Pedro do…

Nothing, that’s what he did, he should have walked for that alone.


Aye theres no guarantee we will make it but thats no reason not to have a plan or give yourselves the best chance.
Our best chance is to have a quality settled squad,,something we have failed at recently and fingers point firmly towards the board for the lack of that.
Infact there are a few that think thats the last thing we actually want as that would lead to pure domination and a lack of interest from many.
Leaving the rest in the dust is not part of this boards plan I think we can state safely or we would and could have easily.
The suits are seen as fully backing the dreaded OF and seem to wish a tag youre it game with a title or two here for me and a couple there for you , using the media and or blogs to hype it up as usual.

Our best chance to qualify for the Champs league and not get humpings is assemble quality squads,,push the boat out for better players and try to be the best you can be.
The rest will take care of itself and if we dont qualify we would have an exciting bunch to attack the Europa with plus go for a treble cementing our style of play, gaining experience of our system and blooding the future.

How to assemble a quality squad?
Scouting is the key here,,ours needs fired tbh. We have had two to three years to source a right back and now we have turned to one that was always there but was deemed not good enough. I surmise this from the fact we can have any Duhan player anytime ,, but have not went for this chap before and now he’s 28 so hes not new on the block and probably wont improve a lot at that age. We have taken the easy simple way out if he signs,,just grabbed a body and not the right body.

Thats the right back,,,how many other positions would look soo different now if you know who was not involved or at least not the main protagonist. Theres a lot of flak should come his way for examples such as above,,he harms the department now instead of helping it. Of that there can be no doubt.
Seems to me theres no point in the manager having targets,,when sent to get them he usually fails. This leads to distrust and turnover which hinders progression. Our system is holding us back. As others have mentioned the players Brendan wanted are a step above what we end up with,,why is that if they are within budget?

Is time to call a spade a spade and WE need to remove that man from his position as de facto DoF which would hopefully send a message to the other suits.
He needs to know many are soo very not impressed with what we see and dont hear.
Not asking for sackings,,just football men in football roles.
As TeT states in the leader,,the footie department needs a revamp,,gutted top to bottom.
Well run club my Irish arse.
The guns will soon be trained on him,,he deserves it and I will not be holding back.
Hope all is well pal.
Hail Hail

Awe Naw


should have been 3 games … dreadful challenge

Mahe and Bobby,

What about getting the site listed on News Now? Most of the other Celtic blogs are on it. But not all.


Jack Hendry
When he was at Dundee he looked to be a decent no nonsense defender whenever we played them.
His role was simply to defend.
When he signed for us i thought he was one to develop.
Cue injuries and suspensions hastening his introduction.
He was played as the right back and centre half depending on circumstances.
Brendan demanded he played the possession game which has caused more experienced defenders difficulty.This exposed his limitations and wreaked havoc on his confidence.
In a European game a poor giveaway led to a goal and his fate was sealed.
Cant help but feel that the odds were stacked against him from the beginning.
Is he a classic example of our frugal approach resulting in us not recruiting the proper players for requirement but taking a hopeful punt someone will be a sufficient gap filler?

It’s probably too late for him at Celtic but I’m sure he will have a decent career elsewhere as he is not as bad as we portray him.

big packy

the best chips are made with beef fat, the only places I think that cook them in beef fat are Scotland and Yorkshire..chips r.us.com


Not disputing his red just curious if the SPL had ever punished anyone with two games for a pre season red.

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