Dreamy Windows

Been such a strange window for me when trying to make head or tail of the comings and goings.
Bargain of the century remains unsold even with such a tempting price thrown out.
The supposed main suitor goes and spends 30 million on an 18 year old who is immediately gave back on loan for a season.
The manager is clearly building for the long term blowing money on the future ,, which leads me to believe he’s either naive or fully backed and will be in for the long haul.
Either way,,its strange behaviour for a club that have just had a fan revolt and need to do something in the here and now.
If their rivals meet the asking price for our young diamond things will get pretty intense over in North London.

Then can you believe Psg think anyone is gonna pay all the actual money they spent on Neymar back to them?
So Barca offer 90 and two players,,,notice theres not much meeting the asking price going on throughout the game?
This will have been okayed by Messi no doubt.
And how players are now pawns,, they dangle a list of five names in front of the French.
How will those remaining should that go through feel about their job security ?
Morale ?
Symptom of the modern day game I suppose.

There’s fallout from Barca getting Greissman which should raise him to another level.
Barca have also brought in a few young superstars in the making showing planning ahead is probably the buzzphrase for this window.
Pogba hasnt settled for a second time.
I guess that league is not his cup of tea but yet the actual price to be met of course.
Man City even have an unsettled star in Sane showing that not everyone approves of Pep.
Speaking of that league it is strange to see an Englishman starting for a team in the Prem leaving the league now.
Used to happen but now its rare.
Fair play to the fella and I will watch with interest as I will Ramsey who was very well advised to have a few lines of Italian ready for his official unveiling and the smart kid responded.
Juve are splashing the cash again with another great signing in De Ligt and showing real intent on hitting the biggest peak.
Another star on the shirt next year ? Thats where my spare cash would go if so inclined.

For those that asked why Leicester when Brendan left it should be clear.
They have just backed him to the tune of 78 million plus free agents fee’s and he is expecting half the Maguire money to bring it over the hundred mark.
Figures many would drool over spending, and he has done the usual and brought in numbers.
I guess his ideal career path would be a top four next season,,and some of them are weak.
Worth keeping an eye on how high he can raise them.

Seems the going rate for a good striker is 45 million or so.
The Hammers just shed an entire team 11 players from the books and then smashed their transfer record for a new striker,
21 in 40 in the Bundesliga is quite a record , and at 25 he is here and now peaking .
Like Leicester they will smell weakness in those above them.

At home and last night did bring news of a supposed right back which would be nice.
No matter who pops up he will be judged on the field of play and not price tag as often misleads ( see Marc Antoine Fortune )
A new face now would be good to have bedded in a bit for the 3rd qualifying round.
The current squad can and will take care of the next bunch.

Strange window so far with Brexit possibly playing a part. Footballers might be ok but are their girlfriends getting work visa’s okay? Girlfriend has a previous kid,,that okay ? You know,,the mundane stuff,,has that been though about ?
I reckon everyone is waiting to see how the chips fall on that front.
And assuming that money will provide privilege no doubt. Usually does.
One things for sure ,, its the time of year the agents love.
Fans dare to dream,,its the summer curse.

The above is by Mahe and if you fancy writing something for the site we will publish

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OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Thanks for the article.

Lesson? Cheating basturds like Juve are untouchable.


They are stockpiling and going for it,, the big one, not just once it looks like.
Seriously strong squad they have.
Best in Europe where I sit.
And big daddy Buffin back to top it off!!!
I mean it’s destiny. Back the Blanco Neri
Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE, great post as usual but the juves and the barcelonas and all the big money teams im not interested, am i jealous probably, but I remember a time I used to watch the epl and lalliga, but Murdoch and the oligarks put paid to that, do I wish we had an oligark probably not, the famous Glasgow celtic will still be here when the oligarks have gone, just wish it was a level playing field.hh.

Talking about transfers and recruitment. I sometimes think about the old days when Celtic, like other senior clubs, used to recruit heavily from the Juniors. That is unthinkable now. I keep thinking about that laddie Shankland at Ayr Utd. who are a few steps above a Junior club. Was he not worth a punt? Are his goal scoring abilities not transferable? I’m not saying we put him into our European squads but a wee 2 year contract on £1k per week more than his Ayr Utd. wages to see what he can do? It used to work.

I was going to post about transferring posters between sites. Loan deals, fees, etc. From Sentinel Celts to other Celtic blogs and hun blogs. And incomers. But I decided against it. I fear I would be a lamb to the slaughter.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Quiet this morning. I’m better at this insomnia cure than I realised ?


Aye, they made their intentions clear early on. I suppose we shouldn’t criticize them for realising the importance of investment.

Any way we could.have that word framed and sent recorded mail to the luxurious CEO office of Big Pedro? Purely in the interests of balance?

As anyone in the business environment knows, you’re not going to get an accountant to invest. Needs counter balanced. So we also need to send the word “Investment” to everyone else who works there.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Thanks for that.

You’ve just handed Big Pedro his 2020 business plan on a plate.

Junior leagues get ready for a plundering.

Paul67 prepares a blog on how Scottish junior leagues have been a fine source of talent for 40 years.

CCE prepares a copy and paste about how ungrateful we are if we complain about the new signing policy.

Never thought about that angle! I’m not saying it should be the norm. BUT, if it became the norm and we found some gems, and Pedro was able to reduce the season tickets to c£200, would you be hoopy happy?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


No. And he wouldn’t reduce the STs to £200 anyway.

He’d want an increase to justify the investment made in extending research and player scouting costs in parochial Scotland.

He’d probably double the cost of the feckin STs to £1100 while other channels tell us how he has earned his £5M bonus this year thanks to his genius idea of raiding the junior leagues for profitable talent.

Wait. I’m being a miserable bollocks.

Truth is, I should be hoopstatic ?

Sadly I fear you might be right. I withdraw my suggestion. 🙁

(What if he gave us free Bells Pies and Bovril?)

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

The only advice ole Pedro needs, is how to put on inflatable arm bands, to give him the courage to float around in the shallow end, and leave the big boys alone to fight for survival in the dark, shark-infested deep end. ??

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Wait. Would the pie and bovril be sufficiently heated?? Or lukewarm and tepid?

Lucawarm and Rogic.

Uber, Only interested in one result today. Patrick Thistle to hammer Plastic Pitch Hamilton.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


? fair play.

Score prediction?

3-0 Thats my prediction for every game.

Big Packy, Do you remember candy apples? They were called toffee apples in Milngavie and Giffnock.

Broonie was caught eating one sitting on a street in Edinburgh. Remember?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Any word on whether or not ugly bastard Kingsley is in the squad today?

Tempted to stick a score on your prediction, but not sure how his presence might affect team performance.

Not sure I want him to do well again, as I fear it would just lead to us signing him on the last day of the transfer window to play alongside Hoopy the Hound in our makeshift defence Champions League Qualifying ties, with Big Pedro doubling his bonus by meeting the originality clause of the contract he wrote for himself, and negotiated with himself on.

I like Kingsley. There I’ve said it!

I’ve got it on good advice from BRB that Hoopy and Kingsley are best friends and drink together in a pub on Byres Road. That’s good enough for me. But I wouldn’t sign him. Imagine the carnage if a hun threw something at him on the pitch? Perish the thought. SFA would fine us about a million pounds.


I so remember the first time SOLKITTS buggered off for the pies and Bovril,totally against my advice of course.

As does the poor copper wandering along the walkway halfway down the Jungle. He was lucky,really. I took a bite from it to prove my point to SOLKITTS and that released a lot of the grease. I prefer to think of it as a food frisbee rather than a potential weapon of mass destruction.

UBER 1107

Price of rail travel in Scotland for those scouts,that has to be taken into account. Nearly as bad as travelling anywhere from Swindon.

I might be paranoid,and years of supporting Celtic has made me that way,but I suspect that local tourist boards are conspiring with GWR to keep me away from their hallowed tourist traps.

Sol Kitts

The plod got pie to match the scrambled egg on his hat.


Oh,very good!

Royal visit shortly. Sis down for a few days and is coming over for a first look at Swindon. Best get the hoover out!

I’ve already got my mates painting the areas she is likely to visit!!!

Sol Kitts

Don’t forget to clean the hoover when you finish hoovering. Makes it look like your place is always clean ??


Clean the hoover? I’ll be lucky if I can remember how it works!


Afternoon all. HH

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the article mahe bough I have decreasing interest in any football aside from Celtic. We are not part of that world. Couple of thoughts for today if I may. TET can you please stop alerting me to that ibrox noise nonsense. The nhs has no time to deal with split sides. Though I think if any team is willing to pay £80m for Harry McGuire ( the Scott McKenna of the EPL) then who knows how much the hun players are worth. Which brings me to Tavernier. I see he has been linked in the rags with a move to Newcastle. That to me is very strange. Why would mike Ashley want to line Dave king’s pockets with money for tavernier, who was an ex Newcastle player at one time. Could it be he is being used to partly pay off the debt Dave is going to owe mike once the final knocking of the court case are over. Maybe he’ll take Morelos as well and call it quits. Can you imagine the apoplexy that will descend on the mob. I would love it if that happened, love it.

bada bing1
A thing of beauty

Exactly bada. Pure unadulterated garbage.


Morning folks,,
I sat down to write the greatest article ever penned but Uber tim insisted on company and took my last conscious hour or so away from penning a masterpiece,,,blame him for being up late and asking questions.
It was a slow news day also although we apparently heard a deal has been struck for the right back.
Good luck Bobby with the visitor,,,wash behind your ears 😉
Hail Hail


Uber from last night,,,
On a phone a YouTube link is just a link,, use a laptop and you can embed the video.
Gifs are turned off though it might be fun to turn them on for a night sometimes.
Take it easy you young whippersnapper
Hail Hail

bada bing1

Andrew Bertolacci due to speak with Celtic this week.

Bertolacci allegedly being offered a 2 year deal from Celtic. Florentina are trying to nip in and keep him in Italy, as he had a previous loan spell at Genoa, but fear they may have missed their opportunity.


A two year deal is very strange indeed for a 28 year old,,, why would he accept it,, why not the usual four?
I will ask beppe to write a paragraph about him.
He’s lounging in Venice doing nothing.
Hail Hail


Anthony Stokes joins a Turkish team I’ve never heard of. Cannae see that going well.
Contract terminated within six months I’m guessing. Then Eire based team for 6 months then retire.
Hail Hail

Transfermrkt value Bertolacci at £2.70m. It says he is without a club at the moment? His highest valuation was in 2015 – £13.50m

“Bertolacci is a quick, hardworking, versatile and well-rounded midfielder, who is also capable of playing in several other positions, due to his ability to aid his team both offensively and defensively. A left-footed player, he is usually deployed as a creative attacking midfielder, due to his vision, passing, technique, and striking ability, as well as his adeptness at making attacking runs.[14]”

From Wiki (for what it’s worth!), But this was written in 2015

Bertolacci’s wife is an actress so she might get on with Scott Sinclair’s missus.

I reckon the Italian player stuff is made up twatter pish.
Broke the 50 about an hour ago, seriously hot.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Cheers for that . I feel I should warn you, now you’ve pointed that out, that I will feel the need to fire up the ole typewriter, and plug it into the phone line (I believe you old folk call this a laptop).

However, as I was trained in QWERTY typing during my Data Entry employment at ####, back in 1887,I find it a far easier way to communicate than using a hand held device. Hence, my posts and replies will now be even more verbose than they have been.

I know, I know….I’m excited about it too……


Pies and bovril. Rumble in the Jungle…..

Is your sister really going to Swindon for the first time? I have to ask, is she taking the train? Have you got a back up plan prepared should she miss the last train in there?
I recall when I was there, you couldn’t wait to get me out of the place and into the town of Bath. Still not sure if it was me or Swindon you were embarrassed about.

To be fair, it was a tf moment for me as well ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

An Italian signing at CP??

Been a while!

Awe Naw, no a Bertolacci oan anaw noo.

Works just as well that, see. Si, si. Bella, bella.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Right. That’s me successfully put everyone to sleep again.

Off oot.

I’m suddenly gaining well imbursed employment in this field, all over the shop. Got a couple of weddings to do tonight.


Uber,, couple weddings?
Dj,, photography,, priest,, minister,, gigalo,, altar boy,, wedding crasher,, taxi driver,, funny photos stall,, barman,, catering,, florist,,, haberdashery?
Which field?
Hail Hail

Fairhill Bhoy

So regarding Danny Simpson,have read a few conflicting reports ?yay or nay?


Nah. Should get longer term players in. Looks like him and the Israeli possibly.
I’d prefer a different couple but hey ho will judge them on performances.

Italians tend not to settle.
Donati was a flop. When it was him and Brown in the middle I woulda sold them both and started again.

Hail Hail

Fairhill Bhoy

Mahe.we don’t as a rule do long term,buy im cheap sell im no as cheap.
I thought donati was ok,not dicannio ok ,but ok?

Fairhill Bhoy

Mahe -Aw naw anoni did no to terrible anaw ?

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, hey jim whats this about toffee apples yes I remember them well.lol.

big packy

funny how the other mob from govan, kept signing Italian players did they not know they went to mass on a sunday.?

big packy

weefra and jim get on here pdq.?

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