The Lost Ten-Part Seven.


Season 84/85 arrived as expected. As usual,our money men had taken the summer off,and there were no new signings to make us sit up and salivate at the prospect of the season ahead. What DID give us some hope was that Aberdeen had lost two of their best players,with Mark McGhee heading for Hamburg and Gordon Strachan blazing a trail to Old Trafford. Aberdeen reacted to this by signing the outstanding Frank McDougall for a huge fee of £400,000 if I recall correctly.

That was a mark of intent,a throwing down of the gauntlet by their board and management. Our response to it was weak and insipid. And non-existent. Few of us,with this knowledge to hand,were optimistic going into the season,but few of us would have foreseen how badly we would fare as it got under way.

The first four weeks of the season saw us draw four out of five games and bomb in the League Cup against Dundee United. Aye,we kept going through the motions for the rest of the season,but Aberdeen were stretching away from us,despite losing two of their star men. We actually put together a decent run from then,winning six in a row-including victories over Aberdeen and Dundee United for a change. The sort of results that bring out the optimist in us. So a defeat at Cappielow was the last thing we needed-or expected! We took seventeen bloody goals off that mob in four matches,they were relegated with a total of only twelve points and they managed to beat us,with former Celts Dom Sullivan and Jim Duffy running the show. There’s yer reality check right there,lads.

On the back of that defeat came one of the best performances of the era as we overturned a first leg 3-1 deficit to beat Rapid Vienna 3-0 in The European Cup Winners Cup. A magnificent night,with everyone doing their bit,but surely no more than Tommy Burns on the night. Tommy was a delight to watch,but he turned in a masterclass that night.

I’ll say no more about it,but I reckon there may be a few comments on this subject!

December hove into view and once again it wasn’t a very festive time at Celtic Park,managing to drop five points in five games. This included highly damaging defeats against both Aberdeen and Dundee United and a bloody draw at home to the huns. New Year and five points behind Aberdeen. Which was actually worse than the previous season. Happy New Year,indeed.

For once,the board had seen fit to help the manager out by shelling out around half a million on Pierce O’Leary,brother of the excellent David,and some wee Maryhill toerag. But it wasn’t going to be enough,not this season. For whatever reason,we just never really clicked when it mattered,and certainly not with any semblance of consistency. It really was a case of turning up,see what Celtic team had turned up. A genuine Aw F..k season in the league,in Europe,the League Cup.

Those four draws at the start of the season had put us on the back foot,win them and we may have had a different scenario altogether. Losing stupid points was unforgivable,and we did it with unerring accuracy. Rangers took three points from us and even Dundee managed to beat us twice. Bloody hell,even Hibs managed a win and a draw against us! It was a dismal season,albeit it one with some great highlights. But highlights win you nothing,consistency is the key. And we couldn’t even manage consistency for ninety minutes,far less an entire campaign.

Yet we went into the last weekend of April with an outside chance of winning it,even against the odds! Win against Aberdeen,we would be three points behind with four to play. Could we do it,is there another fairytale? Well,big Roy did his bit. He blasted a penalty straight at Jim Leighton’s head. Bravely,the keeper stood up to it. And wished he hadn’t. But then we allowed the free-scoring(!) Willie Miller to equalise and it was Goodnight Vienna. (Sorry about that,folks.)

Another draw against the huns and a defeat to Dundee,ffs. Seven point gap at the end up. Dismal. I’ll save the tale of our Cup Final success against Dundee United for another day. Had the tickets,went inside the stadium and walked out the other side. Watched it in The International Bar. How people weren’t killed in the crush outside the north-east corner of the stadium is a bloody miracle.

They say tomorrow is another day,but by this time,we were fed up with Groundhog Day. In seven seasons since Jock left,we had won the title three times and thrown it away four times.

Surely this couldn’t continue?

Above by BMCUWP

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ATHINGOFBEAUTY and her lucky husband!!!!!!

Twists n turns

Happy Silver wedding anniversary to Mr and Mrs ATOB

Hope you both have a lovely day.

Twists n turns

Draw for the 3rd round of CL will be made this morning . Must avoid the Greek champions.


Happy Silver Anniversary ATOB.


Morning all

Another day and another visit to my favourite nurse for a dressing change. Shower time. ????. HH

Byres Road Bhoy

Hi all, happy silver wedding anniversary to ATOB and her man. Have a great day!


Happy Silver Anniversary to ATOB. HH

Byres Road Bhoy

Well it looks like a trip to Romania or Israel if we get through to 3rd qualifying round. At least we’ve avoided the Greeks…
From the Scotsman:”Celtic will play Cluj of Romania or Israeli side Maccabi Tel Aviv in the UEFA Champions League third qualifying round if they beat Estonian champions Nomme Kalju.”

Awe Naw

“There is work to do, but it we cannot reach the payoff round from this draw, we do not deserve to be there.” – CQN

aye and there’s the rub 🙂

Awe Naw

The Scotsman
Published: 10:30
Monday 22 July 2019

Over the weekend strong reports have emerged from Spain that Rangers ace James Tavernier is a key target for Real Madrid.

On Monday morning, the Daily Star suggested that Real Madrid are set to offer a player plus cash swap deal with Gareth Bale and a cash sweetener in a bid to land the Ibrox captain with the Primera League side confident of having the offer accepted.

Tavenier is familiar with Madrid, having twice been there on holiday, and once having attended a match at the Bernebau. Although with six loan spells under his belt he made just ten appearances before making the switch to Wigan Athletic in 2014, he never managed any continental experience.

The 27-year-old arrived at Rangers in 2015 under Mark Warburton and was made captain last summer by Steven Gerrard

He had arguably his best season at Ibrox, hitting 17 goals and setting up even more as the team finished second. In addition he is such a key cog as to how Rangers play, contributing so much in the attacking phase as well as his defensive responsibilities that Zinedine Zidane has ordered a go get him or else demand to the power brokers at Real Madrid, who tend to get what they want.

Former club Newcastle who are in a desperate situation are also closely monitoring the situation

Following the arrival of Steve Bruce to replace Rafa Benitez, fans are irate with owner Mike Ashley, while the squad is in much need of TLC.

The club are set to break their record transfer fee with the signing of forward Joelinton from Hoffenheim.

Bruce has reportedly turned attention to Tavernier to strengthen the defence.

However, Newcastle currently have two right-backs in DeAndre Yedlin and Javier Manquillo, while midfielder Isaac Hayden can also fill in at full-back, as he did in the final game of the season.

It suggests that Bruce has more pressing concerns than the right-back position.

From a Rangers perspective, Gerrard will be very keen to hold onto his captain. Having worked to bring in a number of players this summer, he will feel that his squad is on the verge of being complete.

Despite the presence of Matt Polster, who started in the position against St Jospeh’s on Thursday, and Jon Flanagan, the departure of Tavernier would create a massive void and it would be extremely difficult to find a player of his ilk who would replicate the numbers he produces.

If however as expected Real Madrid offer Gareth Bale and 30 Million pound cash in exchange it would be difficult for Rangers to turn it down.

Awe Naw

Two nuns from Glasgow, Sister Bridgette and Sister Bernadette, are travelling through Europe in their car.

They get to Transylvania and are stopped at a traffic light.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a tiny little Dracula jumps onto the bonnet of the car burning it and hisses through the windshield.

‘Aw naw !’ shouts Sister Bridgette, ‘Whit are we gonnae dae noo?’

‘Turn the windshield wipers oan. That’ll get ridda the abomination.’ says Sister Bernie.

Sister Bridgette without hesitation switches them on, knocking Dracula about, but he clings on manfully and continues hissing at the nuns while his eyes turn red.

‘Whit am Ah gonnae dae noo?’ she shouts panicking .

‘Switch oan the windshield washer. Ah filt it up tay the brim wi Holy Water at the Vatican ‘ says Sister Bernie.

Sister Bridgette turns on the windshield washer pulling back full pelt, Dracula shrieks and screams as the water burns his skin, but he clings on and continues hissing and getting more angry at the nuns.

‘It didnae work Sister Bernadette, whit’ll Ah dae noo ?’ shouts Sister Bridgette.‘

Show him yer cross,’ says Sister Bernie.

‘Aye, that’s whit tae dae,’ says Sister Bridgette.

So she opens the window and shouts,

‘Get the feck aff the feckin’ car ya wee basturt or Ah`ll boot yer baws.’

Twists n turns

Logged in to see the opinion on the draw. Cluj or Tel Aviv. No opinion? Everyone busy? Nonplussed?

No easy task I’d suggest but gotta be 50/50 at least?

Awe Naw


ask me next week when we have got passed the Estonians

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
Was a matter of time I guess before the big guns moved in on Tav. I was thinking Barca but they might be holding off on a full back in case Messi moves on. That would let them get a £40m bid in for Jordan Jones.

If Morales gets the call from Man City for £50m we’d have to concede it to have been a good window for them.

Twists n turns

Apologies BRB

I didn’t spot yer comment bud.

Awe Naw


Aye it will have been a good window for thems but if we get 18m for Kieran Tiereny forget everything else we can´t complain either. That´s 18m pure profit. Thanks to Dermot Desmond buying and building Lennoxtown

Twists n turns

Huns v Mitjyland ( Denmark)

Awe Naw

Big Eric Sviatchenko will have his team mates well clued up

bada bing1

Great to see LG on SSN,opening up and speaking about his issues,encouraging others to do the same, welcome back Griff..

bada bing1

Twists- we avoided PAOK,Red Star and Qarabag,so could have been worse

Awe Naw

Rangers fans in uproar as ‘Gers TV stream’ of Blackburn friendly hijacked by porn hackers
By Mark Colin Hendry
Multimedia Reporter and Floppy disk exchanger
Rangers TV stream of Blackburn friendly hijacked by PORN hackers

Rangers fans were in uproar after a fan stream of yesterday’s Blackburn friendly was hijacked.

Dodgy X-rated footage flashed up on the screens for thousands of Light Blues supporters who tuned in to watch Filip Helander make his debut at Ibrox against Tony Mowbray’s men.

The Light Blues drew 1-1 with Rovers but the main talking point was the adult content that appeared after around 20 minutes of the clash.

Fans made no secret of their complaints, flooding social media with angry tweets and posts.

One blasted: “Can’t believe 20 mins in my Rangers TV feed hijacked by some dodgy porn channel. Watching Andy Goram and Nacho Novo kissing while wearing leopard and tiger printed underwear respectively is not what I paid 12 pounds for”

Another said: “Canny believe it.. Nachos tadger is totie so it is .Rangers TV been hacked……me and Charlie Adam watching Rangers vs Blackburn and it’s full on action between Wee Nacho and the Goalie”

“I suppose it´s akin to Readers wives more like Rangers husbands”.

One complained: “Trying to watch the Gers game on an iptv at a mates house and on comes Andy Goram not only with his willie shaved, I´m totally disgusted everybody kens that King Billy was very hairy but he has a three leaf clover tattooed on his bum cheek”

Others had a bit of a laugh with the incident.

One joked: “At least Nacho finally got his arse spanked”

Another laughed: “It’s sexy football, what can we say?”

Rangers clarified that the stream hacked was due to a mix up between the live broadcasts of the club’s official TV.

A club spokesperson said “There will be no refunds in fact we may have to charge extra”


You’ve got too much time on your hands,pal!

Btw,e-Tims article today shows that you’re not far off the mark with your valuations of hun players.

Just seen the draw,and to be honest,it could have been a lot worse. It’s up to Celtic now,there can be no excuses if we fail at either of the next two hurdles.

Awe Naw


Everyone else is on holiday. You expect me to work ?


Best of luck with your wee bestie,the nurse. Been a long road for you,son.


I was going to post the NTNOCN sketch about the Russian spy,no boyfriend of mine goes out to work. Couldn’t find it. But this one is brilliant. Have fun with the sidebar.

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the congratulations guys. 25 years with a man who doesn’t like football should see me awarded a medal of somewhat I reckon!!
As for the draw, like others have said we could’ve got worse but let’s get round 2 out the way first.
Have we got a right back yet?!!!


Within my family I am known as a worrier! I do not see myself that way but Rabbie Burns quote comes to mind, “ ……gift to gie us…etc etc”

To the point, I fear that our recruitment of the Israeli may flounder on the granting of a work permit. I base this on two factors. Firstly, he fails to meet the 75% of internationals played recently. He has one cap. Secondly, he is 28…not a young, developing player. Lack of international experience has been mitigated in the past if the player is young, e.g Kouassi.

All of this is realised by both clubs involved and they have pulled out the stops to support the case. IMHO, he will not be granted a permit directly and it will go to the expert panel to assess if he would be an asset to Scottish football. Then it is in the lap of the Gods, or more precisely, who is on the panel. I fear trouble ahead. The last time I had these concerns was during the Turnbull saga.

Hope I am wrong, but I think he will not be available for the third round games at the least.




Happy anniversary. Enjoy your day.

We shall have our Gold in March of next year, all going well.



This cannot be good for Celtic’s interests, in my opinion.
Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson and Hamilton chairman Les Gray have returned to the SPFL board..
They join Motherwell chief executive Alan Burrows and replace Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell and Dundee managing director John Nelms in representing the Premiership.
Old Les, is more Sevco than Robertson.


Many congratulations, enjoy.
So, who deserves a medal the most, you or hubby?


ATOB,,,congrats he’s a lucky man.

Rebus,, re the new possible signing it doesn’t look great tbh.
We can have any Dudu player anytime and know this. We haven’t ever wanted him before. I’m all for value and he probably will do a decent enough maybe job for say 3 years in the here and now. Maybe.
But this also tells us that our right back search has failed and we have turned to the easy option who was never good enough before.
It’s back to the drawing board and new guy flops,,,,
He should also be much better than Ralston or what’s the point.
If he fails to get a permit heads should roll for wastin time.
Will judge him on the field of play of course.
Hope all well Sir
Hail Hail

Bobby,, poor season you wrote about eh? Depressing me reading about it ffs.
Thanks for the info though. You’re a brave man dragging through them memories.

Hail Hail

Twists n turns


Bit bit bit that canny be right? I read it in the daily rekkurt 2 year ago thit Mister King hud battert big fat Mike n everyhin wiz soarted???

Awe Naw

for those on mobile phones here is the Relief summary from the final verdict that Bada posted


The relief sought

87The consequence of my findings is that Rangers was in breach of its obligations under Schedule 3, paragraphs 5.2 and 5.11 of the Agreement. I am satisfied that SDIR was not only entitled to match the rights offered to Hummel/Elite but would have done so. Those rights were not only not offered to them but Rangers, through Mr Blair, untruthfully asserted that Hummel had not been granted any Offered Rights and did not provide SDIRwith a copy of the Elite/Hummel Agreement. The upshot of all this is that Rangers, Elite and Hummel have until now performed and enjoyed the benefit of the Elite/Hummel agreement. The 2018/2019 season has been completed and, as the evidence before me showed, preparations for the 2019/2020 season were well underway by the time of the hearing. Had the rights been offered to SDIR then SDIR would have found itself in the shoes of Elite and would have been in a position to make the sales and profits that Elite has made. Mr Sa’ad Hossain QC,who appeared on behalf of SDIR, acknowledged that as matters now stand SDIR is reduced to a damages claim in respect of the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 seasons

.88 .SDIR now seeks an order for damages to be assessed, an order for declaratory relief,and an injunction in the following terms:“… UPON SDIR agreeing that, for the 2019/2020 season, the Rangers FC teams may wear any Official Rangers Kit (as that term is defined in the Agreement between Rangers and SDIR dated 21 June 2017) that had been approved by Rangers prior to 17 April 20191.Rangers shall:

(i)not perform the Elite/Hummel Agreement;
(ii)not assist Elite or Hummel to perform the Elite/Hummel Agreement;
(iii)inform Elite and Hummel that it will not perform the Elite/Hummel Agreement.

2.Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph 1 above, Rangers shall:

(i)not propose or agree sale dates in respect of Replica Away and Third playing kits (as those terms are defined in the Elite/Hummel Agreement);
(ii)not advise Elite of sponsor’s logotypes in respect of future football season 2020/2021;
(iii)not propose and shall not agree kit designs in respect of future football season 2020/2021;
(iv)not create a Hummel branded area within the Rangers Megastore at Ibrox Stadium;
(v)not deliver (insofar as not already delivered) any of the items noted in points under “Sponsorship” on pages 5 and 6 of the Elite/Hummel Agreement for the football seasons 2018/2019, 2019/2020 or 2020/2021;
(vi)not assist Elite in the co-ordination of any product launches, in particular, shall not respond to any requests for assistance and co-operation by Elite in relation to the same and shall not indicate to Elite that it may act unilaterally in relation to product launches; and shall Judgment Approved by the court for handing down Lionel Persey QCS DIR v Rangers(vii)forthwith terminate the Elite Non-Exclusive Rights Agreement in the event that Elite fails to comply with any of its obligations under such agreement …”

89.Rangers accepts it is liable for damages in the event that it is in breach but argues that it is not appropriate fo rthe Court to give injunctive relief.

Injunctive relief

90.The principles which govern the grant of injunctive relief when it is sought on a final basis were considered by Teare J in the October 2018 Judgment at [46-52]. The argument before Teare J traversed very much the same ground thatI have had to consider. In summary Teare J held (and SDIR submitted):-

(1)where, as in this case, a final injunction is sought to enforce a negative covenant the claimant is prima facie entitled to such an injunction, unless it would be unjust, unconscionable or out of all proportion to the relief which the claimant ought to obtain or would cause particular hardship to the defendant or otherwise be oppressive: see Chitty on Contracts (32 Ed.) at [27-065]; Doherty v Allman (1878) 3 App Cas 708, 720, per Lord Cairns LC; Insurance Co v Lloyd’s Syndicate [1995]1 Lloyd’s Rep 272, 277 per Colman J; Araci v Fallon [2011] EWCA Civ 668.(2)If the prejudice which would be caused by the injunction heavily outweighs the advantage to the claimant then the grant of the injunction may be oppressive or unjust; Teare J at [50].

91.The cases show that although the interests of third parties may be a factor to be taken into account, they are not a bar to relief: see Araci (above) and Ernst & Young Nominees v Kiwi Property [2003] 3 NZLR 103. It is noteworthy that in the present case Teare J made an injunction against Rangers which ordered it not to perform the Elite Agreement, and noted that Rangers had entered into that agreement without giving any notice of its intention to do so and with its eyes open.

92If relevant, I am satisfied that damages are not an adequate remedy for Rangers’ breaches. SDIR’s losses are likely to be in the order of many millions of pounds. Rangers has pleaded in §42A AmPoDCC that it will rely upon clause 16.3 of the Non-Exclusive Rights Agreement to limit its damages to £1,000,000. I accept SDIR’s submission that it would be unjust to deprive SDIR of the benefit of its matching right provisions.

93.Rangers has placed considerable reliance upon the losses that Elite will suffer if injunctive relief is granted. These are the same arguments that were run before Teare J in relation to the Elite Agreement. Teare J rejected them. Although I have had more evidence about the potential losses that Elite would suffer in the event that I were to grant the injunction this does not alter the fact that the Elite/Hummel Agreement was entered into in breach of the Agreement. As Teare J said at [60] of the October 2018 Judgment:-“… There is a risk that damages may not be an adequate remedy having regard to the cap on damages and the exclusion of consequential losses. But more significantly, in my judgment, this is not a case where it can be said that the grant would be out of all proportion to the requirements of Judgment Approved by the court for handing down Lionel Persey QC SDIR v Rangers the case or that the order would operate with extreme (or any) harshness on Rangers. It will be exposed to a claim by Elite but that is because of action taken by Rangers with its eyes open to the risk, as the indemnity provisions of the Elite Agreement make clear…”Similar considerations apply in the present case

.94. Rangers assert that an injunction should not be granted because:-

(1)It will lose significant revenues and will be exposed to claims for damages from Elite.

(2)The club, players and fans will be unable secure kit and other products; and
(3)Rangers’ ability to function as a football club will be impaired.

95.As to the first point, I am not satisfied that Rangers will lose significant revenues. It has already received the revenues due in respect of the 2018/2019 season and, given the limited nature of the injunctive relief now sought, will likely receive those due from Elite in the 2019/2020 season. It will also be entitled to receive revenues from SDIR in respect of the 2020/2021 season.In any event the potential loss of revenues and exposure to claims from Elite are both ordinary and natural consequences of Rangers’ breaches of the Agreement. As to the second point, the limited nature of the injunctive relief now sought means the supply of kit and other products will not be interrupted for the forthcoming season. There is in my judgment no sensible risk that fans will be deprived of the opportunity to spend their hard-earned money on purchasing the forthcoming season’s kit. Nor do I consider that there is any risk that Rangers’ ability to function as a football club will be impaired.

The Elite Retail Units Agreement

96.I need finally to address the Elite Retails Units Agreement. Rangers has admitted that it was in breach of this agreement and, as I have set out in paragraph 34 above, Rangers has treated it as subsidiary to the Elite Non-Exclusive Rights Agreement and, it would appear, consider themselves to be bound by the injunction that Teare J granted in respect of that agreement. SDIR nevertheless wishes to regularise the position and seeks declaratory and injunctive relief at paragraphs 34(5F)-(5I) of its AmPoC in order to do. Rangers did not argue against this in its skeleton argument or in its oral submissions.I consider it appropriate to grant the relief sought by SDIR.

In summary:-

(1) Rangers was in breach of the Agreement by entering into the Elite/Hummel Agreement and by failing to offer SDIR the opportunity to exercise its matching rights in respect of Elite/Hummel’s offer.

(2) SDIR is entitled to the declaratory relief which it seeks.

(3) SDIR is entitled to an injunction in broadly the terms set out in paragraph 87 above, althoug hI will hear counsel as to the precise form of that injunction.

bada bing1

Believe it if you like….

Just passing this on before any you get started

Douglas Parks business has been in effective administration & has been run by the bank for the last 18 months. The bank have now instructed that Park sell the car sales part of his business immediately, all of this because he believed King, and King has rode him bareback. His loans to Sevco have been converted into worthless shares and he possibly has lost anything up to €12.5m propping up Kings ego/mouth. And King had the balls to ask him to put in another €2m last week so that they could pay the 1st instalment of the Swedish guy & their legal teams bills. Who by the way are working strictly on a cash basis only. Celtic are planning around them going bang again. Top it off, Dorrans, Murphy have been told to leave & if they don’t think they will be training with the youths. Barasic has been told that he has no future and should be looking for a new club. The problem is that no one in Croatia will be or are paying anyone over €20k per week to any player there. They’ve left 5 people behind the scenes go just so they can make payroll for the players. Hummel have withheld the €1.4m start of the season bonus coz of the Commercial deal fiasco. Jimmy Bell has been busy buying kit without badges from the Hummel UK guy and then getting the badges etc put on. They’re f#####

bada bing1

Awe Naw- thanks for picking the bones out of that..

Twists n turns

Very interesting

Twists n turns

Though Celtic should not be considering wtf the Huns are doing or not doing …. plan for the CL. Forget that mob…


Bada that’s some rumour pal.

Byres Road Bhoy

Bada at 5:30 I think Park was the chap hinted at in last Thursday’s piece by Phil Mac…

Evening Timland, as hot as hell as ever.
Mucho congrats ATOB.
So we have hopefully Israel or Romania, neither will be easy but either should be beatable, I am sure will will dispose of the Estonians easy enough….fingers crossed 😉
Still can’t believe that we are going into these games without a defence, what is the problem with the French boy, he should be fit by now, according to Lenny he has a bit to go, I am hoping against hope that we have not bought a problem, something in the back of the head is telling me something is just no right, I just hope it’s the lack of sleep and am hallucinating.
I have read on a few other blogs that this window is special cos we have spent 10 mill, we could spend 100 mill and it would be a disaster, problem is how it’s spent !!!!
Where did that come from, rumours like that are delicious ?
As is the court judgement, fair brightened up a hot and dreary monday.

Awe Naw


I didn´t know you were Mrs. Lawwell ..,. congratulations

Byres Road Bhoy
A thing of beauty

Awe naw 6.38 that was a genuine laugh out loud comment there.
Bada, that is a rumour and a half. I would love it to be true but they just seem to keep going on. No one has a clue how they manage it but they do.

Twists n turns

Julienne has 100 appearances in 3 seasons in a vg league so I’m hopeful he’ll be a solid no nonsense defender

Mbombo I thought was excellent last week

So I’m pleased with those two.

Young Luca I’ve no idea but the reports from England suggest he’s a vg prospect.

The RB position still concerning.

Sort that and I’ll be satisfied with the defence.

I’d actually like to see another striker come in. French Eddie I’m struggling to convince myself he will do the business . He does however seem to grab a few crucial goals but I’m just not convinced .

I’m sure he will be fine, I just want to see it with my own eyes, I liked Boli as well, full of enthusiasm, he will be Ok, Luca the same, I hope he doesn’t get too downhearted with not getting a game in the first team cos he is a fair way down the pecking order, at least he has time on his side, it’s the defence that’s the problem, specifically the RB or the unsettledness of it, Boli is new, the CB pairings are new and the RB, Kris, is new to the position, he is a midfielder converted to a CB playing RB for the money season defining games, the Israeli boy, if he signs, is a CB not a RB, that is no way to go into our most important games of the season, at the risk of pissing folks off by repeating myself, that is an absolute joke for a supposed well run club, the best on the planet some will have you believe, to prepare for these games, it’s crazy folly ridden management.
We won’t get another striker, Griff is back and Bayo is around, I honestly can’t see Pedro splashing out on one, can you, he will be having palpitations as it is, when we sell a couple for decent money they will subside me thinks 😉
PS….IMO Eddie is better playing off the striker, I don’t think he is cut out as a front man, when he has played off the striker he has been awesome, but then we didn’t have anyone else to play the striker so….

Twists n turns

Aye fair assessment. I’m sure it’s wishful thinking on my part re the striker. Actually I forgot we have Sched too. He could be a good one.