Music to the ears

Yesterdays surprise article with Lee Griffith’s was a great bit of media by the club.

Out of all the players to grab and sit down with Griff woulda been many fan’s choice, to get a feel of what we can expect out of our bhoy this coming campaign and what tone he himself imparted. Hows he look ?
In a slow news week it was the right choice as some pre scripted PR stunt woulda been seen through immediately. Good of the club to set the tone and give fans something to smile about and look forward to .
Lee was well spoken and genuine. It couldn’t have went better.

He is raring to go and had his love for the game and the faithful reinvigorated by certain recent events he admits. One of these events was the gaffer returning..which he knew would help.
He’s quality when he’s on top of his game. Very underestimated especially by foreign opponents he has bag’s of natural talent and a footballing brain but knows himself he must overcome a non athletic physique and has struggled off field issues for a while.

I’m glad the article focussed on the positives and gives off a very supportive vibe of a man who thankfully got the help he needed ,and now wants to repay that help and support that came alongside it.
I seen the video of his return,,we all did,,and it was raucous indeed but it’s clear what it meant to the young man now after reading his thoughts about it ,, and I didn’t get at the time just how special it was but for the kitman to say the best he’s ever seen. Wow !
I thought Izzy’s return after a broken leg was special btw.

Well every one of you deserve a pat on the back for a new revived and refreshed Griff may well again land the big goals that usually lead to silverware.
Lenny had previously intimated that he wished more play through his “striker’s“ and now here we have Lee admitting that he envisions being ahead of big Eddy and making runs for him.
Now that is indeed tasty where I sit as both are very intelligent players each with a good burst of pace,,,a deadly combination.
Last season we had the meanest defence in the division and it brought us league glory.
With that department also undergoing a refurb we might look to the front to take up the mantle more and perhaps go for outgunning the rest of the league ?
This is far from impossible with these two .
Couple that with a rumoured move for last seasons top scorer out of the country and there could be cause for opTIMism that we might we able to forge a dynamic duo to lead us onwards and upwards.

Little and large ? Hey I always liked the combination personally since Niall Quinn and Kevin Phillips terrorized defence after defence but it is very old fashioned .
With Lee being the line leader one cannot imagine a crossing game,,the throughball or over the top would seem more likely no?
But then in winter on the potato patches we sometimes come up against,,not to mind the lazy sods with flags would can flag those through runs offside all day long,,will that be a feasible plan?
The both know where the goal is which is nice but we’ve seen strikers paired before that have not gelled.
Good news is Lenny seems well respected and will hopefully look forward to getting a hold of them both on the training pitch to see want type of Frankenstein he can whip up to go attack defenders with.
Its just great news to have young Griff back in the hunt,, I would not wanna face him,,he’s a cracker and we are best with him in our side and a head focused on his game.
With young Mikey also looking promising we now have three good strikers to start the season with .
Boom Boom Bayo has youth on his side but we need to actually see him to judge him,,funny that. He might be a great number 4 striker coming in after injury ?
We might well end up needing each one of them to step upto the plate if we are going to defend successfully ,, but Griff’s word’s are music to the ears’s.
Give him minute’s and watch him repay the trust with goal after goal.
Whats the chance’s we are saying “ get it to Griff ! “ soon ?
Welcome back Lee ! Just what the doctor ordered !

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Twists n turns

I’m a big fan of Leigh. He works defenders . His movement and energy make him a very tough player to Mark and he can create so much space for others.
Welcome back.

Very good read Mahe. I hope Lee gets back to his top form. Now if we could just get that defence sorted out!

Twists n turns

Witnessed a sad sight yesterday . Standing outside the factory I commented to my son on the number of gulls that we’re flying frantically around the roof of the unit across from mine. Must’ve been 30 plus. The noise they were making was horrendous.

Short while later the site guard came over for a chat. I said to him the gulls seemed unusually distressed.

He proceeded to tell me that there were men working on the roof. Refurbishment. He said they had to stop work because the gulls were attacking them.

Transpired they were pulling out the nests on the roof , nests which had young in them.

No wonder the gulls were annoyed. Up to 20 nests ripped out.


Gulls and the law. All species of gull are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985. This makes it illegal to intentionally or, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, recklessly injure or kill any gull or damage or destroy an active nest or its contents.

Twists n turns

Ha. Funny you should say that.

I’m at the holiday home today ( Musselburgh racing is on) and I just said to the wife:

“ when I get back I’m looking into the law re seagulls.”

I’m due a visit from the estate landlord in August and I’ll be armed to the teeth with info on this.

It’s really irked me. ( and my son)


Good, glad I could help, a little.
Enjoy the racing and be lucky.
P.S. Horse Racing, probably caused more disagreements between me and my wife, than anything else.
She is vehemently opposed to it, whilst I enjoy it. Nothing to do with gambling, it’s the animal welfare aspect.
We just agree to disagree now, although I still catch her giving me the evil eye, when I watch it.

Twists n turns

I’ve owned 3 to date. I can tell you those horses are cared for to a very high level.

Horses are pack animals and love to run. Generally when a horse falls it’ll get and and start running again.

Where I empathise with your wife is some aspects of NH racing. The Grand National for example. Extreme distances in often gruelling conditions. I know they’ve lowered fences and improved the safety aspects to an extent, but I feel those types of races are unnecessary. Anything over 3 miles to me, I struggle with.

Of course a horse can be killed in a 2m hurdle just the same, but isn’t there a risk in a lot of sports?

I’m all for allowing it but to be perfectly honest if ever it is banned on the basis of compelling evidence that it’s too dangerous for the animals, then I’d accept it.

Thin end of the wedge though. Boxing?


Yes, I’m in agreement with you.
Her concern, as you allude to, is animal welfare.
I tell her the horses are treated royally and wouldn’t be bred if it wasn’t for the horse racing.
Life would be awful boring if everyone agreed all the time, though.
I used to save up and go to a different track, twice a year or so.
Cheltenham, Ascot and York were most impressive. As were the surrounding areas.
Hexham was a farmer’s field. Cartmel, lovely, town but racecourse facilities were poor.


Twists, I bet the woman who had her pet dog Gizmo picked up and taken away by a gull was more than irked by that, or the people in Inverkeithing who have to go outside with umbrellas to protect themselves from gull attacks. Same with the posties who are often attacked by them when making deliveries, right up the east coast. They have been known to attack babies getting pushed in their buggies, or the dirt they leave on buildings and streets. See how you feel when the numbers escalate and your fish supper deliveries cannot get through for your lunch 😉 or your customers get chased into or out of your building.

I love all kinds of wildlife including birds, but the smaller birds are getting taken in large numbers by crows, magpies, buzzards, sparrow-hawks and gulls, so we need to do more to protect the smaller birds. We don’t want to lose their beauty or their sounds, all our lives would be much diminished by losing them.


A gull once stole my fish supper, bastard, I would recognise it anywhere, no that I harbour a grudge…. much.

Noel Skytrot

I’d imagine Griffiths will be chomping at the bit to get out there and do some damage, here’s hoping that he can get back on the trail and scorch the opposition with loads of goals.

Meanwhile, over at the WilliamDome they’re being fecked by the Swivel Monster once again. Surely they must see he is a total charlatan who’s fleecing them based on their emotional attachment to the club/company, or are they just thick as fuck? I’m going for the latter. I see they’ve also set up an initiative to welcome anyone to Ibrox regardless of colour, creed, etc
The cynic in me thinks that with the SFA being put under pressure to release data regarding sectarianism in our game the huns are covering their arses. One of the propositions are that if you get caught singing sectarian songs, you’ll be sent to an anti bigotry class with the view that you can work to get your season ticket back rather than a ban, its doomed for failure if that’s the case. They just can’t help themselves.

Twists n turns

Then a coordinated cull is required. One which doesn’t involve ripping out nests with days and weeks old chicks in them.?


Mike. 10.12
I love all kinds of wildlife including birds, but the smaller birds are getting taken in large numbers by crows, magpies, buzzards, sparrow-hawks and gulls, so we need to do more to protect the smaller birds. We don’t want to lose their beauty or their sounds, all our lives would be much diminished by losing them.
By far the biggest problem for birds, is loss of habitat, followed by;
Cats,The statistics. They estimate that cats in the UK catch up to 275 million prey items a year, of which 55 million are birds. This is the number of prey items which were known to have been caught. We don’t know how many more the cats caught, but didn’t bring home, or how many escaped but subsequently died.

The number of smaller birds that are taken by larger birds is minimal in comparison.


Bada 10.34.
Great news and appropriate, in my opinion.

bada bing1

Boris Johnson Prime Minister ffs,Independence here we come….


Today’s CQN blog is an informative one on DK and SDI/MA judgement and what it tells us.

There is however a bigger picture in which all of this operates as I’ve set out in this response.


Whilst I appreciate the sentiment of keeping a fool in charge of Rangers I cannot reconcile that with keeping fools and liars in positions to cause widespread damage to society.

These are the people ok, People of the Lie (read M Scott Pecks book of that title).

Plausible physcopaths who live in an unreal world that they think they can make real.

At a Res12 meeting two Christmas’s back I said Celtic were dealing with a criminal organisation and if that reality hasn’t dawned on Celtic by now (and other clubs who have turned a blind eye) then the game, like the wider UK society under Boris and his gang, are heading for hell in the same hand cart as Trump.

Where is domestic fair play? Where are the stiffer rules on independent licence policing? Res12 was intended to provide leverage to make that happen. A Dougie , Dougie moment writ large. Why wasnt the lever pulled?

What if Rangers Ltd go bust again? Will it be rinse and repeat and will those responsible for protecting the name of Scottish football repeat the insanity of the 5 Way Agreement in the hope doing the same thing will produce a different result?

Awe Naw


A hard Brexit and just let all the pieces fall into place.


I’ve always liked the cut of Griffiths footballing jib and am glad to see him winning his fight against his own personal demons.

If what doesnt kill you makes you stronger then he and the support have a lot to look forward to.

Awe Naw


Why would you think that Celtic´s major shareholders give a flying fuck about society ?


I was impressed by Leigh’s performance in his press conference yesterday. Looking forward to his performances on the pitch, in the season ahead. I have a feeling that Leigh and Odsonne could form a formidable partnership, if played together. Different types of players, whose skills could be complementary. Anyone think that Lenny would consider a 352 formation this season? Would make sense with our lack of a right back, and Boli signing, who looks more of a wing back, than an orthodox left back. Also delighted if Kieran stays beyond this season.


I do not wish to comment on Griff. He is fighting what will be a life time battle. His support network will be crucial and it speaks well of the club that they have been part of it.

Both Edouard and Griff are good strikers but I see no way that they can act as a deadly duo. Although each are different types of player, they both need to play with a target man. Edouard’s future value will be determined by who is available to support him.



Auldheid, I completely agree, its groundhog day once again.

JimmynotPaul: Governments today recognise that they must do more to protect the habitats and the environment for everyone’s benefit. In farming, more and more environmental and soil protection schemes are being introduced. About five years ago I looked back at how our predecessors farmed and what methods they were using, it was an eye opener and we took a fresh look at how we farmed. We base our rotation more on soil protection and the environment, planting species rich grass for promoting pollinators and insect life and red clover to naturally put nitrogen into the ground, which can be ploughed in as a green manure , in an attempt to put goodness back into the ground without using chemicals. ( Eco-Tims). It is my belief that, that is the future of farming.
Cats are not cool, or good for wildlife…, its about balance-ability and cats have great balance. 😉


Leigh has some outstanding qualities as a footballer.
He has some wonderful skill and a good work ethic.
His underrated movement creates space for others.
When we trounced St Johnstone 6-0 last season his off the ball running helped create 4 of the goals.
Strangely after the game many mentioned that he did not score.
Finding the proper set up /system is vital for Leigh.
When he is at his best he is a great player.
His flaw seems to be when he goes a while without scoring he starts to try too hard,becomes selfish and abandons all pretense of being a team player.


In my last post i highlight the 6-0 trouncing of StJohnstone.
Griff played the lead striker role that day and Ed was coming off the left side.
JF scored 4 and a lot of the reason for this was Leigh and Ed’s movement creating central space for James to run into.
Ed scored one McGregor the other.
Ed and Leigh dovetailed perfectly that day.
Also the midfield partnership was Ntcham and McGregor and the passing and movement was sublime.
It was by far our best performance all of last season.
When a player scores i am often more taken by the off the ball movement that creates the chance.
Our off the ball movement has not been particularly good the past two seasons but on that day it really clicked.
Ntcham’s injury a few weeks later and Browns comeback saw us return to a more pedestrian style.


Mike 1.21.
Tremendous stuff. Well done.
Hopefully, through time, more will see its the way forward. ( even if it’s going back) ?


I have fallen into the black hole of the transfer window watching for signings and if not that, rumours of signings……frankly, a waste of time and signs of an unhealthy addition.

To fill the gap, let’s look at the Scott Brown dilemma. SB….a lovely chap off the field, a nightmare to play against. SB…a captain, a loyal employee, a leader, an inspiration for younger players. You are waiting for the “BUT”? There really is not one, with the exception that he cannot go on forever. You can see some of his pace has gone and some of those tackles are verging on late, but then he will loft a delightful pass over the top, or he will burst into the box and fire off a shot at goal.

When should we phase in a replacement? SB has seen most of the possibilities off. Kouassi was brought in as his replacement, or at least, to spell him, but look where that has gone. In fact, it is more serious than that. Not only did Kouassi’s arrival stall his own career, it finished Liam Henderson’s at the club. Liam, himself, was a natural to replace SB. LH was tigerish in the tackle, has a great engine, and can read the game. Plus, he was Celtic daft. IMHO LH was one of Brendan’s biggest blunders. Kouassi for 3 million or LH for free. BR had to justify his forray into the market so LH slipped further down the pecking order and out of the club. Prior to all of this, we had the Johansen debacle. Here was a player who could cover all of the ground that SB in his prime could, but was restrained to playing in a more limited role. Little wonder that he became cheesed off and moved on to second tier, Fulham.

SB has earned the right to dictate the rest of his career at the club but there needs to be a succession plan. The cornerstone is having a replacement in house who can, initially, spell SB and finally replace him. John McGinn, although not an identikit SB, was that player. We know how that played out. CalMac is the next favourite to come under the SB shadow. Could he do the job? The answer is a clear “Yes” but the real issue is, should he do it?




Fan a Tic provided an example of when Griff and Eddy worked very effectively together. I feel it is a partnership that could work going forward this season. Skillful, intelligent players who provide great movement and goals for themselves and others like, James, Tom, Ryan and Calmac.

bada bing1
Twists n turns


Mrs White, my neighbour in my childhood days had an orange cat. It used to stand on a 6ft fence. Every time I passed, its shoulders went up, fur back and hissed at me.

I swear I always anticipated that one day it was gonna have me.

Many years later I used to see it still hanging around, but I was teamed up by then. I used to walk 4 greyhounds. Wasn’t so keen to front me up at that point was oul’ Ginger. ?

Awe Naw

Ok Lads 35 °C here today .. off to the Bier Garten for a few wheat beers and roasted chicken and chips and half naked ladies … youse wouldnae like it honest


Fuxake,how passé. We had that nearly forty years ago in The Wenches Bar,formerly The Devil’s Elbow,beside Queen Street Station.

It didn’t take us long to discover that crisps were stocked below the bar,which was also the only time I’ve ever seen my Uncle Jim ordering a packet.

“What flavour?”

“Any flavour,doll. Disnae matter!”


Fanatic and Garry,

Your opinions are just as valid as my own. In fact, I hope you are correct because that combo is what we are going to see this term, until January when it will be clear that it is not working. Edouard is a versatile player, much more so than Griff. Griff’s talent is his focus on scoring which he can do very well. As you point out Edouard’ s best role to date, is coming in off the left side and causing havoc. I can see Edouard adjusting his game to create chances for Griff but I do not see that happening the other way round. Playing those two negates the high ball into the box since neither are skilled at winning and using headers. The opposition know this and it makes it easier for them to defend against us.

Bayo was to be the answer to the target man issue but the jury is still out. We shall not make a signing in that area until there is a verdict.

Got to go, we are on a daily radiation schedule for three weeks so time is limited at the mo.


Had a busy old day of it today,moving furniture and stuff like Mr Pickford,so not been on the site. Apologies!


Great article,Mahe. Love Leigh in the HOOOOOOOOPS nearly as much as he does. Play him slightly right of centre with Eddy to the left. Watch the goals flow.

Good luck at the racing,TWISTS. Just about the shortest 5f sprint in the world there,if you know what I mean. Mr and Mrs SOLKITTS had their reception there,then moved there after a year or two in your holiday village.

JNP and TWISTS,I have to agree with Mike that gulls are turning into a menace now. How long before they evolve as they no longer need their webbed feet? Swindon is full of them,and we’re about 60 miles from the sea! Having said that,I wouldn’t harm one. I’m the kind of guy who swerves to avoid birds and animals,though bats are harder to avoid. However,ripping out their nests? No. Totally wrong.

Great news about Mrs McNeill and Mrs Chalmers,BADABING. Thanks very much for the info.

AULDHEID,I agree that Rangers funding is unlikely to be entirely above board. Proving it may be difficult. They are constantly besieged financially yet always struggle through it. Maybe the Ashley judgement will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Bloody hope so!


Couldn’t agree more that Leigh faces a lifetime struggle. That’s the nature of the beast.

But being diagnosed,finally finding out why you are being such a …. at times,totally out of character? That knowledge alone is at least half the battle. You know what it is,you know what to look for in your life,your behaviour,to avoid it.

He won’t always get it right. But his life will improve dramatically for getting it right most of the time.


Gulls, are turning into a menace because of human behaviours.
I.E. Leaving easy food pickings, instead of clearing up their rubbish. The gulls are just being opportunistic.
We keep on encroaching on all creatures habitats too.
Never mind cull the gulls, I say cull the humans.
I have a list to start with, if that’s helpful. ???

Twists n turns

They’re definitely pests. I just pay d £60 to get the windows cleaned. It’ll be a fortnightly expense I fear. They’re nesting on my factory roof. I’d like to see the back of them but how to achieve it?
Griff gonna bag 30 goals this term if he stays available to play.
Be good to have someone who can take a corner kick back too!!


A fit firing on all cylinders Griff will get the goals we need to take the title.
He can form a partnership with Eddy ive no doubt,, but that will probably limit Ryan unfortunately.
I gotta say I don’t like the sound of a center back converted to right back although at least we hear he’s quick.

Seagulls,, seen one eat a pigeon alive,, they are cannibals and I can’t stand them. All over Vegas which is in a desert ffs.
My cat has brought one dead bird home in 15 years the lazy bugger.
Hail Hail


Asked Beppe of the Venice CSC to give us a snippet on the Italian we are linked with.
Here is what he said,,,
” Andrea Bertolacci, was considered  in Italy as a young promising startlet who called to deliver. He grew in the youth academy of Milan and Genoa and now looks set for a move to Scotland, to the glorious Celtic team. SPAL is also after his adptable style. Pirandelli, current Fiorentina coach, is a fan top so Celtic has some real competition “

Mike in Toronto

When Trump was elected, I offered my couch to any yanks who wanted to flee their country …. seems only fair that I make the same offer to Brits now that BJ has the job …

(and you will see that the football in the MLS is actually not bad)….

although we also have a federal election coming up… and it is not beyond the realm of possiblities that Scheer (the Conservative leader) could win … in which case, where are we all moving to?


Can’t disagree with that. Foxes are everywhere too,for the same reason. And rats.

Of course,leaving your bins out the night before might have a lot to do with it. Not to mention,as you say,our casual approach to food litter.


Can hardly take the piss out of Americans now. Unbelievable.

Twists n turns

You know what’s more worrying? These are elected members who have decided Bojo is the best man to lead the country.
Country is ffff’d.


My hope is that he’ll be gone by Christmas. Sadly,the amount of damage he could do in that time…

Celtic Champs Elect

3-5-2 formation.

Do we really need a RB or will a two footed defender suffice

Mike in Toronto


I had thought that the Republican game plan was to use Trump to do all the dirty nasty racist work that they wanted done (but didn’t want to dirty their hands with), and then, after he has done that, and served his purpose, they would find an excuse to bin him after a year, and install Pence as the president ….

but, the problem is that once the fox is in the hen house, it is much harder to get them out than I, or I think anyone else, had anticipated…

sort of like the smell of skunk …… as I have found out this week… once it is in, it lingers…

think BJ will be much the same

Mike in Toronto


and ins’t BJ a yank himself?


Politics would drive you mad if you let it.
Thon fella doesn’t look the full shilling and then I heard a toy trains interview that confirmed it.
Pity those about to try and thrive under him. Would say bail but what’s the point..
Happen to agree with Mags it’s not countries its the planet that’s sliding downhill.
What I suspect is that things roll along like this for another few hundred years,, they tell you it’s OK.
In about 500 to 1000 years they say planet has passed point of no return actually everyman for themselves,,, after they have consolidated all worthwhile natural resources or outfitted own secure lair.
And they walk away from the 99 percent or take em out with disease.
Elite kick start next age of man.
Anyone wanna bet a pair of clean socks or some antibiotics?
Hail Hail


If the new guy is a better central defender then I’m thinking Lenny the pragmatist would actually go 352 but will give the traditional four at back a shot first.
Going 3 at back would basically bypass KT, Boli, New Israeli, Ralston.
Taking four players out of the scene in one swoop. Ain’t good. Does give Olly or Rogic more game time probably.
Simo,, Julienne,, Ajer/new guy?

I’m expecting our regular to be
New guy

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