Our first ever interview

Today is an article that I am more than delighted to bring you .
It was always my intention to introduce some interviews to the site but not with anyone thats mainstream rather more the average person’s story thats worth telling .
If its in a sport even better.
Little did I imagine we would be having our first interview with an actual professional football player !

Some of you will know I spent a year living and working in New Zealand which I often and truly describe as the best year of my life.
The Ward family were one of the real reasons that year turned out to be ‘ ” the year “.
Of Nottingham stock I couldn’t speak highly enough of these fine people and indeed am still in weekly contact with one in particular called Tim.
Who actually was converted into a Tim quickly helping form the River Bhoys upon the banks of the Avon in beautiful Christchurch City.
Infact he rented my digs upon departure with the insistence that the posters stay exactly where they are please. Of course they did and he assures me they had to fall down naturally he just couldn’t bring himself to rip them off that hallowed wall.

Well it turns out Tim’s niece has only went and signed professional forms with the Brisbane Roar after trials !!!

Women’s footie has never been as big or popular and is a sport on the rise. So of course we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to twist his arm and get us some exclusive content lined up !
I will say no more.
Enjoy and the lady herself will be monitoring responses I am assured.
Please give her a big warm welcome and she is officially recognised as Friend of the Sentinel’s.


1,, Hi would you please tell us a little about yourself ?

Hi my name is Danielle Ward and I’m 18 years old. I was born in Christchurch New Zealand and grew up there playing footy from the age of five . At the age of 15, my family and I moved to Brisbane Australia where I later on signed my first professional contract with the Brisbane Roar at the age of 17.

2,,,When did you first notice you really liked football ?

I’ve always liked football for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a football mad family and so football has always been apart of my life. Like I said earlier I believe I first began to play football at the age of 5 but I can’t really remember as it feels like I’ve been playing all my life! 

3,,,Was it a hard road leading up to signing professional ?

Of course it was. The road leading up to signing your first professional contract is long and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Injuries and other set backs are a part of any elite athletes career and it all depends on how you bounce back from them. I had my fair share of injuries growing up but thankfully nothing too serious. The training load and motivation that is required to succeed can be overwhelming at times but if it’s really something you desire you can push through it. Don’t kid yourself though once you’ve made it professional the hard work doesn’t stop. There are always people trying to take your spot and it requires all those same things and more to make sure you keep it. 

4,,,What is the standard like in Australia for women’s football ?

The standard of football here in Australia is fantastic. The technical and physical abilities of players all over the country is outstanding and the leagues are continuing to improve every year. Moving here was an integral part of why I was able to sign my first professional contract at the age of 17 as I believe if I hadn’t been exposed to this level of training and professionalism so early on it wouldn’t have happened.

5,,,What position do you play in ?

The position I play is a centre back. I love having the game in front of me and being able to guide the players in front of me.

6,,, Do you have any footballing or sporting heroes that gave inspiration?

 A footballing inspiration of mine would have to be Australia Womens teams centre back, Claire Polkinghorne. Claire also plays for the Brisbane Roar and during my short time here I have learnt a lot from her both on and off the field. I believe she is one of the few great role models for younger girls aspiring to play at an elite level.

7,,, Have you heard of our great club Glasgow Celtic FC ?

I have heard of them but unfortunately don’t know that much about them. I mainly follow football here in Australia. 

8,,, Would you have any advice for young people who dream of playing the game professionally ?

A piece of advice from myself to any younger player would be to just work you’re absolute hardest. Individual talent can only take you so far and it’s your desire to be better, the hard work you put in on and off the field and your willingness to make sacrifices that will make you that 1% better then anyone else.

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Margaret McGill

Hi Danielle
I watched the Australia Brazil women’s World Cup game. I thought it was a great game.

Noel Skytrot

Hi Danielle. Thanks for your contribution to the site. My question is how do you rate the likes of Tom Rogic and Daniel Arzani, and are you a Hoops fan?


Re the question from NOELSKYTROT,you need to speak to your Celtic-mad uncle!

Congratulations on your achievements already,and I hope there will be a lot more of them. And grateful thanks too for giving your time to the site.

You should give it a read sometime-it’ll be an education! Mainly in music and satire-and Celtic,of course.


Thanks for the article, an enjoyable read.
All the best for the future.


Twists, is this why you took revenge and ate the gull.????
A seagull ripped off a man’s right testicle as he sunbathed naked in his back garden, it has emerged.

Experts say the fearsome bird mistook the man’s exposed privates as a couple of birds eggs and dropped in for a tasty snack.

As the man – who has not been named – dozed on his patio in his detached home near Whitburn,, the seagull swooped from the sky, and with one bite of its beak ripped away the right testicle.

In gripping scenes that could have been written by a copywriter, he woke screaming in agony and saw the bird flying away with one of his ‘crown jewels’ wedged in its yellow beak.

His wife called an ambulance, and staff at Livingston ‘s Hospital’s accident and emergency department had to patch him up, and give him a course of antibiotics to prevent infection.

A hospital source said: “Nobody could quite believe it when the poor chap was brought in. There was a lot of blood and he was in agony, but he will feel better in a few weeks.

“The injury is not life-threatening, and tests have confirmed that his remaining testicle is still in working order, so he will be able to have children.”

A spokesman for research group Seagull Watch International confirmed that seagulls often feed on the eggs of small birds.

“Eggs are full of protein – it’s why we eat them, after all. Gulls will often steal other birds’ eggs, so it is unfortunate for this man that his private parts resembled a couple of eggs in a nest.

“It was no doubt a young adult gull that is still learning to be independent.

“This is the first time we have heard of such an attack in the UK, and it is probably a one-off event, but just in case this particular seagull has now got a taste for ‘men’s eggs’, we would recommend putting some shorts on while

Twists n turns



Holy moly!

Can you imagine? It’s one thing stealing yer chips but this is beyond the pale.

I’m sure I’ve still got a ‘protector’ up in the drawer from my boxing exploits some years ago, I’ll be looking it out ?

In fact speaking of chips, and the fact seagulls are very partial to them, there could be a market here for sausage shaped protectors? I mean I guess seagulls are like humans and their eyes deteriorate with age, so mistakes could be made? You’re lying there in all your naked glory on the lounger, and Sammy the seagull from 200 feet up spots sausage and eggs? ( or in the case of our unfortunate friend, sausage and egg)

The sales potential is frightening. What self respecting nudist wouldn’t invest in Twisty’s sausage and egg protectors?

You can buy in now….just make me an offer ?

Hi Danielle, Thanks for that interesting read, good luck with your career. Hope you manage to have a career in the game beyond your playing days too, if that’s what you want. 🙂

Question for Danielle.

If you hadn’t become a professional football player,what do you think you would be now? FYI,Kenny Dalglish said he would have been a joiner,and I’m too polite to tell you Peter Crouch’s reply!

Also,if you play for another,say,fifteen years,what do you see yourself doing afterwards? Apart from glorying in the fame of all those WWC winners medals,of course…

Awe Naw


What´s the name of your book ?

Awe Naw


I don’t do twitter. Did you get any more worthwhile responses from your tweet yesterday


You make a good point about being “that 1% better”.

That’s a concept I’ve often discussed with other football mad fans,and also with my sister,who was a helluva good player,you know. That at the top level,it’s all about margins,tiny little fractions of a %age,those are the things that make a good player that bit quicker in thought,planning,execution than the journeyman.

Was George Best ten times the player that Joe Bloggs from the pub team was? Well,no. He was ten million times the player that Joe Bloggs was. But not statistically he wasn’t. He was that %age quicker and better in everything he did.

But he was still ten million times as good. Just for that 1%. Concentrate on your strengths to be that 1% better than your opponents,and you won’t go far wrong.

Pay close attention to your weaknesses so that your opponents can’t be that 1% better than you,and I’ll be asking my brother-in-law to get me an autograph from that superstar in his home town next time he visits!

Good luck in all you do.


Jack Lyons was a blogger who posted about tactics and analysed games so well that he impressed Brendan Rodgers. In fact so much that he signed him up at Celtic to be our opposition scout. He has now followed BR to Leicester.

So we have a vacancy! Step forward Fan A Tic.

Twists n turns

Re advancement in ladies football, its certainly come a long way.

I was involved in a boys team here in Scotland back in the early 90’s. I say boys team but we had one girl trained and played with us. This would’ve been under 12 or so.

The girl in question was worthy of her place in the side. She trained hard.

The logistics of having a solitary female in the team was of course a little challenging, in respect of changing facilities etc but we soon got into a system that worked for everyone.

One aspect of her involvement that always made me smile was when opposition players seen her in our side as the teams warmed up. Some looked upon it as an opportunity to show their masculine aggression v an “ easy” target.
What they didn’t realise was that she was also a judo black belt and was as hard as nails.?

Many a lad was left looking foolish when she gave as good as, and often more, than she got!

Of course the need for mixed sex teams has long gone and clearly the female game is flourishing in its own right.

I’d imagine the recent World Cup will have added to its popularity immensely and I’m sure many female players will reach superstar status in the foreseeable future.

May I wish you all the best in your own career. I hope you go on to fulfil whatever your own personal ambitions are.

Good luck
Twists n Turns

A thing of beauty

Hi Danielle,
A very interesting read and I wish you all the best in your future career. I never had the dedication required to go to any decent level so admire someone who is willing to put in the hard yards. I hope to be in your part of the world next January/February and will make the effort to come along to a game.
To other matters, I see JTT has said that Brendan Rodgers is off with another of our backroom team. Michael Lustig is speaking today about how good a coach he is but as a person it’s clear he doesn’t hold him in the same regard. Sums it up for me. I like and agree often with the thoughts of fan a tic but I would like to suggest we look at finding a role for the Celtic by numbers blogger. He is top class in his analysis.
Also I meant to add on Wednesday night that I was impressed by the Estonians number 7. He was a tidy strong player that kept things ticking over in the middle of the park. We could do worse than have a look at signing him up. It appears that kouassi is not going to make the grade and he could be a good replacement for a bit of dig in the middle of the park. Unfortunately their right back was shit so no joy there!!!

A center back is she….Get her signed up Pedro, you know it makes sense 😉
Best of for the future Danielle, take care and God bless.


That was an eye-watering read earlier about the seagull attack. Words fail me.


Great timing, I’ve been out all morning, just back in.
Aye, after all the talk about gulls someone put in on my Twitter feed.
I Awe Nawed. Whitburn and Livingston.
The rest i copied and pasted. It was from Suffolkgazette.com
Obviously, a spoof, but funny, after the past few days on here. ?


I think there might have been a few of her opponents were “owned”, and hell mend them! Women’s football has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade or so,and I expect that trajectory to continue.

Yet,a century ago…

Well,the FA murdered the women’s game in its infancy.


And well done,sir,for letting the wee lass go out and play with a ball when she had a talent for it.


Some of AWENAW’s AWENAWed articles over the years were a joy to behold. I’m glad he never lost his mojo and now feels comfortable displaying it here.

So it’s probably fitting that I post this for him and his brother.


Mike in Toronto

If KT is going to Arsenal, we should insist on getting this guy in return. Defenders should be tough … and this guy chased off two knife wielding muggers … surely, he could cope with the cloggers of Scottish football. sign him up!!!


ATOB, I thought about you for the vacancy as well! But I thought Bobby said you had a new addition to the household? But yes Celtic by numbers is another excellent choice. If it was up to me I would employ the 3 of you but I cant see PL agreeing to the wages costs of all of you. 250k pa? He could buy a RB for that kind of money.

Mike in Toronto

Not buying that seagull ripped off my ball story at all … that has Level 5 fingerprints all over it. I think the victim is actually Kyle Lafferty and the ‘seagull’ is one of his paramours

Look at the facts ….

His ex gave him a beating before, after which they blamed it on Celtic fans… before the truth came out.

We know he has a history of taking photos of his privates and sending them to women.

I postulate that he sent another photo of his junk again, got caught … again … in a fit of rage, an irate wife or girlfriend decided that if he wants to send one, don’t send a picture, send the real thing …

They then realized this would look bad in the press … but decided that they probably couldn’t get away with blaming Celtic fans again …. so level 5 came up with the seagull story ….

It would explain why he played so poorly last season…

It all makes sense now … ?

Mike in Toronto



I can see hiring CBN, but Fan!? …. I’m not having that!

I was posting the same nonsense that Fan posts … but years before , when Fan was just a twinkle in P67’s eye!

If I don’t get the job, and that Fan does, someone is going to get sued!!!!

since I believe that Fan is married to a lawyer ( and the last thing I want to do in my spare time is have to deal with another #$&** lawyer – no offence Mrs. Fan, I’m sure you’re very nice – if I don’t get the job, there is going to be a very big lawsuit with PL and JtT’s names on it!!


The ex beating him up and they blamed on Celtic fans was another hun that goes by the name of McGregor, the rest you have correct 😉

Twists n turns

Re Awe Naw
I hope this doesn’t embarrass him or indeed any of his siblings, and it shouldn’t.
I didn’t actually know for a while ( on CQN at the time) who he was. No idea he was originally from a mile or so awAy from me.

When I did find out, I mentioned him to someone from his area asking if they knew of him. I was trying to place the family.

I was told he was an very bright guy from a very smart family. Nothing but kind words were said about him and his family.

Just goes to show how wrong you can be about someone. I thought he was a wrong un’ ?

MiT, I’m sorry but you are too far away! Even if you are more than capable!

(That should keep him quiet)


Jimthetim53 and MIT
Way to busy being browbeaten by my missus for any other job.
Did ponder it and flattered so asked the woman if she would help me write my CV.
After her edit there was two words left on the page.
Useless idiot!

Twists n turns
Mixed sports is a good idea but at around 12 years of age it becomes physically difficult.
And like the recent example of a youngster at Celtic getting a timely reminder of how foolish it was to show up Brown.Masculine pride is a dangerous weapon.
My son used to have a girl on his ice hockey team as his defensive partner from the age of 8 till around thirteen.
She was talented so the opposition used to target her.
She had always been able to cope but as the physical size and strength of boys advanced she found it harder.
My son often took penalties for retribution on opponents who tried such.
One time he was playing against one of his good friends who was the captain of his opponents.
His friend was a very good forward and a dirty bastard.
His friend had a couple of cheap shots at the girl.
My son had a quiet word with his pal who basically told him to F-off.
As the play resumed my son only had one focus and when his friend came down the ice with the puck my son knocked him into next week.
His friend got carried off and it was a clean but hard hit so no penalty.
The kids mother was upset and said to me i thought they were friends?
I replied they are and will be tomorrow.
The girl realized her time was up at boys hockey and joined a girls team the following season.
She ended up with a scholarship at a top college and had a good career.

Awe Naw

Twists n turns

They didn´t mention how beautiful I was ? canny believe it bud

Twists n turns

Re the young girl, she was a decent player. She was a kinda Murdo McLeod type. Not afraid to put her foot in and full on in the middle of the pitch.

On the subject of boys football. Do you remember Kes? I’m sure you do. Great film. Anyhow the scene with the young lad getting put in goals and swinging on the crossbar?
I swear I had a lad like that. Chris was his name. He was a foster kid and was in my twins class at school.
The twins came home one day and said the teacher had sent Chris on an errand, and whilst he was away, she spoke to the rest of the class to say they had to make allowances for Chris’ outrageous behaviour, but he’d had a tough upbringing and they needed to understand why he seemingly got away with things that they didn’t.

Anyhow I got a call asking if he could come to the training. I agreed to pick him up. He was a challenge ?. We did a sponsored litter clean round the local park. When the money was due to be handed in, Chris told me his “ gran” hadn’t given it to him. He referred to his foster mum as Gran.
After a couple weeks I discovered he’d spent it. After training one evening, I took him outside to the pitch. There were a number of mole hills. I told him he had to work off his debt, so to go and level all the mole hills.
I went back into the changing rooms to tidy up and some minutes later I hear some chaos outside. All the other boys are in hysterics. I go out to investigate, and there’s Chris, lining up rugby conversion style, taking a run up and blootering the mole hills into oblivion!

Time moves on and he decided he wanted to try goalkeeper. I had a decent keeper, but as luck would have it, he was going on holiday so I told Chris he could try it out. He actually done well in training. On the day of the match, I’m reading the team out. At the end of it, Chris pipes up “ Mr Twists, I’m not playing in goals. I’ve changed my mind”

I told him “ you ARE playing in goals, get the jersey on”

He starts ranting and raving calling me every name under the sun.

I sent the lads out and somehow convinced him he needed to play in goals as I’d no one else, I was depending on him, so were the team etc.

“ Ok but can I be captain?”

Oh ffs. “ ok but just for today”

( you can tell I’m losing the dressing room eh ??)

I explain to the normal captain and the game starts.

Back to Kes.

I look towards Chris’ goal and there he is, sitting on the crossbar , then swinging upside down and hanging like a monkey ??.

Honestly he took more managing than the rest of the team combined.

Last I heard, one of my twins met him. In his 30’s now and was working on a building site. Seemed to be doing ok.

I do wonder though what he got up to between then and now. I was actually very fond of him.

TnT, great story. I hope to goodness Chris has a good life.

Twists n turns

Fan a tic
Yeah I know what you’re saying bud. It’s an awkward age with all sorts of emotions and other things adding to the complexity.

I know this’ll be controversial and seen as male chauvinism but I can’t watch womens boxing. Just doesn’t sit well with me. Now if that ever becomes a mixed sex competition it’ll be proof that the equality thing has gone too far ?

Twists n turns

Awe Naw

Afraid not. They mentioned 2 x handsome brothers and some ugly guy who lived in Germany these days?

You still living in Scotland bud? Or have you moved? ?

Twists n turns

I do hope so too. He was lucky in the respect that the lady who fostered him was a very kindly woman. His school was vvg. I know , it was my school too.

He deserved a wee break. I think he will be fine.

bada bing1

Techy help required- Laptop picture is like frozen interference ….took battery out and back in,no change…

Awe Naw

Those East Whitburn Morlocks very jealous type of people

Awe Naw

bada bing1

attach an external monitor. do you still have the same problem on the external monitor ?

Awe Naw


Still in Germany. Lived here much longer than I lived in Scotland.

Not going back. Never


AweNaw,,, why Germany? Have you just taken to the place or genuinely feel at home there? Seems a strange choice to me.


How I envy those posts that appear as buff coloured! It gives them such gravitas! I bet I am white again….dull and bland.
TNT you are one of the many posters on here that I would love to meet and I always look forward to your posts. Your remark about getting the wrong impression about Awe Naw, based on his posts but when you put a face to him, you knew the real persona, made me think about how deceiving a blog can be.

We base our assessments upon what someone writes briefly and on a very narrow range of topics….usually football.

The internet gives us a mask behind which we can hide our real nature. Timid people can become bullies. People can appear to care, but in fact, not give a damn.

It would be interesting to know what other posters think that I am really like. Do I appear logical/ scattered? Sincere/insincere? Knowledgable/ignorant about football? Etc, etc. This is not a request for feedback, please desist! It simply states that I know little about the excellent posters on this blog as they know little about me. The takeaway is that, based upon that lack of knowledge, it is foolish to get personal with people over the comments that they make on here. Play the ball not the (wo)man?


bada bing1

Awe Naw- thanks for reply, i dropped it in the bag the other day, it’s a laptop so can’t put another monitor on….

Awe Naw


with a laptop you can. Maybe you don’t want to or cant be arsed but that´s how you debug it.

A HD TV would suffice. If the lines move to the HD TV then its the graphics card if they don’t its the laptop screen.

Mind you need an HDTV cable use the SAT box one in the hoose temporarily

Awe Naw


When I was offered a 450% wage increase I found it difficult to say Nein

Awe Naw


my mum and dad came here on holiday 32 years ago when I was three and forgot about me. Been here since 1987


Run an HDMI link into your telly. Only way I can use my laptop since the screen broke.


450% is only half of Nein. You sold yourself short,bud.


The buff-coloured ones are reduced to their natural blandness when the page refreshes. They’re there to tease.

I hope Mrs R is continuing her improvement.

Awe Naw


if they had offered 4.5% I´d have gone away and had a thunk aboot it


Thank you soo much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help us out with some fascinating insights. Your fan club has many new members today !
I hope the beautiful game gives you everything you want and more.
My advice would be to watch videos of the great Fernando Hierro,,he was one of the finest defenders ever despite not having great natural talent,,,he read the game soo well,,played with a smile,,and always considered himself fortunate to have lead such a life.
Try to form a strong on and off field partnership with your fellow central defender so you have a telepathic knowledge of how they will react to a situation and can anticipate the outcome.

Im not surprised by your career choice being a Ward.
Your grandmother was quite a table tennis player and Im sure still is.
Your dad was a good soccer player indeed,,seen him play and I know where you get those genes from.
Your uncle Timmy though,,,he kinda just swanned around on the field always talking loudly and issuing instructions to others just letting everyone know he was there and supposedly in charge. When the ball did come to him he usually passed it backwards and sideways and complained about the lack of movement ahead of him.
So we would put him up front and he would complain very loudly that we werent getting the ball to him enough ! He talked a great game did Tim ,, but its funny I dont actually remember that many actual great games !
I believe it was usually my goalkeeping skills that won us the game tbh.
I am proud to be mentioned in your grandmothers book by the way,,,shes a diamond.

We shall be keeping up to date as the season progresses ,,and may your breakthrough season be a successful one !
Good luck Dani !!!


(The internet gives us a mask behind which we can hide our real nature. Timid people can become bullies. People can appear to care, but in fact, not give a damn.)

Not everyone hides behind a mask.
Some posting persona’s amuse me greatly.
Others leave me cold.
I am more comfortable on this site than i was on another mainly due to the differing opinions and tolerance shown to different viewpoints.
The people on here show a camaraderie not evident elsewhere.
I understand my opinion will differ to others but i post in as honest a way as possible.
Have no issues with people disagreeing and as i usually only post on the football and team tactics i would be surprised if others did not see it differently.

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