The Lost Ten – Part 10


Today concludes our series on a run of ten seasons from 1978-88 which should have seen us win our first Ten In A Row. Of course,we were our own worst enemies during this period and somehow contrived to throw half of them away. 86-87 was probably the worst of them,allowing the huns to overturn an eleven point lead at the halfway stage and turn it into a six point advantage at the end.

But here at Sentinel Celts,we believe that a long-running series should have a happy ending. This isn’t Game of Thrones-this is The Centenary Season!

The Celtic support was really down in the dumps that summer. The previous season had been a sore one,and we faced a summer of upheaval. Davie Provan had to retire through illness,Danny McGrain was allowed to leave on a free transfer after twenty years when we should have been putting him on the coaching staff. On top of that,we had refuseniks over new contracts-four of them,in fact. Murdo would leave for Borussia Dortmund,Judas to Nantes,McInally to Aston Villa for combined fees of around £1m,but losing our diamond was the biggest blow.

Brian McClair,our top scorer during his four seasons,declared that he was leaving,for Man United. Few of us grudged him the move,we knew he and the others had been messed about with by the board. But joining up with Alex Ferguson,a man who had hardly endeared himself to the hoops fans over the years? Hmmm…

Ferguson endeared himself still further by offering a derisory £200,000 for a player who would become the first Man United player to score 20 league goals in a season. Ferguson knew how good McClair was,but he was prepared to play tribunal roulette to get him on the cheap. Which he did. We wanted £2m,and that was bloody cheap in my opinion! £850,000 was a disgraceful judgement. McClair had five great seasons leading the line at United,but saw his chances limited by the signings of first Cantona-which saw him drop into midfield-then Roy Keane. They still got eleven seasons,nearly 500 games and about 130 goals from him. Thieving bastards-Pat Nevin cost Everton more than that via the same system,and he wasn’t fit to lace McClairs drinks. Or even copy his homework.

So the rebuilding work had to be done,surely the board would have to get the chequebook out? David Hay finally got the solid no-nonsense centre half he had been crying out for when we signed Mick McCarthy for £500,000 from Manchester City. He then duly got the sack,with Billy McNeill brought back to manage in his place! Bloody hell,what a mess we were in,and it wasn’t even June yet.

The board were forced to prise the lid from the biscuit tin. We had lost six first pick players. Chris Morris was signed from Sheffield Wednesday reserves for £125,000-and boy,did he surprise us! Billy Stark,whom I’d long coveted being in The Hoops,joined for £100,000 from Aberdeen. Our surprise replacement for our three top strikers was Andy Walker at £350,000 from Motherwell-where he had hardly been impressive to this observer. Partner him with Mark McGhee,see how it goes.

Many of us thought we needed more than this if we were going to do our Centenary Season justice,and a 5-1 cuffing at home in a friendly with Arsenal didn’t improve the mood. Three successive league victories did,however. And a defeat at Dunfermline wasn’t going to dampen the spirits,not when we had the huns at home the following week.

What a bad-tempered display by that lot. Souness was sent off for a coward’s challenge on Billy Stark,who had lost his boot at the time,and Rangers lost their discipline entirely. Hell knows how it ended with only a 1-0 victory,but it would do.

We were back!

But we would only achieve draws in four of our next six games,and that included a highly controversial match at Ibrox. An early brawl in their box between MacAvennie and Woods saw them both sent off,while Butcher and Thug were also booked for giving their keeper hauners. They salvaged a draw in the last minute,and we thought-shit,that could come back to haunt us!

MacAvennie had only just signed for us a couple of weeks earlier as well. £750,000 well spent by the board,who seemed to finally realise that this was an important season. He was soon joined by teenage wonderkid Joe Miller,£650,000 from Aberdeen. Sadly,Celtic insisted on playing him as a winger,and I don’t think he realised his potential due to this fact. Although we still had a problem at left back-Derek White was capable enough,but he is a centre half-the team was starting to take shape.

And so we continued to build up momentum in the final few months of the season as we approached our 100th birthday. A defeat to Dundee United and a smattering of draws saw us achieve a commendable 23 points from 28 as we approached the hun game on 2nd January. Win it and we would go seven points clear,although they had a game in hand.

And win it we did,never any danger. Who can forget that turn and pass from McStay in the centre circle-wide to Morris,his first time cross and the sublime one touch finish from an onrushing MacAvennie? ATHINGOFBEAUTY indeed. We now dared to dream…

We STROLLED to the title after that. In fact,we only lost one match in the second half of the season,in April to Hearts. We didn’t grudge them that either,as we had mugged them at Hampden the week before in the semi-final of the cup. And it allowed them to leapfrog a collapsing Rangers into second place. We weren’t scoring as many goals as we were used to doing,but by ‘eck,that big Barnsley Irishman made sure we didn’t lose too many either. Our goals for and against read 79-23 over 44 games,and for me that tells you where the league was won. David Hay was right all along-we needed a big strong centre half to play alongside Roy Aitken,not over-promoted youth prospects. Who knows what we might have won if this had been dealt with earlier?

From that huns game till the end of the season,we took 30 points from 34. Thats championship-winning form anywhere you like. We finished ten points clear of Hearts in second place as we tied up a memorable title in our Centenary Season. From the depths of despair only a year ago,all the turmoil and departures over the summer,we had done it. We had actually done it!

And we had a Cup Final to come too. Could we achieve a legendary Centenary double? Well,as a better man than I has said…

Magical things happen at Celtic!

Above article by BMCUWP. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these as much as I’ve enjoyed writing half of them! Killed some time during the close season anyway… If you missed any of the previous nine articles,they are in the archives for June and July.

As always,we encourage our contributors to have their day in the sun. Write an article for us and we will publish it as Article of the Day. Mail it to Mahe

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OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Ffs, Mahe.

Beaten by 14 mins again.

I WILL perfect this last post objective that is obsessing my brain……

I would have been closer if not for stupid Google autocorrect.

Right, off to read BMCUW’s concluding post.

I’ll be back…..


You seen this? Bloody hell,some of the comments are even worse than the original hate-filled tweet!

(Btw,the tweet is re an article by the author in one of Murdoch’s Australian rags. And before you suggest it was by MACJAY-he may be wrong on a lot of things IMO,but he is not given to such hateful bile.)

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Great work, ole BMCUW.

I’ve not commented much on each of the 10 reports, as wanted to appreciate it at the end.

All excellent, and worthy of a box set collection forever stored on the Timternet, for all to see.

The Cup Final double finale will be the bonus addition.

Don’t underestimate the work you’ve put into this. Very valuable stuff for posterity.

We can watch DVDs until our eyes are sore, but nothing can quite get it across as the words of someone who can eloquently describe their memories of the whole period.

Take a bow, for great work, and well written quality stuff.

But, enough, or I’ll seem too sycophanctic and start asking that you replace PL and the rest of the posh hooligans on the board. ?….hang on…..

Anyway, a wee bit of footage from youtube to add the icing to BMCUW’s lyrical cake.

Big Mick McCarthy back on the pitch as well ??

Twists n turns

Morning all

Yeah I’ll echo Uber’s comments Mick.

Great stuff.

My memory is shit and your recollections bring back some wonderful ( and some not so wonderful) memories.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

At the video, 21 mins, BMCUW, were you and ATOB “pouring over the pitch “? ??

I can just picture Disco Pete shaking his head in disgust watching from afar, while Iain Bankier was elsewhere preparing to roll his trouser leg up for a special Tory initiation ceremony into the Speculative Society, completely oblivious to what had happened that day.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


I mind chatting to BMCUW in a nice beer garden in Bath as he showed me around.

I was astonished at his memory of games.

Made me think. And I had to humbly ask him how he could remember them all.

I can’t remember his answer, but it was feckin wise. ??? True story.

I’ve tried to reason this with my own lack of memory- he’s been remembering rounds and bookie slips for the 90 years of his adult life. What better practice? ?

As is common with geniuses like this, they always have a weakness.

So, if you want to beat BMCUW at a gamble, use a train timetable. ???

big packy

BOBBY, great post as usual, you and mahe have certainly worked your butts off writing these posts, more power to your elbows.hh.


Thanks,lads. And not only for the compliment,but also for reminding me to give credit where it is due. A lot of it is down to the memories of the time,yes-but those memories have grown somewhat inaccurate over time. So I have to give a huge THANK YOU to CELTIC WIKI for the pages that they have on each individual game.

For instance,if you scroll down to August 29 here,you will see an interesting name in a newspaper snippet about Rangers signing a Catholic. And on October 17,you will see Alan Herron nailing his colours to the mast by victim-blaming Frankie for nearly starting a riot.

Generally,I was heartened by how well my memory had held up. Other times I was like WTF,that was three seasons beforehand! Or,did you just make that up?

It was fun to do,I’m glad you enjoyed it. But most of all,half of it really did hurt!

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

BMCUW @ 06.13,

Ffs, sorry, I’ve just seen this, hence the time stamp.

The right wing are loonies, I don’t think that up for debate. The poor wee lassie is being g hing out to dry.

My point here would be, as right as she is, who put her out there to be abused like this?

My answer: the same establishment who are now manipulating her abuse.

Surely, as Celtic Supporters, we know as well as anyone how darkly the mainstream media work?

This was always coming for the amazing young lassie. The media don’t build anyone up unless they can make a story of destroying your life.

They like destroying folks’ life.

PS, hope you’re well big fella. Was it yesterday, you had a small bump? Or is it all under the bridge. Driving is such a nightmare these days. Only acceptable time to do it, is during the night. Wait, just remembered, I’ve already shared my weekend adventures with you all ?

Did I ever tell you about my relationship with Sandra Bollocks’ German cousin? ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

BMCUW @ 7.44am,

Of course you’d have to reference other sources.

Doesn’t take away from an outstanding memory of the seasons, and using a dedicated online source to check the details is the only thing you could do to back up your massive recollections ffs. It’s genuinely a great job. Brilliant that it is now recorded

I’ve spoken to you, and been astonished by what you remember, so.much so that i questioned my own support, as I said to you when we chatted in Bath. Which was a great day, for which I thank you immensely, and as much as I jest, you looked after me, and got me straight back to the hotel, not without offering me an end of night beverage. A true, caring, Tim gentleman.


Aye,yesterday. Plus another one earlier cutting a right hand bend between Wootton Bassett and Lyneham earlier in the morning,and an eejit trying to overtake at a blind bend on the Swindon to Oxford road last night.

Hopefully these things come in threes and that’s it for another wee while. Usually I’m so bored I wonder how I got to where I’ve just pulled up!

That was some day in Bath,btw. Smashing place. Off to Oxford tomorrow wi my big mucker from Plains via Bicester.

Re the Dundee game,I was on my best behaviour that day with my Dad and my two sisters in The Celtic End. We couldn’t believe how many people were on the track. Sitting down too. Surprised the board didn’t tell them to cough up a bit more as they had only paid to stand!

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Mahe & BMCUW are building a great Celtic Blog.

Characters like yourself help it along as well.

Don’t go away, sir.

Hopefully you’ll be up this way soon for a beer. And bring ole P with you.

Right. I’m off. Being too emotional with you load of bollocks.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm



I was sympathising with the driving nightmare, then read how you all sat there and behaved yourselves against Dundee. ??

Which you may well have done. According to the Bear, there were 89,000 there. It stands to reason, that at least 3 of you stayed in the terraces.

Looks like an X-File, Keevins ?

Hope there’s no damage from the bumps.

I know from my job, the driving is the worst bit of it. Hence my advice, spend that wee bit extra on the train. I reckon the BMCUW Kilwinning contingent will forgive you for using the train more often. Take your comfort seriously, and stop trying to save a few tenners by suffering buses and motorways.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

To add to BMCUW’S excellent work, the title before the 1 year gap, that needn’t have been.

Look at the football. This was thrown away, and the efforts of Billy, Paul, Tommy, weren’t enough to stop the rot.

We had good football,.still fresh from Jock, flowing through our veins.

What went wrong?

Letting a board milk us dry.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Imagine selling 1:13 to 1:36 to the USA about how entertaining soccer can be.

This is the legacy that Jock left us, while the SFA and Celtic Boards killed it off.


Thanks,bud. Cathartic,I think. Finally managed to say it-and hopefully prove it-that we should already have ten in the bag!

I have to say though that some of our football in those three barren years especially,the ones between our titles of 82 and 86 was as good as I can recall. On our day we were outstanding.

But that was the problem. Great going forward because we had to-our defence wasn’t a sieve,it was much much worse than that. We played the entire decade without a proper left back or centre defence partner for Roy. With the obvious exception of Mick McCarthy and honourable mentions for Tom McAdam and Mark Reid.

Add in that none of our keepers inspired confidence and you have a defence of Roy and Danny. Our goals against record over the period,The Centenary Season apart,was embarrassing.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

When Danny was doing casual overhead kicks from pressure situations in defence to create goals, I was just a daft whippersnapper. But i would go on to be a great right back.

But that’s another story. This isnt about me ?

UBER 816

Actually,I’m considering an epilogue to the series on pretty much that subject. I think the articles so far have shown HOW it all went wrong when it did. But the big question is WHY?

And not only that,bearing in mind the obvious reasons for each failure,why were they never addressed? Why did it take ten years to get a Mick McCarthy? Why did we never get a left back? Why did we have such a small squad,with so few signings? Why the over-reliance on youth when they clearly weren’t good enough?

(Oh,that reminds me. Highly honourable mention for Derek White on three counts there-steadied the ship beside Roy in 85/86,came through the youths,decent cover at left back too.)

And I strongly feel that we didn’t learn then and we aren’t learning now. Identify your weaknesses and fix them. Identify your strengths and build on them.

All of my life near enough,Celtic have been happy to rest on their laurels. (That’s laurels,UBER,before you start!) and I think my happyclapping Dad would say the same.

There’s your why. It’s not that we never learn. We do. But putting it right? That costs money,and that’s NOT The Glasgow Celtic Way.

Yet we spent big-comparatively-in 78,87,97,2000 and again in 2016. Go figure,see if you can spot a pattern there.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

BMCUW @ 08.38am,

Go get them, Brother.

I HATE that they divide us.


I appreciate your concern,old bean,but there’s a big difference between c£180 and c£50 for a return trip when I need to do so six times this year. I’ll cope.

As it happens,got my trip booked for September the proper way. Virgin have finally brought back their proper fares. £30 each way Euston to Glasgow. On top of that,the bus from Swindon to London is £4 each way. I’ll have some of that-as you say,it’s the proper way to travel,and very much my preference.

Just not at £180 a whip.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Feck off, stop succumbing to their life shortening pish.

Times have changed. Bus journeys are more torturous for a reason.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm
OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

The begridging mention of Jock is disgusting but not surprising


I think I’ll settle for the opinion of,say,a McIlvanney,McPherson,Rafferty,Ferguson,Shankly over that of some wee wank with the hairy hands to prove it,like Keys.

But that’s just me.

Celtic Champs Elect

Good morning all

I hope all is we’ll with you all.

Sorry to see that Awe be rude and offensive to the kind gentleman that is TaT bu I suppose his apology will suffice :-))

My boss has invited me into town for lunch and drinks today as a thank you for all my hard work and the new business I have brought to the table over the last 2 years what a kind gesture should I abuse the hospitality and order the most expensive burgundy on the menu I think I might :-))

After reading back yesterday’s blog during breaks in the start of the ashes ( One of sports greatest events in the world )there are still some of you not best pleased about our business so far I am afraid I just can’t get my head around it although you are all entitled to your opinion

Thank you NFL and the players Thank you PL and the board and thank you to all our support who travel home and away to enjoy the famous Celtic F.C and all that she stands for


Now,now. I asked AWENAW to be civil yesterday,and explained the house rules about personal abuse.

He immediately apologised and removed the offending post,and TWISTSNTURNS kindly thanked him for that. Storm in a teacup and dealt with in a matter of minutes,with no rancour on either side.

Can I respectfully suggest that you use the EDIT function at the bottom of your post to remove the offensive description in it,please?

Enjoy your day with your boss. And enjoy the cricket too. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was to admit to an Australian of my recent acquaintance in London,1990 that I was a cricket fan,and of course supported England. Not actively,mind. Fifteen years of hurt with him as first,my flatmate,then-and now!-my brother in law.

Worth it for 2005 though!

Celtic Champs Elect


Done as requested:-))

Celtic Champs Elect


I am afraid I support the Aussies in this sporting spectacle

2005 was unbelievable nerve shredded viewing the jammy bs. :-)))


Good man-thanks very much!

If yer ever stuck for an Aussie supporter during the Ashes,I know of one about 200 yards from Kilwinning railway station. Mind you,I think everyone in Kilwinning supports the Aussies then!

Twists n turns

Morning amigo

I’m not really a gentleman, it’s all a facade and one day you’ll see my mugshot on the front pages and think “ that guy’s a maniac” ?

Seriously- You know what causes all of the angst- frustration that we all think we know what’s needed to get us into the CL semi final .

Awe Naw just speaks from the heart – he’s a good bhoy I can assure you – from a pedigree family. ( though I sometimes I read his stuff and think he was maybe swapped at birth ?)

Every Celtic supporter harbours the same dreams.

We’re all Jock Steins bairns ?

Congratulations on the recognition by the way. Have a great day. You must’ve deserved it – usually you get hee haw for hee haw.

Take care today amigo and enjoy your day.

Twists n turns


By the way – your true self has become evident on here in recent weeks, and I have to say you’re proving to be the gent I always knew you were.

I love being proved right so thanks for that.

Proper Tim . ???

Awe Naw

I suppose when you are caught stealing from the taxman you are not really in a position to make case for Rangers stealing from the taxman to win trophies.

We need to get rid of Peter Lawwell ASAP .. not good ! everything about it screams bad judgement and greed

He should be setting an example not joining in with the EBT brigade


I do not want any of CCE or anyone’s posts for that matter redacted when talking/writing about me.

I´m a big bhoy and can handle it

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
Absolutely. Seems to be the rich want to avoid paying their way as the rest of us have to do.

Feck me though – if he’s gonna be hammered for a 6 figure sum – he will need to recover that money from somewhere ?


Awe Naw


You should really point out that it was you that took exception yesterday to my post and that it was not a specific pop at you. Brendan Rodgers warned me about you while we were having a drink with Mojo.

any way you look at it .. his position is compromised …very poor judgement for a C.E.O and accountant. It is not as if he can say he was caught unaware or did not know that this was tax avoidance. None of this thin line shit about evasion and avoidance or it being a private matter. Or Brian Quinn told me whit tae dae so its ok

He is our representative he needs to be squeaky clean especially privately.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
You, Brendan and Mojo? You should’ve went the whole hog invited Brian McLair . I dislike him intensely too, following a ‘heated ‘ conversation I had with him.

It was a long time ago though – 30 years plus, so I’ll let it go – eventually.


I think there is a big difference between the tax avoidance scheme that is currently in the news-now found to have been unlawful,so therefore evasion-and the EBT scheme.

That is,the scheme used by PL et al was designed to minimise tax on future earnings on monies which had already been taxed at source. EBTs were designed to prevent the taxman even being aware of any earnings through this scheme.

Of course,as an accountant,PL should certainly have known better,and most definitely have done due diligence on each of the schemes in which he was involved. I can only presume that he was too busy doing all those tasks that he performs at our Plc.

Perhaps this is a costly lesson for him in delegation,or it might lead to another meeting of The Remuneration Committee.


Brian McClair was a pretty good guy at Uni,and I thought he was a great player for us. His goals,all round team play,attitude,they were all A1 as far as I was concerned.

But I know why you have bad memories of him,and I would be the same. “How long is this gonna take” isn’t gonna endear anyone to even their greatest fan,and particularly not in the company you were in that day. Not at Celtic,not anywhere.

Awe Naw

I´ll tell you the story about asking Mc Geady for his autograph for my son who was 11 at the time. He was too busy scratching his baws .. sorry fanny

Celtic Champs Elect

Hi Guys does anyone know where Kitalba posts now I used to love his musings back in the day on CQN he was quite tight with Awe Naw

Afternoon all ,

just caught up with yesterday’s posts/replies ; thanks for the welcome bhoys 🙂

M I T – I’ve posted only a couple of times here , used to post on e-tims though after the Liquidation was airbrushed out of history together with “same club ” childrens fantasy , ” going for 55 ” guff and res 12 inaction , I found myself posting less and less .

Truth be told I’ve sworn to turn my back on the whole thing more than once , and even tried to do so but when it’s in your blood and meant so much for most of your life – well easier said than done ; bit like the line from Paccino in Godfather 3, ” just when you think you’re out they ( in my case Celtic ) pull you back in ” 🙂

Anyway , I like the cut of this sites gib so will endeavour to join in more often . HH

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


What’s the Record link saying? Or rather, what is it that we are discussing that has been proven, or are we just quoting this shite rag?????

Surely you understand the following??

1. I won’t click on any link to their pish
2. They make a lot of nasty pish up about everyone and and everything
3. As Tims we’re supposed to be aware of this so shouldn’t be linking to their disgusting site.
4. The general agreement reading back, seems to be that Disco Pete is guilty, so please confirm why you’re accepting their word on this?
5. I don’t actually doubt it for a second, but this rag should never be the source we use for anything, right ?? Hello?


A thing of beauty

Just a little aside to remind us how the standard of journalism has fallen in this country. I was listening to mark guidi on Clyde this morning at the gym. He sad he doesn’t believe the Morelos to China story, bullshit from the player basically. Oh good I’m thinking, some sense at last. He then goes on to say he thinks that Morelos should stay at sevco, score 30 plus again this season and then get a move to the top six in England. I nearly fell off the bike and it wasn’t even moving!!
When dembele was available he had scored a barrowload in the spl and also in the champions league. Never got him a move to the top six. When Griffiths scores 40 goals in a season he was never even quoted for a move. This continual stream of wittering pish from our media regarding sevco is a disgrace. Not one, as alluded by others has bothered to lift their head out of Dave king’s bottom to investigate the actual result of the court decision for spots direct and the likely impact on sevco. Instead they print verbatim the nonsense from the club and their fans group. No wonder the written press is dying. They deserve nothing else.


It seems to me that the game vs Cluj will boil down to two things. Firstly, how well will the Celtic defence handle the long ball, especially down our right side. Secondly, will we take the few chances we get against their defence?

Let us see how right/wrong that I am.

Have a nice day,


OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Afternoon ATOB,

On yer bike, pal ?

Can you not persuade that brother of yours that bus travelling over 16 hours for a weekend trip is not worth it, to save a few quid?

I’d also suggest to you, that cycling is not all it’s cracked up to be I learned that the hard way too. Did I not share my cycling stories here recently amongst the rest of my life story??
Never cycling again. It’s a Twisty’s No5 exploit for me, just like bloody bus travel.


“Instead they print verbatim the nonsense from the club and their fans group”

Usually I agree with you. But for some reason all of us these days seem to be forgetting that the source for every MSM story is the local news agency.

And the sources for every local news agency are the local PR company, and the national news agencies.

And the sources for the national news agencies are the national PR companies and international news agencies.

Meantime, any independent that questions the narrative of the above, is now labelled fake news and actively censored by mainstream media controlled sources, such as Facebook and Google.

But not to worry. We live in a fine democracy, where people have the intelligence to blame those in control, and not the religion of their neighbours, or the culture of the disabled, or the badly educated ruffians from the next block, or those pesky immigrants, or those stupid Europeans that brought them here.

All’s good.

Wait. Jabba has just forwarded another Level 5 pile of pish from his private PR company to his local news agency, about Sevco’s glorious future.

Surely none of the news agencies will take it seriously before forwarding to the Scottish MSM?

Feck it. Where’s my bike?? Bus, bus!!! Wait get me out of here, driver !!

God is a bus driver ?

Mike in Toronto


My Italian pal, Dan from Milan (who is known to some on here) swears that God drives a Ferrari, and is a Senna fan.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


I agree.

But we could also do with a settled right back. And a settlee centre half. And a settled left back.

Sorry. Ignore me. Just got a text from Disco Pete to Shaddupa My Face, and keep my terraBoli attitude to myself.

Man, I hatem. Near bitton my lip there with this pish. Somebody’s rippon the Mick McCarthy. And I aitken din. Might as well Toss the Coyne, then chuck it in the Cluj

[ Nae groaning, you knew where this was going ]

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Italians are full of mafiosa mince when it comes to their Ferraris.

As.BMCUW will attest first hand, God drives the Big Bus.

Mike in Toronto


There is an old saying that “There is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil. The triumph of anything is a matter of organization. If there are such things as angels, I hope that they are organized along the lines of the Mafia.”

This does explain why Italy was always known for its stalwart defending in football ….

Maybe Celtic’s new right back should be from Sicily …or New Jersey …

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Interesting stuff ?

I said that along time ago, too. Nice to see the Italians are finally Parliamo da Uberano.

Nae Sicilians at CP. Bring back the Greek ?

Nae ex Zorbatant prices.


I’m.outta here. Need to get back to the slopes of Ibrox Park, where my “Keep the Board” campaign has been on tenterhooks for the last 20 years, but still manages to gather hunnible support, so long as I make my protests loud by banging a big broken lambeg over my chest while swaggering around the car park. Sometimes lonely, but never without fervour.

For some reason, they’ve never had security remove me. I think Swivvel Eyed Dave kind of likes me. I’m the parrot to his Long John Silver.

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