Happy Flag Day !

Yes its that time again.
After what feels like the shortest pre season ever the mighty Glasgow Celtic shall once again run out that tunnel in the Hoops and begin another title defence and eight months or so of agony and ecstasy .

Neil Francis Lennon aka the Lurgan Legend will assume the reins we now know and hope to lift title number 9 which has been done only once before by our club of choice.
Being an actual fan he will know exactly what this number entails and how much weight it will bear on his troops as they go about their business this season.
This season may not be a record breaker or offer anything we havent seen before but the collecting of this trophy would put us within grasp of the fabled ten which would really hurt the majority of the domestic game who wish not to see this achieved by Timmy.
Racism is at the heart of that wish but they wont admit it probably.

We begin this new season with 4 new players having joined the ranks in the off season and many departing the first team dressing room whether they wished to or not.
New faces are always exciting and opening day usually see’s a debut or two which , along with the flag being unfurled , cements it as a must attend for most of the faithful.
Today will see some of the Lion’s widows unfurl the league champions flag which you would have to be dead to say its not a nice touch. God Bless those ladies and their dear departed legendary husbands.

The new right back should see some action to get him a little up to speed for the Cluj game which one imagines he will get minutes in. Most eyes will be on this new bhoy Hatem to access if we have the new Lustig or the new Cha . Its worth pointing out the player from the supposed stronger league didnt end up making it with us just like Braafheid who also came from what is considered a much better league.
Where he came from doesnt matter is the lesson,,its where he’s going that counts.
Im hoping Hatem is going up and down that wing all day in the Celtic way.
Gamblers might wanna chuck a quid on a debut goal for our new Isreali signing as theres nothing like starting with a bang and a smaller team at home should see plenty of attacking play.

Another new guy who happens to know a thing or two about debut goals is our new Ukrainian Marian Shved who scored a peach during the week.
A nice wee run out and stretch up that left wing is probably just what the doctor ordered before the all important qualifier next week so expect to see him get a run out today and probably go for glory again. He seems to have a sweet left peg ( just like Thommo ) and has all the attributes to do well for us. He might just be the pick of the bunch when we look back later at this summer’s arrivals.

Defence should see Julien slot in and expect the starting duo to also be Wednesdays starters at the back ( makes perfect sense ).
He needs minutes and this one should be an easy enough test for him to start and take control of our rear guard. I noticed how big he was when he stood next to Jozo who is no leprechaun.
Im a fan of big strong defenders like Bobo etc so automatically like Julien’s stature and should we see long ball footie we have the big man at the back to collect those headers all day long.

Up front and some might well rest our main striker Eddy for the bigger test in a few days time leaving us with a rejuvenated Griff and / or Bayo but I want him to get a run out and some goals ideally.
Between the three of them we will surely have the goals to put the Saints away and then rest and relax with a sub or two.
Bayo played a reserve game midweek which suggests he might be fine for the bench today and if so dont write off another debut goal which the crowd will surely encourage him to try and bag.
Having our third striker finding his feet and a bit of form would be just perfect ,, as would an injury free run for the Ivorian.

We begin the new campaign as favourites which shouldn’t surprise anyone but those who still read the rags who have seen everything in light blue hyped up all summer long,,,good !
The weight of expectation can be unexpectedly heavy !
Last season the defence won us the league with the lowest goals conceded in the country.
Half that defense has departed yet we are still clear favourites even though the golden boot is still with our rivals and they have strengthened in more numbers !
That should tell you the bookies dont see the Stevie hype machine the same way as the media does surprise surprise.
Pick up what passes for journalism sadly and you would place your mortgage on a title upset if you believed them. They won the off season battle as usual which only serves to hurt them even more when we tear away at the head of the pack.
And we will at some stage.

So to those lucky enough to attend enjoy your day ( hopefully in the sun ) watching future heroes in the making bringing home the usual opening day victory hopefully.
Try to remember that Dirk Boerigter looked the biz on his opening bow before bestowing greatness on the new lad’s though.
Its a special day is today which will see new faces take up seats some will not leave until called by the Lord , and new strips that have never even been worn and thus washed before shining brightly and boldly with pride at being finally unleashed .
The nine awaits ,, lets go get it bhoys !!!
Our prediction,,,4 zip to the good guys to round off a great week.
Hail Hail

As always,we will be looking for match reviews to be printed on Monday,the more the merrier!

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Twists n turns

Julienne suspended I believe?

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the article mahe, I’m looking forward to the game but Jullien is suspended today as is Jozo so it’ll be Ajer and bitton at centre half I suspect. Right off out for a cycle.

Twists n turns

As is Jozo

It’ll be Ajer and Bitton in central defence


Hail Hail Mahe and Bobby and thank you both for the excellent, time consuming work that you put into this site. COYBIG.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Looking forward to the game today and my 31st flag day since I first started going.Not been to all but only work commitments (it’s a wonder I remember those) ever made me miss them!
A few new faces to look forward to and an expensive one not on parade?.Reservations about any player will be cast aside,hopefully by all supporters,and anticipation pervades all.
The usual CCB contingent will be in attendance but could have been increased by one if granddaughter had trapped quicker and not been too late at the TO! Also,as per norm, will be libatioining (which appears to be a made up word though I often go libatioing?) in the Crown Creighton,what a name for a pub packed with Tims,pre-match.
Never mind the number,treat it like it’s the first of more.As I never appear to tire to say ‘When you wait 8 years to get your first they are all great and a Happy Clapper maketh.
A Hoopy new season to all and belated Happy Birthday to Jamesgang. Gaun yersel Big Man,long time no see.


As we embark on what will hopefully be a historical Nine in a row title winning season I just wanted to give my appreciation to Mick for his epic ‘Lost Ten’ leaders. ?????Hh

big packy

MORNING EVERYONE,,just to echo what gordon64 has just said,.must dash catch u later.hh.

Twists n turns


Over 30 flag days. Wow.


I hate to plan ahead but I was sitting this morning dreaming of CL progress and TIAR. ( “dreaming” hopefully not the key word!)

Anyway I thought – if I see the TIAR become reality, I’ll be 62 years old. Will the Huns ever trump that in my lifetime? Well by my reckoning, Celtic would only need to win the title once per decade in the next 3 decades, and that’ll see me reach my 90’s…..so it’d never happen?

“Where he came from doesnt matter is the lesson,,its where he’s going that counts.”

That’s one of the best wee sentences I’ve read about Celtic.

Byres Road Bhoy

Morning all. Belated thanks to BMCUWP for the lost ten series. Some memory you have bhoyo. CCB that is some achievement! 30 unfurlings…. wow. Won’t be at the game today but got my tickets for the home Clujfest. COYBIG

I think Bobby deserves a pint for each of the Lost Ten Series. At the next hoot. Although at his age I don’t think he could handle ten pints of the dark stuff.

Slippy is losing it already, what a bellend.
Cheers Mahe

Hello Packy, we fell out?

Remember the old days when the blog was quiet? Mags would come on and say something I couldn’t understand. A bit like Petec. Or recently, Uber who was very funny, but the last couple of days not so much so? I reckon that in Mahe and MIT’s time zone they should be wide awake and having a wee glass.

BBC Radio Scotland About to start

A beautiful song. but the guy who appeared to be singing it in the film did not sing it. Instead he went on to be a great Sherlock Holmes.

bada bing1

CELTIC: Bain; Elhamed, Bitton, Ajer, Bolingoli; Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Christie, Johnston; Edouard.
Subs: Gordon, Ralston, Sinclair, Hayes, Ntcham, Morgan, Griffiths


Surprised not to Shved on the bench. Is he injured? If not that places him at least 5th in the winger pecking list which will boost his confidence no end.

Mike in Toronto


It’s 9 am here, and Seamus and I are just in from a walk, and watching the F1 qualifying. But I think it is only 6 am for Mahe, so I’d imagine he is trying to squeeze his last few minutes of sleep.

Twists n turns

Great start. Mikey goal

Twists n turns

Belter Ryan 2-0

Twists n turns

Ryannnnnn… 3

Awe Naw

Quadruple is on

Byres Road Bhoy

Watching on a dodgy stream. Missed first goal. Hoops playing superbly. 3-0 HT. Movement on & off the ball excellent. Queuing up to shoot. Only fear is St Johnstone’s frustration boils over into maiming attempts.
JTT53 loving your song choices today!

Mike in Toronto

I see Shankland scored again for Dundee United (2 now).. I’m surprised he wasn’t snapped up by a SPL team, particularly the zombies (I understand he is of that persuasion). Think he would have gone some way to replacing the goals they will lose when Morelos leaves and Defoe picks up an injury.

Twists n turns

Looked like Elhamed was holding his hamstring? Maybe not… but…

Twists n turns

Yep, he seems prolific.

Awe Naw

Jesus Christie Amen

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
RC Player of the season – stick on. ?

Mike in Toronto

Anyone else think the guy doing commentary on Celtic TV looks a bit like our own Mahemus Decimus Meridius?

Awe Naw


agree been saying it since May. Christie and Henderson bring more to the table than Ntcham and Rogic

Twists n turns

I’m a bit perplexed. Elhamed was definitely holding his hamstring first half. He’s now gone off. Why did he come out second half?

Maybe nothing but….


Does anyone have a link to live stream of the match however dodgy as Celtic TV have, at a stroke made my iPad obsolete, thanks

Celtic Champs Elect


Can you advise on the following

I had a line up

16/1 2nd 7/2 winner 7/2 winner and 4/1 winner

How much does a £1EW accumulator pay the line


Just woke up.
Please don’t tell me Hatem is injured already?
Say it ain’t so.

Jim how was yesterday pal?

MIT,,, how would you boys know what I look like? He ain’t that good lookin 🙂

Hail Hail from a stunning central valley

Mike in Toronto

Awe Naw

For games like this, where we know it is going to like a training game, my midfield would be Christie, McGregor and Ntcham. We do not need The defensive cover that brown offers, and, if we are going to persist with OE , I think OE does better when Ntcham plays.


Cce,,, nice one. Keep a few quid for the Hoot.
Hail Hail


Awe Naw

Thanks a lot

Twists n turns


£12.85 for the ew treble part

You only get the place odds on all 3 for the treble. ( I’ve calculated it 1/5 odds per place)

If any or all of them were 1/4 odds it’d be slightly more

Twists n turns

Ryan hat trick ??

Twists n turns


Oh hold on… you had 4 selections! Wait

Mike in Toronto

Or we could just go with a midfield of Christie, Christie and Christie … with Christie on the wing, with Christie in the hole, just behind …. Our main striker…Christie

Twists n turns


£21.85 for the accy. All get calculated at 1/5 odds ( or 1/4 ) on the accy part

Vv unlucky !!

Twists n turns

Ntcham. 5

Twists n turns

Did you cover the trebles? Or just the accumulator?

1 2 3 10