Belfast Celtic , “Star of the C”

At last Jimmy’s gone out, so…

You simply cannot relate a once proud football club’s history in one small article, it is inevitable that some statistics and information is sacrificed to the alter of expediency, so here is my brief resume on the other “Grand Old Team”.

The Irish Football League began in 1890 and included teams like Cliftonville, Linfield, Bohemians, Ulster and others.

At a meeting at 88 Falls Road in 1891, representatives from local junior clubs met, including Clondara and Millvale and decided to amalgamate to form a new football club, they called it Celtic, in deference to its Glasgow cousins founded three years earlier by another Irishman, Brother Walfrid. Belfast was added a few years later for legality, its very first chairman was James Keenan. They had an awful lot to live up to, it is no secret that they copied their Glasgow counterparts. Indeed its secretary received a large donation of £100.00 GBP. from Glasgow Celtic to help them get started, a huge sum then.

They wanted to imitate their Glasgow counterparts, in style, play and in charitable works, but their main aim was to win the Irish Cup. The club initially led a nomadic existence, utilising fields near Shiels Street and then Whiterock at the Klondyke before finally settling on the Donegall Road, they named it Celtic Park, “Paradise” to the faithful in 1901, adding later, stages, toilets and pavilions, rest rooms, presumably because its directors were in the wines and spirit trade, business is business.

The team donned the famous green and white hoops and also in 1901 the club became incorporated. Its support was drawn from the local Nationalist mainly Catholic community, but its support also included around ten percent from the Protestant community, another club “Open to All”. (Lets pay deference to those who go against their own historical ties to follow their hearts instead of following the traditional route of tribal football). Celtic Park also enjoyed in its curriculum cricket, cycling and athletics.

Belfast Celtic enjoyed a lot of success on the park, it won its first of fourteen League titles in season 1899-00. beating its fierce rivals Linfield 1-0. But its golden age began later in 1934, when its manager Austin Donnelly had moulded a team that would win four consecutive Irish League titles from 1925- 1929. The men from Paradise went on a winning spree with a style of football that was fast moving and entertaining that delighted its faithful supporters, with only six defeats in 96 match’s. Older players were coming to the end of their careers and a new group of players was needed to drive the team on. Dave “Boy” Martin and Johnny Brown were sold to Wolves for £7,500 GBP. It would take until the 1935-36 season before the team began another winning run off five League titles in a row. Belfast Celtic enjoyed both joy and disappointment in one day when they won the County Antrim Shield at Windsor park, a mere 24 hours later losing to Glasgow Celtic 1-2 at Paradise in the Bob Ferguson testimonial game.

Other honours were won and there is an appendage added, naming them.

In 1911 the sky’s over Belfast were billowing smoke from the Linen factories, cranes dominated the sky at Belfast docks as the Titanic and its sister ship were being assembled at Harland and Wolff, Belfast was buzzing. In this so called quieter time before the expected World War , however, other forces were at play. At a meeting just outside Celtic park, Winston Churchill was nearly lynched by a Protestant crowd and William “Lord” Pirrie the owner of Harland and Wolff was beaten up, their crime was to promote Home Rule, indeed violence was never far away in the politics of that particular part of Ireland. It was against this backdrop that Belfast Celtic continued to play and its support continued to enjoy watching it play until It dropped out of Senior football at the end of season 1914-18, it re-entered in season 1917-18. When it was invited back by the Irish League.

Sectarianism was never far away in the North of Ireland, it spread its tentacles into every section of the community, stifling hearts and denying the freedom that one would hope to enjoy, life was hard enough without this enormous added burden. So, like in Scotland ordinary people enjoyed whatever spare time they had watching the beautiful game, crowds were large but with some of them came the baggage of hate. It was this hatred that brought the demise of Belfast Celtic. Its important to say that unlike its rivals Linfield, Celtic was never a sectarian club, but the fact that its supporters came mostly from west Belfast meant that the derby games against Linfield were always fraught with tension.

The curtain came down on boxing day 1948, until then violence had never occurred on the pitch, Celtic were playing their fierce rivals Linfield, it was not a particular game of note, a scrappy affair and each team had had a player sent off. Violence erupted ten minutes from time with Linfield leading 1-0 when Celtic were awarded a penalty, as Walker got ready to take it, Hun-Dregs off Linfield supporters rushed onto the pitch and attacked the Celtic players, one of whom received a broken ankle. The game was up.

The next day the directors issued a statement condemning the attack on their players and severe’ly criticising the inadequate protection afforded by the police. Rumours began that Celtic were going to withdraw from the league and they were soon confirmed. Belfast Celtic ceased to grace the Irish competitive scene at the end of season 1948-49. They did play two or three exhibition games after that, one of which was at Celtic park on the 17th. May 1952 when they played against Glasgow Celtic whose team contained the ex Belfast player Charlie Tully and the legendary Jock Stein.

Irish football never recovered, its spirit seemed to ebb away and attendances dropped off massively, it had lost its soul. All right thinking Irish supporters wanted to watch Belfast Celtic because of the way they played and the grace and style that they brought to the league. Another sad reminder of the destructive element that sectarianism brings. Belfast Celtic 1891-1949.

“When we had nothing, we had Belfast Celtic. And when we had Belfast Celtic, we had everything.”

Footnote: Belfast Celtic played a key role in the Fergus McCann takeover of Glasgow Celtic, when the shares of Belfast Celtic’s director Tom Colgan, inherited from one of the Celtic founding Grant family were bought by Fergus McCann, allowing him to takeover from the old White, Kelly and Grant families.

When Fergus McCann took over the club, he was astonished to find out that the board held 5000 shares in Rangers, he promptly sold them.

“Mike are you still up there? I’m coming Jimmy”.

Irish League 14.

Irish Cup 8.

City Cup 11.

Gold Cup 6.

County Antrim Shield 7.

Dublin-Belfast, Inter-city Cup 1.

Belfast and District League 1.

Northern Regional League 4.

Substitute Gold Cup 4.

Irish Intermediate League 7.

Steel and sons Cup 5.

McElroy Cup 7.

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Margaret McGill

I wonder how many shares in Sevco our beloved walfrid warriors have today!


Probably only about 20p worth,enough to get a copy of the accounts. Which would cost the huns more than that in postage,so I might just invest myself,for a laugh!


Great article,mate. Thanks again for that!

It’s unbelievable to think that a team would be forced to disband,because of the hatred shown towards them by others in the league. Sadder still that the crowd can invade the pitch and beat opposition players senseless-I think it was Jones who was worst injured,and it was only the intervention of a single policeman deciding to do his job which prevented much worse.

The way the huns are being allowed to desecrate every venue they attend these days,it could happen here too.


Thanks Bobby, indeed it is just as pertinent today. Remember the stabbings outside the midden and UEFA saying that it was nothing to do with them because it happened outside the stadium. You get the sense that everyone is afraid of them and very reluctant to do anything about it. I too wonder if the SFA-SPFL harbour any doubts as well as those closer to home about letting them back and pretending to be the same club. Indeed you get the sense that they are back with a gorge like chip on their shoulder, worse than ever before. I’m waiting with interest to see what the SFA-SPFL actually do about their players going into the crowd, opening the gates into the Killie ground, the pitch invasion, the disabled stand destruction. I wonder if the “movers on” are now concerned enough to regret their greed and keeping “stume” and encouraging them. Each and every one of them deserve everything that’s coming to them, my only hope is that the innocent don’t suffer.

Harland and Wolff, in liquidation with BDO the administrators, somethings never change, its the “same auld” story, with the same auld peepul…

big packy

MIKE, great post very informative, did not know half that stuff about Belfast celtic thanks for sharing it.hh.


They created the monster,they fed it,it is now gorging on them. Hell mend them.

Re H & W,hard to believe the size of that place at one time. I thought that ICI Nobel at Stevenston must have been huge,employing as many as 12,000 workers at one time. H & W had three times that! Must have been a nightmare to coordinate. Mind,they managed to make sure that no Catholics sneaked in,so managing the site would have been a breeze by comparison.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

What happened with Jim??

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

All okay?


Thanks Packy, much appreciated.

Bobby, yes indeed, Mary Shelley the author created Victor Frankenstein, we all know who created Sevco Scotland. Victor was mild in comparison to the Sevvies. If they don’t take action then things will only accelerate, they have their deflector shield in full operation.

big packy

HI UBER jims aunt bridget died last night.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Morning. Thanks for the info.

Sorry to hear this Jim ?

Aunts are special to all us mad lhads.

RIP Aunt Bridie.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

While thinking of you, Jim, hope you dont mind me sharing some humour and laughs and joys.


I’ve just off the phone to my long term Swedish babe friend. As usual, she diverted the conversation to an attack on ABBA. She doesn’t like them.

I couldn’t tolerate this for a second.

So I explained how you looked out for me in Bath, and that no trains were missed.

I also explained how you’re a handsome chappie when chasing an ABBA superstar with a Daily Telegraph under your arm in 1984.

To catch a train that left in 1983 ?

She likes you already. And no, she is NOT related to Sandra Bollocks.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Harland and Wolfe?

I’ve just started watching Peaky Blinders.
It is indeed good stuff.

But at episode 5, I’m still waiting for them to demonstrate how glorious Churchill decimated the population throughout Britain to protect the state from workers’ revolution, using his preferred divide and conquer tactics.

Enter Harland and Wolffe to Glasgow, and their state funded policy of sectarian employment, supported by Billy Fullerton and his razor thugs. Used to violently break up union meetings…. They were the people, indeed, eh.

Divide and conquer.

Surely the British establishment won’t be concerned about us fenians today, though.

What could they possibly stand to lose?


Re the monster,this is from e-Tims today…

“The monster that should have been laid to rest in 2012 was given new life. The cowardice shown by the authorities back then is going to haunt us this season.

Someone, somewhere, will have blood on their hands.”

Great minds,eh?


Sweden,eh? Sorry,won’t work. Not in the imminent post-Brexit dystopia.

But thanks for trying. Swedish girls of my acquaintance-in a dark and distant past!-all had one striking thing in common,apart from the obvious-they spoke better English than me!

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm



I’ve instructed my Swedish agent to make contact with you here.

You’ll soon change your mind. She’s one of our best operatives. ??


Just don’t arrange our first meeting in a chemists shop.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

I should warn you… this operative was deeply involved in delivering agent Larsson to us at money laundering prices……

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

This better be good. I’ve just interrupted my ABBA collection to listen to it….hmmm


OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Dear oh dear ?

You’d have been better pulling the ole Swedish Meatball Chef . ?

Shes going to rip it out of you weegie bastards now. ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

She’s cycling to the ferry and then on to the mainland for food.

When she returns, we will discuss the continuation of revolution on behalf of our fallen communist comrades.

Then she she will appear hear to use her Swedish charms to persuade you all to join my revolution, and make me King. You know it makes sense.

If we can conclude these affairs by Midnight tonight, consider the Cluj affair as a foregone conclusion, in that no side will be victorious until the return leg at Celtic Park.

Take this info, and share it with no one.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Damn. Apologies . Look out for an 3-1 versus 3-0 result.

Your Ming has spoken.

Tell no one.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Morning Twists ?


Bobby, I didn’t read E-Tims this morning, but I am very much in the Ralph-Desimond camp, two great Tims and I am a big admirer, so that doesn’t surprise me.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Red card, surely???

Mike. Get thee to a hunnery.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Tunes before the Cluj.


Uber, “Get thee to Hunnery” I live in Scotland mate, its unavoidable…

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Subtle point, well made. ?

As you were. ?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

If everyone hums along to this, and beats the rhythm on their legs for every 3rd bar, i promise you, Uber Svenske will appear before us all and deliver a right back, of top quality, from Aberdeen or something, along with some insightful Henke-inspired parle.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Come on now !

£3M bonus at stake for Big Disco Pete!!!

Get dancing , reprobates!!!

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Come on, ffs. Its dragging out a bit.


Byres Road Bhoy

Morning all, Enjoyed this morning’s history lesson Mike. Please excuse my naivety/ignorance but why exactly did Belfast Celtic choose to withdraw from competitive football after the events described? Was it an attempt to gain the moral high ground or was it through genuine fear for the safety of players and supporters? I ask because my inclination is that they should have continued but then I have absolutely how bad things were in NI then or later.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Let’s try the snake charm.

Byres Road Bhoy

sorry. Meant to say ‘absolutely no idea how bad things were…’

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Last chance. Dischordinated fiddles?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Damn. We fecked it again .

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm



I’m discussing failed signing policy using metaphors and artistic lingo beyond my understanding.

How dare you talk about feckin saccur?!?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Cheeky bollocks ?

Byres Road Bhoy

Aw FFS Uber. I gave Kashmir three of the twelve minutes it required and decided that somewhere in there was a wee tune burstin tae be let oot! Does it get any better…? I guess no right back will be forthcoming then. Will this Robert Plant number be of any use…?

Twists n turns

Afternoon Uber

Ahm stressed oot!!

See when you decide to stay calm …. it’s bollox .


Cos it’s oot yer control. No psychiatrist, councillor or well meaning person can know on which day the fuse is gonna go.

The number of fkn idiots I’ve had to deal with today:

Inland revenue
Stupid hun security guard
St Johns hospital

How can so many get it wrong at the same time ???

So I think that’s my fuse reaching its last few mm now

I’ve stayed calm I’ve not over reacted ( much) but that’s my allowance used up for today…..I’m off to the airport soon… watch the news later ?

Byres Road Bhoy

TnT This wisnae you on this flight yesterday wiz it….? ‘Terrified’ passengers evacuated after British Airways jet fills with smoke before landing…

Twists n turns

Ha… no definitely not?

Seen that story right enough. Bit scary for the kids on board I bet….

I’m only on dad taxi / pick up duty today so not many people to deal with … fortunately ?

Had enough of work….

Decided I’m gonna invent something tomorrow ?

Any ideas welcome:

What’s that thing that’s waiting to be invented? You lot can crowd fund me….

Mike in Toronto


What to invent?

Apparently,, a reasonably-priced right back who isn’t injury prone … at least, that would be my recommendation going by Celtic’s apparent difficulty in finding one ….

Twists n turns

Cmon ffs. Be realistic. I’m trying to be serious here . You’re asking the impossible.

Something easier.

Twists n turns

See if there was something you could take, a pill of some sort, which reacted anytime your blood pressure went above say 140/100, and it turned yer face blue or purple, then folks would know ye were havin’ a bad day, I think they’d treat ye with respect or caution or even fear.

That’d save a lot of problems I reckon.

You imagine… the car salesman tells ye.. that one is £28k…. you go purple….. he sees this …..err I mean £25k…..

See……’s a winner I’m telling ye.


Byres Road Bhoy: It was a genuine fear for the players safety, never before had fans invaded a pitch and attacked the players, the club was angry that there was not enough police to protect them. Should they have carried on? its difficult to say, they are trying yet again to resurrect them, Mahe is the one to tell you all about that. But serious violence was always around, rioting, many killed and injured. Catholic homes razed to the ground, a very dangerous place to stay, especially if you were Catholic. The Government was trying to introduce “Home Rule” for the whole of Ireland, I think that there was three bills trying to introduce it, to say that it wasn’t welcome in the North would be an understatement. So partitioning followed but the violence remained.

Mike in Toronto


A product that raises your blood pressure… and turns your face blue with rage?

I think they already have that … it’s called a season ticket to Ibrox

Awe Naw

So the Scottish football authorities, you know the group that not only turned a bind eye to one of its members defrauding hundreds of millions of pounds from; HMRC, British Gas, Edinburgh Council … various medical based companies, border line charities and face painters (267 victims). They actively went out of their way to help to ensure that an even more criminally orientated entity not only replaced them but replaced them by flagrantly breaking and bending the law to ensure that this “entity” was a viable concern. Since it´s inception this entity has never been free from a litany of prosecutions very few of which they have successfully defended outwith the auspices of the Scottish football authorities. Most if not all of the prosecutions contained within the environs of the Scottish football authorities aimed at this entity they have successfully defended.

Needless to say and correctly too, this entity considers itself to be a above the law of the land and above the scrutiny of the football authorities. Riots on the pitch at Hampden, Safety Certificates, Dangerous Ticketing decisions, Pitch invasions at most grounds but even some where disabled customers were put at serious risk. We are talking death here .. multiple deaths possibly. Yet they can behave how they wish. Only recently when Lord Persey called them out have they minimally modified their behaviour, but still
encrusted in a Del Boy standard type of business practice. Lets not go into fit and proper person rigmarole as Peter Lawwell through his conduit Paul Brennan told us there is no such a thing really .. it suits the footballing authorities at this juncture .. you see and of course more importantly Peter Lawwell .. I think he was on the same holiday the club secretary was on at the time of the 5WA .. it´s a holiday deal you can get when you Thomas Cook it.

So why all this laxness towards you own childrens safety ?

Your own mothers hip operation … nobody paying tax … she can fucking wait .. fuck her … more important things to consider

Well ?

The Football authorities need it. It allows those at the top of the tree who are already very heavily rewarded.. so heavily that it could be debated that that alone is a criminal activity ..but like Leona Helmsey .. they don´t feel compelled to pay their fair share into society and dabble in tax evasion. You dumb ass facing proles

The Mainstream Scottish Media need it. BBC , STV, The Daily Record, The Scottish Sun, The Glasgow Herald,

The Evening Times , Clyde Shortbread … lots of laptop poodles to prop up.

Police Scotland need it. Have you seen how much they rake in for providing security at matches . Orange Order walks they do for free

When I saw the news last week about said authorities agreeing upon a crack down on the average supporter with regards offensive singing, objects being thrown, pyrotechnics bearing in mind that the lad who attacked Neil Lennon walked free and what said entity can knowingly get away with. I thought the cost to your average fan in maintaining this entity is not only increasing financially but so are the risks with being criminally implicated by just being physically attracted to it. It must surely be less and less attractive for a mother .. lets say a decent mother … to allow her children to be exposed to what is basically more of a crime racket than it is anything to do with sport or even football as we know it.

It´s basically a voluntary tax for the utterly fucking stupid whom wittingly .. that´s how fucking stupid they are … supply financial succor to the utterly fucking bent who are pissing and shitting on them….


The entity is the Old Firm

If you are still giving them the money then you are part of the problem aren´t you ? you despicable weakling 🙂

Byres Road Bhoy

Mike: Thanks for getting back and explaining that. Should the board be having genuine concerns for our players’ safety if they should hand The Rangers a severe drubbing at Ibrox, given what Awe Naw has highlighted?

Mike in Toronto

Smartest man of the last hundred years? Derrida? Chomsky? Hawking? Naw…

Brian Clough (on Rangers) ‘that’s not a football team. That’s a gang of villains.’

Sadly, rather than trying to be the tide that would have raised the level in the cesspool of Scottish football, Celtic decided to jump in their pool so they could wash each other’s back …

or, as I like to describe it, climb into Rangers’ coffin, screw the corpse, and produce this hybrid Celtic-Zombie monstrosity of a league.


I wasn’t sure if I picked you up wrong and you ‘I’ am out of here’ was meant to be permanent break from SC … but, you dont seem yourself of late …. so, if you are lurking, do me a favour please, and at least let me, or Mick, or Stevie or someone on here, know that you are okay. Cheers, pal.

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