Au Revoir,Kieran.


Today’s news is only news in that it is happening today. The Rumour Mill has been working overtime for over a month that Celtic were preparing to sell Kieran Tierney and were inviting offers. And that Kieran was prepared to listen.

This is not the outcome anyone expected around twenty months ago when he signed a SIX YEAR CONTRACT. He had been offered the kind of deal that Jim McLean used to insist his players sign,but one with a slight difference. It incentivised him over the duration of his contract,with salary increases and bonuses built-in.

A dream come true for a working class lad,as the old Dryborough’s Heavy used to put it. Ironic,because that featured a Scottish lad who had won a trip to London but turned it down to stay in Scotland.

But Kieran is no ordinary working class lad,he’s an outstanding footballer. Just turned 20yo when he signed that new contract,and already rated amongst the top in his position in Europe. And he’s not a typical footballer,outstanding or not,who these days is only interested in the money,not the glory and the dream. No sirree. Kieran was ALREADY living the dream.

He was playing for Celtic! And he was idolised!!!

Six years,wow. That’ll have him approaching his peak years. He’ll be captaining the team,hopefully as one of The Legends who completed The Ten. He’ll have his place cemented into the history of the club,his parents’ display cabinet will be heaving with medals and awards. And still plenty of time for more!

I’ll bet he was one happy Bhoy when he signed that contract only twenty months ago. And I’ll bet that only three months ago he was still a happy Bhoy,content with all he surveyed-bar his injury,but the surgeons were more than happy with that,so why should he not be?

Nope,everything in the garden is looking rosy,the troops look good for the Treble Treble and he can’t wait to get back into action and keep the records piling up.

So,at what stage did all of the above change? What happened to turn Kieran Tierney from a young über-Tim who was living the dream with a SIX YEAR CONTRACT into a money-grabbing wee turncoat shitebag?

Well,the obvious answer is that nothing has turned him into that,and nothing ever could.

Kieran is still the same gallus fella he was when he broke into the team,or when he signed his SIX YEAR CONTRACT,or even just three months or so ago. What has changed is this,and it’s very simple.


They made it plain that they were prepared to listen to-or invite,chase,whatever-offers for him from interested parties. That made it plain to Kieran that he had no future anymore with the club that he has loved for as long as we have loved it-virtually all our lives! How must that feel…

Really,ask yourself that question-how must that feel? This wasn’t just any old employer,the local paper,a wee plumbers,a chippie that he’d fallen into when he left school. This employer was the heart and soul of EVERYTHING that his life revolved around. And now he was seeing the heartless and soulless side of the operation,a side which knew nothing of anything but a fast buck.

Kieran was faced with no choice whatsoever but to leave under those circumstances. Anyone who says he could have stuck to his SIX YEAR CONTRACT and brassed it out is living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. Anyone who is even remotely thinking of laying the blame at the feet of a 22yo lad who thought he was living the dream needs to take a good bloody look at reality.

For we have been here before over the last fifteen years or so,and increasingly often as the power and moneylust of our dictator-let’s just call him what he is,for once!!!-overrides every footballing concern. He decides,we just adapt. It’s pathetic.

Expectation management achieved its long term purpose with the sale of Kieran. Not so long ago,the board still feared the wrath of the fans. Now,there are no longer any fears of pitchforks in the car park. Just congratulatory backslaps as we cheer The Glorious Balance Sheet while reading utter shite from brown-nosing bloggers about being a well run club.

We are nothing worse than asset strippers,of the type who would give capitalism a bad name.

We are supposed to have Non Executive Directors and a Board-to which the dictator,laughably,is meant to report-running our club,bust from what I see,they are all sitting on their arses watching a man taking fortunes out of the club even as they watch him forcing Kieran out of the door.

Au revoir,Kieran. I can recommend The Somers Town Coffee House near Euston on occasion when I’m visiting my nephew. Go and make yourself one of the finest players in Europe in ANY position. Do it without worrying about getting maimed by a hammerthrower up here.

Go with the blessing of everyone who has a couple of brain cells and loves Celtic as much as you do. You might not have made The Ten,but we know and you know it was hardly your choice.

You’re already a legend. And always will be.


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If you are a professional footballer and a club, let’s it be known that you are available at a price, then when that price is met; you really don’t have much alternative, but to leave.
However, when the same club says one of their star midfielders is not for sale, at the same time, as they announce you are, and the club that wants to sign you offers you 4x your salary ,plus signing off fee etc, etc, then let’s be honest, you would have to be unprofessional not to say, where do I sign.
It’s a big thank you and all the best for the future, Kieran, from me.

Yip, I agree 100%.
Mark my words, the media will be all over this in the next day or so telling us that the move was all KT’s idea and that the last thing the club wanted was to sell him, what a crock of shit, we wanted him gone for the money, it’s as simple as saying not for sale, those words were never uttered in relation to KT.

bada bing1

CELTIC Football Club today confirmed that Kieran Tierney has signed for Arsenal FC, after completing a medical earlier in London.

We did all we could to keep Kieran at Celtic. While the club did not need or wish to sell Kieran, this was an opportunity which Kieran very much wished to pursue and with the club having received a significant offer, we have agreed to the transfer.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Afternoon fholks,

Just skimming today. Sorry bad choice. No one skims these days. Certainly not board members. Especially Tory ones. Too respectable, you see.

I mean, I’m just speed reading today to catch up and vent my anger a bit.

Not even so much that they sold him last minute, while yet AGAIN it is blatant in these qualifiers that the defence is weak weak weak, and may cost us the enjoyment of CL qualification, AND the major shareholders and bonus collectors of the £30M cash windfall.

No. I’m more angry at their statement. And not just because I trust it less than a Jabba Sevvie special from the Lying King.

But because it is wrong on every level.

Where is the professionalism, sorry, silence that they demand of players and managers when they move or are moved on.

The very first sentence, “it was his fault. He wanted to move. Don’t blame us”.

Aye. Right you are then.

I feel that the arrogance of this board has reached ridiculous levels and his beyond satire now.

Which makes it difficult for me to enjoy ripping the pish out of them so much.

On that note, sorry to hear that TET is still getting scunnered. Hope you can overcome it and keep fighting the good fight here, but understandable it is as you go through a difficult time I gather. Hopefully you keep sharing the conversation here.

Same to Rebus, another excellent contributor.

Both excellent contributors.

As for Twistys….. enjoy your break from the blog.

Just kidding. Haste ye back.

Damn, at this rate I’ll only be left with Jim and BP to chat to. Or worse, just BRB, MiT, Mahe and BMCUW.

Or worse again, just Awe Naw and Mags.

Ffs, I’d have more fun sitting in a director’s seat ?


Bada tell me thats AweNawed

big packy

UBER, you can talk to me, but watch those other 2 rascals jimthetim and mike in Toronto, im sure they are board

Mike in Toronto


Given that I often raise issues of law and ethics, a fair question….

I have a commercial litigation practice… my partner is exceptionally good at what he does, and we have been fortunate to have helped a lot of people who would otherwise not have been helped… but, you dont always pick your clients … sometimes clients pick you … sometimes that is good, sometimes, less so …..for certain select clients, sometimes that commercial practice has strayed into, lets call it, less traditional business areas…

A lot of people know of my practice, including friends on here … but, for a variety of reasons, I try not to post too many things what would allow me to be identified on here by outsiders ….

how do I sleep? Not always very well.

Celtic was always a bit of refuge for me … that is probably why I have taken its failure to act with honesty so poorly…


Howdy folks.

Will comment on KT later.

TeT from last page many many thanks pal. Really appreciate the help.
Whats the point indeed I often also ask myself .

Theres been some good opinions on the blog expressed so I will throw a few thoughts out there.
I see the view that the blog is negative really. I myself have tried to be a lot more upbeat about the team recently and try to keep those two facets separate thinking that those who are fortunate enough to pull on the Hoops should have all our support even if you dont agree with their signing or the board policies etc.
Im behind the team. I am and I believe my team related articles are positive.

Then we must realise that in a life full of peaks and troughs the club is currently in a trough with most of us but no doubt will hit a peak again , just like the Invincibles , the Seville team etc.
If we seem negative during what we perceive to be bad times,, then when the good times are rolling the blog will react to that and hop onboard the Celtic rollercoaster.
What Im saying is that things change and nothing lasts,,,the next fella calling the shots may do a much better job on and off pitch and actually try to see how high we can fly.
The blog will be great craic when we are united and on the rise.

Right now we have BMCUWP with three articles a week,, myself with two , and TeT with one plus the guest articles we receive. It seems we three are similar in outlook and some variety would be nice.
We are at the stage now where the lead article just really brings us into the new day and then the chat of the day and week takes over,,ie the leader isnt really setting the tone current events are .
So with that in mind 500 words is all thats really needed to get the ball rolling rather a big huge couple thousand word sermon. I think they have their place but we dont always need a huge read at the top of the page now.

Perhaps more could find the time to write a few hundred words ?
As we see today we need more variety so please consider sending in a small leader?
If especially those with alternative views from the three main protagonists here could contribute we might just end up with the blog you are looking for.
I would love more variety ,, and suggestions are very welcome. Recipe of the week ? Seagull pic of the week ?
Fwiw I thought a couple Fridays ago when we had the interview with young Dani the professional player the blog was at its finest,,,feel good factor ,, eight pages of quality comments etc
If you have access to an interesting interview in any field please think about helping that way.
Im working on this months quiz which should be within a few weeks.
Suggestions are valued and needed it seems.
Youre a great bunch.
Thanks and Hail Hail

big packy

ok hes gone, we would all probably do the same but would we, paul mcstay who in my honest opinion was a better player than kieran stayed with us, but hey he is only doing whats best for him and his family,so good luck to him, but I think Kieran Tierney of celtic sounds better than Kieran Tierney of arsenal.hh.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


I’ll talk to you. Never been too sure about those other 2.


I’ll try and contribute something. I did promise BMCUW. I just find it difficult to consider another subject matter other than this f…..
Check. Enough of that for now.

Is it possible that the negativity is just typical of transfer windows…especially where Celtic is concerned? And especially in this case. For me it is inexplicably worse than ever.

Add that to the mix of the usual SFA corruption and hunnery which seems to have pushed ole TET’s patience beyond the limit, then here we are.

I certainly haven’t found it all all or even mostly negative. It’s well balanced with other chat and good humour. I wouldn’t be blaming the nature of the blog in anyway; you all deserve a pat on the back for continued efforts. Really.

I’ll start posting more, especially about my favourite subjects. That’ll soon shut you all up ?

bada bing1

The £25 million has been paid up front.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Mahe/ MiT,

Which one of you was it that shared the link to to the lentil vegetarian curry recipe.

I’m ready to make that now, got the ingredients.

Now i realise it has feck all in it except lentils and bloody spices.

I really want to at least add a green/ and or red pepper and chopped chiles to it but not sure this will ruin the coconut milk type curry or what?

I’m serious by the way. This isn’t some kind of obscures facetious satire like you might normally expect of me……

Prompt replies kindly appreciated. I stand here over the kitchen counter, knife in hand, waiting for a reply before I proceed any further.

If I’ve not heard anything by tomorrow, I might well faint Bette Davis style due to hunger and dehydration.

Mike in Toronto


That wasn’t me… but it does sound good.

I’ve been doing my chef’s courses for 6 years now … just part time and for tun …. I say, add whatever vegetables you like … everything goes well with coconut miik!

I actually made a nice moroccan chicken stew last night …. so, maybe we could start up a SC pot luck lunch thing ….

got to run to a meeting


OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Thank you kind sir, you’re a legend.

This was a genuine 1st world problem for me there. Now i can ruin it with confidence ?

Yes, I’ve some daring original meat free recipes I could share.

And I mean, daring… in don’t go to work without a nappy ?

I went to shops earlier in my CAR. Only to find a couple of dollops of bird’s shit on it. I felt embarrassed. Anyway I met a woman I know outside the shop. She said ” Oh you’ve got a CAR Jim?” I replied “Aye Madge”. But look at the bird shit! She said That’s lucky!

That’s me finished throwing bread out to them. And going with the size of the dollops it was definitely sea gulls. The gets.

(How’s that for an article?)


Mahe. Celtic would not have issued that Statement if it wasn’t true, Kieran could & would have taken them to the cleaners.. So to put it mildly your leader is full of inaccuracies and obviously was written and ready to be released to have the maximum impact when the sad news was confirmed & Celtic Supporters were at their most vulnerable. It’s not only you for the past few weeks I have read scores of posts stating that it was the Devil Incarnate Pedro flogging a Celtic mad kid to boost his pension pot. Will they now apologize , I doubt it, will you apologize I expect you will but if you do, I hope it’s not I was wrong BUT.
I’ll freely admit that I thought it more probable that the Club were the instigators but I did have the sense to say probably, never the less I was wrong.

big packy

JIM there is car washs in Lanarkshire you know lol.. and where is weefra have not seen him on lately.hh.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm

Needs a bit of work Jim.

What am I crowing on about you ask?

Firstly, you need to work on the verbosity. Pad it out a bit. And in irrelevant information. Such as location, dates, times.

Embellish a bit as well. Then, if you’re lucky, some funny things will fall into place.

You read this expecting bird puns.

That’s the beauty of it. The element of surprise.

Bet you never had an English teacher who gave you such a dedicated, educative lesson on essay technique.

Discuss. 2000 words. Then edit and reduce to 500.


Mike I responded to you belatedly on the last blog. The discussion doesn’t seem relevant now, so I won’t transfer it to this blog but if you want to read it, it’s there. No need to respond now, I’m sure there will be another day.

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


I don’t recall Lenny saying that KT had expressed interest in a move.

Also, why are the board allowed to issue Sevvie like statements blaming the player, but players and managers can not blame the board. All, regardless of what really happened.

Could be an X-File, Scully.

UberTim, You wouldn’t believe I got my higher English would you? But in my own defence I am on my third glass of white wine. It’s only 8% proof but still affects me slightly. I will try harder in future.



The article was mine,mate. It says pretty much what I feel,it says pretty much what I believe to be accurate.

I think Kieran found out the hard way that “The finest thing a Scotsmen can see is the road to London” Celtic will always be his team. But like many of us,I reckon he is questioning whether it is still our club.



If a bird shits on your car,don’t let her back in it.

As for it being lucky? Nope. They practice at it.

Bobby LOL 🙂


Ah Mick, If I knew ’twas you I wouldn’t have been so caustic. But the fact remains that you and I were both wrong. It wasn’t instigated by the Club so maybe if it serves as a salutary lesson to all of us not to jump to conclusions then it will have been worthwhile. In the meantime my apologies to Mahe for fingering him as the author.

Packy, you know what WeeFra is like, he just pops on every now and then. I get the impression that when he’s up for it at home he keeps himself very busy.

big packy

JIM so don’t talk to me then go on talk to uber and bobby and mike leave your best mate out of it where is weefra ill talk to him instead.?

If you had posted 10 seconds later you would have seen that I did reply to you.


Uber, Why on earth would you expect Lenny to say something like that. Particularly when nothing was finalised and Kieran could still be playing for him next year.
The reality is that we all suspected it was Board driven because they have previous form, but we were wrong & the Board were entitled to set the record straight.

Amazing, you are calling us out for being angry on here when the blog you frequent in the main have posters that are a might angrier than anyone who posts here, you now are telling us that the latest leader is bollix and full of inaccuracies.
Simple question… do you know this ?

big packy

SORRYJIM just as I posted I seen your post.hh.



The main thrust of the article is that I don’t believe Kieran had any intention of moving this summer,nor in the near future. But as soon as he heard that Celtic had replied to Arsenal with a price rather than a refusal,he decided that the move would leave him in a better place long-term.

That’s my honest opinion,and I know that you disagree with that. That’s absolutely fine. An exchange of opinions without rancour,it’s what we do on here. But what I must do at this time on a Thursday is hit my cot. I’ve got a rather pleasant weekend lined up and I want to be fresh enough to do it justice!

HH and I hope you had fun with the grandkids.

No problem Packy, you’re still my best buddy. 🙂


TET, I am not calling ye out for being angry, ye have every right. Yep I am saying the article is a load of bollix as you put it. The Board would most certainly not issue the Statement they did if it was not true..
Whatever they are they are not fools and the consequences of issuing a Statement that is a lie would be mind boggling.
By the way I haven’t set out to be a disruptive influence here, I’m trying to add a bit of balance but I won’t stick around if I’m just being a pain in the ass to ye all.

big packy

AYE BOBBY, without rancour, take a peek at the other channel.hh?


” Ah Mick, If I knew ’twas you I wouldn’t have been so caustic”

You shouldn’t be changing your tone no matter who wrote what. Not sure how I feel about that statement

big packy

CORKY, stick around its nice to get another point of view on things.hh.

Nobody said you were a pain, it wasn’t even intimated.
Do you honestly believe that the club tell the truth all the time ?
They are liars, they have lied at AGM’s, they have lied to the faces of the Res 12 boys, what makes you think that they won’t lie when it suits them if they have the slightest incling that flack might be incoming.

big packy

JIM, after uber and the exiled tim ,oh and I forgot that lawyer chap from Toronto, your my best buddy too.?

OnlyUberTimWithoutInsideTangibleSouthstand hMmm


Not a pain the ass, your opinion is welcome as far as I’m concerned.

I’m not going to discuss with you at the moment though, there’s enough for you to contend with.

I’ll read and enjoy the different opinions instead.


I don’t doubt for a minute that you achieved the Holy Grail of a Higher English pass.

I got a pass (just) due to my creative writing abilities. Helps coming from a family of loonies that. ?

Eg, my English teacher gave me a full 35 out of 35 for two of my short stories. First one he brought up at parents night. The story was about the loss of my younger sibling when I was younger. He apologised for bringing it up, and said, but it was such a moving story and that I showed great maturity in dealing with it.

Cue me getting a bare arsed skelping when the old dear got home. I’d been a little too creative if you know what I mean. Don’t think my younger brother was too impressed either ??

Fairhill Bhoy


Awe Naw

Football entities are punished by UEFA and FiFA if they even go to a court law. CAS even being one of them. I get what you are saying. It took HMRC ten years to get the huns and that was with a slam dunk. Football Associations around the world do as UEFA and FiFA tell them. So we’ll agree to disagree.


My son was less disgusted than I was but he has healthier options than most Scots do. As do the Irish. He hasn’t had a struggle to contend with so it was less ingrained although he was brought up and brainwashed by me he has his own critical faculties and what he didn’t witness in 2012 lead him to his own conclusions.

P. S your posts are good.. Stop being so sensitive and attempting to deduce stuff from other posters that isn’t there due to contrary opinions. You used to do this on CQN as well.


Mahe, You are a Belfast Bhoy, ye are tough as nails, I knew if I had a pop at you it would be water off a duck’s back and you would come back even stronger. Wouldn’t be too sure if Mick would react the same. Anyhow I said what I said and I can’t change that. All I can say is that I didn’t mean to be offensive to you or anyone else here.

Awe Naw

Übertim…. Note the correct spelling

Ffs, I’d have more fun sitting in a director’s seat ?

Never a truer word spoken in jest


Slan Kieran


Awe Naw, Honestly don’t know what your last point is. I try to post as if I was talking to a ghuy in a pub, accordingly being a wee ghuy in my seventies and wishing to hold on to my teeth a little bit longer I invariably try to be polite. However I must admit to losing my cool a few times and being anything but polite when that happens I get really pissed off with myself and usually take a sabbatical from blogging. I started to read something on Facebook earlier about Kieran’s contract but got disturbed. Going to look it up now and if I feel there is something worthwhile in it, I will make a post on it. If it’s nothing worth posting about, I’ll call it a night & talk to my wife for a bit. God Bless All.

Awe Naw

We are still awaiting Celtic FC official response to the PSNI calling them out after the scheduling of the Linfield game and that’s just one instance. They are like the… Big Yin… Liars for a living. As TET pointed out about Res 12. The list is endless…. For you not to have noticed is down to your rigid belief system similar to SFTB


Uber, my advice is make that recipe and have a veggie strfry on the side. Don’t just add veg to that recipe.
You could cook the veg separate and mix it all in at the end.
Hail Hail

So we are + £13 million approx presently, three weeks left for people to get frustrated about, cos no way are we gonna be spending much more, we are getting better and better in these transfer windows, fair play to you Pedro.

Awe Naw

So KT takes the same path as BR. Celtic PLC can’t afford quality employees. Well they can but if you are a sportsman you have to be driven by more than money. Good luck to both for this seasin. Qualifying for the EL is the limit of our current ambitions. We cannot take our eyes of the domestic product due to how they handled the Sevco situation. That’s a bite in the Arse that could chop their head off and they know it.

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