Whats the point ?

I ask myself over and over again, what is the point ?
We all know that the game in Scotland is rigged, every single supporter in the land knows that the referees are cheats and they favour one club.

It’s been proven in a court of law that the SFA are corrupt !

The SPL and the SPFL, or whatever they have decided to call themselves today are trying hard to keep up with the SFA as being as bent as they are, but in reality they are still a ways behind their Masonic masters,,, no matter they are trying their best and given time will get there as well.

Year after year the blogs are awash with the failings that befall the game in Scotland,, year after year the blogs stamp their feet and scweam and scweam and get absolutely nowhere because those in power don’t give a flying duck, all they want to do is relieve you of your money.

Sadly our club fall into this bracket of not giving a flying duck,, in fact they are worse than the SFA . It’s debatable as to why they are worse,,, imo they are because they are going against everything the club was founded on, honesty, integrity, transparency, fairness doesn’t get a look in theses days, as long as they are raking in the money everything else falls by the wayside.

What we have today is the worst of both worlds.

We are controlled by a PLC who’s first and foremost goal is to make money for their major shareholders. This comes to the detriment of their small shareholders who they know won’t kick up any fuss as their shareholdings are an emotional investment, unlike the big boys who only care about making money and feck the consequences, money is their God.

The fact that they also are in charge of a football club seems to be a bit of an annoyance to them.

They NEVER stand up for the support who finance their greed, not once in my lifetime have they ever stood by the support. In fact they have done the opposite, they have given out private details to the police who in turn have executed dawn raids on innocent supporters and in the process many have lost their jobs and their livelihoods because of this heinous action !

It’s despicable what they have done. Our board of directors have actively participated in a sham that is better known as the 5WA agreement where the old hun team was afforded safe passage into the league system,, that can be proven quite easily . Had they gotten their way it would have been straight into the top tier but thankfully the supporters of Dundee Utd and Aberdeen put paid to that scenario,, the Celtic support were getting fat gorging on Jelly and Ice Cream. They didn’t care and they still don’t care,, how sad is that !

We are run by as I said a PLC and the CEO of the PLC for some bizarre reason is idolised by a huge majority of the support ! I have never seen anything like it in my 65 years on the planet, where a suit who shits on the support when he chooses gets more praise than many of the players !

The players who at least give their all for the club, more than can be said for the charlatan that is our CEO, the same CEO who strung along the RES 12 boys. He promised them that if they supplied the silver bullet he would fire it. He obviously didn’t account for Auldheid’s diligence, he found the silver bullets and our CEO didn’t fire them, a massive slap in the face and a pure unadulterated lie from the CEO.

Then there is the ongoing disgrace that is the referees.

These referees are cheats, it’s that simple, there is no other explanation for the majority of their decisions . If you want to carry on as a grade 1 referee in Scotland, you either have to be a Mason or a Masonic collaborator who knows that if he does anything that is against the code he gets fecked out. In light of these things you would have thought that our club would at least make their feelings known about this, but no you would be wrong, nothing, not a single peep from the club. But I do recall a few years back we had a chairman who had the audacity to call the SFA out, at an AGM he told the world that the club had a dossier of years of cheating and that no longer would we be situated at the back of the bus, he enforced this by saying “Those days are gone ! ”

Aye Dr John, someone shut you up quick enough, couldn’t have you rocking the OF boat could you, so that was the end of the dossier saga and we are still at the back of the bus.

So we are back to the present day, where the cheating and the corruption is worse than it ever was. The huns are allowed to do as they please with total impunity. They can tell the SFA publicly that they don’t want certain referees because they are from a Catholic background, and of course the SFA oblige,,, the same huns can throw coins at linesmen,,, draw blood and it’s just banter. The huns are allowed to get away with their supporters encroaching the field of play to attack our captain with no consequence,, they can throw batteries at our players,,they throw golf balls spiked with nails at our players,,who takes batteries and nail spiked golf balls to a football match unless they intend to cause damage ?

The list is endless, yet on no occasion have they been taken to task for these actions, not once ! Worse still imo is our club have said nothing on these matters, nothing !!! That mi amigos is hard to believe I grant you, but they have remained silent.

I could go on and on and on for days, who is at fault, who actually cares, our club certainly don’t care as long as they are raking in the cash, everything else goes out the window. We have a liar and a coward for a CEO,, we have a majority shareholder who has made it perfectly clear that the huns are the best thing since sliced bread,, we have a gutless board who will do nothing to rock the boat,, as long as the support keep filling the coffers they will lie and cheat with the best of them.

Football like life goes round and round. If you delude yourselves that the hun scum will always be behind us, just look at who they have on their side, they have everything, the media, the judiciary, the police, the SFA, the SPFL, UEFA, that’s a very decent armory to have by your side, but their biggest asset by far is Celtic PLC . This shower of parasites have done more to destroy Celtic FC than anything the SFA et al could have dreamt of !

They have managed with the help of their compadres in Scotland to keep the ” They are not dead myth alive “.

They have challenged nothing . These are people who you stand by and support,, they sure have you brainwashed.
The thing is we know what is going down,, we all know that the game is bent,, it’s been proven ! We all know that if you still give them money they will still cheat you,, that is a plain fact .

So if you decide that integrity, honesty, transparency, fairness, a level playing field is not worth fighting for, keep funding them .

I have no problem with that but because you know all this you have no right to complain about things when they act as they do.

They are lying cheating parasitic scum,, every single administrator in the Scottish game is.

Decent result tonight, a 1-1 away from home is always acceptable, unless we totally collapse next week at home European football is guaranteed, well done the players and the coaches, done in spite of those above, who if the reports are true will be creaming themselves at the prospect of getting £25 mill for KT, if true I wish the bhoy so much good wishes, he deserves them, he will be a superstar.

Essential viewing…….

and also see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVFmEWIOf38

Take care and God Bless. Hail Hail

Todays article was brought to you by The Exiled Tim. If you pen a piece we will gladly publish . sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Margaret McGill
August 8, 2019 3:57 am


Margaret McGill
August 8, 2019 4:09 am

Most Tims dont give a fuck about getting by Cluj or Prague. Its all about fucking the huns. As an ex-pat and as I move on to other interests and bypass this Scottish-Norn Irn cesspit of ignorance its just like everything else. You can depend on the worst thing always happening. Your future not mine.

Margaret McGill
August 8, 2019 4:10 am

August 8, 2019 4:29 am

The Exiled Tim
Its a question i ask myself more and more as a Celtic supporter .

August 8, 2019 5:23 am

Blinkin’ flip,K. That’s what I call a rant!

But not an aimless one,far from it. You hit every target and didn’t miss the wall once. Great stuff,mate.

August 8, 2019 5:24 am

See if I can get my moniker back here…

August 8, 2019 5:25 am

Well,that’s sorted. MAGS,check your mail in a mo. Let you know I may have sorted that,see if it can work on the other problems.

Twists n turns
August 8, 2019 7:14 am

Morning amigos.
The morning after the night before – my thoughts this morning- away draw- away goal – I’d have settled for that when draw was made.

Get through this one – and we should – we will be outsiders in the final tie – and there was enough concern defensively to justify that.

KT going, all being well with his medical. Sad to see him go but I guess we all knew it was very likely. Weakens us further at the back making it even tougher going forward. I shall keep everything crossed for the remaining ties in the CL.

As a gambling man I’d say we are :

4/9 not to qualify
2/1 to get through.

Hope to fff that’s wrong.

Anyhow – gonna be blogging from a distance for a while my fellow hoopsters- ( not flouncing ?- just decided to call it a day for a while – I’ll be around later to fulfil my promise of a hospitality day to an SC’er)

but for now I’m just not in a blogging mood. Too much going on elsewhere in my life to focus on – but behave yersel, cos I’ll be watching ya. Keep it respectful. You’ll feel better for it?

Any nonsense and I’ll be sending the seagulls in. Don’t make me do it ?.

Cmoooooon the hoops ??????????????????

Celtic Champs Elect
August 8, 2019 7:59 am

Great Post TET some excellent points made and I have to agree with you on most of them

I am gutted that we are selling KT for only 25 million as IMO I believe he is worth double that …

If the board do not sanction at least 3 first team signings it will be criminal negligence

August 8, 2019 8:03 am


Agree 100% with your lead. The fact is that most Celtic supporters and for that matter football supporters live in a parallel universe. They know the game is corrupt. In Englandshire the greed of players, agents, managers and administrators is disgusting in the extreme, that’s before you get to UEFA and FIFA. The fans have lives and they carry on regardless, they moan, complain but the group identity takes over and on they go on following their team, generation after generation through thick and thin. There’s nothing wrong with that as it gives them another dimension to their lives but few are prepared to rock the boat, so radical change or revolution will be nigh on impossible to achieve. Accountability will also difficult to achieve. It is not hopeless but with no real clarity on what needs to change and in what priority I wouldn’t hold my breath.

August 8, 2019 8:05 am


The obvious answer to your question is… there is none. Supporting Celtic in the way most fans do is akin to being a drug addict. It feels good at the time but in the long run, you know its going to feck with your head. The more important question (for me anyway) is can you end the addiction.

I did over three years ago when I came to the sad conclusion that the club I supported since the early sixties and which dictated the rhythm of my life was no longer worthy of my support so I stopped going to games. At that point I had lost any hope that the board would pursue the cheats over Res. 12 and events since then have proved me right. Since then, I have found time to do so may other things I find much more enjoyable and know are not going to let me down in the way I know Celtic PLC will. Granted, I still from time to time dip into some sites such as this and CQN but more out of a passing interest than a desire to return to my old ways.

This is of course a personal decision but one I would recommend if you come to the conclusion that the professional game in Scotland is no more credible that World Wide Entertainment wresting and that some of the biggest cheats and liars in the game are to be found in the boardroom at Celtic Park.

August 8, 2019 8:07 am

If KT goes i will only wish him well.
Hope the aggressive, marauding full back of Ronny Deila days returns and he becomes a world class sensation.
I know many Celtic fans will be hurt by one of our own leaving but in all honesty why would an excellent young footballer stay when the club has no footballing ambition?

big packy
August 8, 2019 8:07 am

THE EXILED TIM, 100 percent fecking right, we have been shafted for years and we will get shafted for more years until the fans wake up and smell the coffee, we need all the supporters associations to come together and at least talk about it, we are the innocent party in a feckin cesspit of a corrupt league, and still they buy the merchandise, it will not stop.until the fans themselves stop it.hh.

August 8, 2019 8:10 am

Good post.

big packy
August 8, 2019 8:12 am

TWISTY, sorry to hear that, please come back soon pal.hh.

August 8, 2019 8:18 am

On a less philosophical note, I have to disagree with Mags that, and I’ll paraphrase, most Tims would rather beat the Huns than be successful in Europe. I don’t think that is the case, unless it is a generational thing. Since the 60s the thing that the fans wanted was European success. It gave them excitement compared to the mundane SPL. Yes, we always wanted to beat the Huns because of what they were and what they stand for but Europe always the ultimate goal.

August 8, 2019 8:28 am

TnT, Sorry to hear you’re taking a Sabatical. You will be sorely missed on here. I hope you pop on now and again.

big packy
August 8, 2019 8:40 am

as regards Kieran, played his heart out for us so wish him well, but wont be heartbroken either, I was living in Liverpool in 1977 when one of my heroes was sold to Liverpool, yes I was gutted, but I did not attend any Liverpool games just to watch him play, nobody is bigger than the club.hh.

August 8, 2019 8:57 am

TET, A very good article. Don’t know what the answer is. It would need a huge head of steam amongst the supporters to activate any change. That rarely happens. The threatened ST boycott in 2012 was timely and the whole scenario was profound. That type of thing only happens about once in a generation. Just like when we were faced with bankruptcy.

Maybe when last years accounts are published and it shows we have an embarrassing amount of money in the bank, yet not improving the team, the support might get miffed. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 9:13 am

A wee seagull telt me this morning that Twists has two black eyes and is diggin the gairden .. dont shoot the ….

August 8, 2019 10:19 am

Heart verses Head, The heart wins every single time. You read about wives being shamefully abused by their partners, bringing charges against him and then dropping the charges and going back to him, repeat and repeat. The head tells her to leave him, but the heart is telling her top stay, the heart wins. At one time I played a lot of golf, I said to myself, if only I could take a pill for this, I could spend a lot more time with the family, its the same with Celtic, its so wrapped up in your DNA that you cannot deny it.
The board is not Celtic, the support is the beating heart of our club, they do so many good and inspiring things and that gives them the right to choose what they want to accept and what they choose not to accept.
Myself, I choose to back Auldheid as much as I can in all his efforts to clean up Scottish football, but first we must look at who is to blame for the cheating, the Huns, the SFA, the SPFL with its same club rubbish. The thing we laughingly call the Scottish press. The board that have done nothing to stop it, if we find any evidence of complicity then they must go and we must use every tool that we have to force them to go. Sport of every description must always be clean, more, it must always be seen to be clean, to be open, honest and especially transparent, the FOI would help to make that happen, it must be accountable.
I guess I can see what’s coming down the line. McKenna, O’Donnell and young Greg Taylor both the Killie full backs, they are the crumbs to the support, there will not be a Castagne or anyone like him, perhaps players like him take one look at Scottish football and say “no thanks”. Who can tell, being an optimist I live in hope, but after so many years of hope, that sadly has been diminished. Good and thought provoking article “The Exiled Tim” articulating how many of us feel.

August 8, 2019 10:38 am

On the game last night – while it was a good result we didn’t look very cohesive. Right back looked ok, but have we signed a left back yet?

KT was a great Celt and will be protected from the thugs that caused him to miss so many games the last couple of years. Assuming he is fit, he will become an EPL superstar – Arsenal’s only decent left back since Kenny Sansom (Ashley Cole pages got ripped out when he joined Chelsea).

Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 10:52 am


We didn´t look very cohesive because three of the defenders have yet to play more than combined six competitive games for us. The perennial problem
Tie far from over the pace with which they can counter attack will give us issues in Glasgow

August 8, 2019 11:04 am

Awe Naw, The question is: do we want to proceed to CL embarrassment or bail out in the EL round assuming we get passed Cluj, (who looked about our level).

August 8, 2019 11:22 am

Great article TET, bang on the money, nail on the head. I’ve had a season ticket for more years than I care to remember and got my son one the season after oldco died. However for all the reasons mentioned in your article I could no longer financially support this tory plc that is so at odds with the Celtic ethos. So for this season I’ve dedided not another penny from me and didn’t renew either of my books. When I told a few mates of my decision they were flabbergasted. “But we’re going for 9 this year, then it’s the 10,ye canny chuck it just now” was the general reply I got. At as long as this kind of felling exists among the general support (which it does) things will never change. A sad state of affairs. Its looking like Belfast Celtic for me from now on.

Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 11:37 am


Yes I agree . I dont think we will get past the 4th round

But just think how excited PL will be if it were to happen.

Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 11:58 am

How much does a £10m transfer actually cost a Football Club FC?

By: Newsroom Staff Peter Lawwell 8th August 2019 11:30 A.M

With wages, bonuses, tax and the agent’s fees there’s a far greater cost in a transfer than the headline figure, writes Peter Lawwell

How much does a transfer cost? Well a lot more than the headline figure.

There have been a lot of questions about how the Joe Bloggs deal could break down as the costs headed north at a rapid rate towards £30m. How is that even possible?

Let’s do some back-of-a-beer-mat calculations. All these figures are guesstimates, but I don’t think they will be far out.

Well, let’s take £10m as the starting point of an hypothetical transfer just to make the maths easy.

Start by adding 20% standard rate VAT payable on all domestic transfers (but not on deals between EU countries which may explain why so much spending goes in that direction).

And also why so many clubs end up getting winding up orders because of debts to HMRC.

And then you have to add the Football League transfer levy of 5% .

So you are already up to £12.5m before the ink is dry.

Then there is the signing on fee. If a player doesn’t ask for a transfer then he is entitled to a slice of the action, which is usually around the 10% mark .

So that is up to £13.5m before a ball is kicked.

Then there are the possible clauses and bonuses that are built in.

In this case let’s assume there is a promotion bonus of £1m and other performance triggered payments, top flight survival say, of up to another £1m .

So that is £15.5m before you even consider wages.

Ah yes wages…

The usual formula is that whatever the fee is, project that again over the life of the contract.

So a £1m player could expect £1m over four years, or £250,000 a year, or £5,000 a week. Give or take.

A £4m player would expect £4m over four years, or £1m a year, or £20,000 a week. Give or take.

And yes, and £8m player you can double that again to £2m a year or £40,000 a week, give or take.

If big players come in on free transfers they start talks from a notional value and expect the standard wages for that level and then a split the difference dividend out of the money saved.

So a free agent who is probably “worth” £4m would probably expect the £4m in wages plus maybe another £1m from the notional saving. And so on.

So let’s assume our £10m player is on £50,000 a week. Over four years… that is £8.32m .

And, it gets worse: incredibly football clubs are actually business and players actual employees.

So clubs have to pay 13% national insurance contributions on that wage packet. That is a whopping £1,069,900 on top of the basic cost.

So where are we at? A wage commitment of £9,389,900 over four years . Give or take.

Add that to the £15.5m basic cost of the transfer before a ball was kicked and we have a total of £24, 889,900 . Give or take.

Right, so far so eye-wateringly stupid for a man who may or may not kick a ball into a net for a Championship club.

Then you have to add the extras. What extras? All of them.

A player with that price-tag and a pushy agent will be angling for every single extra going.

Appearance bonus? Goal bonus? Win bonus? Bonuses tied to where in the table FC Football club finish next year? Automatic annual pay-increases? Top wage parity with anyone new who comes in? Anyone who plays Championship Manager will know how sensitive agents are to these boxes being ticked.

It wouldn’t be unusual for an agent to ask for £2,000 plus per game . At 40 games a season that is £80,000. Times four. That’s £320,000.

Goal bonus? Maybe £2,000 a shot? At 15 goals a season. That another £30, 000. Times four. Or £120,000

So the package now is up to up £25,329,900.

Enter the agent. He will want his cut. After all this is a very complex big money deal and it is not easy juggling all these factors.

Agents will commonly ask for a big whack up front while clubs prefer is spread out over the life of the deal so as to dissuade him from moving a player on.

However you slice it, an agent would probably would probably ask for £1m on a £10m deal . And also take a percentage of the players income. Win/win.

So we are up to £26,329,000.
And then there are other things: the player may get a loyalty bonus, again spread out of the life of the deal as an incentive to stay the course.

If he is moving from abroad he may ask for moving costs to bring his family over. Or school fees. Or regular flights home. Club class.

And a sponsored car. And free boots and kit. Although at some clubs he may need to pay for lunch. But it’s not a deal breaker.

So you can see how the costs of a big money deal can soon stack up. It is all very well demanding clubs “show ambition” and spend big but like an iceberg, most of the weight is below the surface.

Byres Road Bhoy
August 8, 2019 12:30 pm

TeT Super article: Nail on head etc. Watched ‘Asterix Years’. Wow! Buying the book. Busy right now but hope to respond more fully.
Awe Naw @ 11:58. Sorry for being obtuse but has this post been ‘Awe Nawed’? Is there a link to an original?

Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 12:38 pm
Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 12:39 pm

The sale of Kieran Tierney and safe passage to the Europa League group stage keeps Celtic ticking over to achieve nine successive titles. The Ibrox operation is at breaking point. Celtic can sell their best assets and still toy with them.

Bada Bing
August 8, 2019 12:51 pm

SSN look like they are using the casting couch from The Savoy (Glasgow) for new burds…

Mike in Toronto
August 8, 2019 12:56 pm

The sale of Kieran Tierney and safe passage to the Europa League group stage keeps Celtic ticking over to achieve nine successive titles. The Ibrox operation is at breaking point. Celtic can sell their best assets and still toy with them and Celtic’s own fans.

Mike in Toronto
August 8, 2019 12:59 pm

I have done what was never believed possible … I think I just awe naw’d an Awe Naw post.

I think ? m going to retire now.?

Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 12:59 pm


I dont agree with Awe Nawing btw

August 8, 2019 1:11 pm


I am sorry that you are easing off of the blog. I look forward to your input.

TET’s article highlights that there is much to think about re supporting Celtic. M6 echoes many of my own thoughts and recent actions. I, also, am a Celtic addict and I take one day at a time, or rather one match at a time. So far, this season I am clean…..none of my money has ended up with the club. I am not proud of myself. I am trying to find another outlet in football but failing so far. The problem with following a team from La Liga, or France is that there is no emotional attachment to them, nor their players. In fact, it does not take long to see evidence of corruption, or at least the power of money, in these leagues as well.

Lost in Space was a TV show that I enjoyed while much younger. Who would have thought that I would find myself aping that title!

Like you, TnT, I am going to take a rest from the blog. Many on here are cynical about the future for the club, perhaps with good reason, but the same messages are being delivered everyday. I need a break from it.

The blog is honest and respectful but it is fast approaching the point where it needs a greater diversity of views.

I understand TET’s personal situation and I understand how it can affect posting on a blog. I am going through a similar situation and I know the moments of helplessness and stress that are all too common. I believe that things will get sorted in my case but it does leave you drained and not totally rational.

So, I’ll take a rest for a while, and try to answer some questions about Celtic and me and the future.


Mike in Toronto
August 8, 2019 1:11 pm

Awe Naw

I think that when your name becomes a verb, you have hit the big times … you have transcended your own time, and will live on throughout eternity. …like Hibs Hibbing it (okay, not the best example, but you get my drift)…?

Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 1:26 pm

Rebus, TET, Twists,

come on lads

You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.

Youse all know the score we all know that and we all know that youse all know that.

As my mate Albert said to me once

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

We are tims …we know that you know that we know who urnae tims

We will miss your posts but your good ladies deserve the attention more than us and we know that also

Haste yeez back

The Exiled Tim
August 8, 2019 1:44 pm

Jeezo, it seems that I am driving folks from the blog, that’s two so far today, still, it’s what I think and how I feel so I can’t or won’t change a thing.
The problem with blogs is that they take time to generate a membership and it takes time to syphon out the trolls and those who would do the blog harm, any blog that you go on to will be the same message daily with a touch of the daily topic thrown in, one thing about this blog is you can say what you want without the attack dogs jumping down your throat as soon as you post anything that is against the agenda, you will get posters challenging your pov but you won’t be attacked for it.
Our problem as bloggers is we can’t change things, this in itself is frustrating but it’s just the way it is, all we can do is talk about things and hope that something happens that will change things for the better, till then we can talk and be civil to each other.

Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 1:51 pm


I have to disagree with you a wee bit mate

The more Celtic fans that take our stance “not one brown penny more until the titles are stripped” and do so without trying to engage the whole Irish diaspora and are not frightened to admit to it are doing more than enough. It might not be noticed but it will eventually.

The question is what is our loyalty based on ?

August 8, 2019 1:53 pm

Rebus, Hope things work out for you, Health, Relationships, Money Worries, Kids & pure boredom can all be all major stress factors in our lives. That is why I look to football as an escape mechanism from the trials & tribulations. If football itself or even blogging about football becomes stressful then take the gambling advice, When the fun stops, stop.
Of course in the build up to a big game I get as wound up as everyone else, and I have been known to act strangely during nerve wracking games but that is a different type of stress, it’s a buzz and I love it.

Have always liked your stuff, smiled sometimes when you complained of being ignored, Reality is that sensible well reasoned posts are largely ignored, but silly, or controversial posts are responded to with gusto.
I met & like BMCUW, was very sorry to see him leave CQN, admired his resilience in getting involved in this blog & like to chip in here now & then as an act of support.
However I must admit the relentless anger & pessimism of many Posters here is not my cup of tea.
I am an optimist by nature, I get great fun & enjoyment out of following Celtic, just waking up of a morning & knowing that Celtic are playing that day gives me an almighty lift’
I marvel at the composure & mental strength of some recently deceased Posters such as Murdoch Auld & Hay & El Diego Bhoy who even when diagnosed with a terminal illness still posted about & enjoyed Celtic right up to their last days.
Anyhow I just would like to wish you well, & look forward to seeing you return either here or CQN or preferably both.

Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 2:15 pm


The relentless anger is due to being utterly and completely betrayed by the man from Cork.

Most Irish people I know and that I have daily contact with don´t get it either.

Cos they have never had to live with it. So far removed from it that they basically dont understand “it”.

“It” being the struggle

But what really annoys me is that they think they do when they haven´t a fucking scoobie.

Nordies dont have that issue

The Exiled Tim
August 8, 2019 2:40 pm

Awe Naw
Maybe I didn’t word that as well as I could have, I have been saying for years that the only weapon we have is our money, I firmly believe that and that is not going to change.
I don’t think that there is relentless anger on here, posters get pissed of at the cheating and the lack of will to combat it, it’s really that simple, take cqn for instance, when someone posts something that is anti board they are attacked for having the audacity to go against the grain, the crap that Sydneytim has to endure for his beliefs, Neganon 2 was chased for his beliefs, it’s pathetic, just imagine if posters attacked the ones who thought the board could do no wrong every time they posted, but they don’t and wouldn’t, this blog was started so that posters would have somewhere to post their thoughts without being subjected to the bile and anger that some posters had to endure, whatever way you look at it, that should never have been the case that another “safe” blog was needed.

August 8, 2019 3:16 pm

Awe Naw, I do understand that growing up and living in Scotland or the Occupied 6 does intensify the feeling of betrayal & anger.
Always felt guilty during the war in the North that I lived at such a remove from the real troubles but worse still the fact that I was relieved to be living at a distance.
I feel much the same about Celtic always loved my trips to Glasgow but never felt any desire to live there.
I have absolutely no time for the man from Cork, and even though some here might perceive me as being pro Board, I have no time for them either.
I want my Club to be run in a proper manner, I have seen enough basket cases and am glad the Club is on a proper strong Financial footing. I happen to believe that Pedro is a Celtic fan & that generally he does a good job as CEO. I do not subscribe to the general comments that everything he does is self serving and is linked to his bonus. You are a clever enough guy and I’m sure you know that type of talk does not stand up to proper Financial Analysis.
The Banks over here went bust, a huge part of the reason was the CEO’s Bonuses were linked directly to profits and they gambled big time, in areas such as the sub prime mortgage market in the US. Buying billions of dollars worth of Mortgages at a steep discount creating large upfront profits, but ultimately destroying their own Institutions when the gamble went belly up.
If Pedro’s bonus is directly linked to Celtic’ profitability, the main area of profitability is Champion’s League Qualification, so why is he not spending more to increase the chances, after all he would be the main beneficiary,
Apart from being happy to see my Club in a strong financial footing, I have no love of the Board or major Shareholders.
I support the team on the pitch and the Supporters who support the team. I was furious at the Nimmo debacle and would love to see the Titles stripped.
You can accuse me of being defeatist if you like but in my opinion , it is not going to happen and I don’t believe changing The Board or major Share holders will make it happen either.
We all have choices to make in life and I can understand why some might choose to walk away, I respect their decision but mv decision is to continue supporting Celtic. The Board & owners will come & go The man from Cork will pass to his eternal reward as indeed will this man also from Cork, but Celtic will go on.
I have 2 of my adorable grandkids impatiently waiting for me to finish this time consuming post, the playground beckons, so I’ll just have to catch up on any replies in a scroll back later.

August 8, 2019 3:17 pm

I have to admit sometimes it gets wearisome talking about the Board, the Suits at Hampden, the media etc. It needs to be said but I wouldn’t like this site to be a one topic blog. In fact it isn’t. I have had lots of good blethers about all sorts with TET & TnT for instance. And don’t get me started about all the nonsense me and Packy come away with. But I would agree that posters who come on for some respite from troubles could find it a burden at times. The thing is, blogs like this are often the thinking fans outlet. I know lots of fans who know next to nothing about the ‘politics’ of the game. They go to the matches to watch the football, end off. They wear the colours and sing the songs. God bless them. I wouldn’t call them idiots.

I think of WeeFra who would love to be going to the games but his health doesn’t allow it.

We are all different and have various priorities of importance around football and our club in particular.

we are not sheep.

Mike in Toronto
August 8, 2019 3:26 pm


Fortunately, looks like Dybala to Spurs has fallen through …. would have made our bet very difficult…. but looks like spurs are still spending about 100 million this window …. did you have some insider knowlege before suckering me into that bet (I still cant actually remember or beleive that I bet on Chelsea!)

Sorry to see some posters leaving or taking a break …the three this week are amongst my favourite posters, so I hope they will continue/return when the spirit takes them … but I get why people feeel they need a break ……I pulled back from CQN for the very same reason..

Haven’t felt welcome on CQN for some time (I dont take it personally, as I think anyone who criticizes the Board is not very welcome on there any longer…. ), but I still lurk there as there are still a lot of good people who post there (even though I may disagree with them on the renewing issue…. it is the only way we will ever force change, Mick). And, there is no point in simply talking only to people who agree with me … doint learn much, or accomplish much that way).

But I find the nastiness that has developed over there hard to stomach.

What I like about SC is the, for the most part, lack of nastiness. I had hoped that some of the more reasoned/reasonable Board supporters might come over and engage in dialogue (and a few have), but we have basically split into camps, and have become, as one poster recently said, echo chambers. That is unfortunate, as without real dialogue, change is unlikely.

That may or may not change… but, until it does, at least the people here are nice.

So, while I do get frustrated with Celtic, and the lack of movement, and may or may not consider myself a Celtic fan anymore, I am still a SentinelCelt fan, so you guys are probably stuck with me for a bit longer.

Mike in Toronto
August 8, 2019 3:51 pm


A fair post. But, while we disagree on many things (and probably agree on many more), you are one of the posters who has come over and debates fairly and potitely, and sometimes raises things I had not considered.

so, I hope you willl take my questions/comments in the same spirit… it is sort of like my frequent debates with HS on CQN… we often disagree, but appreciate that he takes my comments in a good spirit and responds accordingly …although sometimes I bet he wishes I would go and bug someone else sometimes!

We can all choose what is important to us… and not everyone can and will fight every battle. some choose to work to clean up the enviroment… or, like big Jamesgang, work on health issues …. so, going to games may be R&R, and some dont want their R&R to be work ….

I get that … I spend my work days fighting, and Celtic was always a bit of a break from that… but, at the same time, it represented my basic core values….,,, iit was fun… but at the same time,Celtic stood for what was good … (I do not believe that to be the case, any longer … Celtic now does some good , e.g., through its charities, but most businesses have charitable components… but, at its core, Celtic decided to throw its lot in with Rangers, and accept the status quo … that is, a place at the back of the bus for Celtic supporters. Sure, we are winning now… but, we all know that, in the long run, the house wins… and that means, by hook or by crook, Rangers will start winning again.. and we will never be treated with the honesty or decency we deserve ).

with the liquidation/Res. 12, etc. Celtic had a once in a life time chance to effect some real change, and do some real good … not just in football, but in real life …. no way would we have got everything we wanted…. but, unquestionably, we would have gained some things… and sometimes, when a chance like this comes, you have to take it, regardless of what the outcome will be… just because it is the right thing to do.

Unffortunately, Celtic chose not to do the right thing… and, in fact, by siding with Sevco, Celtic have done a very bad thing….it not only ignored. the history… but it has made it harder to effect real change in the future ….

You are off to play with your grandkids… which is lovely…. not having had kids, it is a pleasure that I will never have….

but would you want your grandchildren to grow up to be Celtic supporters?

Another way of asking that is would you be happy for them to continue to be treated as second class citizens, and subjected to hate (because, at present, that is the lot of Celtic supporters). I know you wouldn’t … but, by failing to act now, that is what we are setting future generations of Celtic fans up for …

what we have to consider is that, by choosing to just go along now, we are not only making that decision for ourselves, but we are also making that decision for our children and their children ….

Awe Naw
August 8, 2019 3:53 pm


I am not accusing you of being defeatist. A tad naive possibly. Football is outwith the law so taking comfort from banking practices and thinking that we adhere to them is folly. See Res 12. They are as dishonest as your Jack Warners and Sepp Batters. Especially with their reaction to Sevco.

For me that cannot be looked over…and if you know your history etc.

I stopped my son supporting Celtic. They cannot be considered more than a club anymore if they are unwilling to contest the cheating. By not doing so they are condoning it. You can accept that. I can’t. Our respective backgrounds and experiences determined the lay of the land. Is all I’m saying. A way of life has been replaced by a player cash and carry to make one man content.

Mike in Toronto
August 8, 2019 4:14 pm

Awe Naw

disagree on one thing … Celtic and football are not outside the law … as I have commented on in the past, sports are often (not always) exempt from certain anti-trust laws… but, those anti-trust laws are still part of the laws of the land … and football teams are not exempt from the laws…

but laws can only be enforced if someone who has standing to complain, makes a complaint….

like HMRC did with respect to the tax evasion…

it seems that in this case (Scottish football), certain parties agreed not to enforce the laws… and, if that was done improperly, other parties who would normally be seen as the victims and who would have standign to complain (Celtic) agreed to go along with it …

but they weren’t exempt from the laws…. there was just a (quasi) criminal conspiracy to not enforce the laws….

August 8, 2019 4:48 pm

I hear you Awe Naw.but stopping your kid from supporting Celtic is totally off limits for me. At the very least be neutral and let him make his own mind up.
If something weird happened in my head and I decided that’s it, I’m no longer supporting Celtic, I could still never campaign or encourage others to stop nor would I spend hours on the internet discussing the pros & cons of all things Celtic.
I find it sad that good committed people feel they have to leave, I realise it’s not the same ethos that you were born into but sadly that is true of most things in life. I’m getting a bit old in the tooth, 72 net birthday and I often yearn for the old days but time warps our minds some defensive mental mechanism tends to make us remember the good times & blots out a lot of the shit.
Anyway we have chosen different paths regarding Celtic so best to agree to differ, and wish each other good luck.