” Follow the Money “

Jimmy and I decided to have a quiet weekend in, to shut out the noise and the angst of everyday life, switch off the mobile, unplug the landline and the T.V. This weekend would be ours, this was our time. Time to reflect, to play scrabble or poker, whatever we decide to do. We sat back and relaxed and opened a bottle of chateau-neuf- du- pape, unwrapped a cigar and with smoke billowing out, we began to discuss one of the most important institutions in our lives, Glasgow Celtic.

We started by discussing the “lost Bhoy”, George Connelly, his troubled life, his disastrous first marriage and how he approached big Jock to ask for his advice and blurted out that he was having to get married and needed help to buy a house. As you all know Jock was fond of George, he asked George “what do you need son”, George replied, that he had seen a one bedroom flat in Kincardine for sale and it cost £75.00 pounds. Jock left him for a moment and returned with the money and said, “pay it back weekly out of your wages”. A clear example of how much big Jock thought of Celtic’s lost bhoy.

Jimmy and I discussed many things relating to our club that weekend and our thoughts turned to an article in one of the papers in 2017, that featured a story about Celtic and its growing wealth, the quote went like this, “Celtic are in the greatest financial position ever after announcing a pre-tax profit of £6.2 million pounds”, it stated that it had successfully applied to build a new £18 million pound hotel and museum and was looking to achieve around £30 million pounds from its participation in the C.L. It got us thinking, if that was 2017, where are we now, relatively speaking so, instead of scrabble we chose to “follow the money”.

Without looking at the season ticket sales, or the various sponsorship contracts, or any other form of income or expenditure, but only investigating as best we could, players coming in and out, what we found was, this….

Players and managerial team sold to other clubs:
Moussa Dembelle August 2018 sold to Lyon for £19.7 million pounds.
Stuart Armstrong June 2018 sold to Southampton for £7.00 million pounds.
Brendan Rodgers management team compensation February 2019 £9.00 million pounds.
Virgil Van Dijk’s sell on clause at 10% of difference between Southampton and Liverpool £6.1 million pounds.
Kieran Tierney sold to Arsenal August 2019 for£25 million pounds.
Total income from the football department £66.8 million pounds.

Players brought into the club, their transfer fees paid:
Christopher Jullien purchased from Tolouse for £7.2 million pounds.
Boli Bolinggoli- Mbombo purchased from Rapid Vienna for £3.01 million pounds.
Hatem Abd Elhamed purchased from Hapoel Be’er Sheva for £1.62 million pounds.
Luca Connell purchased from Bolton for £365.000 thousand pounds.
Odsonne Edouard purchased from PSG. for £9.270,000 million pounds.
Vakoun Issouf Bayo purchased from Dunajska Sheda for £2.2 million pounds.
Maryan Shved purchased from Karpaty Lviv for £2.0 million pounds.
Jack Hendry purchased from Dundee for £1.370,000 million pounds.
Total spent on incoming players £27.035,000 million pounds.

The difference from players being sold and managerial staff compensation received and players being bought in = £39.765,000 pounds in profit.
It has still to be decided if any other players will add to the tally of players out and how that might affect profit from players sold and any other players brought in, to add to the list of profit or to lessen the profit margin.
There is also the probable saving of Brendan Rodgers and his coaching staff, compared to Lenny’s.

The following is a list of the players either released at the end of their contract or returned to their parent club after their loan spell, we calculated their wages as best we could with all the information that we could gather. No bonus payments were included as we could find no information on them.
Statista, edited in June this year, state that “the average first team pay in the SPFL. for Celtic players averaged £16,635 pounds per week. For your information only, the average pay for the Zombie players was calculated at £8,961 pounds per week”. ( The ghost allowance).

Gamboa: presumed wages per week= £15,000, per annum that works out at £780,000 pounds.
Compper: presumed wages per week= £20,000, per annum that works out at £1,040, 000 pounds.
Boyata: presumed wages per week= £15,000, per annum that works out at £780,000 pounds.
Lustig: presumed wages per week= £25,000, per annum that works out at £1,300,000 pounds.
Allan: presumed wages per week= £8,000, per annum that works out at £416,000 pounds.
Izaguiire: presumed wages per week= £21,000, per annum that works out at £1,092, 000 pounds.
DeVries: presumed wages per week= £7,500, per annum that works out at £390,000 pounds.
Tierney: presumed wages per week= £25,000, per annum that works out at £1,300,000

Total savings on players wages who left the club =£7,098,000 pounds.

Lustig had no transfer fee when he came to Celtic, hence his high wages.
Compper, it was said that he was a high earner, his 81 minutes against Morton, a huge waste of money.

Toljan loan deal six months wages per week= £20,000, per six months works out at £520,000 pounds.
Burke loan deal six months wages per week= £30,000, per six months works out at £780,000 pounds.
Weah loan deal six months wages per week= £20,000, per six months works out at £520,000 pounds.
Benkovic loan deal twelve months. wages per week= £20,000, per twelve months works out at £1,040,000 pounds.

Total cost for all loan players released back to their own clubs = £2,860,000 million pounds.

When you add up all the savings they all total up to a surplus of £23,423,000 million pounds.
( Plus the saving on Brendan Rodgers coaching staff, possibly over £1,000,000 million pounds.)

Not a bad reflection on a club that ply’s its trade in a so called lesser league, bearing in mind that if you win the SPFL. the prize money for winning the league is around £3,000,000 million pounds.
There is two way’s to look at it, you could say “well done” the club is in safe hands, we are all reminded of the danger’s that lurk’s in various quarters and leagues and the huge amounts of money being spent at the altar of rich men’s vanity. We all want the club to be safe.
Jimmy and I look at it with a jaundiced eye, we feel that the club is run on an “ad-hoc” basis, the sticking plaster, fire fighting approach. There is much that could be better, the seemingly unprofessional approach, where managers are appointed in a closed-secretive manner, without having an open interview system, how can you make an informed appointment without having interviewed everyone of the many applicants? The same applies to new players being brought into the club, sometimes seemingly without the managers knowledge, what message does that say to the manager and who is qualified to sign them?

We do have a core of really good players who are more experienced now and have played together for years for both club and country. You get a sense of a slight change of direction to more experienced players being brought in, rather than future projects and the bar being raised in both quality and in transfer fees paid, there is no doubt but that the spine of the team is stronger. Is this the clubs attempt to push for 10IAR?
While there is much to be happy about it seems churlish to discuss the negative issues especially after that amazing performance and result on Saturday.

That’s it, we are getting tired now and thinking, if you cannot take enjoyment out of the beautiful game, then what is the point, so we sit and chat and try to think of the many positives, thinking back to those many glorious victories, recent and great players who have donned the hoops, thinking of them that brought tears of enjoyment, laughter and joy, sublime happiness, the greatest gift that we possess, cheers Doddy, “how tickled we are.”

Jimmy, its 1.00 a.m. and I have to be away at six, as he walks up the stairs, I hear him sing “Ave Ave Ave Maria”. I smile to myself and sing, filled with “bonhomie, bonheur, joie de vivre”, there’s whiskey in the jar-o. Musha-a-ring, dumb-a- do, dumb-a-da, whack fall the daddy-o. Raise a glass to the only Lizzie that matters…. Hail Hail.

The above article is by Mike.

Should you wish to contribute we will gladly publish.


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A thing of beauty

Great article mike. When you see it laid out like that it’s actually astonishing the money we are bringing in. That brings me round to my post last night about ticket prices. Fairhill boy seemed to have no issue with it, taking the view that I knew the price and if I didn’t want to pay then it’s my choice. 2 things with that. I didn’t know the price as I am a season ticket holder so generally have no reason to know the price of match day tickets. Also I am fortunate that I can afford to pay that price but it doesn’t make it right. The I’m alright jack attitude of the modern Celtic supporter troubles me. When my brother was an 18 year old student with a part time job he could afford to take me to games. How many 18 year olds can afford to take their wee sister at that price? How is that aligned with the Celtic family ethos. That’s right, it’s not. The ethos now is money, money and more money and that saddens me. Which brings me to TET last night. Your wish for the club in the future is exactly my thinking and as you said not too much to ask. Right off to the gym but I have to say I am missing TNT, what’s the script? I hope he’s no in a huff!!

Well done Mike, a good read.

Gordon, couldn’t read the link unfortunately because I don’t have a subscription to The Herald. But just thought I’d let you know I was close friends with Kevin McKenna for a few years back in the early eighties. He was Celtic daft and as left wing as Michael Foot. A good lad. I remember he got sacked (or ‘resigned’) as editor of The Celtic View for singing rebel songs at a supporter’s function.


Great read, well broken down. Simply explained, amazing what you can deduce with a friend and a cheeky wee vin rouge


Actually when you add the K.T. money, the total surplus is………. £50,723,000.00 Million Pounds, a staggering sum. And then the annual savings on players who have left the club because their contracts ended plus all the loan deals returning to their club, then add on the difference annually of the high cost of Brendan Rodgers team compared to the very low cost of Lenny, Damien Duff, (John Kennedy was already in situ.) these are massive savings. CHEERS.


Very interesting read Mike. It raises the question. Why are we accumulating so much money to sit in a bank account? Why are we charging supporters so much for season tickets and £36 for the game on Tuesday? We have priced tickets outwith the reach of many of our support. To me, it looks like greed for money by our PLC. The Celtic I grew up supporting has changed beyond recognition and not for the better. We are very successful domestically but miles away from being able to compete successfully in Europe, where the product on the pitch is not reflected in the pricing for tickets. It is leading to an increasing disenchantment for me, and many others I feel. If we ‘follow the money’, where is it leading us? What are our PLC hoarding cash for?

Twists n turns

Morning Uber
I told you I’d still be watching – keeping an eye on you. Seriously- I appreciate you asking after me .

You wouldn’t be aware but my mother in law is at the “end of life “ care stage, and has been for several months . She’s under 4 and a half stone now and defying all medical expertise! How she’s still going I don’t know. It’s putting a tremendous emotional strain on us all , especially my wife, so I’m just focusing my energies there for now. It’s really telling on my wife at present.

We know where it’s all going to end of course we just don’t know when. To be honest, as dreadful as it sounds, the sooner the better. She’s in horrendous discomfort which adds to the stress for everyone.

I’m not particularly good at dealing with these situations. Breaks my heart to see everyone suffering and every so often I find myself getting pretty down -ready to fly off the handle – so I think it’s best I operate from some distance until this reaches its inevitable conclusion. I’m liable to take my frustration out on some undeserving person (s)

Call early this morning again to say she wasn’t good but something keeps her hanging in there. I told her she can keep all of her vital organs but I definitely want her heart. Amazingly strong woman, but she can’t go on much longer. Grandkids are obviously upset too so it adds to the sadness.

Anyway , lots of folks on here dealing with sorts and they don’t need me adding misery to the mood on the blog, so I’ll be watching but keeping under the radar for a bit.

No need for messages of sympathy by the way. I know the majority of the blog will be empathetic to the situation.

On the hoops – well – one step forward and one or maybe even two back . I’ll save my negativity and thoughts for another time!
I’m hoping that by the time I’m back on full time I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover I’m being unnecessarily fearful of the transfer window end game.

Hail hail.

Mon the hoops.


Great start to one of my favourite radio shows this week, Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio. The Rezillos. Great wee Scottish band from my youth.


Twisty…..thoughts with your family mhate,take care.


Mario 😉

That is the question Garry, why, the presumed cost of the hotel and museum is stated at £18.00 mill. is there to be a big upgrade at the park, but it does suggest summit’s up.

ATOB: Absolutely disgusting, charging fans that amount of money while sitting on a fortune.

Twisty, we have all been there, its a terrible time for her and your wife and family, pass on our best to her and them.


God bless you and all your family. I know only too well what you are going through.

TnT, Take care mate.

Garry, what a coincidence The Rezillos were on Radio Scotland yesterday, they played ‘Top of The Pops’. I hadn’t heard them in years.



Ffs. Not nice at all. Thoughts with you and Mrs Twists , and her mum. Mrs T will appreciate your big heart more than ever during this awful time.

Just remember, everyone here is thinking of you. Big Packy and Jim especially. They never shut up about their favourite posters, me, you, me, Mahe, me, TET, me and Uber.

If I don’t hear from you after too long, it’s not a biggie. I’ll get the posse organised, as soon as Sherrif BMCUW arrives on the last train, and we’ll get out and track you down. The Awe Naw and Mags hardcore Whitburn posse is last minute stuff, but we’re a long way off from that just yet.

Take care of yourself and the family.

big packy

MIKE, fantastic post great to see the financial aspects of the club broken down like that,.cap doffed,.TWISTY nice to see you back, if only for a visit.take care.hh.

Twists n turns

… I should have added, ( so I quickly will) my transfer thoughts:

With the info to hand I feel it’s fair to say:

The RB – looking very encouraging.
The LB – reasons to be fearful – part 1
The CH – reasons to be concerned? Maybe. Midweek will perhaps answer that in respect of
a. His performance -or
b. If he’s trusted to start
Luca. – ???? How to know. Looks like he’s a future prospect.

So 1 good , 1 not so good, and 2 Unknown’s leaves a net result of questions to be answered rather than confidence.

KT departure is a huge loss in respect of talent but I’m realistic. £25m is a fantastic amount of money. Now the academy is set up for this very reason whether we like it or not. It’s a great model. Bring players through, get a few years use of the talent and sell at astronomical fee. A guaranteed model for success. Karamoko will be another in the years to come. Calum another.

So far so good.

The reinvestment should follow. Sell for £25m and put £12m to £20m back into the squad.

Win win .

Lenny’s quick about turn on the squad strengthening over a period of 24 hours is extremely concerning. That’s the part I await with interest, and as I say, I’ll add my final opinion on that when the window closes.

big packy



Our board’s lack of transparency worries me. It leads to mistrust. They treat us with disdain at their peril, I suggest.

Twists n turns

Thanks . Appreciated .

Now concentrate on your own joys, worries and whatever .

Embrace yer loved ones. Embrace life.


Frank Skinner is broadcasting live from Edinburgh this morning. He maybe was listening to Radio Scotland yesterday and heard The Rezillos.

Packy came on and never said good morning to me 🙁 Thank goodness I’ve still got TnT and Uber as my pals.



Many thanks for that article.

Especially the ins and outs figures.

I was actually hoping someone would come up with this yesterday.

I suspect you’re not the only one chugging away on a cigar looking at those figures.


I’ll light my own, and have a swig of my cheaper brand of Vino Comatoso – this month, a fine red, £2.90 a bottle, called Porte Neuf de L’Enfer, and while contemplating your figures, and constantly refreshing the hesgoal feed from the Murderwell, wonder where it all went wrong.

Meanwhile, a heated heli-pad and short runway gets installed somewhere the south of Glasgow…..



See that BP, the rude b !!

I’ll speak to him, don’t you worry.

OOps, I’ve just scrolled back. Sorry Packy. 🙂



Jim was saying you’re a rude B.

I said, chill, he maybe just missed your earlier posts. But no, he went off on one.

big packy

MORNING ALL, and especially jim is that better.?

LOL, Think I’ll shut up!

big packy

UBER, was gonna say hes from Lanarkshire what do you expect but im from Lanarkshire as well.. canny win?



Frank Skinner I have a lot of time for. But, (always a but), while he’s excellent and at his wittiest doing panel shows and interviews, his stand up can be a bit hard work. Bit like Alan Davies.
Still worth a listen though. Is it a shortbread feed?


I’m from Glasgow but currently trapped in Lanarkshire. That’s why I’m best placed to help you both. I’ll let Jim know that you said it’s all because he’s from Lanarkshire.

I’m sure I read Frank Skinner has a soft spot for Celtic?

Uber, you should be in the Mediation Service. Perhaps in the Middle East?



He definitely has a soft spot for Celtic.

He gets it.

PS, BP said you’re problem is that your from Lanarkshire.

Wouldn’t stand for that myself. What do you want me to say back??


It is his weekly show on Absolute Radio. Saturday from 8am. He mentions his older brother’s team Celtic often. His brother was not a West Brom fan like Frank, and used to travel to see Celtic on a Birmingham Celtic Supporters bus in the 80’s. Frank came up to Celtic Park a few times with his brother. Good guy I think.

OUTBOARD, I just ignore him when he’s got a petted lip. He’ll come out of it soon enough.



Ahh! Didn’t know that ! Very interesting.

I’d say that makes him an honorary Celt.

We do indeed have far too many celebrity supporters, especially compared to any other club in the world. Wonder why, eh ?



Agree. I’ll let him know.


Jim says you’ve got a petted lip and need to grow up. I says, nonsense, you’re a fine individual. But he wouldnt listen to me.
What should I say back to him? Is it because he’s getting old?


Aye, it makes you wonder.

Leo X111. Papa Leo Teritus Decimus

Italian. Issued the encyclical Rerum novarum; supported Christian democracy against Communism. Had the third-longest reign after Pius IX, and John Paul II. Promoted the rosary and the scapular and approved two new Marian scapulars; first pope to fully embrace the concept of Mary as mediatrix. Founded Celtic FC. 1888

We have had the support of every Pope ever since. And Rod Stewart and Frank Skinner.

big packy

UBER, give you a clue his nickname is methusala.? anyway before he comes on and throttles me, im off on dugwalking duties catch u all later,hh.



Shouldn’t please me as much as it does, but it does, this. You can just picture the raging huns in their jealousy ?




Cheers. Enjoy the dug walk fella !

Jim, BP just said you’re the oldest man who’s ever lived, and that’s what the fighting is about. I said, nonsense, you’re mature but still in fine fettle. What do you want me to say back to him??

Tell him I forgive him in the interests of peace in our time.


Anyways….before the pugnacious BP and Jim start another barney ( what IS that all about ??? ?), any team predictions for today?

Will Boli get a start? Little Julien? I say little, as he’s 8 inches shorter than I am.



Will do.

BP, Jim says he’ll never forgive you for as long as he lives. Bit harsh. What do you want me to say back to him?

3-0 to Celtic. Tin hat on – Boli a hat trick.



Gordon64 pointed out last night we haven’t won there since 2016? Is that right??

Worth a wee wager today. Very different tactics from our Lenny.


Best odds I can see are 4:11.
NOT worth a wee wager after all.
Stupid bookies.


That is a new one on me.
Heard Lana Del Rey interview a few years back. She declared her love for Celtic too.

Exile Bhoy

Surely we need to factor in the wages of the incoming players to balance that of the outgoing ones.

Exile Bhoy

Surely you need to factor in the wages of the incoming players to balance those of the outgoing players and complete the picture.

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